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Evening Paper
Paper of Yesterday + TODAY AND TOMORROW
p FORTIETH YEARNO J 14PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH THURSDAY EVENING MAY 12 1910 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
i i
Former President Praises the Emperor and
German Soldiers and Refers to His Own
Dutch Extraction = = = The Importance of I I
Character is Given Emphasis
mj Berlin May 12 Theodore Rcose
B I volt former president of the United
States delivered a lecture today on
the topic The World Movement at
the University of Berlin and received I
from ho university tho honorary de
gree of Doctor of Philosophy Emper
or Vllllain honored the occasion with
hlK presence
It was the first time the emperor
had graced a conferment and tho
courtesy was significant In view of
the fact that the German court Is in
mourning for King Edward
The ceremony of conferring the de
gree was staged and conductcd with
Impressive simplicity There were no
flogs or emblems of royally and the
government nnd the walls of the Anln I
were hare sixve for the rows of busts
of Germanys famous scholars and i
The only touch of color wns fur
nlBhcel by the flentors of tho univer
sity with their robes of scarlet and
blue and the five heads of the stu
dent corps who wore bluo Jackets
white breeches Jack boots and part
colored sashes
Four hundred guests of the unlvcr
oity who held cards of admission
j i
wore seated when Emperor William I
accompanied by Mr Roosevelt en
tered from a side door As they ap
peared the University choir chanted
Hell let Im Slegerk Ran Hall
to thee In the Conquerors wreath
The two were followed by Empress
Auguste Victoria Princess Victoria
Louise Prince nud Princess EItel
0 Frederick Prince and Princess August
Wllhelm Prince Adclbert Mrs Roose I
velt Miss Roosevelt and Kermit
Roosevelt This party took seats I
which had been reserved for them on
the platform
Surrounding thorn were seated Am
erican Ambassador Hill and Mrs TTI11
L the other ambassadors and their
T wives HenryWhite formerly ambas
I sador to France and Ire While
Soth low aDd Mrs Low T St John I
Gafaney American consul general at
Dresden Imperial Chancellor Von I
BethmanHollweg Foreign Minister
i Von Schoen and the members of tho
I cabinet On either side of this block
of chairs were tho senators of the
Mr Roosevelt occupied the seat at
the reading desk and at his side stood
the heads of the student corps with
drawn swords This striking guard
I of honor remained standing and al
most Immovable for the three hours
of the lecture and ceremony
Tho auditorium was filled to Its
capacity of 1200 persons by the fac
iilty of the University students and
Rector Frlch Schmidt opened the
program by giving an outline of trio
life of Mr Roosevelt from the time
when ho was a delicate child until the
time he became an African nlmrod
Whon he had finished this sketch ho
Introduced the former president who
was received moat cordially
Mr Roosevelt appeared rugged and I
In the pink of condition Ills voice
husky at first gained steadily in
clearness as ho proceeded and he ws
able to deliver liln complete written
thesis of 0000 worth and to which ho
added extemporaneously from limo to I
Mine by way of emphasis and explana
tion I
Today 1 am In Berlin university I
hrgan the nppakor Yesterday I
was In the open air university of HIM
German army and sat at the foot of I
the great master of that university i
Mr RooHovoll ald the German em j
peror had often b 4 > cn held up before
i him as a atatenman who was doing
r things which he the speaker should
rf do
I remember ho added that my
friend Dr Pritchard the president of
I the Massachusetts Institute of Tech j
nology at Boston told me of the em
perors Interest and knowledge of
technical education While In Africa j
I used to think there was Homethtug
wrong with the mall If It did not
bring a letter from Benjamin Ida
Wheeler telling me of hlK admlratlpn
k for some feature of German life and
1 of the empororH extraordinary fjual j
Jtice and kindness
Mr Roosevelt referred to the fact I
lhat his own family was of low Dutch
extraction and of the Indebtedness
beginning with Colonial days of the
United States to Germany In blood j
Ideas and achievements j
During another digression from his
sot aneHih and following his remarks j
concerning military virtues the for
mer president said
I saw some or your German troops
march hofore the cominandorInchlof
yesterday I cannot understand how
any German could loo at those sol
diem without fooling pride at the phy
sical and Intellectual character of t
I those soldiers from the farm and shop t
serving their time and then reluming
I to their other work to bo replaced
by other and younger men Ican HOC
I only hope for < ho future with such
men I would like to apeak oC Ibo i
nw of the American civil war If I i
had the lima and tim voice
I Dr Rocthe loan of tho faculty of i
philosophy followed ani concluded
fj discourse In Gorman by addressing
tio former president In Latin The
dean caused a laugh among the sena I
tors when In hubs Latin effort he used
a feminine ending for a masculine
noun and so furnished th < j only pleas
antry of two houra and a half of ora
lOT As Dr Roctho handed the new
doctor his diploma the choir sang
the German national hymn and tho
audience gave threo chcars
The exercises were concluded with
the singing of the Star Spangled
Banner by the choir
Tho emperor congratulated Mr
Roosevelt upon his lecture and Its de
livery so couragcousb accomplished
under distressing physical conditions
I lie talked with the former president
j for six or eight minutes The as
semblage waited until tbe emperor
J and Mr Roosevelt had left the hall
I Berlin May 12 Speaking before
the University of Berlin today Col
onel Roosevelt took as the subject
matter of hit lecture The World
Movement Col Roosevelt said
I The play of new forces Is as eli
I dent In tho moral and spiritual world
as In the world of the mind and body
Forces for good and forces for evil
are everywhere evident each acting
with a hundred or a thousand fold
the Intensity with which It acted In
former ages Over the whole earth
the swing of the pendulum grows
more and more rapid the mainspring
coils and spreads at a rate constant
ly quickening the whole world move
ment Is of constantly accelerating
In ibis movement there are signs
of much that bodes III The ma
chinery Is so highly geared the ten
sion and strain are FO great the ef
fort and the output have alike so In
creased that there Is cause to dread
tho ruin that would come from any I
great accident from any breakdown
and also tho ruin that may come from
tho more wearing out of the machine
Itself The only previous civilization
with which our modern clvilzatlon can
he In any way compared Is that per
iod oT GraecoRoman civilization ex
tending say torn the Athens of The
mlfltocles to the Rome of Marcus Au
rcllus Many of the forces and ten
dencies which were then at work are
at work now Knowledge luxury and
refinement wide material conquests
territorial administration on avnst
ncalo an increase In the mastery of
mechanical appliances and in applied
science all these mark our civiliza
tion as they marked the wonderful
Continued on Page Eight
20000 fEET
Experience of Forbes
and Yates Was Most
Home Cavo Kv Ma > 12That
the flight for a worlds distance rcc
ortl from Quincy IlL by A Holland
ForbcH holder of the Lahm cup and
James Carringlon Yatos the astrono
mer both of Now York which began
at Quincy 111 Monday evening tor I
mlnating late Tuesday In a disastrous I
tumble to the earth from a holghl of
perhaps 300 feet near Center Ky I
wns not without its compensation
was indicated by statement made i
by Forbes last night Tho balloon I
broke the ascent record It is de
clared and w > me valuable photo
graphs of the comet were secured at
an elevation of 18000 cot
Forbes last night describing their
experience after reaching the altitude
of 20600 feet said
In descending from the great ele
vation we had very little sand left
and as the gas contracted the bal
loon bag camo extremely flabby I I
Everything however went well until
we were a few hundred feet above
the ground when the appendix IIno
broke loose from tho ring support I
Jog the basket There was BO little
gas In the balloon at the time that
tho rigging collapsed and with the
basket attached naturally dropped
This caused the ripcord which Is at
ached to the ring to rip open the
balloon at the height of too feet
from the ground
I cannot describe tho sensation of
that 300 feet to the ground It came
so suddenly that I have a faint re
collection of seeing men below mo In
a plowed field and of subconscious
ly trying it seemed to tilt up
the basket that Mr Yates and I
might spring free from the riggin
when clono to the ground Because
tho basket did not tilt as it would
have done under ordinary circum
stances wan the cause of oar Injury
I believe the only thing that pre
vented the broaklng of our backs
when the basket fell bottom squaro
ly down under the weight of tho bag
was the rubber air mattress which
we had placed in the bottom so that
we might bo comfortable when AVO
j wanted to lie down
I For a moment I wns stunned by
the Impact Then I recovered arid
saw two or three mon coming to our
aid They extricated us and In im
provised Utters we wore carried to I
this house
i In starting from Qulucy we were
unable to carry moro than 33 forty
pound bags of Band which together
with the tremendous height to which
wo ascended shortened thtrip Wo
should never have started the flight
with less than fifty bags of ballast
On this trip I did not mind the
low temperature so much both of
UB were prepared for It We suffered
for want of oxygen though when wo
went higher than 1SOOO feet The I
air pressure at that altitude Is not
more than throe or four pounds and
It seems one cannot get enough air
We panted like dogs and my car
drums and eyes pained me greatly
Yates suffered In the same manner
Some aeronauts take tanks of oxygen
with their supplies but we Qm not
think we would need IU Ono can be
come accustomed to the rapid changes
in air pressure however
Both Forbes and Ynles wore rest
Ing comfortably this morning and ex
pressed the opinion that by the end
of the week they would he able to
undertake the Journey to their homes
in New York
Wife of Aeronaut Had
a Premonition of
Bridgeport Conn May 12lrs A
Holland Forbes wife of tho aeronaut
whose balloon was wrecked Tuesday
night in Kentucky told her friends I
here today a remarkable story of a
premonition of the disaster which be
fell her husband I
ll all came to mo In a drcuin on I
the nlcht of the disaster says Mrs
Forbes In my dream I could see ray
husband and Mr Yates apparently In
great distress They called for assist
ance but I was powerless to help
They seemed to rlso through the
clOud then treappear close to the
earth Finallyi seemed to see them
fall suddenly and I awoke When I
rose at davbrgalc ana glanced over
the morning papers I fainted
New York May 12 Opening prices
of stocks today sagged a small frac
tion with a small volume of transac
tions The only important exception
was Pennsylvania which rose 1 Pull
man lost 31
Operations were insignificant and
fluctuations were In keeping with the
restricted dealings Amalgamated
Copper was weak losing 58 Buffalo
Rochester Plttsburg lost 10 Louis
ville Nashville and Rock Island pro
pcrrcd 1 and Chicago Great Western
preferred 111
Omaha Livestock
Omaha May 12 Cattle Receipts
aROO market steady Native steers
5SOa800 cows and heifers 300n70U
western steers ToOaG76 cows and
heifers 275a575 canners 2f > 0u 125
stockers and feeders 350a050 calves
IQOaSJG bulls stags etc 375i1635
IIogK Receipts IJOO market fia
lOc lower Heavy UJOaOIJO mixed
010a920 light 910a026 pign SOOa
900 bulk of sales JiJ5a925
Sheep Rorolpta 4 200 market
steady Yearlings 700n77ii wethers
6K01675 ewes G00a72i lambs 7 60a
Chicago Livestock
Chicago May 12CattkReceipts
JijOO market steady Beeves 680a
S 70 Texas steers 500a650 western
steers 510a720 stockers and fcfdew
KOOaC70 cows and heifers 280a700
calves COOaSOO
Hogs Rocclpts estimated at 7000
market slow Light 3fia970 mixed
035aO 7f heavy 9nfiafl70 rough
935a94o good to choice heavy f4na
070 pigs D00a055 hull of sales I
Sheep Receipts estimated at 12
000 market weak Native 155 750
western 400n770 yearlings 700aS25
lambs native 72ua930 western 750p
Chicago Produce
Chicago May 12ButtprStclldy
creameries 2327c dairies 2125c
I g6Stendj rcnolpts 1G175 at
mark cases Included KJ18c firsts
17 12 privo firsts 19c
Cheese Unsettled dairies 1J
14 Me twins 1212Ct S4cj young
Americas 15c long horns 14 14J
14 l2c
Sugar and Coffee
New York May 12SIIrarRaw
steady Muscovado S9 test 380
centrifugal 06 teaL 430 molasses
sugar SO test 3f 5 Refined qujot
CoffeeSpot quiet No 7 Rio
I S JSc No 4 Sanyos 91ic
Metal Market
New York Mnj1 12LcndEnsy
spot 42ufiZJr35 i
Copper Easy standard upott and
July 1230
Slherit I < <
Albany N Y May 12Throwing
rings at knives or canea which Is in
vogue al count fairs and other plare
of amusement Is not gambling within
the meaning of the law but a test of
skill according to an opinion issued
today by the clnto attorney general
I 0
o 0
O Chicago May J2 William 0
O Jennings Bryan will lecture on 0
O temperance at the Auditorium 0
O in this city Wednesday May 0
O 18 under the auspices of the 0
O National Total Abntinence Un 0
O Ion of America according to 0 I
O an announcement made today 0
O 0
Miners Are Imprisoned
in a Burning Mine
in England
Manchester England fay 12An
explosion in the Wellington coal mine
at White Haven during last night cut
off the exits from 13G miners who
were working below the surface
Rescue parties succeeded today Jn
saving four men but were prevented
by gas from reaching the point where
most of the men are Imprisoned
Up to lnO oclock this afternoon
no further rescues had boon accom
Every Indication was that the Inner
workings of the mine wore on tire and
distracted crowds of relatives sur
rounded the pit head
The colllco is owned by tho Earl
of Longdale and Its workings extend
four or five miles beneath the sea
o 0
o 0
o St Joseph Mo May 12 0
o After braining his life with an 0
o axe George Buford a negro 0
o ran two miles at top speed last 0
o night to give hlmsoif up to 0
o the officers 0
o 0
Big Fighter Denies That
He Is Sour and III
Ben Lomond CaL May 1Jlm
Jeffries is not a grouch The big
fellow Bays so himself It cropped
out in a chat with correspondents
yesterday that Jeffries resents being
characterized as a bear gorilla and
other reoresentalhcs of the fnunal
kingdom reputed surly
It Is kind of mean the way I am
being held up as a sour tempered fel
low ho said I dont think Im
anything of tIme Kind People dont
stop to think what Eve been up
against What with having my stom
ach disarranged by tho strain of
taking off surplus weight and the
stiffness and setbacks which go with
early training I guess I havent been
the plensauttst fellow in tIme world
hut I dont think I have been any
worse than any other man would have
been under the circumstances1
Following hula fast and shifty work
out In the ring Jeffries shared with
his trainers their olfition over his
Imposing showing He foil HO good
that he talked with tho volubility of
a school girl I am around tho
bend in the road now ho declared
I am thoroughly limbered up nnd my
stomach Is all right agaIn I have
taken off tho extra weight and from
now on road work will not figure so
much In my schedule If I ever had
a doubt about being ablo to get Into I
Condition and I dont say I had
that doubt is gone I Know now that
Ill be ready to fight when the time I
comes and I want my friends to
fcnow that I never remember feeling
any better than I do now
Henceforth Sam Bcrgor announces
Jeffries will take his weekly half
holiday 6u Wednesday instead of
Sunday in order not to disappoint thy
Sabbath excursionists to his camp
San Francisco May 12What ef
fect will tIme enforced switch of the
PapkoThomao bout from Colma to
San Francisco have on tho Jeffries I
Johnson fight
Fandom IB framing many answers
to that question but the rank and
file of the sporting iraternlty take a
generally hopeful view of things and
the majority Inclines to the opinion
that the action of he San Into coun
t authorities In calling a halt on tho
middleweight mill will exorcise no
sinister Inlluence the holding of
thy big battle at Everyvllle July I
Analyzing tho situation the cheer
ful ones note this difference That
Colma Is not an Incorporated town
and the Colma officials therefore had
not powor to grant a HCOIIKC for the
PapkeThomas go hut that Emery
nIb IJ the scene of the JohnsonJcf
< Continued on Page Four
Now York MaY 12Seen thous
and dollars baa been awarded to J
Ralph S Baldwin a Jyearold boy j
in tho Queens county tupromo court
for injuries sustained when a loco
mobile racor skidded nnd struck him I
at a turn during the Vanderbilt cup
race of 1906
His leg was broken and hln father
sued the locomobile company for 25
000 ThC father also won a verdict
Of 1000 to cover the cost of medical
New York May 12Thl United
Commercial Travelers association Is
making elaborate plans for their gath
ering here on Jijno 911 The officers
In charge expected that 10000 com
mercial travelers and their wives
will attend and that It will he ono of
the largest conventions Now York
has nCI been called upon to enter
tain One of the chief features will
be a prosperity parade on Satur
day Juno H In which the commer
cial travelers and their wives will par
Soattlo May 12T06eph Bonnor I
manager of a downtown saloon was
shot and fatally wounded early today
by Wallace A RlIs ell a nephew of
C R Russell a millionaire land own
er of this city Bonner died at the
hospital after declaring that he had
never seen Russell before he entered
the saloon and opened fire with a
After shooting Bonner Russell en
countered a police ofllcer as he left
the place and was slightly wounded
before he was captured
His lelatlvos have Intimated that
they will try to prove him Insane
Russell fired five shots at Bonner
four of which took effect
Bonner emptied big revolver at his
assailant but failed to hit him
As Attorney for Dr
Hyde Sums Up Famous
Murder Case
jKaneas City May 12Jurors wept
today when Attorney Frank P Walsh
delivered the first closing addre in
Ljhnlf of Dr B C Hyde on trial
for thc alleged poisoning CoI Tbos
H Swope W C Crone and William
Beebe cried
Much of the first hour of Mr
Waleh8 speech was devoted to de
nouncing the state for Intimating that
Mrs Hyde lied on the witness stand
In order toj save her husbands life
This statement he said practically
painted the defendants wife as an ac
compllco of her husband in crimes tho
state avers lie committed The attor
ney spoke fiqvcrhl limes of the awful
ness of taking the doctor from his
wifes side to choke him like a dog
on the gallows
Members of the Swope family and
other people who testified for the
state charged the speaker had twist
od their testimony to suit tho needs
of the prosecution The whole case
in fact he said wan baaed upon sus
picions rumors and conjectures
An for Dr Hyde Mr Walsh insist
ed he never wronged any man
Do you want to take the filthy sug
gestion that II was a pleasure to this
man to Ilea Col Swope die that he
might get bin dirty mono asked Mr
If Dr Hyde is hanged continued the
attorney it will bo upon tho word of
Mrs Logan O Swope tho only wit
ness who testified that the physician
knew of the residuary portion of the
Swope estate the explanation the
state gives for the physicians rea
son for wanting to get rid of the mil
Mr Walsh had not concluded his
speech at noon
Seattle Wash May 12J E Raci
er formerly prominent In state poll
tics and a t one tIme a member of the
I leglslatuic died yesterday after fast
Ing thirtynine days Ruder had boon
I suffering from stomach rouble and
upon the advice of a woman physi
cian decided to take the starvation
treatment The city health commis
sioner tried to Induce him to take
nourishment but he refused and as
there was no Iaw by which he could
be forced to eat lie wns left to hIs
fate Coroner J C Snyder said that
no inquest would be held
Laat year Ruder was arrested In
connection with the operation of an
I alleged fraudulent land scheme and
was released under bonds of 2 > 500
UWWUPWtJWV 0 0 0 0 0 0
o 0
o j 0
O Cincinnati May 12Accord O
O Ing to a latter from President 0
O John Hays Hammond of the 0
0 National League < of Republi 0
O can cJllblP l3st > night Colonel 0
O RooaevcU will mako his first 0
O political speech tin ehe loft 0
O tho Whllo Houseon JunoY 2S 0
O at the biennial meeting of the 0
O clubs In Now York City 0
O 0
New York Muv 1 The youngest
stowaway that ovor arrived in New
York City is Philip Ingrabam a seven
yearold Jamaica negro boy who ar
rived on the steamer Tnguas from
Kingston Ho was playing tag on the
Kingston water front when hunger I
drove him to the Tnguas Going
about the hold of the vessel he found
a few discarded bhcultfl and after
eating them fell fast aslepp He did
not wake up until thc steamer was
I ten hours out from port
Chicago May 12 Kenoshn WIs
has followed the example of Chicago
and has appointed a woman to head
I Its public school system The board
I of education yesterday elected Mrs
I Mary D Bradford to the position At
present she is In charge of the teach
ers training college of the State Nor
mal school at Whitewater and Is
known as a writer of books on edu
cational matters
Duluth lInn May 12 Superstit
ious ones among vessel mon here
have just discovered that the lumber
steamer F A Myer which was lost
In Lake Erie last December was
doomed to destruction by the 13
hoodoo The figures play such a con
spicuous part in the vessels last sea
son that the coincidence is interest
The vessel sailed from Duluth Fri
day August o She carried a crew of
13 men She was Insured for 13000
Her cargo consisted of 1300000 feet
of lumber She had been In the port
of Duluth 13 days After her insur
ance had lapsed and could not be re
newed the Myer left port for her final
trip of the season only to go down
in Lake Erie December 13 Her crew
Michael Elmore Rail
road Builder Passes
White Plains N Y May 12 Mich
ael Elmore pioneer railroad builder
of the west and close personal friend
of William J Bryan Is dead at his
I homo here During the thirty years
I lie spent In the western states hp
I was engaged In construction work on
practically all of the transcontinen
tal trunk lines Ho superintended
the building of a large part of the
Chicago Milwaukee St Faiths ex
tension over the Rocky Mountains to
limO Pacific coast He owned thous
ands of acres of ranch lands In Wyo
ming and Nebraska and a large stock
I farm in Missouri He was a brooder
of raco horses and tho mulep from
his Missouri farm havo been supplied
for the armies of several of the Euro
pean powers
Throughout tho west and northwest
Mr Elmore was known Ilq the Friend
of the Hobo and ho IB credited with
having given away several fortunes
to homeless and unemployd men who
appealed to him for assistance
Frightened Referee Kill
1 ed Running in Front
of a Car
Chicago May 12A fake badger
fight held in the basomont ofa sa
loon on West Madison street Tues
day night was the indirect cause of
probable fatal Injuries suffered by
Edward Maddox who rushed rom
the place and ran In front of a rapidly
moving street car He was struck by
tIme car and hurled a dozen feet re
ceiving internal injuries
Maddox was of the uninitiated and
when he entered the saloon was told
that u real badger fight was to be
held unknown to the police Ho was
asked to act as referee A dozon
others equally ignorant were alpo
chosen to decide the winner between
the badger nnd a feroclouslooKlng
bulldog When the latter was led into
the basement near tho gage supposed
to contnln a badger Trip lights were
turned low AH the capo door was
I opened to release tho badger a shot
was fired and the cry ot police caused
a panic among those unacquainted
with tho program i
Maddox with his coat turned ineldb
out to jjlslingulsh him as referee was
the most frightened man in tho1 crowd
as he fled from the place AB ho
reached the street hu rolled to notice
the car approaching at full speed and
ran in front ot IL
fY rtyrAA i
Boat Strikes a Rock in the Swift Current of
the Mississippi River Near St Louis
and Goes to the Bottom Before
Passengers Can Be Rescued
St Louis May 121wo women pas
I sengers were drowned and eleven oth
er persons missing arc Relieved to
have lost their lives In the Mississippi
river when the nackot City of Salllllo
struck n rock and foundered In reach
I of the shore at Glen Park 24 miles
south of St Louis last night
I The Dead
Rhea Miss Anna Nashville Tcnn
Rhca Mrs Isaac T Nashville Ten
nessee body recovered
Missing and Believed Dead
Baker S C first clerk of the
Harris Mrs Joseph Nashville Ten
Patterson Mrs Archie Chester Il
linois and her 2yearold son
Plckeit William L salesman St
I Post Fowler third clerk
Wall Miss Lena Nashville
Head porter cabin boy and two
Captain Harry Crane in command I
of the boat and one of the survivors
announced this morning after check
I Ins up the passenger list that It was
almost certain those reported missing
were dead
The boat carried 27 passengers most
of whom wore women and children
and a crew of 30 She left St Louis
at T oclock with a heavy cargo in
cluding a number of cattle and the
o aJe was considered precarious be
cause of the great amount of drift
wood floating in the river due to the
annual spring rise
The two known dead arc the wife
and daughter of Isaac T Rhea presi
dent of the St Louts Tennessoo
River Packet company owners of the
boat S
boatMrs Rhea was dragged from tho
water alive but died v ithlu an hour I
The body of Miss Aiiup Rhea was not
recaverod Miss Uirusn Rhea anoth
er daughter escapei Thoy were en
route to their homo in NnslrvfVle after
vIsiting friends In St IxmK
Glen Park the scone of the accident
is a river landing almost inaccessible
to the telf raph lines and the news
to St LouIs In
of the disaster came I
a roundabout way from Kimmswlotk
and Sulphur Springs
Shortly before reaching Glen Park
I the Snltlllo encountered a shoreward I
draw which wns fought frantically
by the pilots The ensinosf were re
versed but the efforts to prevent the
collision wer unavailing As the big i
boat swung from the current in shore I
despite the reversed engines and the
rudder thrown haul ovor she wag
I driven with Increasing speed toward
I land and turned completely around II
With the noise of rending timbers
I and the shrieks of women and chil I
dren passengers the cries of the crew I
and the bellowing of the cattle the
I vessel struck a hidden rpck nnd sank
almost in reach of land at a point
where the water was 20 feet deep
Passengers and members of the
crow clung to the timbers while
those more fortunate loot their aid
immediately to the rescue of the help
less The majority of the pnsaengcra
were In their cabins Time csilllbion
came so suddenly they wore plunged
Into the water before they knew what
hud happened
I Captain Crane of St Jouls after his
1 escape from the river made his way
a distance of two miles In the near
est telephone station and telephoned I
the news to St Louis and De Soto
Rescue trains with physicians and 10
lief supplies were sent to the scene
this morn In
s fast as the occupants of thin
short they
Btonmor wore dragged to
were taken to the Gloncoo Comp lDY5
boarding house where they were sh < > l
tored and warmed Many of the faint
Ing women and men of tho party had
to be revived with stimulants
At the rivers brink till work of at
tempted rescue was most dishearten
ing Sometimes an alert rescuer
perched on the shore and scanning the i
dark waters would spring Into the 1
waves for a supposed struggler only
to find his goal was tho floating end
of a water logged tree
Three Highwaymen Get
2000 in Suburbs
of Seattle
Seattle Wash May 12Threo
highwaymen held up a jayas > ou
enter street car on the South Park
line of the Seattle Electric company
shortly aLter one oclock this morn
Ing and escaped with money and oth
er valuables estimated at between
1500 and S2000 The hold up oc
curred at the Spokane avenue trcstlo
on First Avenue South
Twenty passengers all men were
on the car which the three bandits
boarded Just after It loft the business
section of tho city They remained
quietly In their seats until it stopped
at Spokane avcntio There they held
UD the conductor and signalled the
f motorman to stop the car The pas
I sengers and crew were lined up In a
row and while two of the men cov
ered them WjUx their revolverstho
third stood to ono side and relieved
each man of his valuables as ho was
ordered out oC line and marched
down tho aisle
When tho robbers had completed
tholr work one of them entered the I
motonnans compartment and ran tho
car to Edmonds a small station north J
I of Georgetown where tho men got I I
oft and entered the Northern Pacific I
freight yards It is thought they
boarded a southbound train which
I left shortly after
The heaviest losers in thoJiold lip
were saloon keepers and bartenders
who were on their way home after
their nights work One man claims
to havo lost 31250 in money and jew
elry and another says that ho was i
robbed of270 In cash
I t
I Cleveland 0 May t2TJ1o nerv
iest mun I ever drove a car for Is
how Howard Hifiloy John D Rocke
fellers former chauffeur yesterday
described the mlllionaireamotoring
Rockefeller always places confidence
In his driver continued Hisloy He
never becomes excited or worried
when his car gets into a traffic pinch
or Is running over dangerous roads
Ono time last winter in Now York
when wo were driving over icy roads
Mr Rockefeller stuck to tho car af
ter three guests riding with him got
out owing to the danger
New York May 12 Stanley Kel
duel has been matched with Pork
Flynn tho Boston middleweight in a
twelveround bout before tho Armory
Athletic association of Boston on
I next Tuesday nighL
flow Big Is Ogdeni i
I Guess Ogden City has a Population of
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April t
I 1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
I Sa being paid gt least one day in advance of the day the Census
Director announces the population of Ogden MAY 121910 I
I Sign Here
IllIow Big Is Weber Countyi
itA I guess Weber County has a Population of >
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April I
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
I being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census i
Director announces the population of Weber County
I MAY 12 1910
SIgn Hee
4 4
rIi J
t4 I

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