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MAY31 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postofflce OgdcnUtan
r Fortieth Year No 130 Price Five Cents OGDEN CITY UTAH TUESDAY EVENING 31 1910
Former President Accepting the Freedom of
1 the City of London Tells the English
That It is Their Duty to Rule
1 Egypt With a Strong Stand I
London May 31 Theodore Roose
velt was today presented with the
freedom of iho city of London and lie
> Hcceplod the honor with a literalism
that led him into a frankness of
speech which created a sensation in
old Guild Hall
As the former head of a country I
that once paid tribute to Great Brit
ain the American statesman gave the
motherland some bold advice as to her I
duly toward her most troublesome
dependency III Africa It was fr
I Roosevelt said either right or npt
right for Great Britain to be in
l Egypt and establish order there If I
v It was not right aho should get out
L Mr Roosevelt eulogized British rule
t in Uganda and the Soudan lie de
j dared that Great Britain had given i
ISgypt the best government that that
country had had in 2000 years But
I In certain vital points It had erred
Timidity and sentimentality ho said
might cause more harm than viol
I once and injustice
Sentimentality he added is the
most broken reed on which righteous
ness can lean
Mr Roosevelt denounced the nation
allst party of Egypt as neither dcsir
f OilS nor capable of guaranteeing pri 1
f mary Justice It was trying to bring
murderous chaos on the land I
Some nations said the former pres
ident must govern FgypL He hopes 1
> and believes that the English would I
E decide that Uio duty was theirs I
P As a whole the speech constituted
I the most forcible expression on for l
oign topics that the distinguished vis I
itor has made during his European
r tour He dealt principally with tho I
British policy In Egypt which is to
day oneoC the most discussed of
Great Britain colonial questions
His outspoken views sent clthrll1 I
through the 4000 nffditbrs whichIs
HUoly to be felt outside tho walls of
thR ancient council hall
GiillS Hall hits been the scene of
many stirring events since its erec
tion early In the fifteenth century
It was there that the trials of Anne
Askewthe Earl of Surrey and LadY
Jane Grey were held but no audience
of modern times has listened more In
tentlY to the proceedings therein than
did todays to the former president
of the United States
Mr Roosevelt was driven in stab I
from Ambassador Reids home to I
Guild Hall but the weather was not
propitious and comparatively few per
sons witnessed the procession Rain
fell through the morning and only a
few hundred persons wore gathered
In the vicinity of Dorchester House to
witness the departure or In King
street when Mr Roosevelt arrived
at the hall He occupied the lord I
mayors coach and this was followed I
by the coaches of the sheriffs who
wore their uniforms I I
The audience included many Amer
ican and English business men bo
sides officials of tho clly Tho latter I
wore In uniform and occupied soats 1
f on the platform to which Mr Roosc
volt was escorted I
I r The parchment conveying to Mr
t Roosevelt tho freedom of the city
was contained in a beautiful gold cas
Itel The presentation was made by
Sir Joseph Cockfleld Ulnsdalc the
city chamberlain who extended his
hand to the cltjs giiCBt and spoke
brielly Sir Joseph dwelt particularly
on Great Britains friendship toward
the United Stales
t Following the exorcises Sir John
Knill the lord mayor entertained Mr
Roosevelt at a private luncheon at
which many prominent personages
were present
The casket presented lo Mr Roose I
k velt was oblong in form the front
md reverse side being divided into
l lour panels hearing enameled views of I
f Guild Hall tho Mansion House St
Pauls cathedral and this Tower
i bridge The centor wan occupied by
the full blazon of the city arms In I
enamel with an ornamental shield be
low containing nil Inscription At the
four corners were enameled the arms
of England tho United Slates the
1 city shield and the Union Jack The
base was of isolld silver having at one
I end a finely modeled American bison i
mid at the other the British lion
I The base stood upon eight gold feet
with a lower pedestal of oak and vel
San Francisco May Depreciat
ing the wearing of tho queue certain
Chinese of the Pacific coast are ask
ffe to be allowed to die
I tag the emperor
card the trailing sculp appendage anll I
coif their brunette locks a In Amer
Also would they consign to
robes of the Flow
LImbo the
and conform their dross
II or kingdom the fashIon or alllr
oxcluiivehy to
of their adopted land
Traditional respocl However for
countr ruler 1
the vIll of the natle l
restrains these moderns from hasty
nOtion on theft own rescript
an Imllorlal i
nothing short oi
induce tho more
I conHeatlc llls behieveil of would the local Celestials
y garb To on
0 doff their
0 a mem l
I permlstlon
cure the rQnl Prillce IiuI
I IIJI has hje4t nlilIalell
minister of WO anti uu
Tno Chloo
clc of the emperor for presentation to
the hrono
Although this petition was handed
tin prince on the occasion of his re
cent visit here onroute to Washing
ton particulars regarding the mem
orial have just como to light though
Chinatown It seems has been busy
with the talk of it for some time
The memorial It is said contains
these passages
Ae we look around at the various
nations of the world wo observe that
all the strong nations are wltoiit the
queue Tho queue Is nol necessary to
the wellbeing of man and it Is ex
ceedingly Inconvenient
It Is the custom In China to wear
long robes with wide sleeves making
the men of our nation look like tho
women of other lands The costume
is like that of the Annamese and tIm
Koreans two nations that have perish
Furthermore our whole costumo
queue long robes and wide sleeves
make us the laughing stock of every
nation with which wo como In con
The discarding of the queue as re
gards China itself would revive tho
spirit of the Chinese and viewed by
outsiders It would he regarded as a
sure sign of awakening
New York May Resumption of
business In the stck market today
alter a threeday rccossdisclosed Ill
tje intore Lfuthe jaUngs Outside
of a few specialties price changes
v tre narrow and irregular Utah Cop
per rose a large fraction
Realizing sales in the strong speci
alties and solllug of Reading and Un
ion Pacific soon drove the whole
market below Fridays closing fig
ures Reading lost 1 and Union Paci
fic nearly as much
The pronounced dullness of the
market vas attributed to the expect
ed buprcmo court decision on the cor
I poration tax Prices were about at
a standstill iu the second hour
Bonds were heavy
Boston May 31The local wool
market continues narrow and fairly I
steady Odd lots of wool sell fairly
well but sizeable transactions are
few The movement the new clip I
Is largely on consignment Some I
good sales of Oregon at 1C cents for
the best clip are reported and some I
II Wyoming product has been sent on
consignment at 23 cents Local buy I
ers however are nol encouraged to
I oporate freely as yet In the new crop
I Considerable activity Is nolod in I
the foreign product especially In
I Merinos and crossbrcdB Pulled
wools are dull
Chicago Llvcotock
Chicago May 31 Gallic Reccipls
estimated at GOOO market strong
I Beeves 570aS60 Texas steers Gloa
700 western steers 52Fa7GO stock
ers and feeders 390aG 10 cows and
r heUers 2SOa700 calves 57Ea800
I Hogs Receipts estimated at 11000
market 5c up Light 040a070 mixed
I tUOaO70 heavy 035aflG7 12 rough
93Gnl > good to choice heavy fi I5a
1G7 12 pigs 920aOG5 hulk of sales I
D OSa9G3
Sheep Receipts estimated at 12000
market slow Native fiOa6l5 west I
ern 375a3flO yearlings
lambs alive 52r a810 western 575a I
Omaha Livestock
Omaha May 31Cattle Receipts
3500 market steady to strong Nat
ive tlecTB 560n7Sii cows and heir
ere aPOaG75 western steen 37Ca
G75 Htoekors and feeders SuOaGJS
calves I00a750
Hogs Receipts ItJOO market 5c
lower Heavy 825na35 mixed 930a
U35 light fl3GaU2 f2 bulk of sales
OaJ3S 12
Sheep Receipts 0000 market
steady Lambs lower yearlings r00a
rftO wethers j85a550 owes 4G5a
525 lambs 700a865
Chicago Produce
Chicago May 1Blltter steady
creameries 2Sa27 12 dairies 23a2C
Eggs Steady Receipts 16067 cas
e Firsts 17 12 prime firsts 17 12
Cheese Steady Dairies 14 34al3
young Americas 15 14 longhorns 14
Sugar and Coffee
Now York May 31SugarRaw
firm muscovado 89 teat 377 cen
trifugal 387 molasses sugar 332 Re
fined steady
Coflcc Spot quiet No 7 Rio S 11
Xo 1 Santos 9 14
Metal Market
New York May 31Lead quiet
pot L40a450 New York coppor I
quiet standard SPOt and July 12GOa
Silvor 53 12
> New Vorl < Money
New York May 31 Monc on call
firm 3aS 12 per cenl ruling rate 1
11 per cent closing bid 3 ii of
fered at 3 11
Time loans dull and steady sixty
days 1 12U3I per com ninety days I
3 3la por cent six months la I 11
per ccnL
Trlme mercantile paper 1 3la3 11
per cent
Sterling exchange steady with ac
tual business in bankers bills at 4S42
for GO day bills and at 48735 for de I
mand Commercial bills 183 3 la IS I I
11 Bar silver 53 12 Mexican dol
lars 44 Government bonds steady
bonds easy
Johnsons Manager i
Lands on Negros I
Trainer II
San Francisco May tIJack John I
son heavyweight champion played tho I
role of peacomaker in a scrap yester I
day that threatened to break up his I
afternoons baseball game Johnsons I
manager George Little and Sig Hart I
who is assisting the negro In his
training work were the belligerents
The cause of the clash Is unknown
but It Is ascribed to a petty camp
squabble Llllle was covering first
base when Hart ran up to him and
l Little was heard to say You would
punch me in the eye would you i
Forthwith he swatted Sig on the jaw I
and as Hart dropped he tossed a small
boulder In his direction but mlKsod
Johnson arriving on a sprint leap
ed upon his manager and overpow
ered him Hart picked himself up
and returned to camp and Johnson
cut loose at Little with condemnatory
remarks anentlighting that Is not en
I logic in the Marquis of Qiicons
hurys scheme of ring tactics
AsIdefroiuihJ1xar1zj there
waa lillie do1111 at Johnsons camp
Tho champion Is rapidly rounding into
condition and he feels that It Is not
necessary to rush his training work
and ho has plenty of tlmcin which to
put on the finishing touches
I It now seems likely that Billy DC
lanoy will not take over the direc
I tion of Johnsons training until per
haps the killer part of the week
A report emanated from Johnsons
quarters last night to the effect lhat
peeved at James J CorhottH ro
niarlts concerning his courage the
negro champion would challenge Cor
holt to meet him In a boxing match
at any time prior to the date of the
big fight the proceeds of the exhibi
tion to be devoted to charity Pro
moters Rickard and Gleason are not
expected to enthuse over the rumored
plan for such a meeting
Corbett in Good Form
en Lomond Cal May UWhell
Jim Jeffries returned to camp last
ovonlng from his fishing Jaunt and
learned of Corbetls visit and the re
markable form Gentleman Jim had
shown In his impromptu workout blue
big fellow chuckled and said he was
sorry he had not been on hand tii
welcome Corbett and watch his gym
nasium stunts
Corbett left for Santa Cruz shortly
before Jeffries came in but lie is ex
pected lo return here today and there
will probably bo a conference over
training plans for Jeffries Corhett
having satisfied hlmsolf that he IH In
excellent trim it Is likely that ho
will begin boxing with Jeffries In a
day or two
Corhelts refusal to take tup his
abode In the quarters prepared for
him here Is attributed to his wifes
desire to remain at Santa Cruz The
campmcn say that there Is no longer
any friction between Corbctt and Joo
If lie present hot wealhnr holds
things promise to be quiet at Ben
Now Madrid hoMa 31lralo
Mlssotirlans avenged the insult of a
negro striking a white man at an early
hour yesterday morning when they
stormed tho Jail took tho negro to
the banks of the iMIasisslppI rler and
lynched him
I An Unknown was the label pin
ned across iho breast of the dangling
form when found
The negro was charged with strik
ing Town Marshal LA Richard aft
er re and other negroes had been or
dered off a street corner
Xo arrests have leen made the cor
oners jury returning a verdict of 1
death by unknown hands I
o O
o 0
o Bridgeport Coon May 31 0 I
o During the absence of his 0 1
o mother last night sixyearold 0
0 Harry Silvikas found an ounce 0 I
JO botttle of carbolic acid lying 0
0 on the table and in play forced o
i0 tho contents down the throat 0
O of his teniuonthaold baby o
o brother Ibo latter died with 0
0 in an houiv 0
0 0
Taft Favors Injunction
Action to Stop
Higher Rates
Washington May 3 Following a
conference today between the Presi
dent and Attorney General Wicker
sham It was loarnOd that the decision
was roccbed to mean injunction suit
ngainHi the proposed Increase in
freight rates tomorrow by the West
ern Traffic association
It Is rcnerally believed that the
suit against llc railroads will bo in
Hllluted at Chicago an the most cen
tral point
The details of the legal proceedings
were loft by the President entirely In
tho hands of Attorney General Vie
kersham and the department of jus
tice officials Mr Wlckcrshams con
ference with the President was a hur
ried one but it is understood the mat
ter was discussed at pouie length by
the President at tile cabinet meeting
this morning I
President Taft regards this situa
tion as renewed evidence of the Im
portance of the provision of the ad
ministration bill nov ponding In con
gross which if cnactedwill give the
Interstate Conimcicc commission the
right to suspend for sixty days any
proposed increase in railroad rates
in this period the commission It Is
proposed shall Institute an Investiga
tion to determine whether the In
crease Is Justified If this provision
were law the Injunction proceedings
authorized today would not he neces I
It is understood that the bill of in
junction has been prepared for sever
al days and that the text of it has
Leon telegraphed to Chicago to be fil
ed in the United States courts there
I B1i1 I TAX
Jtt lCS
Supreme Court Sets the
Corporation Tax for
Washington May urhe supreme I
court of the United States today set
the corporation tax cases for reargu
ment at the beginning of the next
term before a full bench
War Tax on Estate
That the estate of a testator who
died within one year Immediately pri
or U the taking effect of the net which
repealed the SpanishAmerican war
vevonue acl was subject to that tax
was decided today by the United
States supreme court
Declared Unconstitutional
The statute of Missouri passed
March 13th 1907 prohibiting foreign
corporations from doing business
within the state If they seek llllga
lion Iii the United States courts was
today declared unconstitutional by
the United States Supreme court
Labor Contract Law Holds
Pink Franklin the South Carolina
negro whose conviction of the murder
of Special Constable Valentine led
10 an attack on the socalled
contract laws of the South will suf
fer the death penally according to
thin decision today of tIm United
Suites supreme court
Libel Suit Advanced
The supreme court of thin United
States today advanced Iho socalled
government Panama libel suit against
the Press Publishing company of Now
York for hearing on the llrst Tuesday
of next October
Court Evades Issue
An attempt in have tho supremo
court of the United Suites puss on the
authority of common carriers engag I
ed in interstate commerce to make
Jim Crow regulations mot with fail
ure today when the court dismissed
the socalled Chiles appeal from Its
Batllo Creek Mich May 31 Min
isters who serve wine lo their congrc
0 Theatre 1
< I l IJ80tJ b
I in TT 1 I
gallons will hereafter he classed as
bootleggers in dry Calhoun county
according li > Prosecuting Attorne
Howard Cnvnnaujghs announcement
The statement was made following
the application of a Marshall clergy
mutt for a doctors prescription to
permit him to got communion wine
The local option law makes no ex
ception In the UHO of wine or alcoholic
beverages according to the prosecut
or and nothing stronger than grape
juice can bo served hereafter
Treaty Between Mexico
and the United States
Washington May 31 Aerial navi
gation has made such rapid strides
that Secretary of State Knox and tho
government of Mexico are negotiating
an avIation treaty governing the pass
I age of airships across the border be
tween the two countries It will be
J the first treaty governing aviation be
tween nations and is already on the
road to completion
It is announced from the state de
partment that Mr Knox Is only await
ing the text of Mexicos proposition
In detail before taking final action
on tho terms of the treaty
The possibility of using airships
avoid customs regulations or oven to
bring in Immigrants Is already a
question which the Mexican govern
ment fools must be given consldcra I
I thou
tionThe plan is to make compulsory the
registration of airships which cross
till border and to compel operators of
those machines to obey those regula
Washington May nThe specta
cle of a United States senator break
ing Into his own house was witnessed
by a fow passerby on fashionable I
Mnssachusctla aveune last night The
I senator had been guilty of a trick I
common enough among those of more
modest estate Ho had forgotten his 1
Senator Dolliver of Iowa was the i
housebreaker He had boon with
members of his family on a trip to
Mount Vernon On his return to his
honle ho reached for his keys only to
find them missing
The customary movements having
been devoted to an expression of
views upon the contretemps a re
vival of tho situation a fruitless ringing
log of the bell and discussion of ways
and means the party repaired to the
rear whero Senator Dolliver final
I succeeded in jimmying open a window
Boosted by his young son he man
I aged to get astride the sill and Into
the hOUR It was then an easy mat j
II for lo admit the others of tho party
Washington May Representa
tive Cham Clark of Missouri ho
minority leader of the house has sot
for himself an approximate age lim
it in public life at about 75 years of
age I
ageThe people may sol my lime of re
tirement it little earlier than that
ho suggested laughingly when dis
cussing political apcllmlla with a
newspaperman today So far as I I
know tho only public man who sot au 1
age limit out his service and lived up
to it was Nathaniel Macon of North
Carolina speaker and senator said
JJr Clark When in his prime ho
set the exact age at which he would
retire When that day arrived ho
wan In the middle of a senatorial
term but kept his word and resigned
He was one of tho greatest men of
that era
I Washington May 31 Assoelalo 1
I Jut > llce Moody of the United States
supreme court who has been ill for
several months is no better and
improvement does not come by next II
October he may retire according to
loiters which have been received from
Win by friends In Washington A re
cent trip to springs in Virginia dll
not Improve hi condition It is re
ported and he has returned to his
homo in Httvorblll Mass
Chicago Close
Chicago May 31Wheat May
94 July 931S Sept 91 18 Dec 9fl
3S i
Com May 53SJulr G i as Sept
G8 11 DQC 5531 >
Oats May 6i2 July 36 38 Sept
35 3Sal2 Dec 3f 31
Pork = Jilly2222 J2 Sept J190
LardJuly1210 Sept 125
c 1
Glenn L Cnrtiss Says the Sky Will Be Full
of Flying Machines Going 100 Miles
an HoupCities Could Be Wrecked
by the Use of Bombs
New York May 31The Curtiss
flight from Albany to Now York has
started anew the discussion as to the
possible availability of the aeroplane
as R means of offense In time of war
fare Glenn 11 Curtlss is an enthusi
astic believer in the aeroplane war
ship armed with dynamite and picric I
acid bombs for tho destruction of hos I
tile fleets fortifications and cities
All the groat battles or the future
will bo fought In the air declared
Army men are not so certain as to
the usefulness of the aeroplane In
time of war Most of the ofllcers sta
tioned at Governors Islpnd while
willing to admit that tho aeroplane
would be Invaluable for scouting pur
poses arc skeptical as to Us value in
offensive warfare I
In tho opinion of Brigadier General
Walter Howe commanding the depart
j ment of the cast tho aeroplane could
not be a dangerous factor In n hostile I
attack on New York Flying low
shrapnel would get It ho said while
flying high its bombs could do no
harmWe have made some experiments
with balloons and have found that
shrapnel can wreck them at certain
ranges What results would he ob
tained were aeroplanes used is an
other question If they wore operated
as high and as fast as Cufss flew
it Is probable that nothing at all
would happen to the aeroplane and if
the aeroplane tried to hurt us nt Its
dizzy altitude we would probably es I
cape unhurt too
Curtlss in a long statement given
out here today pictures the aeroplanc
and discusses the
as a war menace
nosrlblllty of tho destruction of Now
b a bombardment
York City or West Point by
bardment from a fleet of aeroplanes
It would be perfectly practical he
said to ilrop enough dyjiauilto or pic
rIc acid on a city like New York to de
sire it utterl Of course the speed
of a flying machine cannot be reduced
below 15 or 50 miles an hour a speed
necessary to keep It aloft So to hover
fortifications you
over a city 01
clrclo around or swoop down from a
great height and thus got near enough
to the objective point to discharge
storeS of explosives
your Great execution could be done by
low lights and stealthy approchos
there would be
With muffled motors
nothing heard Half a
dozen machines could sneak up skimming
low down at nigh ana drop ox
plosives ming with time fuses attached just
enough to allow you to get away
long result would be indescribable
The suppose we wore attacking
Then their
Wo covrk
blow them In even If we
decks the charges Into smokestacks
dropping Take my word
stacks and
of the big warships
for It the days
arc numbered airship
arcThe fearful speed of the
The something cant reckon
makes it you
It is only a question
at present
with will
wTiou the sky
of very
a machines making an
bo full of flying
speed of 100 miles an hour
I average
Me May IL Unprece
dented Bangor action has been taken by tho
of Maine I
seniors of tho University
who informally request
Fellows not to address
George Bui PIT
hem at the baccalaureate exorcises
in the chapel next Sunday night Tho
mooting Friday
seniors at a
ed u committee to notify President
ItS a
this effect giving
fellow to
reason that as a Boston clergyman
was to preach the sermon another
address would makethe program too
longTbo committee has reported that
the president considered the seniors
request an insult and will speak with
out their approval if ho cares to do
no The boys say If the president does
speak at the services they will leave
the ohapel In a body
Friction has existed at the univer
sity between tho faculty and under
graduates for some time and last
upring the student body with the ex
ception of the athletic teams struck
owing to the expulsion of someot
their members
In Which the Soldiers
and Police Fight
With Guns
Cheyenne Wyo May 31 Soldiers
from Fort D A Russell and a squall
of pollco fought a pitched battle with
revolvers in the streets late last
night in which throe soldiers are said
to have been wounded The police
Were forced to retreat to the station
lioie where they were besieged by
the soldiers until relieved by a detail
of colored troopers from the fort
The wounded soldiers were hurried
away by their friends No arrests
wore made
The troublegrew out of the loath of
PrivateFrhnKCarroll Second artil
lery whnT it Is alleged was clnbbd
to death by a policeman while under
o o o o oo oocoocoooco
o 0
O 0
O Seattle May 1110bn H 0
O Tripple who shot and killed 0
I 0 his wife yesterday after calling 0
0 her to his fathers house to 0
I O confer over their domestic O
I 0 troubles and who then shot 0
0 himself In bite head died to 0
O day without regaining con O
O sciousness 0
O 0
o 0
0 0
0 Oakland Cal May 31Miss O
O Maud Bothroik 17 years old 0
I O died today from injuries re O
0 ceived in the street car crash O
O yesterday She Is the third O
0 victim of the wreck to die 0
O Other deaths are expected dur c
O ing the day 0
O 0
P000 oo 0 C 0 COO 0 C o < c o
oooooooococco oo o o
o 0
O 0
O New Orleans buy lCoL O
O Ion futures broko about iC a O
O bale lato this foirnoon the 0
O July option going to a figure 0
O HO 9 points down from the 0
0 highest level of tho morning 0
10 0
flow Big Is Ogden1
I Guess Ogden City has a Population of
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
I 1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
being paid at least one dayin advance of the day the Census
Director announces the population of Ogden MAY 31 1910
Sign Here
4OW Big Is Weber County
I guess Weber County has a Population of
O According to the U S Census taken in the month of April If
I 1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription A
t being paid at ledst one day in advance of the day the Census flft
Director announces the population of Weber County v
I MAY 31 1910 t
I Sign Here e
4 4 4 C C >

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