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I < f7 T 0C w
The Evening Paper Is the Paper I WEATHER FORECAST
Pap of Yesterday > GENERALLY FAIR t
FORTIETH YEAR NO 125PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDENCyUTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING MAY 25 1910 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
Was in Essex County
I Penitentiary as Jim
Caldwell N J May 2o II becam
known today that under the name of
Jim Brown Oliver Spltzor tho chlp
I Itncos for the prosecution now ir
the government sugar fraud cases wa
u prisoner for two days lost week In
I the Essex county penitentiary here
It was while there that he mad
I his formal confession to government
offlclnls thus enabling them to sprlnp
a surprise upon the defense In the
Ilcllce trial He was taken away on
Thursday to go ovor his statement
l after It had been typewritten hut
1 even then Warden Martin tho only
one except the goxtrnrncnt officials
who lnew his Identity said nothing
about it
Spltzer was taken to the Jersey City
prison on Tuesday bj Chief Flynn ot
the secret service He npont all day
at his statement on Wednesday in
the room of the service with govern
ment representatives and stenograph
ers and on Thursday he was taken
away his pardon being banded to him
before ho left and an order for his
release being handed tho warden
New York May 26The badges to
be worn by tim Roosevelt reception
committee the Rough Riders and the
organizations which will line Fifth ave
nue on tho occasion of the Roosevelt
homecoming will bear on one side
the profile ot tho former president
with his name beneath
The medals to bo worn by members
1 of the committee will ho of silver
French gray and handburnished They
t will have a blue and white ribbon
1 those being tho city and state colors
if and the bar will show tho coat of
I arms for the City of New York
g Tho Rough Riders badge wjil ho
I I of white metal with a silver finish
I f and have a ribbon of cavalry yellow
On the bar will he the American
eagle and the name of the association
The badge for the organizations and
clubs will lie of chocolate bronze with
I a red white and blue ribbon and the
date on the bar
A single gOld medal will be struck
for Col Roosevelt and presented to
Charlotte N Cla > 25 Phenom
enal growth and proserity of the
local building and loan associations of
the United States were shown in the
report of Secretary II F Collarlus of
l Cincinnati who said that the gain in
l assets of the building and loan as
sociations In the country In 1904 over
the previous year amount to over
70000 000 thr largest Increase in a
single year in tho associations his
The number of hose institutions
he Raid is 5713 with 2016fiol mom
here and that the assets aggregate
S5f132719 Thfa is an Jncmaso for
the year of 114 associations 00396
members and 72156966 in total as
In assets the report febows tho
greatest gains have been made in
Ohio 14164077 Pennsylvania 12
089255 New Jersey 269927 Massa
chusetts 4605731 and Illinois i
413 BOG
I The report showed further that the
1 1 average amount due each member in
creased from 36722 to 421 63 a gain
or 15G per cent
XW York May 25Jooeph Brooks
a wealthy Junior at the college of the
f4 city of New York who won tho all
3 round athletic championship of his
class a year ago nan started on a
goasyoupleaso trip across the con
tinent to witness tIll JefrrleBJohtiRon
I fight Brooks a few weeks ago suf I
fered a nervous breakdown from over
Rtudy and his family persuaded him
to leave college for a time
On Saturday ho disappeared from
bin home and his family remember
ing his norvour breakdown was Feat
lj alarmed Today however It was
I announced they had received n let
ter from him dater Syrflcuno It
4 rpadAm
t Am well and have plenty of funds
I m on my way to San Francisco to
sec the JeffriesJohnson fight
i The letter gave the Information
c that Brooks will make the trip in easy
stages walking a considerable part
of the distance and living In tho open
air with a view to recouping his
Battle Creek lIch May 25Win
13 Parmlce aged 7fi mowed his own
I turlal lot In Oak Hill cemetery yos
tTday Tho veteran a former mer
chant was about to rako up tho now I
mown grass when ho fell On Mom
orlal day for which he wall prepay
Irg bin grave will be decorated like
r k 5 ° for whouo care ho was providing
Chicago May 25fhe statewide
wldo nrohibltiou committee appointed
during the state convention of the pro
hlbltlon party at Deratur recently md
here today to decide whether a move
ment shall be lanuched to obtain a
ote at the November election undo
tho public policy act on the stalcwld < I
prohibition proposition To get tho
question on the ballot a petition must
be circulated and 155000 elcnature
Provo May 24 Spencer Woodward
of Spanish Fork fell seventy fee
down a shaft In tho Dream mine near I
Salem whore he wan working thli
morning It was expected by the mor
In the mine that Woodward dead
body would be found In the bottom of
the shaft but he waR not death only
badly bruised especially on tho bad
of his head He was taken to his
home In Spanish Fork and will re
Tells Why He Confessed
His Part In the
Sugar Frauds
XC w York May 25Olicr Spltecr
the former dock superintendent of
the American Sugar Refining com
pany was expected today to be the I
chief witness at the trial of Secretary I
R Helke and five former subordin
ates SplUer was In court when the
trial was resumed The first witness
called however was John H Thomp
son abookkeeper in the Wall street
offices of the Sugar company Thomp
son yesterday repeatedly testified
that it was James F Bcndernagel tho
refinery cashier one of tho defend
ants with Hollie who told him on olio I
occaeslon that the seccatlon of the
weight discrepancies on sugar car
goes saccountcd for by tho fact
that the government was keeping a
watch on the docks Today Thomp
son asked leave to correct this testi
It was Spitzer who told mo tho
locks were being watcher not Ben
lemagel said Thompson
The witness also denied calling
Ernest F Oerhracht tho su
perintendent the telephone regard
ing sugar weights He corrected his
estlmDny In other details mostly of
minor nature = r
Theodore Keppler head of the Sug
ir trusts refinery In South Boston
cstlflcd as an expert to sugar mak
ing processes and was Icdto stato
hat raw sugar would lose In weight
by being refined It Is the govern I
oients contention that more sugar
was turned out of the various rcfln
jrlec of the trust than was shown by
he government weight returns to
have been received In a raw state
There was a general rustic ot ex f
pectancy in the court room as Oliver I
3plt7 < > r was called for croseexamlna
Lion Washington D Thomas president
lent of tho American Sugar Refining
company who Is under subpoena to
appear watched the former employe
of the corporation closely as SpItzer
bogart his testimony Spitor was
roBs xamined by former State Sen
ator Clarence W Loxow
SplUor said Theo Havcmeycr
brother of the late H O Havcmeyor
appointed him superintendent of tho
SVIlllarasburg dock When he left Atlanta
anta prlFon Spitzer said ho had no
lope of a pardon and added I
I left my effects in Atlanta I
came here to unburden myself of the
great wrongs I had done all these
ream I wanted to confess all my
sins beforo this court and tell all I
know I
It wanted to stand among my fel
low men once more and tell all r
should have told before I wanted to
o back to my family I wanted to bo
shriven of all that cankered mo those
ilcupleHB nights in Atluua prison
whore I suffered so much
Portland Ore May 2iiThrcc poo
pi0 wore seriously Injured one prob
ably fatally early today when a Unit
cd Railways Electric freight train
hacking down Front street In this city
struck an automobile containing five
IjeraonB hurling them In till directions
C Harry dimming the chauffeur I
and Thomas Cano manager of a hotel
and his wife WON seriously hurt Mrs
Case perhaps fatally
San Bernardino Cal May 2iA
pack mule in from the desert after a
flvemonlhfi prospectlnr trip developed
of tho
ed a limp An examination
mules hoof rovealed a gold nugget
e tlmatc l to be worth UOO Tho mule
belongs to Clyde Durham and Tames
Doamond pronpoctora but thoy have
no idea In what part of the desert
the sold wan picked up
Cowoe Isle of Wight May 24
Twentytwo persons wero drowned as
a result at a collision today between
tho Btcnmur Skorryvorc and the Gor
man bark J C Vlnnen in the English
The Skerryvoro sank Only two of
the crow of tho steamer wore res
cued one of whom died a short time
Greatest or i nglish
Fighters May Attend
the Big Fight
San Francisco May 26There Is
joy In the Johnson camp as a result
of the announcement that Billy De
lanoy veteran maker of hen welEht
champions Is to coach the negro for
his fight with JoffrloB Johnson him
self Is highly elated He figurer that
Delaney Is tho best man in tho busi
ness to prepare him for tho crucial
battle of his career This bollef Is
based on the fact that not only can
Delaney give him the fruits of forty
years of ring experience but that
the veteran who developed Jeffries
knows moro about the retired cham
pion than anybody else and will be
able to give Johnson many priceless
pointers about Jeffries style of fight
The advent of Tom Flanagan into
the Johnson camp Is Ilkowlso a mat
ter of great satisfaction to the ncgroH
supporters Flanagan who trained
many long distance runners Including
longboat the Indian will have sup
orvlslon over Johnsons roadwork
which the fighter regards as one of
the most eoBentlal features of his
Delaney broached a suggestion to
Promoter Tex Rlckard yesterday that
finds favor with the fans His Proposal
Is to invite Tom Mace the onetime
champion of England and Bill Clark
another veteran pugilist now living in
St Louis to box three oneminute
rounds ao a curtain raiser to tho big
Fourth of July contest
Delaney says he Is willing to act as
referee for the oldtimers and ho
would revive an historic custom by
having Mart and Clark shy castors in
to the ring and affix their colors to
their respective posts ao pugilists were
wont to do in the palmy days
Richard welcomed Delaneys plan
and will try to carry it out
Following his conference with John
son Delaney took occn lon to deny a
report from the cast that ho had stat
ed Jeffries could not get in shape for
the coming fight
1 didnt say anything of the kind
Delaney declared It is no secret
that Jeffries and myself arc not on
the mOlt cordial terms but Im not
knocking him In the name of nil
thats reasonable why shouldnt Jef
fries be able tn get In trim He Ir
on I 1C years old and ho has been a
mountaineer practically all his life
That kind of a man doesnt ago quick
ly but for that matter I could name
a dozen men who fought for the
worlds championship after they wero
10 years old
According to Rlckard the work of
constructing the big light arena hero
will begin next Monday Two ship
loads of material arc on the way here
The latest estimate is that nearly a
million feet of lumber will be requir
Plttsburg May 25Socn tons ot
African huntlt trophies conetltut
ng a collection similar to that which
Theodore Roosevelt has sent to the
Smithsonian Institution at Washing
on two on their way to Plttsburc
from Nairobi Brltlfih East Africa for
he Carnegie Museum hero Cbnrle
PrIck son of H C Frlck of tho United I
jtatCb Steel corporation recently un
lertook a hunting and exploring ex
pedition into Africa at his own InlU
itivc and expense His own trophies
and several which ho bought for the
museum fill thirteen barrels and soy
ntcen cases Among tho specimens
ire an elephant hlppotamuK rhino
eros two giraffes five zebras elands
water bucks wart hogs roan antol
pcs hartboBtpg bush bucks reed
bucks kudus gnus ornibia dikdlka I
cllpsprlngers and various other an
elopes and gazelles a leopard a chew I
ah Jackals four hyenas babboons
numerous monkeys a fennec and many
smaller animals a considerable col
lection of larger birds a very largo
collection of skulls and skeletons
tanks containing reptiles and snakes
III alcohol and several cans of drIed
lions meat
Albany N Y May 25Tbc Hotel
Chamberlain at Bluff Point NY on
Iako Cbamplaln was destroyed by
fire today Jt wag onO of thfl larg
r at and finest hotels In northern New
York Tho cause IB unknown Tho
hotel wan to have been opened for the
summer season on July 25th Thero
were about sixty emnloyos In tho
building All got safely out with tho
possible exception of an electrician
lamed Herbert who Is reported mills
Tho loss will be about 300000 In
surance 233000
On June 24th last the Fort William
Henry hotel on Lake George another
big hotel was destroyed undo slm
liar circumstances a few days before
the date fixed for the uummor open
1 t
Kaysvlllo fay 24 d 7 MJBH Mabol
RtiBhforth aged 2t yoar ono of tho
prorojnont young women of thin place
was seriously Injured a runaway ac
cident about a mllo oast of bore this
morning and Just now is in a critical
condition as a result of injuries re
ceived Dr Sumnor Gleason Is at
tending Mitts RuBhforth
Miss RuBhforth accompanied by her
slHt T Edna and brother Merrill wni
driving to ICaysvlUe thl morning and
when near the Rio Grande crossing the
horse became frightened and dashed
madly down the street During Its
flight the horse kicked out the dash
board throwing Mlsn Edna out A
little further on tho speeding hors
collided with a pole and Mabol Rush
forth was thrown violently Into a
barb wire fence When picked up slllJ
was unconscious Upon examination
It was learned that the young Woman
hod sustained a sixinch cut on the
head a bad bruise on the right side
also a Duping wound on her right arm
She was more or lens bruised about
the head and body James Webster
who witnessed the runaway picked
the unconscious girl up and boro her
to tho village phjslclanK home when
the wounds were dressed Her broth
er Merrill escaped uninjured
Sen La Foliefte Dis
putes the Correct
ness of Statement
Washington May 2cTherc Is not
one line in the statutes to give to the
people reasonable railroad rates de >
clarcd Senator LaFotlottc in the sen
ate today I
All that has been accomplished
he said is to afford a moans of giv
ing equal rates to shlppern
The Interest of the shipper was by
no means the Interest ot the general
public he asserted He declared tho I
people generally were ns much en
titled to protection ns the shippers
Forty years ago tho fight was begun
with that end In view he sad and
It was as much a fight against ox
tortlon OB against discrimination hut
In the former respect there had been
a utter failure
With a huge chart to show tho rela
tive importance of the various rail
road groups the Wisconsin sona
tOr spoke in support of tho Cummins
amendment to the railroad bill requir
ing the prior approval by the Inter
state Commerce commission of In
creases In railroad rates
The Interstate Commerce commis
sion Is ongaGed in a mere childs
play said Mr LaFoIlcftc ad3lng
that It was so hedged about that It
could not effectively deal with the
The rules ot the senate seem tc
be 50 formed as to prevent one from
speaking the truth The railroads
have boon havlng their way for forty
years AVe have the sins of many
congresses to atone for before wo per
mit this bill to pass from our hands
While tho rate regulation provis
ions of the Presidents original bill
was In the public Interest Mr ijiFol
lette said the provision had been so
modified by Senators Aldrich and El
kins at to bo wholly Inthe interest
of the railroads Since January let
he said the rates on wool from St
Louis and Duluth to New York bad
increased 17 and IS per cent on grain
and grain products domestic from St
Louis to Now York 18 per cent and
from Chicago to ew York 30 per
cent fresh meats from Missouri river
points to Chicago 1C per cent Mis
souri river points to east SL Louis 23
per cent and rates on horses and
mules between SL Paul and LaCrossc
10 per cenL
He contended that instead of an in
crease there should have boon a de
Quoting Senator Root as paying that
unreasonable rates conld bo corrected
under the present lat he said Such
a statement Impeaches cither tho In
telligence or the candor of the man
who makes iL
Contending that thc present rail
road rates arc not only not reason
able but are extortionate Mr Ia
Follrlto declared Those who will
no consent to give Iho commission
power to examine further Increases
betray the public Interest I am hero
today to plead that rates shall not bo
further advanced until wo go back
and clothe tho commission with au
thority to doonnlno tho reaeonablo
Boss of rates and equip It so it can
perform the service
Saying that of the 240000 miles of
railways in tIle United States six
jroups conrolled 20000 miles Mr Ia
Follettp found there really was Yen
Ittlo variety of Interest in railroad
ownership in the United States I a
In the control practically In one gi
gantic trust Ho found Morgan and
I Rockefeller at the head of tho en
iro fabric nnd ho predicted that ul
ilmatoly those two names would
stand not only for the financial hut
for the production and transporta
tion Interests as well
Word was rcceIvd from Jack
idrodge tho continental trortor
that ho will arrive In Ogdcn tonight
I SIdrodgo left Boston March 15 and Is
now eighteen days ahead of his ached
I ule lie Is Wing to break the rec
ord mode by Woeton this year of soy
eiityflvc days between Lea Angeles
and New York
He will walk 2SQ miles further than
thc distance covered by Wcolon
Several sporting men from Salt
1 Jakc will coiuo Opdcn in an auto
mobile to meet him Bldrcdge will
t not visit Salt Lake as that will take
i too much time Ue will rest a few
I hours In Ogden and then push on
to Frisco which city he Is trying to
I reach before July 2
= r r fl 1
F <
Presbyterians Liken the
Religion to That of
the Turk
Atlantic City N T May 25Tomc
mlsqlons their work and needs wee I
the principal topic a todays fiesslnn
ot the general assembly of the Pres
byterian church now in session In this
Tho board of home missions In Its
report stated that tho total receipts
for the year were 110831365 Tho
board expressed gratification because
while the churchOB of the country hail
boon asked to keep an advance of
but five per cent In their offerings
tile advance had really been six per
cent and this advance amounted to
16707 40 tho previous year The
board reported progress In nearly ev
er field and In discussing Mormon
ism said
This problem abides and has host
none of its perplexities As a aye
tern It fitlll has all the ugly marks i
of sin Those who know It best and I
meet It dally on the field think it re
sembles Mohammedanism in its sub
lety and sensualltr Yet there are In
dications that God is honoring tho
work of our church In this hard field
Men and women have como out of
Mormonlsm into the light and lib
erty of the sons of God
Speaking of Indian missions the re
port pays
With only 3005to Indians In the
United States exclusive of Alaska
thero Is a larger per cent of heathen
unenlightened by the gospel among
this people than among any othtx cle
ment of Amcrcaoi population
The report says that the estimated
adherents of tIle Presbyterian faith
among the Indians arc 19000 and that
not 0 people In tho world Is more
devout than thcee Christian Indians
DlBcussing Alaska the report says
I There II really no Sabbath in Alan
ka with steamers large and small
calling In port and the Industries antI
mines running seven days In the
week Stores and shops are open just
ttyc same every day in the week The
only hope of our people hero Is the
coming ofFome good Christian man
who will conduct the fishing business I
and the timber trade on Christian
principles and bv example teach
Sabbath observance
Tho board in conclusion asks the
general assembly to consider the ad
vlsahUlly of an approrvch to other
leading denominations on tho qucs
lions of unifying Interest and Influ
ence In the matter of chaplaincies In
tho army and navy
Washington DC May 25Con
gross always approaches the creation
of anev department of the govern
ment with qautlous deliberation It
Is prejudiced against such proJect
largely In the belief that they tend to
increase the payrolls and because
Hcnttorcd appropriations for bureaus li
different departments do not bulk so
largely before the public eye as when
combined Consequently the Amerl
can Medical Association and the other
advocates of tho Owen bill which cre
ates tho Department of Public
Health am not finding Its path 3
smooth nH they would like Yet at
the necessity for such a department Is
obvious Intl the demand Is practically
ununlmcniB there Is little question thai
eventually this or some similar bill
will puss It Is claimed that fjOO00
people die each year and 3000000 arc
sick from preventable diseases I
would appear that the conservation ol
their health and lives is a Import
ant aa that of an equal number ol
farm animals
Without infringing upon Che duties
and functions of the states health dc >
partmonta It IB recognized that there
arc many matters requiring handling
scale and
on a largo and extended sclo
often Involving states rights juris
dictions and responsibilities that re
quire federal supervision Those bu
reaiiH now engaged in such work arc
accomplishing much within their him
Itatlon but It is often a delicate task
to determine their and
rote scope powers
especially when their functions clash
or their work overlaps a Is often
tho caae One of the anomalies pre
sented in the charging of the enforce
ment of tho pure food law upon tht
Secretary of Agriculture whose de >
partmcnt has otherwise nothing l do
with the questions Involved Congress
dIrt this because of the fact that the
Department of Agriculture was tho
only one which had a bureau of chem
istry equipped for the purpose Other
wIse the work would havo been In
trusted to the Department of Com
merce and Labor the Department of
tho Interior or the Treasury Depart
ment any of which would be more
suitable On this point tho brief of
the American Medical Association
says Individually the present bur
cane and othor sanitary and medical
agonciea perform their ordinary func
tions satlafactorily but with such lack
of cooperation aa to greatly mar re
sults while In the emergency of epi
demics or In dcallnp with vast inter
cute where the strain of commercial
prcssurp falls upon them they almost
uniformly fall or arc greatly crippled
I In theIr sanitary functions This Is tho
history of oven so strong a movement
as that of tho enforcement of the pure
food and drugs cU
Boston May 35 Reports of Iho of
ficers were rond at the annual busl
ness mooting pf the Amorioan Unltirl
an association In Tremont Temple to
day the third tIny of the 85th nnnl
verBnry week of the association
ago Miiv 25Three thousand
OlIcago Boclotlcs that Bold liquor at
t J
f T 1W J
dances last yrar will have to pay
the United States government the In
ternal revenue tax of 25 If a decis
ion of the Internal revenue authori
ties at Washington received In Chi
cago yesterday Is enforced I
Chicago May 25A course In di
rect ethical training will be required
of six young men and two young wom
en members of thosenior class of the
Calumet High school who wero sus
pended yesterday by Mrs Ella Flagg
Young superintendent of schools be
fore they are allowed to graduate
The susponflion Is the result of ink
ing examination papers from the office
of the principal In the recent
inations They will be unable to grad
uate from their class and will have to
take tho last half years work over
again with a course In direct ethical
training added
Fifteen Persons Injured
When a Local Train
Jumps Track
Pueblo Col May 25Fifteen
people were Injured at 130 oclock
this morning when two coaches of a
Denver Rio Grande local train
jumped the track two miles from
Cucharae Junction Colo Spreading
rails caused the wreck and two cars
went down the embankment
A wrecking tiiin with seven
physicians left Pueblo for the scene
of the wreck and the Injured woo
brought here and taken to St Marys
hospital every ambulance In the city
being on hand when the train arrived
here at 10 oclock Nearly all of tho
injured arc from Colorado points
Sowrnl of them are In a serious con
j Paris May 25 Franco and Grout
Brltian ton submitted to the govern
ments of Russia and Jtalytheother
two protecting powers a proposition
to invite Creto to admit Mussulman
deputies to the Cretan assembly and
thus restore the status quo prior tc
According to this plan which it is
i believed Russia and Italy will accept
Crete would retain Its autonomy unde
the suzerainty of Turkey
The proposal was the result pt con
ferences held between Sir Edward
Grey the British foreign secretary
and t P Cohn the French foreign
minister during tho latters stay In
London as the representative of
France at the funeral of King Edward
Pleasant Grove May 24Tbc three
yearold baby boy of Alvin Carlson
wandered Into the canal running near
their homo and was almost drowned
before Its father was aware of Its
absence Someone had left the gate
open for a minute and the
missing the child and seeing the gate
open ran for the canal at once and
discovered its little bonnet floating
down the stream Rushing Into the
stream he soon located the child and
was successful in bringing It back to
consciousness after sonio very ener
getic work
P C Jensen of Manilla a suburb
of Pleasant Grove also came near los
ing his thrccycurold child by drown
Ing The child had also wandered In
to the stream and when found was
several blocks away and It was first
thought to bo beyond recovery but
after much labor wag brought back to
life Mr Jensen was the party who
last week had his barn consumed by
CORK May 2tRioting was renew
ed here tonight by the rival National
ist factions A large number of per
sons were Injured twenty of them be
ing sept to the Informorles Including
I several policemen
Lorlmer 70 years old who built the
first house In Denver on November 16
1858 died early this morning
o 0
O 50000 TONS 0
O 0
O Liverpool May 25It Is re 0
O ported that the Cunard stoam 0
O ship company is contomplat 0
O Ing constructing a Iremendous O
O now steamship of JJOOOO gross 0
O tonnage with a speed of 22 0
O knots an hour The Maure 0
O tauia the big turbine of tho 0
O same company has a displace 0
O mont of 32500 tons and a speed 0
O of 26 knots 0
O 0
O 0
0 0
O London May 25Mrs Theo 0
O doro Roosevelt visited Buck 0
O Ingham palace today and had 0
O a long chat with Alexandra 0
O Queen Mother 0
O Tho call was at the BUgges O
O tlou of her majesty who hcn Q
O she received Mr Roosevelt yes 0
O terday expressed the hope 0
O that aho might seo the former 0
O presidents wife 0 I
O 0
oooooooooooooo O o
l 6 4Jg nT aruidto 1
Outcome of Claims for
Certain Lands in
This State
Washington May 25The judg
ment for 3 100000 rendered Monday
in the court of claims against tho
government In favor of the confed
erated bands of Ute Indians the out
come of the claims for certain lands in
Utah and Columbia scttlrd the account
count between the United States
Indians involving the proceeds of the
Hale ot about 1100000 acres of lands
lying within the boundaries of the
latters reservation
Tho judgment has finally adjust
ed also various expenditures made on
behalf of the Indians extending over
I period of more than thirty years
By tho judgment the payment of an
nuities which the Indians have been
receiving from the United States ag
gregating 50000 a year ceased the
trust fund for such annuities re
turned to the treasury and the In
diana hereafter will receive only the
Interest on the money actually award
ed by the court of claims
The claims of the ten tribes ag
gregating more than 16000000 were
reduced by the judgment to 3400000
in consideration of which the gov
ernment becomes the absolute owner
of about 3200000 acres of valuable
agricultural timber and coal lands In
Chicago May 25SIx members of
tho Gamma Phi Gamma Sorority have
been suspended by the faculty ot
Northwestern University because they
entertained a member in violation a
a rule of the faculty
AJI entertainment given Saturday
evening in honor of Mrs Brownie
Shepperd a former student at Wll
lard Hal precipitated an investiga
tion which ledto the suspensions
Mrs Shepperd before hor marriage
April 25 was Miss Ruth Palmer
While a student at the university sho
lived abWlllard Hall but moved trom
there to a house nez under faculty su
pervision For this she was suspend
ed by the faculty
This action caused an dlct to be Issued
members of the fraternity
sued tf other memlers irter
nity that Miss Palmer wag not to bo
entertained in the sororlety rooms J
because of the Infraction of the rule
which requires coeds to live In houses
under the direction of the faculty un
less they live at home With this an
nouncement Miss Palmer quit tho un
iversity and her marriage followed
soon after
Saturday the six members under
suspension Invited Sheppard to
Wllhvrd Hall Miss Potter dean of
women told the students that Mrs
Sheppard would have to leave the hal I
in fifteen minutes They refused to I
dismiss thoir guest and Miss Potter
preferred the charges I
Chicago May 25It seems there
Is no justice I will kill myself unless
there Is some atonement I have
nothing to llvo for any moro
This was tho declaration of Miss
Pauline McUfiht 21 years old to Chief
of Police Steward yesterday She was
I tho sweetheart of John Dublnskl the
young miner who was shot and killed
by detectives last week when they
mistook him and two companions for
Relatives of the victim accompanied
Miss MrUght to the chiefs ofllco and
they demanded It Is said that somp
action be started to punish the po
Icemcn Steward refused to take official
cial cognizance of tho caso until tho
coroners Jury returns a verdict
Nov York May 25 Through the
generosity of the city of Budapest
New York will havo Hungarian litera
ture In plenty for Its public library
Six hundred volumes of Hungarian
statistical economical and scIentifIc I
works all printed In Magyar have just
boon received as tho nucleus of the
collection which Budapest will donate
A year ago an official of tho munlpl
pal public library of UnPNJ t Was vis
iting this city and saw a stack of
duplicates of public library books le
n told ho might have what bo liked I
and forthwith bo selected such troas
mel as patent ofllce reports proceed
ings of tp Now York Board oC Alder I
men and Statistics on Labor and Capi
tal j
Abut half a ton ot this literature I
was sent over t Hungary In return
Now York City has received the con
signment of COO works from tho Buda I
pest library besides a gift from the
minister of public instruction In Aus
troHungary ot COO volumes ot gen
eral literature
01 V 1010
May 1 Be the Breaking
Up Wanderer of Halleys
Tucson Arlz May 25 Thattho
head or nucleus of Ilallcya comet
has divided into two parts was tho
discovery that Dr A E Douglas of the
University of Arizona says ho mndo
last night According to D Douglas
the brighter part Is In advance of the
other about 30 seconds which Is equiv
alent of 30000 miles
Dr Douglas calls attention t tho
fact that a parallel case was tho com
et of 1882 which divided Into four
peared parts separated and entirely disap
Chicago May 25The division oL
the comets head reported from Ari
zona was not detected by observers
bore last night
What we did see said Prof E
ward B Frodt of Yerkes observatory
that the head much brighter
was hed was muh
er and there was cyauogon gas In the
tall along with ordinary hydrocarbons
1C tho hundisdi ded a reported It
will probably show la photographs
which wo took last night but which
hare not been developed
MadIson Wls Stay 25 Creation of
n trust fund for the offering of R
man Catholic masses for tho repose ot
the sonls of the testator and his rela
tives for a Indefinite length of time
is valid according to a decision hand
ed down yesterday by the state su
preme court
James Kcivanaugh who resided at
Maple Grove Manitowoc county pro
vided by will that 4000 of his estate
should be turned over to three trus
tees charged with having masses said
for him and his relatives The heirs
at law attacked the will on the ground
that the provision for masses was In
definite and uncertain and In viola
tion of the law prohibiting the creation
of a trust of tho kind mentioned Tho
lower court sustained the contentions
of the heirs but the supremo court
reversed that Judgment
Los Angeles Cal May 25Ja
Ranscb at one lime a noted jockey
on the English turf was arrested yes
tordny on a concealed weapon charge
following uu alleged threat to kill his
sixyearold niece Klsslo Ransch Tho
child is said t b coheir with tho
former jockey io a largo fortune be
longing to Is E1 Scholl who
lies at tho point of death at a hotel
which she owns in this city Mrs
Scholl Is the mother of Ransch He
claims to have been attached to tho
racing stables of the lato King Ed
England ward and that of Alfred Vanderbllt in
I 44
j now Big Is Ogden
I Guess Ogden City ha a Population of
I According to the U S Census taken in the mont of April
V 1910 This guess is good only in the o ent of my subscription
I being paid at least ono clay in advance of the day the Census
of MAY 25 1910
I Director announces the population Ogden MY 2
I u i < IoI
Sign Here
t How Big Is Weber County
T I guess Weber County has 0 Population of Urf 1
m According to the U S Census taken in the month of Apr
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census
fl Director announces the population of Webor County
I MAY 261910
t 4 Sign Here J
11J rnlt ffffl f

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