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Fortieth YearNo 120 Price Five Cents OGDEN CITY UTAH THURSDAY EVENING MAY 19 1910 Entered ao Second Casa Matter at the Poctofflce Ogden Utah
11 r E ar tI l H as N 0 t Y e t p asset < r f
Thro i gh the Tail 01 Com t
Like a Great Searchlight the Comets Tail
t Sweeps the Eastern Sky = = = Earth May
Enter This Evening as It Is
Now Close to Tail
J f
r Carnegie Observatory Mount Wil
t son Cal May 19 Hallcys comet
passed the sun on schedule time Inst
1 evening and the sun rose this morn
Ing ahead of the nucleus of the wan
I derer When tho earth will pass
l I through tho tall of the comet can not
bo determined with any degree of
accuracy All that is known In that
1 it Is very close to the nearer wall
I of the ail and likely to enter It at
any moment
These arc tho net results of the ob
I I servatlons made at the Carnegie Oh
servator > throughout last night and
today It IB announced by the scien
tists here assembled that the general
public need not depend upon export
prognostications hereafter In determ
ining whether or not the earth bus
passed through the ordeal of leaping
through tho gaseous streamer that
ejects for many millions of miles in
the wake of the comet Observe these
rules and know tho status of the visi
tors itinerary
If Just after sunset this evening
the tail of the comet points toward
r the sun the earth has not yet passed
I through tho tall
IfthtJ tallpoints away from tho I
sun the earth vlll have passed
through during daylight hours
IT the tail points toward and away I
+ from the sun at the same time it
will mean that the earth Is about to
outer it and will pass through during
the night
Failure of astronomers correctly to I I
ascertain tho moment of the earth
entering the comets tail is explain
ed In this way
Until this morning tho comet be
lug between the earth and the suit
it was Impossible to duturmlnc the
extent of tho tall Gazed at through
telescopes on this planet the under
side of the tail which was toward
the earth appeared to be straighL
It was not until this morning when
tho comet arose beyond the sun
that the extent of the curvature
could be detected
This mornings observations showed
he comets tall more clearly defined
It afforded a magnificent spectacle
stretching like the glow of u great
searchlight from the eastern horizon
clear through tho Milky Way and well
past the zenith
Manx shooting stars were seen in
tho comets tall this morning after
the moon had set
Tail is Lagging
San Jose Cal Hay in Director
W W Campbell of Lick observatory
this morning furnished the following
statement to the Associated Press
Lick Observatory Mount Ham
Ion Mry 19 1910Tho earth did not
pass through the tail of Valleys
I comet up to daylight today On the
t contrary even before the moon had
t Ret the tail was visible In the east
f ern sky at least 110 degrees In length
and perhaps IfiO degrees The doubt
as to its length arises from the fact
that the bright background of tho
Milky Way Interfered with observa
tions of Ils extremity In appearance
it was very much tho same as Wed
nesday morning except that it was
nearly twice as wide this morning
f due no doubt to Its closer proximity
to tho earth
r As predicted In my message of I
Wednesday ovonln the tall lagged be
hind the straight line drawn from
the sun through the head of the
comet This lagging at the point I
I through which
the earth was expect
ed to amounts
pass certainly to
eral million miles The diameter of
the tall at tho point In which we are
Interested 11000000 miles from the
head was about eight degrees If the
tail In day light had been almost in
contact with the earth we would
have expected tho angular diameter
to be much greater than it was The J
tail was therefore probably several I
million miles away In which case the j
I earth and tall did not meet this morn I
Ins If this meeting Is delayed until I
P Thursday afternoon or Thursday i
night today May 19 then there
can bo little doubt that the earth win
not pass through the tall at nil but
will pass to the south of it The rca
Loll for this Is a simple one The
tall lags behind in he plane of tho
earths orbit as the comets orbital
plane makes an anglo of 18 degrees I I
with the earths orbital plane the
tail therefore draws away front the
plane In which tho earth is moving I
and the earth will pass to the south
of IL The observed position of tho i
tall this morning was appreciably J
further north than that of yesterday i
This lagging of tin tall produces
an interesting situation If we could
have observed the entire comet this
morning wo should have seen the head
of the comet well below tho sun and I
tho tail extending far above the sun
We have been so northerly In tho
plane of the comets orbit during the
past fortnight that It has been im I
possible to observe directly the lag
ging of the tall for the curvature has
been exactly nwnv from us If the
observer were seated out in space far
to tho north or to the south of the
earth and the comet he would un
doubtedly have been able to soo the
tall strongly curved backward with
I reference to the direction or motion
of the comet I
Our conclusions yesterday that the i
tall Is lagging were based on the fact i
that the angular diameter of the tall I
did not increase 80 rapldly as It
should have done lisa the tail been
pointing exactly away from the sun
May Have Paeced at 1030
Los Angeles May 19 Hallcys com
et or rather the tall oC > the visitor
was visible In the eastern sky from
the observatories on Mount Wilson
and Mount Lowe at ho usual hour
this morning from 330 oclock until
dawn Director George 13 Hale of
tho Carnegie Observatory on Mount
Wilson said today that faulty calcu I
lations as to when the earth would I
pass through the tall of the comet
were due to the fact that there was a
great curvature in the tall which
could not he estimated accurately Un I
doubtedly the head of the comet hod
passed the sun at the lime predicted I
but calculations as to when thu earth
would come Into contact with the tall
if at all were largely guess work he
said The comet illuminated the east
ern sky to the east of Venus this
morning extending from the Milky
Way to the horizon It was plainly
visible as soon as the moon had set
Mount Lowc observatory reported
that according to observations taken
there It was believed that the earth I
was about to pass into the tall of
the comet at 1030 oclock today Pa J
cific coast time That portion of the
tall visible tills morning In the cm t
ern sky measured 110 degrees it be
fog larger and longer than yesterday
morning but not so bright
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Speaker Cannon Is Very
Bitter in His
New York May 19 Shooting was
too gentlemanly a fate for certain Re
publicans thundered Speaker Cannon
of the house of representatives last
night as he addressed the annual
banquet of the National Association
of Manufacturers at the Waldorf
Speaker Cannon was making an
eloquent defense of his conduct as
speaker and he was wildly cheered
You helievo the Republicans have
a majority of forty four In the house
of representatives said the speaker
and yet wo are under the swayI
will not say of dishonesty mis
taken people and now and then a
demagogue seeking power and I can 1
pick out among them men who would
have competed with Judas who be
trayed hlamaster
Wo have a great Republican lresl
dent nnd a Republican majority yet
wo cannot say whether there are not
enough cowards to Hock with tho I
Popullstic Democratic majority and
leave us without nn efficient Republi
can majority
If there were two armies drawn
up in actual conflict do you know
what would bo done with such men
Shoot them cried one of the din
Would Havo Them Hanged
Shoot them thundered tho speak
er Shoot them That would bo too
honorable a death for them Hems
ing would he their fate
It is the essence of popular gov
ernmont that majorities should rule
and be held responsible for their mis
takes Therefore 1 ask you to male
a manly light for the Republican
party so that when the polls close
In November you may give a majority
to tho Republicans In tho house oC
representatives and hold It responsible
or give a majority to tho Democratic
Popullsllc minority
In 1912 we elect a president on
March d the present congress goes
out of existence if I were a mere
partisan Id like to tee the Demo
crats have full power In both houses
so they would be forced because ot
thou opposition to the Payne tariff
law to act upon their pretensions and
enact a new tariff law then thor
would have that to defend ratlior than
misrepresent tho present tariff law
They would have a baby of their own I
to protect
Save He lo Patriot
I I were a mere partisan Id be
glad to seo Dolllver Bristow LaKol
IJttc and Clapp of Minnesota join
hands hands with Champ Clark and
company But that would bring sor
row shortened wages and misery to
millions of hearthstones therefore as
a man of 71 who will soon be where
1 will wear either a muslin or as
bestos halo Id rather march to de
feat in the future than to have our
Populist or socalled progressive
friends reaping a victory
i would rather than we carry the I
next house and senato by a sound real
Republican majority although we lost
in 1912 Id postpone the evil day
as long as possible and perchance
though It Is n forclorno hope wisdom i
mo > come south of Mason and DixonK I
land God bless OI1YOII need not
bother about New England shell take i I
care of herself
Earlier in his address the speaker
said The demagogue the short I
sighted man the specialist the phil
osopher was about to say tho col
lege professor but there fire notable
lltlonsnnd fault with our coun j
try To such I have no message
They sometimes occupy the uplift
magazines of tho metropolitan dallies
and they sometimes anathematize the I
existing order It is our place to I
march on and say None of tlicie I
things move me i
c 01
o 0
o Wapanucka May 1f1Tn a 0
Q running fight between a posse 0
0 of citizens and a band of rob 0
0 bers who entered a hank here 0
o early today a member of the 0
o posse was shot O
o 0
Death List in Cuban
Explosion Placed
at Fifty
Havana May 19UnUl the ruins
have been moro thoroughly examined
It will not be known positively how
many lives were lost when the rural I
guards barracks In the city of Plnar I
del Rio was demolished by an o < plo
slou of dynamite yesterday There
Is reason to bcliovc however that
tho faUtllllcB did not exceed fifty
It Is almost certain the explosion
resulted from lit accidental fall of
a case of dynamite from tho hands
of an employe Many Injured are be
lieved to be BlIIl1 penned under the
Among the bodies recovered were
those of Captain Alfredo Havana of
the rural guards his wife and three
children With the exception of a
daughter Graciclla the whole family
The quantity of dynamite exploded
was nearly three tons The buildings
destroyed were massive structures
The government wireless station was
shaken to pieces The explosion
caused great terror among the in
habitants ninny of whom thought tho
disaster was caused by the appear
I once of Valleys comet This morn
ing twentyeight bodies hind been re
I covered and forty Injured persons
have been taken to the hospitals
Standard Oil Company
ViII Pay Out
New York May 19 Increases in
the wages of employes of the Stand
ard Oil company dating from May 1
will add from 6000000 to 10000 I
000 to the companys annual payroll I
expense The Increases range from
six to ten per cent Tho new scale I
affects cmploves engaged In the com
panys refineries and factories but
does not apply to office men
Officials of the company say that
the higher cost of the necessaries of
life hasmade tho advance necessary
The wage increase movement extends
to all the subsidiary companies of the
I Standard
I The Standard 011 company prides
I itself that In Its entlsfttfsttstencoit
has never had a strike and the officers
of the corporation are desirous of
maintaining this record says a state
ment issued from the offices at 2ii i
Broadway The Increase in the cost I
of living has become so burdensome
I that it seemed to be wise to make I
I i this voluntary increase in wages i
Chicago Livestock
Chicago May 19 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 4500 market steady
Beevcs GGOtfS70 Texas steer I
5000 < GGO western steers 525 < C
7IO stockers and feeders LOOS
rtGO cows and heifers 27o725
calves 55077ii
Hogs Receipts estimated at 21
000 market slow and BfiilOc lower I
Light 9IOSin7212 mixed 935 I
i5 975 heavy 93G 975 rough
35019nO good to choice heavy
960 975 pigs 91011900 bulk of
sales 9GOlff170
SheepReceipts estimated at 12
000 market steady Native 1 U01
COu western 4005JG yearlings
G50790 lambs native 590
S90 western 6605900
Omaha Livestock
Omaha Ma > 19 Cattle Receipts
300 market steady Native steers
I5000 800 cows and heifers 37p
GS5 western steers 37G < 5 > GGO I
cows and heifers 27n575 can I
ners 2BOl2fi stockers and feed 1
ers 3oO < ftG50 calves 400 < y > 770
bulls stags etc 1005025 II
Hogs Receipts 900 market 53
lOc lower Mixed 939A5 light 1
93001945 heavy 935 < ff950 pig
000 025 built of sales JSSfiigOlO
Sheep Receipts 7000 market
steady and stronger Yearlings 073 i
9790 wethers COO700 ewes
525 < 5 > G25 lambs SlOt 390
Chicago Close
Chicago May 19WhcatIl
112 July 102 5S September 100 H
Corn May 5938 lilly Gl 12
September 62 December 57 1t i
Oats May 4112 July a 9 31 i
September 39 58S 3S 34
Pork July 230212 September
22 92 12
Iard July 12GO September
121712 i
RIbsJuly 125712 September
Chicago Produce
Chicago May IPllutterFirm
creameries 2327c dairies 21fci2Gc
Egga Firm at mark cases includ
ed lG < 5 > 10c firsts 19c prime firsts
3Sc receipts 12478
Cheeae Steady dairies 13 2 3
1331 twins 13c young Arcmlcas
Metal Market
New York May 19 Lead Steady
spot 440 < fi > 150
Copper Weak1 standard spot
121l1212 July 121SJI 38 j
Silver53 3S
People of Roselle N J 7
Saw the Comet
Roselle N J May 19lght
comet watchers wore thrown into a
state of terror as tho result of a
practical Joke played by H C Boehn
a young chemist Knowing that many
persons wero on tho lookout for
strange phenomena accompanying I
the passage through the tall of the
comet Boehn with tho aid of a small
balloon a quantity of sodium a time
fuse and a stick of dynamite con
trived nn apparatus which would rise
Into the air to a height of four thou
sand feet nnd then explode with a
terrific roar
The apparatus was released In a
large vacant field south of tho town
and worked to perfection The explo
sion of tho dynamite wua beard for
miles The explosion ignited tho so
dium which fell to tho earth In a
great shower of flame Pandemonium
resulted and It was many hours be
fore tho foams of some ot the watch
ers had boon allayed
Made Insane by Comet
Patterson N L May 19 County
Physician Dr Robert R Armstrong
of this city believes that the near ap I
proach of Hnlleys comet to the earth I
in responsible for a large number or I
cases of Insanity which have devel
oped in this section during the last
month In that period ho says he
has been called upon to see more
persons suffering from suddenly de I
eloped Insanity than at any time
since he became county physician
i v
No Unusual Phenomena
Vallejo Cal May 10 Observa
tions which Prof T J 7 See In
charge of the government observa
tory here sought to make just be
fore sunset last night were prevent
ed by a heavy fog which overspread
the sky Tho early evening yky
watched through the clouds showed
no unusual phenomena or meteoric I
displays No disturbance of electric
currents wore noted at the Govern
ment wireless station
No Effect on Wireo
Chicago May Commercial tclo
graph companies feared the passage
of the earth through the comets tall
would have an effect on their wires
similar to that of tho aurora borealis I
which is responsible for ground cur
rents making the transmission of
dispatches impossible The com
panies wero prepared to overcome in
terference by the use of Intermediate
batteries and the avoidance of
grounded wires No disturbances
were reported however except slight
interference which was felt on tho I
wires of one company between Van j
couver and Regina In northwestern
Canada Even this was not believed
to be attributable to the comet as
auroral displays In the far north arc
not unusual at this season of the I
year Nono of the wireless companies re I
ported Intorlorouce with the trans
mission of dispatches
Comet Snake Dance
Hanover N H May InA snake
dance In nightshirts and pajamas was
held by a thousand Daitmouth stu
dents on the college campus at mid
night to mark the passing of the
coniet A terrific din with horns
whistles bolls and firecrackers was i
kept up The observatory was visit
ed and the astronomers were liberal
ly serenaded j
Brightness of Comets
Cambridge Mass May 19 Night
ly observations of Hallcys comet
Made at JJio Harvard observatory
since September 1 have resulted in I
tho collection by Professor 0 C
Wendell and Leon Campbell of the j
observatory staff of data from which i
the observatory experts may be able
to formulate a nclontldc law as to the
brightness of comets In relation to I
their distance from the earth An
ottlclnl announcement in regard to
tho matter may be expected soon
Denver Cole May 190rhen to r
despair by brooding over the jKisal J
blllty of the annihilation of tho world
by Halloys inet Mrs JcannctUr I
NelburL 11 years old yesterday at
tempted to kjll herself by swallowing
morphine Little hope Is entertained
for tier recovery at the hospital to
which she was taken According to
the womans husband Mrs Nelbort
who has been an Invalid tor some
time thought of but little except tho
comet for the last few days Her
last words before sinking Into uncon
sciousness after Inking the poison
wore f think the comet
Los Angeles May 19Detectives
arc searching tor a burglar who en
tered the cloak room of a hotel here
Tuesday night and stole the contents
of the nurses of fifty women 1o were
guests at a dance Money and val
uables amounting to several thous
and dollars wore taken After enter
Ing the cloakroom the thief locked
I tho door and emptied every purse and
handbag In the room Then he Jumped
Irom a window and escaped
Fight Will Take Place
in That City on
July 4
San Francisco May HThore is
much rejoicing among the fight fans
over Tex Rickards announcement
last night that Jenries and Johnson
will meet here to battle for the
worlds heavyweight cnamplonshlp
It has been many years since a 45
lound fight was pulled off In San
Francisco owing to a city ordinance
which provides for boxing matches of
limited duration
Heretofore limited duration has
spoiled twenty rounds to flstiana but
that Is only a customary interpreta
tion of tho law and it Is understood
that no barrier will be raised ag l st
an extension of the established fight
Governor Gillotts widely published
view of the situation has con re
ceived with much satisfaction ny all
interested in the big battle and the
statements in today papers as
coming from Disrict Attorney FIckert
are lIkewiso regarded as reassuring
The district attorney is quoted thus
1 have not boon apprised that the
contest is to he held in this city and
I have not considered the matter The
board of supervisors has not granted
the promoters a permit yet but there
ia IL law allowing boxing matches
and r cannot sec the difference be
tween Jeffries and JohnsonflghtIng
and other professional lighters who
have been boxing here in the past
However I will look up the law and
abide strictly by the statutes
Speculation Is concerning Itself
principally today with the probable
site to bo selected for the big con
test Several excellent locations are
Tho present shift in tho plans of
the promoters has not caused any ap
parent worry all Jack Johnsons part
rite negro champion is proceeding
with his training without interrup
Comet and Prize Fighters a
Ben Lomond Cal May 191101
Jeffries and his fellow fishermen re
Continued on Page Seven
Coroners Jury Censure
Mine Inspector of
1 Illinois
Princeton 111 May 19The cor
oners jury which began last No
vember to investigate tho cause oC
the Cherry mine disaster which re
sulted In the death of 265 minors Jn
the SL Paul coal mine haG reacnen
an agreement and 250 separate ver
dicts have been returned Tho jury
says the mining laws wero broken
with the knowledge and consent of
the mine inspectors
The verdicts were in three sets
one set fixing tho cause of the death
of the twelve men In tho rescue par
t who perished on the cage in tho
main shaft another sot for the eight
een men who were suffocated In the w
second vein and the third for the
flft one men who were trapped In
the third vein and died of exposure
and suffocation
The verdict of tho coroners Jury
Is tL vindication of John Cowley tho +
engineer who was In charge of the
cage on which tho twelve rescuers
lost their lives The verdict says I
the twelve rescuers lost their lives
indirectly by a confusion of Jlgnals d
regulating tho movement of the II
cngThe following vordictuwas brought W
in for each of tho 187 men who lost Il
their lives In tho second vein l
We hind that they came to their I
death by suffocation and that the I
lire was caused by a pitched load oC i
baled hay coming In contact with an > >
oil torch l
And we further find that there t1
vas groat delay in notifying the men til
of the danger 1 J
The verdict giving tho cause ot
death of Uio men In the third vein
I says Wo find that thoy camo to their
death by oxposure and suffocation
I We further thud that the mining lawn
I of the state of Illinois in relation to
means of escape wcro violated with
I the full knowledge nnd consent of
the mine inspectors for district No
I i New York May 19 Eighty male
> parishioners in a Brooklyn Episcopal
church have organized in a fight
against the wearing of the immense
hats recently affected by woman jt
Sunday services They have prepar
< ed a letter printed copies of which
I have been circulated through the con
gregation and addressed to members
The letter says in part
We men are tired of peering
through womens headgear In tho
hope of being able to catch an oc
I casional glimpse of what Is going on
in tho chance We are tired of
straining our cars amidst thickets oC
millinery In the effort to hear what
the preacher is saying Unless a re
form comes a largo number of men
will withdraw from the church and re
fuse to contribute for its support
ow Big Is Ogden I
I Guess Ogden City has a Population of
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
being paid at least one day in advance of tho day the Census I
Director announces the population of Ogden MAY 19 1910
Sign Here
4il 4 4I e
Vipw Big Is W e er County I
I guess Weber County has a Population of
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
e being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census t
Director announces the population of Weber County
MAY 19 1910
e Sign Here e
C 4
CLER KS A few knockers would destroy 7 oclock closing Your
II e presence is essential tonight at the iCounty Court House
V09 I at 745 oclock DONT FAIL
I 1

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