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1 1 Fifty rears the Standard
1 ns Marie from Grapes
j tst Highest away d Chicago d
t p Worlds Fair 1
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j I Continued from Page Two
i i Salt Lake April 19The new ift f
r uor ordinance Introduced in the city
1 council at tho request ol the Knights
Lf X I of the Royal Arch will bo the subject
under discussion at a joint meeting
I of the municipal laws and license com
1 mittees at 8 oclock tonight A strong
1 1 protest against the ordinance was
I I received by the city council at its
I meeting Monday night from the Wo
i i mans Christian Temperance Union
1 I the Ladlos Literary club the Wo
f mens organizations of the city A
i i largo delegation of women was pre
I cut at the meeting to back up their
j protest but the mattor was referred
t I for consideration and the women will
l appear before the commltteo tonight
I Among the objections to the new 01
I i dlnanco as stated in tho protest are
flu late hour of closing tho saloons
j It being proposed in the ordinance to
I make the closing hour 2 oclock a
I J ni Instead of midnight the reduc
i tion of tho liquor license from 3715 to
I 300 a quarter the granting of liquor
i licenses to lestaurauts requiring
1 theo convictions for violations of tho
t ordinance before a license can bo ro
I cked Tho communication sot out
r Ii J that ther aro other serious objections
1 to the ordinance and that the present
tJ I ordinance Is far better than the ono
F proposed
I A Big Crowd Attends and Witnesses
i t the Opening Exercises
I Proto April SA goodsled
crowd of people went up the Provo I
It i canyon today to the formal opening
1 2 of tho Provo Reservoir companys ir
i Ration project The Provo Reeer
volt company was Incorporated in the
y oar 190S by the following directors
Joseph R Murdock Joseph B Keoler
i Stephen L Chipman J William
Knight George H Brlmhall Abel
John Evans James C Jensen and
David A Broadbent
I Tho purpose for which the com
pany is organized is to supply water
f for imIrrigaled lands In the north
I 1 ern part of Utah county extending
from the mountains southeast of tho
I 1 mouth of Provo canyon westerly below
r i the foothills to the point of the moun
tain at the Jordan narrows from
f which point the water can be taken
fi by gravity to Draper in the south
i end of Salt Lake valley The amount
of land that can be covered by this
i project Is about 10000 acres a part of
1 which is now used for dry farming
I but the greater part has never been
I brought under cultivation
Salt Lake April 19 Spencer Claw
i son Jr the well known musician of
Salt Lake is ill at his home In this
t city from blood poisoning Monday
11 t afternoon tho street had It that he
was critically illhut tills was denied
by his physician Monday ocnlng
j who stated that whllo suffering con
L filderablj Mr Clawsons condition was
I Improving and that he would he out
within a few da s
It appears that several las ago
while making ropalrs upon a piano in
his studio Mr Clawson slipped and
struck his left hand upon a sharp nail
which penetrated tho flesh deeply Ho
applied tho usual remedies and gave
little thought ol tho wound Sunday
the injured member began to swell
badly and indications of tetanus ap
Tho family physician was called
who at onco administered antitetanic
serum 3000 units being given Mon
day evening Mr Clawson was reported
resting easy and his early recovery Is
hoped for
New Land to Be Brought Under Water
Near the Town of
Idaho is to have another segiogation
of 35000 acres under the Carey act
Another thousand homes of thlrtyflc
acres each will be put upon the mar
ket this season and they will undoubt
edly go like the other farms in the I
same state This traCt Is located
southwest of Blackfoot and the new
town of Plugree to be tapped by tho I
now line of railroad fron Moroland
will be the very center of the tract I
The Blackfoot North Sldo Inlgatlcn
company Is back of the new project I
and construction on water courses will
be commenced about Juno 1 and tho
land opening about September 1 The
Oregon Short Line company has al
ready been Informed of the great pro
ject nnd with tho usual enterprise of
Us passenger officials will tithe quite I
a part In tho advertising and opening
of the new section which will be an
other boon for the company that
traverses tho irrigated lJidj of Idaho
The ofllces of the company develop
ing tho tract will bo located al Bow
The now railroad will bo llnlsiied
this summer so settlers on the new
laud will have virgin soil water arid u
now railroad line all In onJ Season
and next year they can be In position
to till the land and ship the product
Salt Lake April 1JTho death of
Mrs Edna Davis McNiece the wife of
Irwin McNiece which occurred at 73Q
on Monday morning at the resldencc
of Dr R G McNiece 113C Blaine av
enue will cause heartache and sorrow
amon a wide circle of relatives and
friends in this city where she had had
her home for thirteen years prior to
the summer of 1901 She had several
families of relatives here for her
mother Mrs Jennie E Maxwell of
Oakland Cal is tho sister of exGover
nor Arthur L Thomas of tills city and
his other and J J Thomas all of
whom came here from PIttsburg be
tween 1S81 and 1891
The farmer is often hearl to com
plain that there is so much work in
the raising of beets anti offers that as
a objection to the Industry It oc
cults to the writer that the above men
tioned objection to tho beet industry
is In reality one of the strongest
points In favor of this crop It Is
labor we want employment we arc
looking for so long as we get paid
for the work done and get paid well I
Tho chief item In this Industry is
Inboi as It constitutes from 60 toI
75 per cent of the total expense of
the crop delivered to tho factory
Hero aro a few figures from the farm
of James Bardln Monterey county
Cal Ho shfppcd 6082 tons from 225
acres of land Tho actual cost per
ton was 2 83 nearly all of which
vas for labor tho actual cost of the
lulKir being 106GC We now add to
thin 3500 for labor at the mill dur
ing tho time required to make tho
sugar from the beets nnd we have
the sum ot 14160 that was paid out
for labor on the boot crop from 225
acres of land The following year Mr
Bnrdln seeded this land to barley and
harvested 3500 pounds of grain par
aero at a net profit of 12 75 por
acre lIe paid out for labor on this
crop 360 so that for every dollar
paid labor on tho raising of tho grain
crop about 40 was paid to labor on
the beet crop These ratios will hold
good in nearly all localities The
net proceeds on beets compared with
those on grain Is well understood by
our farmers and need not be discussed
Tho beet crop furnished an extreme
Iv important home market for a grade
of labor that otherwise would hardly
bo employed at all Nearly all of the
hand work can be done by unskilled
labor and the boys and girls are par
ticularly adapted to tho work In the
beet fields They are employed at
home under the care of their parents
and where expanses are kept at a min
imum They learn the valuable los
eons of thrift frugality economy and
If properly treated see tho beauty
in farm life and the profits as well
IH this worth anything to the farmer
with a family of boys and girls
I In conclusion I wish to quote J W
Johnson in tho State Journal of Neb
The net profits of the growers does 1
not alone measure the importance of
the Industry Its value to the com I
munity consists chiefly In giving em
ployment to all people who want to
work and to the class who are un
i skilled and can perform only tho slm
plqet kind of labor Any one who can
handle a boo or pull weeds can quake
money all summer In tho beet fields
Anjone who can hold a corn knife in
one hand nnd a beet In tho other can
top hects and earn 125 pr day Any
man can load beets in the field and
shovel them out at tho factory All of
this labor is available to those who
need labor There Is about S 25 worth
of unskilled labor on evory acre of
beets produced Most of this can be
kept in the family where there are
children able to do this work A I
large part of this money goes into
the pockets of the people who are not
I in a position to plan for themselves
or to sustain themselves In any other
way except by manual labor of the
simplest kind A JENSEN
Now York April 19Thc Rev Dr
Roberts of Rochester N Y who has
been a missionary In India for thirl
years attracted rather more attri
tion from curious New Yorkois than
other arrivals on the While Star hii
er Celtic because of a large woolen
bag which he wore to cover his right
shoulder Tho bag acts as my poc
ket nnd also my purser ho explained
In India the clothes worn by both
men and women have no pockets
The fair round cheek
Gets withered soon
The luscious plum
I Becomes a prune
Boston Transcript
MARTIMiZ Cal April IS After
two days of searching by armed ipos
eos and tracking by detectives the
two daring bandits who hold up the
ChinaJapan fast mall on the South
ern Pncltic near Bcnlcla last Saturday
night and looted the mall car of fivu
registered mall couches are still at
largo and every clew obtained indi
cates that they are still within twen
tj miles of the scene of the crime
From tho Information gathered today
It is believed that they arc hiding
tonight In Redwood canyon somo fif
teen miles west ofhero between this
city and Oakland Tho canyon is
n tugged narrow gorge covered in all
directions with thick low growing
trues that olTer a screen to tho move
ments of the fugitives
At daybreak Sheriff Veale of this
county led his deputies out into
tho hills again They covered four
roads between this place and Oak
land but it was Into In tho day be
fore they found a trace of the men
who had been neon last twentyfour
before scarcely eight miles from this
city from which tho spot whero the
overland mall was held up can bo
seen At Walnut creek hamlet on
the Redwood canyon road two
strangers laden with a heavy bag and I
grimed with tho dust of hard trav
eling stopped at the croaoroads atoro
for crackers and tobacco Thor
had hardly left the place before a
rancher reported that his horse was
missing and the chase for the ban
dltr was given a new start
Later It was learned that a woman
thing In Dead Mans Gulch also on
the Redwood canyon road had been
visited by two mon early today who
asked for old overalls They tallied
closely with the description of tho
suspected bandits
Tonight Sheriff Vealo Is gathering
his forces closer and closer about
Redwood canyon His deputies are
moving toward the gorge from several
Closor search of tho cabin in which
the siiBpectn lived for thrco weeks
and which lies within a mile of town
revealed today tho hiding place of
a dozen coIls of dynamite fuse two
boxes of giant powder caps nnd a
secreted store of food Finger prints
were found also on a chlnt cup used
as a shaving mug and those will
be examined by Frank Peuno export
for the state prisons in reading linger
It was also discovered today that
the men bought ammunition in this
city Moro than a week ago
San Francisco April 19TIfo Mat
son Navigation Steamship Companys
big liner Lurllno carrying more than
seventy passengers hag broken her
rudder stock 400 mile from port and
hag sont wireless
messages for as
sistance in entering the Golden Gate
The Lurllno which sailed for San
Francisco from Honolulu last Tues
day met with the accident somo time
yesterday Wireless messages re
ported her safe when she was COO
miles from port Sunday
The wlroles messages received at
Mare Island la < J night say that fol
lowing the accident steering tackle
was rigged to ih6 steamers rudder and
that ho was towing hawsers The
steamer was reported to bo making
good time and would probably bo able
to make the apprdach to the San Fran
cisco harbor bill aid would be re
quired to enter pdrt
Assistance will bo sent to the liner
PHtsbuig April 19Thc annual
meeting of the board of Home Mis
sion of tho United Presbyterian
church which will be hold in Phila
delphia on May 18 will wrestle with
applications for increases In salary
from 270 ministers The applications
como from practically every mission
ary and pastor of a nonselfsupport
lug congregation in the church
High prices of commodities and In
creased cost of living is the basis of
the applications
o 0
O St Johns N F AnrH 19 et
O Hiillexs comet was visible to 0
O the naked eye here this morn o
O ing It was seen in the south 0
O western horizon 0
O 0
Scalloped oysters arc much better
if cooked In Individual dishes rather
than a pudding dish
111 Choose any Cloth Suit II
in the House Tomorrow
SELLING 3000 up FROM 10 2385
3750 at
T 1 0
Objection to the City Having Its Printing Done in Union Shops
Kiesel and Others Make Protest to Paying For Curbing on
Twentyfourth StreetLiquor License Revoked
Rehearsing many principles of fun
damental law In relation to corporate
usurpation of individual rights Fred
J Klescl C Co and other property
ownersin the paved district of Twen
tyfourth street last night petitioned
tho city fathers to give them a hear
ing on the tax levy for tho paving of
tho street from Grant to Lincoln ave
nues The petitioners claimed that
tho council had gone beyond Its Jur
isdiction and had caused an unneces
sary outlay of money when it ordered j
the Btono block curbing removed from
the street and replaced with asphalt I
um tho property ownors being forced
to pay for tho same Tho matter wns
finally referred to the committee of I
tho whole and the mayor and tho city
attorney they to meat tho petitioners
at C oclock next Friday evening
The revocation of the license of Har I
ry Rogers tho retail liquor dealer
whose license was revoked at the
council meeting last Monthly night I
was taken up again last evening and
final action taken In the premises tho
result being that the license was ab
solutely revoked by a unanimous vote
of the council
Mr Rogers hid duo notice of tho
proposed action of tho council and he I
was given the opportunity to appear
and nmko such protest as he desired
against having his licence revoked
Ho was at the council meeting but had
nothing to say
Attorney Hulnniski appeared for
Patrick Maughan partner of Rogers
In tho saloon business stating that the
revocation of the license for the so
called Rogers saloon worked an In
justice upon Mr Maughan he not
having been Implicated In the griev
ance tho council had against Rogers
Whllo Mr Maughan Is a partner In
the business ho was not intho sa
loon tho night the illegal selling of
liquor to minors occurred Tho attor
ney asked that the council not re
voke the license Insofar as Maughan
was concerned and the latter would
purchase Rogers interest In tho busi I
ness and conduct It in a proper and
lawful manner
In behalf of the city Attorney Do I
Vine stated that Rogers had violated
the law and had been convicted before
themunicipal court that the violation
was sutTiciont grounds for the revoca
tion of the license and he felt that the
council should enforce Its own ordi
nances Mr Maughan ho said was
responsible for the acts of his partner
in handling the business and ho could
see no reason why he should bo ex
cused and given tho privilege to con
tinue the Turf saloon The vote to
revoke the license was unanimous
Tho W W Browning Printing com
pany gent a communication to the J
council protesting against that body
placing the union label ou city
printing or cbnfluln contracts for
printing to union offices The com
munication stated that the nonunion
ofllccs of the city pay man times
moro taxes than the union offices and
that tho nonunion offices do not em
ploy child labor any more than do
the union people This communication
came as a protest to the petition of
the Typographical union a short time
ago asking that the city council re
quire the union label placed on all city
printing and that union print shops be
given the printing
A communication was read from
the Ogden Betterment League re
questing tho city fathers to use their
Influence against the granting of liq
uor licenses In Ogden canyon calling
attention to the fact that much harm
comes from the sale of liquor In the
canyon during the summer months
The league suggested that no liquor
bo permitted to bo sold within a dls
truce of one miles from the canyon
Residents of the neighborhood of
Glenwood Park also petitioned the
council to not grant licenses for tho
ale of liquor at the park this year
It was promised that the revenues
from the park would be greater If
I liquor is not sold and that It would
have n tendency to stop the night
rowdyism that prevails there In tho
summer time and also save many
children and young people from down
A protest against permitting tho
Davis County Independent Telephone
company to operate an exchange in
the city was presented and the mat
ter was referred to tho law commit
tee and the city attorney The pro
test against the maintenance of the
exchange camo from W O Renshaw
ho claiming that the Davis County com
pan has no franchise In tho city and
that thC company Is In direct com
petition with tho local companies
The sewer conimilteo reported far
orally tho granting of tho petition
of J D Soon for the establishment
of a sewer district on Twontvsocond
street between Van llama and Harri
son avenues Tbo recommendation
was adopted and the engineer was
Instructed to advertise notice of inten
The committee on sidewalks report
ed that to comply with the order of
the council In changing the pa 9mcnt
In settlement of alleged damages
claimed by George T Stevens would
incur the expenditure of 550 anti I
would moan the handling of 3S2 feet
of cement sidewalk and recommend 1
ed that It be done The report failed I
of adoption bv a ole of n to 3 there
being only eight councilmen present I
The committee on laws reported ad
versely on the claim of Mrs Anna Van I
Horn for damages alleged to have
been sustained by falling into a ditch
on Twcntyllflh street nnd Harrison
avenue nnd the report was unani
mously adopted Mrs Van Horn Is
asking tits city for damages In tho
sum of 2200
Waterworks claims amounting to
SIG7JS and tho April semimonthly
payroll wore allowed Couucllmen
Austin and Dana voting against time
payment of tho salary of Superinten
dent KIrcher on the grounds that it
Is excessive
A communication from tho city en
gineer advising the council that tho
plans and speculations for the side
walk crossings had been made but
that tho engiucorlng department had
not been advised us to whero the
council desired the walks to bo placed
hence could not well proceed with the
of the
work of making nn estimate
cost of the walks nor direct tho build
Ing lo be done brought forth somo 1
c ft r
tr o l
council and other mombcrj as to what
the power of the engineer is III city
affairs It was maintained that the
crossings were to be mode by the
street department and that tho en
gineer had nothing lo do with the mat
ter except to give plans uud specifi
cations when requested by the city
council Tho communication was or
dered filed
The engineer reported estimates due
for city work to the J P ONeill Con
struction company In the sum of
22016 and the Wheelwright Construc
tion company for 3 LAG and tho es
timates were ordered paid
Tho city payroll for two woclw
amounting to 21C527 was allowed
and tho auditor was Instructed to
draw city warrants for the several
City Attorney Do Vino advised the
council that tho hired help in pre
paring the rcilhPd ordinances for I
printing wanted their pay and re
quested that he be pcruiitttd to draw I
on tho city auditor in he sum of 20 i
tho amount allowed by the ccniuil
for that purpose The request was
granted anti tho claims were oidciod
paid when presented
Fire Chief Paine recommended that
the council purchase lire hose from
the Cleveland Hose company because
of its cheapness and good quality I
The matter was tabled for ono week
Licenses were granted Nols Soren I
son a pawnbroker Georgo H Tribe I
a wholesale liquor dealer and Wil
liam Doyle a content worker
The claim of the city dog tax col
lector for Sol as commission for the I
capture of 51 dogs was granted and
tho auditor ordered to Issue a warrant
for the amount
Recorder Allison was authorized to
pay John Walker 30 for services ren
dered in the license department
Tho Commercial National bank of
the city wrote the council that the
bank has warrants amounting to SOO
drawn on a sower account and that
there had not been sufficient special
tax collected to pay the same It
requested that somo action be taken
for tho raising of the balance of the
mono to pay tho warrants The com
munication was referred to the fin
ance committee and tho city attor
neyTh0 Utah Light Railway company
submitted plans for the removal of
poles from tho center of tho streets
find the matter was turned over to time
committee on streets and lights
A communication from J W Jones
of the engineering department was
rend stating that tho writer was do
Ing more work In the engineers of
fice now than heretofore and asking
thyitlie council raise the salary from
4 per day to cJ25 a month Tho com
numlcaUon was given to the law com
inlttec and It was suggested that It
Is time to Investigate matters In the
engineering department It was de
cided that the law committee should
make a report on tho condition of tho
County Assessor Dk reported that
the tax valuations in Ogden had been
increased 119IGO6 The Information
was ordered handed to tho finance
The council adjourned to meet
again next Monday II
Chicago April 19 Chicago faces i
If you have an eye
on one ol fine soltt bats E
for Spring ihs is the
store where youre
eye will resfl with sat
s ac non and your l
head will find equal
2 fio 56
Modern Clothes
AT 2365
Wanted to Buy I
l Rea Estate I i
for Cash j
Or a 4 or 5room House j
Must be a snap Call or write
350 24th Street
I aIiJJB J i
I will offer tho following stallions
for public service at the Pair grounds
season 1910
By HcKlnnoy 211 tbo slro of 2
with record better than 210 The
greatest sire too world has ever
known Ho sold for 50000 at 17
years of ago Fee 3000
I Record 209 11 trotting Ho has
shown you If you arc from Missouri
He has as much speed 13 any horso
living or dead Fee 2500
Record 217 14 Ith heat The
fastest and gamest 2 ycnr old pacer
on tho north Pacific coast last year
A 20 pacer sure No hobbles
Fee 2000
Terms cash or bankable note A
few good driving and family horses
for sale C B JOHNSON 1i
foe possibility of being dominated by
Poles Slavs and Lithuanians accord I
ing to Morris Salmonson clerk of the
marriage license department of the
county clerks office He bases his
opinion on the large percentage of
men and women of these nationali j
ties are furnishing the mrjporltj of
the big families In Chicago
Secretary Knox and Secretary
lacveagh Disgruntled Members I
of President Tafts Cabinet J
Secretary Knox and Sec
retary MacVeagh from President
Taft n cabinet
would not surprise
Vnsbluston 1or two month Secre
tary Knox has
ou the
verge of
giving uli hia
well position ilc < orlh1bto
establIshed rumors hero
It has also beon freely discussed
that Franklin MucVeagii has not
found a comfortable berth with his
follow cahlnet Bombers
According to various reports Attor
noy General AVlckcrshcim has beon the <
leading spirit of the Taft cabinet
I much Kuox to the discomfort of Secretary
° rr1 is
r rIf j
T j I

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