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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1902-1910, May 21, 1910, Part Two, Image 13

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iF 1
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J W BAILEY Supervisor
Any home manufactured article on exhibition
tvVJch In not named In elthor of tho following clause
and which has sufficient merit may bo awarded a
premium by tho Board
Articles exhibited In this department must Ix
wholly manufactured In ono of tho four states by ex
hibitor or hie anent
1 Beat collection of Assorted Flannels
10 plccca Gold Medal
2 Best collection of CaaalmcroH 10
pieces Gold Modal
3 Belt collection of Dress Goods 10
pieces Gold Medal
4 Best 6 piilr of While BlankulsGobi Medal
6 Best 6 Idrs of Colored BlankctaGold Modal
C Host I buncnes Cotton Yarn Gold Medal
7 Best Cotton Batting Gold Medul
S Best and largest display Cotton Coeds Uold Medal
6 o Bast display of Wool Yarns Gold Medal
I 10 Bert quality Machine Knit IIo rryGoId Medal
11 Best display Machine Knit Hosiery Guld Medal
12 Best quality Machine Knit Goods
from foreign or homo wnolaGold Medal
l Best display Machine Knit Goods
from foreign or home oolsOold Medal
14 Best display o Over and Undershirts
from homemado material Gold Medal
JG Best Blx suits of Clothes made from
homimado material < Gold Medal
16 Best quality of Overalls Gold Medul
J7 Best display of Overalls Gold Medal
1 Butt and largest display of manufac
tured Dry Goods the quality
quantity und manner of display
to bo considered Gold Modal
19 Best display Rubberlined and Duck
Goods GoMM dnl
J Best Six Woven Shawls Gold Modal
Cl Best Display Manufactured FursGold Modal
22Best two aides of Harness Brldlu
Skirling nut Diploma
S3 Best display of Colored Shepsklna Gold Medal
24 Best display of Colored Mats Gold Medal
2 Best dozen of SIX Calf Skins Diploma
K Bent hnlfdozen Kip Skins Diploma
t Z Best Vncquoro Saddlo Gold Medal
3 Best American Stock Sacldlo Golu Medal
= Best anther Bridle Gold ModHl
30 Best Sot of Light Harness singleGold Modnl
1 Best Sot of Heavy Harnosji double Gold Modnl
3 Best Set of Light Harness doubleGold Medal
8 Best display Horso Collars Gold Modal
34 Bent display Leather Kovcltloa Gold Medal
ZH Best quality Gloves Gold Medal
3C Best display Gloves Gold Medal
3 Begt display and quality common
sense Boots and Show alerts wear Gold Medal
S Best display and quality youths and
boys School Shoes Gold Medal
S3 Best display and quality mlpses and
chlldronH Shoos Gold Medal
40 Best display and quality ladle flno
Shoes Gold Medal
41 Best display Boots and Shoos Gold Medal
42 Best display of Trunks Gold Medal
4 Best quality Trunks Gold Mcdnl
41 Best quality Hats and Caps Gold Modal
45 Best display Hats and Caps Gold Medal
45 Best display Paper Boxes Gold Medal
47 Best specimen of Wood Turning Gold Mednl
8 Best specimen of Scroll SawingGold Medal
45 Bent specimen of Cabinet Work Gold Medal
CO Best oxhlblt and variety Show Caacs Gold Modnl
61 Best display Art Glass and Metal
Work Gold Medal
C2 Bt Wood ilnntcl Gold Medal
63 Best Mantel from four states onyxGold Medal
Cl Best Native Wine not lees than 5 gttl Gold Modal
C5 Best 5 gallons Vinegar Gold Modal
K Best exhibit of White Bread not less
than 2 loaves i Gold Modal
C7 Best exhibit of Live rish Gold Mednl
G Beat exhibit of Boxes from any fac
tory Gold Medal
63 Best specimen of Embossing YorkGold Medal
I Belt exhibit Rubber Stamps J Gold Medal
61 Best exhibit Crackers Gold Medal
62 Brat oxhlblt Homomndo Candy Gold Medal
C3 Beet 10 varieties Candy made from
sugar manufactured In the four
suites Gold Modal
Cl Best quality 11ome cured Mcata Gold Medal
05 Brst quality Homecured Meats Gold Medal
X Best quality Home rendered IrdOold Medal
IJ7 Bent display Homerendered LardGold Medal
CS Best 00 pounds Sugar Gold Medul
CX Best 10 boxes Laundry Soap Gold Medal
70 Host display and quality Tollot Soap Gold Medal
1 Best display Table Salt Gold Medal
72 Bell display Baking Powder Gold Medal
73 Best display Fancy Cakes Gold Modui
71 BOlt quality of Cocoa Gold Medal
75 DOlt quality Chocolate Gold Medal
76 Best quality Macaroni Gold Mednl
77 Best quality Pickles Gold Medal
s Beet Display suckles Gold Medal
79 Best quality Soda Water Gold Medal
JU Beet display Soda Water Gold Medal
SI Best display und quality Canned
Frulto Gold Medal
62 Beat display nnd quality Canned
Vegetables Gold Medal
f Bost Splay and quality Canned MilkGold Mcdnl
f Belt display and quality of fruits
jams and jellies In laS Jan
any factory Gold Medal
K Beat display 1orfumo and Toilet pre
parations Gold Modal
50 Best display Chbwlng Gum Gold Medal
S Best display Horse Radish bottledGold Medal
SV Best display Brooms Gold Medal
SCi est display Blueing Ink and Mu
Bclloge Gold Medal
6 > t Bout Waterproofing Oil for ShoesGold Medal
jl Host Kontsfoot Oil Gol Medal
92 Jut Lubricating Grease Cold Modal
S3 BOll quality Paints Gold Medal
3t Best decorated Booth showing most practical In
terior decorating In painting paperroller
or other material nnd furnish
Inc 1 Gold Meilfil
V B j > t display Art Metal Signs Gold Modal
V Belt Sign Gold Medal
07 Boot display Electric Signs Gold Medal
IS Belt general display of all kinds of
elgn Gold Medal
93 BeKt display Art ChandeliersGold McdM
im float Portable Engine und BullerGold Medal
11 Best Saw Mill OoU Modal
IO Best Line Shafting Gold Mednl
10C Best Mongers Gold Medal
o Ilea Ornamental hence Gold Modal
105 Bert exhibit Horseshoes Gold Medal
1r Bent Couplings Gold Medal
3f7 Real M 118e Mill Gold Modal
lie Hot Mill for Grinding Ore Gold Modal
111 Rest Mining Car Gaul Medal
lin Beat Sot of Grate Roller BanGold ModnJ
111 Best Wat rwhool for Irrigation Gold Medal
112 Hjl Tubular nollcr Gold Modal
Exhibit In this claM must nol ho painted qr
113 Best dlnplsy of Iron Castlne iinlish
od and in the rough Gold Medal
IH Best display of Bras Castings In
cluding Iocomotlvo and Journal J
Hearings finished nnd In the rough Gold Modal
llf Best display of Iland forged Iron
Oold Medal
and Brass Melnl
H Beal Cook Stov Gold Meflnl
117 Real Parlor Story Gold Mtdnl
115 Beat dlnplay of Plumbing and
Plumbing Mstorl0 Gold Medal
In But display of Tin and Shoot Iron
Jrs Gold Medal
1M Best Steam Cooker Diploma
17 Best six pieces Copporwaro Diploma
122 Best and most artlHtlo display o
any description In tho Exposition
Building Grand Prize Silver Cup
U3 Second nest Silver Cup
Display of Merchant and
1 A charge of fifteen cents per square foot will bo
made for floor opucs In this building for displays
of merchants manufacturers etc
2 Exlilbltu muHt bo In pIco and ready for Inspection
h > C p m ptomber 21st
3 No premium will be offered In this Department
4 The Exposition Building will bo kept open both
rtayn and evenings Thnsn making displays should
arrapge to have attendants present at same at all
I time to answer Inquiries regarding their goods and
get In touch with pronpoctlvo customers
r Prices for privilege space furnished upon applica
tion to the Manager Dr H J Rowe of Oils de
Call or wrlto for space at once as It In being
rapidly aoplcntd
No award will be modn In this department when
In tho opinion 6f the Judge he article IH worth
less than the premium though It may ha tho best of
UK kind exhibited Orlplnnlll will bo the first Ion
Kldorailon Read the General Rule especially hula
I Boat painting well framed executed since lust
Fair to hocomo the property of the Fair Association
unless Gold Mcdul Is preferred to rash
premium JiOW
2 Best Original Oil PalnllnirflOW C J3W
3 Bent Portrait In Water Color J10W
4 Bosl Original Figure In Oil 1000
f Beat Original Figure In AVntor Color 1000
6 Best Landscape painted In OH inOO
7 Best Landscape painted In Water Color 1001
1 Original Animal Painting BOrt
S Original Pastel Painting 600
10 Brat Flower Painting In Oil CW
1 Best i lower Painting In Water Color 600
1 Best Still Life 500
13 Best Original Drawing from Life 300
H Best Original Drawing from Nature 3W
16 Heat Original Work In Etching j J
16 Beet Original Flguro Painting on China JSOO
17 Best Original Flawor Painting on China lfci
JS Beat display of 12 Original Decorated
plocos of Chlnu thy work of ono
person 500
IP Best Specimen of Sculpture J10M JoOO
JO Best Portrait Bust Gold Medal
21 Bet display of Statuary P Gold Medal
2 Belt specimen of Modeling In ClayGold Medal
23 Best Original Design of PhyrotrraphyfV JJM
24 Best specimen of Wood Curving 4M 2M
25 Best specimen of Turned 2f
2 Hlwcmen Pottory400 2W
Z Best Bpeclmen of Hammered Bruns fM 2W
27 Best Original Design for ToxtllcH or
Wallpaper 4M 200
25 Best Original Oil Study 1 2W llUU
23 Best Original Rater Color Study 210 l0
3 Best Original Pastel Study 2yO ioo
Note Any morltorious example of crafttrmanjhlp
will receive consideration by the Board
31 Best Photographic flows not
less than ten Gold Modal
32 Bell Photographic Portraits not less
than ton Col Medal
The above to be exhibited unframed and without
glues attached to boards covered with cloth
2 Belt Direct Bust Photographic Por
trait 18x22 or larger J50
WBortt Direct Portrait 10x12 to Hxl7600v
35 C3 Best Composite Portrait or comblna
nation printing of three fgUre8O
Vt Best Panoramic View not less than
three nogatlves 600
37 Best Coloring of Photographic Colors EOO
U Bent three Photographs made and I
finished by Amateur 2W p
Exhibits In this Dopurtmont must be miujo by pu
pils unless otherwise staled See General Pulo
Ko 21
1 Best general display of Kindergarten Work J5W
2 Brut collection of work In Bitskatry 5W
3 Bent display of Penmanship by pupils
of ouch First to Fourth Grades CW
t Best display of Penmanship by pupil
Fifth to Eighth Grades best In each
grade SW
C Bust collection 01 exercises In number work
by pupil below the Fifth Grade BW
6 Belt collection of work In arithmetic by pu
pils Fifth to Eighth Grades bet In
each grade 50
7 Best sot of papers on United States History SW
S Beat collection of language oxcrclscs 500
S Best collection of Composition Kxerclses
based on the Climate Scenery and Pro
ducts Mineral Agricultural and Manu
factured In Intermountain Cquntry500
10 Best collection of Flat Surface Maps 0
1 Best collection of Maps showing bounda
ries und county scats In four state SOO
12 Best collection of progressive Outline Maps
meaning for instance outline of rlvor
sysUniF outline of mountain systems
outline of cities and lon outline with
products agricultural manufactured
mineral etc 0
13 Beat collection of Belief Maps Petcll or
charcoal SW
If Best collection of Kellcf Maps In clay putty >
or macho GW
JTi Beet collection of Drawing In Water Colors 50
16 Beat collection of Free Hand Drawings
lineal and perspective Giy
17 Belt collection of Modelings In clay or other
phiitlc material ax fruits geometric
form etc 3CO
IS Best collection of Mechanical Drawings or
Drawing to scale 5too
lt I For hell collodion of objects mndr
from scale druwlngK by pupils In the
tlrO O
CO For belt collecllon of Manual Training
wood work dote by pupil In the rnhs100
1 Hcst piece of Individual work done by n pupll
In the grades an n part of the prescribed
work let 5W
2nd v 30J
trl 200 kcOO
ire Class 2 Department K >
22 Beat Initial design In color flZW
23 Best design lor poster 2PO
24 Tlfft tIn for hnok COIr iZOO
IS Best design for pottery docoritlon 200
K Best dIn for oilcloth f 3M
27 BOJI dosign for wallpapor 200
Z Best collection of school work from flrql
Crude any one building payable t o
school ilVWi
TIIOS H SMITH Supervisor
y Flnosl assortment nf Ores In CablnotGolrt Modal
2 Finest dlfplny Copper Ors Gold Medal
3 Finest display LMdSllvor Ores Gold Medal
1 BOFI exhibit Concentrating OresGold Modal
t Beet Mngl hand drill Gold Mode
Prizes to another claw of exhibits the oblcct being
to unoclallv award those Who make 5llbJ1 of I
lelnl from oxhlhltn
iinhM tho prizes
great merit and to lrCS
C Best double hand drill Gold Medal
Iflll Gold ModalS
i Best smsl machine Mi lt rc
S Best double nmchlne drill Gold Modal
9 Best display and quality of pressed
brick Gold letl
I Best display and Quality of lire brick Gold Medal
All babies entered must bo under 12 months old
1 For the Prettiest Baby Gold Medal nnd J00
2 Second PrcUIeit BobSilver Medal and COJ
3 Third Prettiest Baby Silver Midal and 10
I For the llciivlost BabyGold Medal
5 For Smallest Baby Gold Medal
Entries for tin claM will register ul the Secretarys
otC on the grounds J
C Oldest man vlsltlnir the Fiilr Gold Mednl
7 Oldest lady vlMUn the Fair Gold Medal
S Fattest man veiling the Fair Gold Medal
J Iattest lady ylsltlng the Fair GIld Medal
Rldes and Regu ations
InterMountain Four State Fair
1 Tho article of Incorporation make tho Presi
dent tho Executive Officer and Mnnngor of lM
Fnlr and Fair Grounds Hp will have oftlcca dKrli5
he Fair on tho grounds
2 Tho Officers and BxocullV Comlltl ot1
ho pn tho grounds during the entire fair nnd will
be convened for business whonover the Manager
hal buMneaa to submit They ahull have control
of every article end animal oil the ground und
while every possible precaution for tho protection
of the property will IIP taken the association will
under no circumstance be held responsible for any
loss that may occur
3 The Ksecutlvo Comm tfa reserves tie rlcht
to prmpono thu fair or races In case tho weather
la unfavorable
The ABBoclntlon reiorvos to Its Bxocuttvo Com
mittee the flnul and absolute right to lnt niret
these rules and rejulallon nnd arbitrarily settle
and dotermlnc all matter oiurtlons and differences
nces In regard thereto or otherwise arising out of
or connected or Incident to tho Fair
4 Each Department will bO In chars of an eC
flclent Supervisor who will bo on the grounds hav
ing tho control and arrangement of all exhibits
and nuslst the exhibitor In systematically arrang
Inc tin came HO no to show to the bOll advant
age to tho spectator as well as to the Judges
5 The Supervisors shall receive the Claps Book
of tho varlouu classes In his dooatmjnl from the
Secretary taking charge of tho same nod reseal
l awards as made by the awa ding fudges In
struct Judges I to their work have the bookd
signed by each of the Judges after the awards are
rjado and return the books to the Secretary uu rnn
as tho work Is done
6 KxhlbttorH arc expected obey the Manacor
promptly In producing their stock when requested
to do so Any refractory person will bo ruled out
from competing
i Tho Chief of Police and assistants shall bo
sworn In as conservators of the peace and It shall
be their duty to arrest any person creating any dis
order or violating any law of the state or rule of
S Entry hooks fro readiness and the entries
can ho made by mall Great care will bo taken that
such entries are mado correctly and the entry carts I
are safely returned c
0 All exhlhlts must be presented on or bqforo 10
oclock of the first day of tho Fair
10 MB direct entry fee be charged for exhibits
except stall and pen rents for animals but each per
son making entry mUll purchase an exhibitors
ticket which will cost 1 and entitles him to make
an many exhibits nIl desired and permit him tp D
In and out of tho grounds once each day Koch iix
hlbltor will be allowed to buy ono exhibitor ticket
for each member of his famllv
11 Tlcknts for cxhlbltqrfl and their employes must
bo purchased for each day of Inn Fair unless an ox
hlbltorB ticket Is secured for each person
12 Competition Is open to only bona fide rol
dents of Idaho Wyoming Nevada and Utah except
livestock machinery and Implcmentu which 1C open
to the world
12 No article or animal will bo examined for a
premium which Is not on the grounds by 10 oclock
n o m of thu first day of the fair JUdGing will com
moncc at 10 a m and all articles and animals must
bo ready or they will be declared out
K No animal unless sound shall be awarded a
16 Except In A sweepstakes no animal or article
shall receive two promlinioF Tho rule does not ap
ply to a Btnlltoi with ono of his got or n marc with
one of her colts neither does It apply to special
premiums or to poultry
16 Exhibitors must be bona fldo owners of the ar
tlcleu or animals exhibited and where entered to
compete In registered clashes oxlbltorrf must ills a
recorded pfdlgreo with the Supervisor ofthe depart r
mont or furnish satisfactory evidence to thc Mnnaner
that the animal IM entitled to compoto In the class
1 For tho convenience of nxhlbtloro an entry
blank la enclosed In this premium Hat
16 Intending exhibitors must write plainly thereon
on tho department clues premium number and
name of the articles they wish to enter using the
exact language of the premium Hut
19 Togs with coupons attached will then he fur
n I shed by tho Secretary with tho number class and
department no entered in tho Secretarys ofllcc The
coupons will bn signed by the Department Super
visor when tho exhibits arc delivered to him Tugs
thud lasuod will be attached to the articles exhibited
tho coupons retained by the exhibitor until thq close
of the fair and than upon presentation to tho Su
pervisor In charge of tho Department will be nn
order for tho articles entered
CO Exhibitors must not remove their exhibits
without delivering up the proper coupon for each
21 1 It should be discovered that an cntrr han
been mode contrary to those ruins the anlfnul or
article shall not rocolvo a premium though one may
have brett awarded lol
2 Unless otherwise provided for agricultural
products can only bo entered by the producer
maufacturcd goods by the manufacturer meclanlcal
or artistic specimens by the mechanic or artist ani
mal by their owners A manufacturer as the term
IK used horn Irt understood to bl a iioraon or firm
owning and operating a manufacturing plant or his
s nt f
1 Kxhlbltors should see that their onto tans
eorrellolr with the prchilum they Intended to com
pete for as no eorreclton can h made after the lags
are icropted by Ihe exhibitor
Applications for sp co sera nol enter your
stock or articles Entrlcfl muM bo made upon the
blanks furnlshexl with lute premium 11l KntrlcM for
special promlumn foist be In tho same manner us
for regular premiums und upon the entry Jltnks
furnished with etch copy of the premium llrit
2 < Paymonl of premiums In aver class aId ll i
parimont will bp mndo on the following basis
Four or more exhibitors IM pet of amount offered
Three exhibitors i B PcL of amount offered
Two exhibitors f Jl nf Amount nfforod
One exhibitor JS f1 of amount offered
I any person has more thin two exhibits In Inv
number of 3n class which are the only exhibits
In such class ho shall by PW any owards made as
If but two exhibits wore entered but if he hnn any
comDetlllon from another owner ihen awards shall
be paid as If ach entry was by different owner
t only two oxhlblts oro made In any number
and both by the same owner tho aamo shall stand
as two lawful entries and may receive one or more
awards us above statwl
2 1 cash premiums awarded to roldontn out
sldo of Ogden will If called for bo paid at the
Ground by the Secretary on the afternoon Of tho
last tiny of the fair Premiums awurord to rest
dents of Ogden City will he paid at the nlllcc of the
Association any ilme fer the Ixthdny aftor tho
last day o the fr 1rrJT In premiums will he
oorr < Kto < l until December let following the fair after
which time the book Vlll be closed Tho dloloniM
f >
and medals will bo delivered by the Secretary as
soon ns nocolble after tho fair I
M The Judges may award first peconil und third
cash prizes to one elites of exhibits and no cash I
unworthy of special consideration Each flrKt prx <
will bo given I gold modal or inch cash premium as
the Judges may award In accordance with these
t v nr c i s > i
S7 Failure to comply < vliir l the rules and rec
r ulntlono of lhRrl oel ton lrreBJarlty In thn
entry or fraifd by misrepresentation or otherwise
detected before or afterwards shall cause a far
fcltiiro of the premium and It shall be withhold by
the Board When an article Is found ta be d
In the wrong class or number It will be the duty nf
the Suporvnor to correct the same entering It In Its
proper class or number after consulting the Sucre
liT and shall sco that the article BO changed It
properly tagged and that the exhibitors coupon correspond
respond with the tag on the article
2 s The regular prerllumn offered by the Asia
elation cannot be changed by the Judge or Super
visor and no extra premium cnn be awarded except
by the Judges on recommendation of the Executive
23 The award of too premiums will he dealgnatotl
nt follows First premium by bluo rittct or card
the second promlum by red rlbbof or card third
premium by white ribbon or cord
M There must be competition for each und every
promlum awarded When but ouo oxhlblt appears to
compete for a premium Its merits shall no considered
with the same thoroughness as though It wa In
clone competition and the Judges shall make their
report of such together with tholr recommendations
tu tho Secretary but no premium shall bo awardco
to an exhibit of Inferior merit
Jl No animal shall compete for the sweepstakes
premiums unions such animal has bern awarded a
first premium at this Fair
32 There will be a grand livestock parade on
he fourth day of tho Fair Monday at 130 p m
sharp Any premium stock nol In line will forfeit All
premiums unions excused by tho President
33 The rlnclo Judge system In the policy of the
Management and In every CRSO the Judge Is selected
with the utmost care nail ns far ns possible will be
of state or national repute to be appointed by thn
Executive Committee
No Judge will bo allowed to exhibit in tho depart
ment In which he may be directly or Indirectly In
terested In the result as owner agent or othorwl
The J ml co must avoid contact with exhibitor and
will refuse to hear the morltr or demerits of exhlhltn
upon which ho Is expected to pass dltcufisod by any
one Re must If an attempt bo mad by an ex
hibitor or his agent to Interf or influence liD
decision report the fact at one to the Department
Puporvleor who shrill protest him from further In
terference Ho will award prizes only to articles and
animals regularly mentioned In the premium list and
entered In the clam book Ho will consider ounllty
and not quantity Whon articles or animals are not
deemed worthy ho will not award I premium wh th
er there Is competition or not In tho sam clans On
sweepstake he will give award to the animal herd j
or exhibit that ho shall doom the best type or rep
rosenkatlon of Its brood or class Ko person will be
allowed In the Mnl while the Block Is being udco <
except the Judge officers of the Association and no
cessary attendants
24 Any person In any department attempting to
influence the Judge In his decision In any way or
approaching him while he Is Judging for any cal n
unless to ask for information trill forfeit all are
mlumo awarded and will be excluded from competi
tion and exhibition
33 Jf the Jut has good reason to believe that
l exhibitor by false entry or otherwise has at
tempted to deceive him or the public nnd obtain a
premium by misrepresentation he shall report the
fact at onc to the Manager who may cxpol such ex
hibitor for fraud
3 When iwprrtfully requested by any member
of the Executive Board the Judge Is expected to
Il reason for his decision stating what conntltuteM
soeolul points o excellence In the case o animals
or articles being considered and oclnt out the su
periority of one over the other
S7 Objection to any person aervlnc l n JudEo
must Ix made to the Department Supervisor In writ
Ing prior to any award being made giving good anJ
mitllclont reason therefor and upon which tho Man
ager shall han full power to act The reuorln of
the Jtnlgo shall bo signed and forwarded to the
Secretary once as soon as complete
3S Judges will acquaint themselves with tholr
work and will make their decision In writing In class
book and return came In the Secretary promptly
J A protest against 1 Judge on the grounds of
Incomnotency or previous bias must bo made to the
Manager A protest against an award must bo I
mode to the Secretary before the close o tho ds > y
following the making of such award stating the
exact readout for the same In writing and must bo
accompanied by an affidavit nnd I deposit o tlv <
dollars In cafe tho protest Is not sustained the de
posit shall 0 forfeited to the Association
40 Tho secretary will notify the exhibitor of tho
protested article or animal of such protest and both
parties shall then have len 10 days to produce
sworn testimony In the case No payments will
bo made on the protested awards until tlnal action
IH token on the same by the Executive Committee
which shall be the board of protest and appeals
41 All exhibits when assigned stalls or space be
come subject to the control of tho Department Su
pervisor All stock must bu fed and cared for b3
the owner A transgression of thin rule will Incur
the forfeiture of the promlum awarded
42 Exhibitors of livestock are required to dla
pla > over etch stall or pn occupied by theIr stock
I legible placard containing the name bro and
age and whon possible to do so with registered
number of tin animal exhibited In accordance with
Rule 1r A professional sign writer will be on the
grounds who will do any work required ut real
Able orlcm
4 Exhibitors will he required to keep the space
In tho front of their stalls Tor a distance of C0 feet
clear of waste and rubbish of all kinds
41 Exhibitors will be allowed to sell goods dur
ing thu Fair by special uirmlsalon of the Munagor
subject to Rulo 49 but they will not bo permitted to
call attention to their wares In any objectionable
manner and only such signs and placards shall he
put up an the ollleorx In charge 1111 approve
< 5 Exhibitors must attend to the delivery In per
spn or by agent of the articles for exhibition to thC
I epftrtmonl Supervisor and In all cause to the proper
afllxlng of entry togs and must claim their propurty
promptly at the close of tho Full
11 I Is toeless for exhibitors to Ind their ax
hlilts by freight or express to tho Association or
an of Its officers for they positively cannot Q
tind to properly placing the attune In the depart
ments This must be done by the exhibitor or
their nconirt
47 Animals of approved quality not eligible to
compete for premiums may bo entered for exhlbl
lon only at the discretion of the Manager and up
on payment o such fees l ho may determine but
11 articled obnoxious or repulsive In their charac
ter shall be oxrluded from the grounds or If en
tered without being fully known shall be removed
upon the demand of tho Mnnngor
t Any article worthy of exhibition not enum
erated In lie premium 111 which may be presented
niny ho entered In UK appropriate class but no pre
mlum shall be awarded unless by special action of
the Executive Committee
a The Board reserves the right to reject all
articles which r offered for exhibit nlmply as n
njoAn of advertising
M No changes In the books will hn allowed af
ter they ore placed In the hands n the Department I
guporvlsor and all persona entering animals mint
hV cure that their stock is placed In the proper
clasp end tt shall Le the duty of the Judge to ruM
mitany animal no answering according to entry
51 Poslilvoly no entry will b rocognlzfd unless
inado on the original entry books In the Secrelarya
tadn and corresponding entry tag usual to tho
exhibitors for the same and no exhibitor will bg
Allowed to see tho entry book until awards are made
C2 The Association through Us offlcers ana
Avth the aid of the police will use diligence to
cart for nil properly place under Its charge but It
lit expressly understood that I will assume no re
sponsibility for entries or louse from any cause
1 Upon our arrival at thin fair crounds with
your exhibit you should Sec the Supervisor ° t your
dopartment who will nrslgn you space nod hr you
nil the doMred InforrrtRtlon Got your entry tag i
frorn hue Secretary kl any lira during the month
before the Fair o
51 Therr will bo u charge for box stall r for
pen 1 oath 1 rhnrgen for stalls or pen must
the fair per stall open stalls covered JJ swlno
be paid to the Secretary when entry Is mail
ro The gates will be open hi S oclock H m a
police force will be tirrsonl day and night Anyone
who misbehaves or uses obscene language within
thO Incloaure during the exhibition will be com
pelled to leave the grounds All racing on the
track will b prohibited except that on the program
ES No animals will be allowed to run at tare
on tin grounds and all persons hitching to tree
or hulldlngH will he subjected to prosecution
57 If any owner trainer rider driver or attend
ant of any horse or any exhibitor shall us < OK
Hiene or profane language to the ottlc rf judges
or committee or bo guilty of any Imoropur con
duct he hun be ruled out D exhibitor and for
fell nil premiums and purses
tS Exhlbllorn will bo prompt to obey the Jl ai
ager In bringing out their animals 11 such urn
and place i dcalcnatcd
5 > No Intoxicated or other disorderly
dhonprIJ lor
a I ho permitted to remain on the ground and I
Ie hereby made the duty of the police to arro < < 1
Once all such PITSOII and take thorn before the
proper officers to be dealt with According to law
w Straw hay and
grain can be purchased
Irnln CRI purchltd on
grounds nt reasonable prlcoa
fil The Manager will Authorize tho Icltlnt 4
such privileges as are reQulrcd to supply the micro >
lr want of tho people or that mayadd to rhea
comfort convenience nnd pleasure but under no
circumstances will privilege oC a questionable na
turn or of I demoralizing character bo sold or In
anywise tolerated on the grounds or In the bnlld
lnc During the continuance
contnulc of the Fair those
will bo music and novel features will be Provided
each day the particulars
larleullN of which nvlll be an
nounced In the program
62 Copies of the premium list and all Informa
tion concerning racing programs entry blank con
cessions privileges freight rates and piiaaongcr rai
may be obtained by CiiT iionllnff with Dr H M
Rowe Manager Ogden 1tah
C3 Each person will bo required to give hr gnt
Icoopor a ticket each limo ho or she enters thr Iair
Grounds No punsout checks or paiKuu allowed
+ 1 AH persona running rarrlagen vohlrlo cu au
tomohllcK who enter the Fair
tomohlcl Grounds hall r y
M cents for each carriage vfhlclo or automobile
and M cents for each driver and each
rrher Ind cl attendant
and person In such vehicle and hal bo wuhinct I >
such regulations on the ground us tho Executive
Committee niny determine
55 Riding of saddle horses orbiililcnoit the Fair
Grounds except on ihi lnll ld
6C The ruin prevailing at fairs charging from Jl
I to J6 to exhibit ouch article or animal Is hum
cloned Each exhibitor must buy ono xhll < ltori
I ticket for Jl and may outer as many exhibit 1
desired without further cowl and mall and wn
rents must be paid for animals No oxcaotlona to
I thin rule concosalonarles employes or onierlfiln
I monts shows otc nil mitt M
ni mit pay r cents for each
days attendance on the grounds nod nil contract
are made with that understanding
Each adult 60 cents
Children under I yearn with oaronl rrr
Chlldron under IS years 23 com
Only 200 seats reservrl Id the Grand
stand Tith cushions M call
All ether Grand Stand Sent Kreo
Dont ask for passes none will bo Issued Every
person must buy a Co cent ticket for each ontranra
at the Fair
Full tariff rates will bo charged to Ogden Ltah
and all freight charges refunded upon presentation
of coriinratc from the Secretary of the Fnlr Asso
clntlon that such shipments have been placed on
OTHER EXHIBITS Except Racu Horses
First Full tariff rates will be charged to Ocden
Utah and at the close of the Fair upon presenta
tion of certificates from the Secretary of tho Pair
that such freight has been exhibited and no chinui
of ownoiuhlp has occurred charges will be rediircil
to onehalf tariff rate
Second Tho above docs not apply to race hOI
which In all cases will b charged for at full tariff
rates In both directions
Thlnl In order to obtain benefit of the above
rates all property must bo returned within ten days
after the close of the Fair
You can exhibit anything not mentioned In the
Premium List nnd same will be granted If worth
llrst and second awards and the judges may recom
mend a medal or cash award subject to tho approval
of the executive committee for any drat prize winner
Tho Evening Standaru ers the following prizes
pHtne being from one to twelve months subscription
pnld up for the Dally Standard
1 For largest Pumpkin Months
2 For largest Squash 3 Months
3 Largest Cucumber 2 Months
4 Largest Watermelon M Monfha
5 Largest Onion 1 Month
6 Largest Carrot f 1 Month
i Largest Turnip 1 Monk
S Ulrgedt Potntoe i I Months
S Largest Parsnip 1 Month
10 Largest Apple 2 Months
1 Largoqt Pouch 2 Moniiis
12 Largest Tomutoc Months
13 largest Pear 2 Mould
14 Largest Bunch of Grapes Months
15 Best Display o Pumpkins 12 Months
1C Beat Display uf Onions 12 Months
t Best Display of Tomatoes 12 Month
Id est Display of Potatoes Months
Tho Morning Examiner win give the following Hub
ncrlpllons for tho exhibits offered
19 For largest brood of Chickens or Pullets
hatched by ono hen In 191J 6 Months
= For largest brood of jantnm Chicks or
Pullets by ono hen In 1310 3 Months
21 For Largest Turkey 2 onth
22 For Largest Rooster i Months
23 For Lance Grinder 2 Months
21 For Largest Duck 2 Months
25 For BOlt Exhibit of I or more Pheasants 12 Months
Harness Race Purses From
500 to 1000
Running Race Purses From
100 to 300
Five Races Each Day
tree Attractions Each
t I
p 1

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