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i > f i 1
I E 1
r t
Cyclone Johnny Thompson of Syc
II amore HI unassuming quiet and al
I ways a gentleman won the respect
I and admiration of 3000 fight fans at
I 1 the Saltalr hippodrome last night
i when be knocked out Pcto Sullivan of
f Fall River JIass While Thompson
j I had ii hundred rooters from Ogden
I I from beginning to end within ten min
utes after his aggressive and hard
I j fighting against tho Pride of Utah
I I who was very much on the defensive
Thompson < began winning over the
Bait hake fans When tho lefthand
swing knockout blow was delivered
In the ninth round and tho Pride of
I Utah was Gtlll on the floor after tho
ten count then the Pride of Syca
more was given an ovation tho like
of which has never been given any
Bghtcr in the stale
From the tap of the gong in the
I I first round to the ninth round Thomp
ion was doing nil the fighting Sill I
Jlvan would clinch and hang on and I
toper his nce with his arms In the
I tocond round Thompson had his man
jilmosl out but Sullivan was saved by I
the gong From the second round to
the end of tho go Sullivan plainly
showed that lie would rather Icoop
close to Thompson than have a repe
11 tition ot the second round
In the ninth round the Sycamore
ti lad started fighting from the tap of
1 the gong and came on so fast that
l I the Fall River boy had no time to
recover from the cyclonic attacks
I when the terrific lefthand swing to
the Jaw was delivered
As Battling Nelson tolosrapbed to
Ogden last week that ho did not care
1 to meet Thompson as ho did not
I think ho could do Justice to tho pub
I lic and himself last nights victory
puts Thompson In Hue to moot Ad I
I Wolcast for tho championship In tho
I nf bPtttlch Thompson has been in
he has never been knocked out but
has met all the topnolchcrs In the
lightweight class nt different times
r nnd has scored victories over ninety
I the per cent of them It Is evident
J that K match between Thompson and i
Wolgast will ho arranged If Nelson
etlll refuses to meet Thompson
r Kid Forbes easily disposed of Kid
j Ople by the knockout route In tho
third round Up to that time the
contest was fast and full of clean
Jack Downey made a lIlt with tho
crowd knocking out Kid Frazzles in
the first round ot a fourround go
ti PlAY BAll
Ogden will soon be in tho baseball I
I uwim
A committee composed of thoso
well known baseball enthusiasts Dad
GImlin Walter A Sanderson and An
gus Kennedy circulated among tho
i baseball fans yesterday and met with
I a high degree of success Although tho
committee called upon but few of
those known to be good follows
something like 400 was ralBQd In a
I very hort period of lime
The good work will continue until
a sum Inrgo enough tQ inhuurc the plac
ing of a flrat cls team before the
public has been raised ThoaoNwho
have contributed mi to dale and the
amounts am as follows
Tho Mayor 100 Antus Kennedy
25 Troy Ijiundry 25 Eccloa
Lumber company 325 Heunen way
Moser company 25 Ogden Wholesale
Drug compauj 2G A L Brewer
25 Peer Bros 25 P Healey 25
A R Jloywood 25 Alhaiubra Theat
rical company S2 H L Griffin Co
e25 American Linen Simply Co 10
W H Harris Ogden Paint and Glass
company 5 Proudflt Sporting Goods
company 25 and J W Scott 525 I
In 190S 1000 was raised and a
team organized It is thought Unit an I
amount equal to or exceeding this cum
will ho subscribed within tho next two
or three days
American Aesocatlon
At Kansas City Toledo II Kansas
City 2
t Minneapolis Minneapolis I In I
dianapolis 2
At Milwaukee Columbus I Mil
waukee 11
American League
At Now York Detroit u New York
At Posfon St Louis 2 Hoslon 1
At Philadelphia Cleveland 0 Phil I
adelphia I
Nnticnnl League I
At Chicago Chicago 1 New York
11 9 At Plttsburg Pitt burg 9 Brooklyn I
AL finclunntl Philadelphia I
Cincinnati S I
At St Louis St Louis 5 Boston 3
v Western League
At net JnGDos Moines C St
Joseph 17
At Omaha Omaha fi Topeka P
A Sioux CitySioux City 9 Wich
ita P
Al Lincoln Lincoln 1 Denver 10 I
Pacific Conct League
At Oakland Oakland 11 San Fran I
cisco 1
At Los Angoles Los Anloles 3
Portland G
A Sacmmcnto Vornou I Sacra
mento 2
New York May laIhue question
what is a snail is the latest subject
to receive the nltcntlou of the board
I of United States general uppralseis
According to tho varying opinions of
tariff experts as put Tjclorc the
board the snail could be a live unl
mal n shrimp a shellilbh or l
simply a raw or manufactured ar
ticle But at last it has boon de
ckled that snails are live animals
and as such cannot be admitted u
this country free of duty
There appears to us to be an In
congruity says lie learned apprais
ers III their repoit in laming a
snail a raw or manufactured article
Wo are nol altogether clear that as
sessment bhould be made under the
provision lor lic animals but It can
not ho denied thai the snail falls un
der the head of anlmnl life rather than
vegetable nr mineral
Sacramento May 13The Runcho
dol Paso former home of the James
B Hagglu string of thoroughbreds
has been sold by lfucgln and the
Tevis heirs to a Minneapolis land com
pany headed by George W Butler
The price paid by tho purchasers Is
between 1500000 and 2000000 The
ranch contains 11000 acres
S S S is a real curo for Contagious Blood Poison because it is a real blood
purifier Wo all realize that this disease Is a specific blood Infection of the most
powerful nature the virus of which so thoroughly poisons the corpuscles of tho
circulation that Its symptoms aro manifested over almost the entire body First
comes tiny sore or plmplo then the mouth and throat ulcerate the glands in
tho groin swell tho hair begins
to fall out skin diseases break out on tho body
sores and ulcers appear and oven thc bones acho with rheumatic pains It Is
reasonable to believe that in a blood poison
so powerful as this that only a
Wood pUrifier can have any permanent good effect S S S is the grcatcsi of all
blood purifiers it goes into tho circulation and by thoroughly cleansing the blood
ol every particle of tho
virus makes
a permanent and lasting cure of
Oontazlous Blood Poison It does not hide or cover up the dlsoaso in tho system
but It entirely removes the last trace of Its destructive If
you aro uuf
1enng with this disease Sl Sl S < will curo you because it will cleanse yourblood
and enrich its
healthpromoting corpuscles s e S io made entirely of healing
cleansing in its roots herbs md barks and is it i I1la Oo absolutely safe nnd certain
results that everyone may euro themselves at homo and be assured tho
cure rill be
permanent and lasting Homo treatment book
I valuable information containing much
successful treatment sent froo to all who write
I i
2 t
Ii t
The Hub Is the Life o f
the Vehicle
r <
You catnotenjoy every minuto of your ride if the vehicle is
equipped with cheap springs Our NEW 1910 stock just re
ceived hi THE THE
It will pay you to investigate before buying
r ft A 7 5 0 N N
Before Judge John A Marshallin
lie United States district court Thurs
day the trial of Fran Hamioii for
mer postmaster of Fillmore Utah on
the charges of theft of the United
States mall and stamps and the do
filructlon of government property by
the postofflce was begun This case
has become quite celebrated In the
legal annals of Utah because of the
many peculiar circumstances and In I
cldonls surrounding it and the fact
thai tho defendant Ic u brother of WII i
lard Hanson former county attorney
and George Hanson secretary to Unit
ed States Senator George Sutherland I
Hanson appeared in court accom
panied by his brother Willard
The first witness called was J C
Kelly present postmaster at Flllmoro
who testified that Hanson came to tho
prstonlcc about 4 oclock on the after
noon of the day of the fire Lie was
about to clcbo tho postofllcc when
Hanson called and offered to put up
ho shutters on tho outer window
This the postmaster refused Then he
took the postmaster to a room In the
rear to show him whore a lock had
been broken by a burglar and he
seemed to tako a good deal of notice
of tho arrangement the rooms
Miss Hazel Bcauregard of Flllmoro
was the next witness and she told of
havlnc mailed a letter to her brother
lu Salt Lake City on thy afternoon of
the day the postolllco was burned She
was shown a letter and identified it
as the one she mailed and said sho
thought It was burned In the lire
In the opening statement It was
announced that the Bcauregard letter
was found In Hansons house
Former Slicrlff Black said on hear
ing the alarm of fire he ran to tho
postoflice and tried to enter the build
Ing but the fire was too strong He
then tried to got to the window so
that he coud get records that were
kept on a table near it but the flames
burst out and he was driven back
Sheriff Black undor crossexamin
alien said hn met Hanson the day af
lei the fire He was Indignant and
Intimated that tho sheriff had made
a statement that he had burned up
the pOBtofflco This the sheriff de
Some Damaging Testimony
Ira Warner a young man about 20
was next called and he gave some
damaging testimony He stated that
about 1130 on the night of the llrp
about hnlf u block from the postofflcc
he met Hanson Hanson was not
dressed up as usual He wore a slouch
hat pulled down over his eyes his
coat collar was Bulled up he wore no
collar or Ho and witness had never
> QII ihim dressed that war before
Twice the witness said Good even
ing to Hanson and got no reply
Thpn ho prabbed his hat and recog
tmabtor Han
nlzod the former postmaster
son told Warjier to mind his own
business He walked with Hanson
to Uio end of the block and the latter
said lie was going to Lon Huntsmans
Witness loft Hanson nnd met a friend
Winnie Trimble and he asked him
to go oxor and see If he knew Hanson
which he did The defendant Instead
of going in the direction of Hunts
mans house turned toward the posl
office The witness followed him and
saw him go Into tho wagon shed be
Iwee1 Stevens storo and the postof
Icc Witness went Into the shed but
could not had Hanson He thought
perhaps he had gone to the park so
the witness climbed the fence and
got into the park but he could not
find Hanson there Warner got home
about 12 oclock went to bed hut Had
not fallen asleep when his sister came
and told him Stevens store Is burn
Ing down About half an hour after
he arrived at the fire Hanson came
He was then attired in a stiff hat
with collar and tlo and a black suit
The night after the fire witness
met the defendant Hanson said ru
mors wore about that he had burned
the postomco You know when I wont
home said Hanson Witness replied
I know when I left you Hanson
continued I was home in bed hours
before tho tire broko out Again Han
son said I was lying in bed read
ing and heard the lire alarm and his
last statement was that he smelt
straw burning
Charles Laver excity marshal 01
Flllmore was next called and his ap
pearance on the stand was the occas
ion of calling from the defense sev
eral strenuous objections to his testi
mony relative to searching the Han
son house and finding the ten letters
Attorney Booth asked the witness if
he searched the Hanson house after
the postofUce fire and ho replied in
the affirmative
The next question asked was what
ho found in the room occupied by
Frank Hanson
The witness replied that Sheriff Ro
le found letters on the top of a cup
boanllhut were posted tho night of
tho fire here were ten letters in
all Ho was shown the letters and
identified them one being addressed
to JOQ Beauregard Salt Lake City
School Board Denies Governors Re
quest Relative to Battleship
Sfver Service
Salt Lake May 13The city board
of education denied the request of
Governor William Spry for permission I
to al the pupils In the public
schools of the city for contributions
for Hip and for tho purchase of the
silver service lo bp presented lo the
new battleship Utah The commute
which has In hand the mutter of rats
lug the noccBsary funds decided to
ask ibp school children of the etato
for contributions of from ten to twon
ty cent each but at the city board
of education has adopted a rule pro I
hibiting tho nollclllng of contrllmtloiiR
In the public schools for any purpose
tho governor addressed a communlca >
tlon to the board asking that that rule
bo sot aside in the present Instance
A roport was submitted to tho board
from the couimltloe on teachera and
school work recommending that tho
permission be grouted but there was
sonic opposition toIt and Jt was lost
by a tie vote of five to five Mr Moyle
made the only argument against tho
proposition Ho declared that It
would establIsh a bad precedent
which might cause trouble lu the fu
turn and ho did not consider It suoli
a jjorthy object aa to require the 1
Board to break Its Ironclnd rule
TJts means thai the pupils of the
public scjlopls the city will not be
aikcd forJcontrlhutlone for the silver
servicebut they may upon their own
volition scud their contributions to
the regular committee and In that way
assist Irl thoraking of the fund The
planas Adopted by thekcenoral com
mitt e llj be jcarcfod out In all tHo
othyr Schools the stnte at any rate
The Seventh National Encampment
United States Spanish War Veterans
will be held In Denver September C
7 and 8 1910 The Executive Com
mittee In charge have begun active
Denvers reputation as a convention
city is too well established re
quire any remarks Her handling or
the TrlAnnual Conclave Knights
Templars in 1SJ2 tho splendid 30th en
campment G A R In 1905 and the
great Democratic convention of 190S
place her at tho top notch as a con
vention city The great City Audi
torium scaling 15000 is at their dis
Colonel Theodora Roosevelt will bo
there tho Rough Riders will hold one
of their famous reunions
A number of regimental reunions
arc being planned
Then there will bo the banquet the
great military parade the grand ball
sightseeing sldo trips to the foot
hills and to the splendid mountain
resorts Pikes Peak Manitou the fa
mous Cripple Creek district and tho
Backbone of tho continent the
Great Divide
There will not he an Idle moment
during convention week
CommanderinChlof Glhon will
come to Denver escorted hy his did
company seventyfive strong
This Is just a prellmlnarj announce
ment More and definite Information
will follow later
Easy to Cure
Conghs Colds Sore Throat
and Catarrh
Breathe Hyomel It will cure ca
tarrh or any nose or throat trouble
If von follow directions Dont lay It
aside when the snuffling hawking
and spitting have ceased Stick lo it
dally until you are sure that tho ca
tarrh germ IB dead and that your
air passages are free from their pois
onous Influence Hyomol pronounced
Hlghomo Is the only treatment for
noso throat and lung troubles that
has ever been sold with the 1 i1er
standing that if it did not cure Ie Was
to cogt absolutely nothing
Hyomel can be obtained at drug
gists everywhere and at B A DOOMS
PHARMACY who guarantee It to cure
catarrh croup sore throat coughs
and colds A complete outfit 100 I
which Is mighty cheap for a remedy I
that has cured more cases of catarrh
than all the catarrh specialists on
An outfit consists of an Inhaler a
bottle of Hyomol a supply pf anll
sepllc gauze a medicine droPlier and
full Instructions for use The Inlvrjfov
Is made pocket size of hard rubber
and will last a lifetime And bear In
mind that extra botths of Hyomel If
needed coat only 50 cents t
Sunday May ICth via Oregon Short
Line Round trip 100 Trains > at I
630 am 715 a m S10 a in HcOp
a m 1010 am 11 25 a m 230 p
m 400 p m 4MO p UK and 5 Hi
p m Returning leave Salt Lake
1010 a m 100 p m 22S p nij
320 pm 4i5 p ni tflo p m
605 p m and 1115 p m City
Ticket Office 2514 Washington Ave
nue E A Shewe C P T A
A farewell dancing party In honor
of Alma J Larkin and John Tlllotsou
who hare been called on a mission for
the Mormon church will be held In
the Fifth ward amusement hall this
The party was arranged for the two
young men by their friends and a
large crowd is expected to attend All
of tho friends of tho woll known young
mon are Invited
A new enterprise has been secured
for Ogden In the CbUibllshlng of a
branch agency in Ibis city by the Vlscl
Conover company jobbers of display
fixtures and brass specialties
A D Conover representing tho com
pany named was In the city yester
day and closed contracts which glvos
Manager 0 A Buschjost of the Lyman
Brothers Wholesale Millinery com
pany tho exclusive agency for this line
of rood I
Manager Buschjosl entertained Mr
Couovur in the afternoon by showing
him about the city and acquainting
him with the beauties of Ogden can
yon and vicinity
JysH Jl i I
Heall I
Never Fails to Restore
Gray Hair flo S3s Naflsiral
Color and Beawfiy
No matter how 10I1g it bag been gray
or faded Promotes a luxuriaiHijrowth
of healthy hair Stops its falling oul
and positively removes Dna
droll Keeps hrtir soft and gloss
Will not soil skin or linen Will not
Injure your hair Is not a dye
Sl and SOc bottles at druggists
Send 2c for Ina boolw Tho CareM the llalrand
SJcin PbiloJIa SpccCo ewarkNJuSA
Hays nnrZJna Soap umquaUcdjcr h0
Complexion toilet jnil bath rol rough chlprd
band Kwp Bklo Cnj D triT tUU
John A Rostbn one of the Ogden
representatives of Florida lauds hag
Just returned from a trip to Florida
and Is enthusiastic In regard to the
opening up settlement and future of
the everglade districts of that state
To a Standard reporter Mr Roston
talked entertainingly of his southern
trip and among other things said
I am Just home from a quick trip
to Florida and am moro than pleased
with conditions ae I found them on
the east coast of that state Work Is
progressing nicely In the construction
work of the drainage canals nor being
I dug there to reclaim a vast area and
that section lsat present tho objoc
I tIre point of hundreds of people who
are going there from over state In
tho UnIon and Canada to Investigate
A large number of people are In
terested In Florida lands
I left Jacksonville with Mr West
of Oklahoma and a Mr Maxwell of
SI Louis and our first stop was at
St Augustine Ihc oldest city In the
United States where wo remained
a day sightseeing visiting the Foun
tain of Youth the oldest house built
and now standing in America the alli
gator farm aud other points of Inter
terest From there wo went to Delray
and a little lator started for the
beach which Is pnly half a mile dis
tant Crossing the canal we com
menced au Investigation of condi
We visited several orange and
grapegrult groves apple orchards
and tomato patches as woll as pack
lflg houses asking questions and se
curing Information from oldtomors
Ono man there had about live acres
In fruit and perhaps tho same area
in tomatoes and pineapples He was
well satisfied and making a good
thing Another man had thirty acres
about half under cultivation and
planted In pines and tomatoes Wo
visited his packing house where they
were closing up the last of the first
crop of tomatoes These were bring
lag 50 cents per crate but we were
told that they had been selling as
high as 145 and oven 195 per crate
This man had been shipping from ono
to five carloads per week
Another mon who had just com
pleted his harvest from a threeacre
tract of tomatoes told us he had
made 1600 from the produce and
still had another crop to come An
nether man whom we talked to con
fessed that he had mado a complete
failure of his crop and ho was then
empoycd n a packing house You
see some make good and others do
not I heard while down there of
I some remarkable profits made bill I
dp npt care to repeat these as thoy
I sound loo big to us people of the
Florida has an Ideal climate
There Is no sultriness and Invariably
a cool breczo is blowing This Is one
of tho very few spots on earth where
something can be grown the entire
year It Is healthful down there and
we wore advised that there was no
malaria colds rheumatism or tuber
culosis troubles
I went up the Miami river and at
the point where tho big canal empties
Into the river there is a fruit farm
on part muck land I went through
this orchard and picked elegant
oranges and grape fruit from tho
trees The fruit Is tho finest I have
ever seen
From Miami to Jacksonville Is 3GC
miles and In that distance there aro
100 slops or an average of three and
a half miles between towns I
checked these off from a time table
and know this statement to be cor
rect Some of these towns are fairly I
goodsized little clllos and others of I
course are small settlements but the
whole country Is settling up rapidly
The local retail clerks have secured
much valuable support In their cam
paign for an early closing of Ogden
stores ou Saturday nights a number
of labor organizations and societies
having held special meetings for the
purpose of discussing the merits of
the movement
Among those who have voted to ex
tend their organized support to tho
clerks cause are the Butchers union
the Carpenters union Machinists
union Typographical union and the
DIxLogan Post No3 G A R
A number of other organizations
will hold special meetings this week
to discuss tho matter and It Is ex
pected that additional support will be
gained through that medium
A further boost for the movement
Is the posting of placards In the show
windows of the principal stores of tho
city r nounclng the fact thai these
places will be closed at 7 oclock Sat I I
urday oenlngs
WASHINGTON May 12 Agreeing
to a proposition by Senator Enlns to
i begin voting on tho long and short
haul amendments to the railroad bill
tomorrow at 1 oclock tho senate to
day took an advanced Step In the
consideration of the bill
i The agreement provides the voting
shall be concluded within the loglar
I 1tlvo day This Is an elastic arrange
moiit aud If the voting should be pro
longed there might be delay until
Saturday If the Dixon amendment
auld he voted down a number of
others mbo offered and under tho
agreement they can be debated If
ilscuscloti Is desired
The first votewill be on the Dixon
iiWuhntfrit ag a substitute for tho
Heybuni provjslbn Both of theso pro
visions seek td stiffen Qe present
jlaluto but tho Dixon substitute givcg
tho Interstate cominecej commission
mon discretion than > ucs Inc other
The organization of Republicans are
confident of the defeat of all amend
ments Considering that 19 Republl
can votes will bo cost ror tho DIxon
provision they claim 12 to 15 Demo
cratic yotcfl against IL Tho smaller
2 T
Me to iOc as d 2 for 25c sizes
4r Just to remind rWi
4 you of Tom Moore and
if the Li ± 1e Tornno need to
Iv introduce them The best I
M kfloWfl best values at a nickel
rc 0 4Y
or a cne All the difference is
i n the ze and the price9
Made of the same leaf
made in the same way0
k Mild clear through AW N
The best and
t the best for
you r 4 f
UblJ I
r om F
o I
Sw9 I atK
3 nrv
cc9 j 11 If you have the dime 1 I
If you havent the time I A
roeyre Already Introduced
a jr IL naJL5L c fijf JliM
Hemenway Moser Co DisXriSjuSors Ogden Utah
number would give them
n majority I
of five Not all the advocates of tho
provision concede the claim Some of
them contend the Republican defection
will grow to 22 while they assert
not more than eight or nine Demo
cials will vote with tho regular Re
Toward the close of the days sea
stout the Finale reached an agreement
to meet dal beginning on Monday at
11 oclock Instead of 12 oclock There
also was understandings that prac
tically nil other business even Includ
ing approprIatIon bills should be ex
cluded until disposition was made of
the railroad bill
During the debate today Mr Smoot
complained the railroads do not deal
with shipments from tho west to the
cast as they do with shipments from
the east to tho west Having said
Salt Lake City pays more on every
article shipped from eastern points
than do Pacific coast cities Mr Smoot I I
ascrtcd that In no Instance Is Chi
cago charged more than New York on
Invoices rom the west
Replying for Mr Smoot Mr DIxon
of Montana said by giving to Los
Angeles terminal rates the railroads
had built up a city of 300000 whilo
Santa Barbara and Santa Monica
which 25 years ago wore about tho
same size as Low Angeles had re
mained comparatively stationary be
cause of the denial of the same fa
Replying to a question Mr Smoot
said Individual could not afford lo
appeal to tho Interstate commerce
commission or tho courts because
such a course would result In thoir
ruin While tho Utah senator was
engaged one of the many encount
ers with Senator Elklns regarding the
reasonableness of the razes to tno I
Pacific const the latter made refer
ence to water competition t
Water Mr Smoot exclaimed
If the senator from West Virginia
had rcmaincd In the chamber ho
would hitvo heard ray explanation oo
that point Instead of remaining he
goes out anJ then bobs up hero again
In a few minutes with the cry of
The controversy preceding Mr
Smoot asked Mr Elklns whether ho
would complain If West Virginia were
required to pay the rates to Chicago
and back on shipments from New
York I
1 would not If the rates were Just
and reasonable Mr Elklns responded
After the West Virginia senator hnl11
dwell for some time on the earnings
of the railroads Mr Smoot said If I
he Clklns vould remain long enough
he would undertake to convince him
of the correctness of his position
By Tad
New York May 13The services of
Tommy Ryan retired middleweight
champion of the world rind one of the
cleverest fighters that ever fought
are being sought on nU sides Dilly
Papko wants Ryan as a trainer Jack
Johnson solicited his aid and so has I
Bat Nelson the latter triumphing
Tho Dane has already made arrange
ments to have Tommy Ryan help him
out In the training and handling of his
return go with Wolgast
Ryan knows more about fighting
than any man that over lived was
poisons comment on thQ deal Ho
made JimJeffries Kid lcConnll n
host of other pugilists I am too old
a bird to be taught many new ring
tricks and it would be the height
of foolishness for me to attempt to
change my style But Ryan can adapt
himself to tho circumstances und
when he has studied outand that
will only take blbi one dayho can
toach riio to
vary my work and iny
fighting so as to make both far moro
effective than they have ever boon
Advice Bat to Get Ryan I
The decision to select Ryan as chief
of his training and advising staff
camo about In a peculiar manner
WhtfnNolson returned from ihu
CO5O Chicago after losing hlx title
ho found more than 500 letters from
friends and even from persons be
had never met all condoling with
him for the loss of the battle and of
fering advIce regarding a return en
gagement Nelson religiously read ev
ery letter hoplrfg to find somo good
out of the mass
Letter after letter was read without
result Finally Nelson threw down
the bunddlo In disgust and remarked
They all advise me to take a rest
Im going to do that but Im also go
Jag to get Tommy Ryan to work with
mo when I train for Wolgast again
Nelson then picked up another let II
ter It was from somo little town In I
California and In the first paragraph
advised that Ryan be signed as traIn
er and adviser The coincidence
struck Nelson as a tack on the right j
course Ryan that night called on II
Nelson at the theater
Offers Dane Aid
Im sorry you lost Hat remarked
the Old Fox of the ring 1 think
Ill go out there with you noxt time
myself and show you bow to whip
that Dutchman
Nelson mentioned terms and the
pair got down to business Ryan was
trying to sell his fruit farm at Ben
ton Harbor and promised Nelson that
If the sale was effected ho would be
ready to undertake tho task of put
ting the Dane In proper condition to I
regain the title
Soon after Ryan sold tho farm Nol
SOI wired him again Toms answer
accepting was returned
Ryan Juts moro knowledge of tho I
ring Mian all other fighters In the I
world put together Nelson declares
I dont care how much a man knows
Rysm can loach him more lie n
absolute master of every detail and
his high order Intelligence and hill
consummate cunning Connie
him to I
make a lighter out of any reaaonablo I
limber Ills advice alone In a corner
would bo worth all I am paying him I
Believe me If he would take John I
son in hand Jeffries task of regaining
the championship for the white race I
would be 100 per cent harder I am
going to give him absolute sway and
obey his every word and order Ho
knows more about tho ring than I do
am I will not handicap him In tho I
least by modifying his orders And
I think the deal of signing him will
make me a favorite In the betting i
over Wolgast very unusual thing i
as far as tho opinion of the public 18
concerned I
A Use For Boys
Tho ovorburnlng question What
shall we do with our boys scents to
bo satisfactorily answered in the tot
lowing advertisement which appear
In tho window of a FarrlngtonRoat
Jiutchers shop Wanted a respect
able boy for beef sausage londoa
Wanted to Knovr How Many Pennants
Must Be Won to Graduate
Frank Isbell of Wichita says be
struck a real rube In Oklahoma CUr
when Ihe Jobbers were there
The fellow sat by the Wichita man
hger while returning to tho hotel aft
cr the first game
° YQU fellows are playing prMty goJ 11
ball this year he observed Isbel
At the rate you are going nor
you will soon play yourself Into thb
big league wont YOU 1 came the uatl
This staggered Izzy but he mere
ly nodded wondering what would cotflo
next He soon found out
How many western league pel
nnnta do you have to win before you
I get into tho majors wan the neitj
Then Izy got Into tho ganio him 1
self f
Three In a row In all he ant
worod We exIled to bo up there fn1
1912 But when the wise one alkttld
him which of tho two big leagues lie
was going to choose first ho called 1
the game off and imijdc a run for th5
bath rooms i
And tho worst of it Is said ty
bell this follow bollocd every wonly
ofIL 4
Not a Betting Man onll1
Lady My husband goes to the races
but ho never bets 1
Friend Aro you sure he does not
bet Lady Yns Indeed Ive looked
through his pockets so often and nero
or found a centNew York Weekly
0 0
0 0
O Turner N Y May 13lr3 0
O E II Harriman and ner daugh 0
O tor Miss Carroll harriman 0
O will sail for Honolulu early In 0 1
O July No dato has been aa j > i
O nounced for the marriage of 0
O Miss Mary Harriman and 0
O Charles Carey Rumsey the t
O sculptor but friends of the 0
O family here believe that tho 0
O wedding will take place before o
O Mrs Harriman leaves tor o
O Hawal It became known to 0
O day rat orders have been is 0
O 8iiod to have the Hnrrlrann o
tho Eplscopn o
O ostrue and also
O chiicu nearby renovated and 0
O lufchapo to receive visitors by 0
O Trae 1 g
O °
O 0 0 0 0 0 0000 00
ti 0 1 cu ti I
U Cut out expensi e foods and try
s 0 tl WooL i t J 7 6 1 v YD I
9 I rEI o t5a f > > W t Q
F P1 J f Containsmororcal I
r4 f Contains moro
fJf 71 0 K1 bodybuilding nu
ir3tc4 J 13 T triment than meat
g > or eggs and costs I
rLfI ii I 1 much less Try it
for breakfast w1 hot milk Your grocer sells it I
and serve vilh hot milk or cream or with sliced bananas
Lbaked apple or other fruits J
IT i M UltZrAagaaBgm asaaagaasBaHaMagCBa ai MB8 I
D f1lI
r c W

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