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0 JJt1 Y1 f r t <
I < V > 5 I
i Ind Phone two rlngaNo 55
Bel Phone two rings No 66
Ind Phone one ringNo 00
Bell Phons one ringNo 56
Advertisers moot nave their copy lor
tto Evening Standard tho evening be
fore the day on which tho advertlBO
ment Is to appear In order to luuuro
Cochran Must Face TrlalJ L
Cochran the mnn who was arrested
Tart week charged with having stolen
20 from a letter given him to post
by a lady friend was turned over
to the county officers yesterday and
county case of obtaining money un
der falso pretenses will probably he
preferred against him
Coal call tsp Parker Co for
rates on lump nut and slack
Marriago licenses wore Issued yes
terday to the following Thomas I
Starks of Sparks and BIrdie Walsh
of Ogden William 11 Emery and
Mary Chase both of Idaho Falls
James La Frentz of Salt Lake and
Mario Morton of oDtrolt Mich
Castle Gato Clear Creek and Rock
Springs coal 550 per ton cash on
delivery Phono 149 RobL B Lewis
w Mrs J S Groo and daughter leave
today for a weeks visit with friends
1 and relatives at Bingham
For SalcOld mats Good to put
under carpets Inquire Standard office
Visitor Likes Ogden Mrs Martle
Eovis of Cincinnati Is visiting her
brother and sister Mr and Mrs Ed
R Stanley of this city Mrs Bevis
Is much impressed with Ogden and
said yesterday that It was the busiest
city she had visited since leaving
COAL Call up Parker Co for
rates on lump nut and slack Parker
Coal Co
Crack Shot HcrcH E Poston aR
Blatant manager of the Pacific coasl
branch of the Peters Cartridge com
pany stoppid over In Ogden yester
day and enjoyed an afternoons sport
with the local shooters at the tramps
south of Ogden Mr Poston Is ono
of the best shots In the country and
Is well known here He Is on his way
to the coast after an extended trip
Call Alton pnonen 22 for carriages
for funerals and operas Private calls
c specially Also prompt delivery of
baggage 412 26th
You can gel your Spring Hat for
onehalf city prices at tho Five Points
j Milllnory 238 Washington AVe
J Continued on Page Soon
We arc paying for fat hogs as fol
r Hogs from 200 Ibo and up per
I 100 Ibs 900
Hogs from ICO to 200 Ibs per
r 100 Iba 875
Hogs from 125 to 160 Ibs per
100 Ibs 800
Wo racolvo hogs dally
Anybody who prefers dressed
weight ou hogs may bring them in on
Tuesdays or Fridays between 730
and 10 a m Wo will then slaughter
them while you wait and pay 1200
m per 100 Ibo dressed At either of
+ these days you may choose whether
1 you want tho live weight price or
1200 dressed
We pay for fat vealo from 70 to 125
Ibo dressed weight 12 cents per lb
and receive them dally You may
bring thorn In either live or dressed
Access to our plant is now con
venient since tho construction of tho
Leander Mnsbcngnlc aged 11 years
died yesterday morning at 4 oclock
at the residence of the family lu
Clourtteld Davis county tuberculosis
being the Immediate cause of death
Mr Mnssongalo was born June 28
taro In TfiimoHsee IIo Is survived
by his parents Mr and Mrs John
Mas8ongalo a wife and three children
Funeral services will ho held today
at 2 p m from tho Clearllold meeting
houHe Interment at the ClearflelJ
Somewhat Confident
You wish to propose for my daugh
ters hand Major Ranch But she Is
engaged already
That doesnt mailer Just you in
r troduce me Exchange
1 J
r > s s
r i ty
Wholesome Bread Rolls and
Biscuit Ic to buy the flour whore the
wheat was carefully selected
Where the milling conditions were
c Where the true Food Value of the
wheat was considered
Then youll go out and buy a sack of
Langford of Boston and Stanley
Kcfchel of Michigan met tonight in
the arena of tho National Athletic
club In a sixround bout and at tho
ond there was little to choose between
tween the men If anything Lang
ford had a slight advantage but a
draw would have been a fair de
After the first round both men
fought viciously Kotchol playing for
tao colored mans hotly while the Bos
ton fighter usod a straight left va
ried occasionally with a right upper
cut It wu one of those damaging
blows which caught Ketchel Hush on
the nose near the close of the third
round and started tho blood flowing
In a stream Langfoid thereafter
played for the damaked organ driv
ing his long left straight t o tho fnco
repeatedly This attack seemed to
unnerve Ketchel and ho swung wild
ly at times while Langford was al
ways cool As the men rushed to a
clinch just as tho bell sounded for
the close of tho fourth round Ketchel
drove a vicious left Into langfords
body and the colored fighters eyes
closed and his mouth opened Ho
was plainly hurt but what might
hove proved a dangerous situation for
him was averted by the bell
Kotchel pursued his usual tactics
of forcing the fighting There was
not a moment during the battle that
he was not rlgth on top of Lang
era never allowing him to got set
Tills was the part of wisdom for
Langford easily outboxod him
Fight by Rounds
Round IThe men advanced cau
lk usly Ketchol was the first to lend
with a light left for the wind LAUK
ford missed repeatedly Ketchel was
forcing tho fighting He landed a left
on the wind and a right to the same
place as the bell rang Not a solid
blow was struck
Round 2Both advanced quickly to
Ihe center Langford tried a loft for
the head In a hot mix Langford sent
two good lefts to wind and head
Ketchel drove a right to head and to
rind Langford sent a jolt to head
Each landed lefts to head and Kotchcl
sent a right to wind Another mis
up and clinch and tho referee had to I
pull the men apart Ketchel landed
left to wind as the bell rang As In
round one Ketchel did the forcing
Hound 3Kotchel started the third
round with a left lead to the head
lut was blocked Langford jabbed two
lofts to the face thon sent Ketchcls
head back with a straight right Both
landed lofts on the wind Langfoil
jabbed left to the mouth and drove a
hind right to wind and Ketchel sent
a left to face and they clinched
Ketchol sent Langfords head back
with a hard loft and repeated the
boy a second later Langford mlss
kd a left uppercut and Ketchel drove
a hard left to tho face They were
clinched at the bell
Hound JUI to this time Kelchnl
was doing all the forcing He did
not lot the negro pet set Ketchrl
led loft to the wind and they clinched
Iingford sent two hard lefts to the
jaw and Ketchel was more careful
Kotchol drove a hard right to the
wind Langford brought the blood
from Keichels nose with a stiff loft
Langford chopped a hard left to the
rose and the blood came from the
injured member in a stream Kelchel
sent a hard right to the wind and
Langford uppercut a hard ono to the
chin This was Langfords round by
a good margin
Hound 5Ketchel led with a light
left to face and then sent a haul
right to Jaw Lungford sent left to
fi co and Ketchel ripped to the body
Both throve lens to face and Ketchel
sent a hard right to the nose Ketchel
missed a hard uppercut and they
clinched Ketchel landed right on
vlrnl and Langford uppercut to chin
Langford swung a right as the bell
rang but fell to the floor
Round Langford lifted Kotchel
off tIe floor with an uppercut Both
drove hard lofts to the head and In a
clinch Kotchel pounded angfords
stomach and Langford again started
the blood flowing and he slugged
Kotchel with a right to the wind
Kotchol was weak and Langford sent
his head back repeatedly Kotchel
MOb weak on his logs and they clinch
ed repeatedly Lnngford played for
the damaged nose and had Ketchel
covered with blood whoa the boil
Pittsburg April SEcn tho most
optimistic Plttsburg rooter cannot he
blind to the fact that with Ruclbach
In Ills best form and McIntyre added
to the pitching staff of the Cubs the
Plratos will be forced to do some tall
ball playing to beat out Chances tribe
for the flag Even before tho Me
lutyre deul tho Cubs shapcd up as
mighty dangerous foes for the cham
pionship of 1910 ana wth McIntyre
and Huclbach both going well the I
locals would have to surpass their
work of last year to capture the bunt i
lug again
Brown Overall Ruelbach Mclntyre
Pfiester Can you boat that combina
tion of slab stars With a team like
the Cuba behind him McIntyre ought
to bo a winner all the way and with
Ruolbach also at his best another
club would almost bo forced to break
the host record for games won In a
season in order to boat out Chicago
McIntyre never lead the league
pitchers In percentage of victories
while he was with Brooklyn but the
weak team there explains his poor
record for he almost has overcome
his former weakness of letting down
In tho seventh or eighth inning Even
Fred Clarke himself has been swet t
on Mclntyro for a long time and tried
more than once to land him for Pittn
Even if Huelbach does not regain
form quickly the Cubs will always bo
dangerous If Mclntyro pans out but
It makes Plttsburg fans nervous to
consider what they would bo with that
entire string of moundsmen golnq
right from tho start
Learn the Cause of Dally Woes and
End Thorn
When the backaches and throbs
When the housework IB torture
When night brings no rest nor sleep I
When urinary disorders sot In
Womens lot Is a weary one
There is a way to escape these woes
Deans Kidney Pills cure such Ills
Have cured women here In Ogden
This la ono Ogden womans testi
Mrs Emma Woollen 732 Barlow
Lane Ogden Utah says lOll gives I
mo pleasure to recommend Deans
Kidney Pills for I have known of them I
for years I as well at other mem
bers of my family have taken this
remedy and It has always brought I
prompt relief from pain and weakness
In the back
For sale by all dealers Price 50 I
cents FoaterMllburn Co Buffalo
New York sale agents for the Unit
ed States
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
DANVILLE III April 27 Several
persons were Injured and property
damaged to the amount of several
thousand dollars when eight bulls and
one female elephant of the Hlngllng
circus stampeded here today
As the pachyderms were being un
loaded after several hours rldo from
Chicago ono of the bulls made a break
for liberty bowled over the keeper
and escaped He was followed by
seven bulls Later whllo the entire
force of trainers and keepers were
engaged In the unusual sport of hunt
Ing elephants In automobiles the fe
male escaped
For several hours tho elephants
were at large
Tho entire force of police reserves
were called Into action and gave
After escaping the elephants moved
for some time In a bunch and then
separated They slopped for nothing
except brick and stone buildings
Small frame structures sheds fences
and trees In their path were pushed
aside turned over or uprooted
At the home of William Miller
three elephants found there was not
sufficient room for them to pass be
tween the summer kitchen and resi
dence and pushed the kitchen aside
badly frightening the persons within
At the home of los Peeble after
overturning a shod and killing a
horse one of the animals attacked
Peeble and hurled him against tho
side of the house He is now in a
critical condition Barney ONeil was
thrown from a wagon when the herd
of elephants dashed down a side street
and in front of his team F K Rabbe
a keeper who was assisting III taking
three bulls to the cars after their
capture was hurled against the side
of a barn and seriously Injured
Other persons were slightly Injured
during the stampede
More than one hundred homes were
visited by the elephants and tho
damage will probably aggregate 11000
or 10000
Truck gardens orchards and many
buildings were ruined
Tonight ono elephant Is still at
large two or three miles north of tho
city and a force of attendants with
two hulls and a female were sent to
capture him
50003 PRIZE
0 0
O LONDON April 2SLouls 0
O Paulhan the French aviator 0
O made the 186 mile trip by aero 0
O plane from London to Munches 0
O tel with only one slop thus 0
o winning the 50000 prize do 0
o nated by Lord Northcllffc 0
o Paulhan reached Manchester at 0
o 630 this morning r0
o 0
LONDON April 27Tho struggle
for the coveted aviation prize of 50
010 for n flight from London to Man
chester donated by Lord Nortbcllffo
took a dramatic turn tonight when the
Frenchman Louis Paulhan stole a
march on his English rival Graham
White which placed him 20 miles
ahead of the race when darkness com
pelled both to alight for the night
This forenoon the weather was fa
vorable but owing to the heavy work
of preparing the machine it was sup
posed tho start would be deferred un
til Thursday Time two aviators had
mot early and discussed plans ex
pressing the hope that they would
meet each other In Manchester Late
in the day tired out with his
heavy labors White returned to his
Tde Ft
1 l
r r
ti rr
A now scientific medical toilet tablet
Draws Out All Inflammation
and Soreness
This remarkable foot bath remedy
is Superior to Powder Plactor or
Salve and Is guaranteed to euro Corns
Calloused Bunions Frosthltes Chil
blains Ingrowing Nails Tired Aching
Swollen Nervous Sweaty Bad Smell
Ing Feet
Smaller Shoes Can Be Worn by tin
lag TIZ because It put and keeps thy
foot In perfect condition
TI7 Is for sale at all druggist 25
conls per box or direct if you wish
from Walter Luther Dodge Co
Dodge Bldg Chicago 111 i
rtIy I o < < OF rJ JI T r WI CA L wH I
Ancther CreaL Sale of
Tomorrow we start another sale of fine Imported Canary Birds We held a similar sale a few months ago encouraged by its
wonderful success we have arranged for another sale only on a much larger scale at least 400 sweet singers are here for your se
Genuine Hartz Mountain Warblers and Singers 225 each
All young birds and of beautiful plumage hardy and of a sp ecies famous for their sweet singing A remarkable value far be
low the market price
I y
Genuine Andreasburg Floated Bellnote German Imported Female Canaries from
5day and night singers with very high grade stockSpecial
fine silvery thrill regular at 1000
I 0 i
tl 8 birds4350 to 6000
r a
1 4
Talking Parrots Young r ti
All yomig birds and beautiful in plumage Y
roonic birds from SOO jo 10 00
age Come in and hear them sing
r iI =
i hotel and went to sleep Intending to
start tomorrow morning
Meanwhile the spectators at Hendon
were surprised to see Paulhan after
trying his engine take farewell of his
wife who tied a large map of the route
around his waist and take his seat in
tho awroplane I
Word that the Frenchman had
started quickly reached Park Royal
Rushing Into Whites room his friends
awakened him White sprang to his
feet flew down stairs jumped into a
motor car and mode for the garage at
full speed and within 20 minutes was
sailing around the gasometer at Ken
sal Green in the first stage of what
was to be the most exciting sporting
contest ever held in Great Britain
Makes First Descent
Towards S oclock streams of auto
mobiles and other vehicles brought
hundreds of persons to the outskirts
of Lychficld Half frozen and almost
exhausted by his effort Paulhau safe
ly descended In a field close to tho
Trent railroad station amid frantic
cheers of SOOO persons
Speaking of his flight he said
I came down because It was too
cold to trust myself longer In tho ma
chine It seemed too dangerous Mv
hands were benumbed the wind was
very gusty and 1 was hardly able to I
descend without an accident
It IH strange that I should alight
almost In the same placo that While
descended on his firsl trip I did not
Know this was Lychtlold although I
hud a hazy idea
Paulhan went to a hotel and imme
diately retlrcdasklng to be called all
2O a m and ordering breakfast for I
3 oclock
Almost at the same hour White I
came within sight of Northampton I
where bo sought vainly In the gather i
ing darkness for a safe landing place
This ho was unable to find and he
tUrtle back making a descent In a
grass field where a small crowd soon
assembled White said it was too
dark to continue tho flight In safety
I suffered from the intense cold and
was not quite sure of my location
When told of Paullianvs flight ho ex I
claimed r T
Good It was plucky to get so far
I know what a strain II is
Whites mother who followed by
train soon joined him at the hotel
Paulhan reascended at 4OD a m
and passed Stafford at 140 a m
about 15 miles from Manchester
Paulhans magnificent flight of 117
miles without descent in two hours
and fifty minutes compared favorably
with his flight on April IS from Or
leans to Arcls Sur Aubo a distance
of IIS miles In three and one halt
The activity of tho police In dis
couraging violations of the bicycle or
dinances is having an excellent ef
fect according to pedestrians in cer
tain localities where sidewalk riding
has been common and dangerous for
some limo past E A Granqulst J
E Holladay and G W Jenkins wore
arrested yesterday for violating the
ordlnanco and they were later ro
kabed by depositing ball to the
amount of 10 each The cases will
come up In police court this morn
lug i
Ono of the most unique entertain
ments and ono that reflects great
credit on the faculty of the Utah
School for the Deaf and Blind and
particularly on Mrs Belle S Ross
the Instruct In physical education
wag given in tho school gymnasium
last night before several hundred pat
rons and friends of the institution
from Ogden and Salt Lake
A program of great merit consist
Ing of dances drills and physical cul
turn exorcises was carried out In a
most plcnBlnp manner by the pupils
of the Hchool many Of whom are
blind Every number was executed
with precision and grace which
speaks voluwefc for the excellent
training they have been given
Tho orchestra of the School for tho
Blind furnished the music tar all the
dances and exorcises as well as a
number of overtures all of which were
rendered lnvan artistic and pleosln
The program opened with the older
deaf girls In a Spanish waltz daiuty
step Scotch dance and hornpipe
dance Then followed the little blind
boys and girls In a number of games
and exercises The older blind boys
and girls executed the following
stops and dances
Wentworth Darkey schottische
dancing topsey and Yankee Doodle
step Tho older deaf girls did a
Spanish dance which was fullowed by 1
a fancy march by the small deaf boys
and girls Indian club swinging was I
executed by the older blind pupils
The small deaf boys and girls ap
peared In a polka barn dance polka
and Hungarian dance The Highland
fling was given by Ibo older boys
and girls The older deaf boys ap
peared In the fencing drill this was
followed by the older deaf girls in a
Norwegian march and Swedish drill
The very interesting program closed
with tho pupils of the Deaf and Blind
schools In German French and Swed
ish folk dancing
It would be hard to describe the
excellence with which each ono of tho
numbers were executed but Il can be
safely said that there has never be
fore been an entertainment of like
nature seou In Ogden In schools or
elsewhere The entertainment was
one that Is a credit to Superintendent
Driggs and his assistants
AT fFJblJi4
i The bill at the Lyceum this week Is
up to the usual standard of the at
tractions at that pioneer vaudeville
house Tho acts are all pleasing and
ccnlaln comedy which ellcls consider
able applause
Savoy and Savoy present n a pleas
ing manner a comedy sketch entitled
lOA Milo a Minute in Comedy while
tho title does not signify anything in
the act the Savoys are clever enter
tainers and do not overdo Ute act
Hill and Knight present Some real
entertainment in singing dancing and
talking They do well In each Their
Ink is new the suns arc up fo
date and the dances are above the
average The act is thc topliner of
the bill
Jerry Thornton the Girl In Red
sings new songs in a pleasing voice
and executes sonic new dances For a
single act she Is far better than a
similar act seen at the Lyceum u
few weeks ago
Bert Syphors lIngs Its Hard to
lx > vo Somebody When Somebody
Dont Love You In his usual pleas
ant manner
Tho musical overtures by Olive
Blackburn are good
For operating purposes the West
era Pacltlc will bo divided Into six
divisions the first and largest being
tho Salt lake division from Salt Italic
City to Elko 2C1 miles headquar
ters Salt Lako City The others will
be Huiuboldt division from Elko to
Gerlach 2U7 miles headquarters at
Elko Sierra division from Gerlach to
Spanish Creek creasing Gala 160
miles headquarters at Gerlach North
Fork division from Spanish Creok
crossing to Orovllle voiityflve
miles headquarters Orovillo Sucra
mento division from Orovillo to North
Tesla Junction 114 miles headquar
ters Orovillo San Francisco division
from North Tesla Junction to San
Francisco headquarters Oakland
The hUll named division includes the
ferry across tho bar
On these divisions there will be
eight freight districts the freight ter
minals in addition to tho above points
being Wendover Utah WInnomucca
Nov and Portola Cal Shops will be
located al oach division
Salt Lake April 28Louls Reggel
for half a century a resident of Salt
Lake City died at Los Angelus Wed
nesday morning of general debility
Mr Reggels ago was about 70 years
The news of Mr Reggela death
reached this city In a telegram from
the dead mans son Samuel Reggol
to H Droyfuss of 174 Main street
Like the father the younger Mr Reg
gel used to live in Salt Lako City
but recently he went to Los Angeles
to live Inasmuch as the older Mr
R gel lived hero so long and holds
considerable property hero having
boon interested in the Mahan Liquor
company which owns tho Hogle ua
loon on South Main street It Is likely
that hip body will be brought hack
here for burial The Reggels own a
burial plot In the Jewish cemetery IT
this city and It Is probable that here
Mr Reggie will be laid at rest
Mr Reggel hold the distinction of
being the builder of the first terrace
In Salt Lake City the Rojigcl at
Filth South and Second West streets
This was about 1885 This property
ho fold before going to Los Angeles
about six months ago for nis health
Mr Reggcl was a native of Gor
man He came to this country about
I860 The only close relatives left
bu aides the son Is a widow
Los Angeles Aril 2SGewld Muir
son of John Muir formerly an official
of tho Southern Pacific railroad was
Indicted on three counts yesterday
charged with forgery of checks in
amounts varying from 20 to 50
Two years ago when Muir was a min
or he was paroled by tbo Juvenile
court when similarly accused Muirs
father died recently leaving him 10
000 out of which tho prisoner Hays
he will settle all claims against him I
San Bernardino Cal April 2S
Tho strange Increase in Silver Lake
on the desert is puzzling engineers
connected with the Tonopah Tide
water rallrpad and is giving them a
hard fight to save tho tracks from In
The lake IH where El Mohavo river
makes Its appearance after flowing
beneath the desert from a point near
Daggett where It suddenly drops Into
tho sands The engineers are In
clined to believe that the volume or
ator now wolllng up In the middle
of the lake comes from a source not
connected with El Mohave
Dikes are erected to protect time
tracks from tho rapidly rising water
and a pumping plant Is being Install
ed to throw the water over a low
range of hills on the desert beyond
New York April Religious and
charitable Institutions will receive be
quests aggregating about 750000 un
der the will of Mary Rhlnelandor
King a daughter of John A King I
once governor of New York The ap
praisers report made public here to
day places a aluo of 815r on her
estate rime domestic and foreign min
sionary society of the Episcopal
church of America receives property
worth 500000 and a share In the re
siduary personal estate amounting ty
If300 I
t DmER S mIElD ti a
No woman who bears children need BUffer during tho period f
of waiting nor at tho Hmo of babys coming If Mothers
Friend la used as a massage for tho muscles tendons and glands J J
of tho body Mothers Friend Is a penetrating healthful lini
ment which strengthens tho ligaments lubricates and renders pliant thoso
muscles on which the strain is greatest prevents caking of tho broasts by keep
ing the ducts open and relieves nausea backache numbness nervousness etc
Its regular use will prepare ovory portion of tho system for the safety of both
mother and child and greatly reduce tho pain and danger when the little ono
comes Mothers Friend is sold at drug stores Write for our free book which
contains valuable information for expectant mothers
A Combination Offer
on Edison Amberol Records and the
attachment for playing them on your
Edison Phonograph
The cost of an Ambcrol attachment for an Edison Phonograph
of the Standard type is 500
The cost of ten Amberol fourminute RccorJs it 50 cents
each is 500 This makes a ttUl of 1000
For n limited time any Edison dealer is auth prized to put
an Amberol Attachment on 1 Standard Phonograph and furnish
ten specially made Amberol rcords all for 0001 clean
saving of 400 For all other types of Edison Phonographs
the prices arc proportionate
This offer which practically gives you ten Ambcrol Records
free is made to put these new longplaying Ellison Records
within reach of all Phonograph owners making their Phono
graphs available for playing both the Standard and the Ambcrol
Go to the nearest Edison Dealer
or write iw for all the detail of tlil Irxrrnl after Rear tliejc ten pcclnl
Ambcrol ll > cordv n hkld cannot lxIi 1 iumj other war cthontUch
mcnl and how it operate ihanKint from twotuiiml to four aminutc
Record and buck at a touch t
ii Then you will want to bring your rhnnocmpll up to dale and enjoy
all the entertainment now ofTr dbi the Ifrmt urns > of Rdvjn tAn
Kdlwn IhonnKMDlK 9i4 j > to l3 ww r
Kdttoii Slumlord Ket oni au
2 Killton Amt > crol nee NI tplny tike as loitjrX su
It Edlwn Grand Opera Kixordi TV boat MJ I
Nation1 Phonograph Company 75 Lafcottdo A7enut Orimse N J I
j I
Edison Dealers j
for Ogden
100 Machines from 1250 to jl
I 50000 v e 25000 Records to I
Select From i 1
Proudfit Sporting Goods Co i
351 24iii Street I i

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