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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1902-1910, May 21, 1910, Part Two, Image 16

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0 1 1 f > iT JI
I ll LIB UJ A r1 0 11 J A AJR lUJ
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ATL 51
Embroidered Tulle and Satin
Evening Gowns
I IlILE it nfciy not be necessary
10 bestow quite OB much timnj
W nud thought upon selecting the
I evening gowns for the spawns
wardrobe none the Ics is th <
I subject an important one To
begin with evening dress IB far more iinil
rersnlly popular than it was sonic twenty
I years ago and the low cut gown Is now I
accepted OA the correct model for the even
ing for theatre and nt home as well ns
I for the more formal dinner and while
there arc many different styles some
waists being cut much lower thnn others
they arc nil on the same lines and quite
unlike tlw elaborate high neck gown In
tended for afternoon reception card or
garden party When selecting the sum
mer evening gowns there should be taken
into consideration where the Reason is to
be event for in spite of the ixtravngancc I
of modern dress and the really absurdly
elaborate clothes that ore worn to small
I heavier more elaborate fashions of tho
last winter
There Is nothing so practical as th
I black evening gown in truth one of the
great objections It Is that it is so for
i every woman possesses at least one so
I that if an informal dinner in given tho
jchnnres arc greatly in fAvor of every
woman being attired in black
Tlfpro arc many black materials this
season that make up effectively and also
flint combiuo well Liberty tHin lace and
voile de ijuc nro charming together while
as thcro is no rule that commands there
shall only be nil black most attractive
Cerise Liberty Satin Gown
I 1 Photo by 1cJix
I tIeld3Tre CoprltUt 1010 rc York
I I HtroJtl
o i i
I t informal entertainments the instinctively
j or cultivatcdly conservative woman of
good taste hi molt particular to have hor
i salvos appropriate to the occasion They
I I t may IK just ns costly aro often more so
I I r but there is n most marked difference Ut
I twcon her gorgeous ball gowti mid the
gown intended for an informal dinner in
the height of summer With such a choice I
I of materials it is not
Q a very difficult propo
sition this summer to select gowns unlike
those that have been popular all winter
I i Chiffon voile do sow and silk muslin and
I I the finest of ordinary muslin make up j
the daintiest and most attractive of even
I i ins Downs and arc delightfully unlike tho
JfB of tho most glaringly obvious I
I faults of a poor dressmaker is the
t klrt that is shorter In front than in
I t the hack and it is a funk that grout
1 Hoist all tho time so that when the
Photo CbprrfKht 1010 17 neutlrtr I Li r
Excluake Copjrizljt 1010 CT To llfq y
llemld fo9vVJ
lW Blue Voile de Sole Gown
rp1oJ Photo by Felix
1 XCIU8If Cotyrs lulu MTYotk
I UIrllJ
7 Fr
Straw Color Liberty Satin Gown with Jet and Gold iimbroiacry f
rI oa Paquct
Photo Conrristit 1010 by itr ntUnsfr
Eidiulva UoiijTiyhU 1110 Now York
I gown is new it is merely noticeable but
I grows steadily worse every time the gown
I in worn To bang a skirt well is cvr
unholy a most 1i11U lIlt proposition but I
nothing makes more difference in the
appearance of the costume Often in1
I filet almost always the defect a caused i
I filL 011 jjAiiatEirn ULOLSC
by tho from > rijiuii ij u UIIL
enough or lint cut and fitted across the
front Another reason Is because the
a t
Practical 0 Details foi ° Home Dressmakind
> i iat lO light in order
tu giiin the nurcdw effect that the pres
ciii fashion dcnmudi
I Photo by Felix
White Liberty Satin Gown
with Pearl Embroidery
tIluthc Copy rlbt lOW New York
cornbinijtlons of color arc introducxl In
the colored lining unto the touch of color
some + vltcre in the waist or in the trlm
fiHiutf This istii ua1I KUimncr for black
land white effects and the white lining
showing through the transparent bInd
voile do olo or lace shows off the thinner
fabric to perfection Bands of satin or
velvet ribobn nrc used effectively as ari I
folds oC the material and in many of the
ismarteit gowns no other trimming is rc
Iqlt red Sometimes the underskirt of
satin is not entirely covered by the over f
dress which Is moro liken tunic or over
Mklrt This is1o decidedly a contrast j
that it is objected to on the ground that I
iit cuts the generally becoming Hues and I
1 a scant flounce of the voile de solo or law
I is preferred showing ben with the tunic I i
I but apuin this is a question for the iiidi
A skirt can be extremely narrow it
properly cut and hungand if Hufllcieni
width Around the hire provided 111
Tact itfwill look much more scant than
Black Liberty Satin Gowij
lJcchoff David
Photo CopjriKhU 1010 by aUlnscr
Exclusive Coi > yri2lit 1010 TCcw York
vidnal taste to decide and consequently
I there are not often fno gowns m ado alike j
I though the identical model may bo chosen
i for several I
j The simpler evening gowns nil have a
lyouthfiil oxaggeTaled iimplO pftcct and
lare almost without exception Cnr more
jsuilablc foe a young girl than orlllle
joldcr woman 1vho insists upon the same
style The skirt made without u train
rather full gathered or in line pleats
with bandy of niching or ribbon run
through slurred bands of the mnterinl 1C
the liner r law and with Qocnuloniil
rosettes Or bows of soft ribbon lies for all
jlime been assigned to tho debutante and
Its6en ItIs chosen by the woman of ma
+ ture years any sincerely conscientious
dressmaker has a task almost beyond
I her rower to turn out a gown that will
not be so inappropriate ns to be fairly
I hideous Modifying the Style
I More length to the skirt only ono
band if any and but one rase tic or bow
just at the back of the art to hold
back lIu1 togather the material Into the
accepted width ix one way of Koivlng the
difficulty for then the general effect is1
not so absurdly girlish The full waist
with simpTc trimming is harder to adapt
abut a more elaborate finish in bertha or
kin style works wonders Just as it Is
I for n young girl the model in voile de sole
or any transparent fabVic fsnloct charm
fug and becoming If nn absolutely sun
I pie dinner gown is selected there ix
nothing more attnictive than ono of
chiffon or voile de soic made quite plain
shut with double skirt effect and a round
fichu edged willr narrow crystal fringi
i This is a good model for acolor while
ior black and if a black or white is chosen
then a spray of artificial flowers or ono
largo rON and n bow of ribbon Is the
only trimming needed on the waist
Included in every wnrdrobe
thero is or
should be a more elaborate evening gown
Ifnr there is always some occasion during
the slimmer season when formal dress JH
required Many women keep for tbiV
purpose the freshest of the last winters
ball gowns but when there is no need
to consider the cost the new gown isj
Ill it is drawn too much from the front
land In consequence thrown oat of place
iThe best tailors always speak of bal
ancing the coat meaning that from the
shoulders the line hang straight and I
ordered Satin always a satisfactory
material is worn in summer tho soft
est most graceful quality The close
Hilling princess style with tho tunic of
jiiel leer or tulle with embroidery is not
extremely new but it is generally be
coming nnd there arc many new deslgrii
land patterns for the tunic 90 that the
fashion is ntill popular Another of tho
winter fashions that are again popular is
tho skirt of satin with the upper part of
the waist nl chiffon cither over a con
trusting color oC luco and with sleeves
IOf the Rune
Thid Is n smart model and most practi
cal made in black liberty satin with train
skirt the folds either caught together
I tho side or back with full rosette or with
the double skirled effect the upper skirt
polnlil lu front and made high nt tie
iwnist line but in draped folds not mere
ly the high skirted effect The white
jjncc or colored chiffon the black voile de
sole plain or embroidered lu jet crystal
rliincstonvs gold or silver or merely with
tin edge of the embroidery is almost
Invariably becoming and effective while
if n Mont startling and conspicuous effect
desired the pale pink or cream white
chiffon in soft folds is draped over chI
iipuld < < r oi having kimonoliko sleeve An
expensive cream Ince over pale pink is
olit fnshiojmblo but while Kturtlingly
ffortvo it does not meet with so enlhu
i Mjo nnd universal approval with the
plain black and seems letter suited to
tigwrcd brocade in the light colorings
i Attractive Color Schemes
Fascinatingly dainty and most atlrac
tire are tho chiffon voile do soil nnd
muslin gowns miide of the plain mate
rial with fancy borders The double
skirt style can easily be carried out In
llii m fiibrie while the waist needs no
other trimming than Is given by the bor
der Again there Is n chance to work
lotit most fiiscirmtinc color schemcrt for In
n blue ground with R border of pink
llfMten tile liningof the gown of tunic
will show the faintest glint of pink
through tho blue and give hint lrans
parent cloudlike appearance thqt is one
tetf the fashions of this season And the
i fashion Is practical also for an old white
IJnliig can be utilized by veiling it In Inex
pensive inoiiKscline do sole over which it
put tho chiffon or voile de sole of another
color tho Dluul lIne de soic used to veil
tho white underskirt costing far less than
would n new silk or aatin lining and iu
just these small details can the cost of a
town bo kept within possible limits
j An excellent investment In bo way of >
evening gowns for the summer isthe
pleated chiffon nnd Ilea in color black
orwhite Only the body of the waist b
lined and with a chiffon or botlstc lining j
but the gown ia worn over princess slip
of lilHW satin With different slips an J
Ilitiroly different effect is obtained nnd
one gown will do duty forseyornl The j
enlre deus of lace Is lighter rind shows
better the color of the lining than tho
bands of Karin or velvet which are on
some of the latest models but both arc
in fashion and tho choice can be governed i
by personal taste Belts and girdles arc
of much importance For tbo newest
evening gowns the oft folded silk or
satin belt finished with Hat double bow
knot is decidedly new and there can w j
a jewelled buckle
I correct and the same also applies to the
I skirt For home dressmaking it pays tc
get a good fitting good hanging iliusllr J
pnttorn and then work after that fot
more than half the battle is won whet s
this Is I secured

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