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tilts 1
1 New Department
Our Hat Depnrtmont hns put in a
Cleaning and Blocking Works
And we nre prepared 6 to do nuy kind of work in that line
Straws Sailors Panamas or any
Kind of an Old Hat Made Nev
r Be11292 Ind 244
1 A1 E d lSQO
Offers you more than a piano or even a player
R pianofor at best these instruments give you
piano music only while the Amberola plays all
of the best of all kinds of music
The Amberola plays both Edison Standard
and Amberol Records and you can change from
one to the other at will Hasdrawers for hold
100 Records
ing hAn
Any Edison Phonograph equippcd with the Amberol
Attachmcntuvill play the
Tbo Amborohvszoo New Records Ky Slezak
r = te + the worlds greatest Grand Opera Tenor
4 besides the otherP rent stars who sing for
the Edison RiccardoMartinConstantino
n i Blanche ArralSylva Mclis and Hubcrdcau
Other tyros ot Editoa Phonographs 1254 to 12S CO
fr s Edison Grand Opera Records 7Jc to 12CO
F Kdlnon Standard Records 35c
Edison Amborol Records play twice ns lone fA
y Docs your Phonograph play
Amberol Records If rage ogle your
dealer about our moneysavinc combina
tion offer on Amberol Records and the
attachment to play them
life R t jj 75 Laketid Arcnue Orange N1
s r 7
X U Jr I III 322E
Edison Dealers
lor Ogden
10 Mac1ffiillles from 12050 to
2000002590 Records to
Select Wrom
Pr m prt ng Gods O
t 351 24th Si J eet
ur = v = n < 1
11 < r I f a l 2r it > 00
326 25tn street
Wires to all tracks on all
Sporting Events I I
WASHINGTON ilay IS Abandon
Ing all hopo of reaching any common
undfratandlug on the railroad bill with
tho Insurgent tho regular Republican
senators moved uu early adjournment
of the senate today to permit lire Dem
ocrats to get logotbor tnnisht to con
sider propositions looking to the com
plotlon of tho bill
Before adjournment Seuator Aldrich
made an effort to obtain an agreement
to take the final voto next Wednes
day but there wero several objec
tions and tho request was not pressed
It Is tho general understanding
about the sonato chamber that tho
Democrats will bo asked to assist In
expediting the bill by permitting
amendments to be laid on the table by
refraining from speech making and
by other means with tho understand
ing In return the last three sections
of tho bill relating to capitalization
ould he withdrawn
The Democratic senators generally
have opposed these provisions because
f their supposed infringement of tho
tites rights
Many of thorn are anxious to dispose
Of the bill and arc willing to resort
to any proper means to hasten Its
passage The Democratic conference
was attended by about a dozen of the
Democratic lawyers After consider
ing propositions advanced by the Re
publican regulars they decided to Bub
mil their vIowH to their colleagues
III time to consider any suggestion that
might ho made at tomorrows session
looking to the fixing of a day for tho
foul vote on the hill
As the result of the days labor the
Donate accepted by a majority of 17
Votes the house provision regulating
the defense of cases arising out of
the orders of tho Interstate commerce
commission as offered and amended
by Senator Smith of Michigan and as
later modified at tho suggestion of
I Senator Hughes of Colorado
I This provision as It passed the
house places tho conduct of such
capes In charge of the attorney gen
oral and permit tho Interstate com
merce commission to Intervene
Minot NT D May ItlAn amen
eau born citizen a resident of North
Dakota fur the last seven years was
found yesterday who did not know a
single state or county by name nor
I tho nnme of the president of the Unit
ed Status In selecting the jury for
I the Noah murder trial a farmer tests
fied he know nothing of the case Ho
admitted his Ignorance as to tho iden
tity of any county or state ollicer and
I asked for the name of the president
of tho United States he replied
I I have heard tho name but have
forgotten It
He was accepted on the Jury
Babys coming will bo a time of rejoicing and not of ap t w a 1
prehension and fear If Mothers Friend IB used by tho expec
taut mothor In preparation of tho event This is not a medi Yt t
cine to be taken
internally but
a linimoat to bo appUod to the
body to assist nature in tco
necessary physical
changes of the system Moth
ers Friend is
composed of oil and
medicines which
tendons for the t prepare the muscles and
nnuru1l strain rends tho lights TaL
the c aP fur ding of the skin and llch fibres and supple and olastiq olds to
d tissues AU tho membranes
lessens the
pain and d anger Jt the oriels and
h to the mother futuro
Friend Is sold at drug stores
book containing valuablo Write for Otlr
information for
e poctutt Dother1
Weber Club Appropriates That Sum For the Dee Memorial Hospital
Various Organizations Are Furnishing
Rooms in the Institution
The furnishing of the rooms In the
Thomas D Deo Memorial hospital I H
now holding the attention of tho
board of directors of that Institution
ns well as lodges fraternal organiza
tions clubs and individuals of the
At a meeting of tho board of di
rectors of tho Weber club after tho
reading of a communication from a
committee of the board of directors of
tho hospital the sum of 500 was ap
propriated to be used by the hospital
board as It sees fit
The communication to the club Is
as follows
Mr A R Heywood Dear SirAt
a meeting of the board of directors of
the Thomas D Dee Memorial hospital
hold Friday evening May 6th John
Watson and J S Lewis wore appoint
ed a committee to ascertain If indi
viduals various organizations and
fraternal societies of this city would
care to furnish a room In the above
hospital or to moire a substantial im
provement therein
It has been suggested that yon
might consider favorably the above
proposition and we are enclosing here
with a list of regulations approved by
the board of directors for your In
formation If you will kindly advise
at the earliest possible date what If
anything you desire to do In this mat
tor we would be glad to make such
committee report If advisable we
would be glad to have ron meet with
us to consider the matter more ful
ly Yours very truly Signed John
Vatson 1 S Lewis committee
Thomas D Dec Memorial Hospital
The furnishing of rooms In the hos
pita by lodges or other organiza
tions shall be subject to tho following
Tho selection and furnishing of
rooms shall be under the direction of
he board of trustees or a committee
appointed by the board who will des
ignate the room or rooms for each
Uach organization will purchase
furniture which in a general way will
conform with that placed in modern
hospitals with the understanding that
the furniture and fixtures will upon I
being placed In the room become the
property of the hospital association
Tho board may terminate all connec
tion with any organization by return
ing to thorn the furniture etc or Its
equivalent values appraised by the
chairman of the advisory committee
after sixty days notice of such Inten
The hospital will have free use of
the rooms sn furnished when not oc
cupied by patients sent there by the
organization and will require twelve
hours notice to vacate same
Only members of tho lodge or or
ganization furnishing room and im
mediate family of tho members will
bo entitled to occupy room Such
persons will bo admitted to room only
upon written order of the secretary of
the organization and such patients
will he charged regular room rate
Railroad patients admitted to rooms
furnished by railroad organizations
or to other private rooms except up
on order of the railroad physician
will bo charged the difference be
tween ward rate paid by railroad
company and the regular rate of the
room occupied
The superintendent or executive
I committee of tho hospital reserve the
right to judge of the fitness of a pa
tient to be placed In a certain room
or to remove him to another room
should occasion arise to do so
In tho case of rooms being fur
nished by private persons the furniture
will be received as a gift to the hos
pital and no obligation to the donor
I will he assumed by the hospital as
sociation A plate will ho placed upon
the door of each room giving the name
of the patron who has furnished the
Platforms and Dumps Are Being Constructed For the Facilitating
of the Handling of the Farmers BeetsWill Be
Great Aid to Beet Growers
1 7
In accordance with the promise
made the beet growers of Weber Box
Elder and Cache counties by tho Amal
gamated Sugar company about six
weeks ago relative to the building
of beet dumping platforms at var
ious points along the railroads the Su
gar company oldclals and officials of I
the Oregon Short Line railroad com
pany spent a greater part of lust week I
In visiiing the various points where
tho platforms will greatly facilitate
the handling of beets
In the party were Secretary II H
Rolapp and Field Superintendent Job i
Plngreo Superintendent A F Brew
er of the Utah division of the Ore
gon Short Line Engineer Harris of I
the railroad and numerous other rail
road and Sugar factory officials Points
through Weber county were visited
Then the party went to Cache Val
ley where in automobiles they visited
WellsvIIle Grcemlllp spur Smith I
field Preston Vtah Dayton Idaho
District Engineer A T Mitchclson
of the National Forest Service left
Ogden for Salmon City Idaho for HIM
purpose of reconnolterlng along the
Salmon river in the district proposed
to bo traversed by the Gilmore
PIttsburg railroad that Is now In
course of construction
Mr Iltchelson will make the trip
in a canoe that ho may tho better
examine available power sites It is
the purpose of the forest service to
see to it that railroad companies In I
building their roads throught the forests
eats do not In any way interfere with
power sites or place their roadbeds I
so an to Interfere with prospective i
water power sites I
It is anticipated that at some fu II
ture tunic all the power site of tho
west will be needed and the waters
of the streams will be harnessed and
put to work and to this enfl Mr Mit I
chclson Is conserving the rational
water power along the Salmon river I
D are paying for fat jogs at fol
Hogs from 200 lbs and up per
100 Ibs 900
Hogs from 160 to 200 Ibs per
100 Ibs 875
Hogs from 125 to 160 Ibs per
100 Ibs 800
We receive hogs dally
Anybody who prefers dressed I
weight OD bogs may bring thorn In on i
Tuesdays or Fridays between 730 I
and 10 a m Wo will then slaughter
them while you wait and pay 1200 I
psr 100 lbs dressed At olther of
those days you may choose whether
you want tho live weight price or
1200 dressed
Wv pay for fat vests from 70 to 125
Ibs dressed weight 11 cents per lb
and receive them dally lOU may
bring them in cither live or dressed
Acccos to our plant Is now con
venient slnco the construction of the
Weston Idaho and Trenton Utah
At many of the above places where
there are dumps these will ho be Im
proved and enlarged and additiona
sidetracks will he 1111 tin Every
where along the Oregon Short Line
tho dumps will be built according to
the number of cars shipped each ant
the trackage will be increased
By the neVfcplari tho Sugar com
pany and the nillviad officials are do
shows of providing every facility pos
slblo for the reel growers so the t
they will n6i Jfaven long wait at tho
loading stations if there are no cars
and havo no means of unloading their r
beets If there are no cars the grow
er can unload his boots on tho plat
forms and dumps and return to his
home without losing lime
The action of the Amalgamated Su
gar company in the building of the
dump stations and platforms Is being
I received with much commendation bj
tho boot growers of northern Utah
FeeS Tired
to ere e
So Tired
TIZ Makes Sick Feet Well No
Matter What Ails Them
I r
TIZ ads at once and makes Uroo
aching swollen feet remarkably frcal
and sore proof
Its the sure remedy you know for
everything that gets the matter will
your feet its for sore feet and for
nvoaly bad snreIloc feet and foi
corns callouses und bunions too
For years I have been troubled with
core and tender feet suffered Intense
pains Have had the acslstance of
physicians without relief I bought a
box of TIZ which worked a perfect
cure ac It has with a great many of
my friends I would not be without it
All It requires 1 s to be Known to be
universally used A F Dreutzcr Chi
TIZ Is not a powder Powders an d
other foot remedies clog up the pores
TIZ draws out all poisonous exuda
tions which bring on soreness of th S
feet and Is the only remedy that does
TIZ cleans out every pore and glorifies
tho feot your feet
Youll never limp again or draw UP
your face In pain and YOU II forget
about your corns bunions and cal
louses Youll feel UKe a new person
TIZ Is for sale at all drusslsta 25
cents per box or it will be seal you
direct 1f you wish from Walter Luth
er Dodge Co Dodge Bld Chicago
A f
The Vpber county baseball icagua
rattles for the season have been
chpdulcd as follows
May EdonNorth Ogden at the
Fair grounds lfooper rLlbor1 at Lib
erty Plala Cityilunlsvlllo nt Plain
LibertyPlain City at Llbertr Hunts
vllle Eden nt Eden
Juno LlbertyEdoa Hooper
Plain City at Hooper Iluntsvlllc
North Ogden at Huntavlllo
Juno 11 Plain CityHooper at tho
Fnlr grounds EdonLlberty at Eden
North OgdnHuntavlle at North Og
Juno 1SIluntsv111e North Ogden at
the Fair grounds EdenPlain City nl
Plain City i HooperLiberty at Hoop
The places whore those two Ramose
arc to bo played will bo announced
June 2G HooperEden at Fair
grounds North Ogden Plain City at
North Ogden LlbcrtyHuntsvllle nt
July LlbortyNorth Ogden at
Fair grounds HpopurEden at Hoop
or HuntsvlllePlaln City at Hunts
July HuntsvllloEden at Fair
grounds Plain CllyIIoopor at Plain
City North OgdenLlberty at North
July HooporHuntsvllle at Fair
grounds EdenNorth Ogden at Eden
Plain CityLiberty at Plain City
July C3 PUIn CltyHuntflvllle at
Fair grounds LlbcrtyEdcn at Lib
erty HooperNorth Ogden at Hooper
July 0 LibertyHooper at Fair
grounds Plain CityNorth Ogden at
Plain City 1luntttvlllo Eden at Huixla
vllle Aug GPlaln CityEden at Fair
grounds HnntfivilloHooper at Hunts
vllle LibertyNorth Ogden at Liber
Aug LlbortyHunlsvillo at Fair
grounds EdenPlain City at Eden
North Ogden ileopcr at North Og
den Aug 20 Plain CityNorth Ogden
at Fair grounda EdenHooper at Kd
den HuntsvllleLlberty at Hunts
From the Experience of Ogden
We are fortunate indeed to be able
to profit by the experience of our
neighbors Tho public utterances of
Ogden residents on the following
subject will Interest and benefit thou
sands of our readers Read this state
ment No better proof can bo had
R H Tully 559 21st street Ogdon
Utah says The strain on my bacl
while working in tho Union Pacific
Car Shops brought on kidney trouble
In my case My back became lame
and painful and there were other dis
tressing annoyances that plainly prov
ed my kidneys to be disordered
Doans Kidney Pills had been used In
my family in England and deciding
to try them I procured a box from
IJadcpns Pharmacy The contents
removed my trouble I highly recom
mend Downs Kidney Pills to all suf
ferers of kidney complaint Tho pub
lie statement my wife gave In mj be
half In 100C telling of my experlenc
with Doans Kidney Pills still hold
good as my cure has been penman
For sale by all dealer Price 50
cents FoalorMllburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the namcDoal1sln1
alto no other
Uy C E Van Loan
New York May InThe day or
the pugilistic roorback has arrive I
once more Its an easy thing to start
a private line of Inside Information
about any man in whom the public I
Now for instance let us siippoh
that Jones tells Smith that he hi
heard from Rowardennaii that Jeff
left arm Is stiff Smith tolls Brow I
that leffa loft arm Is sore as a bo 1
and not fit to bo used Brown toll S
Green that ho understands that tho
may have to postpone the big figs
because loft Is In Much a horribl
condition that It would be murder i °
send him Into the ring And If yo
dont watch Green he will have Jef
dead and burled before night Th o
funny thing about it is that a whol
lot of people who ought to know bet
ter will receive this guff with open
mouths and pass It along 50 per cent
stronger than they got It Almost
any story gathers something In the
telling Throe good mon handy at
embroidering alleged facts can take
the most Innocent circumstance and
magnify It Into a national calamity
There are some folks who lie for
fun sonic who lie for money and
others lie because they want to af
fect the bolting Plenty of men have
made juicy prices for themselves by
a little judicious uso of conversation
Philadelphia Jack ODrlcn once turn
od ap neat a trick In this line as
may be found In ring history and
he did It singlehanded and alone
All he did wag to pass on n little talk
to a man whom he felt would leak
to the right people
OBrien bad been up In the Klon
dike on one of his long yearly pity
grimagos after the mazuma Ho wu
signed by wire to meet Al Kaufman
AI was then supposed to be quit
some demon for ho had been rock
I I them all to sleep with ono might
poke and tho San Franciscan
thought well of him
Met at Gangplank
OBrien walked down the gnns
plank of the steamer and started for
his hotel Harry Foloy trailed along
Harry was > onco quite a fighter htm
self but he had a Jaw which refused
to stand up under bombardment
Harry also had a tongue and a wide
acquaintance He was on the job I
find Qut what OBrlon thought about
the tough young nianth was to j
meet I
OBrien was very pessimistic I
Of course you know Harry that
Im not quite as young as I used to
be and my hands arc bad To
t r I
0 I
r t L
tf w r j
t a
ti T
tssy4t wr 7 9
Theres an air theres gotheres per
sonaliySheres high pressure to our slyle j
of young mens clothes
No breaks on the shoulders j
No wrinkling in the front 1
When you buy a suit here it looks as if
it were made for you I
Browns are the coming color for next I
season so we have had a few browns made
up just to surprise the customers who like
to be ahead
Modern Clothes
Come on Wash Ave
In SHOP At 2365
tO Ju
Business Property on Washington Avenue
I Must be Sold at Once I
350 24th StreetCARL C RASMU5SON
i 1lu + H IAI L J wr < > d
A Siorekeepele Says
A lady came into my store lately and said
I have been using a New Perfection Oil CookStove all winter
in my apartment I want one now for my summer home I think
these oil stoves are wonderful If only women knew what a
comfort they are they would all have
ono I spoke about my stove to a lot
of my friends and they were aston StiLz
ished They thought that there was r w ° t
email and smoke from an oil stove and
+ 1 S
that it heated room just like any other Tf
Stove I told them of my experience p a trti t
end one after another they cot one and 14 a t
nor not one of them would give hero
up for five time ho cost
The lady who said this bnd thought r
an oil stove was all right for quickly t
heatin milk for a baby or boiling a
kettle of water or to mako coffee 1
quickly in the morning but she never ft C
dreamed of using it for difficult or
heavy cooking Now she knows Ju
Do you really npprcclate what a New
Perfection 011 COD nove mace to you 1 No t I
more coal to carry no more coming to tho
dinner table oo tired out that you cant cat
Just llshtn Perfection Dtovc and Immediately
the heat from an Intense blue nom snoot Caa aary rcte Be sure
up to thJ bottom of pt kettle or oven But you cet this stoveeee
the room tri heated There 13 no moire no th t M the nameplate
mall no oulnldo heat no drudgery In the reads New Perfection
Idtctaco where one of tbeaa stoves Is used
Nw 1 ap
j 0 Tl
u L
It has n Cabinet Top WIth n shelf for keeping plates end food hot The
nickel finish with the bright blue of tho chimneys males the stove l
and attractive Made with 1 2 and 3 burners the 2 and 3burner stoves
can be had with or without Cabinet
Qvety dealer everywhere If not at yours write for Descriptive Circular
to tho nearest nccncy of tbo
Continental OS1 Company
d l2 r 1
uCtP m1 rq 9
5 ttJ Ilrtitj lt t JIS ffl m utC1Y Q
m m
Interest paid on Savings Accounts and Time Certificates
of Deposit
CAPITAL 10000000
a SURPLUS 11500000
I H C Eigelow President A P Bigelow Cashier
J M Browning VicePrest J E Halversoa Asst Cashr ffi i
G L Becker E L Van Meter John K Spiers W
0 A Parraley L F Bigelow J N Spargo
EID q 71y Y r W ID rc a E
I come right down to It Im probabb
making a fool match but tho northern
trip did not meet my expectation
and you know ono must mako ex
penses I may be able to get thf
decision over Kaufman at that but
Id like to ho about six
years young I
er for the Job
That was plenty It was onough
to send Kaufman Into the betting a
2 to 1 choice Foley told some of
the wise ones and tho wise once
told their friends and Iron soon
there wasnt any money but Kauf I
man money Vhen the price suited
him OBrien quietly unbelted and sent
In tho family bank roll Ho slow I
Kaufman at his leisure and the men
who had been counting on Jacks I
baaad hands got the trimming of
their lives and every dollar that
OBrien had to spare got him two the
next morning
Many Rumor Starters
There will be a lot of Jeffries men
setting afloat horrible humors In the
hope of bringing the odds to a bar
gain counter basis There will be
somo Johnson men playing the same
gamo The follow who believes ev
orythlng he hears and worries about
It will bo as busy an n bald hornet
from now on to July
Tho reports of the Jeffries camp
are bound to be colored by the
The auUMptte pomlrrtobe ehalcMi Into the ohe > r
If jtn tutetir ocMns feet try AUtno FooiB <
Jt reels the feet and makes mm or tight shoes
Cares ln 101
oOUO aehlsrewotkDhotswrasla fL Iteltewtr
Boras sml i = cf
bgMene of al l QAD and ghee real and
1111 coo It to Brost In New br
Try II t
5 Sold rvrtywher n el unrr
tltfffl any nebrfftnt For YUKi trW
> > w
adders Allen S OtartcJ Lo KojVS Y pry
G 9l
1 1 1 totetrreeudsvtthoaldtaotr
Abed the wonderral
Ir biAsvELwttirlln spray
Ib4r few yartasl t rle
feetL tit moue
Irnt 1 t u earn
I7cardrsr irtrorIt 1
f ernrot rappy the f
tatn v 1ber ept na +
othrbnt rra etamp rcr
Irurtreted Iroorse ieI It Q1TH
fell ptraastars snd dirMt ns lay y
talaisle to ladre Dttltt llCr1
ai I at2tlnlree4latYOLLSi j
sonal opinion of the man who send
hem Every fellow whose s
will take him to Howardcnnan hi f
been beselBOd by friends with r
quests for the real dope on Jeff
Most of those men will respell f
tho best of their ability and their
reports on Jeffries will be based ujxm
tholr personal opinions
Already we have had several scarf i
tales about the big fellows Wln1
H Is not good they say Now when
was a fighters wind In good condition
three montb away from his fight 1
Thats one of the things a man u
ually toes Into training to correct
tendency to ahortwIndedneaB AnJ
lecnuee Jeff puffs a litHo after hari
vqrk these men are worried Till r
evidently believe he should bo In p r
eel trim before getting Into train
Ing If a man could hop Into his work
rafter a few days notice and show
no signs of short wind there roajtl
lie no need of the long gruellIng
training process

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