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JI < < C F J
377 i + 7 C r e 0
x r r c > 3 w <
7 sir n J
I Ali fJft ralT < irl
t I
t tI
i I
t I Best Calico GJry
I Burmah Ghallics q i 04 C
I Best Arooskog Apron Ginghams f I OG72
12 I2c Ginghams P J 10 Ii
I I loc Ginghams f j A
I 60c Silks 1 1 4nf
I 75e Silks 5
I 100 Silks I 01 cit3
I 81 10 Silks r 6
i I Ladies 25c Collars and Jabots i54 E
I Ladies 35c Collars and Jabots < o 85 < >
i 73c Kaysers short silk gloves h 50
I i LOO Kaysers short silk gloves I r 750
I 5c20c Box Stationery 10 1
i I 35c Box Stationery JS i
GOo Box Stationery 380
n 200 pairs 2oe to 3f > e Ladies Sample Ilnso 0p
f I 300 pairs 23 c to Sot Mens Sample Hose 200
I 15c Ladies Summer Knit Vests 100
I 17 l2c Ladies Summer Knit Vest 12 t f
I 20c Ladies Summer Knit Vests 150
255 Ladies Summer Knit Vests 20 I
35f Ladies Summer KnilrVests 5f
20c to 25c Tooth Brushes 159 j
f 75c to 125 Hair Brushes l 4 9
lOc Hand Brushes 050 ij
loe Hand Brushes f OSc j
t Special Hair Not r 100
Special Hair Net 150 m
OUF Entire Lot i Sample Hansel
Bags at CosH r
125 Corsets 3100
175 Corsels
Sbee I I
Crown 72x90 regular SOc now f 709
f crown Slx90 regular Ooe now s50
I I Extra Heavy 81x90 regular S5e now 1 75 <
f Sampson 72x90 regular 65c now I 55r
i r Sampson 81x90 regular 75c now y tJF >
Dwight Anchor 83x90 regular lif now 950
i r Rival Hemstitched 81x90 regular 100 now r O
Pillow Cases
j I Extra Fine 4536 regular 27 l2e now 2 27Y
Spartan 45x36 regular 17 J2e now 15c7
t Extra Heavy 42x38 2 regular 20c now 17
I I t Spnrtan Hemstitched 45x36 regular 20oynow 1 < I 15f
r Spartan Hemstitched 42x66 regular 17il2e IIOVA 121 2
j 1 > r d
HORSE CAVE Ky May llr After
a thrilling flight oC MO miles during
which they ascended to an altitude of
20000 feet and encountered two
snowstorms A Holland Forbes of
I Brldgeort Conn prosident of the
I Aero Club of America and J C Yates
of Kcw York lost control or their
balloon the Viking yesterday after
1 noon nnd descended so quickly that
I both were badly bruised and the bal
l loon partly wrecked Tho balloon
1 came to earth near Center Ky a
i hamlet about twenty miles from Horse
Care and dipped through tho final
I 100 feet of space like a stone The
5 escape of tho balloonists from instant I
f death was little short of miraculous
i Wo left Quincy III at G55 oclock
Nonday evening said Mr Forbes
We were hoping to strike favor
Inblo air currents from the west that
I might givo us chance at the long
r distance record We were carried in
k a semicircle however passing over
parts of Illinois Missouri Indiana and
i Kentucky Tuesday morning wo cn
l countered intense cold and a severe
snowstorm at an altitude of 16000
feet Tuesday afternoon at an alti
tude of 16000 feet wo ran Into au
+ I other snowstorm Shortly afterward
> iwo shot up to 20600 feet From that
frtlme on the cold was so intenso we
I f bCCamo benumbed and halt stuplflod
and gradually lost power to control
I tho balloon I
t I cannot tell what the altitude was
1 I just beforo wo mado our tine drop
I k but efforts to letout gas by the valve
C bad notsucceeded in
hrlujdngus to
i the ground aa fast as desired
I I Finally I decided to use the rip
cord before wo lost consciousness on i
tlrcly In somo manner as yet un i
L discovered Uio cord did not work well
nand ripped tho bag almost from top I I
rlto botton Tho descent was terrific
II and I judge that for tho last hundred I
f feet thero was very little gas left in
k tho balloon as it fell like a stone
t r
r r
WASHINGTON May 11 President
Taft today paid tribute to the foreign
Eoldlcrs who helped the Unltcd States
I win Independence He attended the
unveiling of the statues of Pulaskl and
f Kosclusko tho former at Thirteenth
Rtreot and Pennsylvania avenue nad
tho latter in Lafayette Square fr
Taft delivered the eulogy at tho Pu
laskl statue while Secretary Dickin
son was the principal speaker at the
Koacinsko ceremonies
The president said
It is idle to speculate what might
have happoaed in u0 war of tho rev
olution had wo not been assisted by
foreign nations and subjects of for
clsn countries It
Is sufficient for ns
that those who assisted us in thnt
struggle contributed tr
materially to our
Hence to Lafayette to Rochnm
beau to Von
5KiM 2 to Detail to
Pulaski to KoscluH ko and to other
It is flttlngthnt thoro bo erected mon
uments like this
that it
may bo un
derstood AmoricAjs grateful and holds I
rJn sweet memory those who came
to her In liorhour ot danger and o c I
I When CountCa3lmir Pulaskicnme
here the American army practically
had no cavalry and to him with the
permission of Washington and with
the vote of
was turned over
the question of tho organisation of
a cavalry force
Subsequently organizing an lade
pendent legion known as PulasklR
legion he fought his way from north
to south until finally after taking
part in the campaign about Charles
ton he lost his life In a brilliant
charge at tho siege of Savannah
Chivalric and of knightly form
brave dashing courageous but gentle
as a woman sweet in all the associa
I tions of life there hangs about him
I all the romance of ancient Unicht
fAR lllS
I Lecture on Tuberculosis
I Worse Than the
I r
f Washington May 12That fear to a
greater influence toward promoting
tuberculosis than all other cause I
against which this public health
j alarmists arc trying to protect the
pcupli was the claim of Charles W
MJIIor of Idaho who was the princi
pal speaker HI rite meeting of rile
Aesoolnled Dairymen of tho District
of Columbia Maryland and Virginia
f hold hero last night In mipport of
his contention Mr MIHor said that
J I In bin state the death rate from tu
berculosis last year gained more than
120 per cent over the previous year
t under it health crusade of the health
f authorities
I Going into particulars he said that
I I a mate lecturer was employed who I
II doweled himoolf constantly to Riving
I lectures by magic lanterns depicting
I the terrors of tho wilto plague be I
I lore farmers institutes and gatherings
i of teachers and school children
J People left these exhibitions great
ly depressed snld Mr Miller and
with many the depression was turned
I into terror from perusal of tho week
I ly are bulletins which the state tu
berculosis lecturer furnished the
I nowrpnpers The result was that
many peoplo for
prepared consump
tion and readily fell victims to It
I Ho said he bad no doubt that the anti
tuberculosis scare crusade had brought
like lesults In other states He de
clared the agitation to be in the in
terest of a department of public
J health
I Another sensational claim was put
forth by A S Trundle who undertook
to allow that unreasonable harass
ments to which the dairymen were be
I ing subjected on health grounds wero
largely in the interest of a last com
I bination that Is striving to monopo
lize the dairy business of the country
BERLIN May nA sham fight in
which 12000 German soldiers of all
arms took part occupied the attention
of Colonel Roosevelt and Emperor
William for several hours this morn
ing After the battle which tool place
on the Held at Doeberitz the whole
body of troops paraded before the ex
president and the emperor who were
standing side by side some twenty
paces in front of the gorgeous staff
They saluted the colors of the various
commands the emperor touching his
milinct and Colonel Roosevelt lifting
his sombrero
Speaking partly in English and part
ly In German the emperor turning to
Colonel Roosevelt said I
You arc the first civilian who has
reviewed our soldiers nnd then to
the German officers
We are honored In having here the
distinguished colonel of the Rough
The former president was five hours
In the saddle and spent much Hmo
talking wllh the emperor Thoy drew
apart from the others and at times
wore caecedlsit ly > ehom < nt in their
gsturcrt Colonel Roosevelt wore a
dingy khaki flniform while the om
pcror and his generals ju uniforms of
bluo and gold helmets made a strik
ing contrast
Colonel Roosevelt snld tonight that
ho foil quite ablr to d llvcr luIK Inc
hire tomorrow before lie tinlvonalty
Dr Frnenkel who has been treating
tho exprcBidenls throat said In all
probability ho would permit his pa
tient to carry out his plans It was
triii IIP added hat the colonels
voice Is husky and would seem to
ho unequal to the tush but thin doc
tor was confident that hn could clear
It up A dinner wn given at the
American pinbaiwy tonight the guests
In addition to the Roosovolts includ
ing the imperial chancellor Dr Von
BothmannHoIlweR Foreign Socrc
tnry V > n Scho n lie rector of this
university Henry Whlto former
American anibtS8ndbr to France and
Mrs White and Mr and Mrs Seth
Some Ogdcn People Fall to Realize
the Seriousness of a Dad Back
Tin constant aching of a bad back
The weariness the tired fooling
The pains and aches of kidney Ills
Are serious If neglected I
Dangerous urinary troubles follow
An Ogden citizen shows you how to I
avoid them
Mrs F J Moody 928 Capitol Ave
Ogden Utah says Donng Kidney
Pills brought a wonderful change in
my condition In loss than a month I
rnffered Intensely from Inflammatory
rheumatism a swelling of my foot
and limbs Nothing helped me ct all
until I began using Deans Kidney
Pills Although it may seem Increll
hie tho contents of one box cured the
trouble and left my entire system In
n healthy condition It Is a pleasure I
to recommend Doans Kidney Pills 1
From statement given July 20 1000
TwiceTold Testimony
Mrs Moody was Interviewed on July
29 1000 and she confirmed the above
testimonial in the following wnnlst
I cnn still recommend Doans Kidney i
Pills highly and willingly allow the I
publication of my former endorse
ment This remedy has certainly been I I
of great benefit to me i
For sale by all dealers Price fiO
cents Foster Milbnrn Co Buffalo
Now York sole agents for the United
Remember the nnuic Bonns and
take no other
r 0 fARIf G ClOSE u
NEW YORK May ITho case of
F Augustus Hclnzc former president I
of the Mercantile National bank ac
cused by the government of misappli
cation of the banks funds and over
certification of checks of Otto Heinze
Co his brothers firm will go to
tho jury tomorrcr evening
The taking of testimony came If a
close late today and the summing up
and the courts charge will wind up
the trial tomorrow
A big surprise was sprung by the
defense today in resting Its caso with I
out calling Ileinze to the stand Prose I
cutor Wise in turn rested his case
without any attempt at rebuttal
Under the ruling of Judge Hough
confining the charges to tho single
transaction of a 500000 loan on Oc
tober 14 1007 made by the Mercan
tile Bank to Otto Heinze Co the
defense confined itself to one lino of J
attack on the indictment i t
Shooting Stars Will Be
Seen in Ogden Next
I Wednesday Night
fOK Angeles tiny 12Prnfcsor
George Hale director of tho Car
QKo solar obicmuury has given out
several facts regarding Halloys com
el not heretofore officially made pub
The comet ho says was near
ost ho snu April 20 At that timo It
ewes 1000000 miles trom the sun
Since that limo It hnn boon moving I I
away from the sun and toward the
earth It will he neatest the earth
May 18 when It will bo 1 lnooolrt
miles distant On that date the corn
et will jmKS between the earth and
sun at about G oelockln the evening
Los Angeltss time Five oclock Os
den time it will require about fifty
minutes for the nucleus of the comet
to make its transit
During tho time the comet passes
r between the earth and sun the earth
will also be passing through the great
tail of the cornel At present the tall
is between 20000000 and 25000000
miles Ions and at a distance of 15
000100 miles from tho hond of the
comet at the point the earth will pass
through it the diameter of tho tail is
about r000000 miles Of coiirc as
the comet moos awav from tho sun
the tall becomes smaller but from
present calculations tt will take the
earth about 12 hour 10 pass through
It Thus It will enter the tall May IS
and will have passed completely I
through It y H oclock that same night
Ten oclock Ogden time
The comet will not lie visible on
that date and will not be visible again
until about May 20 There probably
will be many shooting stars
Beautiful Women of the 400 Who Have
Luxuriant Hair I
In gay New York where women got
their Ideas from their foreign sisters
the hair tonic called Parisian Sage Is
In great demand
Parisian Sage is the discovery of a
well known scientist and he claims
mist emphatically that it IB the only
hair preparation that will kill the
persistent dandruff terms
tees Parisian Sage to cure dandruff
In two weeks to stop falling hair to
make dull lifeless and colorless hair
beautiful and luxuriant to cure all
Itching diseases of the scalp or mon
ey back
The price Is only 50 cents a large
bottle Glroux Mfg Co Buffalo N Y
Continued from Page Ono
civilization that flourished In tho
Mcdltcirancan lands twenty centuries
ago and they preceded the downfall
of the older civilization Yet the
differences are many and some of
them arc < iilte as striking as the sim
ilarities The single fact that the old
civilization was based upon slavery
shows the chasm that separates the
lo Lot me point out one further
and very significant difference In the
development of the two civilizations
a difference so obvious that it is as
jtgnlshlng thai It has not h nl dwclt
uponIty menpff strata f o y
One of the prime dancers of civil
ization hasalways been Its tandjpnci
tocttusetLeloss tit the vJrllo fight
Ing virtue j of tho Ulghtliig j edge
When men get too comfortable and I
lead too luxurious hives there Is al
ways danger lest the softness eat
llko an acid Into their manliness of
liber Tho barbarian because of the
very conditions of his life Is forced
lo keep and develop certain hardy
qualltlcn which the man of civiliza
tion tends to lose wnoihor ho boj
clerk factory hand merchant or even 1
a certain typo of farmer Now T will
not assort that In modern civilized
society these tendencies have been 1
wholly overcome hut there has been
a much more successful effort to
overcome them than was the case In
tho early clvlllxntion
What is the lesson to us today
Are we to go the way of the older
civilization Tho Iminons Increase
In the area of civilized activity to
day so that it Is nearly coterminous
with the worlds surface thu Im
meiiKe Increase In tho multitudinous
variety of its activities the Immense
Increase In the velocity of tho world
njneinentHro all these to moan
merely that the crush will be all the
more complete and terrible when it
comes We cannot he cartoln that the
answer will he in the negative but of
this we can be certain that we ahall
not go down in ruin unless we de
servo nnd earn our ond There Is no
necessity for us to fall we can how I
out our destiny for ourselves If only
we have tho wit and the courago and
tho honesty I
Personally I do not believe that
our civilization will fall I think that I
on tho whole we have grown better I
and not worse I think that on the
whole the future holds more for us I
than cvci the great past has held
But assuredly the dreams of golden
glory of tho future will not come true
unless high of heart and strong of
hand by our own mkhty deeds we
make them come true Wo cannot af
ford to develop any one set of qual
ities any ono set of activities at tho
cost of seeing others equally neces
sary atrophied Neither the military
efficiency of the Mongol tho extra
ordinary business ability of the Phoe
nician nor the subtle and polished
Intellect of the Greek availed to avert
We the men of today and of the
future need many qualities if wo are
to do our wore well We need first
of all and most Important of all tho
qualities which stand at the base of
Individual of family life the funda
mental and essential qualities
the homely everyday allIm
portant virtues If the average
man will not work If ho had not In
him the will and the power to he a
good husband and father If the aver
age woman is not a good housewife
n good mother of many healthy child
ren then the state will topple will
go down no matter what may ho Its
brilliance of artistic development or
material achievement
But these homely qualities arc not
enough There must In addition be
that power of organization that power
of working in common for a common
end which tho German people have
shown In such signal fashion during
tho last half century Moreover the I
things of the spirit are even more
important than the things of the
body We can well do without tho
hard intolerance and arid intellectual
ual barrenness of what was wor t
in the theological systems of tho past
but there has never been greater need I
of a high and fine religious spirit than
at the present time So while we
can laugh goodhuroorcdh at some of
the pretensions of modern philosophy
in its various branches It would he
worse than folly on our part to Ignore
our need of Intellectual leadership I
Your own great Frederick onco said
that if he wished to punish a province
he voultl leave It to be governed by
philosophers tho sneer had in It an
element of justice and yet no one hot
I r r 1ii
11I 1 z
I Of course and a big variety
The tub cannot wither nor
dirt destroy They come out
fresh from each washing
Prices 50c to 5 t
Modern Clothes
I f Come on T Wash Ave
I fi J In S I lfOP At 2365
i Business Properly on Washington Avenue
I Mrasfi be Sold at Once I
350 24th Street CARL C RASMU3SON
O1t1 hJ = < HI
ter than the great Frederick know
the value of philosophers the value
of men of science men of letters men
of art It would he a bad thing Indeed
to accept Tolstoy as a guide In social
and moral matters but it would also
I be a had thing not to have Tolstoy
not to profit by thelofty side of his
teachings There arc plenty of scien
tific men whose hard arrogance whose
cynical materialism whose dogmatic
intolerance put them on a level with
the bigoted mediaeval ecclcslasticlau
which they denounce Yet our dhl I
to scientific men is incalculable and
our civilization of today would have
reft from it all that which most high
ly distinguishes It if the work of the
great masters of science during the
past four centuries were now undone
or forgotten Never has philanthropy
humanllarism seen such development
as now and though we must all be
ware of the folly and tho viciousness
no worse than folly which marks the
believer in the perfectibility of man
when his heart runs away with his
head or when vanity usurps the place
of conscience yet we must remember
her also that It Is only by working
I along the lines laid down hy the phil
anthropists by the lovers of man
kind that we can be sure of lifting
our civilization to a higher and more
permanent plane of wellbeing than
was ever attained by any preceding
The Fighting Edge
Unjust war is to he abhorred but
woe to the nation that docs not make
ready to hold Its own in time of need
against all who would harm It and
woe thrice over to the nation in
which the average man loses the
fighting edge loses the power to
serve as a soldier If tho day of need
should arise
It Is no Impossible dream to build
up a civilization In which morality
ethical development and a true feel
ing of brotherhood shall alike bo di
vorced from false sentimentality and
from the rancorous and ell passions
which curiously enough so often ac I
I company professions of sentimental
attachment to tho rights of man n
which a high material development In I
the things of tho body shall h n d
achieved without subordination of the
things of the soul in which there j
shall he a genuine desire for peaco t
and justice without loss ot those vlr J 1
lie finalities without which no love of j
peace or justice shall avail any rncc i
In which the fullest development of I
scientific research the great distin
guishing feature of our present civ t
ilization shall yet not Imply a bo I
lief that intellect can over take tbo c
place of character for from th < t
standpoint of tho nation as of thus t
Individual it Is character that Is the t
one vital possession I
Finally this world movement ot 1
civilization this movement which U
now felt throbbing in every comer
of the globe should bind tho natioaj
of the world together while yet lear
Ing unimpaired that love of country I
In the individual citizen which in the
present singe of the worlds progress
Is essential to the worlds wellbelns
You my hearers and I who speak to
you belong to different nations Un
der modern conditions the hooks wo
rend the news sent by telegraph to
our newspapers the strangers vo
meet half of the things we hear and
do each day all tend to bring us in
to touch with other peoples Eacn 4
people can do Justice to Itself only If
II does Justice to others but earn J
people can do Its part In the world
movement for all only If it first doM
Its dut within Its own household This i
good citizen must bo a good citizen of
his own country first before he can j
with advantage lie a citizen of thu
world at large I wish you well I c
believe In you and your future I ad 1 II
mire and wonder at the extraordinary S
greatness and variety of your achieve 0
ments in so many and such widely dif n
ferent fields and my admiration an I C
regard are all the greater and not s I
the less because I am so profound n II
believer in the Institutions and flue W
people of my own land a
t > K rn a M weir5MrM > ijunr y > r n H wasuc Ir
I t M J Yx 1 F ti 1F r Cv j hi
i r II
t j nY 234jEtr
fI r Y i
ciliJ at 5 4r b b In
Washington t r i 4
t > 1r r g ti t r1 r Washington rn
Avenue frl
r St rr Z 4 Avenue n
I In
iC1 Z tR l
r Ifn
r F1 6 J tOil f P
E t t ray i
Oil me Ogden 3ild Sail IJake CitY9 Stores9 Consis ing oj ff
Clothing FuratsliiiCHS Eats and She tor Men Women and Children win be IPHaced on S de
r tt i t t
s C
rr 1tt
11 mor
maMa ll
f j IX I CAnd n hi r
a t SO c 60 7 S R h n n II S tJiLg8 U b T
0 e ann c on 1 e U lJ r r ar Less O O o
S E E Frid J iiforning and Evening Papers lor ilillParticuD 11
H l o n Will Se Itie Greatest Slall hier That Was Ever Attempted O O O
r 1Io J E
n M T l po H r + 4 =
rl J t 2j L 00
zo J
I = < 7 =
E = It7R all

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