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The Evening Paper Is the Paper I WEATHER FORECAST
Paper of Yesterday IN SOUTH PORTION
J FORTIETH YEAR NO 121 PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH FRIDAY EVENING MAY 2Oi9O Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah ii
Crush of People so Great at the Mall That
Police and Soldiers Had to Fight to Pre =
vent the Procession From Being Swept
i Away = = = = Hundreds Fainted
London May 20Todnv the empire
mourncd and surrendered Its royal
Aftor the funeral rite due to one
to whom the laws of the land gave
first place In honor dignity and pow
er the body of King Edward VII
thirtysixth in the line of sovereigns i
of England since tho Norman con
quest lies tonight in the crypt of St i
Georges chapel royal at Windsor
Ie nearby tho loyal tomb house where it
will havn a final resting place I
The state funeral was conducted ac
cording to precedent established in I
the past and was rendered more ef
fective by a lavish display of modern
I After having lain In state for thrco
days the body jas taken In stately
procession this morning to Padding i
ton station where It was placed In a
funeral car and removed to Windsor
for burial
Tho members of tho royal Chouse
1 hold followed on horseback in this
1 order
First meThe Duke of Connatight
King George Emperor William
Second flic King Haakon of Nor
way King George of Greece King Al
fonso of Spain
Third file King Ferdinand of Bul
garia King Frederick of Denmark
King Emanuel of Portugal
Fourth flic Prlnco Yussuf Zyycdln
the heir apparent of Turkey King
Ibert of Belgium Archduke Francis
Fordlnnnd heir to the throne of Aus
Fifth nie Prince Sadanaru Fu
shlml of Japan Grand Duke Michael
of Russia the Duke of Aosta repre
senting Italy the Duke of Sparta
who Is the crown prince of Greece
and Crown Prince Ferdinand oCGou
r Sixth file Prince Henry of Prussia
3TepTfrscntiTi s Hbe German navy
Prince Charles of Sweden Prince
Henry of Holland the Duke of Saxe
CoburgGotha crown prince of Mon
tenegro Crown Prince Alexander of
Seventh flic Prince Mohammld All
Said Pasha Znlflkar Watsen Pasha
of Egypt the Sultan of Zanzibar
Then followed the princely and
ducal representatives of a dozen Ger
man states the members of the Eng
llflh royal family tho Dulce DAlcn
com and Prince BovardoJ of Slam
The mounted group was followed by
twelve state carriages The first was
occupied by the Queen Mother Alex
andra the Russian Dowager Empress
Marie the Princess Royal and tho
Princess Victoria
rue second carriage contained
Queen Mary of England Queen Maud
of Norway the Duke of Cornwall heir
to the nVlllsh throne and Princess
The next four carriages carried
royal ladles and ladles in waiting
The seventh carriage was shared by
Special American Ambassador Theo
dore Roosevelt M Plchon French for
eign minister and Sauad Khan Mon
Lazes Sultanah of Persia
The ninth carriage was occupied by
Lord Strathcona Lord Hymer Sir
Georgle Reid and William Paul Jones
The two carriages following carried
persons in waiting
Arriving at Paddington station the
casket was placed in the funeral cnr
which carried the funeral party to
Windsor The royal salon was up
holstered In purple and white silk
and a catafalque In the center sup
ported the casket The car was oc
nipled by King George Queen Mary
Queen Mother Alexandra eight other
sovereigns and near relatives Spe
cial trains followed with the high
officials foreign representatives and
special envoys
Kings princes and representatives
of foreign government followed tho
rapkot through the streets which were
lined with 30000 troops that held In
check thC mass nf humanity that from
every point of vantage silently watched
he pageant
After the procession formed Juht
before the hour scheduled for the
V start a court carriage halted before I
I the door of Westminster hall Em
peror William who was mounted and I
III line recognized the occupant as
th queen mother Alexandra OUIII
dlsorauntlng ho waved aside the lack
eys crowded about and giving iud
hand to the widow of his uncle insist
ed her to alight and placed a kiss on
her cheek The queen mother en
tered the hall and for a few moments
was alone with her dead When nhe I I
again appeared the first of the mm
me guns was fired the bell In the
tower sounded and at 950 oclock the
procession was tinder way
Again at Windsor the casket was
borne on a gun carriage followed by I
those who had formed the procession
in London with the addition of reg
ular ambassadors accredited to lie
I court of St James The funeral ser
vice was hold in St Georges chapel
tho Church of England service being
l used
r usedDuring the procession In London
I the crowd of onlookers became unruly
I atsonio points and the police and
I troops had some difficulty in main
I taining order Hundreds of people
I fell from exhaustion The weather
was wellnigh perfect but the sun
was hot and to those In crowded
spots oppressive
f Throughout the British empire the
f day wan observed as one of mourning
llusincsK was suspended generally and
Informal services were held Fimorul
services were held 1 nail the European
capitals The emperor and empress
of Russia attended the English church
at St Petersburg as did Premier
Stolypln and the members of the
lunia and other monarchs who wore
r not present at the funeral paid sim
ilar tributes at their homes
Trains and street cars came to a
standstill for 15 minutes at the hour
tho cortege started from Westminster
The special American ambassador to
tho funeral Theodore Roosevelt oc
cuplet tho tlghth carriage In tho pro
cession American diplomatic dele
gate Hour White was with other
similarly appointed representatives
Mrs Theodore Roosovolt was pres
ent having a place among the mem
bers of the diplomatic corps and their
wives The American aides to Mr
Roosevelt T Bently Mott American
military attache at Paris and LINt
Commander Reginald Belnap were
with the embassy attaches I
London May 20Tho body of KinG
I Edward VII was carried through the
streets of the capital today in the
presence of many hundreds of thou
sands of subjects and with tho kings
of nine European nations several fu
ture rulers members of all the royal
families of the world and a former
president of tho United States follow
ing the casket from Westminster hall I
to Paddington station
The cortege moved through solid I
double lines of redcoated soldiers
standing with rifles reversed and the I
regimental colors dipped I
At the railroad station the casket
was placed in a funeral car and taken I
to Windsor where after the church of I
England service had been conducted
by the archbishop of Canterbury In
St Georges chapel it was entombed
In the Albert memorial chapol adjoin
ing No such spectacle has been wit I
nessed in London since Queen Vic
torias Jubilee The parade included
many of the greatest men In the king
dom with representatives of all arms
of the service and delegations from
the most famous regiments of the em
pire and representative groups of for
eign armies and navies
Behind the casket on which rested
the Imperial symbols followed the I
late Kings charger while his favorite
terrier was led by a Highland soldier
just before the Imperial ensign
King George Emperor William and
several other members of tho royalty
wore tho uniforms of British generals
No personage in the parade attracted
greater Interest than did Theodore
Roosevelt the special American am i
bassador whose civilian clothes con
trasted curiously with the gilded
stale coach with Its whitewlggcd and
stockinged flunkeys within which
he rode
Tho representatives of tho two
great republics the United States and I I
France were given a position at the
rear of all the royalties and the
pilnccs nf the pettiest of European
states Their carriage followed those
carrying the royal ladles and they
were the last In the line of the rop
rcseutathcs of foreign governments
The Duke of Orleans was given
preference as the envoy of the
French president
The booming of minute guns and
the tolling of bells accompanied the
movement of tho procession while
the bands in turn played The Dead
March from Saul and Chopins Fu
neral March
The morning was clear and a hot
sun heat on the great mass of hu
manity which lined the route of the I
procession It Is doubtful if so mon > j
people were ever before Been In Lon
don At the Mall in SL James street
and at Hyde park the throng almost
overwhelmed the procession Tho
I > ollcp and soldiers had to fight to
pr vont the linen from being swpt I
away by the crush Many broken
limbs and othor Injuries were ro
coived Hundreds of portions fainted
especially among the women who
hail been standing for bourn waiting
for the procosslon
King George the Queen Mother
Alexandra and the Princess Victoria
entorcd Westminster hall before the
procession started and spent somo
minutes before the casket Emperor
WllUam who was at the entrance as
they appeared dismounted and wav
ing the lackeys aside opened tho door
of the Queen Mothers carriage
helped her out and then kissed her
on the cheek
Tho procession started from the
nail at 925oclock Just as the first
minute gun boomed The precedent
afforded by the funeral of Queen Vic
toria nine years ago wns closely fol
lowed The oaken casket with tho
crown and cushion regalia and insig
I nia of the order of the garter thoreon
was borne on a gun carriage the same
as wan used at lit J funeral of the late
rho procession proceeded through
Parliament street and Whitehall Tho
public buildings were heavily draped
with black and purple throughout lie
Leaving the district of official Lon
don tho cortege passed through the
Continued on Pago Seven H
Denver May 20JI1 a contest to
decide which was quicker In pulling
his gijn an getting the drop John
Albert a ncro laborer wan shot and
Instantly killed last night by Joseph
I N Young a follow laborer
J Young had his revolver out and
prcHscd against Albi rtya breast befora
he latter had drawn his gun from its
holster Becoming excited Albert
grabbed Youngs weapon causing It ti
discharge the bullet piercing his
San Francisco May 20The police
I arc searching for A Jones a loper
who escaped yesterday from the Isola
I tion hospital here Jones who Is a
native of Hawaii has been at the hos
pital for the last two years A dc
1 scrlptlon of the native has boon fur
nished all other hospitals here at ono
of which it Is thought he may try to
find refuge
Congressman Foss Says
Revision Has Been a
Bunco Game
Washington May 20 Representa
tive Eugene N Foss the newly elected
ed Democratic representative from
Massachusetts a former Republican
and a leading manufacturer today
signalized the beginning of his active
participation in the house with a radi
cal attack upon the PayneAldrlch
tariff He denounced the Republican
policy of protection as an unmitigated
evil flayed the Republican leaders
declared the recent revision of tho
I tariff to bo a deliberate bunco game
from start to finish pronounced In
I favor of reciprocity and demanded an
I extra session of a new congress at
tho earliest opportunity to revise the
I tariffTn9
Tn9 people are indeed demanding
protection said Mr Foss but the 1
protection they are demanding Is pro I
tection from the PayneAldrlch tar
iff The speaker announced himself as
favoring the creation of a tariff com
mission but he wanted the commis
sion composed of nonpartisan men
whose report would be made direct
to congress rather than to the Presi
Referring to the provision In the
pending sundry civil appropriation
bill for an approprialon of 150000
for a tariff commlnnlon to report to lhQ
President ho said
Naturally It looks a little strange
I to some of us after all this long tie I
larand after tho people have them I
selves discovered the worst evils of
our tariff system which such a com
mission could have exposed years ago
that it Is now brought forward at
this eleventh hour Clever editors of
lending journals have stigmatized this
proposition here as a sop to CcrehuB
or a tub to the whale
They have evidently In mind tho
panicky feeling that pervades tho
standpat section of this very cham
ber as well as of the other chamber
and the Republican machine the coun
try over There is among them a
great searching of hearts as to what I
can be done to quench those burning
Issues of tariff and taxation roform
of how this great peoples movement
on these great Issues can bo diverted
It cannot be denied that the peo
ple have come to regard this whole
revision scheme of the Republican
loaders as planned In tho last na
tional campaign nnd us promulgated
I in their platform and as finally hutch
ored In the special tariff session of
I congressas an Intentional and de
liberate bunco game from start to
Mr Foss urged reciprocity with for
eign nations as tlc proper middle
ground between a protective tariff
I and free trade
I The standpat hierarchy he con
I tinued sowed Iho wlnd and we are
I all reaping tho whirlwind Reciprocity I
wan sacrificed to selfish and mercen
1 ary influences by the politicians
I against the peoples Interests prosti
tuted bj thorn to the purpose of hood
winking the public just as now re
cently they have prostituted re
I vision
I Declaring that a commission should
report to congress and not to the
I President Mr FOBS demanded
Why does the administration seok
to be solicitous that this smaller body
bo absolutely under the control of the
executive seeing that It Is primarily
Intended for legislative purposes Is
there an ulterior motive
If the commission is to be merely
an executive instrument and report
only to the President how Is congress
to receive the Information excepting
as the President may elect to trans
mit IL and whatii3 to prevent the
executive department from withhold
ing or supprOsflqg jar coloring such
Information 1B ban more than once
been dono her tofarej
I recognize that the people have
lost conndendc In the Republican
party and that they are no longer
looking to them for an honest re
vision Tho people have turned to
the Democratic party Now the re
sponsibility for un horst revision of
the tariff Is up to the Democratic
party with thn aid of tho Insurgent
and such indoponde clement ns
will ally themselveswith us
TIme peopla dorntntth t the re
vision and jductlouiofThetatift bo
carried out by the Democratic party
as soon 18 the now congress can con
vene The Democratic party ought
to raise the issue that there shall bo
an extra session next spring to do
the work which congreBB ban proved
faithless to The people have made I
the Immediate reduction of the tarlff
the issue and the Democratic party
must pledge itself In a most distinct I
and specific wa to carry out this
course In order that the mandate shall
bo a compelling ono that the victory
shall be so complete that the Repub
lican executive will be forced to ac
quleace In it and call congress to I
gether I
Mr Foss declared that the rallying
cry shall he made Free wool and
cheap clothing i
Todnr he snld millions of our peo
ple are deprived of comfort and
health and oven of life by the so
called protective tariff on wool and
woolens for the benefit of the sheep I
raisers and woolen trusts I I
Mr Foag declared for lowor duties
on sugar and said he people were de
manding further reductions In iron
and steel
Now at this point ho aId It
seems to devolve igm mo as a rep
rcflentatlvo In congress of this re
form and is a representative manu
facturer In the Iron and steel Industry
of New England engaged In the pro
duction of Important linen of ma
chinery employing large numbers of
skilled workmen and using large
quantities of the finished products of
the steel trust to state publicly adore
that in my judgment my industry
and the people employed In It would
not suffer under free trade conditions
that Is if the 45 per cent duty was en
tirely removed and provided these
conditions apply to the whole Iron and
steel Industry from the coal and iron
ore II p
In fact Mr Foes continued I
believe that today under free trade
conditions we can compete with the
markets of the world In most If not
all these Industries and compote to
better advantage than we dq now
Mr Foss advocated the placing of
nil raw materials on the free list and
declared that the burdens of protec
tion were felt as keenly by the em
ployer as by the employed
Denver May OA new duty was
imposed upon the fire department yes
terday when Alfred Altman used a
fire alarm box as first aid to the hun
gry Altman was found standing by
the box when the fire wagons ar
rived He admitted turning In the
alarm and was placed under arrest
In police court the man declared
I was starving to death and when I
happened to see the alarm box I turn
ed In an alarm because I thought may
be I would get something to eat
Altman was fined 120 and costs
and committed to Jail whore he Is
Insured against hunger for somo little
There May BeNo Con
test Yesterdays
Fake Fight
San Francisco May 20Tho Papke
Thomas mill last night and the gen
eral disappointment it brought the
fight fans is the main topic of pug
ilistic discussion horo today distract
ing for the moment attention from
the JeffriesJohnson battle status
Bitter comment from the sporting
fraternity and caustic criticism from
the newspaper experts has been arous
ed by the mlddlewelghts contest tho
procedure of which was punctuated
with cries of fake fight frame
up and with boos from all sides
In view of the storm of censure
Papkes Is regarded as a hollow vic
tory and the Illinois Tdundorbolt
has made several statements to ac
count for his showing
OIl couldnt get warmed up he says
I wanted to knock Thomas out and
I had my money bet that I would beat
him Inside of in rounds What the
matter was I dont know and I am as
much disappointed as anyone else
Today was expected bring doel
opmonls in the big light situation
District Attorney Flckert having told
a committee representing the local
Church Federation that he would bo
prepared to give decisive opinion
on tho city law covering prize fight
Tho whilom belief of the fans that
Flckort considered the law favorable
I to the holding of the light hero was
given a rude shock by a rumor In
circulation last night According to
that report tho district attorney was
I quoted as saying he did not think
there was much chanco of Jeffries and
Johnson getting together In Son Fran
cisco Attempts to confirm the juni
or proved futile
Aside from his usual roadwork
Jack Johnsons training operations are
not expected to develop any interest
ing features until Saturday and Sun
day when ho Is scheduled to box
New York May 20A Now York
syndicate has offered S100000 for the
moving picture rlBtff of Ute Jeffries
Johnson light This announcement
made today la 1 the first deQnlt sign
of action fn the muchdiscussed ques
tion an to wlirt will gK the moving
picture privilege The New York men
I Rave out today a COP of the tele
gram which they forwarded to the
fight manaccra making their offer It
I is signed by J Austin Fynes who Is
acting for the New York syndicate
and is as follows
Now York City May HI nOTex
Rlckard and Jack Gleason San Fran
Cisco Am authorized to offer 100000
for exclusive privilege to take moving
Plett fOB of JeffriesJohnson contcsL I I
tnko nil chance as to weather con
ditions patent rlphts etc Terms 50
000 flown on your principals agree
ment lo this balance day before fight
Answer Signed J Austin Kynes
0 v 0
0 0
O Newcastle Pa May 20 0
0 Traveling alone onethird of 0
0 the way around tho world 10 0
O year old Louise Reed McClure 0
O arrived hero todny from Bom 0
0 bay India The gIrl Is a laugh 0
O toe of tho late Rev Reed Me O
0 Clure of Now Wilmington Pa C
O a United Proshytcrlnn mission 0
O ary who died In the mission 0
10 fields two years ago Mrs Me 0
10 Glure tho childs mother will G
I O remain In the missionary 0
O Holds for two years more 0
iO 0
Killed The Husband of
i > a Woman He I
Auburn Cal May 20WlLh the 1
death yesterday afternoon of J M I
CbKtoau at Boaeville where he was
fhot May 10 by Michael Leahey feel
Inif acaluat lyeahoy has become so In
tense here that an attempt at lynch I
in Is feared and the county Jail
where W Is confined is being kopf I
under special guard I
Lcahoy is said to have confessed
Intimacy with Chateaus wife and to
have declared that he shot Chateau
because the husband stood In the way
of hs infatuation
When informed tonight of Chateaus
death Lenhey showed no emotion
I blame the woman for this trou
ble he said I asked her to elope
with me and when she refused I I
found It necessary to kill her hus
band 1 would have killed any other
man just the same
XeV York May 20Thc passage
or near panBago of the earth through
the tall of Halleys comet which
tome scientists thought would affect
the sending of wireless messages had
not tho slightest effect according to
reports from all parts of the world
received hero by the wireless com
Speaking wlrolessly said the
manager of the Marconi company
we dont know that the comet has
a tail It hasnot affected our system
at all
Tests between New York Wash
ington and Chicago by wireless exper
iments showed no extraordinary at
mospheric conditions that intorforred
with wireless communication All tho
operators wore on the watch for ce
lestial music but none was reported
The operators of the telegraph
company were also told to observe
anything out of the ordinary as the
Influence of the comet was an un
known quantity and sun spots wore
expected Appearance of mm spots
and auroras and interference with tel
egraph service are sometimes coinci
dent but no unusual phenomena have
been observed sInce Halloys comet
came within the possible sphere of In
New York May 20 There was good
reason for the calling off the carefully
planned parade which was to have
been n feature of the Roosevelt home
coming welcome according to Cot
nelius Vanderbilt chairman of the
committee In charge
Applications for places In line had
become so numerous that it bogan to
appear asr If the entire nation wanted
to march aaid Mr Vanderbilt and
the applications that had been given
tho olllclal O K and tabulated
small proportion of the wholewould
have formed a line of marchers many
miles In length I would have taken
such a parade at least 21 hours to pass
a given point I the Invitation bad
boon left open heaven only knows
how long a lino we would have had
Now York May 20A new system
of lIe Insurance involving a change
in thl methods of judging whether or
not a policy soo er is a good or a bad
risk Is about lobe adopted by all tho
big companies of the United States
according to statements made at the
annual meetingof tho Actuarial So
ciety of America which Is In session
here this Aveeko
People wJipljjcck policies will not
aJI1f Judged alike as more or less
they have peepjudged In the past
Each mnn according to his method
of livelihood or < UQ peculiarities of
hia family hjsory will be classified
In a pcclnlr
IJcolql waj
Ha calling und ancestry will put
him accurately and scientifically in
Ofoar about 115 special classes
For each of theaethere will bo n dif
The hoaUhy naval officer for ex
ample will pay a different premium
from the healthy saloonkeeper The
1IOlo seeker who has had two re
= = r
cent deaths of his ancestors from tu
bcrcllOsli will have to pay a differ
ent premium from tho policy seeker
whose family chows a similar record I
with regard to cancer or epilepsy j
Statistics for these Hi special risks
have been prepared during the past
year by a committee of the chief ac
uarles of all tho landing life Insur
ance companies using reports on fire
million cases as a bnsl for the In
CrookBton N inn May HElbert
the threeyearold son of Patrick Fear
on a prisoner at Fort eavonwortb
Kan while playing In the attic of his
mothers home yesterday found five
filing papers Intact for the supposed
destrllcton of which big father a for
mer land ofllco clerk In tho govern
ment offices here was sentenced to
eighteen months Imprisonment Fear
on repeatedly told the court during
the trial that ho had not destroyed
the papers but was not able to tell
what he had done with them On this
new evidence a move has been started
to get President Taft to pardon Fearon
and Judge More has Intimated that
no will recommend clemency
Meetings under the auspices of the
International Bible Students associa
tion will be held Sunda as follows
1 a mAt 302 Wilson avenue I
Five Points subject The New Cre
230 p mAt Union Labor hal
163 Twenty fourth street subject
Will the Earth Ever Be Destroyed
by a Comet or Othenvlse l8aloh i
4518 I
The meetings are entirely free an
al desiring to hear Ole truth arc I
heartily welcomed I
New York May 0PrcC5 of
slocks advanced with some aggress
iveness when the market opened t
noon today After a postponement of
two hours in observance of the fune
ral of the Into King of Englandnthcro
I was moderate activity shown in the
dealings and there were advances In
International Harvester og 1 12 Bal
timore Ohio and Canadian Pacltlc
u tmoro Cal llan Paclle
I I 1 and Union Pacific Reading On
tario and Western Kansas City Soul
I era U S Steel Amalgamated Cop
o per American Chem and Distillers
securities large fractions
Chicago Livestock
Chicago May 20 Cattle llcceipts
estimated at 1500 market steady
Beeves 560a870 Texts steers 500x
C10 western steers d2na7lO stock
ers and feeders 400a6CO cows and
heifers 27Ga725 calves 50a77G
I Hogts Receipts estimated a 10000
market oc lower Light 940a97U
r mixed D35a972 12 heavy 35a970
i rough 935a950 good to choive heavy
J950aO70 pigs IOa9GO bulk of sales
I 960a965
Sheep Receipts estimated at ilO
000 market weak Native lOOaGSO
western 100a680 yearlings 660a790
lambs native 590aS90 western GSOa
Omaha Livestock
Omaha May 20 Cattle Receipts
700 market steady Native steers
SfiOOSOO cows and helfere 375Qj >
GS5 western steers 370g600 cows
and heifers 275 < g > 575 canners
27o425 stockers and feeders
i 160ti2G calves OOrf7RO bulls
stags etc 400fi 4
Hogs Receipts 7300 market
steady Heavy 9r 0 < g9Jo mixed
9a59 light 95cij950 hulk of
I sales 50355910
I Sheep RcceiptH 1900 market
i steady Yearling 075790 troth
I ors 600190 owe 5 0IGiO
lambs 005900
Chicago GIpse
Chicago May 20 Wheat May
11112 July 102 H September
10012101 58 A
Corn May Ci July GO iT60 7S
September 01 R8 < GG134
Oats May 4178 July T9 5Sui
3934 September 3SSS3Sl2 De
cember 3S 7S
Pork July 2300 September
Lard July 1200 September
f 51247 j2l250
r Ribs July 125 12 September
1242 12
I Chicago Prqduce
Chicago May OButterFlrm
creameries 232Dc dairies 25c
Eggs Firm receipts lS3nc nl
mark cases included G19c firsts
19c prime first 20c
Cheese Steady dairies ll < Q141i
twins 13 123 > 13 34c young Ameri
cas 15c long horns 14 14J4 l2o
Sugar and Coffee
New York May 20 Sugar Raw
nominal Muscovado tS7I centrifu
gal 9C test 424 Defined steady
q let
Coffee Spot quiet No 7 Rio
S 1ic No I Santos 0 1c
Metal Market
New York May 20 > LeadIItti
spot 410 < S > lin
I Copper Firmer stahilarj spot
1285 < c1265 July 135 8 T26Qit
Silver 53 78 1
W I G I r 1
Something Like Shooting Stars Seen Moving
Swiftly oon Disappear Comet Will Be
I i A J
Visible in the Western Sky at Sun =
down This Evening 1
Denver May ODean Herbert A
Howe of the University of Denver
says he discovered fIve new figures in
the heavens this morning In the path I
of Halloys cornet They were moving
swiftly vanished quickly and
ing 11 Iekl
were so small that the dean does not
attempt to explain them
They looked like ordinary shoot
ing stare ho said and were moving
swiftly In the direction of tho path of
the comets tall only a little higher
up in the sky They vanished quick
ly I did not ace the tall of the comet
Carnegie Observatory Mount Wilson
of tho
son Cal May 20 Virtually al
tail of Halleys comet has passed Into
the evening sky What little re
mained this morning above the east
ern horizon will have disappeared In
the next twenty four hours That sec
tion of the tall remaining In the east
ern sky early today stretched from
tho horizon to the Milky Way I was
much fainter than on the preceding
amer the atmosphere Is clear
this evening the comet will be visible
to tho naked eye soon after sundown
Williams Bay WIs May 20Prof
F B Frost In charge of the Ynrkos
observatory here expects to make an
observation of Halleys comet In the
west sometime shortly before night I
Although cludy skies prevented the
making of any positive observations
early today Prof Frost and ProC E
E Barnard the comet expert agree
that there will be no display of the
comets tall in the cast tonight
scientists says the earth has either
passed through the tail while clouds
obscuer tho sky or that the tai
I miss
curved to such i extent as to
the earth entirely
Carnegie Observatory Mount VII
t son Cal May 20 It in not Improbable
able that we will Jiass through
tall of Halleys comet and our calcu
lations not show It said Dr W S
i I Adams at S30 oclock Pacific time
I When the tall disappeared below the
eastern horizon It was long but much
I fainter than yesterday morning We
may have passed through 1 portion of
It but that can only be determine
I by calculations No unusual phe
nomena was observed during the
Washington May 20 Theodore H
Price of New York the cotton Icing
Indicted here for connection with the
cotton leak scandal of 1908 cannot be
prosecuted the District of Columbia
according to a ruling of tho supromo
court of the district today
Prices plea that the grand Jury
which Indited him had as a inombor
a government employe was sustained
i Chicago May OXorwelan wo
men who are about to have conferred
upon bent the full franchise privileg
es have shown that I lucy deserve tho
ballot said Ore Glide Norwegian
minister to tho United States In addressing
hundred of his countrymen
dressing two hl111rcd cOlllrr
men who tendered him a banquet
here lust night
In tln > Napoleonic wars said Mr
Glide the women tilled tho soil lur
nlshcd food und clothIng for tin men
who were at time front and enabled
tbo doubling of tho Norwegian army
They showed themselves as patriotic
and selfsacrificing as the men I
1905 they organized an experimental
election and almost unanimously
leclon ad voted a1iosl unanlmols
ly for tho dissolution of Norway anJ
Sweden The men In their election I
voted likewise and the womens trial
elections led to their being granted
partial franchise Now they are to
have their full rights
Acting for tho king of Norway
Minister Glide conferred upon two Chl
cagoans Dr N T Quales and EmU
Biorn the Knighthood or Olaf
Because the Parent Had
Urged tUr to Re
turn Home
Huntinglon W Va May 20 Victor
Walter IS years old shot and killed
his father last night because the par
ent tried to coerce his son Into re
turning home to a grlefstrlckcd moth
er Young Walter had left home to
work In a coal mine Tho father went
to the boys boarding house and took
his clothing away When tho youth
returned to his homo for his clothes
father and mother met him on the
Angered at his fathers ruso the buy
shot him dead on the spot and inflict
cd flesh wounds on a brother wh4
tried to Interfere Young Walter ia I
in Jail I
Colorado Springs Colo May 20
Alleging that Gcorgo B Stone a den
tist not contented with making off
with 20 of her money had stolen her
teeth Mrs Lodoma Faus yesterday
caused Stones arrest at Las Animas
whither the doctor departed about a
month ago While the teeth wero ar
tificial declared Mrs Faus the In
convenience caused by their absence
I was almost as great as If they had
u been real
New York May OA prayer that j
had lasted for nearly 24 hours was
Interrupted today by policemen from
nn East Side precinct when they ar
rested the devout supnlicator at an
uptown street corner where lie had
been standing all night imploring
heaven to spare the world for tho sake
of the few good people loft In it
At the station house the man said
ho was Thomas McCuo of Danbury
Conn lIe declared that It was hi <
duty to intercede for the salvatloit of
the worHl from the fires of the ap
proaching comet lie had been on his
Knees In the streets ho said since t
oclock yesterday morning
Tho police sent him to Bollovuo hos
pital for examination as to hi sanity
i C
now Big Is Ogden I
I Guess Ogden City ha I Population of 0
t According to the U S Census ta ni the month of April 0
v is in the event of
1910 This guess good only my subscription
0 being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census
Director announces the population of Ogden MAY 20 1910
1 Sign Here 1
1I nOW Big Is Weber County I
I guess Weber County has a Population of > > > 7
A gess
ffi According to the U S Census taken in the month of April W
T 1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription T I
m being paid at least one day in advance of tho day the Census B 1
v Director announces the population of Weber County V I
I 0 MAY 20 1910 m I
ji SiguHere I
I 44 J
111i i

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