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Charged with tho first violation of
the midnight closing law which with
the adoption of revised city nnil
nonces became effective In Ogden
only a few weeks ago Ed J Maguir
proprietor of tho Ccnlrn bar at iK
1 Twentyfifth street was arrested by
Ofllcer Tom Rackham a few minutes
before 1 oclock this morning
The policeman it Is said detected
Mngulro In the act of dispensing
liquor to two patrons and he took tho
S latter to the police station where
rach was required to deposit 30 cash
ball to Insure his appearance In 510
Ico court this morning
Magulro was released on his own
Wherever Parisian Sage Is Known it
Has the Call
Parisian Sage that most efficient of
all boll restorerR Is a very delightful
and refreshing hair dressing Besides i
possessing these qualities It will posi
tively make any womans hair soft
luxuriant and attractive BADCONS
PHARMACY soils It for 50 cents a
largo bottle and will return your mon
ey If it docs not cure dandruff fail
Ing hair and Itching scalp in two
Hr bid given up hopes of ever be
ing cured of dandruff when I purchas
ed a bottle of Parisian Sage It has
5 entirely removed the dandruff and has
started a growth of new hair and all
this after having been troubled 15
years 1 cheerfully recommend Paris
ian Sage1rs Elizabeth Anderson
t Mechanlcsburg Pa 5
S Harry Pcnnluglon the youth who
I created considerable excitement lust
I Sunday by running out of the Denver
rooming house In his underclothing
and who has since been at the city
jail suffering witn what was pro
nounced tonsllltls was taken to the
county jail yesterday and his case
lia boon diagnosed as scarlet fever
It Is now thought that Pennlngtonfi
eccentric movements as mentioned
1 was due to his Illness and that KI
uallty ho was coming dowii with Hear
I lot fever at that time Instead ot l5ej
lug affected by tho allltudi i <
Iwo vhyslcians examlnedHilm Tuos
Jay and explalnodHint Ijioro cmel
to be nothing more eorlOus the mitt
tr Ulan an attack of ton Bill Us The
cltv authorities however turned him
over to the countys care and Dr Phi
ciick being called to attend him at
once pronounced the case one of scar
Ici fpvor Consequently there Is con
sternation In the sheriffs department
his family deputies prisoners and
callers nil having been exposed In a
I way to the disease The Jail Is1 be
ing carefully fumigated
Lower Twentyflth street was the
scene of an Incipient race riot last
evening a number of Italian laborers
furnishing the excitement for tho oc
casion Two of the ringleaders wore
arrested by Officer Chambers and
Sheriff Wilson which brought the dis
turbance to an abrupt ending i
The trouble started between two
Italians and was rapidly developing
Into a fight when a local man inter
fered This introduced an Interna
tional feature Into the trouble and
soon several core of gesticulating
foreigners were gathered In the vicin
ity hurling challenges and threats at
any one who should attempt to en
yttgo In the controversy
Officer Chambers and Sheriff Wil
son happened along at this time and
gathered In th two principal agita
tors who guve the names of John La
MorO and Frank Croop They were
locked up charged with disturbing tho
The Ladles Child Culture clubs ex
hibition at Carnegie lecture hall will
be opened today at noon and will con
tinue for three days everyone being
cordially Invited
There is to be shown an extensive
sollecllon of Indian curiosities pot
teries war Implements ns well an
relics ot early days In the states The
picture exhibit will bo one of the chief
features of the display some of tho
Maker paintings being valued at sev
mill thousands of dollars A small
admission will be charged tho amount
received to be used in buying pictures
for the schools
i i Band erine
I r Grows Hair
j j
and we can
i The Great DANDERINE Never
I tMI r3cr Fails to Produce the
Desired Results
j T enlivens and irvirjoratcs the hair
S L gland and tissues of the scalp
S f S resulting in a continuous nnd
VV increasing growth of tho hair
loiter of pralro aro CobOl
c uall conilae lu from ncarlf
2ttf J I all ports or bo country 113
f if J I hOC Hint Dundcrlco tiai re
tcjn r4sxc4 m newed he prowlb or lislr In
S CtJL < lljsl were lOn ldcred
c1mj 1 iP aboIuteIy boNicit
A1 idy from IlrooklTu Tlted
Aftcraisriorl trIal my hair
lopped falllnc nnd 1 nav
i j lmo n lovclr bftil of balr
dh oL
> cry licavy nnd oTcr ono nnd
a quarter jirdj lone
Dnndorino stimulates the calp
makes it healthy and keens it so
2pI It is the greatest scalp invigorator
g known It is a wholesome medi
gieft cine for both the hair and scalp
Jqb4 Ej Even a small bottle of it will
put moro genuine life in your
l hair than a gallon of any other
It hair tonic ever made It show
i results from the very start
S 5 t I Now on cajc at every drug and
3 i toilet store in the land 3 sizes
2Sc 50c nnd 100
j S t Free To how hoir quickly
it t 1ttndcrlnoacLwc
fz CuI bl l rend n largo mmple free
I i b C byrrIurninbil lonnyoncvbo
His tea Ji thU freo coupon to tbc
z Out KCIII Outfirleo Co Cblcica 1
I S 21 trltb tbclr oanio and lId < 1r M
S and Ido In foil for or aiampi
4 LO rAr po135c
r l C l AN vi You no longer need wear yourself
j I
D U S self out with the weakening
Ctrt m tr r t heat of an intensely hot kitch
5 S 55 Ei en You can cook in comfort
Here is a stove that gives no Ollfeide heat All its heat
is concentrated at the burners An intense blue flame hotter than
either white or red is thrown upwards but not around All tho
is S heat is utilized in cooking none in outside heating
1 NewPerl clign
f 11
l 4 tlLl1hi CiJ f mt
Oil COokstove
entirely removes the discomfort of cooking
Apply n match and
immediately the stove is i
ready Instantly
heat is
jectcdupwards against the pro I
Is pot pan kettle or boiler and yet there
surrounding heall no smell no smoke
S S S Why Because The New Perfection
t Oil CookStove is scientifically and
S 4 practically perfect You cannot use
c S P c r too much wickft io automatically
controlled You get the maximum heat
L 4 cf roiosruoko The burned Dimplc One
S 1 i wipe with cloth
S a cleans it conse
3Z jP quently there is no smell
i S The New Perfection Oil Cookstovo
i 4 in wonderful for yearround use but
t S Mt especially in Dummer Its beat oper
I ates upward to pan pot or kettle but
not beyond or around It is uscleoo
for beating a room
f ii It hnp a Cabinei Top with shelf
t 1 for keeping plates and food hot
I f It hag long turquoiccbluc enamel
Chimneys The nickel finish with the
I bright blue of the chimneys makes
the stove ornamental and attractive
S CaltJltiarNte BC Made with 1 2 and 3 burners the 2
I you get this tOvcsee bUTC nnd 3burner stoves can he hod with
< thst rtso nameplate or without Cabinet
rcnda New Perfection FfIrJ daler fCrrbrr lit Mt at JM1N Writ
tor etertpUn ClrCtllu to Ito Umt tiSS3 ci1
ConUnenUaI Oil Company
i r Incorporated
S 1 L > c
It i
1 j
= c =
r S lf J
Only three days left to get your
nftme on the census list It means
much to Ogden that a correct count
should bo taken Boost far the city
by seeing that your name Is on tho
There were no particularly now de
velopments In the census situation
yesterday As a result of tho publish
ing of the Information blank In the
papers yesterday a number of
citizens have reported that they
hhvo not yet been counted and
It Is stated that the plan will help ma
terially In making tho final count a
very complete one
The enumerators arc working heart
and soul said Weber club to have
their work all In by next Saturday
night when the count closes in tho
city Now that the last throe days of
the week aro at hand It Is particularly
necessary that the public assist the
counters In evory possible way
The Weber club Is still occasionally
receiving notice of some one who has
npparently been overlooked by the
enumerators and such cases aro re
ceiving attention from Supervisor Mc
Mlllln and his assistants Tho enumer
ators are all filing their reports
promptly and In good shape and with
the cooperation of the public general
h In the work It is stated the census
will be complete by closing time on
Saturdaj nlghl
The mail carriers Ogden aro do
Ing what they can to help out the
census enumerators While the mail
carriers probably will derive no direct
benefit from the count thoy consider
it important that every name bo taken
as the population affects to a certain
extent the annual postofllcc appropri
Citizens Ogden
Boost for your city by using OG
DEN MADE FLOURIt costs you no
moro and every sack you use Is a
boost for your town
In that way you make a Chicago
of Ogdon Ogden Milling 8 Ele
vator Co
On the morn of the battle for tho
featherweight title of the Intormoun
tain district Young Erlenborn and
Peanuts Sinclair are resting quietly
each confident of winning a great vic
tory The boys are down to weight
and are In superb condition Each said
last night that he never felt better In
his life and that If the other man won
he would have no oxcuses to offer
Peanuts Sinclairs active training
ended yesterday at Salt Lake with Il
Ion ramble on the roads to thc foot
hill On his return from his run a
shower and a rub loft him In tho
perfection of form Ills lnst hard
workout was on the previous day
when he roughed for fourteen rounds
with Kid Bell and Tommy Fitzgerald
Sinclair worked out In splendid form
showing a speed and cleverness that
was surprising It was his last work
out and his best
Like Sinclair Young Erlonborn who
js training In Ogden finished strong
lie has been hard at work since his
arrival here and now has practically
the solid hacking of Ogden Consid
erable money Is up on tho contest nnd
much more will bo put up today Tho
Impression In Ogden Is that Erlenborn
Is too clever for Sinclair to hit while
he has a left Jab that Ogden fans fig
mire will wear down his little opponent
from Salt Lake
AVhlle the Salt Lake followers of
tho sport admit that Erlenboru Is the
cleverer and the more experienced of
the two they count on tho marvelous
recuporathe powers of Sinclair and
his ability to hit hard to win tho bat
tle for him Thus far the money has
all been even money which Is about
the way the belling should bo A good
bet would appear to bo to take tho
short end If odds were offered no mat
ter which boy was made the favorite
The boys aro certainly evenly
matched but this does not Imply a
chance that the match will go to a
draw As a matter of fact there Is
over Indication that It will be a short
bout no matter which one wins Both
boys are noted for llnishlng a battle
In a few rounds and In this ono each
expects to win under ten rounds
They aro both fast mixers and which
ever gets the better of the early part
of the contest will probably win
From Salt Lake there Is certain to
bo a large crowd of fans at tho ring
side Fatty Schulcr announces that
his special train will be made large
enough to accommodate comfortably
TilE i WAS
Dr B N Alflwortll the phyaician 01
Purvis Mississippi writes Interesting
details about the cyclone that devas I
tated that section We quote I
suppose you saw a notice in the papers
that we had a cyclone on the 2Uh of
May It swept our little town about I
off the earth Thank Providence my i
family and self came out olive but
my drug store was swept to the winds
We are picking up slowly J found
fojir bottles Fultous Renal Compound
unbroken and gave them to a lady
whom the other physicians had given
up kidney disease She came to me
as noon as she heard that I had re
turned to my practice again and I put
her on the Renal Compound and she
Is now nearly well But I need more
and you will please send mo another
dozen of the Renal Compound from
your nearest shipping point
In haste
How can people who have any kind
of kidney trouble expect to gqt well
on the old futile kidney patents whon I
tho census deaths show that ninety
two per cent of every hundred of thorn
passed out from a form of the disease
that was incurable up to the date that
Fulton worked out his Renal Com
Duo to tho futility of the oldtime
kidney medicines tho kldnoy deaths
now number one ovory nine minutes
Isnt there room hero for serious re
flection for the man who In on his
way to the drug store ror a kidney
medicine S I
I Wm Driver Son Drug Co solo
local agents
Tb 1
7 i
all of the fans whparc going The
special will lave Salt Lake from the
Denver Rid Grande station promptly
at 7 oclock and vlll roach Ogden In
lesslimn an hourt Promptly at 830
no iniiUer whether or not the crowd
has arrived Tommy Fitzgerald and
Kid Davis will stqp Into the ring for a
four round prollnilhary The moment
this prolImttijuT ib over Young 1u
renco and Kid Fafloywlll begin their
si ronnd Semlvjlndup vThese MVS
will be scarcely oliL of the ring when
the 1 principals will appear for tho
twenty ronnd3 ofniIHIng In the main
event By this plan If each bout goes
tho limit the contests will be over bi
ll oclock The Salt Lake special will
leave Ogden at 1130 and the fans will
be back In Salt Lake before 1230
which will establish a new record for
Ogden boxing contests I
There was a big rush yesterday In
Salt Lake for tickets at the Log Cabin I
A reservation of sIxty seats was made
for a party who are going HO make
the trip In automobiles In this party
there will be twelve auto loads of en
thusiasts From tho way the tickets
are going there wlll be little chance
for the last minute man Indications
are that thero Will only be a few of
tho least desirable seats available for
tho lato comers Those who are plan
ulng to go to the contest should get
their tickets this afternoon
Magnus InKobretsen died of heart
failure at his home 2256 Mofflt ave
nue at about 130 oclock this morn
Ing He was one of the proprietors
of thu Emerald saloon and popular in
a wide circle of acquaintances
< Time death came suddenly deceased
having been a man of powerful phy
sique thirty years of age and en
joying the best of health always
He leaves a young wife to whom ho
was married only six months ago and
a large number of relatives and
friends throughout the west will
mourn his loss The funeral services
will bo announced later
That terrible Itch disappears with
the FIRST DROPS ot a simple com
pound of oil of wlntorgreen thymol
nnd glycerine mixed In D D D Pro
Hcrlptlon This soothing healing lo
tion used externally kills the eczema
germ Immediately
Heretofore the D D D remedy has
been sold only In 100 bottles but as
a special offer any sufferer In thin
town who has never tried D D D
can now try this remedy In a special
bottle at 25c It cures the Itch in
stantly W KNOW this Cullev Drug
Co 2479 Wash
SALT LAl pr April 2Aftor
pending a year and a half taking tes
timony in the famous railway merger
suit In which seven great railway sys
tems one trust company and seven
railway mngnatcs are concerned Syl
vefcter G Williams a special exam
iner for the government brought his
work to a closf this morning filing
twelve groat ound volumes of evi
dence and a final report with J II
Letchcr clerl of the United States
courts for the district of Utah The
testimony was placed on file and will
bo held until It is taken up bj one of
the circuit courts of the United States
for consideration and settlement
Tho case is one of the biggest rail
way Investigations ever attempted by
the government and a great deal of
Important evidence has been collect
ed which Mr Williams says should
make a strong case against the rail
way companies and others concerned
Tho complaint alleges a merger of
railways valued at many millions of
dollars The following are made de
fendants In the case rho Union Pa
cific Railway company the Oregon
Short Line Railway company ito Ore
gon Railway Navigation company
the Santa Fe Railway company thec
Southern Pacific Railway company the
Northern Pacific Railway company
the Grout Northern Railway company
the Farmers Loan and Trust com
I pany E H Harriman Jacob It
I Schlff Otto H Kuhn James Stlllman
Henry H Rogers Henry C Frick
and William A Clark
It is alleged that these railways
formed a merger contrary to the rcgu
I lallons of the Interstate commerce act
I and it Is the Intention of the govern
ment to dissolve the merger If one
rtrtlly exists Mr Williams who took
the testimony said this morning that
he was not at liberty to say what
Und of a case ho has to present to
the court but he does say that his
hearings were nil successful and ho
obtained about all he went after In tho
way of testimony
The taking testimony waR begun
Duccmbor I 1908 In New York City
whon olflccrs ot the Farmers Loan
anti Trust company and several rail
way men and others who were sub
poenaed November 11 and 16 1908
were heard
Leaving Notf York Mr Williams j
worked gradually westward including
II on his way Salt Lake City where he
Plopped for several days and heard
several local railroad men Ho con
cluded his hearings some timo ago in
Us Angeles and Immediately pent
the mOBS of evidence to Salt Lake
City for tiling He arrived this morn
Ing and wont through the formality
of llling his report and the evidence
at once He will leave for his homo
In Denver tonight
The cities visited during the year
and a half of evidence gathering were
Now York City Plttsburg Cincinnati
Cleveland Chicago St LoulR Salt
Lake City Portia11 San Francisco
and LOB Angeles
The testimony has been bound In
twelve typewritten volumes and In
cludes fc395 pages To carry hue
books n goodsUeJr lrunk Wa3 re
qulrcl S
ΒΌ Ir Williams stated this morning
that It is a rat relief to beihrouh
vi Ith the work While he had but lit
thodesired witnesses
tiC trouble in gttIimgthOdeSiVCd
continual moulul
nesses there was a
strain that was far from pleasant I
As to what will be done with tho
testimony no ono can tell at this tlmrw t
It will bo taken up by one of the cir oJ
cuit court judges aud will probably
require many months before a do
clslon Is handed down If It Is against
tho defendants it is possible that 1
CA Zr l I I
lit just Five Months
Grew a Full Growth of Hair on a Bald Head
The birthright of every man woman and chllda full
Heres the Proof
ere s e I healthy head of hair If your hair Is lalllnc if it Is full of
dandruff or If it Is faded or turning gray It Is diseased
Tor two or thru year mr haJr h1 been
fallloc out an j e ttlnr quit thin until tho and should be looked after without delay
top ot mr head WILt entirely bId About
Tour montbi hU I commenced nilnc WYETHS SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a true
Cag and Sulphur Tbe Jlrit botlls
ittmrd to do tome rood and I Vert uslne Hall Tonic and Restorer removes dandruff in a few days
It rtsulirly until now 1 have UIK four bot
tle The whets lop ot mr Ub dtofr now stops hair falling in one week and starts a now growth in
fairly covered with hIr anS 11 keopn com month
f lfnc i fnftm a
ing In thicker I nhall keep on tulnr
wMI longer u I notice a constant Im
provement Wyeths Sage and Sulphur does not soil the skin nor
4 Rochoitcr N T injure the hair but it is nn ideal hair dressing that Will re
store faded and gray hair to nataral color and keep the
STAr or Nirw Tonic M hair soft and glossy
County of Monroo J
8t l hen ncon beIng duly sworn ny
that be hxa rd the 121001601 abort un
noiiM and that tho contents ot told jlule 50c and 100 a Bottle At all Druggists
meat are true
STEPHEN ilJACON Or Sent Direct Exprooo PropaJd Upon Receipt of Price
Cvera U btte r c Lhla 3M dr of Jctr 1002
nENny W HALt Chemical 74 Cor11acdt Sttut
Notary Pullc Wyeth uu Company Ncw Yod Qty N Y
will bo appealed to the circuit court
of appeals and It will probably be sev
eral years before the Ilnal outcome Is
known Tho case Is being watched
very closely by railway people all over
the country
Why Pile Sufferers So Often Fail i
To Get Relief
Science is getting to tho bottom of
everything Including the cause and I
euro of piles The brightest doctors
now admit that plIes are caused In
ternal and can bo cured only by In
ternal treatment Dr J S Leon
hardt some time ago perfected a rem
edy In tablet form HornHold which
cures ito cause of piles and there
fore cures permanently It Is sold by
Badcons Pharmacy Ogden Utah un
der moneyback guarantee 1 for 24
days treatment Dr Lconhardt Co
Station B Buffalo N Y Write for
William Fitzgerald aged 20 was
arrested yesterday by Ofllcers Burke
Marlin and Chambers on a warrant
and Is now held at police headquar
Lrs awaiting the authorities In Salt
lake who want him on charge of
passing worthless checks It Is said
the man realized about 70 before ho
i ng detected
Funeral services over the remains
of Maria Ann Wood Slater wcro held
at 3 oclock yestorday afternoon from
the Third Ward meeting house
Bishop C a Peterson conducting tho
ceremonies A large number of
friends were in attendance with many
beautiful floral offerings Appropriate
solos were rendered by James Carl
son Bessie Williams and Marian
Johnson iwxsUv = ec Torgenson
Joseph Parry Bishop Peterson and
Georglna Marriott delivered strong
speeches referring to the groat work
and accomplishments of the deceased
anti her rewanl at the resurrection i
Interment wafi made In the City ceme
The Flcwelllng Building Company
recently completed several floats or
small row boats for the Wilcox Re
sort In Ogden Canyon Considerable
attention was given them as they
were displayed about tho business dis
trict The workmanship and general
stylo was a credit to tho constructor
as well ag the resort and It Is be
lieved by many It will not only prove
a business getter for the Flewclllng
Company but the boats this season
will prove one ofLhc principal at
tractions In the canyon
The remains of Mrs Elizabeth Bar
low who died Tuesday In Pocatello
wilt arrive In Ogden this morning
for burial In the City comotery De
ceased was formerly a resident of this
city and brought here for burial In
the family lot with the other mem
bers of tho family who have ipassod
away The funeral will be announced
List of letters remaining tho
rostofflce at Ogden Utah which If
not called for In two weeks will be
sent to the Dead Letter office
Gentlemens List
Armstrong R W
burns W G Brown John Barnett
John Bristol R R Butler Harry I
Ball George E Burns J Brlnklauder
ECosgrovo L Carr H E Coakley
Raynor Clark W D
Denny Charllo
Eggertson Luther Elton R W
Fancy C Frye James
Hoyt T C Hatch T B Holtcamp
Lawrence Bloke John J
Isaacs Eph
Joyce Edward
Kimes Henry Kurtz Chas M
Kelloy Thomas L
I Leasengor M D Lester A C Low
is AVm Leeaon W N
McKeou Tom McClatchoy Thom
I as McCormick Lee Missouri Pac
I Morton Cornelia A Mason Charles
I Masuoragac S
Nichols Lou D Nichols Chns D
ODonls D II
Plnkard HM Parks Fred Pnrkor
Frank Pippin E
Raffles James Robinson Ernest
Koulo C J Rath Wm Ray W R
Stonebraker Fred Stodlard DCP
Suglmoto C Squires L F Scott 0
E Swltzer N D
Tlllltflon Arthur Tajlmo II Tny
lor Alfred Thomas ChuG J Teney
Vallereux Fred T
Wood WIt Wolfo J D Williams
Henry Louis Woods Thomas WIs
hart Frank
Box No fi7l2
Ladles Uct
Andrews Ethel Anderson Mrs J
A Burlcy Mrs T W Barker Miss C
C Barrett Mrs Annie Brown Miss I
Connors Mrs Win
Dye Mrs Anna
Frost Mrs Frank S
Hutchlnson Mrs Joo
Lee Mrs Maggie
McClure Miss Genie May
Martin Mrs Nellie Murden Mrs M
Raglund Miss Minnie Ray Mlta
Sackctt Mrs Fritz Scott Mrs 0 II
Button Mrs Cassie Sullivan Nell
Wheeler Mrs N B Williams Mrs
J E Wardley Mrs Howard Ward
ley Mrs Hannah
Papers and Packages
Jlouman A Babcock A H
Carson W S
FujIta Messrs 8 C
Theodoponlon Th
Canned Garden and Orchard Products
Contain N2 Preservatives I
We want you to know Mrs Housewife that the talk about preserv
atives doesnt refer to fruit or vegetables
put in tin
up cans
No canner of garden or orchard products far
average better than any you got from the
uses any preservatives This is invariably true garden or orchard Yet they are even cheaper
The preserving is done by sterilizationdone The
sterilizing is done
terrific heat after
heat alone Chemical
by preservatives are the is
cnn sealed Then the products remain I
entirely unnecessary a useless expense
just as luscious and fresh
as they were
Our canneries naturally arc located where day we cooked them
the best of our products
And Nowwecan get fruits
grow we natur
nil but the finest and vegetables in Jan
ally plant
varieties uary exactly the same
S t ItUflte as in June We owe
ways Our close canneries to our arc gar al on > that to sterilization
dens and orchards So This fact has im
proved the average
our productsare canned Canned Fruits
in the prime of their health for fresh fruits
freshness within a few Packed Where They Ripen and vegetables form an
hours of tho picking The Day Theyre Picked essential part of our
Our fruits are never picked green and left to diet
Dont let
any mistaken prejudice 1esen
in Our
ripen shipment vegetables
are never these
ese benefits to
you Fruits and vegetables
allowed to wither like those which you get from
put up in tin
cans are always clean always
the vegetable man So canned products
pure always free from preservatives
Del MonteThe Choicest
Peaches From Our 1000000 Trees
Del Monto requirements demand the
large luscious
1 Of all these brands Del Monte hcs the best
peaches aro
ches They firm pe3
treoripcnecl peaches aro delicious fruit value
They arc the
cream of this great crop Soma
packed In heavy clear guaranteed
sugar syrup dealers have
us pack for them under their own labels
Del Monte poaches arc the first grade of all the this famous Del Monto quality It would make no dif
peaches we pick Frorn our million trees we obtain ference In buying these choice peaches if you knew
every quality which we put up in cans under more than under what brands tho Del Monte quality Is packed
200 different labels and brands Most of these brands Since there is no way of knowing the surest way is to
arc our own some belong to dealers insist upon getting Del Monte peaches Then you
ore safe
The Largest Canners of Fruits and Vegetables in the World
= 1
= 01
P S i 5

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