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Ind Phone two ringNo BB
Bell Phone two rings No 66
Ind Phone one ringNo BO
I Bell Phone ono ringNo 63
IT you cut cat at Livingston
r J Cafeteria
> Advertisers must tiavs their copy or
t e Evening Standard tho evening be
fore tho day on which tho advertise
I mcnt is to appear In order to Insuro
Drunk on SundayJohn OHara
was arrested last evening by Officer
Peterson on the charge of drunken
Coal can xjp Parker R Co for
rateD on lump nut and slack
Castlo Gate Clear Creek and Rock
Springs coal 560 per ton cash on
deliver Phono 149 RobL B Lewis
Browning Recital Tonight Owing
to tho numerous inquiries regarding
the recital of Miss Carrie Browning
a pupil of Prof Squire Coop this even
Ing at Weber Academy auditorium it
is announced that tickets aro entirely
> complimentary and may he obtained
K at the Culley Drug store upon applica
i Call Allen pone 22 for carriages
for funerals and opera Private calls
c ppcclalty Also prompt delivery of
baggage 412 25th
I Get your Union Pacific and Oregon
1 Short Line tickets at the office In the
Opera house Block Dont force your
self to Bland in lino at tho Depot
Hurt Whllo Loading Hogs Rob
ert Hogan is reported to have suf
fered a severe Injury lo his right
hand last evening while loading hogs I
The member was pinched In one of
the sliding doors in some manner hurl
It Is feared that Mr Jloogan will be
Incapacitated for several days
4I COALI Call up Parker Co for
f rates on lump nut and slack Parker
Coal Co
t Kodak finishing Tripp 30 26th
r For SaleOla mats Good to put
1r under carpets Inquire Standard office
Continued on Page Seven
NEW YORK May 29Glen IL Cur
tlss flow from Albany lo New York
City In an aeroplane today winning
the JO000 offered by the New York
Ho covered the distance of 137 miles
in two hour and thirtytwo minutes
and canto to earth as calmly and as
lightly an a pigeon
It His sivoraco Hpoed for tho distance
5J06 miles an hour surpasses any
other record over made by an aero
piano in a long distance night and in
its entirety his fat perhaps cclipbcs
anything man has attempted in a
heavier than air machine
Tho start was made from Albany at
703 oclock this morning under
weather conditions an near perfect as
the most fastidious aviator could
demand Onn hour and twenlylhreo
minutes lal > r lie had made his stop
ping place near Poughkoopsle whero
there was an hours Intermission
Resuming his flight at 92G he sped
southward and landed within the boun
dary of Manhattan Island at 10 35
Only 100 yards north of tho point
on which his craft settled stretched
Spuyten Duyvll creek ncparatlnc Man
hattan Island from the mainland Had
he failed to cross this his night would
have been in vain but as he swept
over It the prize was his Thenco to
t Go > rnol Island his task was but
tho concluding lap of a race already
PanlhanK fight from London to
It Manchester 1S6 miles exceeded the
Curtlss feat of today in distance but
t not In speed and danger The French
t mans average was 1115 miles an hour
and below him lay English meadow
V lands Curtlss followed the winding
f course of the historic Hudson with
Its Jutting headlands wooded slopes II
and treacherous palisades
He swung high over the great bridge
at Poughkecpslo dipped at times
wlihln fifty feet of the rivers broad
surface and Jockeyed like a falcon at
the turns
Only once did his craft show signs
ofrcbelHon This was off Storm King
near Wdst Point when at a height of
nearly 1000 feet a treacherous gust
struck hit planes Tho machine
dropped forty feet and tilted peril I
ously but Curtlss kept his head and
1 Nr JM
by adroit manipulation restored the
cquMibriuru of tho machine
Curtlss was up before dawn today
hesitant dcspHo favorable weather
conditions But with oycs and IJral1l
cleared of limo cobwohs of sloop ho
wont with his mechanician and a
handful of spectators to Van Henssc
lapp Island In the Hudson line
miles south of Albany where he was
to start Waiting at the river lank
was a Kpcclal train chartodcd by the
Now York Times for Mrs Curtlbs and
her party
From the train they could not ICO
the actual blurt but those on the Isl
and witnessed a romarkablo scene
CurtlsQ arose from tho ground lik
a rocket There wore not piv > llrnln
ary manouvors Ihorc wns no trial
IllRht The anroplanc ran hurriedly
over the surface of tho laud and dart
ed straight for Its soul turning onto
for a moment to the west so that Cur
tlss might comply with tho terms of
the competition under which he was
flying and technically cross the Al
bany city line
When the aeroplane reached a
Height estimated at 500 feet it seem
ed for a moment to hold that level
and then to raise higher Curtlcs was
flying at a height which he had never
attempted before in his life In seven
minutes ho had been lost to view
Whoa the aeroplane was wheeled
from beneath her canvac covering
shortly before 7 oclock the sky was
perfectly clear and what little wind
was stirring blew from the northa
direction favorable to Curtissat four
miles an hour
With tho signal that Curtlss was
off the special trainfive cars and a
ocomotlve gathered impetus and
sought to follow Rut so quickly had
he flown the first twenty one miles
ho locomotive though running near
ly a mile a minute was unablo to
catch up
At 720 however the train camo
abreast of tho aoroplano and thence
to Now York City those on hoard
kepi the aviator In sight but as he
did not have to reckon with curves or
rack switches and reduced speed
through towns the man above main
tained a substantial lead
Swiftly town and country sldo reel
ed by Catskill was passed at 71
with the aoroylano a thousand feet
above tho Hudson
At 805 he was still flyln high and
coring well toward the west bank
of tho river
Al SOU sixtytineo minutes after
ho start he soared past Rhlnecliff
Ferry 51 miles from Albany Hore
there is a bond in tho river and Cur
Iss turned again lo the west pass
ng over land to shorten his course
Stnalsburk marked the sixtieth mllo
lolnt and ho had covered this dis
tance in CD minutes IWlb Staatsburg
ohlnd tho giant bridge spanning the
Hudson at Poughkeepslo loomed
head Tho bridge Is 212 feel high
but Curtlss topped It by 300 fool Then
he turned westward and wllh the pro
islon of a bird settled softly in tho
field three miles south of Poughkcop
she at S2G lie hud flown 71 miles
from Albany in S3 minutes
fpurthatlgwKcollr IchofaCOtblc mm
Thought the landing place known
as the Gill Meadows had previously
born soloctod Curllss was not ex
period this morning bocauso of last
weeks postponement and there was
no gasollno and oil awaiting him But
fortunately two aulouiobllo tourists
happened by and were eager to supply
him His tanks had been filled with ten
gallons of gasoline before he left Al
bany Examination showed three gal
lons roraained enough lo have car
ried him lo West Point Curtis wan
taking no chances however and re
Illlcd his tanks
Fire alarm bolls weer rung as tho
aviator neared Poughkeopslo but his
progress was so rapid that few people
had a uhanjo lo see his pass On the
Gill Meadows a little group sighted
him coming and soul up a cheer Com
ing down gracefully his machine
struck grassy knoll trundled along
for thirty or forty feel lion came lo
a slop
Tho special train meanwhile brought
his wife who rushed from the car and
hurried to her husbands side She
grouted him jubilantly while ho crowd
cheered him Wllh lanks rollllod and
with every wire and screw tested
CurtiKS took his seat for the final dash
to New York In a moment more the
craft was again over Iho Hudson and
Curtiss turned his course south and
was lost to view
Exactly one hour had boon oonsum
e d at Poughkoopsle for he arrived at
526 and departed lit 02fi
CurtiRS passed the military academy
11 West Point al 1002 Officers and
cadets alike sent up a chocr after
the a via lor
Al Storm King the most sensational
Incident of the trip occurred Ourtiss
vas flying high at this point a UIOUH
and fool when a shifty wind caused
ho machine lo drop and tilt Novcr
once losing control he continued
southward passing Peeksklll Osslning
and Dobbs Ferry Yonkers was pass
ed at 1030 at a height of 100 to 100
feeL here CurtlsK got his flrcil
glimpse of the metropolitan tower It
loomed ahead like a giant needle and
Curtis know he was nearing the up
per limits of New York City
Out of the haze that lay in the bend
lor the river at Yonkors he shot Into
view of the thousands who wero walt
ng him coming lIons tho upper
reaches at Riverside drive and on tin
roofs of the big apartment houses in
Washington holghts A moro speck
at Ilrst a little areoplane looked like
a gull flouting with rigid wings on the
gale clue motor was chugging Hturdl I
1 y and sending tho craft along towards
its goal at 50 miles an hour
Rounding the big jutting nose of Al
lilac on the Jersey shore oppoailo
Yonkers Curtlss drove his machino
across the river toward the east side
of the stream and hugged the Now
York shore Tho crowds along the
shore cheered and waved hats and
handkerchiefs and tho sharp shrill
whistles of the small pleasure boats
joined with the more serious ones of
the largo craft in a hearty welcome
On past Riverside lying straight
is fin arrow came the urooplano It
wars breast Now York City and a few
miles from the upper end of Manhat
I tan Island
Barring some accident it scomoil
now that Curtiss must win tho 10t
I 000 prize but suddenly when he had
reached a point mldwa between i
Spuyten Duyvlll Creek which separ i
ates Manhattan Island from thc
borough ol the Bronx and Washing
ton Point tho speed of the biplane
slackened percptlbly and the ma
chine dropped until it seemed that It
would touch tho water Thou It cam >
about prettily pointing upward and I
headed up the river The spectators
wore non pulissed Many of theme
believed the machinery had gone
wrong and that Curtlss had lost his
But Curtlss waved his hand assur
Ingly Whllo passing Spuyton DuyvU
he had seen half a mile inland a
broad expanse of green sward tho up
ocr and ot Manhattan Island To win
I r V1J
Auto Two Weeks Ii FF1 4 9 Two Tickets 100
Only two weeks uow till Son one gels < lli i I I fdh t Q In addition to the ale prices Tu Hday mu aro
Auto GOOD7 7 ts to got again as much value In the tickets wo
JnloBertinninn Thursday Wo give two
give awny inatoad of ono you will bo given
tickets with Hip dollar purchase giving you wo tlrkdts with Odor
erg A G00 I YRADE nvery dollAr you npondor
a chance to net lots of tickets 30 R two tltUMa with ovnry dollar paid on account
PT dpi T Must be a day of Very
U e s a J Active Selling
Shirt Waists 1 Monday both our stores are closed Tuesday A Good Corset 1
That waa a great salo of make for the lost The Warner Corset which
waists we held Saturday day we try to up or day by we sell at Ono Dollar is the
some of the values which ff attractions unusual The suit sale the second best dollars worth of corset
unusualThe on e scene we limo ever seenit fits
were offered the first day of
the salo arc still here floor will b e the biggest thing of the year750 for a beautifully good stout coutile is made has tho of
Suniinei1 Waists Lingerie modern style bust and long
ladies strictly tailored tless money than the materials
or Tailored styles Tues J J sklrlG strong supporters
day on the second floor wo would costand the items from other departments arc and is absolutely rust
offer thorn again at 1 proof
nearly as good
A Monster Suit Sale Two Days Only
7 5 0
Ladies Classy New Suits Worth to 21
Think of buying a Heres the condi
a suit jacket and A tions of and reasons
skirt a suit the very new Y for this remarkable sale
est model a suit which will
We have
1 e simply e too many
be in good style this fall a suits for this time of the
suit made with good materials e
goo year simply could not foresee
als of good linings of excellent
a demand and
the true to our policy
findings suits which are really of having no old stock they must
worth up to 121 and paying only go This sale will begin at the
750t Why at this price you can I stroke of nIne Tuesday morning
afford to have a new suit for the it will be a cash proposition
i l approvals alterations to cost ex
into the 11
sumn1Cr trip t 1e mountains
tra The suits will be arranged
mind youl These ladies
min y u 1cse are a le
where you may see them quickly
wool suits jaunty style good ma z and easily and we will have plenty
terials and all that You may see I of courteous help to fit them
them in the window any time be Jjj Wednesday evening at the closing
fore Tuesday morning at which of the store the sale ends if there
1 y
time the sale are any suits left
7 SO 7 50
price is at that time 6
Tuesday Hosiery
Ladies Grey Idle hose
jOt value 35th
Ladies Tan Cotton
hose 2 pairs 25 fi
Llnldrciis Blade Cotton
hoseI5e values 1Or
Infants Black Cotton
hose Ji3u values 10
A lot of childrens lace
hose to close out at half
Ladies Embroidered hose
100 values 7S <
Ladies Embroidered lima
GOc values 35 < i
this icm offered in size S 12
Tuesday Shoe
More of those Walkover
Oxfords tan or black
lUU Values IJ t
1 265
1 t V d
W L Douglas Shoes for
Ixst or workthe regular
lines which hell nt 3 nnd
sjs3liO are offer
2 65
od at t
Buys Oxfords good Hum
mer Nt lcsil1 sizes 5 12 to
2 300 0
values for 1 0 Pel
Barefoot Sandals for the
little lots
natural shape 6 C
Ladies Walkover Shoes
the regular ifctfoO values
are offered
at Ud
the prize It was necessary for him I
to land In Manhattan proper and here
was tho chance without rink of fur
ther flight to Governors Island or the
battery 13 miles away Therefore
when he again came abreast of the
mouth of the creek after his puzzling
turn backward Curllbfl throw his
steering wheel about nbrnptl glided
above a railroad drawbrjdgo and
floated lazily Inland with the propeller
baroly turning Ho jiianuvorod care
fully then alighted without mishap
on the stretch of green Sward which
had caught his cyo lie hud flown
from Alhany to Manhattan In two
hours and 32 minutes and the 10000
was his
Jumping lightly from his machine
the aviator inspected his motor and
finding everything Intact sought a
telephone and Informed the World
Tuesday Base
ment Specials
Boys knee paiifs medium
grays and browns Jor
boys of I to 12 years
35e viiluo 19c
Tin Ohnmliir Pails with
halo and Boyer made of
good tin heavily Japan
Cf 28
While and Colored Bed
spreads plain hemstilch
od fringe 13fi a198
125 Ironing Boards 011
Tuesday again 98
Girls andBoys shoes but
ton or lace sizes 8 12 to
2 box calf dougola pat
ent leather and a limited
number of ladies fine
shoes 9Sc
Tuesday Knit
Ladles summor vostalow
neck no sleeves plain or
fancy yoko pants to match
with lace bottoms or tight
knee lUc each or
for Ihp suit 3 5 C
ladles hiuumor vests supe
rior quality of lisle thread
tho pants arc in the tight
knee or lace trimmed stylos
In this lot arc garments worth
up to COc the 11 r
Male price will be OOC
Childrens high neck and long
sleeve vests bleached cotton
pants of same with tight knee
or lace trimmed
3 5
10c two for c
5900 Yards Black
S 11k Sale
LJLJ1 aji SIlk Bought at a
Decided SavingRead Prices
A great chance to buy black silks at a reduction
came to us just now 5000 yards of crisp black silksthe
kinds we have always carried were offered at prices which
enables us to make the following reductions
Black Chiffon Taffeta Black Chiffon Taf Black Chiffon Tnssorah Shntung Black Diagonal Silk
taa full yard feta a full yard Taffola 27 Inches the width is 27 In the width Is 117
wide quality wideUte excellent ches wide the ches this It the inches this Is the
which Is never sold heavy quality which quality which sells excellent quality
ualil which Is
for less than 120 sells regularly at quality regulirly at 125 which Is sold regu
regular the sale IAOtho sale price sold regularly at the sale price will larly at 125 sale
price will be will be 125 be price will be
73c I 84c 68c SSe 65c
that ho had arrived and claimed tho
Although ho had won weather con
ditions woro so propitious and ho warm
feeling HO gratified at success Curt s
decided to give the city another view
of Ills machine m1 at 1137 he shut P
away again for Governors Island It
WM during this part oC his trip that
he received Iho nosiest greeting Ho
came down Ibo river at an elevation
f of moro than 300 foot while harbor
graft shrieked their greetings News
of his progress spread quickly through
out the city Jim limn ollco conn
magistrates heard and quickly dis
posed of caner hundreds rasher 10
tho waterfront and roofs became black
with humanity Tho greatest Jam was
at the battery i
Down tho river and Into the upper
bay he sailed ao lightly and steadily
aa a swallow Ncnrlnc Governors
= J
1211 R9ri rr
Island hi begun to descend whllo
cheers floated up from those who
watched his approach
He landed easily on a stretch of
now made laud within forty yardt
of the shed In which the aeroplanes
were housed during tho HudsonFul
ton celebration Dismounting he re
signed his graft to soldiers who vol
unteered to push It Into the shed
while he received congratulations of
Major General How U S A com
mander of tho department of the cast
and other officcrn l
Refreshments were served in Corblu
hall and CtirtlnB briefly related his
experiences Mrs Cnrtlss who had
arrived In New York on the special
train joined her husband as Curtl
was preparing to take the ferry for
Now Fork He kissed her whllo tho
crowd cheered Half an1 hour lAter
CurlUs was In the World office whero
Tuesday Em
broidery Specials
A sale of embroideries as
large as the last ouc we
held leaves many many
remnantsnot exactly rem
nants either short bolts
and Tuesday we are going
to place all we have of
these on the tables in the
Embroidery Department
and offer them to you at
prices considerably under
price The lot will consist
of embroideries and inser
tions edges and a lot of
pieces which are really just
as good to the user as
though they were just out
of the case Sue these to
a check for 1000 was handed to him
I Tho terms of the competition pie
i scribed the flight must ho tho full
distance from New York to Albany
It It optional to start from cither end
and Curtlss would have preferred to
I start from Now York but If thoro
Is a worse aorodouie than Manhattan
1 Island spiked with skyscrapers and
the waters of Now York harbor
clustered with shipping and cross ou
by deflected winds he would like to
have It shown Acrnaiits and avia >
tors wero unanimous that Curtlss had
performed thin most wonderful feat
of the air the world has over seen
1 dirties was dressed for tho trip in
I wadding boots and sweater File nero
piano carried pontoonn or floats to
I prevent Its sinking incase of a fall
Into thin river rime pontoons aao
his own Invention A 50 horso power
motor of his own mako propolis tho
The Sale of
The salo of dinnerware
goes merrily on and many
people are buying hand
some dinner sets at a price
that will not he possible nt
any near future date Wo
arc showing in the Econ
omy Basemen the trrt > at
e t line of dinucrwaiv in
the city and it is that line
which wi ask yon to buy
now at the lowered prices
Take a good look at the
window on Twentyfourth
relhs news to a good
many people 10 know that
in Ogden such a showing
of diunwvHrc is made
Tuesday Drug
Dpcabelll Cubtllc Soap S
Ib 75c
Italian Castile 3lb bar 3Sc
Majestic Glycerine Soap
I bars for 25c
English Elder Flower 3
liars 25c
Hard Water Castllo Soap
3 bars for 25c
Hinds Hone and Almond
Cream 39c
l Benzoin and Almond lo
tion 10c
Pure Glycerine hottlo 08c
Stlllmans Freckle Cream
will remove freckles lOc
Bathasweet tho bath22c
Tetlows Foot Powder 22c
Tctlows Talcum Powder
Pound can Tellows Tal
cum 22c
Monnens Talcum Powdor
2 cans 25c
Java Rico Face Powder 35c
La Blacho Faco Powder 39c
Swans Down Face Powder 15c
Borax for the bath 18c
I I 1t I
I p
1 e f
1 >
craft which with the aviator In IH
goal weighs approximately 1000
poundsCurtiss 4
Curllfls Is not a talkative man and
his secretary explained tho Motaijs
of the trip Curtlsa merely smiled
and nodded approval now and then
adding a few descriptive phrases first
In winning tho Worlds prize today
CurilHs Incidentally captured the
Scientific American cup for tho long
est lllpht In America for a heavier I
than nlr machine Ho had previous i
won two leg on lilt trophy nnd to
days performance makes It his
I CtirliBS Is 32 years old and was horn
at Hnnimondapori JC Y
Send your guess on Ogden and We
ber Countys population to tho Stand
ard office You may win as high ill
45 In gold coin I

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