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1 I r i > u l < r i
2 t r j
i WeakWomen
should heed such warnings as head
J ache nervousness backache de I
pression and weariness ajid fortify
the system with the aid of
Iol yrweto Ia bsc t cacI 25c
The Retail Clocks association held
r a meeting at tho court house last
evening which was largely attended
and which resulted in the Detection of
a committee to ircdt upon tho mer
chants of the city with 4 resolution
whloh was also ropoitcd at tho meet
I tflg
tflgTho resolution reads aa follows
r We the undcrsJipicfcli merchants
of Ogdon agree to closo our stores
from Honda to Friday at 6 oclock
on Saturday at 7 oclock on all nights
preceding hollda3 at 7 oclock and I
for one week preceding ChrlstinaT I
at 7 clock and that this closing I
os1nta effect Saturday evening
Sla r 14 lHO
The mooting was called to order
bj President Foulger who made an
opening address netting forth the ob I
ject for calling tho clerics together I
and urging thorn to display all pos
sible enthusiasm on tho subject nud
E in that Wil1 only could satisfactory
results bo accomplished Ho caution
4 ed the clerks that everything dODO
by tho organization should be above
board and that nothing should bo done
i which will conflict with strict buel
ncSs motives He advocated u square
I deal for all concerned and asked tho
clorKs to expect the same in return I
Arnold Bowman then made a similar
appeal to those present atatlug thai
with plenty of wholesome enthusiasm
and a good clear argument tho desir
ed results could not fall to be ac
complished Ho urged those Interest
ed to mako a personal matter of tho
movement and try In over legitimate
nay to secure support in favor of the
clerks demands I
A collection waa taken up to py
S incidental otpentcs Including tho par
S chase of tags with which sympathbt
I orp with tho movement could be desig I
f r nated and their Influence used to fur I
t ther tho work Over 30 was raised I
c In the collection Six hundred badges
4 hearing the legend I shop before
t 7pm Saturday Do yon 7 were dis
trlbutod and 10000 additional once
ordered These badges are expected
to be worn until the settlement of
the demands
That the city Is determined to en
t force the new ordinance requiring
I the payment of licenses Is evident
f from the arrest of C J Ross c3teri
t day by Officer Hoarn armed with a
warrant which charged Boas with re
fusing to pay a license for running
a refreshment wagon Tho complaint
was sworn to by City Hecorder Cad
6 Allison
A marriage license was Issued yes
f terday to Clarence G Stlgall of Dra
per and Paulino Roberts oj Somer
Hoken Olson was 10UIJ guilty of I
selling liquor without a license YQS
tcrday and was glui a flue of 200 I
with the alternative Hpftidlnc hint
number of days In the count jAil
The case which Ins attracted CQn >
slderable at ten ton cainc up before
the municipal Jcdgo yesterday and
several witnesses wore examined for
the prosecution
The evldence Introduced showed
that Deputy Sheriff DevIne with qo I
companions had visited Olson place
Of huninciB In Huntsil and after I
gaining umlitauce had purchased
three dilnks of whlske two boulen I
of beer and two halfpints of whiskey
The bottled liquor was plated In evi
dence In court after which the other
witnesses were cnmlnccl tn practl
caihy the same end as the sheriffs
assistant I
The defense oushi to bvade the
charge ou the grounds that Weber
county had Jio jurisdiction in tho
caso alleging that the village of
Huntsvlllc was still an Incorporated
Ipon taking the caSe under advise
ment for a short llrai the Jjdge fined
Oson 200 aiiil cents An appeal was
talon bv tht dpfousi for a lelrlal In
thi district court
Funral fnrvlnes of he late Susan
nMau CarllU wrrr > JHil nt2 oclock
YftPrrII1Y afUtiionn from the Marriott
ward mppllng hcu < p Bishop T B
Fowlll conducted the ceremonies as
sisted iiy the ward holt who rlJn
dered somp V TJ nuiluil and appro
prl UP music The services VPIO
largely ittcnd d and the floral tributes
wer < man and pretlj
T P Tom C J A Indqiilst and
I D Powell delivered speeches of
consolation and comfort to the friends
tad iclnt yes who had gathered to pay
their respects to deceived and words
of praise for her life P work and her
reward In the tiny of resurrection were
also mentioned Intnrniont wa mad
In lb < j Ogden tttr cemetery
The Jolly Bdcliolors held T social las
evening 10 cpfhrdlo the ojnnlnj of
their new club rooms and also In hon I
or of Carl Ccklind aid Hormin Gleth
er who leaves rdav foi Klko Nov
About forty sfts woio present and
a most pijovrblt lime was exjie
rlonced bv all
Chief of p lice Browning was ono
of the frStjj f the ivonJjig and was
asked to act in the tapacitv of master
of ceremonies In a neat little speech
at the hanttjot table the chlif com
pllmentfil the bcrs on hen organic
thou stating lint ii wis filling u long
felt want among he joung mn of
Ogden He piancd tncir energy and
the general evcclN nee with which
their orginiratlun had hc conduct
ed for three years past and com pI
mooted them ujwii the neat appear
ance of theIr now quarters
The suppci was an elaborate one
prepared under the supervision of
Mrs Andrew Clark Miss Kate Mills
and Miss Myrtle Washburn A inuai
cal Tirogram was also rendered Miss
llyrl1 Ballngcr singing Take Me I
Every old sore comes from somo kind of impurity in tho blood It remains
an open discharging place on the C8h becauso tho circulation constantly dc
Josits into the fibres aDd tissues which surround tho spot tho Infectious matter
with which tho Wood Is
contaminated It is Impossible for tho sore to heal wWlo
tho blood is In this impure state S bieBuVo
S hcxlB old sores because itls the
greatest of all blood purifiers itgog Into the
PU5S w5 80Ca ° ° clcula on and rornov the cause
from the blood When the blood has been purified there Is no longer any 1n11om
< on tory Impurity or infectious matter to irritate tho place and nature clUSCS a
i certain and natural healing of tho
ulcer It Is all well enough to CJ1dc 1vor to
cleanse an old Bore or stop tho itching or absorb tho discharge nth cnelU
application hut a cure can nover be roached In this way because such lJ1pllcl
tiODS do not reach the blood whore the auso Js located S S S does not airnpl7
cause 3 scab to form over an old sore put bc
nlfg at the bottom ItheaiS the
DiSco permanently by building new ttsrsue and filling the placo with firm
111311 S S S Is 2 purely botanical remedy healthy
beIng mndo ontiroly of roots herbs
and buks each ot which h3 a direct and lasting effect in removing Impurities
ned poisons from the Circulation Old
pooplo who have suffered for yoais with
chronic sore will find S S S a most helpful tonic
anti system builcJcr In counter
i ncting the debilitating effects oC tho old ulcor Special booh Qn Sores anti U1cor
treo to U who write
A Welcome Friend
ajaMttein of a bertjre < jeting The best is nonetoa cood for
b14 Faeo ricb mellow bcreago in genial company
w iruttl lJJLf
ha po qual ItsdoUefcras bouqnot and Unforgettable flavor
S arnappreciated W every judge of good whiskey The SE
CRET of the popalanty of SU NY BROOKTho PURE
S FOOD WhWtoy4 INSIDE of the bolllo Genuine
SUNNY BROOK k USStnoi3ard100 1t proofevery I
bottlo bc1n thaCrooD Govcrara nt Stamp which shows I
tbo exact ago nod tbe name
Dealers In GOOD Utjuors Have It L
oj Oar Eaally Oat it krvwRDrrd
FRED J KIBSEL 00 Ogden Utah f Sv
S VIth YOU to DrfjarnJanO and respond
IpS wjth Mff ucorti fgoiiyifcbAei
tiifcb ot vI11ris hbamjx oapjilaufl >
cd Aa oxllcttit liiBtrjiindntal num
bctfvab also coijulhuted lrMI 11 < J e
gnro alter w Jlch carda4 bllllufd
and other gnietwere Indiilccq 111
The Pew ofhcen Of the flub arc Ear
t linhdlor prciideiitf VUllacc Wntl
vice president Ljti Klnne seCre
tary I iwranco W ajjicij trUasmcr
The new rcDniTtT Thtrcrub arc taate
Hilly decorated and urnluhiil and In
cludo a danco hall or vmnaslom
billiard room parlor card and music
rooms The roopis art located or
Washington aenue In the bulldluc
formerly occupied1 b > the Wobci
photograph Studio
A highly interesting Interclass
track meet was held by the Ogden
high school jcSterda at tho fall
grounds and a number of excellent
rccoids ear made considering the
neason and the amount of propara
tlon whlcn the bois have been able
to do v
Coach George M Brown stated last
evening that ho was well plcaocd with
the showing made l1r tho contestants
nnd that he looked for a very fine
showing III the various events before
the close of the school year
The boys aro not In trim vet he
said but a few wccks more training
will work wonders In them and I tan
assure you that the present track
learn will inure than uphold the repu
tation alned for the school In other
caiBOf Bourse we arc looking ahead
to tho state mcot nod oven at this
early date 1 am conlidont that wo will
secure a number of firsts provided no
accidents befall the men that P am
working with now Ve should be able
to coiner the hammer throw and tho
pnle MUiH and I am also optimistic
regards tho 100ard dash and 220
yntd inn Wo have some good men
In all these events vho will he heard
from when the time arrives The time
today In sume of the running events
was equal to the state records and
the figures will constantly be raised
as training proceeds
The meet yesterday In which all
four classes were entered resulted In
a decided victory for tho Juniors who
received 75 points as against 21 for
the seniors 28 for the sophomores and
7 for tho freshmen
The events with the names of those
winning first second and third places
together with the time or distance
50vard dash Moian Lockhcad
Powell Time 503
8 < 0aid run Stowo Woodcock
Griffin Timo 217 02
100ird dash Morank Allen Pow
ell Time 1002
440ard run r Vhltmcyci Veas
130 lo Time 00
220 yard hurdles F Smith and
Vcasy tied foi first Whltrneer
Time 31
Mile run Woodcock Stovve Grif
fin Time 539
2201111 dashrMoran Allen Whit
meyer Time 2502
Pole vault Allen Moran Rees
Height 0 feet 9 Inches
Shot putF SIi1lthJTnlt Smith
S Greenwoll Distance Cfcfoet 4 inches
Broad jumpF Smith Allen Mo
ran Distance Tfect
High Jump Alldn Rees Cook
Height o feet 4 Inches
Hammer throwBoyle Chcckett
Mason Distance 317 feet
IJoy Clark acted as starter with
G Williams and Evans Judges of
flnlpjx Garr and DtY timers dnd
Chocketts field Judge J
A dual meet will be held not FrJ
day between the teams of the high
school and Weber academy particu
lars of which will be jiubllshed later
Jqhn Dull the youth from Tennessee
who was bunkoed out of a S20 bill
loudu > bj a stranger vho passed
himself off for a Mormon missionary
attempted to Get out of towh jester
day and thus escape the trial of Ed
Murphy against whom ho is the sole
Wi tae B
Murphjs ball was fixed at 100
at his hearing In police court yester
day and within a short time the mon
Py was deposited and the prisoner
wal > allowed to go
Thinking that posslbl an attempt
might be made by MurphY 01 his two
pals to Induce their victim to leae
town a watch was Kept upon Bullo
movements and In the afternoon Do
teethe Bob Burke obbcned him get
ting aboard west bound train Bull
as Immediately arrested and taken
to the station He claimed that he
did not have sufficient means to Jus
tHy his remaining to prosecute tho
Case against lurphj hut upon the
police telling him that they would
proIdo blip with food and shelter
ho agreed to stay his luggage being
taken care of In tho meantime to
guard against his changing his mind
SALT LAKE May 3Hls body pen
etrafcd and burned almost to a crisp
I In iianj places by 0000 olts of elcc
trlclt > carried bj a teed wire A JC
I Vaughn 33 years old better known
among followers of the races JlS
I Checkers Vaughn foil from tho top
of a street pole at Eighth South and
State street at 920 oclock this morn
ing He died ab tho police patiol
Wagon drew up to the emergency hos
pital at tho police station
The fatal accident was witnessed
bj o score of mcp digging a trench
on Eighth South street for the Utah
Gas and Coke company The fore
man of the crow J 0 Anderson liv
Ing on Third North tjtrcet between
Second and Third West streets rush
ed to Vnughns assistance as he saw
him fall followed bj other men who
crawled pp from the trench and bj
Vaughnfl helpers who were also on
the top of electric poles painting
Vaughn was apparently dead when
they reached bin Bide Anderson tele
phoned to the police illation Whon
seen a few minutes after tho accident
Anderson said
Jflo maa who was killed I dont
S 5 4
WJ > S i < T 03 t r S s < j s rfwC c1JS rt3r2Jrcijy 5V 7 r
iAilV r I 0 iltflk J tfofi > M S
k irfyjwa dvingMaeJlcarswepzthJv iVft i d 7 r jJRMrm
fA some Automobile Advetidsing is
> V V j 4 > k 5 r f i > r J A vg
rv 4 wwio I rf mU
1 I g i v v wi
x v a ej 7
fc 7j l iiT < 7 J
j n1
ytw J r
t I Mk1 I
I i I i7 t
< t 4 1
J I Oflf I 1 7j1
r E L I A jLci1
kl I v7tA1 fir
I 9 1 j El Ii
1L 1 J ll i
r t S I
L I 1 1 7 1
I I r r 1 j c 1J r T
t J
4 tit l
t w I
fr f i
r I
f I
S f s l f
r t F r
f 1
f 1 1 iJ
tfi ±
r i 0ffl 11
I t
i = = A tQ I
= C = czc
gi ZD I
= = 4 J J J J 1 9 I
It Only Costs 29 Cents a Day to Run l
This Maxwell 100 Miles a Week
Our recent advertisement showing in actual figures the low cost of have been from people who have no need for a big fivepassenger
I maintaining our big Maxwell touring car aroused greater public touring car These ask for similar figures on our famous
interest than we predicted The results proved that we were right in Maxwell Runabout Here they are I We gladly show how little
I believing that most people want to know just how much a car it costs to operate this Maxwell Its remarkable economy and
costs to runbefore they buy it We wait with interest to see great utility for pleasure and business appeal to thousands of
if other makers dare follow our lead and tell how much their cars people who have considered even a horse and buggy beyond
cost to run Among thousands of letters received hundreds their means S
I t This high class Max
Here are well RunaboutT < ari be
run 00 miles a week
JLL ri at a total cost of 205
the Figures
S r IgureQ or 5000 miles a year
I H for 10640 This in
cludes total cost gasoline oil and grease necessary
5 the total tire expense including the cost of the average
number of punctures pnd one extra casing and three
extra inner tubes more than usually required
These figures established byMaxwell owners
represent an average totalcost if you run your own
J car and store it on your own place Heres a fair
sample of the letters we receive from owners of Max
well runabouts
S l have had one oj your runabouts for a
f year and have kepi an accurate record of all
my expenses I Was surprised to find that it only
cosl 29 cents a day to run this Maxwell 100
miles a week My total expense for 5000
S miles was 10640 Itemized as follows
Gasoline 217 gallons 4340 oil 20
gallons 10 one pad grease 1 60 3 spark
plugs 300 one ncr spring 350 small
repairs 260foe punctures vulcanized 250
one extra casing and three extra inner lubes
I I have never been laid up on the road for >
S repairs and my cads going todai belier than
Facsimile of thit letter tent on request
With this Runa
Cheaper to Keep bout your radius
11 iTT is unlimited
than a Horse you can drive it
and Buggy 100 miles each
> day or more
5 Vhen not in use
all expense stopsa horse is a constant care and ex
pense Three horses will not do the work of this Runa
bout yet one horse costs more to keep Consider the
saving in time 15 minutes a day is all that is required
to fill it with oil gasoline etc Compare this with the
time taken to feed groom and harness horse Anyone
can drive the Maxwell with half an hours practice
Every principle used in this
I Maxwell Maxwell is found on
one or more of the highest
Construction priced care For example
t I I the Maxwell engine is
i1aoptea water cooled by the ther
mosyphon system the
same as the Renault one of the costliest French cars
We use the unit construction and three point suspen
sion as do the Napier and Motobloc famous English
and French machines The Maxwell was the first
to use the metal multiple disc clutchnow generally
adopted here and abroad
Everyone may not thoroughly understand these
MECHANICAL FACTS but we give them to show
that when you buy a Maxwell you get a car that is
For long hard tours this Runabout is just as adequate for two This is not just an advertisementit is news Thousands of people
passengers as our big 30 H P Touring Car is for five passengers will read it with interest because they will learn that the Maxwell 1 I
the difference is in carrying capacity only Any hill that any car Runabout affords the cheapest transportation I
will climb this car will climb The name Runabout U does not do two people Many who do not keep a horse can own I
it justice it is a 2passenger touring car with a speed of this Maxwell it costs so little to maintain 1
35 miles an hour
We want to send you the Economy Runabout Booklet the report of the New 7 cP
England concern Also copies of our magazine The CoOperator and U How to o
Sold Sold during to Jin Febto 30 10 21EM WJ Judge an Automobile practical treatise on motor cars together with our latest 7 I o J f
Maxwell Fn use today 23 ZT catalog You will find them mighty interesting Please fill out coupon with your 7 CJ
WATCH THE FIGURES CROW name and address or if more convenient send a postal juat say U Mail Books 7 7 O o l 00 I
E p
MAXWELL BRI tr MOTOR CO < c > VI ool >
New Castle Ind Proldance R I PINE STREET TARRYTOWN N Y0 > i t o vc J
Pawtnckct RI Kin 1a Point NY Liumu unr Stldin Pflti Menders A L A 4f L a 1E
L H D J I > i I F 1 A J i t otcD1E N J
r Q J i f Q ffl O 11 d7 0 e n J1 u x3 I
know his name had been ou the polo
paliltlng about ten minutes when I
heard him cry out as if jn great
pain As I looked up to where he had
been working ho fell to tho ground I
noticed a Hash of fire near ono of
his fet which was on a cross bar
nnd near his hands which were placed
i on tho other cross bar then ho foil
to the ground His body was black
and burned when we reached him and
> ye all thought he x > ns dcid He
he just scream
didnt saj an > thing
Andersons story was corroborate
bj Gail LundQiilet ono of tho men
digging In the trench and by other la
borers who left theh work and ran
to the dying mans assistance
Dice on the Road
When tho police were notified of
the accident Patrolman Gllllupie and
y tJd t
Darker and Patrol Driver Moore were
Kent out to bring Vaughn to the cmer
gooey hc pltal Although the horses
were driven with all pohalblu speed
to and from tho scene of the accident
the heavy electric shock claimed Its
lctlm before the man could bo given
medical attention which In this case
would probably hare boon of no avail
had Vaughn lied until a physician
could bj summoned
wr I
the result not only of our eight years of experi
ence b tievjects the BEST judgment of the ablest
European engineers S
r 1 Every salesman and
I For Traveling every manufacturer who
I 0 employs salesmen should
I Salesmen write for the CI Economy
L Runabout booklet just
off the press It is the
story ofa competitive test made by a large New England
concern t < 3 determine if its salesmen could do their work
cheaper by automobile than by railroad Their
report was overwhelmingly in favor of the Maxwell
Runabout It was an impartial test a test in which
we did not figure We reprint it by permission You
should learn why railroad expenses were more than
Hcut in half and orders increased 300 per cent
Ve take pride in the
We Cooperate record of every Max
well sold We make it
with Maxwell our business to each
l4 you how to run it We
Owners publish a semimonth i
iy magazine to in
struct Maxwell owners to operate heir cars cconom
cally Of course we cannot guarantee that everyone
williun this Maxwell at the exact cpst above statedit
isan average Many Maxwell owners do beUer There
are few who cannot afford to keep this Runabout and
we want you to know what a great convenience it is
= na
VauJhns body was removed to the
ODonnell undi > rUUlng room where
an effort Is being mode to locate his
rulnthobMho are thought bo In the
east although no one who knew the
man In Salt Iako City can toll where
he lived before coming west several
years ago
When examined at the undertaking
ostabllshment Vaughns hotly was I
lunll to bo burned on the loft side
d I
I M i s 8t Wh
red hot Jrpn J
At eqtagtwJJtred
body w15 sjzzlmg whfcn tii1i unMrtt
rsfl1t looked at 1L II
WALDEN Cola May 3J tI I
Davis former marshal of WnJdeIJ
day shot find seriously OU1di
fred J Law owner of tho dailY p1i
here and then killed himself

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