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r Fortieth YearNo 105Price Five Cents 6GDEN CITY UTAH MONDAY EVENING MAY 2 JJO Entered as Second Class Matter at the Pootofflce Ogden Utah I
Roosevelt Writes Letters
1 Approving Present
Washington May 2 Thcodoro
Roosevelt according to a local paper
has written letters to President Taft
endorsing the present administration
The letters also show he will not be a
presidential candidate In 1912 nor for
any other office in the meantime It
la said he wants William Loob Jr
to be governor of New Yorlc
It was impossible to find In Wash
ington today a single person who
would admit having received from Mr
Roosevelt any communication on the
administrations policies or his plans
fcr tho future
Many wero skeptical an to his haw
ing communicated on thc o subjects
r with anybody
New York May 2William Loch
Jr merely smiled when ho was ask
ed today about the letter Theodore
Roosovolt is said to have written to
i President Taft Secretary Root and
himself Ho was unwilling to say
anything for publication but he made
It clear to his friends that he knew
nothing of the letter or of any plans
of Mr Roosevelt Involving his own
political future
Piltsburg May 2Vhen President
Taft was Informed today of the story
published In Washington as to let
ters said to have been received by
him and was asked If ho had receh
Cd any such communication from Mr
RooscveK he shook his head
No he said
Washington May 21n letters
which Theodore Roosevelt is alleged
to have written to President Taft Sen i
ator Root and William lx eb Jr It is I
sad b > the Washington Post that the j
former president thoroughly endorses I
the Taft administration favors Mr j
Loob to rfucceed Governor Hughes I
of Now York and indicates that his
decision to remain In private life Is
final and unalterable The colonel
f will not even be a candidate to suc
ceed Chauncey X Dcpew Jn the sen
ate and much less would be desire
I any other office I
It is also said the former president
will not be a candidate for the presi
dency in 1912 On the contrary his
letters are said to Indicate that It in
his conviction that tho reelection of
President Taft is the Republican
partys duty
fn a word former President noose
welt before seeing Gifford Plnchot In
Europe and after has expressed him
self as convinced that President Taft
has been working hard and conscien
tiously for tho policies which wen
started during the Roosevelt admin
istration and has gIven to the Taft
administration his whole approval
Village of Plymouth
Kansas Destroyed by
Storm of Sunday
Topeka Ins May 2ll Is report
ed that the village of Plymouth six
miles southwest of Emporia was en
tirely destroyed by a tornado Sunday
night Plymouth In a small town with I
400 people on the Santa Fe railway
Tho tornado which struck
the west i
ern faction of Emporiu unroofed see I
oral houses and carried one off Its j
foundations a largo new barn was
crushed like an egg shell and sever i
al small barns were blown away No
one was killed or Injured
Hutchinson May 2A W Hoff
To Whom ft May i
Concern I
This is to certify that
Nelson McCarty is hereby ap
pointed scavenger and garb I
age collector of all that dis 1
trict lying South of 24th
Street Ogden Utah 1
He is hereby empowered to
enforce the cleaning up of
all yards within the city lim
its of Ogden and the people
arc required to see that their
premises are kept free from
all rubbish filth slops de
caying matter or any dry
rubbish of any kind
Chairman Board of Health j
man farmer was killed early to
day near Burton Kansas when a
tornado destroyed his home Tho
farm crops were much damaged
Emporia Kas May 2lrs Geo
Davis was blown into a hedge sur
rounding her home six miles south
west of here during last nights storm
I and was badly Injured In that local
ity tho storm was very Soere
Neosho Rapids nine miles oouthcast
I of here was hit hard by the wind A
store building and several residences
and barns were blown to pieces
Whole orchards were ruined the
trees lying flat upon the ground
Fall on Their Knees in
Prayer During a
Heavy Storm
Kansas City May 2Last nights
heavy rain and hall storm which was
general in Missouri eastern and cen
tral Kansas north and central Okla
homa and Iowa completely demor I
alized telegraphic service for sev
oral hours and doing much damage to
crops generally In south central
Kansas six Inches of rain fell break
ing a six weeks drought
At Wichita lie rain was accom
panied by a llmilo wind The hail
storm in southwestern Kansas was
terrific and tho wind blew down tele
graph poles and uprooted trees The
heavy wind drove the rain through
the transom of a passenger train l
flooding the floors The passengers
became frightened and several drop
ped to their knees and prayed
A tornado struck the outskirts of
JEmporJa Kansas last night and de
shoed several small houses but it
is believed no lives were lost
Wires to Emporia were still down
this morning
Snow fell In North Platte Nebras
11m this morning and freezing torn
poraturo is reported
The local weather forecaster j > rp
diets much lower temperatures for
the southwest tonight
Chicago May 2 Telegraph wires
over a wide area extending from
Denver to Cleveland and St Paul to
the Ohio river were reported lu a
serious condition today as a result of
rains high winds and snow
On Indictment of Con
spiracy in the Sugar
Washington May JCharles B
Heiko former secretary of the Amer
ican Sugar company will be com
pelled to stand trial on an Indictment
of conspiracy to defraud tho govern
ment out of sugar customs Tho
supreme court of tho United States
so decided today
Funeral services over tho remains i
of the late Magmas Ingrobreteen were
bold at 3 oclock yesterday afternoon
from tho Third ward meeting house I
Elder P T Wright conducted the
services A large gathering of friends
and relatives with many pretty floral I
offerings attended receiving words
of comfort and condolence from the
speakers C E Peterson and Gilbert i
Torgeson who also referred to the II
excellent progress of the young man I
of his reward In the hereafter and the
host of friends and relatives who were I
left to mourn his loss Marlon John I
on gave a beautiful rendition of the
Christians Good Night and Cal
vary Jesus Is Calling was ap u
propriately rendered by Orson Grif I
fin and Miss Emma Lindsay sang the I
comforting Hong Oh Dry Thy I
Team Interment was made In the i
Ogden City Cemetery
O 0
G 0
O Philadelphia May 2Mrs 0
O Yetta Friedman 70 years old 0
O waD killed today by an oxplo 0
O slow of what IB believed to 0
O have been dynamite In the O
O stove of her home on South 0
O Randolph street In this city 0
O Several other persons were In 0
O jured and the house was badly 0
O wrecked It is believed that 0
0 the explosive was placed In 0
O the fuel by enemies o
O 0
TOKIO May 1Mr and Mrs Doug
lag Robinson of Now York wero nn
icrtnlncd at luncheon today by Count
Katsura the crcmler at Shlfaa palace
Date Fixed Has Been
Postponed Fifteen
San Francisco Cal May 2AHer
a conference loot night between Sam
Berger and George Little respective
managers of Jeffries and Johnson
Berger announced that the dato for
selecting tbo referee for the fig fight
which was fixed for Wednesday had
been postponed fifteen days Berger
declined to speculate on tho probable
Jack Johnson Is now talking freely
of his condition his training plans and
fight prospects He asserted emphat
ically that he intended to regulate his
own training Commenting on a re
port that Billy Dolanoy would aid him
in an advisory capacity Johnson said
ho neither needed nor desired the ad
lco of oxpert trainers
If I win this fight ho remarked
I want all tho credit that Is coming
What I want is some strapping young
fellows who can stand rough and tum
ble work for that Is what this light
will ho like
Johnson reasserted his confidence
in defeating Jeffries I am not say
ing I will beat him because I think
Jeffries has gone back for I think i
could have whipped him in his prime
Condition means everything in this
fight and believe me I will be In con
Will OUT
How Terrible Crimes in
Aberdeen Washington
Were Traced
Montesano Wash May 2The
trial of William Gohl for the alleged
murder of Charles Herman Hud
berg way begun here today Gohl
was arrested at Aberdeen the scene
of his alleged crime and hold there
for several days but was removed to
this placo as a precautionary meas
ure public feeling against him being
very bitter The work of selecting a
Jury will probably be somewhat
lengthy because oC the wide publicity
given tho case
Aberdeen Wash May 2Vm
Gohl is charged with the murder in tho
first degree In connection with tho
death on or about December 2 1909
of Charles Herman Hadborg or lInt
berg Gobis name Is also connected
with tho slaying of John Hoffman in
the sworn confession of one Kllngen
borg a sailor who is also under ar
rest In connection with tho crimes
Hoffman and Hadberg were Jackof
nlltradcs about Aberdeen Gohl for
several years prior to his arrest was
agent for tho Sailors union In Aber
To gnin an understanding of the sit
uation which appears to have led up
to the death of Hoffman It js neces
sary to go hack to 1907 when the re
pealed finding of corpses in the wat
ers around Aberdeen led to tbq appel
lation of floater fleet to this aggre
gation of drowned persons
This floater fleet composed of sail
ors in most cases was generally pre I
sumed to have been mon who had been
slugged or drugged or shot and rob
bed In the numerous dives which In
fested the water front of the city
and afterward thrown In > tho Wish
kah river
Tho authorities tried to fasten the
responsibility for these mysterious
deaths but they could obtain no tan
gible evidence They did however
virtually wipe out tho colony of dIves
The finding of mysterious dead men i
ceased with the closing of i lie dives I
About a year afterward Mayor Bonn 1
of Aberdeen vas sojourning at Green >
River Hot springs near Seattle An
other of tho guests was an Aberdeon
saloonkeeper Thb man In a burst I
of confidence Benn alleges told him
that he know enough about Billy Gohl
to send him to the gallows Bpnn as
sociated the reference to GobI with
tho floater fleet and when he re
turned to Aberdeen quietly Instituted
an Investigation and Geo f3 Deane
chief of police patiently pursued tho
investigation for over a year with
out obtaining evidence sufficient to
base a proaecutlou Early this year I
however they gained a trace of a
former Intimate of GobI who goes by
the name of Billy Montana
Mayor Bonn and Chief Deane as
sort that Montana told them Gohl
had a short time previously told him
that Hndbcrg hnd an anchor for a
pillow at the mouth of Indian Creek
Alao that Gohl had said that Hoffman
had been Iput out of business and
that Klingenborg had helped him io
it t
Search confirmed Montanaa rev
elations regarding1 Hadberg Ills rev
el Jong alsQ caused surveillance of I
Klnigpnberp who was on a schoon
er hound for Santa Rosalie TJexIco
Tho master of this craft was asked iw
telccnvDh to brine Kllugenborg back
to Aberdeen which he did and the
sailor was arrested W
Kllngenterg broke down under the
questioning of the Aberdeen police
officials and made a swoln statement
to Prosecuting Attorney Campbell
which in substance asserted that Oohl
had shot Hoffman and sunk his body
in the Wlshkah and that under fear
of death at Colds bands and at
Gobis command Kllngonborg himself
had shot Hadberg to death and that
the body had been sunk with a fifty
pound anchor at the mouth of Indian
The arrest of Gobi was followed by
a tremendous reign of terror In Ab
erdeen Persons who bad been ac
tive in the investigation received
anonymous letters threatening them
and their families with death Citi
zens were followed on the streets by
unknown men and few had the temer
ity to venture forth after dark and
then only when guarded Fearing vio
i lence against Gohl tho authorities a I
day or two < fter his arrest moved him
to Monteeano tho county seat where
I he hag since remained in jail I
Gohl Is a pleasant appearing fel
low highly educated of quick wit and I
absolutely fearless He Is well read
in law and previous to hlfi arrest said i
he Intended to go to Germany to fin j
ish his law course Since his Incar
ceration Gohl has studied Jnw almost I
continuously and willIt is stated I
take an active part In tho conduct of
his own defense
Astronomers Are to Ask
Themselves the
Los Angeles May tWh do com
ets have tails is one of thp captivat
ing problems to be discussed by ns
tronomero who will gather hero next
August for session of the Interna
tional Association for Solar Research
These scientists will represent nearly
all nations and it Tvlll be their first
meeting slnco tho assembly at Men
don Franco In 1907
The session will ho held at the Car
negie observatory on Mount Wilson
and the astronomers may remain there
for a period of months
Comet tails are said to be produced
by a force of repulsion Inherent In the
aim That is the starting point In the
problem But the scientists want to
satisfy themselves whether those bril
liant appendages aretho result of thq
pressure of the suns light or whether
they are of electric origin or produc
ed by cathodic or other rays
Another of the problems Is to meas
ure the degree of variation In the
amount of boat and light energy the
sun pours into the earth dally As
tronomers no longer regard tho sun
as a solar constaut and one of tho
purposes of tho forthcoming meeting
Is to ascertain as nearly as possible
the relations of sun spots to the vari
ability of sun energy Among tho
scientists who are expected to conic
are Prof Hartmann director of the
observatory at GoKngen Germany
I Prof Kn ser of Bonn and Sir David
Gill former chief of the observatory
at Capo of Good Hope
Covering the Summary
of Charges Made in
Glavis Case
Washington May iA resolution
was Introduced In the house today by
Representative Harrison Dem N
Y calling on the president to fur
nish to the house the Information
bearing on the preparation of the at
lornoy generals summary Of the
Gluvls charges which the Ballinger
Pinchot Investigation committee refus
ed to request from Mr Wlchershara
New York May 2 Speaker Jos
G Cannon slipped quietly into New
York yesterday from Boston and aft
er a stay of only three hours slipped
quietly out again without perpotrat
Ing an epigram or lUsnulting im in
surgonU His presence In fact was
absolutely unknown save to the room
clerk at ono ot the hotels This par
ticular clerk used to carry Uucle Joes
luggage out In Illinois 1R years ago
and except for blnr probably > the city
would not know today that Uncle
Joe had been h6 The clerk l
thought he saw something familiar I
In tho lines of the tall angular figure
that stood back toward him but when
tho figure turned and he saw tho
slump of a cigar between the lips hi
I was positive Nobody else at that
time of life would be smoking a cigar
l before breakfast ho explained
Attorney for Hyde Has
Dr Hektoen Busy
Kansas City Hay 2Br next Wed
nesday night prosecutor Virgil Conk
link believes all the evidence of the
state against Dr B C Hyde will be
before the Jury If the present plans
oro not changed only three more wit
nesses will testify for the prosecution
after Dr LudwIg Hektoen completes
his testimony These witnesses are
Dr W S Haines Dr Victor C
I Vaughn and Mrs Logan 0 Swope
The defenses crossexamination of
Dr Hektoen it was thought at tho
opening of the court today would be
completed In a few hours
Mrs Swope who is financing In tho
main the prosecution of Dr Hyde will
be the last states witness Her tes
timony It is thought will bo reach
ed Wednesday Interest now centers
In her appearance on the stand as It
Is believed her story will be full of
human Interest When Mrs Swopo
gave her deposition recently In a civ
il suit brought by the physicians she
refused to confine herself to answer
Ing tho questions asked her
Tho fight between Mr Hydes attor
neya and Doctors Haloes and Vaughn
will center on the alleged finding of
cyanide of potassium in the vlsccras of
Colonel and Chrlsman Swopo Tho
defense avers this was only an cloy
enth hour resort made by the chem
I ists In order 1 ° support the states
case The charge that cyanldo had
been used by Dr Hyde was not made
until Attorney James A Reed deliv
ered tho opening statement for the
Judge xtshaw today upheld the
alato8 objection to the defenses In
quiry of Dr Ludwig Hektoon If repre
sentatives Dr Hydo did not call
upon him on March 1 and demand
part of the vlsceras of Col Thos II
and ChrSsman Swope
The defense did not request tho
court to appoint commission of med
ical experts to examine the remaining
parts of tho vlsceras of the Swopcs
Scar oh had tho session opened
when Attorney Walsh began an at
tack on export medical testimony with
Dr Hoktoon in the witness chair
Reading from a text book said to
have been written by Doctors Hek
toen and Walter S Haines Mr Walsh
asked the witness If his book did not
advise exports on both aides In a trial
to confer In order to bo able to Im
press tho court and tho Jury
Dr Hoktoen said he never had read
this portion of the text
Armed with scores of medical text
books Attorney Frank P Walsh to
day resumed his crossexamination of
Dr Ludwig Hoktoen in the Hyde mur
der trial
Mr Walsh attacked Dr Hoktoons
testimony part with a text book
which the patheologlst collaborated In
writing Among the things done In
tho autopsy on Col Swope and advised
against by Dr Hektoen In the book
The brain was taken out while froz
en hard
The brain was severed at the base
without the use of a knife and was
cracked In the course of removal
Dr Hektoens book was urgent in
Its warning regarding thawing out a
body with wator The law of Ger
many prohibiting such action was
cited by tho text book
Only the accidental severing of tho
base of the brain prevented his using
a knife fluid tho witness
Tho contents of the bladder were
thrown away The text book said
traces of strychnine wore readily
found In urine
On direct examination the witness
said that ono of Chrlsman Swopes
lungs was congested Today he said
both wore affected
Attorney Walsh grilled the witness
for falling to confer with the de
fenses scientists when the hook said
this was lha proper thing to do
Dooant the book say that exports
are liable to be biased asked Mr
I do not know that it does H
all depends on the experts them
selves said the witness
The question of the vleccras was
again brought up by Mr Walsh He
said ho would be able to show that
the chemists who called upon Dr Hek
toen wore authorized by Mr Hyde to
The state agreed It would not ob
ject to the witness being questioned
about the request for the organs if
this vas done
Dr Hektoen then admitted he had
on March 1 refused tho vlsceras to
the accused physicians experts
On March 20 said the witness At
torney John P McGurdy called upon
him and Dr Halnos in Chicago and
asked for the vlsceras and was re
fused Dr Hektoen said that at that
time he had no parts of the viscerag
Tha witness also admitted he re
fused to toll the attorney anything r
ubout the result of his examination
of the organs I
Didnt you shortly before March 1
receive from the prosecuting attor
ney an order to look for cyanide
naked Mr Walsh
I dont know that I did answered
the witness
About a month before the trial be
gnu you wrote to Mr Conkllng that
prospects for finding cyanide were
looking good
I may have expressed It that way
London May 2A test that was I
carried out yesterday shows It is pos
sible to diagnose heart troubles by
telephone a distance of 100 miles Tho I
experiment was conducted between
Mr Mimes house on tho Isle of
I Wight where the seismologist and
four physicians using an ordinary tel i
ephone listened to tho beating of a I
womans heart in London A stetho
scope held over her heart in the fa I
miliar manner was attached to a tel
ephone by means of which sounds arc i
I magnified
t Ordered to Depart for
the Philippine
I Islands
New York May 2Thc Eleventh
and Eighteenth companies of coast ar
tillery now stationed nt time coast do
j tense forts In New York harbor have
j been ordered to Manila where they
I are to become a part of the Corrogl
i dor Island fortifications The men of
I the companies arc known ns tho boat
j coast artillerymen on the Atlantic and
I stand high among tho crack marks
men of tho world
I Twenty picked companies of coast
artillery arc to bo sent to tho Far
East by tho war department In pur
suance of its determination to make
the Corregldor fortifications as power
ful as any In that section of the
world Tho New York men will be
the first to go
For His Race Suicide
Theory by a
Woman 1
Chicago May 2olrs Catherine
Waugh McCulloch woman suffragist
and said to be the only woman justice
of tho peace in tho country before
the Current Events Society of tho
First Congregational church of Evan
ton yesterday denounced Col Roose
I velts race suicide attitude reaffirmed
In Paris last week and declared that
women should be the Judge of these
matters and not mon
Wo women are getting sick of men
prating about race suicide she aald
rising at the conclusion of a talk by
tho Rev Wm T McElvceu tho pas
tor of the church In which he had
commended Col Roosoyelt on his race
suicide ideas
Such remarks come with very poor
grace from a man in Mr Roosevelts
position No nation IB suffering so
much from loss of children ag from
tho quality of the children and It
seems to me woman should decide
this Important question
miral Phillip Hlchborne retired who
was chief constructor of the navy
died tonight after a long Illness He
was 71 years of age
Walks Across Continent
at 72 Years of Age
in 77 Days
New York May 2 Edward Payson
Westons recordbreaking walk acroyj
I the continent Is virtually at an end
At 83C today he set foot on Man
I hattan Island crossing Kings Bridge
over the Spuyten Dnyvii creek Cheer
ed by thousands of persons and fol
I lowed by a constantly Increasing
crowd ho walked down Broadway on
the last few miles of his Journey to
j tho city hall
I Weston set out early today on tho
last twenty miles of his ocean to ocean
walk begun at Los Angeles Cal Feb
ruary 1
Weston in tho original program
called for covering of the distance
from the Pacific to tho Atlantic ap
proximately 3480 miles in ninety
walking days In tho face of storms
numerous minor accidents and in the
last stages of the Journey a sprained
anklo Weston has made ILln 77 days
Interesting ao is this accomplish
ment from the viewpoint of sport It
assumes tho character of greatness
when It is considered that Weston is
72 years old
Last year Weston attompted to
craSH the continent on foot in 130
days but severe storms oncoiinteroti
in the last duye oC tho Journey made
it Impossible to complete the walk on
time hut lio did not give up and bom
pleted the task In 105 days
Weston stopped for two hoursat a
hotel at Sevens aecond street and
Broadway tho pause having been
mado BO that ho would not roach the
city hall ahead of time After a
lunch of tea and tonsV h e started out
at 1 oclock on the final stage of
the Journey AH Ito came out of tbo
hotel he was greeted by a crowd
which pacltod too trtdowotha from
68th to S4tb Btrooto
Roosevelt Party Sails
from Kiel for
t Denmark
Kiel Prussia May 2Mr Rooso
velt sailed this morning for Copen
hagen The party left Amsterdam at
9 oclock last night When the train
arrived at Hamburg it was hoarded
by Consul General Robert P Skinner
and tho American consular staff nt
Hamburg who continued to Altoona
where they were received by Mr
Roosevelt during a twentyfive mlnuto
wait for tho Copenhagen express
Arriving at Kiel the RoosovoUa
wero received at the railway station
by Paul H J Sartoi American agent
Women In the crowd presented tho
former president with a bouquet
Thero was a brief exchange of greet
ings In which tha americans wore en
cortcd to tho royal waiting room
whore they rested a few mInutes be
fore boarding the steamer for the Dan
leh capital
O San Francisco May 2The 0
O funeral of Tommy McCarthy 0
O the pugilist who died from a 0
O fractured skull received FrI 0
O day night in a bout with Owen 0
O Moron was held today from 0
O the homo of hIs parents 0
N 4I
flow Big Is Ogden A
I Guess Ogden City has a Population ofta
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of subscription
being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census t
Director announces the population of Ogden MAY 2 1910
1 tv L Sign iiI
I How Big Is Weber County I i
I guess Weber County has a Population of A i
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
J 1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription i
being paid at least one day in advance of the clay the Census i
Director announces the population of Weber County
MAY 2 1910
t Sign Here t
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