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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
By Friday of this week the Union Pacific will have installed the
telephone instruments which are to complete the new system for dis
patching trains over this division of the road Two new copper
wires have been strung from Rawlins to Ogden for this service and
beginning either Friday or Saturday trains will be operated out of
Ogden under control of a dispatcher at a telephone
This is one of the most radical changes in the method of direct
ing train movements inaugurated in the past forty years Up to
the present a dispatcher has had to be a skilled telegraph operator
From now on there will be little necessity for the directing head of
train meets to bo other than a man experienced in the train ser
vice and capable of handling men Telegraph will be dispensed
with and orders will be spoken and the dispatcher will keep in
touch with the conductors of the different trains by oral com
There are a number of surprising conditions arising with this
use of the telephone For instance a day last week a fruit train
on the Union Pacific on the east and of the Utah division where
the telephone is now doing service was making slow time and one
of the officials had reason to believe the engineer was not getting
all possible out of his engine so he called up a small intermediate
station at a distance of 70 miles and instructed the operator to place
the transmitter outside the office window When the fruit train went
by the official 70 miles away heard the engine working and knew
by the exhaust that the engineer had eased up
When this telephone system is in perfect working condition
there will be but little that is audible out on the line which will es
cape the men at headquarters
Lincoln during the Civil War had a man at the front whom
he designated as the eyes of the administration The telephone
on the railroad will be the ears of the officials out on the road
Bnai Brith Messenger a religious paper published in Los An
geles contains one of the strongest and most outspoken articles on the
y subject which of late has been made prominent by the women of the
W C T U of Ogden The Messenger declaring that there is too
piich conventional hypocrisy to admit of the truth being told and
Tat it is not the duty of the state to make its citizens moral says
i Martin Luther condemns the celibacy of the clergy as
productive of sexual promiscuity even among a small and
select class of men who had taken vows of chastity In the
face of this fact it is preposterous to pretend that millions of
I unmarried men of mature age are leading chaste lives It is
not the few hundred procurers organized into an association
t but those millions of unmarried men that create a market for
prostitutes If adult men stay single a corresponding num
j ber of women must remain unmarried According to the
census figures there was in 1900 over four million unmarried
women 20 years of age and over It is inevitable under pres
I ent economic conditions that some of these millions of un
married women supply the demand of prostitutes
Prostitution is not peculiar to any country or race it
is international
Where millions of men desire to consort with prostitutes
no police on earth can stop them The married men of today
had in their bachelor days intercourse with the women of
the underworld the police officers the prosecuting attorneys
the judges if unmarried have intercourse with the outcasts
In short the whole male population with the exception per
haps of preachers either directly support prostitution or
connive at it The legislators of continental Europe have
i long since recognized the futility of all efforts to prevent
prostitution the law there confines itself to its regulation
i The Federation Review endorses what the Messenger says and
adds much more quoting from the census figures to prove that law
yers dentists civil engineers and the members of nearly all the pro
f fessions do not marry until beyond 25 years of age except a small
per cent and that therefore the number of unmarried women must
I remain dangerously large and the natural relation of the sexes be
made unnatural
Q This is a tremendous problem and it is a source of surprise to us
I that many women wholly unacquainted with the world worldly and
unfamiliar with some of the underlying causes of immorality and de
basement attempt to criticise those who are doing their utmost in
the light of history and presentday experience to restrict the evil
complained of and do away with its most objectionable features I
Have you ever consulted a map of the Pacific states and ob
i served the curve inward which the coast line of California forms
I from its northern tip to Los Angeles No Well do so now as a
i knowledge of the coast line is essential to an understanding as to
N why the Southern Pacific has planned and is about to build a rail
I road from Hazen Nevada north to Klamath Falls as a connecting
I link between what is known as the Los Angeles Aqueduct route and
the new cutoff to Portland Oregon
1 Los Angeles is on a direct line north and south with Lovelock
I I Nevada and Lovelock is 345 miles east of San Francisco and 66 miles
east of Hazcu by rail so that San Francisco is approximately 300
miles out of a direct route north from Los Angeles Portland is west
of north of Hazen but by building from Hazen to Kalamath Falls
where connection will be made with the new line of the Southern Pa
cific it is said there will be a saving in distance from Los Angeles to
Portland of about 400 miles
Prior to the reconstruction of the old Central Pacific line the
town of Wadsworth Nevada was one of the most important division
points between Ogden and Sacramento It was a town of considerable
importance and children had been reared there from the cradle to ma
turity so old and well established was the place Then came the day
when Harrimans engineers found a better grade and ordered the iso
I lation of the town A few of the old timers refused to leave and
they have since held down
the whittled boxes on the corner groceries
of the deserted village ever hoping The railroad company from sen
timent rather than business promptings ordered the tracks left un I
disturbed and so Wadsworth even in its decadence has occasionally I
heard the toot of a locomotive whistle within its boundaries Now
the promise w that Wadsworth is to be resuscitated revived rejuven I
ated and once more made I
an important railroad station The road r
to Klamath Falls will run directly through the slumbering burg and i
Wadsworth will be repopulated with railroad
men and stirred with
all the life which it i
possessed when a division terminal There are I
many railroad people in Ogden who will rejoice that their old home is
to get back its own and that in the changing of the railroad maps of
the west a great coast line is to pass through the old town
Success is tho joy of attaining and not of obtaining
Happiness comes when success is on sepaking terms with con
Remember Opportunity does not kick in the panels of your
door when knooking y
f > i Had Henrd an Anthem
A tailor Vlio hnd heon to a church
service where he heard some fine
music was afterward descanting up
on ran anthem which had given him
great pleasure
> A listening shipmate finally asked
I say Dill whats a hanthcm 7
What exclaimed Bill Do you
mean to say you dont know what a
hanthom 111
Not mo
Well then Ill tell ycr If I was
to ask yor Ere Dill give we that
andsplko that wouldnt boa han
them But If I was to say Dill Bill
Bill give give give me give mo that
Bill give me give mo that and
give me that andsplko spike spike
Bill give me that that and andsplke
and andsplke spike spike splice
Abmen abmen Dill give mo that
audsplko spike Ahmen why that
would be a honthcm Philadelphia
The Dining Car Code
When a waiter does not hurry with
your drink
When he dawdles round or that Is
what you think
Do not atop to argufy
Do not give or take the He
Just reach out to do or die
Slap his face
When you order and expect a little
And he does not hurry toward you on
the hop
Do not look for why or wherefor
Sooth why should you such things
care for
Ties annoyed ouand so therefore
Slap his face
New York Sun
Dont feel much like workln
Feelln kinder blue
Cant put ginger in my bones
Like I used ter do
Feel like laying round a bit
Killln limo an wishing
Know jes what tb trouble is
Want ted go a flshln
Want t get away from town
Somewhere near the river
Take along my rod and bait
Whore tho willows quiver
Stretch right out beneath the trees
Put aside ambition
Let th world wag as it will
Want ter go a flshln
Philadelphia Star
He Had Done Enough
Fellow citizens said tho candi
date I have fought against the In
dians I have often had no bed hut
the battlefield and no canopy but the I
sky I have marched over the frozen
ground till every step has been mark
ed with blood
His story told well till a drledup
looking voter came to the front
Ill be darned If you haint done
enough for your country Go home
and rest Ill vote for tho other fel
low Success Magazine
Wanted Them Permanently
A young gentleman of the colored
persuasion had promised his girl a
pair of long white gloves for a Christ
mas gift Entering large depart
ment store he at last found the coun
ter whore these goods were dis
played and approaching rather hesi
tatingly remarked Ah want a pair
ob gloves
How long do you want them in
quired the businesslike clerk
Ah doesnt want fo to rent em
Ah wants fo to buy em replied tho
other Indignantly Harpers Maga
Safe From Drowning
Winter Visitor In FlorldaI
should love dearly to go sailing but
It looks very dangerous Do not peo
ple often get drowned In this bay
Waterman No Indeed mum Tho
sharks never lets anybody drown
New York Weekly
Innocence at the Races
BookieSo y see If the orso starts
at twenty to one you get twenty
quid and your own back ten to one
ten quid and your own back Now
d y see
Clarence Oh yes I see perfectly
but what do I get If the horse starts
at 1 oclock exactly London Opin
Mexico City Juno 5Thoro Is a
man here an Amorlcan of course
who Is dead sure that by the first
of next September when the conton
nlal celebration In Mexico begins he
will have all hinds of money to spend
during that month and enough left
over to keep him in comfort the bal
ance of his days He thinks or pre
tends to that he has spotted the
place where Montezuma the Aztec i
monarch burled
For more thnu four hundred years
there has boon a more or loss con
tinuous search for the wealth which
was hidden by the ancient emperor
Had tho old monarch any Idea of the
trouble he was going to cause by
leaving some of tho filthy lucre In
such a mysterious way it Is certain
ho would have beon compassionate to
future generations and allowed his
friend Cortez the pleasure of dedi
cating it to the king of Spain
Now comes an American looking
for Aztec gold His name Is T A
Kenyon and he says he has solved
the problem Ho knows the bidding
place With tho true AngloSaxon
Judgment he will not tell which I
mound out on the plains of Mexico
covers the treasure from view bur
Kenyan read an old Aztec novel
nicely stenciled on n highly colored
brick and 1C told him all about It
so he says
spectacular test of the utility of the
aeroplane in warfare IK to bo mado
at tho encampment of federal troops
and national guurd ut Chlckamauga
Park this summer Charles K Ham
ilton will carry aloft from 200 to 300
pounds of highly explosive nitro gly
corlnc bombs Racing at a speed vary
ing from 45 to fob miles an hour he
will release this deadly cargo while
at a height of a quarter of a mile
raining it down upon dummy fortifi
cations arsenals bridges trains and
Clip the coupon In the Standard d
eueeeap Ogdenn Population r
MANAGUA Juno 5 Reports of al
leged Insurgent victories at Dlue
Holds and Rama have been filtering
Into Managua and those coupled with
tho movements of the Nicaraguan
forces under Generals Lara Godoy and
Chevarrlas have occasioned some
temporary alarm among tho adherents
of the government
President Madrlz today deemed it
advisable to issue an official denial
of theso reports and at the same time
he intimated If the government had
only tho Insurgents to deal with It
would have crushed tho revolution
long ago In his statement the presi
dent says
Tho report of Genoral Chevarrlas
defeat Is absolutely false For purely
military reasons his column which
wan operating against Rama was or
dered to fall back on Muelle De Los
Duoyon whore it arrived yesterday in
perfect order with all military stores
Owing to the difficulty of transport
ing provisions to the troops operat
ing at BluefleldB because of the heavy
rains Generals Lara and Godoys col
umns weer ordered to retire on El
Our military position Is entirely
advantageous as results will show
shortly If Blueflelds were only de
fended by tho revolutionists we would
have captured it long ago
In accordance with a determination
recently expressed to put down tho
revolutionary movement President
Mndrlz has issued orders looking to
the recruiting of soldiers In all the
western provinces and this work IB
being pushed forward with the ut
most energy with the Intention of
sending reinforcements to the troops
now at tho front
SEATTLE Wash June 5For tho
second time within a few months mem
bers of the Twentyfifth Infantry of
tho United States army tho negro
regiment of Brownsville fame were
paraded before a woman today In an
effort to pick out a criminal
The result BO far has been negative
as was tho case In the first affair
Mrs J W Redding the woman who
claims she was attacked in her homo
last night by a negro dressed as a
soldlor was unable to Identify any of
the soldiers as her assailant
Residents near Fort Lawton aro
greatly Incensed over the attack upon
Mrs Redding Her assertion that tho
negro wore a soldiers uniform has re
sulted In a movement t to petition con
gress to order the removal of the
Brownsville battalion from Fort Law
ton t
Although the throw officers claim
that tho man who attacked Mrs Red
ding was not a soldier they are care
fully investigating the acts of all tho
men who were uh enl from the post at
the time I
DES MOINES Iowa Juno 6 Par
ticipants In the slate primary cam
paign weary with almost ceaseless
speech making wore glad to be strict
Sabbatharlans today Everywhere
however the claims of the Republican
gubernatorial candidates and those of
aspirants In the seventh and ninth
congressional districts were eagerly
In these districts where Congress
men Hull and Smith respectively are
closely pressed by tho progressive
candidates and where the result will
be considered as having a national
bearing the campaign will bo waged I
up to tho last moment before the pri
mary Tuesday
Both Hull and Smith tho latter par
ticularly as a member of the Cannon
rules committee arc regarded by the
progressives as standing for all that
Is reactionary
The fight has been waged with great
Governor Carroll has complied an
automobile spellbinding toui and as
sorts he will win on Tuesday by a
majority of 35dOO
Warren Garsl the progressive can
didate claims a similar majority
CHICAGO June 5The legal corps
of twentyfive western rollroads will
meet here to devise a defense to the
government Injunction suit against
Increase In freight rates Gardiner
Lathrop general solicitor for the
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe called
the meeting and will bo In charge
The railroad lawyer will chooso
special counsel to take charge of tho
President E P Rlpley of the Santa
Fe President Delano of tho Wabash
President Felton of Chicago Great
Western and President Hughltt of tho
Chicago and Northwestern left today
for Washington to confer with Presi
dent Taft In an effort to have the
federal suit halted
thousand delegates from various
parts of tho United Slates arrived to
day and many taro are on the way
to participate In the celebration of tho
fiftieth year Jubilee of tho Augustana
Synod and Augustana college which
opened today and will close June II
Special trains from Minneapolis and
Kansas City brought hundreds To
morrow Bishop Voncehele personal
representative of tho king of Sweden
will arrIve
The highest prices paid for live
Or dressed poultry Ogden Fish
Poultry company 2626 Washington
PARIS Juno 4While semi of
ficial Vatican report deny that any
arrangement between the government
of Franco and tho Catholic church
over will bo possible without direct
negotiation with the Pono there are
the best of reasons for believing a I
considerable section of French Epis
copate continuous In Its endeavors to
Induce the vatican to modify Its In
translgonat attitude
Premier Briand the author of tho
separation law has always been anxIous
xious to restore religious peace In tho
country practical his only condition
being Insistence upon the churches
recognition of the separation as fait
accompli Under his inspiration con
cessions repeatedly have boon offered
which would give the church a legal
status but although a minority of
the Episcopate secretly was ready to
second his efforts the Vatican Invari
ably declined to give Its npproal
Beginning with the refusal to form
association Culluellefl which would
have neabled the church to retain all
of Its property efforts nt a concilia
tion have been repulsed Neverthe
less It Is Bald tho government stilt
hopes for a reconciliation and has ad
vised the French bishops that It Is
willing to treat with them but not
the Vatican upon the following points
Attribution of church property not
yet taken over legislation of semi
naries not presciibed by law reco
gnition oC Catholic schools as ecoles
llbres providing they are subject to
the control of Inspectors of tho acad
emy that Is permitting the academy
to interdict certain books without be
ing able to Impose upon the schools
All provided tho bishops accept tho
separation law and renounce claims
for tho future
Tho government has also let It be
underatoond that tho bishops can
submit the terms of the arrangement
to Rome for approval only insisting
that the agreement must be between
the government and tho French bis
hops and not between the French gov
ernment and the Pope
Cardinal Coulllcs recent visit to
Rome despite denials Is believed to
be connected with those so called
negotiations but nil the reports Indi
cate that the Vatican refuses absolu
tely to yield upon the main point
namely direct negotiations with
Send your guess on Ogden and We
ber County population to the Stand
ard office You may win ao high as
45 In gold coin
Tho first league game of base ball
was played yesterday at tho fair
grounds between Ogden and Murray
The score resulting In six to one In
favor of tho visiting team
A fairsized crowd of fans wore in
attendance and tho game was a fast
one a number of excellent plays be
ing made on both sides
Toner the new Ogden pitcher from
Springfield Illinois did some strong
work In the box and used the spit
ball for the first time in this locality
Had Toners support been somewhat
stronger It is probable that Ogden
would have won the game
Dad Glmlln electrified tho grand
stand with a brilliant catch In the last
half of the seventh Inning The ball
was a skyscraper which headed for
center field but Dad was there first
and mado good much to tho enjoy
mont of the local fans
Secretary Sanderson in comment
ing on the game said
Its too bad that Ogden had to
lose the first game but our defeat
was due largely to the fact that the
Murrayltca have been practicing
about six weoks and our boys have
had no opportunity on account of tho
races which have been held at the
ball purk for the last two woeks Our
numerous and costly errors lost the
game for us which of course wero
due largely to lack of practice Toner
Is a dandy and will make good I am
sure Wo play the Occidentals next
Saturday and Murray again next Sun
day I trust that wo may redeem our
selves on that occasion
THE jY Of G 99
FLORENCE Colo June 5A few j
bars In Iho key of G probably cost
tho right foot of J T Luny o cowboy
employed on a ranch near hero Luny
was sitting In front of a store hero
today when Al Johnson also a cowboy
passed by whistling a popular air
Lucy mechanically took up the refrain
Johnson angered by tho Impression
that Lunj was mocking him drew a
revolver and shot Luny In the right
fool Amputation probably will be
The White Squaw from the pen
of Miss Della Clark with her In the
title rolo pleasod a fair hut apprecia
tive audience at tho Ogden theater I
last night The piece Is one of the t
cleverest dramas of Its nature seen In
Ogden It contains sonic brilliant
lines and clever situations I
Miss Clark Is an artist hardwork
in band pleasing She gives an Inter
pretation of tho white girl who be
lieved herself to be an Indian until
she learned tho truth In a manner i
that bespeaks olumos for the amount I
of study that tho role had boon given
Mitchell Lewis ItS the Canadian i
trapper was very good as was WIK
Ham Klhmnu as the Indian chief Tho I
parts wero not overdone
John Glllow Florence May Grace I
Cahlll and Mlndel Kohmun worn good
In their respective roles E T S
A small but appreciative audience
at the Orphctim theater last night
witnessed the Initial performance i
The Girl of the Golden Wost the
best offering the Orpheum players
have appeared In since the opening of
their engagement In this city about
five weeks ago Tho play is given a
careful production by a capable com
pany Details In scenic effects arc
properly carried out
In the title role Irene Outtrim
gives an interpretation that compares
favorably with her characterization of
Nance Olden in In the Bishops Car
ridge She sustains the difficult por
trayal throughout the play
Noel Travers under whose direction
the piece Is presented makes a good
Jack Ranco the gambler and sheriff
Elmer Booth as Billy Jackrabbit
the Indian Is cleverly none
Verne Layton as the road ngonl was
at his best Ho was wellcast for the
Myna Ketchem did some clever
work In the role of the squaw
The supporting company was above
the average The piece will run the
remainder of the week with matinees
Wednesday and Saturday E T S
ROBBfO Of 50000
NEW YORK June tThat Wm A
Miner president of the William A
Miner company of Chicago was rub
bed of 50000 while en route from
Chicago to New York last Thursday
night became known here today
Detectives have been working on
he case
The money was In a traveling has
which he had at his side In the berth
In the sleeping car Ho did not dls
cover his loss until he reached his
home In New York
About half the sum was In tho
shape of a negotiable letter of credit
upon which payment has been stop
Judging from reports from the coast
the promoters of the JeffriesJohn
son bout are earning all that they will
get out of tho big show Rickard and
Gleason have been compelled to climb I
hurdle after hurdle ever since they I
secured tho big event The long argu
meet over holding the fight In Utah j
was succeeded by the difficulty In
icklug a site In California Then I
with Emoryvllle decided on came the
news this week that opposition strong
eiiought to drive them out of there
md developed
Tho promoters at this writing have
iractlanlly decided to hold the show
In San Francisco proper and It Is like
I y that this part of the program will
go through The city authorities are
said to he favorably dlsposod toward
the light and no great dlfllculty Is like
ly to be experienced In getting a per
mit for a 45round bout I
In the past bouts within the city
have been limited to 20 rounds and It
will now he ucccssary for the super
visors to tack on another 20 rounds to
this Commissioner Hergut himself
once identified with the ring had an
nounced that a permit would be grant
ed for the long route no that end of
the business can bo regarded as set
May Be More Fuss
It is not wa certainty that every i
thing will bo clear sailing as several
reform bodies renewed their activities
as soon as It was announced that the
bout would be hold within the city
limits However It Is not likely that
the light will be stopped as no less a
person than the governor of Cali
fornia has stated a number of times
that he himself cannot HOC how any
body can atop the light as long as the
club which runs it can got a license
from the city or village authorities
The laws of California permit limit
ed round boxing bouts but at the f
same time tho statutes do not explain
what constitutes a boxing match and
I what Is a prizefight Mayor McCarthy
of San Francisco has also announced
that he does not Intend to stop the
go eo that would seem to end the mat
ter l
With the place definitely fixed we
will soon have a lino on how It will
draw As the plans have been more or
less In the air ever since the lIghters I
signed followers of the sport have had
no chance to collect their wits My
own Information Is that moro people I
will journey to the big show from far
away points than to any other sport I
Ing event ever held Here In Denver
I know hundreds will move toward the
coast the out of June says MulcahY t
Hogan Special train service will bo
provided with all tho accommodations
offered by firstclass hotels and I am
told that the railroads will have a I
busy time filling all the orders
People from all over tho world will
bo at the ringside My Information Is
j that probably 100 will come from Aus
tralia alone and a good many moro
I thau that will Journey from Europe A
number of fight enthusiast In Great
I Britain headed by a number of noble
men have already engaged a speclnl
train which on the way out will run
through here As for points In the
United States practically every town
of any size will send a few Hundreds
will go from such centers as Chicago I
and New York
CHICAGO June 5States Attor I
I ney Wayman declared tonight that
Loo ONeill Drown state legislator ac r
cused of bribery In connection with
I the election of United States Senator
Lorimer will be placed on trial tomorrow r
morrow morning Drown declares
tho criminal court has no Jurisdiction I
Iin the case and two hours before his
trial Is scheduled he will appear In
the circuit court for hearing of a peti I
tion for a writ of habeas corpus
BROOKLYN June iPrince Tsui
Tao brother of the Chinese regent In
reply to an Inquiry has received dis
patches from Pokln confirming the j
disquietude at Nanking Tho dis
patches state however that tho re
ports are exaggerated that the cen
tai government maintains tho fullest
control of the situation which It dc s
not regard dangerous and that
most stringent precautions are being
taken I
How big Is Ogden Just guest You
may win a each prize I
u J D 1
There are no difficulties in being fitted with PACK
ARDS It is only to try PACKARDS and have a
genuine demonstration of true shoe worth and f
merit to find lasting friends for your feet rtf fits
Thousands of wearers realise this You w f ° jr
will need only one pair to convince you x
PACKARDS are better at the same price
which means that you are getting actual e
value for every cent expended
You cant afford to overlook the
N l rR 0 vO r OPlhtA10
I UtullPlL

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