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Hay and Grain
In Large Quantities
Room 319 First Natl Bank Bldg
Louis Christiansen and C Palmer
the two boys who succeeded in making
their escape from the State Industrial
school yesterday morning were cap
tured last evening In the foothills near
North Ogden and are now back In
tho institution sadder but wiser from
their brief hour of liberty
The boys wore at play with a detail
of other boys and managed to slip
away during a moment when the
fvillKanco of the guard was relaxed
txnd remained in hiding until an op
portunity presented Itself to leave the
The city and county officials were at
onco notified and a searching party
was sent out to scour tho hills in tho
vicinity of the school but no trace
of tho fugitives was discovered until
n report came from North Ogden lost
evening saying that H C Chandler
had captured the boys near his fruit
farm and was holding them for the
officers of the institution
Mr Chandler was formerly connect
ed with the school and recognized the
boys as runaways as soon as he saw
them They made no resistance and
Wero evidently anxious to have it
over and set back to the Institution
Both boys havo made previous at
tempts to escape but In each Instance
were unablo to elude the guards sent
in search of thorn Thero has been
but ono other escape from the school
this year one of tho boys who sot
away yesterday and a companion ink
ing French leave about a month
ago Upon this occasion the young
fugitives wore rounded up within a
low hours of tho time of their escape
and within a sbort distance of the In
stitution Tho general punishment In
these cases Is a loss of credit marks
and a temporary withdrawal of certain
privileges enjoyed when In good
Acthp operations were ommoncl d
In remodelling the lobby or tho Reed
hotel joHlenlny the entire gronnl
floor of which Is to undergo evt < MiHlo >
Manager 11 C Dfgolmv Jtlutotl Inst
evening that no expense would 110
spared In placing dm IIOIIP on a foal
with nay hotel between Denver and
tho const iho Miiadnlng of HIP up
per floors having ahcndy IMPU com
The front entrance Is to bo rhang < f
considerably two double plato dogs
to bo Installed while upon either shin
of tire onlranco large plain windows
will tnplaco tho doors rind nlmluuH
JV3w Boning for the present wihlug
room and the hotel barber whop
The barber shop will be romovrd
to commodious fiuartors In the baso
mont as will the lavatories the space
now taken up by each lobo thrown
Into tho lobb proper A spn ions
writing room will be partitioned off
and loralod In the soiitliwofti corner
flow occupied by tho lavatory and wash
Tho ornamental slop ceding will
remain file same but a beautiful floor
of Imported Italian marble will bo
laid In time Inbhj ornamonted b > i
colored marble border III Greek key
design heavy marble wainscoting
chair mil and haG boards will m
conslrnolnd around the entire lobb
and tho walls Vuil bo cmored wHit
a new material resembling burlap
Tlio harbor shop Moor will be laid
with 1 rra7xo n composition of nrir
I ble chips laid in ccmont and polished
off to n surface by nn improved pro
test ThIK material will also he laid
in the writing room and the iHVRinrfnj
The latter will bo reached by tt mar
ble stnlmny with bras hand rails
and warble wall ulnhv the latter ma
toilnl to be also used for the lavatory
Thf hotel ofllec couiiUr will IIP
placed in HIP south end of the lobby
and will bo pntlorncil after the most
approved designs
Irhnro phones are now b Hlnr in
BialiiiO in ail the rooms of the houno
and an ndilltlnnal mill novel feature
Is the instalHtlon or metal fire proof
waste baskets In oaci chamber as a
further precaution against fire
Richard Barraps of Khulieriv Nev
is In the rlty purchasln furnishing
from the Ogden Furniture and Carpet
companv for the 1U room hotel which
+ is just being completed In that town
Mr Barrass is the owner of num
erous herds of sheep throughout Ne
vada Utoli and Idaho nail only recent
ly became connected with mines and
real property In ICimbrrlj Nov H
is err optimistic oor the future of
the town and ex reused himself as
highly gratlllcd with the bowing of
the Kimberly coniolilnted Mines com
pany The comas aow has 2000
000 in cars on he duniu have a con
centrator iu constant action and ox
pect to bare ocr 200 stamps within
the mill within the next sear
The companys property comprises
over 100 acres is gold bearing al
though situated In tho worldfamed
Ely copper dlstricj Experienced min
ing men have made thorough examin
ations of all the out crojiplngs over
the entire area of the holdings and
in every assay gold alues have shown
from 10 to SoO on the surface
It has been estimated by the ex
perts that appromlmately loOOOO mil
Most persons oven thoso who aro ordinarily strong and healthY need a
tonic raid blood puriflor In tho Spring Some have no particular ailment but aro
weak debilitated and rundown Winter Ufo with its decreased amount of out
door oxorclao and tho fact that cold weather has kept tho pores of tho skin closed
prevented the proper amount of waste and refuse matter from beIng expelled
from the system These Impurities entering tho circulation havo thinned and
weakened the blood and the body therefore docs not receive a sufficient amount
of blood nourishment Tho general bodily weakness tired feeling fickle ap
petite poor digestion etc show how anaemic the blood has bocomo Frequently
skin diseases pimples eruptions etc break out and this IB evidence of the im
parity of the circulation S S a is the best Spring tonic because It Is tho
greatest of all blood purifiers It Is the only medicine on which you can rely to
supply the system with the needed tonic effects and at tho same timo purify and
enrich your blood The use of 8 S S at this timo may save you from i long
Bpcll of BlcknoBB and It will certainly prepare you for tho strain of tho long
hot Summer S S S Is made entirely from roots horbi and barks it IB Natures
Ionic puro and healthful It regulates digestion tones up Ute stomach Im
proves the appetite and promotes strong vigorous health This will bo your boat
Spring season If you use S S 8 for your tonic
T 11 ± I I t
na r
u I I u h 014 d
I l o 1
ti + t JI < a I r I
I j J i
In Every Home ct
at one timo or another the need of a good wholcomo ltmulont is
felt an absolute necessity For just this purpose
Whiskey I
on acconot of Its h 8 61 y developed m c d mdnel praperlieo t I
1 ° hPx T ally adapted It is the eoacontrated essence of the 1
richest of golden grain and the purest of sparkling scrlne
water scientifically distilled and mellowed by many cars m
alei nc Under the GREEN GOVERNMENT
Atip h reaches the consumer in its natural purity with
ttsddUcious SEC flavor and heallh gkin I strength unimpaired Jti
of tho popularity of SUNNY
Whtekoyta INSIDE of this bottle
omlera Handling GOOD Lttjuora Sail It 01
t FRED J KTESEL 00 Ogden Utah
lion t2118 otjorcjs In Btelil averaging
at jnfi low st 10 Efiftr ten pfl os
esLlniatps wqr ias U ih m 111 h Jut
face Values anVjronS Ihoworkingto
a depth of 4007efll5n varlpiw loditlortft
on a large dyke jwhlch riuiHthroush
the fntirc length of the property At
the rate of U0 per ton the amount of
ore valups would reach the enormous
cum of 1000000000
A townolto Is being laid by Mr
Barrass and Mr ScullJ In connection
I with n liOOno water horse power and
olfptric light plunWwhich will fuclll
I late a very oconomlcal reduction
their deposits
Citizens of Ogden
I Boost for your city by using OG
DEN MADE FLOURIt coats you no
I more and every sack you use Js a
boost for your town
I In that way au make a Chicago
of Ot den Ogdtn Milling S Ble
I ator Co
An Important atop toward raising
the standard of state teachers was
taken at the mating of the state
board of education hold a 1 Logan re
ronM > Wllh the adoption of the
now standard high school diploma sys
tent Hah will have as high a stand
an as that required by any state in
din Union rnilor the present system
stato lOHciiers diplomas are Issued cm
n throoyonr college course In tine
future they will be issued only to
thofco who have completed a college
education In addition to the degree
If it h not from a normal school
thc applicant will have to do tho
amount 01 work prescribed by law
I In pakir5 of tho matter this morn
ing State Superintendent A C Nel
bon mid that it was but another Im
portant stop to raise the standard of
touching In this state but that It was
0110 of great Importance and could not
but work to the benefit of the educa
tional Interests of the state
Carrh Germs
Move Out When Hyomci
Moves In
No stomach dosing llyomoi Is made
chiefly of oil of eucalyptus and tlicaly
tol taken from the eucalyptus forests
of Inland Australia and combined
with the excellent mrlscptlcs employ
ed In the historian system
Ip Inland Australia the atmosphere
is HO Impregnated with balsam thrown
out by the eucalyptus trees that goims
I cannot live and In consequence ca
tarrh and consumption nrc unknown
Breathe Hyomci and get the same
I plcnsant germ klllinc air as you would
got In the eucalyptus forests
Hyomol IB sold by druggists every
where and by BADCONS PHAR
MACY at siOl a complete outfit
An outllt consists of a bottle of Hy
omei a hard rubber pocket Inhaler
and full Instruction for use The
Inhaler lasts n lifetime but it you
tuned another bottle of Hyomci you cau
get it at druggists for only COc at nny
time Guaranteed to cure catarrh
croup and throat troubles or money
Joel Booths llyomoi Co Buffalo
SAYS lAW NUlllflfS
Willard Done acting insurance com
missioner bus determined to put a
stop to the practice of some of the
outside fire Insurance companies which
arc doing business In this state with
out complying with tho laws These
companies Mr Done states maintain
that as they are doing business in the
state only through the malls they aro
not subject to the state laws
Air Done however calls attention
to section 21 chapter 121 stato laws
of Utah which provides that it shull
be unlawful for any person company
or corporation in this state either
to procure receive or forward applica
tions for insurance In of or for any
company or companies not having been
legally authorized to do business in
the state The penalty for a viola
tion of this law Is a fine of 100 or
two months In the county jail or
The insurance commissioner may
however Issue a license to any reg
ularly licensed fire Insurance agent uf
this slate subject to revocation at
any time permitting the person nam
ed therein to procuro policies of In
surance on risks located in the stato
for companies not authorized to trans
act business In the state and f r
such llceuso the law says tho com
missioner shall colloct a fee of 50
rIte law on this matter concludes
by saying that nil policies and Insur
ance contracts Issued without full
compliance by all parties concerned
with the laws of tho state aro null
and void
Now York May IlIorty wellde
veloped cases of measles have boon
discovered on the steamship Car I I
pntlila Just arrived here from Mcdit
torratiean All the victims
wore chit
dren in the steerage It took a day
for tho steamer to pass Quarantine
whoro nil the
paspanpeit were ex
I amined and arrangements were mado
I for the transfer of the sufferers and
their relatives to Hoffman Island
Monrfsvllk W Vn May lJAn
unconditional pardon granted by Coy
nrnnr ilaiscock to William Roberts
aged SC who was serving a IwoI > < ir 1
term In the slat prison for theft ar
mod too late to secure him bas fro
diiiu Vi hen his counsel arrived iltj
the pardon Roberta was dead of tuber
culosfh in the prison hospital
SO V Derrnh local representative
of tao Woatorn Pacific wont west
> oJ I v
1 I
j i 1 0 f
< I
1 Inadvertzsln Mxxwelz Cars we ifiikr J fi
f fadssome Automobile AdvertisingiI
l s awful braggCltdoG1J t
t t i J y
> r < itt Ga PREST
f 1
1 P
jig I n c ri i riJ
J UI41
4 I D 1 0 i 1
I It I fl11J 1
j to N s
saw z
l i 1 t
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p 17
f I I1 n
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lfVI iQ r a I
J c =
Ct JlIoJ
c f
It Only Costs 29 Cents a Day Run i
o A9
This I
Our recent advertisement showing in actual figures the low cost of have been from people who have no need for a big fivepassenger
maintaining our big Maxwell touring car aroused greater public touring car These ask for r similar figures on our famous
interest than We predicted The results proved that we were right in Maxwell Runabout Here they are 1 We gladly show how little
believing that most people want to know just how much a car it costs to operate this Maxwell Its remarkable economy and
costs to run before they buy it We wait with interest to see great utility for pleasure and business appeal to thousands of
> < f other makers dare follow our lead and tell how much their cars people who have considered even a horse and buggy beyond
cost to run Among thousands of letters received hundreds their means
i This high class Max With this Runa the result not only of our eight years of experi
IIere are well Runabout can be Cheaper to Keep bout your radius ence but reflects the BEST judgment of the ablest
1t tL Q1La run 100 miles a week is unlimited European engineers
at a total coat of 205 than a orse you can drive it
tne F feres or 5000 miles a year and Boggy 100 miles each Every salesman and
for 10640 This in nOhl day or more For T rave ing every manufacturer who
cludes total cost of gasoline oil and grease necessary When not in use employs salesmen should
the total tire expense including the cost of the average all expense stopsa horse is a constant care and ex a9esmen write for the fI Economy
number of punctures and one extra casing and three pense Three horses will not do the work of this Runa Runabout booklet just
extra inner tubes more than usually required bout yet one horse costs more to keep Consider the dOb the press It is the
saving in time 15 minutes a day is all that is required story of a competitive test made by a large New England
These figures established by Maxwell owners iit to determine if its salesmen could do their work
to fill it with oil gasoline etc Compare this Wile concern
represent an average total cost if you run your own cheaper by automobile than by railroad Their
time taken to feed groom and harness a horse Anyone
car and store jt on your own place Here a fair report was overwhelmingly in favor of the Maxwell
can drive the Maxwell with half an hours practice
sample of the letters we receive from owners of Max Runabout It was an impartial test a test in which
well runabouts Every principle used in this we did not figure We reprint it by permission You
should learn why railroad than
Maxwell Maxwell is found on expenses were more
HI hatie had one of your runabouts for a one or more of the highest rr cut in half and orders increased 300 per cent J
and have kepi accurate record of all
year an Construction priced cars For example
I surprised to find that it only
expenses Was
my the
We take ode in
pride m e
the Maxwell is P
cost 29 cents a day to run tills Maxwell 100 engine
miles a week My total expense for 5000 Ad Op to d water cooled by the ther We Cooperate record of every Max
miles was 064oltcmlzed as follows mosyphon system the we sold We makeit
the Renault of the costliest French with Maxwell our business to teach
Gasoline 217 gallons 4340 oil 20 same as one cars
gallons 510 one pail grease 160 3 spark We use the unit construction and three point suspen Owners you how to run it1Ve
plugs 300 one ncn spring 350 small sion as do the Napier and Motobloc famous English JY1e S publish a semimonth
repairs 260 fitic punctures Vulcanized 250 and French machines The Maxwell was the first ly magazine to in
one 3980 extra casing and three extra inner lubes to use the metal multiple disc clutchnow generally struct Maxwell owners to operate their cars economy
adopted here and abroad cally Of course we cannot guarantee that everyone
I have never been laid up on the road for will run this Maxwell at the exact cost above statedIt
repairs and my car is going l 1IJ1JJJs than Everyone may not thoroughly understand these is an average Many Maxwell owners do better There
ever GEO B RICHARDSON MECHANICAL FACTS but we give them to show are few who cannot afford to keep this Runabout and 1
Fac imilf of this letter sent on request that when you buy a Maxwell you get a car that is we want you to know what a great convenience it u
For long hard tours this Runabout is just as adequate for two This is not just an advertisement is news Thousands of people J
passengers as our big 30 H P Touring Car is for five passengers will read it with interest because they will earn that the Maxwell 1 j
the difference is in carrying capacity only Any hill that any car Runabout affords the cheapest transportation for 1 F
will climb this car will climb The name Runabout U does not do two people Many who do not keep a horse can own I
it JUSl1ceIt is a 2passenger touring car with a speed of this Maxwell it costs so little to maintain I J
35 miles an hour M
SALE OF MAXWELLS DATE We want to send you the Economy Runabout Booklet the report of the New cP >
England concern Also copies of our magazine The CoOperator and rr How to I
Sold to Jan 30 10 2IS69 o
Sold dunn Fcl10 1360 Judge an Automobile a practical treatise on motor cars together with our latest 0 t I 1
Mavwelli In usa today 2Jn catalog You will find them mighty interesting Please fill out coupon with your y tJ
WATCH THE FIGURES CROW name and address or if more convenient send a postal just say Mail Books 041 I 0 < I
I + A C AO c p
MAXW ELL BIUSCOr MOTOR CO f + G < o t o r t I 1
MAXWELL FACTORIES o 9 t ot ooF l 3v I i
New Ca tle Ind Providence R I PINE STREET TARRYTOWN N Y0 Q Cl9 o l 4 I l
Pawtucket R I Klngsland Point NY Ustnitd under Stldtn Fin iftnterj ALAM = c lt ro J
L 0 H e 8 E C R A F Tf A bs i r n f UTAH OGDEN
Tuesday morning to soe the repair
Tork on tho south end of tho Grom
Sail Lake This section has been out
of commission nearly throe weeks
It was announced yesterday that it
would probably be open for freight
rafllc by the end of the present week
It Is not believed passenger traffic
between Utah and San Francisco
will bo established before July 1
SALT LAKE May toPrlceR In
j tho local steel list were lowered again
today without a single exception Tho
transactions wcro limited to a low
sales In almost every Instance show
ing conclusively that tho money afloat I
IH being used for other purposes
Land and oil Interests are claiming
the attention of a number of investors
who are looking for quick returns
though the copper share market clear
ly Indicates that the io who unloaded
l L
1 L f
i o
at tho high prices havo gone Into the
market recently and taken over Mocks
of the red metal stocks when they
were at the low prices Some profit I
taking IB shown In thecA Issues yet
there IB a large holding Interest In
copper that IB confident that a still
higher market will prevail
tJ A J
Indicate t144
Meagre return tonight
will DO Ci 1
race for U S senator r
necessary to bolt
and It will be
The present inc
second primary
bent Senator Tallafcrro Js leUdL
Congressman Clark nnd Maya art <
moat sure to bo reclcclcd
itlUI tfilll

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