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IJ = 1r i
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6l I IA < 4
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t i0 r p SALE
r f w
tt 1 i1 L Begins Monday Morning at 9 Qdock
I w laver having the best interest of our customers in mind ve
1 h h think this an opportune time to offer all lines df White
P 1 I 4c Goods Laces Embroideries and Underwear at special re
tf 7 dueed priees It is inst the time when you red this kind
1 of goods Come Monday prepared lo participate t ot t
g 47 d fl
tf j i GOWNS DRAWERS Corset Covers
J I 1 iiOO Covers r 170
M i i c 350 Gowns 298 1GO irn wens S 129 150 Covers t 129
Y 300 Gowns 5258 115 Drawers115 125 Cover105
II 95 225 Gowns 195 100 Drawers 85c k J
ji o 90c Covers 75c
D M c 160 Gowns 129 75c Drawers 65c fiOc Covers 49c AA
z 4I o Gown 85c 50c Drawers 42c lOc Covers 31c
fan c 75t Gowns C5c
nil jt 25e Quality 20c
myT 100 Quality 35c 5c Quality 4c 35c Quality 30c
7DO Sldrts 639 lOc Quality 8c
T 90c Quality 75o G 1lc Quality 5c
CO lit 49c lOc Quality 8c 5fiO Skirts 475 12 l2c Quality loc
or COc Quality 0 JI7H Skirts 839a FLAXON LAWN
30c 12 12C Quality 10c 15c Quality 130
3Gc Quality >
I 350 Skirts 5298 25c Quality 20c t
20c Quality 17c loc Quality 13c 200 Skirts 169 25c Quality 20c 30c Quality 25c
10c 20c Quality 17c
12 l2c Quality
8cc 2 100 Skirts Soc 30c Quality 25c 35c Quality 30c
lOc Quality 8c 25c Quality
t Every article advertised in this sale is of standard highgrade quality and the prices
IE are bona fide reductions from the plum marked low prices that always prevail at this P
store We know that it behooves every wonwm to be at this sale You will not only yr
7 save money but will also like the goods when you get home For Womenc Toggery
i By Eddie Smith
J Oakland April 23 At the Jeffries
1 training camp the men In charge of th
big white man who is to make tho
supremo effort of his life In n battle
1th Jack Johnson on tho Fourth of
July are studying the various punch
es used by the colored man nnd aro
trying to perfect a dofeuso against
them thnt will mal e the undefeated
Mr Jeffries an safe against the favor
ites or tho black man as an armor
plated battleship against n rifle ball
This work puts us In mind of the
fact that both Jeffries and Johnson
have pet blows that arc made to or
der for the coming contest Jeffries
Lost punch la the left hook for the
foody and It Is this punch that has
proven the undoing of most of the
men he has met null defeated Jack
Johnson has perfected a right upper
cut that owing to the crouch used
by the big white man should prove
a very damaging punch and a hard
one to get away from
One of tho Johnson strong points
In his fighting has been his knack of
I turning a man half way around while
Ina clinch thus leaving him practi
cally helpless to either defend hlm1
I Welt or land a punch This Is one of I
I tho things that Farmer Burns and
t Frank Gotch are to try to prevent
Viand to guard against It the wrestlers
r will show the fighter a few counter
L holds with whlch to break the colored
i mans grip
i I The stunt Is accomplished In the
following manner When the opposing
t uigilisi comes Into close play or the
men have locked arms In a clinch
I r
ffohneon allows his right hand lo
slide down the left arm of the fight
i er until such time as It roaches tho
I t elbow never allowing this grip to
I loosen to any great extent however
0 I then with the leverage of the mans
t < arm and hIs own as well It Is an
ci oiisy matter to turn a man around so
P that he Is off his balance and abBoluic
n ly unable to punch with any effect
ci I Burns Says Jeff la Strong
lh 1 Burns has been working with Jef
I i fries on this very thing ever since
a I the men have cone Into cum and to
tj r the untrained aye It would seem that
b I he Is simply using wrestling holds of
t r no unusual kind In his effort to bustle
I li J the big man around
1 I After his training stunt the other
11 day the wrofiller was asked by the
n j writer If It were not a fact that ho
It waR trying to shmv the fighter bow
Q I to break this hold of the black man
v i The Farmer did not deny the fact
J r and somewhat to our surprise he became
i came enthused over the Idea and
finld Mr Johnson will not turn this
nan about as he has such little fel
lows as Ketchel anil Langford and he
tvlll not have tho easy time he did
with AI KaufmanIn the clinches By
the time Jeffries enters the ring ho
i will have counters for every hold that
f Johnson has andia few more Right
i now I find Jeff almost as hard to
j handle as Golch ID tho clinches and
to turn him urounoVis one of the hatd
eat things I have ever tackled In the
wrestling game acid I am a stronger
man than Johnson at that
There Is little doubt but that John
son has several other tricks up his
alcove that Jctftles will try to per
feet counters ntlust but at this time
tho trainers aife doing all they can
to guard against the right uppercut
and the tiirnlngiof the big man In the
t Johnson has natural guard against
the best punch that Jeffries has and
for this reason he will not have to
perfect a counter for It The mon
i who know the game of fisticuffs and
< bave beon watching the big black man
advance In his chosen profession have
ben satisfied for
I t a number of years
r Wanted to Buy
Rea staLe
for Cash
I f
I fti Or a 4 or 5room House
Must be a snap Call or write
350 24th StreetS
that the one place where Johnson
might be easily Knocked out would
be the body The one thing that has
puzzled the critics most however
has been to find the man who could
land this much talked of body punch
Johnson Hard to Hit In Stomach
The writer has seen Johnson In all
hit contests about these diggings and
he has never yet discovered the man
who was able to land this body
pinch Stanley Ketchel and Al Knuf
man paid particular attention to the
development of the body punches In
tho training for contests with tho
champion but when they tried to use
them It was found that Johnson had
just tho guard necessary for the block
ing of this punch
With Jeffries ll Is expected that hl3
quickness with the left hand which
by the way Is the best of the two he
being left handed and the heft of
the blow will eventually find a way
through the guard or break It down
Jeffries and his trainers arc really
of the opinion that the finishing blow
In tho coming fight will bo a left hook
to tho stomach
In the opinion of the writer Jeffries
will have a mighty hard tlmo In beat
ing down the guard of the colored
man and he will also have a hard
tlmo in getting past the perfect guard
If Jeffries Is to beat Johnson with this
blow ho will have to do so by cither
fighting him into a position where he
will be open for the blow or he will
havo to gel It In while the men are
exchanging ipunches
Continued from Page Six
Mrs Robert Mlnnoch A pleasant
evening was spent delicious refresh
ments were served and many hand
some pieces of cut glass handpainted
china and drawn work were the gifts
to the guest of honor
Those present were Mrs R Min
noch Mrs D Munro Mrs P Mln
noch Mrs Empey Mrs R Flccman
Mrs T Jenkins Mrs A E Close
Mrs E Reeder Mrs M Mlnnoch
Miss Nina Eastman Mrs S Jenkins
Miss Grace Mlnnoch
A happy gathering of friends met
at tho cozy homo of Mrs O Condo
173 Twentythird street Tho affair
was given In honor of Miss Grace Mln
uoch Music both vocal and Instru
mental and various social diversions
wero enjoyed after which refresh
ments were served
A beautiful set of cutglass and
china were the handsome plftu from
the many friends of Miss Mlnuoch
Those present wore Mrs G Condo
Mrs W O Pell Misses Myrtle Condo
Nettle Hunter May Walsh Kate Gei
ger Snslo Ludwig Nina Enstman Una
Jenkins Myrtle Rowland Mrs War
ner Misses Alta Chrlutcnsen Lillian
Scott Maymo Roberts Lydia Meyers
Zelda Racham Minnie Larson Vera
Douglas Inga Erckson Rose lIar
bortflon Nellie Thomas Vera Ohlson
Ethel Dumas Hazel Hall Edith Brew
er Florence Mosler May Jenkins Ed
na Wyant Lena Van Duren Gertie
Bell and Lizzie Moyee
On April 2S tho mombor of the
Chill Culture club will give an art
lean exhibition In Carnegie library
hall continuing through the 2Uli and
30th in the afternoons and evenings I
The collection will consist of the finest
pictures In Ogden loaned by Ogden
people Formerly the art loan exhibi
tions have heen of pictures sent to
Ogden from the east but learning of
many fine pictures in the city the In
dies thought It would be a good plan
to place them whore all the people
could have an opportunity to so
them thereby encouraging the study
of art In our city A small admission
fee will ho charged the proceeds to
buy a picture for one of tho school
buildings In connection with the art
collection there will he an exhibit of
oldfashioned furniture china and
many old things of Interest which
wore used In the early days of Ogden
as well ns the oldtime pieces of
tapestry samplers our grandmothers
worked when they were young The
club asks all of the Ogden people to
help make this first local art exhibit
a success Mr Beauregard tho art
director of the public schools will se
lect the pictures and direct their
A large number of the women of tho
First Presbyterian church and their
friends gathered Thursday afternoon
with Mrs Robbins and Mrs Hcrdtie
at tho home of Mrs Robbins C47
Twcntyscvqnth street it being the
regular social afternoon of the women
of that church The rooms wore pret
tily decorated and tempting refresh
ments were served
E C Woodcock and family have re
turned to Ogden after a years resi
dence in Boise Thov will make their
home In Ogden at 831 Twenty fifth
Mrs John Connor has returned to
her Ogden home after spending tho
winter in southern California
Mrs J N Spargo and Mss Bell will
entertain at tho Virginia londar af
On Wednesday Mrs E W Mattenn
and Mro A G Horn will entertain at
the home of Mm Malison
lire Martha Society will meet with
Mrs A S Condon at her homo 2110
Madison avenue next Monday after
noon April 25
Mrs D J Malono Is entertaining
the Halcyon SowIng society this after
350 edge Cures
Weak idtDeys Free I
I Relieves Urinary and Kidney
Troubles Backache Straining
Swelling Etc
Stops Pain iri the Bladder
Kidneys and Back
Wouldnt ll bo nice within a week or
so to begin to say goodbye forever to
the scalding dribbling straining or
too frequent passage of urine the
forehead and the backofthe head
aches tho stitches and pains in the
bade the growing muscle weakness
spots before tho eyes yellow skin
sluggish bowels swollen eyelids or
ankles leg cramus unnatural short
breath sleeplessness and the despon
I have a rcclpq for theso troubles
that you can depend on and if ynu
want to make a quick recovery you
ought to write and bet a copy of It
Many a doctor would charge yon 350
just for writing this prescription but
I have It and will be glad to send It
to yon entirely free Just drop mo a
line like this Dr A E Robinson 1 1
K1GG2 Luck Building Detroit Mich
and I will send It by return mail In
a plain envelope As yon willco
when you got It this recipe contains
only pure harmless remedies but It
has great healing and painconquering
power oJ
It will quickly show its power onco
you use it so I think you had holler
see what It Is without delay I will
send you a copy free you can use It
and euro yourself at borne I
First Baptlot Church Located on
Grant avenue north of the federal
building Rev H D Zimmerman pas
tor Calendar of service for Sunday
April 21th 1910 will be as follows
Sunday school at ten oclock with
classes for all Primary department
In chargo of competent teachers
Morning worship at 1113 with ser
mon 11 > pastor The last In tho ser I
Ifs on the Ten Commandments and
Modern Life will be given Morning
theme Thou Shalt Not Covet The
B Y P U will meet nt 7 oclock In I
parlors of church This will bn a mis
sionary meeting and will be in charge
of the missionary committee Divine
worship at S oclock with Gospel ser
mon by pastor theme A Bad Bar
nln part II Tho ladles of the Mis
sion Circle will meet Wednesday aft
ernoon at 230 at the home of Mn
Rogers No 2306 Harrison avenue
All ladles nro Invited On Thursday
evening at 8 oclock the regular
church prayer meeting will be held
Topic will be Caring for the Needy
Iov 100 10 Ps 111 Isa 5SCS
Matt 113 Gal 210 Luke 41S
This will also be the Covenant inert
Ing of the church and to this service
we urge the members to attend To
all of our services on the Lords day
we Invite strangers and those who
have no regular place of worship A
welcome to all will be found within
Our Gates
First Church of Christ Scientist
services at 11 a m In tho new
Masonic Temple Washington avenue
between Twentyfifth and Twenty
sixth streets Subject Probation
After Death Sunday school at 9ti
a m Wednesday evening testimonial
meetings art held at S p in The pub
lic Is cordially Invited to attend these
services Free leading rooms arc open
daily except Sundays and Holidays
tom 2 to 5 p m In First National
bung building rooms nil and i > 12
First Methodist Epiccopnl Church
152 Twentyfourth street Rev G W
McCrccry pastor 10 a in Sunday
school B E Newton superintendent
a Bible school for all ages with graded
work for graded classes Specially or
ganized adult and young peoples
classes A welcome < o all 11 a m
morning worship sermon by the pas
tor theme He Remombereth Our
Frame or How God Gets Along With
Us Noon class meeting James
Drysdalc leader 7 JI m Epworth
league Homer A Solp leader topic
Korea A young peoples service to
which all aro Invited S p m gospel
service sermon by tho pastor topic
Soma Movements for the Good of tho
People of Ogden or Am I My Broth
ers Keeper Special music
Prelude on pipe organ Sextette
from Lucia Miss Welch
AnlhomrLlBht of the World
Chorus Choir
Offertory Summer ldylMiss Welch
Duet The Bird with a Broken
Pinion Messrs Ramey and Johnson
Postlude Tho Joyous Peasant
Miss Welch
Church of the Good Shepherd Epis
copal Northeast corner of Twenty
fourth and Grant Wm W Fleetword
rector Services for the fourth Sun
day after Easter Holy communion
730 a m Sunday school 915 a in
morning prayer and sermon It even
ing prayer and sermon 8 All are wel
The First Congregational Church
Noble Strpng Klderkln minister
Morning worship at 11 a m sermon
Tho Place of Jesus In a Reconstruct
ed Faith Sunday school at 121
Young Peoples meeting at 7 led b
It Charles Parker Evening service
at S oclock sermon The Social Con
sequences of a Christian Charucter
Pulpit editorial Habit and Early I
Closing Special music at both ser
vices The last morning service until
June Fith The evening services will
continue during May with Rev Elmer
I Goahen as preacher
First Presbyterian Church John
Edward Carver pastor Morning wor
ship at 11 Theme The Delusion
ot the Exceptional Power of the Com
monplace Sunday school at 1215
Endeavor at 7 Evening worship at S
The Sunday evening series upon
llfo Beyond the Grave will be con
tinued Sunday nights theme being
I How Reconcile the Sudden Change
J r
e e11 prr i
Ij t
q +
Heres just Hue suit for thai Ii He trip
a graygrey mixfiure a kind of mud and r
dust coEor yon see the practical value
Then SOP a change heres oiie o5 our
special Mues wi3h a sefll stripe
Then EOF occasional wear h ive one oi
our siriMzig paiSerns ihaft wall pjufi Ute live 1
wire look into the whole crowd Pifut
Modern Clothes
Come on Wash Avo
In li 11 0 P At 2365 p
vvrT 7 ec ra 7fxN 1J1r + rc n
Business Property on Washington Avenue
Mus5 toe Sold at Once
350 24th Street CARL C RASMUSSEN
Send Him to tttoc Tir y 1
i rrysl I
1 J I
Ix 74 °
rt t 1 I
L tit
1I i
He Will Corn Back Wtalfe
From Sinfulness to Holiness Which
Christ Promises to Perform at Death
So That Heaven May Have No De
filement of Sin With the General Lew
of Evolution or Gradual Develop
ment This brings up the soneral
question of The condition of children I
and Infants who have died Do they I
forever remain children Which will
be part of the evenings theme The
evening music will be Prelude
I aria from Alceste Gluck Miss
Diddle Tenor solo Oh Divine Ro
deomer Gonnod Mr Saunders
Violin offertory Berccuse God
dard Miss Hamill Tenor solo The
Realm of the Blest Reims Mr
Saunders Postlude Lfmpcriale 1
Berlioz Miss Diddle
The women will remove their hats 1
at this service
Tabernacle Services Regular Sun
day services will be held at tho Ogden I
Tabernacle tomorrow at 2 p m There
will be special music bj the tabernacle 1
chjcir Soln Mr George Douglacs l
Addross Elder Nathan J Harris 1 I
At Ogden General Hospital Mrs
Julia Kennedy was ov rated on at the 1
Ogden General hospital Friday for
gall stones and appendicitis Sho lj
slowly recovering
Y3w OI GI = =
uz ard oLLoIIl o i i > w r l =
0 1 r y Std r I
L t 11
r i a od6 u a atv
O 0 o 4e4 o 0 0 0 i4o 0o0 0 0 0 i u o o 4b o d
f 4 0
t o
L s off 0 n v 0 0 0 yo v o o o r o u o o 1 I f
1 Po
i fD OW DY I 1
o t
o o 1
C r jJsLj
2000 rards 50c ilo 20 if B1Jid 1 Ar5 I
g4 2 >
Embroidery o sal
1 0 0 K Mond + M lanuag 31 25 C V f I i
9 o9clock ai It y
JUitL I C e O O 9
j Yr
i r m 1
r 1 11 4I f One of the largest embroidery importers of America sold to us 2000 j t r
r yards of embroidery flouncing corset cover allover edgings and insertions 14i I i i
i t Most durable embroidery for tIns sea sons use at about half regular prices r J J
There are hundreds of pieces in the lot Hardly two of the same pattern I
and the patterns arc the newest prettiest and daintiest I
< j the famous St Gaul designers have conceived for this DR d
° V r 1 seasons use5 to 27inch worth 60c to 200 yard on 2 5 C p c A
sale Monday at
H t < Z > Lr r 1Ol < I b I t
1 I r 0 io r I Jr 1

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