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Fortieth YearNo 123 Price Five Cents OGDEN CITY UTAH MONDAY EVENING MAY 23 J9JO Entered ao Second Class Matter at the Postofflco Ogden Utah
I Oliver Spitzer Pardoned by President Taft in
I Order to Make It Possible for Him to
Testify Against Chas R Heike
t Secretary of Trust
Now York May 23The trump cart
In the prosecution of Charles R
Helko secretary of the American Su
gar Refining company was played at
the sugar trust underwelghing con
splracy trial today when Prosecutor
Slmson examined as the governments
first witness Oliver Spitzer auporln
tendent of the Wllllamsburg docks
who several oaths ago was convicted
of underwclghlng and sentenced to
two yearn In tho federal penitentiary
at Atlanta When Spllzer took the
stand John B Stanchfield for the do
Tense claims that under the federal
statute SpItzer convicted man could
not testify
The sensation of the trial was
I then created by tho declaration In
court that Spltzor has been pardoned
by President Taft
1 Ilelkc Is on trial in the United
States circuit court with five other
employes of tho American Sugar Re
j fining company on ho charge of con
splcaiy to defraud the government by
nnderwelghlng cargoes of sugar Im
Witnesses have testified to tho dis
covery of fraudulent devices on tho
sugar docks at Wllllamsburg whereby
It Is alleged employes of the so
called sugar trust manipulated the
scales so as to bring about under
On evidence of Richard Parr n
government Inspector who made a
mid on the sugar docks In November
1907 and others Spitzer who was
the dock superintendent at the time
and for some years previous was con
victed with four checkers employed
under him of connection with the con
spiracy to perpetrate frauds where
by the government was cheated out
of millions of dollars in sugar duties
The four checkers Boyle Coyt Ke
roe and Ilonnessy were sent to the
BUiekwells Island penitentiary for tr
Spitzer got two years In Atlanta
Ho pYotested ignorance of frauds on
tho docks Men higher up were
sought and Heike the secretary of
tho trust and Ernest F Gorbracht
the rcflnlory superintendent were in
dicted With them on trial nof be
sides four other former company
checkers Is James F Bendernagci
the refinery cashier who was tried
with Spiuer and the others The Jury
disagreed as to whether Bendcrnagol
had a part In the conspiracy and It
was decided to retry him
As SpItzer testified to the under
weighing frauds on the docks it was
I developed that President Taft granted
f him an unconditional pardon on May
N 10th last
j Spitzer went back to the years 1804
and 1895 when ho said an Investiga
tion he made developed the fact that
the checkers were affecting tho
weights on raw sugar by placing small
bags of lead on the beams of the
scale causing the recorded weights
to drop below the actual often ai
much as forty pounds on each draft
In addition Spitxer said It was al
so the practice to stuff paper under
neath the floors o fthe scales for tho
name purpose He said that whuu
Deputy Surveyor of Customs Vail took
office these devices were abandoned
and the use of the steel cord and steel
was begun and continued
It was said before Spitzer got well
into his testimony that he would make
a clean breast of the frauds alleged
to have been committed in the under
I wclghlng of raw sugar on the WH
llnnisburg docks
SpItzer demonstrated in the court
the use of the bags of lead He
f walked over to the sample scale which
Is one of the governments exhibits In
the case and Indicated on the beam
the place where the bag was susl + end
Heike listened to Spllzers testi
mony with Intense Interest
Spitzer talked freely about the
frauds by which the government was
robbed of millions of dollars He said
the use of the steel springs was step
ped after the Sugar trust had paid the
rebate to the government as a result
of the federal HulL
Did you arrange n system of sig
I nal lights in the scale house sud
denly asked the prosecutor
Yes sir replied Spltzcr who then
related that the signals were used to
1 warn tho weighers of any sudden
I danger
How were the lights worked
By a switch In my office replied
Spltzor who said that the switch waR
I t whenever a government ofll
i clal was seen to approach
H Denver May 23Poslal cards found
I Pike who
among the effects of Harry
shot and probably fatally wounded
Miss Maezellu flitter In her apart
I ments here Saturday night and fired a
I bullet into hla brain In the lobby of n
hotel two hours later Indicate that
the mans real name is Wendell
Holmos and that ho was formerly a I
prominent real estate dealer in Chi
i cago and tho owner of a splendid res
r idence at Wolf Lake Muskegon Mich
Holmes misfortunes it Is said by
friends commenced in Chicago five
years ago when It Is declared his wife
left him taking their two sons with
hor He spent thousands of dollars
in a search for his children finally
locating them with their mother in an
r obscure Colorado town
According to his statement made to
J the woman he shot because of her re
fusal to marry him Holmes or Pike
is now practically penniless
I Both the man and his victim arc
at tho same hospital The woman It
is said will probably die but the man
stands a fair chance to recover
Thiefs Act Is Without
Precedent in Records
of Crimes i
n I
New York May 3Thl police here
are looking for a thief whose act of
petty larceny is without precedent In
the records of the Now York detec
tive bureau Under cover of a crowd
at the open air suffragette meeting In
Unlpii Square a few days ago he
clipped off twelve Inches of hair from
the head of Jcanetto Toplltz a Ifi
yenridd girl student in Columbia uni
Her hair was worn in a long braid
down her hack fastened with a rib I
bon at her neck The end of the braid
hung below her waist She did not
discover her Joss until she was about
to ipUn for the night The police
jcilevr1 hat the IItrpon who clipped
her hair WOK either a joker with a per
verted conception of humor or some
one who wished to sell the hair
Now York May 23Thero was a
considerable volume of orders for ex
ecution In the opening stock market i
today but the price movement was
narrow and Irregular Realizing sales
had Bet In the London market on tho
earlier advance there before business
began hero A rise of a point In Mis
souri Pacific was the only conspicuous
change In the active list Lake Erie
and Western preferred lost 1 3S
Large purchases of United States
Steel sustained the market for awhile
but active selling later of the copper
stocks and certain railroad Issues un i
dermined tho list and prices went I
down Union Pacific Reading New
York Central Rock Island Amalga
mated Copper Anaconda American
Smelting Consolidated Gas and Vir
glnia Carolina Chemical sold a point
below Saturdays closing
Chicago Livestock
Chicago May 23 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 22000 market steady I
lower Beeves oGOaS GO Texas steers i
00a640 wcstero steers j2fa710 I
lockers and feeders IOOaOfiO cows
and heifers 280a71C calves 530T
i 50
50Hogs t
Hogs Receipts estimated at 32000 I
market slow and steady Light 940a I
970 mixed fl35aO70 heavy 93a t I
70J rough 036a9GO good to choice
heavy 9 Oa970 pigs OlOaOGO bulk
o f sales liGOci970
Sheep Receipts estimated at 20
000 market weal and lower Native
OOaC50 western 400aCOO yearlings
25a770 lambs native 675a8CO
western G25a8CO
Omaha Livestock
Omaha May 23 Cattle Receipts
3300 Market for best steady ott i
ers lower Native steers SGOOaSOO
cows and heifers 50aG7u western I
teera 37Ga700 cows and heifers
275a775 canners S275al25
tockors and feeders 5350aG25 I
calves 400a7CO bulls stags etc I
100aG2f I
Hogs Receipts 1300 Market
stonily Heavy J93CaDlo mixed 9
Oa943 light 930a950 pigs 800 i
900 bulk of sales 910a9 17 12
Sheep Receipts fi000 Market 15 I
to 2c lower yearlings 770a7SO
vethors 352Ha7G5 ewes 500aGOO
lambs JoOOaSOO
Sugar and Coffee
Now York May 23SugarJtnw
firm muacovado S9 test 5371 con
rlfugul 96 test 12 rnolauues su
gar S9 test S319 Refined steady
crushed 5595 granulated 525 I I
powdered 535
COFPBE Spot quiet No 7 Rio
S I1 No 4 Sanutos 0 11
Metal Marketc
New York May 23Copper firm
I standard spot 1250 bid July 1250
a255 U5a150 Sliver 53 78 Lend steady I
Chicago Produce
Chicago May 3lllltter steady
dairies 24a25 eggs steady at mark
cases included IGalS receipts 23618
cases Firsts 19 prime firsts 20
cheese seady daisies Mal4 twins
13 12a34 young Americas 15 long
horns II llal2
New York Money
New York May 3lollo on call
steady 3 12 per cent ruling rate 1
I offered at 3 12 per cent bid at 3 11
per cent Time loans steady for ninety
and sixty days 3 34 per cont for six
months 4 11 per cent
I ClosePrIme > mercantile paper 3 3 I
to 5 15 por cent sterling exchange
I strong with actual business In bunk
ers bills at 481 25aJO for sixty dny
bills and at 487 SO for demand and
commerlclal bills 4S3 34a4S4 Bar
silver 53 7Se Mexican dollars 44c
Government bonds steady railroad
bonds irregular
o 0
IG 0 I
0 Washington May 22The 0 1
I 0 department of justice is In 0 I
0 vestigating the subject of the 0
0 Porto Rico lumber In the 0
o United Stales with a view to 0
0 determining whether or not the 0
o socalled lumber trust may be 0
Q reached by the Sherman anti 0
0 trust law on tho ground that It 0
o In a combination ID restraint 0 I
0 of trade 0
0 0
o 0
o Globe Ariz May 23Two 0
Omen were fatally and one 0
o seriously Injured through pick t
p Ing Into a missed hole in 0 I
o the shaft of the Exploration 0 I
o mine here Fred Fnlk aged 0 I
o 40 lost both eyes and his skull 0
c was fractured William Brown 0
o was hurt Internally and per 0
o forated with small atones 0
C 0
Big Chicago Street
Railway Company Is
Chicago May 3Juclre Grosscup
In the United Stales circuit court
here today appointed receivers for the
Chicago Hallway company which op
erates the West and North Side
street car lines The company is not
insolvent and the receivership is be
lieved to be a mere legal move in con
nection with Judge Balls recent de
cision holding the railway company
liable for bonds of the Consolidated
Traction company
The petition for receivers was filed
by the Westinghouse Electric Mann
factoring company which avers that
tho defendant owes It G5549 for ma
chinery Ilcnrj A Blair and John M
Roach wore named as receivers
Judgment for 13MGS1 against the
traction company In favor of certain
bondholders of the Consolidated Trac
tion company was entered today on
Judge Balls finding of last week
Tho bill of the Westinghouse com
pany was filed by Attorney Joseph P
Cotton Jr of Now York It Is charg
ed that by reason of the big Judg
ment entered against the railway com
pany In favor of Consolidated bond
holders the former company is unable
to pay the bill of tho petitioner It Is
alleged also that the Indebtedness of
the railway company Is in excess of I
the value of Its property and assets
In order to appeal from Judge Balls I
decision it is claimed a bond in ex
cess of the Judgment would have to
be furnished by the railway com
pany which bond it is said the com
pany Is unable to produce Its prop
erty and other assets already being
covered by mortgage or trust deeds
Tho credit of the defendant it Is al
leged baa been destroyed
Somerville N J May 23James
Kline a negro who was held as un
Insane prisoner in the county Jail hero
became a raving maniac according to I
the police as the result of waiting In
terror several days for the destruc I
tion of the world by Hallojs comet
Patrolman Holmes was standing In I
Main street early today whon Kline I
clad In white loomed up out of theI
fog and passed him with the speed of
wind shouting that he I
the was pur
sued by slue tall of Halleys cornel I
Holmes called after him and the
man slopped and began to pray < I
Kllno Is well known here as a
churchman Ho hegan his observa
tions of the conut some time ago and
afterwards went through tho negro I
colony warning hIs brethren to pre I
pare for the end of the world on May
IS j
St Joseph Ma Mar zaJohn R
BreckenrldBe the blacksmith who an i
amuses himself a candidate for Unit i
ed Slates senator from Missouri
whose petition whit 11O required num
ber of names has boon filed with the
secretary of state JU Jefferson CIt
In his early days followed the trail
as a cowboy Ho runs a horse shear
ing establishment ILL the Stock Yards
in St Joseph
While with wild west shows as a
rope and cattle thrower Mr Breck
I cnrldge visited Europe and every part
of tho United Stales In Brussels
ten years ago he saved the lives of
five persons In a hotel fire and again
at Jacksonville Flay seven years ago
ho rescued two persons from being I
suffocated by smoke
As a furrier In Jerseyvllle Ills six
years ago he made a strong race for
congress as a socialist candidate Mr
I Breckcnrldge says ho will make a
vigorous campaign for United States
senator visiting every county in tho
F fli
Deplomatic Is Now
on Between the
I Powers
Berlin May 23A serious diplo
matic controversy In progress be
tween the Gorman government un one
side and Great Britain and Russia on
the other regarding an open door In j
Persia Germany protests against the i
Joint warning of the other two powers I
to Persia not to grant railway con
cessions to Germans This warning
was delivered some weeks ago and
the dispute arose much as did the
difference between Germany and
France in Morocco
New York May 23 Walking as an
exorcise for public school girls has
been so successfully experimented
with In New York high schools and
grammar schools thalMioxt month the
body of estimate Is to hC asked for
an appropriation for extending the
IndooiphysloaHramlng curriculum to
outofdoors t
Most of the high sy fUh and a num
ber of the elementary schools have
walking clubs for girls and teachers
give thoir Saturday to chaperoning
companies of from thirty to forty
girls on walks from two to five miles
In parks and environs of New York
The children of the elementary
schools take twomile walks while
the high school girls after a prelim
inary workout ire taken on the five
mile tramps
Paris May 3Count Ishmael De I
LesBepjs and Count lust de Pollgny
fought their third dual today and this
time each received a bullet wound I
At the second exchange De Lea I
sops shot struck ho barrel of Do I
PoIIgnys pistol and rlccochetlng
caused a flesh wound in the hitters
arm At tho same moment Do Los
sells foil shot through tho thigh He
was removed to a hospital hero it
was found that the ball had just miss
ed the femoral artery The wound s
not fatal
Do Lesseps is a son of Count Ferd
inand De Lesscps and an officer of a
cavalry regiment Some weeks ago
he quarreled with Do Pollgny at the
circus and blows were uxchanged On
May 3rd they mot in a formal encoun
ter with swords in the Pare des Prin
ces the scene of todays dual De
Pollgny Is lame and after a round of
sword play during which neither was
injured the seconds called a halt
Subsequently pistols were substitut
ed for the swords and six shots woro
exchanged None of tho bullets found
Its mark and the antagonists loft the
field without u reconciliation
Henry W Pratt of 257G Washing
ton avenue who has been a mission
ary of the American Baptist Ppbllca
tlon society for Utah for a number or
rears has been commissioned by the
American Tract society of New York
City an its representative for Idaho
Utah and adjoining mutates The Am
erican Tract society has been organ
ized since 1S25 and In connection
with Its missionary work ban spent
out over thirtythree million volumes
und four hundred and fiftyfive mil
lion tracts and prints Christian lit
erature in oho hundred and acvonly
four languages Mr Pratt will not
only be able to do the personal mis
sionary work In which he has had a I
long experience but will also bu able I
to furnish bibles books and tracts i
to nationalities found in this great
Intermountain region
It Is the business of the American
Tract society to put into every home
It is able to reach a literature that
will be nonsectarian but which will
stand for the good things which all j
religious men hold In common
DOVER Eng May 220n account
of the high wind Count DeLcsscpg I
who crossed thechannel yesterday lu
an aeroplann abandoned his Intention i
ol flying back to Calais j
For the Murder of
I Jane Adams on
I February 4
Mays Tending N J May 23
Charged with having been responsible
for the death of Jane Adams IS years
I old at the pier at Atlantic City on
the night of February Jin Vllllani
Scylcr will be called today to face a
jury In the Atlantic county court
The disappearance of Jane Adams and
the finding of her body In the surf
nine dan later created a sensation In
this section of New Jersey Seyler
I who Is a young married man of At
lantic City accompanied June Adams
to a moylng picture show on the pier
They were accompanied by Soylers
brothor Orvls and Miss Adams sla
ter Alice Later In the evening Soy
ler and Jane Adams went to the ocean
end of the pier and time yousger pair
returned to their homes Jane Adams
never returned home and the follow
ing day the two Sejlers disappeared
On February 13th the body of Jane
Adams was found In the surf at Chel
Suspicion having directed to the
Soylers search was made for thorn
and a week later they wore found In
Petersburg Va William Soylcr de
nied nil knowledge of tho death of the
girl but later confessed declaring it
Is alleged that Jane Adams mot her
death accidentally while with him
near the end ol the pier Reports of
the alleged fethods used In wringing
a confession from William Seyler
were such AS to prompt a United
States senator to Introduce a resolu
tion In the senate Inquiring Into the
third degree methods of police au
thorities throughout the country No
charges were preferred against Orvls
is N JML
Charged With Man
slaughter by the St
Paul Authorities
St Paul Minn May 3A charge
of manslaughter was filed by the po I
lice today against Miss Theodora
Stark the iSyear old Minneapolis
girl who while driving an aulo
mobile lust night ran down and kllkl
S II Howcll a well known St Paul
broker in this city Mlsa Stark with
her sister spent the night in the coun
ty jail and probably will be arraigned
this afternoon
Boston May 23 Around the waist
of a suicides body taken out of the
Charles river basin last night was
tied a bag which contained several
bricks and a heavy pair of dumbells
The hotly Is believed by the police lo
be that of Herbert Llttlcfield a stock
broker who was reported missing a
few days ago It Is thought he bo
camo despondent over reverses in the
San Francisco May 23 Resolu
tions condemning prizefighting as
dangerous degrading demoralizing
were adopted tt a meeting of the con
grosatlon of the Grace Methodist Epis
copal church last night An appeal
will bo made to Governor Gillett May
or McCarthy and Chief of Police Mar
tin to use their influence to prevent
further fistic encounters in this city I
Rev Leslie B Brlggs pastor of tho
Bethany Congregational church in his
sermon last night declared that box
Ing contests as conducted In England
wore fair sport but ho denounced the
manner In which glove matches aro
held In California He said that every
effort should ho made to stop the Jof
frleBJohueon battle
Attorney J 1C White representing
tho citys church federation Raid yes
terday he felt qafo in stating the fight
would not take place
HempHteadN Y May 23Weal
thy residents Huntington Bay L I
havo raised a fund for a gold trophy
which Is to he offered to the first am
ateur aeroplane pilot who flies from I
Mlneola across Long Island to the
shore of Connecticut
The dlatancc is thirty miles four
teen miles across country to tho shore
of the sound rind sixteen miles across
the waters of the sound This makes
the aruial flight across the sound be
twoun hong leland and thc mainland
comparabje lo the flight over the Eng
Hah channel
lnd r the rubs MS doviscd the
aviator will have the privilege of mak
r EWt
Ing ono descent at Huntington Bay
Ho will be allowed twelve hours to
complete tho flight
Clifford B JIannan the New York
amateur and Harry S Hnrkness a
wealthy CalifornIan andl pupil of
Latham aro mentioned as candidates
I for the cup
Now York May 23At least three 1
western cities are assured of import
ant aviation meetings this fall ac
cording to H B ambert president
of the Aero club of St Louis who Is
In New York for this weeks confer
elico of clubs affiliated with the Aero
Club of America The three cities he
mentions are St Louis Indianapolis
and Kansas City In each of these he
says the preparations for holding tho
tournaments have been begun with
such strong local support 113 to In
suro successful meetings
Sen Perkins Defends
the Expenditure
of Millions
Washington May 211 Taking up the
naval appropriation bill Immediately
after convening today the senate con
tinued the consideration of the hut
ton amendment providing for one bat
I tleship Instead of two as provided for
by the house The advocates of tho
I amendment generally conceded that
tho amendment would be lost
I Senator Perkins was the first
I speaker of the day He Is chairman
of tho committee on naval affairs by
which the bill was reported and he
I advocated two ships as in the Inter
est of an adequate navy He said thnt
when the Panama canal was com
pleted all tho vessels of the navy
would be available on either coast
He controverted tho contention of
Senators Hale and Clay that the pro
posed ships would cost lC000Oi10
each saying that the highest offi
cial estimate ho had been able to ills
cover was less than 12000000 each
Agreeing with Mr Perkins that the
ships would not coat so much as Mr
Hale had estimated Senator Lodge
admitted that the cost would ho
heavy Still he contended that tho
proposed Increase of the navy should
h f made because of the necessity for
the malntcjiajjcc oC aua y iuftldtiiiL
to protect America interests Ho
took the position that a strong navy
was necessary for the prevention of
trouble1 The navy was the last place
to begin to economize he said
Senator Burtons amendment to the
naval bill providing for the construc
tion of only one Dicadnaught battle
ship Instead of two was defeated 2G
to 39
Washington May 3rhe depart
ment of justico took a new tack today
in the crusade against bucket shops
In addition to the conspiracy charge
made against twentynlno men In
cities of New York New Jersey Bal
timore and Washington rant April
the department today lodged a com
plaint of a direct violation of section
SG5 of the District code which for
bids bucketing or selling up a gaming
table in tho District This direct
charge o operating a bucket shop In
the district is made against the per
sons who are said constitute the
Standard Stock Grain company of
Jersey City
Four additional persons who were
not mentioned in previous indictments
are now named These are Samuel
W Alder and C A Tlllls known
among his associates as Cat Tillis
of Now York and William Fox amidE
E M Browning of Baltimore
Two Indictments were returned to
day charging conspiracy and the set
ting up of a gaming table against
those four men in addition to nine
eastern men All are charged not
I only with entering into a conspiracy
to violate the District law against
bucket shops but also with being en 1
i gaged In the conduct of the brokerage I
business run here in the name of
I Durycc Company
Arrested for Killing a
Playmate Nine
Years Old
Topeka ICas May 23 Peter Ko
par aged 12 the son of a farmer
living twelve miles northwest of To
peka was arrested today for the mur
der of Arthur James aged 9 years
tho son of a neighbor The boys had
quarreled Sunday over a hat and tho
Kopnr boy went homo and secured a
rifle and returned and shot tho James
boy while he was In tho farm yard
his victim dying In twenty minute
without being able to give the name
of hIs assailant
Kopar was traced by his tracks In
the mud to his home and there ar
rested this morning by Sheriff Nor
ton lie made a full confession to tho
officers lie was brought to Topeka
and placed in the county jail
o 0
o 0
o Chicago May 3AllIelt J 0
o Sncll son of the millionaire 0
0 Amos J Snell whose murder 0
o here In 188S created a wide 0
o spread sensation was found 0
o dead In bed In a rooming house 0
0 hero today Te was 50 years 0
I o oh lie Inherited a fortune 0
o from his father For a con 0
o siderable time he had made a 0
halncitomouth llvlnjj running 0
o errands on tho docks 0
o 0
Washington May 23 Discussion is
hot today In tho worlds sixth annual
school convention over some of the
criticisms which the British dele
gates made on tho Washington com
mitten In the churches yesterday for
barring the negro delegates of the dls
tw f rruitii from the mammoth
parade last Friday
iiindnitimitolho English speakers
two American delegates W X Iran
shorn of Boston and Louis Strolbcr
of Plymouth church Brooklyn de
nounced the drawingof the color line
The Rev Dr John Dube a Zulu del
egate at one of the meetings said ho
had been admitted to hotels in Lon
don and New York but not so In
Washington The whole incident has
stirred up racial fooling and it Is not
Improbable that the question may ho
carried into the convention today
The days work began with eight
simultaneous conferences In which
trnchers assembled in divisions and
discussed the special branches of
their work All then reassembled In
convention hull the results and rec
ommendations of the conferences being
presented to the convention and dis
The Algerian mission band also
held a session today under the presi
dency of Mrs W B G Rawson Tho
afternoon session was divided into
simultaneous meetings at which rep
seuUitives from the field were present
New York May 23 There were sen
sational rescues bv firemen today In
a blazing tenement on East 70th
street Mrs Mary Miller died in a
firemans arms from the effects of
smoke after she had been dragged to
I the roof while her husband William
Miller clutched the cleven months
old son of tho couple and was rescued
I Just In time by another fireman
I Meanwhile tenants were being carried
down ladders and dropped Into life
nets Fully forty persons were taken
in this way from the burning struc
ture where members of sixteen ant
I Ales had been trapped
Q 4
Uow Big Is Ogden1
I Guess Ogden City has a Population of r
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
t being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census e
Director announces the population of Ogden IVEAY 23 1910
Sign Here
I C 4
how Big Is Weber County
Ii I guess Weber County has a Population oL I
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
t being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census t
Director announces the population of Weber County
A MAY 23 1910
Sign Here e
C G 4 C 4I C C 8 Gt C

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