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MRS M SUMMERS BoxH Notro Dame gnd USA
J E OooJy President
Horace E Peery VlccPixo
Harold J Poeryi VlccPrco
Ralph E HOg Caohlor
A V McIntosh Atat CaaMcr
Capital and UndlvWed Profit
David EcclOB Prea
G H Trlbo VlcoPrca
John Wat on VicoPrea
M S Browning VlcoPrcn
John Flapfro Cashlor
Jag F Burton Acst Cashier
The sixteenth annual session of tho
Lake Mohawk conference on Inter
national arbitration concluded its de
liberations tonight
Tho most Important happening was
the official announcement In the con
ference by Secretary Knox through
James Brown Scott solicitor of the
state department of tho probable
early establishment of an Interna
tional court of arbitral Justice
Thla assurance coupled with Presi
dents Tafts recent declaration In
favor of arbitration treaties contain
ing 110 reservations OB to national
honor or interest Infused tho dclp
gatofl with a spirit of optimum
San Francisco May 201ho Tum
or and W K OH companies hold
ings coniprlnlng two of tho richest
properties In the state were sold yes
terday to a group of Now York finan
ciers for the reported sum of 4600
000 The land owned by the two cor
porations is CCO acres In tho heart of
the Coallngn field
To freshen stale cake dip 11 for a
aucond in cold milk and then robaUo
it in rather a cool oven Stale bread
may be treated In the same way
bc i1
V j
S Pfi
you sic apecUly invited to call at out
toro and KC an exact duplicate of the
Old Hickory cktur ComforUbie dcr
Able especially idtpted to hard lervice
Thesa pattern we exact duplicate of
the origin chain in which Andrew Jncc
IOn ued to nt
U hc uae today M it wa in the olden
titna furraturo of the ItU forever kiod
made of htckswy hoop poles brot inlo
thomoit coo tcbo end graceful ihnpo
Thfl unaturc U put tcpcthcr with
moreie M fOUtUy M the bctt JOI HOQ
modeli of toy Thae is nothing to
break nolhing lo cone IQOc n tuna to
irfljh be oiW
warp no ptiol cr > to j
word made
by iKn rOW or mn la A
of tounJ ckory
Tr d °
the toajKot and
4 mart durctle wood j 1
I thnt pow it u the tou
ideal fuicilurc for Mark
Boyle Furniture
On the night of May 23 nan morn
Ins of May 24 a total ocllpso of the
moon Is scheduled It will Iwjglnand
end ns follows The ecllpso begins
at 309 a m
l Those who watch the eclipse will
notice that when tho moon has pass
ed Into the earths shadow It will
bo visible duo to tho bonding of tho
light through the earths aamoapherc
Vhcn the Orpheurn was turned over
for a stock theater for thtu summer
months a promise was made by the
management that Ogden theatergoers
would see nothing but highclass pro
luctlous which In other clUes would
i cost at loast a dollar at popular
prices and to date after two weeks I
In which they hare gtvdn us Ari
zona and Tho Spoilers both good
shows and a real production but It
fleems that this week they arc going I
still one better and are giving us ono
of the most popular plays that ovor I
had a run in a large city and which I
was also a moneymaker the rood
Tn the Bishops Carriage le what In
I termed a problem play brined on the
lira of a young girl Nnnco Olden who
has been brought up in n society of
prevention of cnielU to children and
when she attains the age of fifteen
I she loaves tho home and falls In with
a thief a pickpocket by the name of
Dorgan When the curtain ascends
on the lIst act she is Boon trying to
get away after having picked the
pocket of a man by the name of Ram
sey and aleo a coat from the cloak
room In the Broad street station In
Philadelphia In trying to evade cap
ture she jumps into a carriage which
Is standing there and feigns illness
j The bishop who has been waiting for
I some ono arrives and proceeds to get I
I into th2 carriage when he spies tho i
girl and is somewhat surprised but
thinking the girl 111 ho takes her with
I Him to the Latimer homefi to which
he Is going to muke a call At the
i Latimer home she meets her old pal
Dorgan who Is there gulscd as the
I butler and they plan to rob Latlmer
Just as they aro about to turn the
I trick they are Interrupted by Latlmer
I who turns Dorgan over to the pollee
i and gives tho girl a chance No
I charges being preferred Dorgan is let
i free The thieving instinct Is too
i great in her to lead a good life and
they again plan to rob this man who
has befriended her Again he gives
I her a chance and Dorgan Is sent to
prison The last act shows her as a
good woman making a name for her
self ns a vaudeville actress Dorcan
escapes from jail and comes to her
apartments demanding her to return
to the old life but she refuses Ho
goes to strike hem with a chair and is
stopped In lime by Latlmer The last
act shows the Twentythird street sta
I tion in Philadelphia Dorgan exonerat
ing Nanqc from all complicity and
Rhowlng that there is a little good in
tho worst of ns
Mr Noel Travers will bo seen as
Latlmer Irene Outtrlm as Nance
I Olden Mr Booth who protraycd the
role of Slelvc so well In Tho Spoil
ers will have the part of Ramsey
Verne Luyton the nice looking villain
will have the role of Dorgan Tho
other members of the company aro
woll cast and a splendid performance
IB looked for Sunday evening The
play will run all week with a matlneo
on Wednesday and Saturday
Do you know that ntubhoruneas of
ten loads to great disadvantages es
pecially when It Is In a great minor
ity We believe that you arc fair but
do not understand the question
Did you ever stop to think that you
are fighting against your own trade
by fighting our 7 oclock movement
Cant you sec that the clerks alone
I represent at least threo hundred fami
lies who can be influenced to trade
with fair merchants Cant you un
derstand that each rpproaontatlve of
the womens clubs that we had pres
ent at our onvontion numbering
nine repronont at least two or three
hundred families who also can be in
lluenced by their belief In fairuesn
Cant yo usee that you are working
nil the public sentiment to such a
pitch 03 to Injure your trade to a
great extent
Are you intending to stay in Ogden
or sell and run out
If you are going to stay here why
not help to build up Greater Ogdon
Why not let us help you We can
We dont want to dictate to you how
yon shall run your business Wo
dont want to spoil your tradeall we
want is to bo fair to all
I myself stayed by you last Satur
day night and held our people from
causing you any trouble whatever
after you promised to sign our peti
tion Now onco more I appeal to you to
sign our petition and gain the respect
of all tho merchants clerks and peo
ple a
Sec CIciz tA
One of the moat delightful birthday
parties of the season was gen ai tne
home of Mr und Mrs A E Thomas
last Monday afternoon from 4 to 7
oclock in honor of their HUlo daugh
ter Elizabeths fifth birthday Tho
rooms were beautifully decorated in
pink and white carnations and yellow
roses After a happy aftoruoon spent i
III various childrens games they wore
invited to the dining room where de
licious refreshments were served by
Mrs Thomas assisted hy Mrs J
Brown Mrs Norton Mrs J C Davis
Mrs P IngebrctRcn Mrs H Carr
Mrs J C Carr and Miss IJmlly Carr
The following wen present Beat
rice Carr Mary Carr Ruth Mattnon
line AInttson Vera Lvon Ramona
Lyon Frances Coolidge Nollle Varney I
Norn Varney Mildred llalngron Llola
Davis Elizabeth Thomas Albert Carr
Henry Carr Earl Norton Glen Nor
ton Lelund Lyon George Coolidge
Harry Bunnett Walter Bitten Ver
non Ingobretaen Jesse Brown Don
Dalton and Ellsworth Thomas
A largo and enthusiastic meeting
of the local chapter of tho American I
Womans League was hold Thursday
afternoon nt the home of tho presi I
dent Mrs P H Mnlson in honor of I
Mrs Malson who Is S1 years young
The chapter was given the name Mar
vin Chapter IrzjT S Herrick who
by her untiring efforts has succeeded
in forming tho chapter here was
unanimously elected delegate to tho
national comentlon held in SI LouIs
Juno 9th to 12th Miss Sharp and
Miss Ij 1 Prout were elected alter
nates The Marvin chapter of Ogden
Is working hard to secure tljc mem
bership of 200 which will give to Og
don the 10000 chapter house to which
our sister city aspires As tho great I
work being done by the league In an
educational way is becoming bettor I
known the chapter feels that It will
bo an easy winner to secure tho boat
for their own city Any one wishing to I
know more of the work ma ycnll upon I
eQ 00 D MAN
After working the C 0 D bunco
game on a number of people In Ogden
D A Moore alias B A McDonald
has been arrested in Salt Lake City
an dturned over to the federal authorl
Ites on the charge of using the United
Stales malls unlawfully
Moore who is eighteen years ot
age and says he resides at C70 Mar
ket street Salt Lake City has been
sending packages to people in Og
Ion upon which there were C 0 D
charges to the amount of 3r cents
This amount the expressman collect
ed find tho same was forwarded to
The Ogden peoplo who had re
r ceived the packages made complaint
I to the police here and they In turn
communicated with the Salt Lake officer
ficers Detectives RIpley and Earl
of the Salt Lake police force kept
watch at the postofficc and when
Moore appeared to got his mail from
a postofflce box he was placed under
nrest and turned over to the fcdotnl I
authorities Moore wan taken before
Commissioner Baldwin and remanded
to the county jail under 500 bond
Salt Lako May Councilman F
S Fernatrom was officially paddled
and put to bed by the members of the
city council yesterday afternoon at a
special meeting called to Investigate I
the charges of graft and collusion I
made against Mayor John S Brans I
ford in connection with the Campbell i I
Building company chastisement
was about as severe an the friends of
the mayor could devise and put
through at that time and Mr Fern
strom saying ho had no desire to
shrlng responsibility TOOK his modi
cineTho I
Tho chastisement consisted of the I
passing of a resolution hy tho council
demanding a complete retraction and
apology In writing from Mr Fern
slrom to he sIgned and given to tho
mayor and to ho spread on the records
of the council The apology was
drafted to comply with the wishes of
tho members of the council who have
been most vigorous In calling Mr
Fprnfltrom to tlmo and within a few
minutes It had been signed hy Mr I
Fornstrom and presented to tho
The apology and retraction follows
My Dear IaorOu Wednesday
evening May IS 1910 at a special
or adjourned meeting of the ally coun
cli f made certain statements which
directly charged you wltn being guilty
of coliiiiRlon with the Campbell Build
Ing company and that you changed or
caused to be changed tho terms of a
certain written contract bctwecn the
city of Salt Lake and the said Camp
hell bulldlnp company after tho ap
proval of the MaId contract by the
city council 1 hac since loarned
tliat I was absolutely mistaken and
that no foundation existed for the
statements made by me
I here and now offer you an apolo
gy for making such romarkR and de
sire to say that I have the utmost re
spect fur you and In your position as
mayor of this city I have always
found you to bo working consistently
In the interest of nil I make this
apology In all sincerity It wan not
my Intention to matte the remarks at
tributed to me Sincerely
Chicago May 21IIDlllY Sullivan
former manager and catcher for the
Chicago Americans arrived yester
day from Santa Barbara Cal where
bxikns been rC3t1wt Ina hA I l
Mrs J SHerrick local repre
sentative who will give them the de
sired Information
Fifteen members of the Pythian sis
ters Calanthe Temple 0 I attended
the sessions of the Grand lodge in
Salt Lake on TuesdaY and Wednes
day 01 this week Tuesday evening
the Pythian sisters were entertained
at Daniels theater by Hermlon Tem
ple Wednesday at hOon the Ogden la
diem were ontertalned at luncheon by
Mrs Belle Gllbourne and In the even
ing the Ogden Knights who were In
attendance at tin Grand Lodge of the
Knights entertained tho ladles of Ca
Ianthe Temple at a grand dinner at
BhlKlols after which Hcrrnlon Tem
ple entertained all the visiting Knights
and siKfr and local members at theIr
hall A beautiful program was given
following which one of the most elabo
rate banquets ever given by the order
proved tho crowning event of the so
cial part of the Grand lodge sessions
Mrs C A Smurthwnitc will ontcr
lain tho Child Culture club Tuesday
afternoon May 24 In the hall above
the Ogden Muclc Co stop 2307 12
Washington avenue
Mrs F B Alken wife of Manager
A Ikon of th Pacific Hotel has gone
to Portland Oregon to visit rela
tives and attend the rose carnival
which Is to be held in that city
Miss Louise Rltter was elected
Grand Junior at the Grand Lodge
session of Pythian Sisters In Salt
Lake this week
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church and their friends arc Invited
to a kensington to be given by Mrs
John Furlong and Mrs C F Dlnsmorc
next Thursday afternoon at the home
of Mrs Furlong 72JJ Twentyfifth
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his foot by stopping on a rusty nail
in Los Angeles in the spring training
Sullivan was on crutches but he Is
confident that he will be able to got
back Into the game before many days
His life was despaired of at one tlmo
and the physicians were positive his
foot would have to he amputated I
I will have to get an arch for my
foot said Sullivan and I will have
to rest it n while longer before I
can ploy ball But you can bet all
your money that Ill be hack In the I
game some time and I wont stay out
of It a minute longo than I have to
Sunday May 22nd via Oregon Short
Line Round trip 100 Trains at
CSO a rn 716 a m 840 a m 000
a m 1040 a m 1125 a m 230
p m 400 pm 440 p m and 545
p m Returning leave Salt Lake
1010 a m 100 p m 225 p m
320 p m 415 p rn 515 p m 605
p m and 1145 p m City Ticket
Office 2511 WashIngton Avenue
The baccalaureate services of the
graduating class of Ogden High school
nih be held Sunday night at eight
oclock in the First Presbyterian
church Twentyfourth and Adams nit
uuc The class Is a good sized one
and with them will also meet the
class of 1909 12 which graduated at
midyear last year
Tho audJtorlum of the church will
be decorated with the class anti school
colors and there will be sections re
served for the parents of the merit
hors of the class and for the teach
ers of the school as well ns for the
trustees Special sections will be
marked by the colors of the junior
sophomores and freshman class for the
members of those classes
The high school orchestra will be
present and play tho opening num
ber and the offertory Tho music of
the evening will he attractive JJo
sides the High school orchestra spe
cial numbers will he given by Misses
Mitchell Corn and Diddle and Mr
The graduating class will meet at
730 Sunday evening in the parlors of
the church and march from there In
a body to their allotted seats
The baccalaureate sermon by Key
John Edward Carver will be upon the
theme of Tho Great RIches of
Youth Tho morning sermon at elev
en will be upon Edmund halley the
man who was greater than the comet
which bears his name
Tho only healing for aching hearts
when death enters the home Is the
tough of sympathy it steals away
the sharpness ere he Is aware
Tho ministry of tearstained faces
warm hand clasps tho songg of faith
the ministry of beautiful flowers and
of music that reached the heart the
I presence of hundreds of neighbors of
j brothers of the Modern Woodmen and
of fellow employeR all these comforts
woro omiTS and from our hearts we
thank you
Signed by the Wife Father and Sill
tern of Charlie Maxwell
While accounts of floods have been
found among all peoples It is genera
ally believed thfltji literal interpreta
tion of these accounts was not truo
and the tendency has boon to explain
them ns limited floods At the Meth
odist church the pastor Rev G W
I McCrcery will explain a theory re
ceutU advanced which throws much
lightupon the question Ho will use
I n blackboard In addition ho will pre
truth In the account
M nmn that
= = t
nil should hold no matter what theory
of the Hood Itself Is hold A cordial r
Invitation Is oxtnnded to all especial
ly those troubled with those ques
J L Wolch nsHetlngBroom Hotel
sensation was sprung unexpected
ly in the house late today by Rep
Butler Ames a Republican mem
ber from Massachusetts when he
obtained the floor for five min
utes and proceeded to read a se
ries of letters that had passed be
tween himself and Rep Sereno H
Payne of New York chairman of
the ways and means committee
and Republican floor leader
He scored Mr Payne in strong
The letters concerned a resolu
tion introduced in the house May
31 by Mr Ames advocating that
negotiations be opened with Can
ada to establish closer commercial
relations with that country
Mr Amos resolution wns referred
to the ways and means committee anti
the author charged Mr Payne refused
to allow the committee to consider
It although he Amos presented a
petition favoring It signed by 77 Re
luiblican members
On three separate days I approach
ed your august person and asked ver
bally and politely for a hearing by
jnur committee on my resolution
said Mr Ames In one letter
To my first request von arrogant
j Insisted that as far as you could find
out no one wanted the resolution am
t was not good political sense Bo
loving your lack of courtesy was ex
disable and you were unable to nn
lorstand or appreciate any Republican
member of the house not only wanted
he resolution adopted but who nut
vct having lost all touch with present
IcsircB of tho party and the country
I generally did believe till resolution
to be good political sense 1 went to
the unusual labor of circulating a pe
I lllon which I enclosed
Public Be Damned
Continuing tho letter said the petl
tlon was signed bj 77 Republics
members but Mr Payne had given It I
no consideration It was recounted
that its author had seen n letter die
tilted in his presence by President
Taft and addressed to Mr Payne fa
voring the resolution It recited Mr
Ames had twice spoken to Mr Payne
about tho presidents letter and Mr
Payne told him thnt his Paynes
relations with the president were mien
hat Payne knew when he wrote such I
a letter ho did not want the resolu
Mr Payne replied saying that the
Fact that 77 men have signed your
petition docs not change the situation
In regard to your resolution
Aftor expressing surprise that tho
petition of 77 Republican members
should bo disregarded Mr Ames let
ter continued
Your whole attitude has so lacked
in common courtesy and a proper
sense of proportion I feel forced to
make this written protest Your let
ter If freely translated should ho
Interpreted to read the desires of
many Republican members and the
public be damned to
Salt Lake May 21 District Judge
Morse granted five divorces Friday
afternoon as follows
Frederick Samuclson from Mathilda
J Samualsnii cruelty
Hnnnah S Stokes from C E Stokes
nonsupport Mrs Stokes was award I
ed the custody of the minor children
Marie Hninnlng against Henry
Brunning desertion Plaintiff was
awarded the custody the minor chil
Martin S Lindsay against ISIvIra
Lindsay cruelty and desertion
In the case of Nellie Hlmes agaInst
Charles Fumes a decree was awarded
to Mr Hlmes on his crosscomplaint
charging his wife with cruelty HInes
also was awarded the custody of the
Edward Johnson must pay Jennie
K Johnson temporary alimony in the
aum of 520 a month
In the case of Elizabeth B Thomas
against B F Thomas tho defendant I
was ordered to pay temporary alimony
of 25 a month
Robert Edward Bess was ordered to I
pay Alice E Beas 50 attorneys fees
nnd his motion to Met aside tho de
cree of divorce was continued until
Juno 1C
Los Angeles May nWltll decis
ions in his favor In two previous 10 I
and 1 il round contests Low Powell of
San Francisco rules a ten to eight
favorite over George Mcmslc whom
he meets again this afternoon In the
Vernon arena This their third en
gagement IB for 23 rounds amid It is
believed thnt this distance should bo
jufTlclent for the men to settle finally
their dispute as to supremacy The I
victor probably will be sent against
Champion Wnlgast In June I
Th contest this afternoon was or
iglnnlly scheduled for May 11 but ow
ing to Illness of Memslc early In the
month was postponed ono weok
Chicago May 21 Thirtyfive per
sons were Injured by a colapse of
seats at a circus and Wild West show
in nine Isiaumcl last night An attempt
by small boys to climb up from un
derneath tho floats after having slip I
ped In under the canvas IB believed
to havp been tho cause of the ned
d < mt About fi06 persons were In at
tendance The arena had canvas sides
around It but was open to the sky
Seattle Wash May Through
passenger service on the Chicago Mil
waukee Pupet Sound railway which
was scheduled to begin July 15 prob
ably will bo delayed until September
1 II in said on account of delay In
securing equipment
Now York May 21Ahe Attoll will
leave here for California next week
to proparo for his fight with Dds
coIl Ho gays le will not consent to
woph 12G pounds four hours before
the ring lime frit may agree to 125
nt the rlnglllt
1 t w i
o J
= t
Weber Club is not a colored coffeeit is not doctored
it is entirely free from dust or ditLit is blended ina way
that gives it thnt soothing coffee flavorit is not crude il
will not cause biliousness AVc would like to send a can today
Open Evenings
BADCON PHARMACY Remember you can buy coffee here
at any hour In tho evening
Lest you tire of these two words Gas and II Electricity
which I have woven into fable fiction and story I munt give
you something more substantial relating to the past present
and future of these two of Natures most wonderful and
changeable forces
This big revolving mass upon which we live and enjoy our
short span in the endless career of Eternity was no doubt once
a magnificent globe of luminous gas and it is possible that
electrical energy acting upon matter produced the gases com
posing our present world
Magnetic lines of force commonly called electrical energy
fills the groat blue dome above and around us far out into
the shoreless sea of time and by its mysterious force keeps ev
ery shining star in place With a slight change matter will
become either a gas liquid or solid Water is the easiest
transformed into one of these three conditions A lump of coal
can mostly be changed by heat into gas and tho gas by pres
sure is now being changed into liquid
The day is not far distant when one can go to the grocery
and order a 5 or 10 pound tank of liquid gas Pipes will no
longer be needed The gas will be sold in little steel bottles
which can be shipped to all parts j and then the housewife in
the country town or villages will cook on a gas stove and en
joy the same comforts now in use in the modern city home
Always open the oven door when lighting the ovens Open
the valve then strike match and light burner then it will not
pop Open the sliding shutter near the valve to give the burner
more air to make the flame blue If the flame is white it needs
more air When the baking or roasting is nearly finished turn
off one burner Turn off the burner then though even if it is
only for a minute matches are cheaper than gas If your stovo
does not give you perfect satisfaction call us and we will send
an expert to instruct you tlf you find a leak around the stove
or in the pipes stop it with kitchen soap and then telephone us
D DECKER Local Manager
NEW YORK May 20 Charles R
Helke secretary of the sugar trust
described by William Loch Jr as
the man higher up In at Inst facing
a jury on the charge uf conspiracy to
defraud the govcrnJiinht out of cus
toms duties by the false weighing ot
I sugar The trial Is being held before
Judge Martial In the criminal branch
of the United Stales circuit court and
promises to be one of the greatest
legal battles waged by the govern
meat In a long time

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