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I M h L S
z J
After traveling nil tho way across
the continent for a chance at Cyclone
Johnny Thompson of Sycamore Ills
Frank Pica to with his manager Raw
Hide Kelly an Ogden boy arrived In
Ogden yesterday determined to win
from the Illinois cyclone Picato has
obtained two drawn over tho tenround
distance with Ad Wolgast present
lightweight champion and although ho
bas been fighting only since 1908 has
made an excellent showing Kelly
with characteristic optimism Is con
fident ttiat his man will win With
the exception of two fights In Now Or
leans three In Now York and ono In
Philadelphia Picato has dono nil of
his work in the vicinity of Los An
gobs and San Francisco where ho Is
highly popular Both ffghlora will
xqnke 133 at 3 oclock on June 10th
the day of the fight at Saltalr
Thompson according to a wire re
ceived yesterday Is expected hero to
train at tho Utah Hot Springs north
of Ogden for tho bout next Sunday
His recent knockout of Pete Sullivan
has boosted the Illinois boxers stock
much higher among the Intormountaln
fans and with Picato It Is expected
that an excellent bout will be staged
Picato Is to train at Salt Lake
i Johnson switched the usual course of
I < r cnts today and Instead of doing his
road work In tho morning WitS In his
running clothes In tho afternoon when
he did something like fourteen miles
Tho change It was explained at tho
camp was duo to some personal busi
ness Johnson had to attend to which
prevented tho usual forenoon exor
cising on the road
Tom Flanagan the well lcnown ham
mer thrower wno haIls from Toronto
Canada arrived today and took up
quarters at Johnsons camp Flanagan
mot Johnson while he was in Canada
touring that country He will not do
an boxing but as tho champion be
lh > vos In plenty of rough work It In
Jlkely that Flanagan will wrestle
around tho mat with tho fighter
Ben Lomond CntMay 25lorc
human pouching bags oro needed at
Ben Lomond thinks Jim Jeff rica
trainer and thero is talk that two or
three husky and fast young fighters
will bo added to tho big foIlOTva staff
so that there viiI bo no dearth of ma
terial for his boxing boos
Jeffries eleven rounds of swift ring
work used up his present supply of
sparring portnors yesterday and the
i t t
flgHjor was forcQdMo knoSk off for thdt
day almply because no one waK l1Ii
to fnca him ti vI 1
Two youni college htuuouts pm
I the University of California whq are
walking from San Francisco to Los
Angeles dropped In nt the camp to
I watch the workouts Both arts strap
ping lads of 200 pounds and I up and
Jeffries looked longingly In their di
rection and mentally licked his chops
It was evident that he fairly achod to
take them on
In his bont with Joe ChojnHhl which
was the last at the day Jcflrl > s winc
ed At n blow he received on the left
thumb 1 sprained It the other day
ho explained to ChoynsM and when
you caught me ther It hurt I auess
It will be all right though In a cou
ple of days
Moro blood came from the big fel
lows upper lip while be boxed Sharp
edges on his teeth nro responsible and
when Jeffries runs tip to San Francis
co for his exhibition Friday ho pur
poses visiting a dentIst to have the
serrated spots filed
BEN LOMOND May 24Elcen
rounds nf lively boxing wn served up
to vIsItorB at tho training camp to
day the best show they have enjoyed
In welts Jeffrleb was In good humor
and felt like working He wanted to
go a round or two more bill Sam Bcr
get WIR not In a condition to accnm
modatp tli lighter after two rounds of
fast milling
Bob ArmstioiiR VSK upd for three
rounds This bout was net exritlnc
as iho negro is extremol clever In
defensive work and lefrrlos always
flndn it difficult to rfiach him The
work with Armstrong is considered
splendid practice for JefTiics btcnusi
of the similarity of me Lioilrs of the
sparnpg partner and the black cham I
pions The bouts with brother Jack
forger and Jr ChoynsKl were of tho
rip and tear order
Chicago May 23Fifen years ago
Julian Hoffman a widower procured a I
marriage license giving the name of I
Jill prospective bride as Mrs Hen
rietta Domke a widow Monday the
couple were married by Judse Ironl
Green at West Hammond Cool < Min
tj The same license yellow from j
age was presented to the magistrate i
Hoffman told fide Green thai his J1
own and Mr Domkes children hail
objected to the match until recently
Rockford Ill May 2 rATlcr being
dry for a year forty model ba
loons were llctMlsod co ncgjn business
In noel ford yesterday I
0000 0 0 C C GCOOCOOO I
o o
o c
O Xew York 1Jar 25Din 0
O monds anti other precious O
O stones to the viliieOf Sinnno 0
O 000 have been brnmht into 0
O New York during the last ten 0 I
O months according to stalls 0
O tics given out h > toe United 0 I
O States appraisers stores O
g g
ooooooocooc boooo I
Abont twenty years ago I began to break out with Eczema on my
head legand anas and commenced treatment with the local doctors
but did not get mach relief I continued to treat the disease under
the direction of different physicians for two years and at the end of
that time they wid the disease WAS chronic i then quit them and
tried variou ointments talvcs lotions etc for another two years
but soon I was as bad off as before BO I finally decided to let medicine
alone and for twelve or thirteen years I suffered intensely from the
Eczema During the time I lost about half of my hair At last I be
can S S S doubtful of a care because the disease had run on so long
bat I GOOn discovered that your medicine was doing me Rood and
continued to Inker it After taking S S S for awhile I was completely
cured of the Eczema not haying a single spot left on my body which
before was almost completely covered with the eruption I waited
until the Spring to see if it would return but have seen no signs of it
andom oatisficd the cure is permanent It has been several year now
and I do not believe I will ever have any return of the trouble
1017 Hackberry St Ottumwa Iowa F C NORFOLK
What S S did for Mr Norfolk it can do for every one who is
afflicted with a Skin Disease He is just one of the many thousands
who have cured themselves by the simple process of purifying the
blood and removing the cause from the circulation Ve want you to
be cured if you have any skin trouble and shall endeavor in this short
talk to tell you just why S S S will accomplish the desired result I
The skin is composed of two distinct layers One is known as the I
epidermis or outer skin which has no fibres and serves principally as
a covering to the body The other is known as the derma or true skin
and is composed of elastic fibres fat tissue glands lymphatics nerves
t etc The thousands of tiny veins and arteries with which this lower
section is interlaced supplies the cuticle with healthful properties from
the circulation to keep the skin smooth and healthy Vecan therefore
readily see how necessary it is for the blood to be pure if the skin
remain free from disease and also why humors and acids in the circu
lation always find their way to the surface and cause skin affections
All skin troubles are due to a humor or acid in the blood Instead
of supplying rich t nutritive properties to the cuticle the circulation
constantly deposrts an acrid impurity into the sensitive fibres and tis
sues This causes inflammation of the under layer of the skin which
splits or breaks the thin outer tissue and causes an ulceration of the
glands producing a discharge upon the surface in the form of Eczema
Tetter Salt Rheum etc There Is likewise a dry form of skin disease
such as Acne Psoriasis etc In these varieties the humor in the blood
diseases the pores hair follicles etc causing them to swell and
protrude to the outer surface Pimples rashes eruptions and like
troubles are all due to Impure blood and only a blood purifier can cure
them Sakca washes lotions etc will perhaps afford some tempo
rary reM from the itching and assist in keeping the skin clean but
sactr treatment can have no effect on the humors in the blood and
1h er ten verdoany permanent good
5 S5 cures Skin diseases every kind by neutralizing the acids
and removing the humors from the blood SS S cools the acid
heated circulation btiiMs it up to its normal strength and thickness i
multiplies its rich nutritious corpuscles and adds to its purity and
nourishing qualities in every way Then the skin instead of being
irritated and inflamed by fiery humors and acids is nourished soothed >
and softened by a plentiful supply of rich pure blood SS S is the
greatest of all blood purifiers and therein lies its ability 10 cureskm
diseases It cures Eczema Acne Tetter Salt Rheum pimples oits
rashes and ail eruptions of the cuticle These troubles cannpt remain
wben tire cause has been removed and S S S will certainly remove
tire cause by purifying the blood Book on Skin Diseases free to all
vhovnte J i WIF1SPEC ALms
Active preparations are being made
by the Ogden Clearing House asso
ciation for the seconl annual conven
tfon of the Utah Bankers association
which will be held In Ogden June 22
and 23
An elaborate program has been ar
ranged for the two days three sea
slonjg o be held each day Some of
the sessions however will be taken
up with pleasure trips Jn and about
Ogden including dinners dances and
trolley rides to be given with the
compliments of the Ogden bankers
and the local Clearing House associa
I tion Thu official program as outlined by
President A IL Hcywood of the Com
mercial National hank IK as follows
Wednesday June 22
Morning session jl oclock
Call to order President Lewis S
Hills Salt Lake City
Invocation Prof DO McKay Og
Address of welcome Hon William
GlHsmann mayor of Ogden
Address of welcome Mr Abbot R
Heywood president of Ogden clearing
Response 10 addresses of welcome
lIon John F Tolton president State
Dank of JJcavrr S
I Afternoon session 2 oclock
Annual address of the president
Mr Lewis S Hjjls Salt Lake OJty
prpsldeiir of he Dcscrer Rational
hank I
Report of Fncrcfary and treasurer
Mr S A Whitney Salt Lake City
cashier McCornlck Co
Address Postal Savings BankH
Hon W W RUM Salt Take City
president Deaerel Savings bank
Addioss Savings Banks Mr Wil
liam M Plp ott Ogden president
Utah State Federation of Labor
Address Early Banking In Utah
I Hon W S McCornlck Salt Lake
City president McCornlck Co
Evening sesslm I
Trip lo Ogden canyon Dinner and I
dance at The Hermitage 7 pm I
compliments Ogden Clearing House
Thurschy June 23
Morning session
Address Universal System of Ex
chane Mr T W Boyer Salt Lake
City caller Continental National
Address Some Observations on the
Fowler hull Mr John Plngreo Og
den cashier First National Bank
AiMroas The Latest Addition to
the SIsterliood of Banks Hon W F
Olsen of Price mayor and vice presi
dent Prlco Commercial and Savings
Afternoon session 2 oclock
Address An Analysis of the Cen
tral BanJv Fdca Mr W Montague
Ferry Salt Lake City director Utah
Savings and Trust company
Awlress Soma Undeveloped Local
Resources Hon Matthew S Brown
Ins Ogden vice president Amalga
mated Sugar company
Miscellaneous business
Evening session
Tjrolley rule compliments bankers
of Ogden > S >
Tickets on sale via Oregon Short
Lfiic May 2Ith 25th and 26th Round
trip rntoSG5 FInal return limit
May 31 KL City Ticket Office 2514
Washington Ave
W I Walls and Allan Sadler of the
Utah Motor Car company Salt Lake
arrived In Ogden last evening en route
home from an extensive trip Into
Idaho The run yesterday from Po
catello a distance of 144 miles was
made since noon and Is considered an
extremely good record considering tho
present condition of the roads
Upon their return to Salt Lake to
day WallH find Sadler will have com
pleted a run of 2350 miles In three
weeks time Thp trip was for busi
ness purposes and the car proved to be
wonder for rough touring
We left Salt Lake three weeks
ago said Mr Walls last evening
and went first to Pocatello Contin
uing from there to American Falls
16 then made Mllnor TwIn Falls
Shoshone Bellevlew Haley and Boise
From Boise we took In tho surround
ing towns Including Nampa Caldwell
Payotte Emmetu Ontario and Meri
dian and then started on put return
via Goodlng American Falls Mini
doka and Pocatello
Vo encountered some terrible
rOIls especially the sandy sections
near MInldoka where wo had fifty
four miles of deep sand Tho sand la
so loose that one can penetrate It to
the depth of a foot with a stick and as
for motoring over H the proposition
Is certainly a fierce one We were 14
hours going a distance of forty miles
Idaho Is booming especially In
Ute vicinity of some of those big Ir
rigation projects Tho government
proposition at Mlnldoka and the Carey
net project at Twin Falls are win
ners and wUl Increase the population
and prosperity of tho state to a won
derful extent
Mrs J A Formro who appeared In
a concert recital Inat
evening at Weber
Academy auditorium under the direc
tion of Squire Coop won n most do
cldod success The > concert Was largo
ly attended ly friends and admirers
of this popular and talentMl artist
and tho enthusiastic applause with
I which hor varlQiin
numbers were re
ceived wan evidence of their sincere
Among thg moro difficult numbers
which were given aro the uQ Mlnpr
concerto by nub nllcln lb < Pa
tbetiquo sonata by Beethoveh
GnomonMigcn and the ith jihap
sodyof IJ 3 LxbClJ numbers were
played with a Tlgor and precision
I which were a revelation to even those
who have followed the artist In her
eerai yetfe of studj under Mr
o y i I I
I 4 u Ii t J I i c 1 t S f P q S
r fj I i4 < aft jt 11 j St cprcs 9Y1p v r p
l > wer4blwk
I fsrsoineAvtoinozleAdvertzsing is kc 1t
fo 0
A 0 f I 9 FnEsr 1 z L
H I f 1I
< d11 Ii
I I to
1 l
4 t pF
11 f i i4 C > r
It I
J 5
1 = = i
I 0 7
< c Z
= = J w
It Only Costs 29 Cents a Day to Run
r T h IS i4axvell 1 00 Miles a Week
Our recent advertisement showing in actual figures the low cost of have been from people who have no need for a big fivepassenger
maintaining our big Maxwell touring car aroused greater public touring car These ask for similar figures on our famous
interest than we predicted The results proved that we were right in Maxwell Runabout Here they are 1 We gladly show how little
believing that most people want to know just how much a car it costs to operate this Maxwell Its remarkable economy and
costs to run before they buy it We wait with interest to see great utility for pleasure and businessappeal to thousands of
if other makers dare follow our lead and tell how much theircars people who have considered even a horse and buggy beyond
cost to run Among thousands of letters received hundreds their means < 4f1
This high class Max
Here are well Runabout can be
run 100 miles a week
LL reo at a total cost of 205
th e Fo
ngures or 5000 miles a year
a for 10640 This in
cludes total cost of gasoline oil and grease necessary
the total tire expense including the cost of the average
S number of punctures and one extra casing and three
extra inner tubes more than usually required
These figures established by Maxwell owners
represent an average total cost if you run your own
car and store it on your own place Heres a fair
sample of the letters we receive from owners of Max
well runabouts S
I I have had one oj youf runabouts for a
year and have kepi an accurate record of all
my expenses I was surprised lojtnd thai it only
cost 29 cents a day to run this Maxwell 1 00
St miles a week My total expense for 5000 I
miles was 10640 itemized as follows
Gasoline 217 gallons 4340 oil 20
gallons 10 one pall grease 160 3 spark
S plugs 300 one sea spring 350 small
repairs 260 fioc punctures vulcanized 250
one extra casing and three extra inner tubes
t I have never been laid up on the roadfor
2 repairsand my car is going today better than
Facsimile or Fits letter tent on request
Coop and She was warmly encored
Her rendition of tho Dance of the
GnymeV was perhaps tho gen of the
e ol1ln > the audience responding with
a burst of applause which fairly shook
the house Mr Coops brlUlaiit work
aR accompanist in this number was
also deserving of moro than parsing
Miss Ellen Thomas the vocalist of
the tUEu11Ilb sang two numbers by
i iLil >
S Cheaper tq keep tout Vth your this radius
5 Lr1 is unlimited
than a noise you can drive it
and Bucgy 100 miles each
day or more
When not in use
all expense stopsa horse is a constant care and ex
pense Three horses will not do the work of this Runa
bout yet one horse coats more to keep Consider the
saving in time 15 minutes a day is all that is required
to fill it with oil gasoline etc Compare this with the
time taken to feed groom and harness a horse Anyone
can drive the Maxwell with half an hours practice
= 1 Every principle used in this
Maxwell S Maxwell is found on
14 one or more of the highest
Construction priced cars For example
COElShUCtiOj the Maxwell engine is
GOptea water cooled by the ther
mosyphon system the
same as the Renault one of the costliest French cars
We use the unit conslruction and three point suspen
sion as do the Napier and Motobloc famous h
and French machines The Maxwell was the first
to use the metal multiple disc clutchnow generally
adopted here and abroad
Everyone may not thoroughly understand these
MECHANICAL FACTS but we give them to show
that when you buy a Maxwell you get a car thatia
Italian composers which wore also
well received
Ben Lomond Calif May 2tJ
fries onld not consent to tako Off
the gloves today until he had boxed
eleven rounds ata pace which made
all of his sparring partnerS more than
willing to quIt when their reaDCctlve
periods were at an end Sam Ber
ger was the first victim and lasted
two rounds Armstrong Jack Jeffries I
and Choynaki stood uj before the re
tired champlpn for tbrfp rounds pach
The last three rdunda proved tie mOlt
Interesting and the Intcrchangp of
punches between tho wnHo champion
and the veteran wore anything but
love taps i
This mornings boxing practically
v 4the result not only of our eight years of expert
r encc b reflects the BEST judgment of1 the ablest
European engineers
Every salesman and
For Traveling I every manufacturer who
I > I employs salesmen should
I Salesmen 1 write for the CI Economy
Runabout booklet just
off the press It is the
story of a competitive test made by a large New England
concern to determine if its salesmen could do their work
cheaper by automobile than by railroad Their
report was overwhelmingly in favor of the Maxwell
Runabout It was an impartial teat a test in which
we did not figure We reprint it by permission You
should learn why railroad expenses were more than
cut in half and orders increased 300 per cent
VIe take pride in the
VVe Cooperate record of every Max
well sold Ve make it
11A1lth IViaxwe our business to teach
p you how to run it Ve
l vneES publish a semimonth
ly magazine to m
rau t Maxwell owners to operate their cars economi
tyUy Of course we cannot guarantee that everyone
vilTnin this Maxwell at the exact cost above statedit
is an average Many Maxwell owners do better There
are Jew who cannot afford to keep this Runabout and I
weWant you to know what a great convenience it is
4 J
For long hard tours this Runabout is just as adequate for two This is not just an aclvcrtiserncrit it is news Thousands of people j
passengers as our big 30 H P Touring Car is for five passengers will read it with inlerel > because they wilfleam that the Maxwell J J
the difference is in carrying capacity only Any hill that any car Runabout affords the cheapest transportation for I
will climb this car will climb The name Runabout does not do two people Many who ao not keep a horse can own
it justiceit is a 2 passenger touring car with a speed of this Maxwell costs so little to maintain I
35 miles an hour
SALE OF MAXWELLS TO DATE We want to send you the Economy Runabout Booklet the report of the New 7
England concern Also copies of our magazine The CoOperator and How to
S o I < 1 to Jan 30 10 21849 EnJland y o
Sold duringFelxlO 9 Judge an Automobile a practical treatise on motor cars together with our latest n A
MaxnrelU use today Jm catalog You will find them mighty interesting Please fill out coupon with your f 7 7 4 I
WATCH THE FIGURES GROW name and address or if more convenient send a postal just say II Mailflooks o o iO 0 4 00 f
New Castle Ind Providence R I FINE STREET TARRYTOWN N Yo 9 + < ° i
Pawtucket R I Kingsbnd Point NY Lil1sed vndtr Stldtr Pcent Members ALA J = J
concluded JeffrlfH work here for this
week Another fishing trip U planned
for tomorrow and on Thursday he will
leavo for San Francisco where ho Is
to show tho following night
Oakland Cal Mny 24A stringent
rule against the patronizing of Orien
tal labor wag passed last night by tho
Central Labor council whoa a resolu
I tlon Imposing a fine of not loss than
I 425 for any union man patfonlzio
OrJe form from a
Oriental labor of any
I Chinos lottery to a Japanese barb J
Ohop was endorsed The resolution
will be placer before the building 1
trades council for endorsement to
night and will thon be submitted < 0 I
the state union headquarters In 50 J
affort to start a statewide CAmpalsr
against Asiatics j

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