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1 iPL
ll I I
1 I The Evening Paper Is the Paper WEATHER FORECAST
i Paper of Yesterday +
l I 1 FORTIETH YEAR NO J3PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING MAY U J910 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah I
I 1
f v U
Disastrous Ending of the Journey Undertaken
i by Forbes and Yates = = = They Went Up
to See the Comet = = Yates in a
Critical Condition
I 1
f S Glasgow Ky May l1A Holland
Forbes and J C Yates who were In
t Jured late yesterday in the fall of
their balloon the Viking recovered
OJ consciousness about Jl oclock today
and Mr Forbes was able lo toil brl > f I
Ir his adventures of yesterday Mr i
Yatcs Is in a serious condition and
I physicians decline to permit him lo
Ei talk
Mr Forbes said he had lost control
of the balloon during the afternoon
I and seeing a favorable position pull
ed the rip cord to effect a landing
I He gave it too much or a tug It ap
pears and tho entire side of the bal
V loon from near the apex was ripped j
open The balloon therefore descend I
ed with groat rapidity Mr Forbes
dictated a few telegrams to be sent i
to friends and relatives and said ha
would make a full statement tonight
or tomorrow
L f Tho men are being cared for nt
i I the homo ot Tlldou Coaion a farmer
near Center Kentucky
r i7
tI t I Glnegow lcytlay 11 Hearing
L 0 numerous cuts and bruises and pos
I sible Internal injuries and with only
f occasional periods of consciousness
ii A Holland Forbes of Now York hold
1 er of the Lahm trophy and J C
j Yates a New York astronomer who
J accompanied him in a balloon are
lying in a farm house six miles north
of Center which is about twenty miles
from this city The balloon Viking
In which they ascended Monday night
nt Qulncy Ill Is a mass of tangled
jp silk and cord torn beyond repair
jy During the Intervals when the aer
j onauts were partially conscious nelth
I i or of them could explain the accident
yesterday but Il is believed that gas
escaping from the big balloon caused
I them to lose control of the Viking
I and lhat the gap enlarged until the j
drop followed j
t The balloon was first sl = htcd couth I
of Center about I oclock yesterday I
afternoon Those who saw It could
Hbcern nopassengers nnd suspected I
that somethlnuB Vronf It was
going at the rale of about flyx miles I
an hour AS It moved over Center I
nnd to the north It appeared to he I
settling toward the ground when sud
denly the bag collapsed and the dash
to the earth followed
Farmers soon reached the spot
where the balloon had fallen In a field
They freed the two apparently dead
men and carried them to the nearest
farm house where restoratives were
administered It was nol until several
hours later that Forbes nhowed aigim I
of returning consciousness and ralllicd 1
only for a few minutes at a time
Ij He seemed to have no knowledge of
what had happened Yates was rolls
ed for a few moments but like Forbes
I was Ainablo to give any details
Yatcs Severely Injured
Glasgow Ky May 11 Physicians
in attendance on A Holland Forbes I
the New York aeronaut and J C
Ytttcs the New York astronomer who
wore injured yesterday in a balloon
accident near Center K returned
this morning from a call on Center
nnd reported that Forbes Injuries arc
not so serious and that while they arc
uncertain about Yatcn injuries they
halloo there is a chance for him to
recover Both men are still conscious
only at intervals
Forbes during conscious moments
made disconnected statements de
claring thnt tho balloon had passed
t over portions of Illinois Missouri
Tennessee and Kentucky He said
thin were over Illinois yesterday
morning He made an incoherent
flUucmcnt about a leakage of gas fur
uitihtnsr a plausible clue His state
ments about the gas caused some of
the country people who heard about
them to declare that the aeronaut
I had been overcome by escaping gun
I1 from the balloon but the supposition
wan hardly borne nut by anything Mi
i Forbes said I
What appears certain is that con
trol of the balloon was lost III Home
manner and that It drifted until Its
buoyancy was so far spent that a
gust of wind or a sudden loss of gas
sent It down with great force
rile aeronauts are at Bruccs Mill
removed from either wire or railroad
New York May IL A Holland I
1orboa had and adventur
l has a long I
ous career as a balloonist He Is
vice president of the Aero club of
America On October 11th 1905
while he was competing for the James I
Gordon Bennett distance trophy at I
Berlin his balloon the Conqueror I
bum at a height of 3000 feet and foil
swiftly The gas bag however
spread after Its collapse Into a para
chute form and lowered the aeronaut
gently to a houso top uninjured
Mr Forbes won the Ltihm cup on
October Mih 1909 for the longest
fight of that year With Max C
FloUchmann of Cincinnati he started
rom SI Louis In October nail landed
in Chesterfield county Virginia after
covering a distance of 731 miles In JO
hours and 15 minutes
New rork May 1111113 longcut
notorboat race ever held Is planned
7 for the spring of 1M1 tho course ex
tending from New York to Paris Tho
race tentatively announced some time
ago has received enthusiastic sup
port and is a ccrtjtiiitj according to
officers of the national organization
One Now York cnlhunlast has al
ready undertaken plans for an eighty
foot cruiser which he will build es
pecially for the transAtlantic route
The boat will be propelled by a four
cylinder 100horse power engine will
have gasoline capacity of four thous j
and gallons and will require a crew
of ten men Work on her hull will
commence nest month
After a Silence of Five
Years Word is
La Porte Ind May 11 I will not
return until I have made my fortune
was the farewell of H S Jcssup of
Lu Porte spoken just before he dis
appeared five years ago
I His parents after a search for him
decided Jessup hod fallen a victim to
foul play Both died broken hearted
His wife and children likewise have
mourned Jessup as dead Yesterday
a letter was received from tho miss
Ing man dated Lovelock Ne ft an
nounced that ho made a fortune and
would soon return
Now York May llThe opening
price movement today In stocks was i
directed downwards in the most in
fluential shares by the pressure of
selling orders but there were enough I
prominent exceptions showing small
gains to make the done irregular
There was an absence of any decisive
tone to the trading and prices worn
inclined to sHg until aggressive buy
ing oC Brooklyn Rapid Transit stim
ulated the market Prices yielded at
11 oclock
Thn sharp upturn in progress yes
terday when the market closed neces
sitated the absorption of profittaking
tales With this accomplished prices
showed an advancing tendency Chi
cago St Paul Minneapolis and Own
ha gained 3 11 L and N 1 11 and
Missouri Pacific General Electric
Colorado Fuel Tennessee Copper and
Republic Steel pfd 1 Selling press
ure forced hack prices a fraction at
howls were steady
Chicago Livestock
Chicago May 11 Cattle Recclpts
CHtimatod at 7000 market steady
Beeves r80a8ri5 Texas stebrs flOOa
C50 western steers 510a72n stock
ors and feeders lOOaG70 cows and
heifers JSOaTjO calves UOOaSOO
HO Receipts estimated 17000
market slow SalOc higher Light
10a975 mixed MOn9SO tieavy 940i
175 rough Iloafna Rood 16 choico
heavy 955n975 pigs IJ10a9CO bulk
of sales flGOa970
Sheep Receipts cntimatcd iit 15
000 market steady Native 13jj iSO
western Ir0a755 yearlings 10aS25
lambs native 725a9JO western 75Ui
Omaha Livestock
Omaha May l1Cattle Receipts
1500 market steady Native steers
575fT875 westerns 37ii < 0700 I
western cows and heifers 2SiI
5fii stockers and feeders 350
U50 calves IOO < S > R2fi
Hogs Receipts 7200 market
steady Heavy 92off > 9oS mied
926tfuiO light 9JlocJi930 pigs
800000 bulk 925930
Shccp Receipts 3200 market
steady Yearlings 700775 wethers
S050 77o ewes 575CS5 Iambs
Chicago Close
Chicago May 11Whealltl 112
July JOS 38 Sepl 101 1S
Sept < 53
Oats May 12 l2a58 July 10 34
Soptv39 18
Pork July 2250 SepL 2257 12
Lard July 12C5 Sept 1252 12
Ribfi July 1242 l2ul21G Sept 12
37 12
Barley Cash l5aC4
Chicago Produce
Chicago May JutterEn5Y
creameries 23 < j27c dairies 21 < g25c
Egga Steady at mark lG18o
flreta 18 12e primo firsts lOc Re j
ceipt 1889S i
Cheese Firm dairies 11 31iic I
twln MfiMlOc young American
JI Ml2c long horns 11 12H 34
Sugar and Coffee
New York May l1SuJRrHaw
steady Musrovado SO tent 3 80
centrifugal 9G test 430 molasses
sugar 89 test 355 Refined steady
Coffee Spot No 7 Rio 3Sc No
4 Santos 9 l4c
Detroit Mirh May ItOnl the
presence of a lieutenant of police at
tho head of a sound of patrolmen
saved ton meat dealers from violence
last night when they attempted to ex
plain at a meeting of 800 consumers
of kosher meat the reason for high
Following the meat riot in Detroits
Ghetto Sunday the patrons of tho
kosher markets hired a hall last night
anti Invited the butchers to attend the
meeting As each dealer attempted a
defense however hoots and a rush for
the rostrum by housewives greeted
bin words The woman shouting nt
the tops of their voices were re
strained with difficulty by tho police
The meeting was finally adjourned un
til tonight
Juncpii Alaska May HSix Jap
anese sealing schooners are lying in
wait just off SHIm to Intercept tho seal I
herds as they pass north to the breed
ing grounds In the crews of the
sailors have boon recognized many of
the Japanese who have served terms
of Imprisonment in Alaska for viola
tion of the laws regulating pelagic I
I sealing
Federal game wardens report that
I at least 50000 doer have perished In I
southwestern Alaska because of lie
j unusual severity of tho winter Eight I
j deer were found slxtv miles from
I Juneau In a ravine where they had
sought shelter In an exhausted con
dition anil perished from starvation
Washington May nWhen Gov
ernor Hughes takes the oath as a
member of the supremo court of the
United States Massachusetts and
Ohio will be compelled to take scats
of honor a little behind New York
With Mr Hughos on the bench seven
New York men will havo reached
that high honor a greater number
than any other state of the union has I
furnished Massachusetts and Ohio I
each have sent six sons to this bench
From one point of view Massa
chusetts still holds the record The
length of service of her sons Is only
two years shorter than the lire qf the I
court Only six years since tho court I
was organized in 1790 has thoro been
a bonch without a jurist from Masna
ehusutts upon it During tho last
four years it has had two New Yorkb
sons have been on the bench a sum I
of 102 years whiln thin snrvico of tho I
ons of Ohio total only 70 years
Conslderalng the place of birth I
Virginia leads all the states with I
nine of the boys born on her soil hav I
ing sat on the bench of the supremo
Roosevelt is Named as
Special Ambassador
by Taft
Washington May 11 Trcodoio
Roosevelt today accepted by cable the
appointment by President Taft to bo
special ambassador at the funeral of
King Edward in London May 20th I
The cablegrams exchanged Detwcoi I
the president and Col Roosevelt were
not made public
Washington May 11Wlth sum
mer fast approaching the miprome
court of the United States wll bo
called upon next Monday to adjudi
cate a cane involving fifty cans of i
eggs Nearly flvo months ago too
United States ditsrict court for Dis
trict of Illinois reached tho conclu I
slon that tho eggs wore not just tho
thing for human consumption and di
rected its marnhnl totally to destroy
them J
Now the supreme courttwill bu ask
ell to flass on JurIsdictional Qnestlon
but the eggs themselves irlii not he
brought Into court the marshal may
have performed his duty
The eggs camo Into this vale of
tears probably seIne time In ton
early part of 1008 Ions enough ago
had destiny not bo < n nRiiiist them to
have permitted their strutting around
tho barnyard by thin time with chick
of their own by their side I
Tlioy made their way to the Ilipo
lyte Egg company of St Louis Mo
Them the shells were stripped from
them and plymouth rocks d leghorns
wore ns ono In five gallon cans Thoyi
wore proservcfl on boraclc acid Wherr
they wore shipped to ThomAs tt
Clarke baker nt Peoria III In iho
fall of 190 the govornmpnt pro
cured an order to seize them The
court hold thAt the bornclc acid vvap a
delotcrloiis ingredient
Thp Hipolyto Egg company wants
the supreme court to dispose of jhc
I case at once One of the reasons
given for this request Is that this K
the first case In the supreme court
that involves the question of the jur
isdiction of a federal court under tho
national pure food law and the extent
to which the law applies to an article
of food after It has been shipped In
to a state
Schumacher Is Named
Assistant Traffic
Chicago May 11 Thomas Milton
Schumacher vice president In charge
of traffic of the Denver Rio Grande
and the Western Pacific railroads
with offices In San Francisco has
been named aaslstant traffic director
of the Harriman lines with offices at
Chicago was unncynced yesterday
Mr Schumacher who Is now in tho
city will succeed Ernest 0 McCoi
mick who for nearly six years has
been assistant to Traffic Director J
C Stubbs and who will leave In a few
days for San Francisco to assume his
new duties as vice president of tho
Southern Pacific
In his new position Mr Schumach
er will have Jurisdiction over both
freight and passenger traffic under
Mr Stubbs for the Union Pacific
Southern Pacific Oregon Short Lino
and Oregon Railroad Navigation
New Orleans Receives a
Consignment From
New York
Chicago Mny HA party of sixty
homcseckers arrived hero today
from Now York criroulc to New Or
The homes ekers arc infants rang
ing ages from o months to slightly
more than a year old The go to
New Orleans to remedy a situation
brought about through obvious over
sight of hue stork It appear the vis
its of the stork have not been as fre
quent in Now York HK Is desirable
As a consequence the city has discov
ered that it Is In need of babies New
York on the other hand has discov
ered that it Is In possession of more
babies than Is essential for its wel I
The Now York Foundling hospital
officials hit upon a solution of theo
difficulties by bundling sixty of their
choicest infants Inlo speciallyprepared
berths in a speciallyarranged Pull
man car along with seventeen of their
trained nurses and consigning the
whole lot to New Orloano
Chicago May 11 Frank Gotch
champion wrestler and lames Joff
ties prize fighter have become in
volved In a controversy over the ser
vices of Farmer Burns but HO far
Jeffries seems to have the adun
According to word from Minne
apolis where Gotch Is doing prelimin
ary training for his battle with Zbjsx
sko the mat champion Is displeased
over the refusal of Jeffries to allow
Burns to leave Rowardennan to come
to Chicago Gotch wants Burns to
help him train and unless Jeffries
changes his mind Gotch will not join
bim at his training camp to help him
prepare for his encounter with John
son Gotchs manager loft last night
for Minneapolis but before going
wired to Rowardcnuan that Burns
would be expected In Cclcago May 17
Washington May 11 Additional
largo tracts of laud In Oregon Wash
ington Montana aggregating 17002G
acres have been designated by sec
rotary of the Interior Balllngur ror
settlement under the enlarged home
stead ict The area Involved Is not
nusccDjIblo to successful irrigation I
at a reasonable cost from any known
source of water supply
Tho following arc the additional I
Designations In the states mentioned
tor enlarged sottlement and the total
designations to date
Oregon 782tO1 acres making total
designations to date 71JlJOO acres
Washington 156040 acres total 8382
016 ados Montana 21080 acres total
2961112G acres Wyoming llOGG
acres total ISCWHC acres
TIff Bill
What a Leading Demo
crat Thinks of Rail
road Measure
WaRhiugton May ItOut of the
aftermath of gossip about the admin
istration railroad bill which the I
lion of llio house yesterday puts
squarely up to tho senate and to the
conferees of the two houses later
looms the flatfooted declaration of
the Interstate Commerce commission
minority leader that the courts will
attend to the rest
Representative Adamson of Georgia
who had charge of Iho Democratic
side In the fight on the bill said to
day that tho worst feature of the rail
road bill was the stock and bond pro
Fortunately however he added
that could not be enforced oven if tho
senate should leave it In The courts
will knock It out I fought that part
oC the measure because of Its uncou
fltltittlonality but I was not alarmed
about It for the very reason that ibo
courts would Immediately pronounce
It a violation of the constitution
liTho Democratic minority accom
plished all they expected Wo have
gotten rid of the pooling and merger
tlnuROE which are next two features
to tho worst of them all We have
eliminated the proposed control by
Jthe attorney general of all litigation I
and restored that control to the Inter
state commerce commission I would I
have boon glad to get rid of the com
merce court but that Is really the
least of the evils and one largely oif I
set by other advantages that we I
gained I
The president tsars he will not
stand for our long and short haul I
and physical valuation provisions
but he cannot get them out What
is he going to do about it I
San Francisco May 11 Interest
of localfans In Jack Johnsons train
Ing operations is patti eclipsed by
the approaching fight between Billy
f pkethe Illinois Thundcr1oHanil
job Thomas the California middle
weight Johnson himself Is showing
much Interest in that contest and par
ticularly in Thomas who is training
In the same gyninasium that the ne
gro champion is using
Johnson his manager and tho pro
moterh of the big Emeryville battle
are anxiously watching a movement
that has originated in Sun Maleo coun
ty to stop tho ThomasPapkc go It
Is leporlcdj that the district attor
ney is preparing to prevent the fight
as a result of pressure everted by
lantlfight crusaders and that it may
hoicanfiferred from Coffmlhs Col ma
arena to this city and reduced from
25 rounds to 20
In view of the campaign making lo
stop the big right itself the rocent
fatal termination of the McCarthy
Moran Content and other hostile influ
ences nt work all who are Interested
in the JoffrlesJohnsoo battle are dis
playing much concern over the out
come of the PapkeThomns dllllcnlty
Johnson finished his long road run
yesterday perspiring freely but In
bettor trim than aft r his Mondays
jaunt His road work and light gym
exercise will be continued by John
son throughout the week and Is ex
pected to put him In shape for his
first boxing bout next Sunday
Hen Ix > mon < l Cal May ItThere
is little doubt III the minds of Ben
Lomond camp outsiders that Tex Rick
ards visit hero was oxyroasly for the
purpono for sounding Jeffries on the i
referee question Just bnfore start
Ing for San Francisco yesterday Rik
ard was prevailed upon to dijcuss the
Jeffries he Paid tells me that ho
will stand by Eddie Smith for referee
as long as he has a leg to stand on
Ho alp says that if Smith is not
choson ii u will have to look to some
eastern man Jeffries scorns deter
mined to win his point
Rlckard scorned worried IJo had
no hope oC Johnson agreeing to Smith
or to any other than his choices i
Granoy and VoTch
I am In favor of a Californian fur
the third man in the ring continued
Rlckard but of course neither Glea
son nor myself has anything to say
In the matter unless the prlnclpala
fall to get together If they cant
agree on a Californian and make I
necessary selection of an easterner
it will be no fault of ours
This talk of an eastern man has I
revived the rumor that Charley White
of New York will prove tho dark
horse In tho controversy on whom
both sides cnn agree S
Mrs Jeffries visit to tho gym yes
terday seemed to Infuso new spirit I
Into the fighters work and he made
things BO warm for Bob Armstrong I
and Joe Choynski that both sparring I
partners wore glad when the bouts J
were over S >
LONDON Way lOSIr Francis
Laking physician In ordinary to the
king visited Queen Alexandra and
Princess Victoria today Subsequent
ly It was announced that both tho
queen molhdr anit her daughter were
in good health
St Louis May 11Tho balloon VI
king which landed in a wrecked con
dition noar CenterKy late yester
day had an erratic night It ascended
at Quincy III Monday evening at
G30 oclock and traveled Southward
Earl jestordnv morning It was j
I sighted at Wentzvillc Mo and It
I uaSBcd over tho Mltfllsslppl river
within the limits of St Louis It was
next reported In southern Illinois At
i Nashville ill the drag rope touched
the tree tops
i Ballast was thrown out at North
Prairie and tho balloon ascended to
I an altitude of 3000 foot The lat
I report 01 the balloon In Illinois came
from Carol shortly after noon It
then passed into Kentucky
Provo May 10 The tbrccyraroliL
daughter of Mr and Mrs Bert Cramer
fell into the Spanish Fork river at
noon today and was drowned The
childs mother In attempting to save
the baby also was nearly drowned
but succeeded In reaching the bank
In safety but with great difficulty
The body of the child will be sent t
I Salt Lake tomorrow on the train ar
rising there at G oclock The funeral
services and burial will bo In Salt
In an Effort to Break
Edward Payson West
ons Record
Stamford Conn Mal 1LJohn En
nis a wellknown athlete of this town
will leave New York on May 23 In an
effort to lower Edward Payson c t
ons record between New Tork and
San Francisco
Enuls has a considerable reputa
tion as a long distance walker his best
performance being a walk of 110 miles
In 22 hours
I As a spectacular feature of his per
formance Ennis will precede his At
lanticPacific hike with a bath In the
surf at Coney Island and will conclude
it in California with a swim in the
Pacific Ennls E 68 years old
Berlin Mav 11 Col RoosevoH in
the company of Emperor William to
day witnessed a mimic battle in
which twelve thousand men of the
German military engaged in tho vi
I clnlly of Derwirtz It had brcn feared
that the former President would be
obliged to forego thin part of the en
I tertainment planned for him becauao
of tho condition of his throat which
Is still somewhat sensitive but this
i morning Prof Frnoukel the throat
specialist made another examination
and decided that Mr Roosevelt would
suffer no inconvenience through being
for a few hours in tho open air
Immediately after breakfast Mr
Roosevelt attended by Lieutenant Col
onel Von Koerner motored to Dor
wlrtz where at f oclock he was
joined by the emperor Tho colonel
wore a rldinc costume and was pro
vided with a superb thoroughbred
bred from the Impelia sUihlcu His
majesty also took a mount awl to
gether they rode over the maneuver
ing field of rome twenty square miles
and observed tho working out of the
army problem The scpnc of tho evo
lutions was admirably adapted to
brlnRinc out the resources of officers
nnd men Tho topography was varied
ellen tracts being skirted with thick
forests and broken by streams rough
elevations and swamps
The maneuvers wcro witnessed by
a party which Included Empress Au
Victoria Crown Prince Frederick
guHio OU Prnc rc e
ick William Crown Princess Cccllle
Princtss Victoria Louise Prince Adol
bort Kermit Roosevelt nnd Henry
White former American ambassador
to France
Tho oment opened with
engagement an
artlllorv duel followed by a sharp
collision along the whole front be
tween tho cavalry and Infantry Threa
thousand cavalry participated but
there wa no rand charge
The day was bright and unn and
the effect was most pleasing from
Muehlenbcre hill from which Mr
Roosevelt the emperor and umpires
watched the finale The operations
completed the officers above tho rank
of major who had taken part in the
1al1 vera assembled on MutMon
berg hill to hear the criticisms of tho
umoior and tho umpires
When these comments had bcon
made tho emperor in a loud voice
called out I
My friend Roosevelt I have been i
greatlv olcased to show you some of
our German troops You are the Jlrat
civilian who has reviewed our sol
Turning to his officers his majesty I
addedVo I
WI are honored today by having j
here tho distinguished colonel of the I
Rough Riders
Parting salutations then I
salutatons were J
changed and the imperial party left I
In automobiles for Potsdam while j
Mr Roosevelt Kermit and Mr White I
returned to this city
S London May 11Wile it will be 1
impossible to carry out to completion
tho elaborate program arranged for I
Mr RooaeveltB visit tp tho ancient t
city of London on May 3l3t It its
probable that subject lp the consent I
ofthe former President an informal
reception will bo holt in Guild halt j
at which the honorary freedom of tll I
city will bo presented to the igueBt
llio address 0lne contained In I gold I
The matter is now under considera
tion hv a committee of Ine corpora
tion which has communicated with
ilr RoooovclU
= I ptnn 1M
a 11
Jf ttiiiii
Sharks Were Nibbling
at One of the Men
on a Plank
New York May Hrhe steam1ip
TorantliioB tv famous vessel which
ran the mined harbor of Port Arthur
to escape from the Russians swings
gracefully at her dock In Brooklyn
today after a trip from Brazil bring
ing a new talc of adventure and rci
cue A gold medal won by the cap
tain and presented by the Brazilian
government commemorates the latest
achievement of the little shiptluc
saving of sixteen fishermen off the
Brazilian coast on March 22 The
first of hue sixteen men was sighied
by tIle lookout before dawn Ho was
clinging to a plank in the open ojt
and wIts waving a weak arm to the on
coming ship A school of sharks
swam about him and his rescuers
found that his leg had heed badly
torn by the hip Hah The man had
been in the water 21 hours and had
eaten his last juical six days before
Ho had set out from Rio Janeiro with
fifteen companion
A squall took away IhoJr rig and
left them to drift helplessly All went
crazy but this ono man and he was
compelled to take to thc water to es
cape his companions frenzy
After hearing his stor the oran i
tiles cruised about for several hour
I flnallj locating the wreck and rescu
I ing all tho fishermen
Prosecution is Proving
That Dr Hyde Testi
fied Falsely
Kansas City v iJrore limn 3
dozen witnesses appeared at the crim
Ptcer tlO cJn
inal court liiildin today to give re
Imttal testimony for th < state iu the
trial of Dr 1 C hyde for murder
I Every nurse that gave direct testimony
mony for tho prosecution was present
to again take tup stajid hi tho stories
I of Dr and Mrs Hyde there wore r
fjucnt contradictions of the nurses
Dr Hyde Is coulldent ho is to 0
frlcdIm going to continue to practice
medicine right bore m Kansas City
hn said in discuKslue his case Ill
show the people I ail not as hud as
I have been painted
I C II Rrlggn a chemist of Detroit
Mich was the states first witness
In the quinine in
I today fllnillc employed I
the manufacture of the Iron strych I
nine nnd quinine elixir taken by Co
Thomas I Swopo said the witness
there was less than one per cent of
The defense ntteiupled to prove o
I Its tired testimony that i large
amount of impurities was probably in I
the strychnine taken from the liver i
I of Col Swope duo to tho millionaire
S having used the quinine remedy
I Prol Paul Schweitzer of the Uni
versity 0 MlasBiirl testified that it
would b impossible fOI hydrocyanic
acid to be formed by the mingling of
formaldehyde and ammonia In a dead
beay Under no less than 300 degrees
of heat woulrt such i fovmation take
I place he said On crossexamination I
I tho prolessor insisted that Ammonia
formed no part of a human hot I
Upon being rocollod to the stand I
Stellu Swope told of D my tprious1 cap I
I sule she said Dr Hydo handed hor
on the night of December 10 I
On December 10 the night my sis
I tor Sarah was taken il Dr Hydo
gave me a ennsuiv and ayfcod me to
hand it to Miss Gordon a nurse aivd
tell her t give It to Sarah I handed
il to the nurse S
The nurse Miss Elizabeth Porrion
trill Tiedafter Stella Swope had bwn j
i excused that she did not I elin the
patient needed tho capsule en she
threw it away on Dfcembcr llth Miss
Gordon said she understood the
Grdon sh unleItool cap
sulo was supposed to contain medl
clno for soothing the patients aoror
Prof H P Cad
I Cady of this Unlvcrsltr
of Kansas said tcsto ho had made i
corroborated the testimony of Profes
acid sor Schweitzer regarding hydrocyanic
I acidWith tho testimony Mrs James
H Clinton from whoso lou c Thon j
H Swopo Jr testified ho telephoned 4
Dr To man after bo ftiund capsulcn
thrown away by Dr Hyde on Dccem
bor 18th the state attacked the phy
sicians alibi tiullt up by the defend
j ants wife Mrs Hydo said her broth t
I er wan nther IIOUBO between the hous
of Sand 10 oclock on that night mailing
ing It impossible for him to have met
Dr Hyde on the street
Mrs Clinton said Mr Swope cams
Into her house at S30 and she called
Dr Twyman over the telephone for
him Mr SOlo talked with Dr Tivy
man several minutes sho sid
I How did Mr Swopo hold tho tele I
phone receiver asked Mr ConHllg 1
Ho held It with a finger and a
I thumb The throe remaining fingers
were clutched the 1
Terc against palm
How do you know i a just 830 4
oclock when Mr Swopo came Into the o
house queried Mr Walsh
J hoard tbo clock strike Just a s lie
came Into the house replied the S witness
Recalled testify Mr Swope said
ho held while telephoning under his
clonchod lingers the capsulfis ho pick
ed up
1 HB l fiv I LnJ 1 AtJ
Tarrylown N y May 11John D
Rockefellers latest fad Is tho paper S
I vest For several weeks past bo has
been wearing one hImself whenever ho
wont driving or autoing and be has
been wearing one himself whenever
ho went driving or autoing and no
has kept I considerable stol of ex
tra vests for those friends and neigh
bors who havo accompanied him
Now a score or more homes In Tar
rylown boast posscscion of a Rocke
feller paper waistcoat presented by
the oil king and cherished as a sou
venir of an April auto ride about the
Pocaiulco Hills estate
Sl Louis Mo May 11 Missouri
ratsat least some of them believe I
In free silver as food S
E B Allen collector of internal
revenue here today received two sil
ver dollars from Murlry Smith a
farmer near Laclede Mo which boro
unmistakable evidence that rats had
been chewing upon them
Mr Smith says he lost the coins In
his corncrlb last fall Nearly one
fourth of one of them had been eaten
and tho marks of the rodents teeth
aro plain on both
I Serious Accident is Re
ported in British
War Fleet
London May 11 Reports arc cur 1 I
rent at Dover of a serious explosion
on tho flagship London of the Brit 1
ish Atlantic battleship fleet in Nor
wegian waters Tho reports cannot f
ho confirmed here Rear Admiral Sir I
Colin Richard Kcppcl Is in command
ot tho fleet
The London is a twinscrew battler
ship oe 15000 tons Her captain 1C
Alfred E M Chatfiold The flagshlt
was built at Portsmouth being launch
ed in 1S99 and completed In 190K
Hor cost was in excesc of 5000000
Her armament consisted of four IU I
inch and twelve Cinch guns sixteen j
12pounders Sponnders and machine I
guns Her complement Is 757 ofllceri I
Ud men I j
I iG 44fe
llow Big Is Ogdenfl
I Guess Ogden City has a Population of
9 According to the U a Census taken in the month of April
J 1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
1 being paid at mast one day in advance of the day the Census
Director announces the population of Ogden MAY 11 lob i
0 0 00 0 e
Y Sign Here r
4 44e f
jIiow Big ifs Weber County i
I guess Weber County has a Population of 1 f
e According to the U S Census taken in the month of April 5
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
being paid at least one day Jn advance of the day the Census t
Director announces the population of Webor County
S i S 0 MAYll 1910 6
t n 1 f jj10 f S
t I
rl LI mf lt 4 V Nr >

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