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t t J A
r r 7mf 1
r r1
y i
I i
1I j
It The great Baking Powder
of the country
f used ipx millions of
Fifty Years
I i0f0
1 Standard
± I BakingPowder
Received the highest award
at Chfcago Worlds Fair
i I
An Accommodating Clerk
Upto the night clerks desk goes
fjbo Perlmutter a Chicago traveling
I man I wonder ho says could you
flnd me somebody to play a game or
1 ponuchle for an hour or two tonight
i Why says the clerk I SIIOBB so
And he runs his eye over the register
Boy he calls pago Mr Gutwllllg
Before long Mr GutwlUlK Is found and
Introduced to the ponuchlehungry
Perlmutter nnd a game is arranged
t How did you lnow I played pc
ntichlo Mr Gutwllllg nsks tho clerk
Oh begins tho clork Just
then emerges from the bar a yoon
man triplepiled with wine He stag
gers up to the desk and says Shay
I wanna tIght Dyo hear Im lookln1
i fr a scrap
l Thai tho clerk Boy pare Mr Kel
ly and Mr OBrien Success
She Meant won
The young son of a Western fam
ily was away from home for his first
year In college Ills mother had been
to visit him and upon her return met
a friend who asked 1C her boy was I
No said the doting mother I
was afraid he would he so I saw that
he was located in one of the best ma
ternity houses of tIle coli eteLI p
1 He Knew
j What would you do if a patient was
taken with a serious case of appen
dicitis asked tho professor ot one
of his classes In physiology A stu
dent of theology who happened to ho
taking the course in order to learn
some of the rudiments of medicine
replied would administer the sac
What He la In
HorSo your hoyIs In college is
he Mr Corntosslo
Farmer I cant say exactly Hes In
thor ball nine an In ther rowin crow
an In ther jim ayxeenm an In ther
dommytory but whether hes over in
thor college Is moren I kin find out
by his letters Harpers Bazar
No Harm Done
Great heavens cried the drug
Hats wrong asked tho drug
I gave that boy hair tonic Instead
of coush syrup
Never mind We make a profit of
90 per cent on chChlcago
Record 1Iernld
Got His at Home
Singleton Are you going to attend
the lecture at the hall tonight
Wcdderly Xot me
Singleton Why not
Weddcrly Vhats the use of a mar
ried man giving up money to hear a
lecture Chicago Xrtws
Anxious Messenger Sny fireman
theres another fire broken out up the
New RecruItAll right old chap
keep her going till weve finished this
one Punch
Exceptional Musical Program for Three Services in the First Pres
byterian ChurchOgden Talent to be
Assisted by Visitors
Pentecost will he observed Sunday
iu the First Presbyterian church as
followsMorning I
Morning worship at 11 Vesper song
ftt 430 and evening service of song I
at 8 At thece services well known
Ogden talent will he assisted by Mr I
J Willurd Squires basso and Miss
I Edna Dwyer contralto both well I
known singers from Salt Lake City
The following are the musical
Morning Service at 11
Prelude Adoration Alhorton
Miss Diddle
Bans solo The Sailors Hymn
Mr J Willard Squires
Soprano solo Bow Down Thino
Ear CGonkslIsi Mitchell
Violin offertory La Rove Bizet
Miss Beatrice Hamlll
Duot lfXo Hone Beyond Waldon I
Miss Corn Mr Squires
Postlude Priests Marchc Men
Vcnpcr Song at 430
Prelude Romance Schumann
Miss BIddle
BRSB Solo The Pnth of Duty
DIo1m1lr J Willard Squires
Duel Splc Ye the Lord Men
delssohnMiss Mitchell Mrs Ste
Soprano solo My Redeemer and
Lord muckIIG Corn
Contralto solo recitative and aria
from Mcosiah Miss Gcddcs
Duet Come Holy Spirit Jerome
Miss Mitchell Mr Squires I
M zyo soprano solo Come Unto
Me Lindsay Mrs C H Stevens
Tenor solo Come Holy Spirit
Shubert Mr Saunders
Violin obllcato Mr Edgar Short I
I Part of the Fight Arena Gives V
I Into the Lake Many Injui
I Ogdonites Go DC
More than 100 peopo barely escaped
with their lives Inst Thursday night
at SaJtalr when a section of the hi
cycle track at the north end gave
way and the people were thrown In
a heap Into the lake It was one mass
of wriggling arms and legs pulling
each other trampling those under
neath and fighting for their lives
About 1500 people stood aghast In the
gallery heloless to assist the unfor
tunate beings who had boon piled up
In a heap fifty feet below them by a
seemingly weak and poorly construct
VIolin offertory Traumeri St
Sacns Miss Beatrice Hnmill
Contralto solo LIko as the Heart
Deslreth Allirsea Miss Edna Dwy
er violin obllpato Mr Short
Quintette Hark Hark My Soul
Shelley Miss Mitchell Miss Corn
Mrs Stevens Mr Saunders Mr
I Diddle Postlude Rokcszy I16ztIIss
Evening Choral Service at 8
Prelude Song Without Words Men
dclsaohn Miss Biddlc
Tenor solo Penitence Ushur
Mr Saunders
Soprano solo No Cross But Crown
Johnson Miss Bartlett
Bass solo If Laws Sovore Hal
veyJ Willard Squires
Soprano solo Open to Me the
Gates BIschof Miss Mitchell
Duet The Spirit Call Sudds
Mr Saunders Mr Squires
Soprano solo Hear Us Oh Father
Mlllard Miss Maud Dol nap
Contralto solo Give Alms of Thy
Gooc1sBontcmpRII Edna Dwy
Soprano solo Oh Paradise
Browne Mips Corn
Bass solo Hymn of Praise Mo
zart Mr J Willard Squires
Violin offertory Molody Dvorak
Miss Beatrice IfnralH
Quintette Angels of Jesus Shel
leyMiss Mitchell Miss Corn Mrs
Stevens Mr Saunders Mr Squires
Postlude Postlude DeKovon
Miss BIddle
The ladles will remove their hats
at each service No ono will be coated
during the limo a musical number Is
being given Miss Gertrude E Bid
die accompanist
Way and 100 People Are Thrownj
ured and Several Strangled
wn in the Crash
I ed floor which cave way People
screamed and run frantically about I
looklnc for their friends and relatives
and for more than an hour many
thought that their friends had been
killed as many of the people could
not be located It was a pitiful scene
and an experience that will never be
fQrpotton by those who went through
Immediately the SullivanThompson
fight was over the crowd In the re
served seat section which section
was on the floor that gave way made
i 3JE 11 II III II llil II I 1 I
I I Tomorrow U i
I hand us l1alf
c Let us say 011 the start that the
j i stock we are going offer to you tomorrow and all
through this sale is newit is direct to us from the
1m factoriesit has not been refused by the people of
ttIl any other townit was shipped direct from the big fine factories where
L it was bought for cash to Wrights Store
ill Heres the Reasonour buyer simply bought more than he has sold
hi and we dont make a practice of saving itit must be sold now half
price would not pay the first costin other words we are selling cheaper
than we bought Itand you have the advantage of our mistake
The sale includes Mens Suits Young Mens Suits Boys Long Pant If
Suits Boys Short Pant Suits and Boys Short and Long PantsThese IIII
at just onehalf the price marked J
We also include our Hart Schaffner C Marx Suitstlic best and newest stock we have
not at half pricebutat generous reductions f
And moreeve will alter any suit f reeor we will cxchai ge any suit that doesnt fit
I or we will give the money back if you want it t
rt1 11
I Wrights Clothing Store
1 JJI Closes at 7 Oclock Tomorrow Night
I Hi 1111 3 III 11L lcJII II 1 11 III II J7
uu l
r a rush for thc exit which resulted In
a jam at tho doom and the exit ions
blocked Larry Kljkenny of the KJl
bonny Publishing company who was
with Tom IJomer said that h < > > n
at the edge of the track surface when
ha felt the floor sky way and the
next Instant all those Standing with I
nm a radius of twehfy feet wore pre
< c stated to the bottom some going
lri o the water
j Frightful Scene
j NTien the stnlrway broke loose the
crackinK of the timbers and boards
could be heard for half a mile min
gled with the shrieks of men and
women I
iMy God save me and similar I
exclamations could be heard emanat
ing from the huge muss of humanity
The stairway and floor Jammed about
two feet underneath the water and
but for this all the people lu the acci
dent would have been pitched Into the
lake Portions ot the Jloor had broken
entirely away and In those places the
people were thrown Into the salt wa
Dr C J Plummer who went down
wlfh the others was one of the first
to recover his presence of mind and
ho went to work with a will In saving
pcopo Ho reached under the floor
and rescued Emma Clarke who would
have drowned but for his assistance
Her friend Miss Lillie Gallagher was
rescued by Ernest Larsen who has
charge of the lifesaving boats
j J U EIdredg Jr and his two
sons was among tho first to hit the
water They were separated how
ever the boys swimming out from
underneath tho fallen floor while Mr
KldrcdKC was trampled to the bottom
of tho lake and was rescued nearly
drowned and had to he brought homo
on a stretcher
Many Injured
Amonc those who Wore Injured or
fell Into the lake wore Wrm Edson
Great Interest Is being manifested
in the high schools and academies of
the state In the forthcoming track
and field meet which will bo the larg
est ever held In tho state and which
will take place on the Cummings
field at Salt Lake City Saturday aft I
ornoon There will he twentythree
high schools and academies of tho j
tate represented by 244 men Tho j
event will bo conducted under the nus 1
fplccl of the Unlvorsjty of Utah Tho
Ogden High school which has In tho
past carried off tho honors of tho
meets has a picked crew and is de
termined to make an unusually good 1
showing From Ogden the Weber
Academy has also been entered
I The complete list of entries trial
heats and order of events follows
Abbreviations American Fork high
school k F Brigham City high
school B C branch normal of the
University of Utah at Cedar City B
N Eureka high school E Granite
high school G Hungorford academy
H A Latterday Saints university
L D S Ixihl high school L
Manil high school M Murdock ac
ademy II A Nopbl high school N
Ogden high school 0 Park City high
school P C Procter ncadem P
A Payeon P Pleasant Grovo P
G Salt Lake high school S L C
Sandy high school S H S Snow
academy S A Snrlngvllle S Span
ish Fork S F Wasatch academy
Was A Weber academy W A
Track Events
110yardtrials First heat Green
wood A F Sheffield B C Whit
meyer 0 Robertson S C Lowery
JI Goff S H S Buck P C KIrby
S L C Morris L D S Second
heatR McGilvary H A Archi
Bald P A Vcasy 0 Gowel L
W Brown M E Johnson S F H
Simmons P Wilson S L C Kess
ler L D S Third heat Crandall
II A Wright B C Fawsott BN
Thompson S A C A Peterson M
F Smith M A Ballard S L S
Wignall P Faust L D S Fourth
heatI Black B N West P G
Davis L Ryncarson G W Thorn
ton M A Smith S McDonaugh P
C Stout SoL C Fifth heatHatch
B C Willard P A Myers B t J
Boyle 0 Warulck P G Vlckens
X Backman S L C Burton L D
100yard trials First heat Cooper
B X Leggroan G Richardson S
Done P Sullivan E Second heat
Chipman A F McGllvary H A
G Vorhees M Fitzpatrick S L C
Campbell L D S Third heat
ey B C Moran 0 Kelly S
Moore P Romnoy S L C Robins
L D S Fourth heatWooten A
r Mired S A Brown M Ballard
S Woods P C Gallagher L D S
Fifth heat Jackmau Was A Jones
II A Myers B N Allen M A
Hulbert S L C Engalls W A
Sixth heat Haffin B X Wines L
Sutherland G Larsen M Christen
son S F Welder P C Roberts
W A Seventh hentT Allrfid S A
Ilaymen S Wilson G Thornton M
A loX S F Buck P C Eighth
boat Gardner B C Peters P A
Powell 0 Price L Guernsey S L
C Faust L D S
Mile runColemAn Cook Luk
Was A Stone Figgans B C F
Brine R Brine Barry Ratcllffo Wil
lard P A Fordham McAllater Hun
ter B N Williams Wood Plncock
Carr 0 Warnlck Olplnn p G
Jacolwon Rawllueon S A Anderson
Smith L Bird S Hlntzlo Tam
Elmer G Jensen Keller M M
Smith M A FltSgerald Lynn
Brockman S H S Weller Kappk
Clayson P Hales Carrico Stack
Sprlgg E Dalgllsh Toabln Stanley
P C Whoa Olplno N Wheeling
Chandlor Gould S L C Ramsycr
1 Richardson Bonnlon L D S Ballyu
I tine Thomas W A
220yard trials first heat Jnckman
I W A Olivary H A Mo run 0
Woods P c Starrer S L C Camp
bell L n S Second heat Wootin
A F Leggroan G Brown M
Rose S Y Simmons P Sullivan
B Third boat Stoney B C Wines I
L Vorhees M Richardson S
Weolor P C Gallagher L D Sr I
fourth bent Cooper B N Kelly S
Sutherland G Potts P C McIntyre I
S 1 > C Engalls W A fifth heat
Coleman W A Gardner o C Bar
fin B N How iI 0 = Ballard S
Roberts W A sixth heat Chlpman
A R Jones H AMyets Bx M
Ion M A Roberts L D S8ev 1
I cnth heat Mahgloby fS A rice
L Hayman S Larson M Thlrtln
M A Faust L D S eighth heat
1 11
1 k
ands Clem William Ogden C W
IowoliInjured leg H Townloy In
Jur rl back W G Covey bnK right 1
leg below the knee Lyon B JenkJnS
and Dud II Jenkins oL foet River
Ida Thomas Isomer Larry Kilkenny
A S Brown L j Uilmvr Dr Lang 1
ton B D Meant T S Pendcr st
D Long Morris C Jackson Llllle
Gallagher Emma Clarke Gust Ling
I Anton Frlcdbcrg Dr C G Plummer
I > r A G Gowans of Tooele C D Ell
ington Thomas Hnlllday H F
Shock H WhUehead and Cud Jack
sot of Mill Creek J L Doolan C
Hobson George Austin L W Allen
H S Pollock L Love J U Eldredge
Jr Wayne and Vernon Eldredgc L
W Allan Harry Jacobs A E Edison
I B J Unwell E Cohen Ed McCoy I
Carl Orloj Henry H Ferguson Goo I
Leslie Willfnra Allsworth C B
Hempstead J J Dugan J A Jen
kins R M Huggins Harry Allen
George Ross Thomas Harvey George
Blanchard John W Delano E A De
lano George Lucas Frank Xomeck
H H Ferguson E WCondron El
mer Finch Con Gallagher Frank Me
Xenery W C Harding L W Allen
I C Hartmnn M C Jackson of Los
Angeles and E P Janney
Thoso who were taken to tho hos
pital were W G COO broken leg
below knee Frank Lndd Bert Mills
E W Condon and D E Walsh
D Townlov of 171 Q street back
bruised was taken home Cud
Jackson of Will Creek crushed foot
went home
Among the rescuers wore Cliff Jen
kins who took off his clothes and res
I cued many people Willard Bean Dr
C G Plummer Ernest Laracn of the
I SalLilr lifesaving crew Arthur
Braze Snltnlr nightwatchman Arthur
Rose dancing floor manager Claude
Rucfoll W S Anderson car service
agent 0 S L and A Johnslonc of
the Tribune
Allen 0 West P G Whltlock
S A Done P
440yard dash final
00yard semifinals
220ynrd hurdle trials first heat
Greenwood A F Burt B C Me
Gllvrny H A Copper D X sec
ond heat Wines L Smith M A
Richardson S ChrIstopherson E
third heatPrice S Fitzgerald S
F Worthmon S L CI Burton L
D S fourth heat Faust B N
Whltlock S A AGhtoq G Lund
L D S fifth heat Wright B C
Helm 0 Ollerton M A Ward
S L C sixth heat Davis L
i Shnckleford S L C
i 100yard finals
I lfmllcHarrlnto Crookston A
I F LuCe Coleman Crook Was A
Horsloy Flggans Hatch B C Brine
R R Brine Barry Ratcliffe Willard
P A Mers Gublor B X Evans
Stone Griffin 0 West Halliday P
I G Mired Thompson S A Jones
Gray IJ Allen S Hintze Tnmo
Elmer B Brown Peterson M
Smith Mulr M A Nelson L Nel
son Creer S F Smith Fitzgerald
Lynn S > Wignall Jones Weller P
Hales Carrlso Stack Spriggs E j
Wetter Driscoll Stanley P C Hoyt
Wheeling Chandler Gould Stout S
L C Rnnsyer Norris Bennion Mc
Gee L D S Roberts Eccles WA
I 220yard semifinals
I 220yard hurdles Greenwood A F
i Un = V Wright B G McGilvary H
A Cooper Fawset B V Whitlock
S A Wines Davis L Price S
Ashton Helm G Smith Olllston M
A Fitzgerald Richardson S F
Christopherson L Wortnman Ward
Shackloford S L C Lund Burtner
220yard finals
Halfmile relay JacUman Coleman
Clegg Luke W A Stoner Burt
Gardner Lacier B C Cooper My
era Black Gucblcr B X Allen
Moran Powell Smith 0 West War
nick Johnson West P G Allred
G Allred Whltlock Hatch S A
Wines Price Davis Dorton lf Kel =
ly Price Mammon Allerman S
Brown Halverson Vorhees Lowery
M Thornton Smith W Thornton
Callcn M A R Richardson Ballard
Smith Fitzgerald LInd off
S Wlgnall Simmons Done
Moore P Romnoy McIntyre
Wheeling Fitzpatrick S 1 C
Campbell Gallagher Lund Robins
Faust Morris L D S Roberts
Clarke Ennals Groenwcll W A
Field Events
Broad Jump Frank Crookston A
F Price S Gray L L < ggroan
Sutherland Ryncnrson G Suow
I Richards Thornton M A Wilnall
Simmons Done P Woods Potts
Bucks P C Aldous X Fitzgerald
I Ballard S H S Wayne Hales Car
rico D Romnel Worthmau S L C
Yarnlck P G Cooper Hafeu B N
I Petors Ratcllff P A Ballinger H
Newman Lund L D S Greenwell
I Burton W A
High Jump Joseph ooten A F
I Boyer S Rowe S F Dorton Gray
L Hampton JhlnLe Thorn G
Glon Voorhees Ilaverson M A
I Richards Snow II A Balllnger H
Christensen IVirt Gardner B E
Dalloy Dalton B X Allen Garr
Rees 0 Swcnson P G Fitzgerald
Goff Peterson S H S Wignall
Kappelc Clayson P Woods Buck
Potts P C Aldous X Murdock
Stour Shnckelford S L S Erlckson
McGee Taylor Howell L D St
Clark Grcenwell Burton W A
Pole VnultAllcn Moran Reese
0 West Swcnoon P G Dicker
Wilkinson B X Balllnger H A
Richardson Burt B E Bowers S
F Halvorson Vorhcos M Richards
M A Ashton Peterson Hampton
G Boyer S Goodwin Dorton L
G Allred U Allred S A Cowers
X Jones Buck P C Whtgall Sim
mons Kapplc P Fitzgerald Ballard
C Boealey Romney S L C Tay
lor Muckoy L D S Burton Critch
low W A
Shotput Evans Smith Sythe 0
Dalton Rafln Fawsott B N Lusch
or Wright B E Clegg Murdock
Was A Brown A R Bowen Bow
en S F Richards Snow M A Al
der Alverson M Sutherland Nel
son Hampton G Groasbock Weight
S Wines Dans L Hatch Thomp
son S Ellison Wilson N SullI
van E Moore Jones Kapplo P
Goff Peterson Thompson S H S I
McIntyre Marllucau S L C Lund
Robinson Howoll Stack E Rasmus
sen Warnick P G Burton Watson
Hammer Throw Stevens Robin
son Howell Bennlon L D S Young
Worthman S L C Wilson Brock
myor Goff S H S Jones Moore
Kapplo P Stack E Ellison Wil
son N Jacobson S A Wines Da
Tls L Groohbeck Weights S Ash
ton KallsonLoggroan G Ford AJ
lIorT Snow Richards M Arm
strong A F Clegg Murdock as
A Crandall H Dalton MacFarlane
BN Checkotta 0 Warnlck P G
Burton Watson W A
The big front isu alstlnctivo feat
ure qf many dresses
iFt a r
19 i j
t i os j i w
2 c
I Fof
I i
And its guaranteed to lit or no trade
And its guaranteed to be all wool or we
buy it back And Its guaranteed to be be B
coming to your particular style
If SHE disagrees on this point come
back and change it
Modern Clothes I h tb
Come on r Wash Avo bl
I Inti SU OP At 2365 i s
Business Property on Washington Avenue hIs to
I Must be Sold at Once I 81
350 24th Street CARL C RASMUSSON uucl lro
Jaj cl
At midnight last night Officers Burk
and Chambers were called to the Dsn
ver house to quell a disturbance It
was reported hat a man was bent
Ipg his wife which was creating pan
demonium around the hostelry
When tho oficCrrsarrived at the ho
tel they found Mrs Charles S Price I
nirsing a badly bruised and swollen I
oyo tho result of a blow from her I
huubuiid Price waa arrested and tak
en to the police station where he was
placed in Jail and held for trial this
When ho was arraigned before
Judge Murphy n the charge of dis
turbing tho peace he entered a plea
of guilty but assistant City Attorney
Willis asked the court to hear testi
mony in the case before passing sen
tence because It was an aggravated
caso and deserved more than passing
attention Mrs Price wag In the court
room her eye still much swollen and
discolored and she With two other
wltucases were sworn
Mrs Price atated that at about 12
oclock last night her husband cam nl
homo and commenced to Bcold her nl
He started to throw some of hor tb
clothes out of her trunk and because o
she remonstrated with him about It b
he struck her with his flat She raid cc
tho blow did not knock her down bf h
cause at the tlmo It was struck she nt
was lying on tho bed She said that j
when her husband struck her she hi
screamed and that It was her scream j he
ing that created tho disturbance In the I dc
house She tried her neflt to sblclil
I her husband by stating that ho wan i
not the man to strike a woman and t Jt
that he was not In the habit of strike
Ins her We never have trouble of i
any kind and I do not think he In j tc
tended to bit me she said It must I cll
have been a mistake on bin part A w
Before the wife had concluded her to
testimony the court stated to the city j II
l attorney that ho did not care to hear jn
further testimony in tho case for en
ough had been said to advise him of j cjc
the facts In tho matter i tli
I So far as I am concerned said tho th
Judge this man can go to jail 99 days i In
I will fix It so the woman cannot i hi
raise tho money and got him out I w
will sentence him to 99 days In Hit to
city jail I suppose though that this i a I
woman will go to the mayor and get < p
a pardon for her husband but I cant 1
help that The man ought to servo r s >
the time r ci
Dan Cupid Is ti marksman poor J
kisses el
Despite his dove and
a <
For while be always hits the mark
lies always making Mrs
Cornell Widow
> <
= < I
Best Calico 05 cc
Burmah Mollies 04I
Best Amoskcg Apron Ginghams 063f
1212c Ginghams 105 ± j i J
loc Ginghams 123 jj
GOe Silks 43
75e Silks 59
100 Silks 665
110 Silks G9
Ladies 25c Collars and Jnfoolfl 15 S
Ladies 3oc Collars and lahots 255 elf
75e ha sere short silk gloves 50 < > B lO
100 Ivaysers short silk gloves 75d
1 c20c Box Stationery 19 ais
35c Box Stationery 15 i hI
50c Box Stationery 29 Ii
200 pairs 25c to 3ric Ladies Sample Hose 20 <
25e to yue Mens Sample Hose 20c i I
300 pairs JC 0 en s amp c JI 1t
loc Ladies Summer Knit Vests 10 > J f
17 J2c Ladies Snnnnor Knit Vests r 12V PI w
20e Ladies Summer Knit Vests 15 W
25c Ladies Summer Knit Vests s ru y I am hi
I 3f e Ladies Summer Knit Vests 25G I
20e to 25c Tooth Brushes 15 Ac
75c to 125 Hair Brushes 49 < ae
0i Hand Brushes 05c I to a
15i Hand Brushes OS < f m
Special Hair Net 105
Special Hair Not 15S ntF
Our urge Lot 01 Sample Hand Jfor Ie
Ba at ost or
L23 Corsets r 100 f
175 Corsets 150
Sheets Ill nl
Crown 72x90 regular SOc now 70 t
Crown 81x90 regular 93e now 855 pi
Extra Heavy 81x90 regular Soe now 75 111
Sampson 72xflO regular 65c now 55c ff C
Sampson 81x90 regular 7oe now > 65 < i
Owight Anchor 81x90 regular 110 now 55 rh
Kival Hemstitched 81x90 regular 100 iioiy O orl
PiRiow CaSes br
Extra Fine 43x36 regular 27 l2e now 4 221
Spartan 45x36 regular 17 2e now 1J5 N
Extra Heavy 42x38 12 regular 20c now 1732
Spartan IJemstitched 45x36 regular 20c now 15
Spartan Hemstitched 42x36 regular J7 l2c now 12H 5
LAST THOMAS j ado qu w c
= r
1 J
I 4 l f O l f
f r f 1

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