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1i r qcf <
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I t w t6IK n art
r I i t BAKING POWDER S pD cry
Its use a protection and a
guarantee against alum I t 1l
t lil ms T
H r ยต r
r I
Officers of the Utah Stato Baseball i
I leaguo were elected Thursday night i
ct a meeting of the representatives of
I tho Ogden Salt Lake Murray and Oc I
cidental haKOball teams In the Judge
building In Salt Lake John F Tobin
was reelected president of tho league
Mayor Phil Bontz of Murray vice
president W E Sanderson of Ogden
secretary Rodney T Badger treas
J Frank Glmllu represented the Og
den team C W Miller the Murray
team and Harry Good and John F
Tobin tho Salt Lake teams
President Tobin announced that Salt
Lalto would be ready with its forfeit
money before the close of tho week
and the teams agreed to post 1000
each for a sinking fund and guarantee
to play out the season of 1910 The
teams which will be represented in
the Utah league arc Salt Lake Occi
dental Murray and Ogden Each
team agrees to abide by a limited sal
ary list and efforts will bo made to
secure the best material for the man
> y there Is in the country
It was decided to open the base I
ball season May 29 Glmllu Good
I and Miller were appointed a commlttry
I 01 three to draft a schedule of games
and to report at tho league mooting
Manager Good will lake the Salt
Lake team to Ogden Sunday for a pre
liminary game with the Ogden team
Both Gimlln and Good are anxious to
try out several of their men and be
Hove this will bo the boat way to get
around It
Murray and thp Occidentals will
play Saturday and Sunday oa the
Walker field and as both teams arcs
now in pretty good shape the fans will
bo given a rare treat
The disease known ax goitre a
I VvnllliiR of the neck or big neck
SIR II Is jHipulurly culled has boon prev
I alent In the stale the past winter
but more particular in certain lo
calltiPB Sevier Sanpotf and Garlic
counties The prevalence of tho dis
ease has come tu the attention of the
government authorities at Washington
D C and In response to a request
from Washington Dr T B Beatty
J has forwarded samples of the water
I used for domestic purposes in varl
lOllS sections of the state and the gov
ernment will assist in Investigating
I the cause of the disease
It Is supposed that whore the dl t
case becomes epidemic the cause lies
in the drinking water used by the
people In some of the towns in Utah
as high as S per cent of the entire
population have been stricken with the
malady and the dlbcase is especially
S uj 1
SUIT s Jr lr
This week we place on sale
nearly 150 Womens and Misses t +
Tailored Suits made of Fine
Serges Shadow Stripes and
I Check orsteds in all the cur
11 l rect colors and in the newest
plain tailored styles
i 4
1 We can assure you this is the
l1 very best value we have offered
L I ill in new llp to the hour styles
II They are regular 1500 to Y r
X25 values at
Jjl J r 10JO
1 f
t I ivi ssssni z Ji > I
r + ki f
f r c
I ti cg n r J
Fr t
I t e
P n si
Domestic and French
c ri e H3IDlil
Embroidered Muslin Under
wear All This Week
lll ST THO
prevalent among women they appar
ently being more susceptible to Its
atarr Germs
Move Out When Hyomei
Moves In
Xo stomach dosing Hyomol Is made
chiefly of oil of eucalyptus and eucaly
tot taken from the eucalyptus forests
of Inland Australia and combined
with the excellent antiseptics employ
ed In the Llstcrlan system
I In Inland Australia the atmosphere
Is so Impregnated with balsam thrown
I out by the eucalyptus trees that germs J
1 cannot live and In consequence ca I
tarrh and consumption are unknown
I Breathe Hyomei and get the samo
1 pleasant germ killing air as you would
got In the eucalyptus forests
Hyomel Is sold by druggists every
I where and by BADCONS PHAR
An outfit conststs of a bottle of Hy
omei a hard rubber pocket inhaler
and full instructions for use The
Inhaler lasts a lifetime but If you
need another bottle of Hyomel you can
get It nt druggists for only 50c at any
time Guaranteed to cure catarrh
I croup and throat troubles or money
I back Booths Ilyomcl Co Buffalo
Marysxale Utah May 191Vhen
ever representatives of railroad com
panies declare that no extensions arc
In sight the average man begins to
watch for flying dirt
A mew days since a lawyer and four
A part of
men arrived In Mnrysvale
their baggage consisted of surveyors
Instruments Rumor said that the
party was en route to St George to
Investigate a reservoir enterprise
Several days elapsed and things began
to loot suspicious
The Denver Rio Grande station
at this point is situated on swampy
gn iiiul and the roadbed LIfter emerg
ing from the canyon some to miles
to the north of the station is on low
ground and at this season of the year
is nearly Impassable for the light lo
comotives used from Maud to the ter
minus at this place Also if the line
Is to be extended the old survey
swamp ground will be encountered
over a distance of six miles along the
Sevier river bottom
Years ago the survey toward the
srntli followed the line of least re
sistance along the river to the rim
of the Great Salt Lake basin about
ninety miles south from the termin
Two or three years ago the slate
of Utah purchased a number of
ranches along the river twelve to six
teen miles south of this point and
is now putting In a dam for reservoir
Ing the water of the SMler river The
building of the dam will force tho D
P G company to build their line
on the bench to the west of the reser
voir and lo hold It on the bench un
til Circle Valley is reached
I Secrecy Strictly Observed
i Since arriving at Marysalo the Chi
cno lawyer with no other motive
than charity for the railroad com
pany has been industriously tramping I
up and down the track getting his
feet wt and otherwise subjecting I
himself to much discomfort while I
btucMng ways and means to extricate I
the IX t R G company from the
Kwainp dilemma Were thorp not ser
ious dancer of his being stuck In one
of the numberouK mudhol there Is
no doubt that his charitable efforts
would have been made by moonlight
Thai ho Chicago lawyer Is deeply
Interested in his charitable efforts Is
urnvrd by the fact that today ho has
hIs ruglneiTfe running a line from the
bead of tilt canyon below here with j
the view no doubt of volunteering the
iniormation lo the company that It
will he to their benefit to move the
Jinn from the bottom land to th bench
and keep it there until beyond tho
reservoir obstruction
If the objective point of the gen
tloniHii from Chicago is St George
one Is Inclined to ask why they didnt
go via lurid which Is about llfty
miles from the San Pedro road in
stead of coming via Marysvale which
Is pasllv 200 long lonosomc miles dis
tant from St George
Gould to Grand Canyon
J There Is not the slightest doubt
that the lonV delayed McnsIou from
Maryvale to the Grand Canyon of the
Colorado will bpgin this summer And
there Is no doubt hat laid not tho
men behind the D R G system had
ibir hands full In buildlug the West I
ern Pacific the Marysvnlo extension
south would have been underlain
j ears ago I
Now that the extension Is a moral
certainty In the near future tho pub
lir will no doubt be Interested In the I
advantages of the rout oand its Influ
ence on the growth of Sale Lake City
The altitude of Marysvalo is close
to nOOO feet The road as before in
dlcatod will follow the Sevier river
valey fo the rim of the basin ninety
miles dlKtam and at nn taxation of
7i > u feet or A rise of looo feet in
ninety mlles which Is practically a
level grade Them will not be the
slightest difficulty in the way of grad
ing except In the canyon between
Clrclevllle and Pnngultch whore two
or three bridges will have to be built
Once on the rim grading will be com
paratively easy down to lohngon Jn
Kane county 1 distance of about forty
miles via the route the road will he
compelled to take In order to iriakc
the descent from 7000 to r 000 feet
From Johnson to the rim of the
Grand canyon Is about seventy miles
Tho first twenty miles In nearly a deiid
level Anothor ton miles of easy grade
will take the rails Into the north end
of the Knlbab forest Practically the
only difficulty to be encountered over
the remaining forty miles is the I
heavy growth of timber
Open a World of Industry
Industrially tho brnt lit advantage
to northern Utah that will accrf from
building the road will be In the sup
ply cf yellow pine spruce and Ilr from
thp Kalbab forest And Salt Lake
City will be the distributing point It
Is conservatively estimated that thraa
billion feet of timber awaits the ad
vent of tho road And It Is also con
servatively estimated that the forest
will duplicate tho present supply
every thirty years over nn indefinite
The timber sheep wool and calllc
traffic alone will insure a splendid
revenue for the railroad company And
there Is yet another industrial Item to
be considered The road will be with
in easy distance of enormous coal
beds And Colorado river via Leos
ferry to thin Snnta Fe that road will
IK supplied with cheap coal for its
Last but not least will be the enor
mous tourist traffic from Utah Idaho
Montana and contiguous states to the
Grand canyon where a vertical mllo
beneath him the tourists will not all
be males ho may look down on the
silvery Colorado and Into the mar
velous gorge where It wends its way
to the gulf of California
From the terminus of the D R
G the tourist may look across the
goat gorge to Bright Angel perched
on the rim of the canyon twelve mllos
distant And If the tourist wants to
vlait points In Arizona he may des
cend Wooleys trail to the river which
he can cross on Wooleys aerial ferry
ascend the trail to Bright Angel and
take the branch line to Williams on
the Santa Fe
The highest prices paid for live
or dressed poultry Ogden Fish fc
Poultry company 252C Washington
This evening in the Fourth Ward
hall on Mudibon avenue the Ama
teur Dramatic club of the Weber
Academy Alumni will present the Sar
don comedy A Scrap of Paper
This play was given by the same peo
ple four weeks ago In the Fifth Ward
and drew forth such favorable crit
icism from all those who witnessed
the performance that the club has de
cided to give this presentation this
evening to give their friends who miss
ed the other performance an oppor
tunity to see them at their hest Since
these amateurs appeared in the Fifth
Ward hall they have played in six of
the surrounding towns and at each
performance their interpretation of
the lines and situations has been im
proved until now their work ap
proaches very near the professional
The same cast will appear which
is as follow I
Prosper Coni mont Mr Moroni
Baron de la Glaclerc Mr Henry A
Briaemouche Mr Gee L Spangen
berg i
I b
AnatoleMr W II Shurtliff 1
Baptisto Mr Frank W Anderson
Francois Mr Alfred Larson
Suzanne Miss Minnie Brown
Louise do la Glaclcre Miss Mar I
Ion Belnap
Mathllde Miss Leone Engstrom
Zenobie Miss Zina Larkin
Madam Dupont Miss Maltie POll
Pauline Miss Blanche Greenwell
The staging and directing of the
play has been under the supervision
of Miss Ivy Cleghorn of the English
department of the Weber academy
Tho repertoire of new Ideas and nov
elties advanced by Campbell Brothers
Big Consolidated Shows above the old
stereotype circus Is an innovation
The new attractions secured are the
most unique and sensational absolute I
from all others and are receiving en
thusiastic praise from press and pub
lic Elaborate costumes prevail In all
departments and each performance Is
a triumph justifying the reports re
ceived In advance They will appear
here on Friday June flrd A grand
street parade will bo given at 10 n m
The two big shows will occur at 2
and S p m under the nOW water
proof tents rain or hlne
Ogden and Salt
Lake City
East and Return
Missouri River4000
St Louis Bio 4900
St Paul 5200
Peoria 5110
Chicago 5500
Dates of Sale May 614 June
4111827 July 720 Aug 4
Sept 1423
Return Limit Oct 31st
For further information ad
A T S F Ry Co 233 Judge
Building Salt Lake City Utah
Representative business men of
Utnhs two principal cities met nt the
Vcbor club lost nIght extended tho
right hand < if fellowship and caino to
the final conclusion that after all
what has heretofore been regarded as
Jealousy between Salt Lake and Og
den IB nothIng more or less than a
strong feeling of keen business rival
ry The occasion was the arrival of 110
business men from tho Salt Lake
Commercial club with tho AllUtah
Upon the arrival of the Salt Lake
boosters they were escorted to the
Wo her club After some excellent
mufllral numbers by tho Commercial
Club orchestra the visitors were In
vited Into the club parlors by the
mayor who presided over thin meet
ing Mayor Glanmann welcomed tho
visitors to Ogden and congratulated
them upon the excellent work which
is being done Tie assured the Salt
Lakers that Ogden IB hart and soul
In the movement to advertise Utah
and offered a contingent of fifty to 100
business men from Ogden to Join the
party on the last lip of tho excursion
If room for them could be provided
Hero he was Interrupted by Bill
Bailey who In the name of tho Com
mercial club of Salt Lake and the
booster committee as a whole ex
tended a cordial Invitation to all who
would join the party promising ac
commodations for all
Zions Narrow Escape
M S Browning responded In a
pleasing address which Included an
expression of cordiality toward the
visiting club and a nope that great
good would be realized therefrom
I shall have to give away a few
church secrets said he but you
wont mind I am sure Some of you
possibly do not realize the narrow es
cape Salt Lake had from being In
stead of our beautiful big sister being
our beautiful little sister If Rrlgham
Young however had proceeded down
Weber Instead of Immigration can
yon and sticking his cane Into the
ground In this vicinity said Here
will bo bullded our temple and the
city of the Saints you would all no
tice mho difference I am sure This
movement Is tho right thing at the
right time Let us pull together
Following the conclusion of Mr
Brownings address George T Odell
of Salt Lake was called upon and re
sponded with a forceful argument for
the harmonizing of Utah energies to
ward the upbuilding of the slate as a
Harmony Essential
Gentlemen of Ogden said he the
time is ripe for a consolidation of all
that Is progressive and developing In
this great state and no matter wheth I
er he be of Ogden or of Salt Lake
or of Brigham City It is up to every
thinking man who calls Utah his home
to bury his petty jealousies and put
ting his broad shoulder to the wheel
Ie Utah the benefit of every boost
ho can muster for the good of tho
Speaking of jealousy gentlemen
let me say that I really dont believe
there Is much If any jealousy exist
ing among the people of Salt Lake and
Ogden I hear nothing of It down
thrfO > ar < in a way wrapped up
In our affairs at home but dont think
for n momont that we are not inter
ested in Ogden and are glad to sep
you prosper ot all tin es ttl r 1
I W e hare received flu beet 6f treat
ment wherever we have gone thus
far on the trio and at various point
along the way wo have been Joined
by gentlemen who are Interested in
the general movement to build up the
state and harmonize the common in
terests which concern us all
Following Mr Odclls remarks the
Commercial Club quartet composed
of Messrs Fred C Graham T S Ash
worth 1 w Curtia and Victor Chrlsto
phprton rendered Yin I Addy I Ay
accompanied by the band the parody
arousing tho assembly a high pitch
of enthusiasm
No Dad Ones Here
William G Farrell tho well known
Insurance man of ZIon and one of
the heavy artillery of tho booster
crowd began In a characteristic way
with a brief history of bis life which
was begun In the town of Logan re
moving later to Ogdon and finally to
Salt Lake He eulogized UUxh as
containing everything that God in a
play day ever put Into a community
for the benefit of mankind
Ho recounted the many resources of
Utah and discoursed to some extent
on the various kinds of people which
go to make up a states population
viz the doers boosters knockers and
dead ones
But no matter paid he how el
fish some people In Salt Lake ever he
como they can alwnys sny that Ogden
has no dead ones Be a booster and
doer If you can but If the time ever
comes when you can be nothing but
a knocker please die Let us gather
In silent harmony and hold a funeral
over youJor the good of the state
and the people at large Tho croaker
croaks for the same reason that the
knocker knocKsIts the nature of the
beatNo public opinion Is the force
that does things Mould public opin
ion to suit the contingencies of the
case and place It behind whatsoever
you will and that cause will win
Rooscvolt the greatest democrat who
over lived moulded public opinion
and leaping astride rode to victories
without end I say elect honest men
to the legislature men who will re
main faithful to their convictions Let
them lake up this great matter of rail
road rates and by settling It open the
way for manufactures from the east
new Industries and now prosperity for
us all
Regard for Ogden
Tho quartet rendered Open Thy
Window Love which was followed
by Judge W J Halloran of Salt Lake
who spoke entertainingly of his re
gard for Ogden and her magnificent
resources the wonderful fruit raising
Industry of this section and the ad
vantages enjoyed through the proxim
ity of beautiful Ogden canyon
Gentlemen of Ogden said he you
have the greatest distributing point
hero that a city could wish for your
fruitful benches and scenic surround
Ings are unsurpassed join with us In
this great effort to upbuild the state
and you cannot possibly lose thereby
I There Is no real Jealousy existing be
tween thees two clUes and neither one
can prosper greatly without added
prosperity for the state as a whole
We have been building a very fine
club building in Salt Lake and we
want you to feel that you are wel
come there at all times Come down
and see UR Join hands with us In ad
vertising the greatness of Utah and
lot UH prosper In harmony and good
Following a rendition of Keep Your
Foot on the Soft Soft Pedal by the
quartet President A R Heywood of
t t
o tI
I e
r A
Browns and Tans are again creeping
into popular favor I
Try thisa shirt scarf gloves and hose I
in tan with your tan shoes If its your
color youll make a hit or we can give you
combinations in any other colors
No one can criticize it and no one can
fail q o note the efiect
Dont overlook the new Chanteclers
Modern Clothes
r Come on 1 r Wasb Ave
In tt c9 it II op At 2365 I
If v
Business Properly on Washington Avenue
I Muss be Sold at Once I I
t 350 24th Street CARL C RASMUSSON
t IIoft <
tile Weber club was introduced and
responded In his usual charming manner
nerHe extended a cordial greeting to
those present from out of town and
expressed himself as entirely In har
mony with the boosters cause He
dwelt on the coal question and In con
gratulating the Salt Lakors on the
stand which they were making for a
reduction of rates added
We want to be with you on this
but I can already see a rift In the
clouds Them Is coming a time when I
this subject will not bo a paramount I
Issue with you JCIonltes In fact the
Ice trust will probably occupy you ex
clusively i
President Heywood then took up li I
matter of municipal government and
made an earnest plea that Salt Lake
would join hands In a common move
1 ment In the next legislature to frame
a bill under which a new plan of
municipal government could bo lu au
gurated for the benefit of all cities In I
I systems terested In a change from the present I
A light lunch was served In the din
I Ing room following the speediest and
a general good time enjoyed until n
late hour I
Santa Monica Cal May 20Cus
t toms officers are Investigating reports
from the npconst points that opium
In large quantities IK blng smuggled
Into the Santa Monica mountains
Thefio reports say that freight 08fH
plying north leave the dnig In deo p
water nets from which it is itniord
by land accomplices operating in fish
trig launches
In order lo give patrons better and
quicker service Canyon and Hot
Springs cars will stop at near side of
street Intersection ONLY
Phoenix Ariz May 20At the re
quest of Enrique Creel foreign min
ister of Mexico Governor Sloan has
granted a stay of execution to Fran
cisco Marquez who was sentenced to
hung at Florence prison May 27 f
Mnrquoz was convicted of the mur C
der of Peter Hodses a prominent min J
limn man of Yuma who had answered
the appeals of a woman to protect
her from Marquez
Minister Creel Informed the gover
nor that the Mexican government
wished to lneatlgato the circum
stances of the case
l Do You Want to Stop the
s Wheels 01 Commerce
l I It seems that the clerks who obstructed our store lastSaturday night
r thereby interfering with our business were urged to do so by some of our
C wouldbe competitors vho are somewhat worried over the fact that we are do
Y ing during our Mammoth Forced Sale the biggest business in town
We conduct our business on business principles and any person who in
terferes with our or any other merchants business has no principle
What right has any person to dictate to us or to any other merchant I
when we or he shall close or open our stores
t i
f Is there any person on this earth who has the nerve to dictate to a K
Farmer when he shall milk his cows
Why dont some of you people who advocate the early closing move
ment compell the Western Union to stop all messages at 7 po m Why not
compell the railroads to stop all train service at 7 p m Is it possible to do
this We say No oo I
r On week dnys except Saturdayswc close our store at 6 p m Our j
store is kept open Saturdays until 10 p m for the accommodation of the
workingman who cannot make purchases during the day
r The people who live half ways between Ogden and Salt Lake will go to
Salt Lake instead of Ogden to make their purchases on Saturday nights be 4
cause the Men s Clothing stores are open in Salt Lake until 9 p m
r Our clerks arc satisfied to work Saturday nights because they are well
paid They are willing to work Saturday nights because they believe in work
ing w th Head Hand and Heart S t >
I t r
I Right here we want to say that we WILL NOT close our store Saturdays
I I y r at 7 p m jr I
I Our SALE will go merrily on until tOp m Saturday FJ
toOur S
to S s
I H 2345 Wasbing ton Avenue
1 c
t f r1
t J rte 7 r c

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