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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm GlosmaniL
tl The dandelion the bane of those who labor to make beautiful
i their lawns can be eradicated by a simple process according to one
of the professors in Colorados Agricultural college
The most effective and practicable method of clearing a dande
lion infested lawn other than by hand digging is by the use of iron
sulphate applied as a spray The writer has succeeded with three
applications in entirely killing all plants of this common lawn pest
without injuring the grass A portion of a lawn so badly infested
that hardly anything but dandelions was visible a year ago is now
without a single plant and the grass has thickened a good deal in
consequence A solution of copperas of iron sulphate made by dis
solving at the rate of 14 pounds of the salt in a gallon of water
should be applied to the lawn with a spray pump so as to wet every
plant It will not do to use a common sprinkler The solution must
be put on in the form of a fine spray applied with some force to be
most effective A common bucket spray pump or even a hand atom
izer for very small areas is suitable providing it makes a fine
forcible spray Do not try to hit the dandelions only but cover every
square Inch of the lawn In this way all seedling plants will be
v killed Put on a second application in two or three weeks and a third
and possibly a fourth later in summer if any of the dandelions start
into growth The grass will be blackened for a short time but soon
t recovers and after a water and mowing will appear darker green
E than before Do not allow the solution to get on cement or stone
walks as it produces a rather permanent yellow stain
I The above method of ridding a lawn of dandelions is recommend
1 ed by government experts for gardens where weeds are thick The
iron sulphate will adhere to the rough leaves of the weeds and de
1 stroy them while the garden stuff will shed the solution and remain
I I The treatment is a simple one and should be tried on the dande
lions in the lawns
Great Britain has a new king today George V The king of
yesterday is dead While the people mourn they also proclaim
with hope for the future their new leader
The death of a king is a more solemn serious affair for mon
archies than the passing of a president of a republic such as ours
I Here the president holds only temporary sway often only four
years there the monarch reigns for life if not forced to abdicate
The king is viewed as better than the common people and as made
of a superior clay i here presidents are made from the common peo
I ple and are not accredited with any divine rights
Necessarily in a country where the ruler is acclaimed liege
lord by the grace of God and where he is held to be the defender
of the faith religious sentiment added to the political combine to
make of the change of rulers a most momentous event
In England today the death of King Edward has not only a
religious and political aspect but it has to do with the business
interests of London the metropolis of the empire The season of
social activities and business prosperity was approaching but the
death of the monarch forbids gaieties and throws a pall over London
and as a result the country will feel the blues
Furthermore there were pending some great problems of na
tional policy which now cannot be readily solved The question
of the budget is facing parliament and the king was to have played
an important part in limiting the power of veto of the house of
o The new king a comparatively young man may surprise his
countrymen by proving equal to the occasion as he has been a stu
dent of parliamentary proceedings and all public questions and in
some respects is better equipped than his father was when he
ascended the throne
Here is a brief biographical sketch of King Edward
f He was born at Buckingham palace November 9 1841 the son
of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of SaxeCoburg and Gotha
Educated by private tutors on a plan outlined by his father he later
studied at Edinburgh Oxford and Cambridge A long period of
travel followed during which he went over Europe and the east
In 1860 he made a triumphant tour through the United States and
The prince was married March 10 1863 to Princess Alexandra
oldest daughter of the Danish prince who some months later became
King Charles IX
Six children were born two of whom the Duke of Clarence and
Prince Alexander died The surviving children are George Fred
erick Prince of Wales Duke of Cornwall and York who now be
comes king Princess Louise who was married to the Duke of Fife
Princess Victoria Alexandra and Princess Maud Charlotte who was
married to Prince Karl of Denmark now King Haakon VII of Nor
The king was of the house of Hanover which dates from the
succession of the throne of King George I in 1714
Edward VII assumed the throne on the death of Queen Vic
toria January 22 1901
He was an enthusiastic patron of racing and was fond of yacht
ing cricket athletics and shooting
When in 1909 his horse Minoru won the derby at Epsom there
was a scene of enthusiasm at the track which was unparalleled
Twice beforo he became the king he won the derby with Persim
son in 1896 and with Diamond Jubilee in 1900 In personal appear
ance he was the typical Englishman He was rather below average
stature of strong and heavy build His ruddy face betokened good
health and good spirits up to a short time ago
He wore his gray beard trimmed to a sharp point His thin
circle of gray hair diminished until he was quite bald Even in his
latter days he continued one of the best dressed men in Europe and
was regarded as a model for quiet refinement of dress and bearing
Twice before ascending the throne Edwards life was despaired
of In 1871 he was so ill with typhoid fever that for weeks his death
was expected In 1898 he fell on the stairs during a visit to Baron
Ferdinand de Rothschild at Wad dedon Manor and fractured a
knee cap Complications ensued and for a time his condition was
dangerous His coronation originally sot for Juno 26 1902 was
postponed until August 9 by illness and was a pageant of almost un
paralleled splendor and the occasion for celebration throughout the
world His short reign was peaceful after the conclusion of the Boer
war which was in progress when he became king
Several times the kings life has been in danger from anarchists
or cranks On April 4 1900 when as crown prince he was in
Brussels Jean Sipide a 15yearold boy fired at him as he was
seated held in a railway coach The shot did no harm The boy was
mentally irresponsible
A plot to assassinate him and King Carlos of Portugal while
he was ln Llsbon in 1903 was discovered and frustrated
The king was always a great traveler and was nearly as well
known on the boulevards of Paris and in the casinos of Biarritz
and Hamburg as he was along Piccadilly
Americans Ho exhibited a marked preference for the society of
Yhe Lazy Member
iMnybr Sheehan of Elmira was rldi
Wiling the pretensions of a political
He takes said Mayor Sheehan
with a smile too much credit Ho
reminds me of the Cayuse farmer
This farmer came homo om night
from a banquet and throwing him
HOlt down lu a rocking chair before
the stove he sighed
II Im tired out Bo the cows In
the barn 7
Yes Andoniram mid his wife
flosses fed and bedded down
asked the farmer and ho tOOK from his
pocket a cigar with a gill band about
II Yes Adonlram
H Chickens aint locked up though
be they
Yes Adonlram long ago
Wood chopped for mornIn
Of Yes
Ducks picked and wagon wheel
mended for tomorrows market
Yes Adonlram
The farmer lighter the cigar
yawned and said
II Well then just hand me the Farm
Journal and draw mo a jug of elder
Maria Ill turn In soon Farmlns
beginning to tell on IIDoAJbany
No Pets Wanted
An old couple took the train to Dub
lin not very long ago to do a bit of
shopping They especially desired a
Now said the obliging salesman
who came to answer their want <
here is something most attractive in
the way of clocks When the hour
begins a bird comes out from the
top and sings Cuckoo For example
turn this hand to 9 oclock and thc
bird comes out and sings Cucko1 four
Well well doesnt that beat all
exclaimed the husband admiringly
Mary lets take one
Indeed then ye wont objected
Mary decidedly Them clocks is all
right for folks thats got lots o time
on tholr hands but Itd take mo half
the day taking care othat bird
King George V Pro
claimed as Ruler
Continued from Page One
was always found on the side of
peaco and justice
Secretary Meyer ct the navy de
partment said
The sudden death of King Edward
comes as a great shock to the world
Ills diplomatic influence for poaco aa
a ruler of a great empire has always
been In favor of peace and progress I
Secretary of War Dickinson said
Tho death of King Edward will
evoke tho deepest rtgret In Ameri
ca whose people since ho came hero
as crown prince have always cher
ished for him the most cordial good
will and admiration The uniform 1
friendly attitude maintained by him I
toward the United states has always I
given assurance of amity between
thorn and the people over whom ho
ruled with such moderation and wis
Senator Cullom chairman of the
senate committee on foreign affairs
expressed his sorrow to learn of the
death of King Edward
I think he said thero will be
more or less confusion In Great Brit
ain as a result of his sudden death
I believe the people have boon token
by surprise I bollere of course that
his son Prince George is a very com
petent man
The king has been a great source
of satisfaction to the English people
because he has been a discreet and
kindly man and suited the people of
Great Britain perfectly
Before his moth or death the
people I think feared the time when
she should pass away as they had
serious doubts whether the king would
conduct himself with that great pro
priety and consideration of the rights
and welfare for the country ho has
Although King EAanl has been
a great friend of tho American na
tion and I believe the British people
generally share that friendliness I
think there win not be any serious
disturbance between Great Britain and
the United States on account of the
kings death
Baron Uchlda Japanese ambassador
to the United States said that King
Edward was the foremost friend of
the worlds peace
It Is a great loss not only to Eng
land but to the United States and
Japan and tho whole world he said
The wisest and shrewdest stntea
man and dlplomalls I have ever
known was the judgment pronounc
ed upon King Edward by the late
John Hay And Mr Hay was no mean
judge being himself in the front rank
of scholars of statecraft and diplo
macy HP was at that time not long
from the court of SL James where ho
had been America nambassador and
enjoyed the advantage of a close per
sonal intimacy with King Edward
who was never weary of learning at
first hand of tho wonderful develop
ment of the AngloStocon race across
tho Atlantic
Then Mr Hay pointed out that the
achievements of King Edward not
only as sovereign of the realm hut as
Prince of Wales during tho long life
of his mother Queen Victoria had
been accomplished not by devious
ways but straightforwardly by appeals
to common sense and regard for the
common good He believed in plain
hoarltoheart talks with his brother
sovereigns on the continent and
sometimes to the disgust of the train
ed diplomatists who headed tho var
ious foreign offices he succeeded In
reaching a mosl amicable understand
ing whon the time seemed most In
auspicious Yot ho never allowed any
suggestion of exultation to escape
him them was complete self elfnce
mont when It camo to n record of
the negotiations It was sufficient for
him that the nervssarj result had
boon attained and that MB own coun
try and the world at large had bnen
benefited Such was John lays earl
mate of the character of King Ed
Death Came Quickly
LONDON MOl 7Klng Edward
VII who returned to England from a
vacation ten days ago In the best of
health died at114S oclock last night
In the presence of his family aftor an I
Illness of less than a week
Ho wan seriously ill hardly more
than three days
The Prlnc of Water succeeded lo
tho throne Immediately according to
tho laws of the kingdom vithput offi
cial ceremony
Hit first official act in pursuance
Leonard Cleanable
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I r LI
t i Keep Your Food Cool and Clean
f f I The
Leonarl Cleanable Refrigerator
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brief demonstration PROVES that it IS easily cleanable It LOOKS cool and an explanation of its aircooling principles speedily
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Mission Rocker of 450
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Banjo Vacuum Cleaners of 12050 t
of custom was to despatch to the Lord
Mayor the announcement of his fath
ers death His tolerant read
I am deeply grieved to Inform you
that my beloved father the king
passed away peacefully at 1145
oclock tonight
The physicians soon afterward IR
sued their official bulletin which fol
o 0
O May 6 1150 p mHI maj 0
O esty the king breathed his last C
O at 1145 tonight In the pres 0
0 onco of Her majesty Queen 0
O Alexandra the Prince and 0
O Princess of Wnles the Princess 0
O Royal the Duchess otFlfe 0
C Princess Victoria and Princess 0
O Louise the Duchess of Argyl 0
O Signed 0
0 0
Pneumonia following bronchitis Is
believed to have been the cause of
death but the doctors thus far havo
refused to make a statement Some
of the kings friends are convinced
that worry over the political situation
aggravated if it did not cause the
fatal illness
Brother Hastens Home
Besides the few relation In Eng
land the Duke of Fife and the Arch
bishop of Canterbury wore In the
death chamber The kings brother
the Duko of Connaugnt with his fam
ily Is at Suez hastening homo from
Africa The kings daughter Queen
Maude of Norway will start for Eng
land tomorrow
Tho Intelligence that the end of
King Edwards reign had como was
not a surprise at the last The peo
ple had boon expecting It any hour
since the evening bulletin was posted
at Buckingham Palace and flashed
throughout the kingdom The capital
received It without excitement but
sadly for the king with bin own pea
pip was unquestionably ono of the
most popular rulers In the world
They regarded him aa one of the
strongest forces making for the sta
bllity of the peace of the emplro
People GrlefStrlcken
The fashionable restaurants woro
just emptying and a few groups of late
thcatorgoers were making their way
homeward through the rain while a
small crowd still hung about the pal
ace when tho streets were filled sud
denly with newsboy shrilly crying I
Death of tho king
Tho papers were quickly prized and I
the people discuSSed tho momentous
ovent quietly and soon dispersed The
streets were deserted by 1 oclock
Within a few minutes after tho death
of the king the homo office was tele
graphing the Intelligence to the bends
of other governments and the diplo
mats and colonial ofpclals throughout
the world
Realizes End l o Near I
One of the last utterances attrib
uted to King Edwara vrat
Well it is all over but I think I
have done my duty
He seemed then to have reached a
full realization that death WOE ap
proaching The queen and others of
the royal family and four othors had
been constantly In the sick room
throughout the day Several hours
before his death the king was In a
comatose condition but rallied slightly
between 9 and 10 oclock and ap
pcarnd to rerognl h9 family Then
he lapsed Into unconsciousness which
ended In death
It was nearly half an hour after the
king breathed his lost when Lord
Knollys walked Into the office and
said to the waiting reporters G n1
I demon his majesty is dead Tho
people outside the palace only learned
the news whon boys appeared with pa
In the meantime tho Prince and
Princess of Wales bad taken leave of
the other members of tho royal family
at the main entrance soon aCtor mid
night They drovo direct to Marlbor
ough house Princess Victoria who
is her mothers constant companion
remained with the queen The other
members of the family followed the
Prince and Princess 6f Wales
A summons to the privy councillors
has been Issued by Sir Almerlc Fitz
Roy clerk of tho council convening
tho council In the throne room of St
James Palace at 2 oclock this after
noon whon the councillors will With
one voice and the consent of tongue
and heart publish and proclaim that
the high and mighty Prince George 13
now by the death of the late sover
I eign of happy memory become our
only lawful and rightful liege lord
George V by the brace of God Kin
of the United Kingdom of Great Brit
ain and Ireland defender of the faith
and emperor of India to whom we
do acknowledge all faith and constant
obedience with all hearty and hum
bio alfoctlon beseeching God by whom
kings and queens do reign to bless
the royal prince George V with long
and happy years to reign over us
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