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1 Fortieth YearNo 128 Price Five Cents OGDEN CITY UTAH r SATURDAY EVENING MAY 28 19JOJ6 PAGES Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postofflco Ogden Utah
I Replying to the Charge that He Bought His
r Seat He Assails the Editor of the Chicago
Tribune With Invectives and Epithets
I 1 = = = Defends Democrats
Washington May 2S Strenuous de
nail of tho chargo that ho had ob
tained his scat in tho United States
j penatn through bribery nnd corrup
tion was made before that body today
r by William Lorimer of Illinois Soon
after the assembling of the senate
Mr Lorimer aroso to a question oC
personal privilege and began his rev
ply to the charges that have around
wide interest His llsatemcnt on the
floor of tho senate had been eagerly
awaited bj his colleagues of whom
here was a practically full attendance
and earnest attention was given him
Foremost in the annwor of the senator
to the charge stood his assertion that
it had been formulated by rho Chicago
Tribune with tho purpoao of destroy
ing a ow banking association In that
city which Mr Lorlmcr had organ
ized Concluding he offered a reso
f lution calling for a senatorial inven
tlgallon of the cargos against him
In opening Mr Lorimer said
Mr President rise to a question
of personal privilege to state the facts
concerning and the reason for tho
most recent assault made upon me by
tho Chicago Tribune with the Intent
to blacken my character with the peo
I ple of the country and to destroy mo
1 I and my friends financially nnd poll
I ticalij
t Ho then delailod the fact of tho I
mV Tribunes publication April 1 last
I o fa story over the signature of
I F Charles A White a member of the
Illinois legislature in which it was
alleged that he had procured his scat
In the senate through bribery antI
LorImers Bank Attacked
f have been compelled ho want
I on to defer my return to the senate
owing to the fact that the story was
i limed and published with a dcllber
I iTo purpose to destroy a new banking
I r association In Chicago which J Itayc
been organizing with some of my
friends The assault was made to
I prevent the bank from opening It ut
terly foiled of Its purpose but It required
quired my constant attention to build
I an Impregnable bulwark around the
I bank to safeguard the interests of
those who have intrusted their funds
tn the care of my associates and my
self against any malicious or vicious
nspaiilt that may be made against il
by the Tribune
Relating that ithad been charged
that the bribe had been paid through
lIon Lee ONell Urownc the Demo
cratic loader of tho Illinois house of
representatives ho defended Mr
Brown as entirely above participation
In such a proceeding
Scandal Out of Lies
He declared that Medill McCormick
i of the Tribune had threatened that
he hank should never open and also
asserted that White did not write the
Ie Flory as has been claimed but that It
was the work of a trained newspaper
hand skilled In the art of creating
scandal out of lies when It Is thought
tr necessary to blacken the character of
rotH whom the newspaper cannot con
It Is also plain to be seen he
wont on that every word was passed
on bv a lawyer before It was signed
by that poor low creature White
who does not hesitate to commit for
gery for a few dollars and to whom
perjury Is no crime who is a part
of tho lowest fringes of depravity
and who to secure money to satisfy
his bnuchory sold what Illllo was
i loft of his manhood and became the
t pliant too of the Tribune In this
timed and malicious attack
1 Defending diaries Luke a deceased
member of the legislature against a
thargo that he had been n beneficiary
J of his Lorlmers bribery the sen
ator told how Mr Luke a Democrat
Fl sad risen from practically his death
bcl to vote for him a Republican but
without other motive than friendship
i Standing In this hlslorlc chamber
in a place of high honor to which my
> departed friend did all In his power
r to assist mo I would ho said be
untrue to our friendship and tuy high
1 regard for him If I did not hurl this
malicious heartless saLinlc lie back
into the foul mouth that uttered It
j There is no language to character
ire such venomous despicable con
Lies of tho Tribune
Senator Lorimor then proceeded
with unmeasured words of bitter in
vective and epithet In an attack on
Modlll McCormick personally lie
asserted that Representatives Link
and Hcckmcver had not mado con
tusions as had been charged but ou
I tho contrary said that the charges
Bland as they stood April 30 the
unincorporated lies of the Trlbuno
supported only by the bought signa
ture of their weak tool While
Senator Lorimor went on with in
creasing vehomonco to assert that the
Chicago paper has lied and knew It
lies In charging that money was unod
to purchase his election
Xot ono dollar was paid to a sin
gle member of the general assembly
for his vote for me the senator de
clared and ho added that when the
truth was known eveybody would un
derstand that tho publication of the
article by White was a part of a
political conspiracy to drive me out
of public life to ruin me financially
because I will not do as other Re
publicans in Illinois have done
place myself under the absolute con
trol and dictatorship of tho tribune I
He declared that he could at any
time have made him peace with tho
Senator orimer gave his version
of his senatorial campaign and elec
tion He declared that it was at the
suggestion of Governor Denccn that
he had entered the field and then only
after he and the governor had be
sought others to make the race
Organizations Issue
a Statement
Ncvr York May 2SA cost of liv
Ing exhibit designed to show that
the PayucAldrich tariff law has
worked gross injustice and terrific
advances In cotton goods has been
prepared by the general commIttee of
the Wholesale Drygoods Men organi
zations here Typical classes of pop
ular while goods are taken as Illuslra
ions of the committees claim that
newsocalled imeclflc rates on
colton gools show increases that have
lit materials in common use by the
icople of the country
According to the committee these
toms li lcd at random expose per
centages oi advance up to eighty per
cent increase In goods actually im
ported since the law went Into effect
On the roods quoted the Dinglcy
duties of from 25 to 10 per cent arA
replaced ii the new law by specific
duties of from six cents to twelve
cents per square yard The percent
age of Increases as figured by the
committee as as follows
Not Increase
Article Cost Per Duty
Yard Per Cent
Persian lawn 20 15
While madras 12 i 13
Whto madras 12 45 I
Madras waiatlng 1J 25
Madras walsllng If V7
Madras walsllng 20 C3
Shirting madras 20 BO
Colored madras waists 18 13
Whlto pique 21 35 I
Cotton lunch cloths 20 SO
Commenting on the advances In tar
iff shown by these tabulations the I
committee says
The percentages of Increases shown
are to first handlers of the goods I
I r I
Murray League Team
I vs + Ogden
Come Out and See a Good Game
Murray Has a Fine Club
therefore corresponding increased per
centages must show to the rotallcr and
yet greater proportionate advances in
prices to the ultimate consumers The
fir + nv tat Iffu particularly increase du
ties on linings such is aro used In
medium or cheaper grades of mens
Carried Seven Miles in
a Flume it t
In jury
Globe Ariz May 2S Thomas Gard
ner a fiveyearold boy of Thatcher
lode a mile a minute down p seven
mile lumber flumo yesterday and ar
rived at tho end of his thrilling Jour
ney unhurt
Tommy was playing at the head of
the flume In the Graham mountains
Ho slipped and fell Into the water and
was carried at the speed of an ex
press train down Use flumo which in
stretches Is almost perpendicular Ho
was scratched slightly about tho taco
and arms but that was all
Chicago May 28l11 Rubonsteln
2S years old who IH alleged to have 1
embezzled SI000 from tho firm of
Libby McNeil Libby while in their i
employ was Indicted by the grand i
jury yesterday Rubonstoln who hull
been a fugitive from justice since thee
alleged theft walked luto a Los Ange
les police station Inet Monday and
surrendered after his sweetheart had I
written a letter to him pleading with
him to give himself up
Bank Statement
Now York May 8Tho bank I
statement shown
Loans 11S92U000 increase 11
Deposits 1181560000 increase
Circulation 47820100 Increase
Legal tenders 09215700 Increase
Specie 263101800 Increase 4
Reserve 32277GOO increase 3
Reserve required 290111500 In
crease 275407fi
Surplus 20230000 Increase 2
FxU S deposits 26648230 in
crease 2413850
Chicago Livestock
Chicago May 28 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 200 market steady j
lieevecs 5COaSfiO Texas steers 5
OOaC75 western steers 515a7GO j
stockers and feeders 3DOa6IO cows
and heifers 270a700 calves C75a I
Hogs Receipts estimated at 5000 I
Market 5c to lOc higher light 940a
907 12 mixed 9103970 heavy 9
15a9C7 12 rough 935a l 15 good
to choice heavyS945a970 pigs 9
oaSCO bulk of sales 5955aflG5
Sheep Receipts estimated at 1000
Market steady native 350a550
western 350a6GO yearlings 0 OOa
7foO lamhsacthc6 52Ba7CO west1
ern ID75aS7o I
Omaha Livestock
Omnha Neb May 28Cattlene
clpta 100 market steady Native
steers G30a785 western steers 350a
075 COW and heifers 27Ga575
stockers and feeders 350a025 calves I
HogsReceipts 4500 5c to 10c
higher eHnvy 9 Oal 040 mixed 935a I
940 pigs 800a900
Sheep Receipts 100 Steady Year
lings 560a600 wethers l75ao50
ewes 450a625 lambs C75a850
Chicago Close I
Chicago May 28ClowWheat I
May HU July 93 FB Sept 91 i2aoS
Dec 01 14
Corn May 51 11 July 56 34a7S I
Sopl 57 31 Dec ii5 1S
Oats May 30 fis July 3C 18 Sept
35 1laSS
Pork July 222o Sept 2210 I
LardJuly 1247 12 Sept 12
J2 12
RibsJuly 1250 Sept 1227 12
Metal Markets I
New York May 28Wlth the ex
changes closed It was practically a hoi
iday Jn the metal markets and prices
were nominally unchanged
Lake copper wan quoted at 1275
alSOO electrolytic S12G2 12al27r
casting at 1237al250 Lead
steady 4lOa450
Money Market
New York May 28ClosePrlml
merrantJIo papcr 4 3I5 14 per cent
Sterling exchange nominal with ac
tual business In bankers bills at
484 30B4S440 for 60 day bills and
at SLS7 35 for demand
Commercial hills 183 34IS I
t4 Chicago Produce
Chicago Hay 28 Butter slcady I
creameries 25a27 12V dairies 23a2C
Eggs Steady at mark15 l2aC 12
Firsts 17 12 i prime do IS 12
Cheese Steady Daisies 14 34al3
twins ilal4 young Americas 15 11
Roosevelt preparing to
Aid the Insurgent
Washington Maq ExPresident
I Hoosevolt has written n letter from
Tendon to a prominent Republican
Insurgent member of tho house of
representatives requesting the latter
to moot him In a conference as soon
after the exprcsldcutis arrival in Now
York on Juno ISaspossible
Mr Roosevelts letter indicates that
ho la desirous < > f learning the Insur
gent filiation In the house from first
hand as soon as possible after his re
turn to this country
The member receiving Iho letter de
clined to allow thoiigo or his name
in connection therewith as ho Raid It
might prove embarrassing both for
Roosevelt and himself if made known
at this time Ho did however show
the letter to one or two persons with
the injunction that they should not
dlficloao its text r
Tho Insurgent Jf a longtime
personal friend of Ir Roosevelt and
for that reason has j not hesitated
about advising thcovprepidont unre
servedly about tbo various political
events which have transpired since
Mr Roosevelt departed for Africa a
year ago Vjjj
In response to I1 Roosevelts re
quest the Insurgent member has
made a hotel rcscrvtfon In New York
foar June 18 r
This member expressed no doubt
that Mr Roosevelt would support the
cause of the house insurgents and
prophesied that he would bo found
making a few speeches this fall in the
districts represented iby the Insur
gouts who might be In danger of de
Whatever else say have boon
charged Raid this member Mr
Roosevelt has nov r been accused of
Ingratitude toward his friends
He Offers to Meet
Johnson in a
Mix Up
San Francisco May 28 Allhough
James J Corbett according to his own
declaration has not come to Callforj
nla to take charge of Jlm Jeffries j
training It is generally believed that j
plans of thc former champion for a I
revision of the big fellows work will j
bo adopted and that Gentleman j
Jim will wield great Influence hence
forth in the regulation of the Den Lo
Blond program I
Corbett has some d ° cldod views as j
to the style of training Jeffries should i
follow In preparing for his tight with f
Johnson He says he has thoroughly 1
analyzed Johnsons methods and that i
it Is highly essential for Jeffries to J
school himself to a form of fighting i
best adapted to meet the negros tac i
tics j
And he said to the newspaper I
men last night its lighting and not I
boxing that Jeffries requires from now
on Im going to warn film that light i
ing is what hell get from me When I
I wan training for my meeting with I
this some Jeffries I hired Gus Ruhlln
at SI 00 a week and we would lock our
selves In a twelvefoot ring and pum
mel each olher till arounjl the ropes
That Is the kind of work that Jef
fries should now have
Of the several thousand fans that
cheered Jeffries at his boxing nxhibl I
tlon last night no one enjoyed Jcf
fries good showing more than Coi
bull Corbett and Johnson arc not on
good terms and the former Is anxious
to have Jeffries whip the black Re
garding Johnsons reported statement
that he would like to have Corbatt face
him In his training quarters here I
Corbett paid I
I nave a proposition to make to I
show what a big stiff he is I hereby
defy him to repeat that I nm afraid to
come to his quarters If he acccpls
that challenge I will box him where
and whenever he pleases
Contrasting the ladles of Johnson
and Joffrios Corbett said I
Johnson Is fi wonderful defensive
boxer and moreover he blocks with
his hands uml dos not depend on his
feet Strangely unlike most flalfonl I
od boxers he Is nol aggressive Nor
has he shown a punch j
Now Joffiicn likes a man who
conies rushing in to him lohnson will
do nothing of the sort Ile will slay
away and clinch as often as he can
Thnroforc Jeffries does not need the
rushing kind of a boxing partner so
much ns the follow who will slop in I
feint make Jeffries miss if he can and
then run away That is the kind of
a fight this ono hn going to hp
Corbett denies report that ho pre
dicted Johnson would not last more
than fifteen rouuda Ho Is nf the opin
ion In says that tho fight will go
much lonsror than that
With the roliirn of Ito Jeffries
part to Ben Lomond today a confer I
ence will be held It is stated to de
lermlno upon changes In ffrjo8
training rngulatlons No friction In i
the camp as a result Hof Corbelts ad I
vent ia exjieqlod as Corbett anti Cho
ynskl are believed to have settled llio t
differences long existent between I
thorn The hatchet apparently was
burled last night al the boxlm show I
yr SMffl Anf > ditilf M
when Corbelt and Choynski In full
view of the crowd cordially gripped
Johnson will resume boxing this af
ternoon Ho has extended an invita
tion to all would be sparring partners
lu Ihe next few days Johnson IH ex
peeled to try out quite a batch of
heavyweight novices and Ihosc who I
withstand the grilling will he added to
the negros sparring staff Johnson
says ho cant have too many men to
box with and that lie would like to
have a round dozen on hand
Will Be the Largest
Artifical Lake in
the World i
I Washington May 27Tho prelim
inary work In connection with tho
I Rio Grande Irrigation project will bo
Inaugurated at once by the reclama
tion service In accordance with In
structions of the secretary of the In
terior Tim plan contemplates that
the actual construction of tho founda
I tion of the great Engol dam the most
Important engineering feature of tho
project shall be begun by July 1911
Tho Rio Grande project will pro
vide for the reclamation of 180000
acres of land lying In Now Mexico
Texas and Mexico i
It IH estimated thai the entire pro
ject will cost 9010000 The En
gel dam which will bo one of the
most remarkable structures of its kind
in the world will be made of rubble
concrete with a maximum height of
2G5 feet The length of the crest will
be 1500 feel The dam will contain 1
410000 cubic yards j
The reservoir created by It will be
the largest artificial body of water In
tho world having a capacity of 2
jtfSOOO acre foot or enough wator to
cover that many acres a foot deep
Its capacity will oo nearly double that
of the Roosevelt dam In Arizona
ty Y TED
Cripple Creek May SIn a com
plaint fcd lu u justice court here yes
terday by District Attorney J B Fer
guson C 10 lager former secretary
i of the slate board of chnrlllos and
J corrections IH charged with having
taken a bvlbc of 180 for using his
Influence lo secure the pardon of Sam
eel lines u convict In the stale prison
at Canon City The complaint is
sworn to by John F Wright a bus
ness man of Cripple Crock
Tho charge against linger is the
outgrowth of an Investigation started
months ago by state officials into
charges Uml for the last ten years
then has existed In this slate a par
don ring by the members of which j
pardons were secured for convicts I
provided Inducements were offered J
The charge against Hagcr It is de
dared by those behind the Investi
gation is only the beginning of some
sensational developments
OOCQO oooooooooo
10 0
0 0
C Topeka Kans May 28 0
O Kansas will need twenty thou 0
O sand harvest hands this year 0
O according to n statement made 0
O today by Charles Harris dlrec 0
0 tor of the State Freo Employ 0
0 ment Bureau This is al out 0
O I wo thousand more than were O
O needed last year The call is 0
O based from reports received 0
0 from all ocr the stale Har 0
O cost will hot begin Mr Har 0
OrIs says before Tune 20 and 0
O possibly not before June 25 0
0 0
o 0
O Fresno Cal May SAn 0
0 unknown man shot and Instant 0
O ly killed Roundhouse Foreman 0
O Harry Black In the local Son li
O te Fr railway yards this morn 0
O hog rind then killed himself bv O
O firing two bullets through his 0
JO own bruin 0
O The foremans young wife 0
Vi was hummoncd but has as 0
O yet bonn unable lo throw light 0
C on th motive for the crime 0
O 0
o o ooooooooooo
o o
0 Halllo Crook XJlcli May 2S gl
O Seized wllh Il fainting spell 0
O while carrying a lighted lamp 0
O Mrs MBLuce 75 years of 0
O age a pioneer resident of this 0
10 city wan burned to death at 0
O her home last night She was 0
0 alone In the house A passer 0
Cf by hearing the crashing of O
10 glass entered and found the 0
O aged womans body enveloped 0
O In names Life was extinct O
O 0
1 1 t J
Star Witness For Ballinger When Sued Foi
Libel Hastens to Retract Charges Made
Against the Editor of Colliers Weekly
= = = Vertrees Defends Ballinger
Washington May 28Vhen the
BalllngerPlnchot investigating com
mlitci met today Rop McCall of Mas
sachusetts presiding In the absence
of Chairman Nelson read a letter from
Assistant Attorney General Oscar
Lawler under dale of today retract
ing his statement before the commit
toe reflecting on C P Connolly a
magazine writer I
What he had testified about Mr
Connolly he said ho bad believed to
ho correct but In view of Mr Ccni
nollys letter read lo the committee I
yesterday he Judged he had been mis j
informed Ho said he did not Intend 1
III do any wrong to Mr Connolly and II
took that method of making public
Mr Connolly instituted suit for 70 I
000 damages for slander against Law
Inv veslcrdny In the supreme court of
Urn District of Columbia
Mr Vertrcos COIIIIHO for Secretary
Halllngcr then proceeded with his ar
gument taking up the Cunningham
coal cases Ho referred at length to
the legal situation in Alaslca as far
as the land laws were concerned He
asked members of the committee to
remember that when Mr Ballinger
went into olllce as commissioner of
the land office on March 4 1007 the
Cunningham cases had been advanced
nearly to connection
I Everything had been done ho
I aid except make the jinni naymonta
j and getting receipts and certificates
Mr Ballinger he said bad come
into offlco under circumstances which
ought to preclude tho suggestion that
ho did anything except his duty
Mr Ballinger he said accepted
this office with reluctance Whop It
I was tendered him lie declined it
i which it seems to me utterly pre
cluded the idea that he entered It for
any Improper purpose He had no in
terest directly or Imllrclqtly in iuy of
these clalmi UeCiiterccl the oliice
with the single idea of discharging
lila duty i
If the committee should decilc
ngaliiat Secretary Ballinger said All
Vortreos they would have to cast hu
IMitrttlon Upon every man In the inter
ior department who had anything to
do with the Cunningham claims
They must proceed on the assump
tion that these men ure not to be be
lieved he said
Testimony against Uie secretary
was termed malevolent vociferation
I by the attorney who declared that
hero had been no uibstantinl charge
1 sustained against him
Guggenheim HCOIIIB lo he the
I bogie of the west said Vertices with
I emphasis
I I assume he Is like other men He
has his virtues and faults He built
a railroad hi Alaska without any stock
or bond Issue and with his own mon
ey and that seems to he a good thing
to me
Mr Ballinger will bear to his grave
scars placed on him by reason of dis I
appointment and revenge of men In
capable of generous impulses and sen
timents exclaimed his defender At
torney John J VertrceB during a con
tinuance of summing up arguments
New York May SSir Wm White
K C B the retired director of naval
construction for the British admiralty
who built most of Englands big war I
ships Is In Now York for a brief Am
erican trip In an Interview given
out shortly after his arrival Sir Wil
liam talked of naval construction hero
and abroad
I see no reason why the United
States should not have a large navy
said Sir William With your over
sea commerce which is steadily grow
hug and your foreign possessions tblt
country needs a big navy
The United States navy has had a
great advantage over the navies ot
many other nations There was prac
tically no navy here to speak of up
to the tlmo of the Civil war Naval
construction began later In this coun j
try and thus the United Sates navy
has benefited by other nations ex
perience and at the sumo time It has
applied its own skill and Ideas
Tho navy belongs to the nation
and not a political party It la
wrong to bring politics Into the navy
We had a recent Illustration in Eng
land of this first during what la
known as the warscam and second
ly ai the recent elections
The future of shipbuilding must
depend very much on what the united
ingenuity of all the ship designers In
tho world may bring about It Is not
the work of one man It Is a matter
of evolution and coiiipetlilon
Many Favorable In
fluences Now at Work
in the Country
Xcw YRrk bijy JJB = Stocks kayo
been lltimdate f lh 1s wcsk in splto of
favorable factors that have developed
In the financial situation Desire to
prepare for autumn money require
ments is believed to be the Imped
ing motive for thin course The heavy
fall in he price of wheat was regard
ed as a parallel movement with the
additional incentive of growing prom
Iso for abundant harvests afforded by
crop conditions
I Completion of arrangements for tho
sale of bond issues In Franco left the
effect on stocks exhausted by antici
I pation
1 Feeling in the iron trade was report
ed improved by the increased demand
at the reduced prices
o 0
0 0
o Indianapolis May B Going QI
0 at top speed In the tryouts be J
C for the first event was called a 0
o StoddardDayton car driven by n
0 Reed broke its steering gear 0
o and plunged Into the ditch 0
o The front of the car was driven 0
o Into the mud and Reed and his 0
o mechanician Mablon were n
C slightly bruised a
IO a
a c000cO00000000r1
o Q
o c
0 Washington May 2SOQ1 a
0 cial dispatches received at the 0
0 state department from both 0
0 Lima Peru and Quito Ecua 0
0 dor Indicate that warlike prep 0
o arations between Peru and Ec 0
o uador arc being pushed rapidly 0
o forward and that a conflict 0
o seems Inevitable Q
o 0
C 4I < Z >
I HoY Big I Ogden
I Guess Ogden City has a Population of
According to thq U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
e being paid at least one day in advance of tho day the Census
Director announces the population of Ogdcn MAY 28 1910
Sign Here
L CI 4I 4
How Big Is Weber County I
t t
I guess Weber County baa a Population of 1 i
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April m
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription A
t being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census flft I
Director announces the population of Weber County
A MAY 28 1910 I
Y t
Sign Here I A c
a 4a

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