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i II
Fortieth YcarNo 97Prlcn Five Cents OGDEN CITY UTAH THURSDAY EVENING APRIL 2J JJO Entered as Second Gkisa FAatter at the Pwtotfko Ontten LHoh
I Crowds Gather to See the Arrival of the Dis
tinguished American = = = President Exclaims
Hello Bob Addressing Ambassador
Bacon = Busy Day in Paris
Paris April 21 Theodore Tloooe
veil entered Paris at half past seven
oclock this morning and was received
with all the honors of a reigning SOY
erelgl traveling incognito
A cordon of soldiers surrounded the
I railway station and held back the
I multitude which in spite of the early
hour had congregated
I Gathered on the platform of the
station were in addition to American
Ambassador Bacon and others of the
staff of the embassy AI Jussorand
French ambassador nt Washington
who camo from America especially to
be present during Air Roosevelts
visit Commander Helot personal
aide to President railleries A Mol
land introducer of tho diplomatic
corps representing Foreign Minister
PInclion AI Huard representing Pre
mier Brland AK Carou president of
the municipal council General Brit
gere chief of tho general staff of the
French army M cplne prefect of
pollee and a number of other nota
bles Including Baron Takahlra who
happened to be In Paris en route for
I Colonel Roosevelt appeared to bo
greatly touched by tho character of
his reception Leaning out of tire car
window of tho train as It came to a
standstill he called to Air Bacon
Hello Bob
A moment later he had reached the
station platform and was greeting M
Jusserand and other friends ctluslve
In turn each of tho representatives
of tho government and the munici
pality extended a format welcome to
their guest These formalities wen
over In a few minutes and Air iloose
velt with Mr Bacon and AI Jusscr
nnd entered an automobile and were
driven to the American ambassadors
I residence there AIrs Roosevelt and 4
Ethel were waiting for them
During the passage of their car
I through the streets Mr Jloofnvtlt
I I was frequently cheered and several
I hundred persons who were waiting in
front of Iho embassy greeted trim
with much enthusiast
Mr Roosevelt spent the morning
quietly at the embassy lunching
there with Air Bacon and several of
I the former presidents friends in
j cluding General Brugere Murqnla
I Lnstoyrie n grandson of General La
fajette Count Rachambcal Ambas
sador Jusserand and AI Boaulieu of
the French Institute
This afternoon the official part of
Mr Roosevelts program be un with
calls on President Fallierics and For
eign Minister Punhon who Immedi
ately afterward paid return visits to
the embassy
This evening tho Roosevelt and
Bacon families will dine together and
later occupy thy presidential box at
the Comedic Francaiso where they
will witness a performance oL Oedi
pus Rex
In honor of Air Roosevelts visit
this city is bristling with American
flags which are flying froii all alto
Air Roosovelt has Issued a state
ment replying to a Roman story quot
ing him as saying that upon his re
urn to America he would do his ut
most to remove from Rome the
Methodists who disgrace any re
Mr Roosevelt says this alloyed
statement was an unqualified ala
hood which must have been known
r as such when it was published Ho
r says ho never publicly or privately
I said anything remotely resembling
what this dispatch said
i i
I Having Been Admin
I istered by Dr Hyde to
Margaret Swope
t Kansas City April 21The Insist
IUCJ of Dr Hyde that Miss Pearl
Keller a nurse complete at one time
all her testimony for the state caused
Judge Lntschaw today to permit the
j witness to go Into tho details of tho
f typhoid epidemic in the Swope home
In passing on the matter yesterday
the court decided he would hear no
testimony on this phase of the case
i until Its relevancy to the death of
u Colonel Swope was shown Rather
than deprive the state of the testi
mony of Alias Keller however said
tho court She might testify regarding
the epidemic at this limo If relevan
cy IH not established then tho testis
mono will be stricken out But tho
jury has heard all her evidence
Most startling of all the features of
Miss Kellers story was her assertion
that tho convulsion suffcrtid by Mar
garet Swope on December IS was
similar to the attack that preceded
Col Swopes death The state charges
that on this day Dr Hyde polsonc >
Margaret Swope
Just before tho noon adjournment
Airs Hyde became deeply Interested
In the testimony of tho witness and
leaned forward several times to
coach her husbands attorneys
Frank P Walsh announced that hq
would begin to crossexamino Alias
Keller at the afternoon session
Gruesome Evidence of
the Murder of Ruth
Now York April 1It was prom
ised whon the trial of Albert Wolter
for attacking Ruth Wheeler and
strangling and burning her to death
was resumed today that the prosccu
tion would complete its case tomor
row by the latest
Welters dofonse could then hardly
bo put In before adjournment over to
next week and the probability Is
that the cose cannot bo finished be
fore next Tuesday But even in that
case the trial would go on record as
tho speediest of any notable criminal
hearing In New York In many years
Almost the entire gamut of sensa
tion was run at yesterdays session
Before the court opened today Ju
ror William Campbell No 5 In tho
Juiy box reported he had received
several anonymous letters but did
not reveal tholr nature
Wolter greeted his lawyers with a
smile and began at once to pay close
attention to the proceedings
The entrance Into the fiat house
the morning of tho crime of a girl
answering Ruth Wheelers descrip
tion was testified to by Airs Ohl the
wife of the Janitor Tho girl had a
card In her hand and she carried aa
umbrella and after pushing the but
ton which rang the bell In Woltors
apartment went upstairs She did not
see the girl como out again
Aftltr clinching the Identification
by a number of exhibits made In the
case the prosecution produced some
now onos which it called Coroner
Holhelmer to identify the most of
which consisted of parts of the fire
jjlaco and marble hearth In Welters
room The face of the marble showed
black smears which tho coronors
jury declared had been made with
paint The hearth was turned over
and on tho other side the court room
audience saw heavy red stains which
seemed to have been caused by perco I
lation through the pores of the
hearth Coroner Holzhcimer said tho I
stains were blood
Now York April 2LPrices of
stocks moved sluggishly at the open
ing today with a show of small gains
and losses mingled and one of them
important In extent There wero heavy
blocks dealt in at running quotations
of United States Steel and Union Pa
cllk the former losing 18 and tho
latter an extreme half point
There wero rallies from the low
level of a point In Union Pacific and
American Smelting and United States
Steel and Amalgamated Copper roso
as much above yesterdays closing
Tho higher prices Induced moro Bell
Ing but the list was again supported
when Reading began to rise and the
trend was upward at 11 oclock The
less active Blocks wore weak
Covering operations by bears who
sold stocks short yesterday was a
feature of the morning Tho effect
was to losnon the offerings to sell
which the declining tendency of
prices In Itself was bringing out The
uplift placed Amalgamated Copper
112 over yesterdays close Dealings
became almost stagnant at the high
er levels
Bonds were Irregular I
Chicago Livestock
Chicago April 21 Cnttle Receipts
Hllmaicd at 8000 market steady
beeves 5GOaSIO Texas leers gt
GOaC15 western stoOlS 470aG76
stackers and feeders 376a660 cone
and heifers 275a725 calves G75
HogsReceipts estimated at 12000
Market Cc higher light S85a920
mixed SCaOUO heavy S80a92G
rouglt SS5a900 good to choice
heavy 00a925 pigs S95a9lu
bulk of sales 906a920
SheepReceipts estimated at 10 I
000 market steady to lower native
160a830 western 5OOaS30year
lings 72fia890 lambs native 775
a975 western SOOalOOO
Omaha Llvootock
Omaha April 21CaLUcRecelpts
5700 market slow to IGc lower Na
tive steers GOO310 fOHtorn steers
370057 cows and heifers 275 >
575 stockers and feeders 375
700 calves 1253825
Hogs Receipts 6500 market 5c
higher Heavy 900 910 light
S75S > 900 pigs S OOSS75 bulk
SheepReceipts 3900 market lOc
higher Yearlings 7S55 850 wotb
ers 700 rt 825 owes G75SOO
lambs 9601010
Chicago Close
Chicago April 2CloRc Wheat
May 108 July 101 3Sal2 Sept
99 7S
Corn May 67 7S July Gl 18 Sept
62 3S
OntB Alny 12 July 39 7S Sept
3S 18
Pork May 2190 July 2205
Sept 2202 12
Lard Alay 1215 July 1232 12
Sept 1227 2a30
Rlbn Alay 1232 12 July and
Sept 1217 12
Chicago Produce
Chicago April 21DutterStead
creameries 2G31c dairies 222Se
EBSS Steady firsts 20c prime
firsts 21c
Chceao Sateady dairies 15c
young Americas 114 11 c
Sugar and Coffee
New York April 21SuarRa
firm centrifugal 9G lest 1243
427 molasses sugar 349352 Re
fined quiet
CoffeeSpot quiet No 7 Rio
S No 4 Santos fl 14c
Metal Market
New York April 2110 easy
spot 436a440 Copper firmer
standard spot 1247 12 ray 12
45al275 Silver 53 3Sc
Pekln April 21The lawlessness
of tho natives which began at Chang
sha the capital of the Hunan prov
ince Is reported to bo spreading
Advices received here state that
riots have occurred at NIngsiang the
site of a Protestant mission about
thirty miles west of Changsna A
mission school at Yl Yang twenty
miles north of Ningsiaug has been
burned The foreigners are stud to
have escaped without harm
Foreign residents at Yo Chow score
preparing to leave that place last
These reports are coupled uiMi Inc
statement that a wholesale desertion
of the troops has occurred
One report Is that the Chinese
cruiser which recently arrived at
Changsha Is guarding the foreign
sotllemeuts there
Logan April 20 Lorenzo H Hatch
father of H B Hatch president of
Thatcher Brothers bank a patriarch
in the Mormon church and an active
colonizer died at 7 oclock this even
ing In this city Tho funeral will
take place Friday
Air Hatch was 86 years of age and
a native of Vermont His was an in
teresting career Ho was exceedingly
active in colonizing in various soc
Ions of the west He established col
onies In Utah southern Idaho New
Mexico and Arizona He founded the
towns of Oxford and Weston In Ida
ho and helped to found Luht In
o 0
o c
O Now York April 21 Suffer C
O lug from what IB believed to 0
O be leprosy In an advanced 0
O stage a woman with an eight 0
O mqnthsld baby at her breast 0
O was found by Dr Trosk of 0
O Bellevue hospital early today C
O The woman was living In a c
O squalid east side tenement c
O house which swarmed with 0
O lodgers In the threeroom C
O tenement woro five children c
O besides tho victims baby a C
O young woman two men and c
O their wives C
0 0
Utah county He W mayor of Lchl
III 1861
Air Hatch was also the first mayor
Idaho the first Mormon
of Franklin
leglsla re of Idaho ho
to sit in the legislate
also served four lcms In ibo Utah
legislature He aftU member of the
Utah assembly when the body met at
Ho had been a resident of Logan
since 1901 and was four times mar
ried being married in polygamy with
throo of his wives lJe was the father
of twentyfour childron twelve boys
and twelve girls 10 grandchildren
and four great grandchildren are
a remaining total of 196
dead leaving
Not a Miner Escaped
From the Mulga
Birmingham La April 21Not one
of tho fortyone men imprisoned last
night in Alulga mine of the Birming
ham Iron Coal company is alive
This word was brought to the bur
face early today to the walling fam
ilies of the victims
When rendered uYiconsclous from
the deadly gases of the shaft Super
Inlondcnt Johns of the mine and a
non named Bonds who risked his
llfo In tho rescue work were drawn
up to fresh air
The condition of the rescuers told
the story long before tho men had
been revived The valchors believ
ed that if tho rescuers holmoted and
protected had so najrowly escaped
death there was no hope for the work
ers who without wajnlng had been
entombed by an explosion of gas
Whon Johns and Bonds finally re
gained consciousness thor confirmed
the gravest anticipations of the peo
ple who for hours had waited at the
mouth of the shaft to hear a word of
their loved ones
Dead all dead were the words of
the superintendent as ho began to re
cover from tho effects of the poison
ous gases Before they had lost con
sciousness the rescuers wd reached
the first gallery
When It was learned that it was im
possible to gain entrance to the mine
through tho slip Jt because the cages
woro sprungJtr the passage the entrance
trance was Bellied ifrovent If possible
sible the spread oftue fire
The only list of the names of tho
miners at work at the time of the ox
plosion was held by tho foreman of
the gang at work who Is among the
entombed It Is believed however
there are about fifteen whlto men and
twenty to twentyfive negroes
The mine has been in operation
about two years
Tho shaft is 350 feet deep and the
fact that flames shot to i height of
100 feet leads to the belief that tho
explosion occurred near the bottom
of the main shaft
Salt Lake April 21Vloa Pratt
Gillette the well known Salt Lake
actress has been granted a decree of
divorce from her actor husband de
sertion being the cause The decree
was granted In Chicago The Record
Herald of April 17 says
Viola Gillette who is the gay coun
tess with the Beauty Spot at the
Lyric theater besought Judge Dupuy
yesterday to grant her a decree of dl I
orco from her husband Georgo H I
Gillette also a member of tho pro I
Cession 11 rand Mrs Gillette were
married in New York September 12
ho deserted her without provocation
1896 and ten years later she testified
Washington April 21A further
changes in the rules of the house was
proposed today by Representative
Fowler of Now Jersey one of the in
surgents who Introduced a resolution
providing for the selection of com
mittees of the house by election
Air Hardwlck of Georgia called for
a quorum In view of the Importance
of tho subject
The expected fight on the Fowler
resolution failed to materialize In tho
house After the roll call Air Fowler
announced the resolution provided It
t > be referred to the rules com
mittee and that It should bo privi
leged on larL Speaker Cannon
ruled it would have to take Its regu
lar course
While proving the safety of an aut
omatic revolver to a1 friend at Vernal
last Wednesday Joe Tolllver known
here accidentally shot and killed
himself Besides being known here
Tolllver had a host of friends at Rock
Springs and just a day or no before
the accident had Intimated that he
was going back to that place to live
It was about 1 clock Wednesday
that Tollivcr entered the harbor shop
I nt Vernal owned by Will Wlnn anti
I asked fqr a shave While Wlnn was
shaving him Tollivcr pulled his auto
I matic revolver from his pockot ami
I laid It In his lap The harbor cau
tioned him whereupon Tolllver poked
the gun playfully against his spine
folUer t
Tolllvor said that tho gun was safe I
began to show Vlnn how It worked
at the same time putting the muzzl
to his right breast and pressed the
trigger There was a report and Tot
llvor dropped over the chair dead
A coroners Inquest was held and a
verdict returned that Tolliver had
come lo his death by his own hand
Tolllver was married and leaves a
widow and a number of childron
A curious thing about tho shooting
wan the fact that threo days prev
iously Tollivor had purchased a plot
of ground In tho Vernal cemetery and
it Is said had told friends that he
would have use for the property short
French tho oldest living Confederate
general died hero today 93 years old
Ho will be burled at Pensacola Fla
next Thursday
SMAll suns IN
In the civil division of the munici
pal court this morning Dr A S Con
don commenced suit against W A
Chnpple for the recovery of W2 al
leged to bo due for professional ser
Thomas E Matthews asslgnco for I
C D Ives Company Is suing J II
Tuckor for IO on a merchandise ac
John D Hurst commenced suit
against Frank P Brown and H R
Rand to recover 24833 alleged to be
duo for the unlawful detention of cer
tain property
The firm of Merger I Lange has
commenced action against A H Page
for 5197 claimed to bo duo on an ac
N 0 Ogden Company are suing I
the Western Union Telegraph Cable
be due
company for 267f alleged to
as damages for the careless and
negligent service on tho part of mes
sengers of the company
N 0 Ogden Company arc also
suing W J Austin and others to re
cover 20 alleged to be due on a cer
tain chock drawn for the plaintiff by
the defendant but dishonored at tho
Assistant District Forester G G
BcnU has returned from an Interest
ing trip to Oakley Idaho where ho
went to attend to matters connected
with the grazing department of the
forest service
Air BenU slates that Oakley is
quite a lively little town at this time
Ho was fortunate enough to be there
on tho day of the advent of the South
ern Idaho railway from Alllncr The
people were jubilant when the iron
horse entered the city and the cele
bration was one long lo be remom
bredIr Bentz states that according to
present indications It will not be long
before the Oregon Short Line will
build a branch line from the main
line near Burley to Saline on the
Southern Pacific west of Ogden
tho motormen and conductors who
have boon on slrlko were tonight or
dered by their representatives to re
port for work tomorrow morning Tho
leaders of the car mon said they had
received satisfactory assurances the
mon would receive fair treatment by
tho company
0 0
O 0
O Albuquerque N AI April 21 0
O Census takers are having 0
O serious troublo with Indians at 0
O the neighboring Pueblos It O
O has been necessary for the In 0
O than agents to Intervene as 0
O tho Sandla Indians positively 0
O refuse to allow the census to O
O bo taken and it Is possible that 0
O troops from Fort Wiugale will 0
O be sent to the village Former 0
O Governor George Curry has 0
O been asked to take up the mat 0
O tcr with the lenders of the 0
O tribe as ho is well known by O
O them 0
O 0
O 0
o o
O Springfield 111 April 21 0
O Tho supreme court today da 0
O cared the law prohibiting this Q
O employment of women In Inc 0
O tortes nnd stoves more than 0
O ten hour n day constitutional 0
O 0
Take Possession of a Switch Engine in the
Dash for Their te
Prison Yard and Make a 2
Liberty = = = Three of Them Are Surrounded = 1
rounded by Guards p
Leavenworth Kas April 21Fivc
train robbers serving life sentence
escaped from the federal prison here
early today Within a short time two
of tho men were recaptured At 11
oclock tho throe others were sur
rounded in tho brush within a short
distance of the prison and It was be
lieved all would bo taken
The Ilrst report indicated that the
two life mon who sot away had forc
ibly taken possession of a switch en
gine that had been run Into the pris
on yards and pulled out at high speed
Once clear of tho prison yards tho
convicts deserted the engine and made
u dash for tho woods
The men recaptured were Bob Clark
s nt up from Tyler Tex and John
Gideon of Moscow Idaho
The three others were Thomas A
Katlng sent up from Allen Okln
Arthur Hewitt from Caddo Okla and
Frank Gregware one of the men who
hold up a Union Pacific mail train
near Omaha last fall
The break for liberty was mado ut
about S oclock Two of the convicts
were at work In the carpenter shop
and tho others were in the tailor shop
A Union Pacific switch engine had
backed Into the prison yard At tho
sound of tho whistle the men dash
ed Into the ynrd and made toward
tho engine Levelling dummy guns at
tho engineer the men climbed Into
the cab and compelled him to roverso
his engine
The engine with the convicts
aboard rushed through tho west gate
Into tho open country and soon was
speeding toward the woods
When tho escape became known a
few moments later the siren whistle
at the prison was sounded as a warn
ing to farmers to bo on the lookout I
The whistle may bo heard for miles
and its use caused consternation
At the time heavy guardn wqrp
thrown around the gates to prevent
any further attempt at escape while
others started In pursuit
When tho engine reached a point
half a mile from tho prison the five
men leaped to the ground and made
for the woods Clark and Gideon
separated from the others and soon
wore captured
Then every available guard led by
Deputy Warden Lemon started after
the other three A half mile further
on the trio were surrounded In tho
woods No shot had been fired on
either side up to 11 oclock when the
guards began to close In on tho con
victs Although the convicts arc all
desperate men it was believed their
only weapons were guns made of
wood and painted In the carpenter
Fake weapons taken from Clark
and Gideon had been ingeniously
made Even the cylinders showed
imitation bullets protruding
When the men made their dash for
I liberty they covered Harry Reed a
I guard with their guns and forced
him to enter the engine cab with
I them But one other guard named
Burnett was In the vicinity He rush
ed up and struck Kutlng over the
head causing a wound from which
blood flowed freely Kutlng was only
stunned and running after his con
federates he scrambled Into the en
gine Just as It was getting under way
The guards inside the prison do not
carry weapons
Katlng was employed for five years
as an engineer on tho Lake Shore and
he assumed the leadership when the
engine started Tie directed Charles Ua
Curtain the engineer to throw her 1w
wide open and told Fireman Allllnrd
Heeler to shovel coal as he had never rei
shoveled before rh
When tho engine reached a point 12 I
six miles northwest of tho prison Lwl
where the road was skirted on both
sides by heavy timber the engineer nl
and fireman were Instructed to kill rWI
the engine Then the desperadoes r
forced the engine crew to disrobe and S6G
two of the convicts appropriated their vk
garments The men started to force t
the guard to disrobe also but Hewitt ds
objected and the men plunged into I
the woods Tho trainmen then forc p1
ed Ute engine and rushed it back
Clark and Gideon were placed In at
solitary confinement when returned to II
tho prison 1
llowltt Katlng and Clark were lead 10
ers In the mutiny at the prison hero
November 8th 1901 when one guard
and one prisoner were killed and two 0
guards wounded and they were serv
ing life sentences for murder In con p
nection with that offense Hewitt was
the ring leader In that mutiny f
Property Valued at
Millions Is in 0
Danger I
Oakland April 2Jlnlted accord
Ing to the suspicion or tho authori
ties by some Incendiary the mam i
moth receiving reservoir of tile
Standard Oil company at Richmond
Contra Costa county caught fire this
morning at 1 oclock and practically
the entire population of that place Is
engaged in attempting to confine tho
flames to one spot
The large reservoir which holds
350 barrels of crude oil is the end of
the pipe line running from the com
panys wells in Bakersfleld to Rich
mond where the companys refinery
Is situated j
Traffic on the overland Santa Fo j
tracks which run past the reservoir
has been suspended it being linpu si
blo to run trains through the Intense
heat The sky is darkened with thy
dense smoke and it IB feared that
should the fire spread tho onllio
plant valued at 3000000 may bq
destroyed Gangs of men mule teams
and the Richmond fire department
are removing all inflammable mito
rlal near the fire but no attempt Is
being made to interfere wit tho
reservoir Itself the fire authorities
fearing an explosion should the < Nth
Ing mass of black oil be disturbed
The pumping of oil into the reservoir
has been mopped and the lire will be
I allowed to burn itself out
t t
j C > I
I How Big Is Ogden1 i
I Guess Ogden Oity has a Population of
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April Itt I
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription I
being paid at least one day in advance of the clay the Census
I Director announces the population of Ogden APRIL 21 1910
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4I 4I 4 L
nOW Big Is Weber County I r
I guess Weber County has a Population of
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census t
Director announces the population of Weber County
APRIL 21 1010
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THE TRUTH ABOUT J Weber Academy Tontght
f t
ydl o rtf
lm rk 5 Ellarntlllid
tMKl rJV 1JiiIG Adnrn
l L F l iu J1k i l A

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