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J Y r
r g > r r
i r
II t <
May Sale of
ms ins
4 The season for dainty well
nuule musllnn is here Gradua
l tion lime the smumnr gowns
4 all call for dainty uuisllna
t Tho May special wile Pecos
C5c valuesIn Corset Covers
Drawers undCtownB a 45c
1 SO values In Skirls Gowns
and Corset Govern at95c
260 values In Gowns Skirts
r and long Chemise 5195
J4 00 values in skirls 295
150 values In Skirts335
ffl M Wykes Co
Last evening tho Five Points fire
department gave a banquet and dance
at Streepers hall In addition to the
local firemen nnd tholr sweethearts
the Veteran firemen and their ladles
were Invited to participate also the
fire chief and mayor of tho city
Toe hall was packed and tho tables
were supplied with all the good
i things of tho season All wont away
expressing themselves as having had
a good time During the evening the
following program was rondered
Solo Julia Maddock
Duot Myrtlo Leavltt and lluldnh
DuetJlrs Emily P paddock
and Julia Mad dock
Dialogue Claude Wheeler and
Alta Brown
Solo Paulino Mnddock
A few remarks wero made by tho
mayor Fire Chief A B Cnnflold nnd
James llarrop chief of tho Five
Points fire department
Salt Lake May 197Thc grand
lodge of the Knights of Pythias of
Utah convened at 10 oclock Wednes
day forenoon At tho morning session
r officers for tho ensuing year wore
elected as follows E O Leather
wood Salt Lnbo grand chancellor El
G Blumcnthal Provo grand vice
chancellor Thomas Hobday Salt
Lake grand prelate II C Wanllelgh
Ogden grand keoper of records ami
seals L N Meld Ogden grand mas
ter of exchequer Mark Recdall Salt
Lake grand masteratarms Ernest
Moulton Robinson grand inner guard I
n W Kemp Mldvalc grand outer
WelshansHeatlngBroom Hotel
Goes to Lovelock Superintendent
E C Manson of the Salt Lake divis
ion of the Southern Pacific left for
Lovelock Nevada this morning to in
I spect the Improvement work that Is
L being done by the company
People of Ogden Watched For the Great Event Only to be In
formed Today That the Astronomers Had Misfignred a Day
Earth May Escape the Entanglement
There Sire a large number of peo
ple of Ogden OB well as elsewhere
throughout the world who will be
greatly disappointed today when they
learn that the earth did not pans
through the tall of the comet yester
day but Is expected to do so today
or tonight Yesterday afternoon as
well as last night and until early this
morning there wore a large number
of people in tho city who watched
closely for some sign of tho phe
Many people retired last night re
lieved In mind in thinking that the
comet bad passed and was now off on
Merchants Clerks and Others Are to Consider the Question of
Early Saturday Closing the Wednesday HalfHoliday and
Saturday 0 Clock Closing
Because of the agitation yesterday
for the closing of tho stores of the city
Saturday night at 9 oclock and to I
give the clerks a half holiday each
Wednesday the merchants and clerks
have concluded to hold a mass meet
ing at the county court house this
evening beginning at S oclock fo
the purpose of arriving at some satis
factory understanding
I Members of the Womens clubs also
In reply to Mrs Ryans alleged
statement of this morning J A Ryan
I has this to say
With regard to the statement made
in tho morning issue of the Examin I
er I wish to statc that I do not be I
lieve Mre Ryan ever made such
Since my arrival in this city I have
not made one single statement detri
mental to the good name of Mrs
Ryan or any member of her family
nor do 1 intend making any no mat i
ter what the provocation
I am not a mudraker My educa I
tion in that department of physical I
culture was sorely and sadly neglect
ed In early life and I am glad of it
I am in this city to do business with
Mrs Ryan In a business way and as
a gentleman after tho completion of
which she may go her way In peace
and I do the same
1 do suggest as n matter of busi
ness that Mrs Ryan with her at
torney and mine select any two re
sponsible business men of the city or
an banker and lot them adjust the
l i I ti
Lest you tiro of these two words CI Gas and Electricity
I which I have woven into fable fiction and story I must give
you something more substantial relating to the past present
and future of these two of Natures most wonderful and
i changeable forces
This big revolving mass upon which we live and enjoy our
t short span in the endless career of Eternity was no doubt once
a magnificent globe of luminous gas and it is possible that
electrical energy acting upon matter produced the gases com
posing our present world
Magnetic lines of force commonly called electrical energy
fills the great blue dome above and around us far out into
the shoreless sea of time and by its mysterious force keeps ev
I ery shining star in place With a slight change matter will
become either a gas liquid or solid Water is the easiest
transformed into one of these three conditions A lump of coal
can mostly be changed by heat into
gas and the gas by pres
S J is now being changed into liquid
The day is not far distant when
one can go to the grocery
and order a 5 or 10 pound tank of liquid gas Pipes will no
l nger be needed The gas will be sold in little steel bottles
which can bo shipped to all parts and then the housewife in
the country towns or villages will cook
on a gas stove and en
joy the same comforts now in use in the modern city home
Ins iictions
Always open the oven door when lighting the ovens Open
the valve then strike match and light burner then it will not
pop Open the sliding shutter near the valve to give the burner
more air to make the flame blue If the flame is white it needs
more air When the baking or roasting is nearly finished turn
off one burner Turn off the burner then though oven if it i s
only for a minute matches are cheaper than gas If your stove
docs not give you perfect satisfaction call us and we will send
an expert to instruct you If you find a leak around the stove
or in the pipes stop it with kitchen
soap and then telephone us
D DECKER Local Manager
a nevcntyflve years jtaiket The
dispatches today announced that the
astronomers discovered that the
earth had as yet failed to pass
through the tail of the comet also
that the earth was undergoing a num
ber of electrical disturbances
A small balloon with a white cover
was sent up In tho eastern part of the
I city yesterday afternoon shortly after
4 oclock and as it rose to a height
of about three thousand feet It at
tracted the attention of people on the
street It was only a few moments
before large crowds gathered to sec
arc to bo present
It Is anticipated that at the meet
Ing tonight the matter will be settled
or the season and that whatever
ndorstandlng and agreement may be
mad will he adhered to during tho
balance of tho jear
Both sides to the contmvery will be
epresented at the meeting and every
base of the question will be dis
I matter I think no fairer proposition
could be made
I am indeed very grateful to my
many friends In Ogden for their ex
treme kindness and courtesy to me
When the opportune time comes
should It come my statement will al
so como in detail I wish It to be dis
tinctly understood that no matter what
happens I will not bo forced to make
any statement Injurious to Mrs Ryan
or her family Let others throw the
mud Signed
Mr Ryan states that as soon as
he can have a settlement with his
wife regarding their property inter
ests he will go to California where
he will enter a university of that state
and take up the study of law with
the intention of making the practice
of law his profession
Tho expected d settlement of differ
ences between J Ambrose Ryan and
his wife yesterday did not material
ize there being some hitch as to
what manner should be pursued in
the matter
The alleged statement of Mrs Ryan
to which objection Is made follow
My father and mother arc Catho
lics and there Is nothing hi the
world that 1 deplore as I do the dis
grace which this affair of mlnp baa
brought upon UK all I have made
up my mind however to fight the
thing through to the end at least a
long as my husband persists In his
efforts to bo reestablished in the
Catholic faith
I Knowing that he would be ar
rested again should he visl t my
home he telephoned me this morn
II Ing and sought to come to some un
derstanding regarding our property
I Through his attorney 1 made an ap
pointment to meet him at an attor
neys office this afternoon but h
failed to appear and finally my attor
I ney found him In a nearby office but
he refused to keep the appointment
on the grounds that my attorney be
ing a Catholic was opposed to him
f This evening ho sent u bartender
down to my home who endeavored
to persuade mt to meet my husband
at some point for a consultation Of
course I refused and continued my
preparations for leaving tho city
where I can be free from his persecu
With regard to the report that Ry
an has been unfrocked once before
for marrying I have letters hero
which prove that he has been In sim
ilar trouble on two occasions previous
to this
In January 1908 he was taken
back Into the church and here are
letters which prove that he was again
removed from the priesthood I mail
four attempts to leave him before
meeting with success ho having on
each occasion brought mo back and
taking my money and clothes from
me placed me In circumstances
where I could not get away
The report that ho was at the
ONoll ranch tho oilier day and en
I deavored to get into communication
with me Is entirely true and that he
is now trying to get back into the
church does not surprise mo in the
least I will do everything I can >
however to prevent his accomplish
ing It
Whatever else may be said of the
German aristocrats they are not cow
ards and will die fighting for what
they believe in says n well known
Socialist On tho other hand the cor
respond In class in America In part
at least owe their rise to tho ptc
lice of sanding sugar unloading shod
dy products of the sweat shops end
adulterating food Business is busi
ness nnd makes cowards Tho truth
of Ibis statement is cropping out Ju
Before their signatures to the 7
oclrcli closing acreemcnl are Void tI
j C ol tin nunchant have started a
counter oeUtion to which many of tho
Q p oDo 1 0 II III 111 II
U Tomorrow and Saturday
the Big Suit Sale 9
Tomorrow the big sale at Wrights Clothing
Store starts again with renewed energyThe suits
we are selling at half price are values which surprise everyone who sees them
we are determined to live up to our reputation You can buy it cheaper
LI at lrightsand we want you to see these offerings before you buy
O Boys Clothing at Just 12 Price
And all marked in plain figures the real process Boys suits with straight
pantsboys suits with long pants boys short straight pants 12 price
U Mens and Young Mens Suits at 12 Price
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here last season but you will hardly know them from this seasons stock a few more of those
last years mens suits at half price
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rl clothing made in the United States Tomorrow we are going to let you have any h25 II S
M snits for S 1ST3 And remember that we aro here to exchange themto alter them if they need itto give you your
I money hack if you want it
U Wrights Clothing Store
v oio o o IIL = = JI r = Iljv u
merchants have attached their signa
Do the merchants who signed tho
counterpetition Understand that they
arc now dealing With the people
That tho matter has passed out of the
hands of tho committee and of tho
clerks Tho demonstration of tho
people the night of tho clerks parade
showed that public sentiment is in
favor of early closing
The workingman has been used as
a handle from the start The work
ingman has refdaed to add to the bur
dens of the w9i king clerks and will
shop before seven You cannot fool
the workingman He knows that If
these merchants cannot keep faith
with each other they will not with
him He will shop with the early
closers The unfair list is tabooed by
law but as Mr Plggott says Wo
may place tho early closers on the fair
That the merchants distrust each
other Is shown fyy one merchants do
nned mado on the committee that all
merclraals be placed under 500 bonds
each to keep the early closing agree
ment A logical demand as subse
quent events have shown
Boost for Ogden This may provo
to be the biggest boost YET for Og
den because wo will know for whom
to boost Who wants to boost for a
country Jay town which stands for
a fourteenhour day for Its clerks
The clerks have arrived at the age
of discretion They know what they
want They want the stores to close
at seven The clerks know as well as
we know the halfholiday Is not of
fered in good faith Furthermore tho
7 oclock movement was inaugurated
against tho barbarous fourteenhour
day If the merchants go back to tho
old regime they must not forgot that
In addition to the catalogue houses
bidding for trade that Salt Lake City
has a bid for OfidenB trade via the
Signed Kale S Hilliard Eugene A
Fred Bohm in police court was ar
raigned on the charge of Interfering
with Special Officer William Roast
In his attempt to take certain stock
to the oslruy pound May ICth He I
pleaded not guilty and tho case was
set for hearing tomorrow
Ernest Wood was fined a6 for rid
ing a bicycle on one of tho sidewalks
of the city yesterday II
J W Martin pleaded guilty to the
charge of trespass alleged to havo
beon committed yesterday at the I
Southern Pacific yards and he was I
sentenced to pay a fine of S5 or servo
five days In the city jail
Ireno Bon and Ida Barns forfeited
ball In the Bum of 10 each upon their
failure to appear In court and answer
the charge of vagrancy Tho Barns
woman is a negress
The ball of X Frcdetn charged with
disturbing the peace was declared
Tho case of the city against F C
Shumakor charging him with dls I
shooting at J E
tarbing the pence by
McGlnloy May 9th was dismissed
no witnesses appearing for the city
C A Dykcmaa arrested last even
ing for disturbing the pence by beat
ing his wife furnished a cash bond
this morning for his appearance in
court but when the case was called
he was not present and the bond was
declared forfeited
XEW YORK May IS Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt has accepted tho
Invitation of tho National Roosevelt
Rough Riders association to be the
guest of honor at n luncheon to bo
given In New York June 2
Sanitary Inspector Moroni Poulter
complains Unit Plain City is not com
plying with tho quarantine regula
tions and as a result new scarlet
fever cases are being brought to Og
Six new cases of the disease havo
r developed within the last 21 hours
says Mr Poultor and three of them
aro cases whero the parties claim the
Infection came from plain City Tho
new cases are being found In the
north part of the city
Chief Forester Henry Graves will
arrive in tills city this afternoon fo
spend at least two days at the local
forest service headquarters
He will he kept pretty busy by Die
trlct Forester A 13 Sherman until to
morrow afternoon when ho will be
taken In charge by the Weber club
He will be conveyed through Ogden
canyon and to other points of interest
In and around the city and a recep
tion will he given hurt at the club
rooms In the evening
Manager Shumway of the Waoatch
Jockey club announces the arrival of
another carload of runners this morn
Ing from Oakland
Mr Rhineharts stable with Rus
tling Silk Jlllott Morllugu anl ba
lomy Jane
Mr Bassets stable with his best
J M Stowe arrived with Beaumont
J Strite brought along ThlsUo
Belle Acqula Xo Quarter Nen Stone I
Father Stafford and Molllo Montrose 1
In another care came J Crafts All J
Alone I
James Stewart died at the family I
rcsldonce at Plain City this mornlnU
at S oclock
Mr Stewart was born In Scotland I
December 31 lS3fi and came to this
country when only lGyearn of age
He Is survived by a wife Ivo four 1
sons two daughters l > r sJJt file grand
I children alao a brother BIshop W
U Stewart of Ogden and a slstor
Mrs Mary Campbell of Salt Lake
Funeral services will be hold ai the
Plain City meeting house at 2 oclock
Saturday anti the body will be burled
In the Plain Clt > tcim >
body may be lowed ai the homo 11
l Plain City Friday evening and Satur
day morning
000 r t
This week wo place on sale
nearly 150 Women G and Misses
Tailored Suits made of Fino
Serges Shadow Stripes and
Check Worsteds in all the cor
rect colors and in the newest
plain tailored styles
We can assure you this is tho
very best value we have offered
in new uptothehour styles
They are regular 1600 Ir
25 values at
> w t Ii
I fA
I T1 S
f c
1t1 r
Domestic and French Hand
Embroidered Meslfoa Under
wear Ail Tills Week
lllASl T i OMAS
JI j

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