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5 J i
r Y co
At Cincinnati New Yotk7 Cin
cinnati S
Al SU LouhSt Louis 0 Philadel
phia 1
At Chicago Chicago 4 Brooklyn
At PlttBburg Boston 6 PIttsburg
American League
At Boston Chicago 0 Boston 3
At Philadelphia Detroit 11 Phila
delphia 2
At o1rlngton1Vnsblngton 5 i St
Louis O
At Now Yortc CIoTcland 3 New
York 4
Western League
At Omaha Omaha 1 Denver 6
At Dos MolnoB Dca iMblneu 11
Wichita 4
At Lincoln Lincoln 1 St Joseph 5
At Sioux CityTopeka G Sioux
City 4
American Aosoclntlon
At St Paul Indianapolis 1 SL
paul 3
At Mlnneapollo Louisville 3 Min
neapolis fi
At MIlwaukeeToledo 10 Milwau
kee fl
At Kansas CUy ColumhuB 0 Kan
bas City 3
Coast League
At Sacramento Sacramento 1 San
Francisco o i
At OaUlnnd Oakland 5 Portland 4
At LOB AngelesLos Angeles 4
Jycrnon 5N I
Northwestern League
At Vancouver Spokane 2 Van
I xouver 1
At Seattle Seattle 3 Tacoma 0
College Games
At Hnnovcr N HTurls 2 Dart I
mouth 1 I
At Ithaca N YCornen 14 Ober
lin 2
Citizens of Ogden I
Boost for your city by using 00
DEN MADE FLOUR It costa you no
tnoro find ovory sack you use Is a
fcoost for your town
In that way you make a Chicago
of Ogden Ogden Milling Ele
pator Co
BY W e A o
Two etato records were broken and
o series ot thoroughly thrilling athle
tic events WON pulled off at tho fair
grounds Thursday afternoon when the
wearers of tho Orange and Block for
the Ogden high school and those wear
Ing tho purple nnd Willie for tho
Weber academy mot to aotUo ancient
rivalry and olrovo nobly throughout
on exciting afternoon In which tho ul
timate outcomo was in doubt from
start to finish Tho Weber Academy
came off victorious
Tho final Scoro stood 67 to 47 In
favor of tho academy The youthful
athletes representing both sides con
tested cleanly for honors although
rivalry of long standing was extreme
ly keen
In the 220yard dash tho state record
was broken by Moran of the Ogdon
high school and In the 410yard dash
Roberts of the academy succeeded In
breaking another stale record It wus
noticeable that the rival schools cheer
od together when those announce
ments wore mado
Before tho match tho teams woro
known to be well balanced as In a I
similar Indoor track meet held a year I
ago the teams were almost oqunl In
their loyal struggle ofr supremacy
The Weber academy Li rapidly achlev1
Ing a position of prominence In stato I
athletic circles having won tho I
northern championship and the south j
ern championship Tho latter was
taken by defeating the Salt Lake Y I
JI C A of tho Salt Lake Stale league i
76 to 23 j
One of the features of yesterdays
brilliant meet was the relay race Had
Ogden won this it would have tied the
score and the spectators held their
breath until tho rnco was finished
Tho academy took tho race with case
having twenty yards to spare On the
whole the meet wo by far the most
successful over held here and did
much to promote school athletics In
Ogden faculty and utudonts express
ing general satisfaction with tho con
Uuct of tho events and tho high school
admitting that the academys victory
teas honestly won
The summary follows
220yard hurdles Whltmoyor 0 II
S won Smith H S second Ingles
H S third Time 2S 45
100yard dash Moran II S won
Roberts W A second Clark A
third Time 11
Onomllo Ballantyno A won
Woodcock n S second Wllllama
H S third Tine 525
220yard dash Monm H S won
Roberta A second Douglas A third
Time 23 35 state record
440ynrd doch Roberts A won 1
I 10 1
Baron s
Barons Is the Mecca for the economicaloThe price of every article In filestore fss Iccn slzstcd rjh zrd left
Nothing Is feeling Icf undone fo make this a gala sale for those who choose to plant their mency i liere It Mil reap
the biggest harvest Ii you cant come today come tomorrow Cur store will lie cpenfc mcfiim until 10 po m for
the acc madaliion of the workingman
I Of the Ogden and Salt Iake EKrSIHrg at SHe en he Dollar and Less
fw1lEN9S SUiTS MEN S SHOESThe Prices are Marvelous yLow LAMES SUITS
THE PRICES SPEAK VTH Same prices on Mens Oxfords All Boys Shoes 40 per cent off PRICES THE LOWEST EVER
All Mens Suits worth 4 7 300 Mens Shoes fl 350 Mens Shoes b One lot of Ladies Linen Suits
1000 g oat eJ 11 65 te d 3 9 5
go at tjJiftOiJ go at worth up to 1000 go at o
All Mcur Suits worth tl fl 25 4fiO Mens Shoes 500 Mens Shoes QE One lot of Ladies Linen Suits
1500 go at < P qqrXQEa go at P ao DcJ go at 1 e 9 d worth up to 1250 go at 4 s 95
All Men z Suits worth
All Ladies Snits worth
8 75
I 1800 and 2000 goat 1500 and 2000 go at v 6 2E
All Mens Suits worth
All Ladies Suits worth
2200 and 2500 go at 2250 go at i 825
All Mens Suits worth All Ladies Suits worth t T
13 75 <
2700 go at i J r 2500 go at 1025
All men s Suits worth All Ladies Suits worth t
14 75 j 1i G 6
3000 at f
go s 2700 and 3000 go at tIPl o e9
All Mens Suits worth 3500 go at 1775
All Ladies Suits worth
All Mens Suits worth 3750 go at 1875 lAJ
r < 3500 and v 4000 go at j ej
lWJU l 11 1 v > t
All Mens Pants worth 200 go at 90 i t i r MIENS HATS
All Mens Pants worth 250 go at 125 r x e
All Mens Pants worth 300 go at 145 These are real genuine halfprice reductions
All Men s Pants worth 400 go at 195 Mens Hats worth 200 go at J54t
All Mens Pants worth 500 at 245
go Mon Hats worth 300 go at ji 135
All dens Pants worth 600 go at 295 Mens Hats worth 350 go at S1G
All Mens Pants worth 700 go at 345 2345 WASHINGTON AVE
150 pair Corduroys worth 450 go at f 225 All Boys Hats 50 per cent off
f + 1 I TaII < yllS I = ol c oJ I JIxoc =
Moran H S second Ingles A third
Time 53 state record
HalfmlleRobert A won Stave
H S second Kccles A third Time
Shot put Burton A won Smith
1L S second Evans II S third
Distance 39 feet I inch
Hammer throwH Checkers H So
won Boyle H S second J Check
ers third Distance I2S feet
Broad jump Clark A won Green
well A second Burton A third
Distance 19 loot 11 Inches
High jump Burton A won Green
well A second Allen 11 Sthird
Height 5 feet r Inches r
Pole vaultAllen H S won Bur
ton and Critchlow A lie for second
Height 0 feet G Inches
Relay raco Inplcs ireenwell A
won Roberts Clark A second Time
ning today with a fair prospect of an
agreement between the regular Re
publicans and the Democrats which
would permit an early rote upon tho
railroad bill the senate concluded to
das session in as great uncertainty
as It has been at any time during con
sideration of the bill
The day was full of consultation and I
the situation shifted many times
When adjournment was taken shortly
after 1 oclock there was more talk
of an understanding between the regu
lar Republicans aiuj the Insurgent Re
publicans than between the rcga
lars and the Democrats
Tho first reports of the day indi
cated the strong probability a large
majority of the Democrats If not all J
of Ihem would agree to accept a prop
osition of the Republicans to strike
out the last three sections of the bill
relating to the capitalization of rail I
roads This arrangement wan to have
carried with It the adoption of an
amendment prt onU > d by Senator I
Simmons to prohibit the lowering of
railroad rates to destroy water com
petition and to give a place of ad
vantage to tho New Mexico and Ari I
zona statehood bill In return the
Democrats were expected to vote
against most of the amendments to
tho railroad bill offered by the In
Democrats Divided
When this proposition was put in
writing and Senator Johnston of Ala
bama began to circulate It on the nil
norlty side of the chamber he wet
with much opposition anti before he
had proceeded far his associates be
came convinced his port was by no I
means unanimous for the proposed
Among those who refused to sign
were Senators Bacon nu > uor Frailer I
Overman and Smith of South Caro
lina They raised the objection that
the agreompit would lie construed as
a surrender to Vdrlrh Republicans
with such n large defection the mov
t otme u
A delicious nourisKing meal for 5 cents 1
I Two Biscuits with I
W H EAT hot milk will sup
ply all the strength
I needed for a half
days work at a
cost of a few cents Your grocer sells it
and serve with hot m31c orcream or with sliced bananas
baked apples or other fruits
Caked J
ers for an agreement practically de
cided before the close of tho day to
refrain from further effort In that di
Tho failure to put through this for
mal plan did not however cause com
plete discontinuance of efforts to
bring the bill to an early vote Sena
tor Aldrich the primo mover In this
direction was busy throughout the
day Just before the senato adjourn
edlie said tome arrangement would
bo made in securing tho passage of
the bill at an early date
Vote Next Week
Senator Halo In an open talk in
the senate said n vote should be
riMchcd by the end of the next week
Formally tile railroad bill was be
fore the senate throughout the day
and Senator Cummins occupied the
floor from tho beginning to the end of
the session
Hli amendment requiring that be I
fore going Into effect In cases In rail
road rates shall have the approval of
tho interstate commerce commission
was under immediate consideration
WASHINGTON May 19 President
Taft was the central figure at todays
session of the worlds Sunday school
association now In convention here
At tonlght8 massmeeting held In con
vention which was surrounded by a
crowd fully as large as the 6000 with
in tho big structure he acknowledged
the Bible school as a powerful force
In the moral and educational uplift
of tho world
It Is one of Lhe two or three great
instrumentalities he said for malt
ing tho world hotter more moral and
more religious As the twig Is bent
HO the tree Is Inclined and youth Js
tho imc to inculcate religious Ideas
No matter what Iowa arc taken of
general education wo all agree Pro
testant Catholic and Jew that Sun
day school education is necessary to
secure moral uplift and religious
Tho rate question has invaded the
convention Local negro Sunday
flchqol leaders aro protesting bocause
members of Ihel r raco arc to IJe
barred from the meno monster Bible
claes parade tomorrow In a state
ment Issued by them tonight they de
clare It Is unfortunate any one who
hears tUB name should at this time
when the evangelization of tho world
in tins generation Is the watchword
of millions should turn to such offen
sive forms of race prejudice as the
local committee of Washington has
done In completely as far ns It Is
concerned eliminating colored people
from any part of the sixth worlds
Sunday school convention
Rev Dr p B Meyer of England
president of the association In Intro
ducing President Taft declared that
for twenty years he had prayed for
the president of the United States
every Sunday after prayer for the king
of England
And ihis he added is a common
custom In England
Mr Taft replied to this by saying
no hoped these
prayers would con
Jay experience he said Is that
those prayers are needed
Other speakers at tonighfn mooting
wore Rev Dr Sam H Grcono of this
city former Postmaster General ino
S I2IHrk0ni ReT Monroe Gibson
England Bishop
Yoltsu Japan and
Bishop Hartzel of Africa
SALT LAKE May ioFrank JI
Eldredgo In oharpo of tho local cen
flus offices during the absence of Su
pervisor Hush A McMtlUn elated this
morning that with the exception of
sections of Box Elder and inch
counties the population schedules of
I all enumeration districts will bo in at
the local offices by May 25 The enu
merator originally appointed to cover
Box Elder became sick it Is said and
I did not Inform Mr McMillin until the
time for the completion of the count
was drawing near Another enumer
ator was appointed R will probably
be June 1 before his work Is finished
Owing to the long distances to bo cov
ered In Ulntah county and tho poor
conditions of the roads the count
there has also been delayed and M
N Larson has boon named enumera
tor In the districts of Lynwood and
Manila designated as district No < TM2
Mayor Branaford P J Moran and P
J Qucaly Among the Incor
Salt Lake May 20There is In
course of organization In Salt Lake
what will Ue known as the Federal
Cbal company which will engage In
the tclall coal business here and will
make a big bid for the fuel business of
Zion The capital stock will be 100 I
000 and the incorporators and board
of directors will be composed of the I
following representative find well
known business men Patilck J I
Quealy P J Moran George E Gunn
William O Carlson and Mayor John S
Bransford The officers of the com
pany will be Patrick J Quenly pres
ident P J Moran vice president and
general manager John S Bransford I
secretary and troasurer
Salt Lake May 20The last meet
ing of the season of the Salt Lako
chapter of the American Institute of
Bank Clerks was held at the Com
mercial club Thursday evening A
lecture on Negotiable Instruments
by Attorney E C Ashton was a feat
ure The annual election of officers
took place as follows
President S G Savlllo of the Me
Cornick National bank vicepresi
dent E Dyer of tho National Bank of
the Republic secretary L Mor J
ton of the Continental National bank
treasurer William McEwan of Lions
Savings Bank and Trust company I
These with E L Parker of the
State Bank of Utah and Joseph Boy 1
of the Utah Commercial Savings Bank
are the directors
Thoroughly respectable but nbnq
the leas emphatic more than enchant
Bred students of the Webor academy
paraded the streets Thursday even
ing In celebration of tho treat victory
on the Hold during tho afternoon over
athletes representing the Ogden high
With well rehearsed college yells of
the most approved type tho loyal
academy students shouted themselves
hoarse during the evening marching
from street to street singing the bat
tie song of tho victorious High
school boys as Is usual In such cases
were conspicnou by their absence
prcumably mapping out a plan of ac
tion to overcome tho defeat at the
next meeting
There will boa meeting of the
members of the Gorman Evangelical
I St Pauls church at tho Swedish Lu
theran Church corner 23rd street and
Tofforson avenue on Sunday June
6th at 11 oclock a m for the pur
pose of authorizing tho Trustees to
r dispose of lots 14 and 15 In Block one
1 Herrlmans Addition in the City
of Ogden Utah
Dated Ogden tTtAh May ISth 1910
H G HESS Secretary
Interesting exorcises of which the
feature was an able address by Judge
I A R Hpywood marked tho closing
of tho 1910 term of tho Smithsonian
Business college last night Throngs
of friends and relatives of the gradua
ting class filled the Methodist church
I to capacity enjoying tho excellent
program which opened with a pre
lude by the Harmony orchestra fol
1 lowed by on Invocation bj Rev G W
I McCrcory
I Accompanied by Miss Jessie 11
I Welch Miss Denmark sang a solo In
pleasing manner and the Arlon quar
I tette ably rendered a pleasing selec
tion 0 U Guess In his rendition
of The Call of the Wild was lib
orally applauded as was 0 U Guess
twice In How I Fired My Boss
I President J A Smith of tho College
delivered the class Introduction lot
lowed by Miss Florence Catherine 01
soil who rendered a vocal solo In s
pleasing manner after whl9h Judge
Hoywood delivered the class address j
on Elements That Win offering good j
business logic and sane advice to tho J
young men and women of the class
The presentation of diplomas followed
Tho list of graduates Included
Commercial Department
Commercial and Business ClassG
L Corey A T Van Camp G C Gobi I
C M Wheelwright J E Reardon P
K Smith Waldo D Miles J R Tan
ner H J He8se Post
Business ClnssR C White C E
Chrlstotfcruon F M Sands R H Van
Do Graaf M E Hoggan C E Mad
Bookkeeping Class
J A Way R T Christensen V S I
Old sores remain opon and chronic ulcers rofuso to heal because they aro I
kopt constantly irritated and infected by impurities in tho blood This Im i
purity of tho circulation comes from various causes A long spell of do
bllitating sickness which broods disease gonna in tho Byctom tho retention of
rofuso matters of tho body because of a sluggish condition of the oliminativo
members a continued malarial state of health inherited bad blood etc are us I
ually responsible But whatever the cause of the infected circulation tho sore
or ulcer CANNOT heal until the blood is purified s S S heals sores and ulcers
in tho very simplest way It just goon into the circulation and removes tho im
puritloo and polluted matter which are the mesas of keeping tho sore open then I
tho soro la bound to heaL S S S is tho finest of all blood purifiers and not only
does it cleanse tho circulation but it adds the necessary healing qualities to tho
blood and in this way assist nature to quickly euro sores and ulcers Salves
washes lotions eta can do no permanent
gOQ toward healing an old soro because
ouch treatment dots not roach the blood These
ortornal applications may bo
soothing nod cleansing but tho healing must begin at the bottom end this is Just
what S S S does by first purifying tho blood and then furnishing nourishment
nnd health to ill tho floah tissues Book on Sore and Ulcers free to all who
vrrito and request it
Folkman Stanley B Farr T G Blake
I ley D 0 Minnock Post
Telegraphy Class W H Hender
I son G E Umber E p Gasnell
Stenographic Department
Shorthand and Bookkeeping Class
I Clara W Riddell Winifred Cotant
Radna C Short Katharine M Fife
Maude N Goble Rose M Sharp Mablo
C Lund Bossle M Preshaw Helen D
I Rosencrans Lois M Yeaman Mary R
Kearney laura G Wangaard Ivy
May Cowan
Shorthand Class lame H Row
Icy Marion E Hewitt Stanley A
Wardle Vera W Shimmin Cecil M
Richardson Florence OOIsen Helen
Monica Miller Mrs Pearl G Isher
wood Frances A Chrfstensou Pearl
E Briggs Lillian K Banford Alva O
Jchnson Martha P Pancake
PostGraduate Class Bessie Wil
liams Wllford Shurtliff Katherine O
Robinson Lillian G Green Inca M
See the Campbell Brothers Consoli
dated Shows when they exhibit here
on Friday Juno 3 or you will miss
the greatest treat of the season Its
bigger bettor more gorgeous than
ever and will give you entertainment
to talk of for many days
The big city reservoir Is rapidly
Hearing completion and already pre
sents a most pleasing aspect It being
one of the finest pieces of reservoir
construction to be found anywhere In
the west
The city begun work on the reser
voir last April the excavation being
completed In August Since that time
tho prows of pu 1 1l1nglhe bottom
I has been In operation In order that
It may ho thoroughly seepageproof
The rcsgrvolr Is 330 feet long and 350
I feet wide being the exact dimensions
of a quarter of a city block
j In April of this year tho contraofr
was let to the Wheelwright Construc
tion company for the cement work
the same to be completed In sixty
days On April inth work was started
and dcsjjltc the prediction of various
constructors that the tlmo was too
short the job will have been com I
pleted fri forty days I
The construction company acquired
an immquso gravel pit Just north of
tho old reservoir upon gelling the con I
tract which has made It possible to
push tho work with all speed About
100 men are now at work
The reservoir has a mean depth of
23 feet with sloping 40 foot sides
Water from Cold Water canyon and
Wheeler canyon Is admitted through
a 2ilnch Intake pipe and discharged
through an outlet of similar dimen
sions A bow off for cleaning purposes
has been also installed The capacity
will be more than 21000000 gallons
one of the largest In the west The
cost of excavating was 13600 which
with 18500 for cement work and the
cost of the Iron used brings tho total
cost up to about 40000
Salt Lake May 20ITank B Gaw
an general superintendent for P J
Moran who has been confined to his
homo for several days on account or
an accident is making excellent prog
ress toward recovery Mr Gawan
while making the trip from Salt Lake
to Denver In an automobile recent
ly met with a naccident at Dana I
Wyo Mr Gawan was accompanied r
by Mr Keogh and the party was trav I
eling along an abandoned right of way
when suddenly a culvert where the I
bridge had boon taken out was en
countered and the auto plunged Into
space 1
Mr Gawan was sitting in the rear J
r ji
seat of tho auto and war thrown out I
He was Injured but returned bj trala I
I home and was then seized with the
Illness from which ho Is now recover
Salt Lake flay 20 Speeding about
twentyfive miles an hour along State
street near Third south W rr Shor
rill driving taxicab 830 of the Taxi
cab and Auto company 233 South
I West Temple street struck LcHlIe L
Grieve rOL 8 Shelmerdlnu court employed
1 clove d by the Chicago Cleaning Com
I I pany tore hip undershirt shirt and
coat front his back nnd hurled him
fifteen feet Thursday night After
I running about onethird of a block
south on State street Sherrill succeed
I ed In stopping the automobile He was
arrested and taken to tho police sta
I tion by Patrolman Carstenson who
saw tho accident and charged with n
violation of the speed ordinance but
I was later released on his own recogn
izance by Chief of Police Barlow
Grieve assisted his father walked
to the police station and reported the
I matter after which he loft In scnrcn
i of a physician lie sustained severe
I bruises about the body and a large
I gash under the right shoulder blade
As Shorrlll was being placed under
arrest he told the patrolman that It
I would cost him 50 cents to ride to tho
station Carstensen forthwith hauled
the young man out of the jiutoomblla
and took him to the station In the
patrol wagon
San Francisco May 201ho Turn
er and W 1C 011 companies hold
Ings comprising two of tho richest
properties In tho state woro sold > cs
torday ton group of New York finan
ciers for the reported sum of LoXi
000 Tho land owned by the two cor
porations Is GGO acres In the heart of
the Coallngu field
His Choice
Judge You arc privileged to chal
lenge any member of the jury now be
ing Impaneled
Well then yet honor 0111 folght
tho shmall mon wid wan eye In the
corner there ferniest yez Metro
politan Magazine
f Jr Ir Jr
tm a q aql
Made in 2 for 25c
lOc and sizes
Theyre 1
1 five cents apart A IOjAh
one is half the size I r I
and half the price of i O Or
jf the other In all other
I iJ ways as alike as a half CI I A fff I
I 1
reduced photograph U f
Same qualitysame s > V
workmanshipsame Y >
I satisfactionatthe samestoresT 1 r
I r
The Tom Moore when you have I
I t the dime and the Little Tom J
when you havent the time I
J i
I 1 h Mx
I Ck1 E M
They Lead the Procession
Hemenway Moser Co Distributors Ogden Utai I
Sij 1 J
> r

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