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Ind Phone two rings No 69
Bell Phone two ring No 5 fl
Ind Phono ono ringNo CO
Boll Phone cno ringNo S3
Mr and Mrs J E Kendall of S7f
Twentyfifth street aro rejoicing over
tho arrival of a tenpound baby boy
at their home The new arrival hap
pened along on Thursday afternoon
Advertisers mct nave their copy tor
tko Evening Standard tho ovenlnt bo
taro tho day on vhlch lho advertise
ment Is to appear In ordor to insure
Utah Boys Leave AnnapolisTwo
Utah boys are member of the gradu
ating class of the United States naval
academy at Annapolis Md this year
They arc R C Leo son of W A Leo
of Salt Lake and Mcrvyn Bonnlou of
Vernon Utah Both young men have
been popular at the school and will
graduate with first honors Lee IB a
graduato of tho Salt Lako high school
Coal can tip Partor 8 Co for
rates on lump nut and alack
Eight Ask ClemencySix applica
tions for pardon and two for commu
tation of sentence will be conaldered
at Salt Lake by the state board of
pardons at the session next Saturday
The applications for pardon are from
James B Maxwell manslaughter A
M Anderson forgery Fred Howatl
burglary second degree James JIc
Cun Indecent exposure Clara Smith
robbery Thoso seeking commutation
of sentence are Benjamin Forman
burglary and T B Gibson embez
Call Allen pnones 22 for carriage
for funerals and oporao Private calh
t npeclalty Also prompt delivery of
lagtag = < 12 25th
Makco Burglars Drop Loot While
burglars were In tho net of departing
with money and Jewelry that thoy had
stolen In the residence of 0 W Bai
ley S75 Went Second South street at
Salt Lake Mr Bnlley appeared on tho
scene and grappled with the men
A struggle followed In which the
burglars made their escape bIll drop
pod most of tho loot
Get your Union Pacific and Oregon
Short Line tickets at tho office in tho
Opera Houso Block Dont force your
self to stand In lino at tho Depot
Burglars Neat Haul Burglars en
tered tho homo of H A Schartz 580
Hamilton court at Salt Lake last
night and secured about 3U In cash i
a diamond ring valued at 375 and Jew
elry amounting in value to about
COAL Call up Parker Co for
rates on lump nut and alaok Parker
Coal Co I
Kodak jflnlahlng Tripp 340 25th
t Every Claim is Backed by Local I
r Teotlmony
If the reader wnnLs stronger proof
than tho following statement and ex
perience of a resident of Ogden what
can It bo
J W Browning 681 22nd St Ogden
Utah says I believe tho exposure I
underwent at different times during
my life caused my kidney complaint
About ten years ago I felt the trouble
flat There was a pain in my back
especially severe when I overexerted i
myself About five years ago the doc I
tors told me I had diabetes and I be
lieved this to be true as my kidneys
wore In a terrible condition Tho kid I
ney secretions were unnatural and
filled with sediment and the passages
were entirely too frequent I was j
obliged to get up from ten to twelve
times during the night on account of I
this weakness and my health steadily
ran down I lost forty pounds In
weight and felt tired and listless My I
back palnod me a great deal and I
had rheumatism In my limbs A few
months ago J heard about Doans Kid I
noy Pllla and began their use Before
long I was in good health I Imvo In I
duced several of my friends to tako
Doans Kidney Pills and I know one
caso where the contents of two boxes
effected a complete cure From
statement given March 1907
Mr Browning was interviewed on
July 28 1909 and Raid Although I
nrn now seventyseven years of age
mv health Is excellent I havo never
had an attack of kidney trouble since I
Dooms Kidney Pills cured mo When
ever I have the opportunity I glvo
this remedy my endorsement as I
consider It to be a specific for kidney
and bladder dltllcultles
For sale by all dealers Price 60 I
Remember the nameDoansand
take no other
Account Y M Y L M L Asso
ciation meeting Tickets on BRio via
Oregon Short Line June 2nd to 5th I
Inclusive good returning until Juno
15th Tickets on salo at City Ticket I
Office 2511 Washington Avenue
Send your guess on Ogden and We
ber Countys population to the Stand
ard office You may win ao high as
46 In gold coin
An Interesting latter hns been re
ceived from Joseph Scow croft who Is
touring Europe with his family The
letter states that the Ogdcnltes
stopped at Zurich Switzerland whoro
I they passed several days with the
Utah boys who arc laboring In the
missionary Held at that point
They visited with Thomas McKay
who Is In charge of tho Swiss and
German missions and Dow Browning
son of Chief of Police DrownIng Will
I Driver and Will Wright all of Ogden
Tho Ogden boys wore taken for sev
eral automobile rides and were treat
ed to a trout and chicken dinner
I which was greatly appreciated Time I
boys work are said to bo doing excellent
I Leaving Switzerland the Scowcroft
party proceeded by a circuitous route
to OberAmmorsau where they at
I tended the first performance of the
1910 Passion play
Description of Passion Play
Regarding this celebrated produc
tion a clipping from the London
I Dally Mall which wan enclosed with
j the letter says
I Tho first regular performance of the
Passion Play which Is presented
every ton years took place today In
I glorious weather very different from
tho wintry conditions of tho dress re
hearsals when the thinlyclad actors
suffered Intensely from the cold In the
j openair theater
The auditorium holds over 1000
j people but BO many visitors have
I come that a second performance1 will
he held tomorrow Yesterday tho
j Papal Nuncio celebrated mass in tho
I parish church and announced a mea
cage of greeting from the pogo This
Is tho first time the play has been
officially recognized in this manner
I although Anton Lang was received in
I audience by tho pope after his per
I formance as Chris tUB In 1900
l Everything points to an enormous
Influx of peoplo throughout the sum
l mer rooms and tickets being booked
I months ahead
The day began with a festival macs
I at the parish church which all tho
players attended for the days per
I formance to many a matter of moro
curiosity Is to them a high religion
ceremony They knelt there men
women and children with nothing to
distinguish them from the inhabitants
of other Bavarian villages except the
long hair of tho men and boys and
something solemn and dignified In
tholr bearing and the expression of
their faces Thero were carvers and
potters bakers and carpenters and
shoemakers woodsmen day laborers
road cleaners and their sisters and
4000 Spectators
By S oclock the 1000 spectators
hart found their places in the great
theater which Is merely a vast shel
ter upheld with arched girders and
filled with rows of plain seats sloping
gradual up to the buck In front It
Is quite open and the stage fills tho
whole width which Is about 140 feet
In the middle of it some little dis
tance back Is the fine massively built
proscenium enclosing a secondary
roofedin stage on which the tableaux
are set and some of the chief scenes
take place On cither side Is an arch
way through which are seen the
streets of Jerusalem and beyond these
again aro the houses of Pilate and
Annas with flights of steps leading up
to their loggias Tho stage Is closed
In with cloisters and the whole has a
very handsome and spacious effect
The pinecovered mountains rise to
the right of the stago buildings and
the blue or cloudy sky is over all
The chorus which comments on and
explains the scenes all through moves
apart and the curtains are drawn
aside for tho first tableau A bright
angel with a flaming sword Is driving
Adam and Eve girt with white sheep
skins and cowering together from tho
Garden of Eden We are shown the
fall of man and Immediately after
wards In the second tableau tho
promise of ultimate redemption A
group of children and young girls
decked with flowers stands and kneels
in adoration of the cross while the
sun shines out through a rent in tho
gloomy clouds Nothing could exceed
tho beauty of these living pictures I
have seen nothing to surpass them on
any stage
Then comes the first great scene of
tho play Filling the streets of Jeru
salem comes a crowd singing and
shouting and waving palm branches
They tire dressed In all manner of
colors they arc of all ages from
white haired old men to limy children
and there are many hundreds of thorn
In tholr midst is the figure of Christ
surrounded by his dlsclplos riding on
an ass led by the youthful Apostle
John He dismounts and sllontl
blesses the children Dressed l n a
long loosculeeved bluish trey gar
ment with a red cloak thrown over his
shoulder and draped about his figure
he might have stepped out of one of
the old pictures known to every getter
atlon of childhood The crowd Is an
eastern crowd and their continues
elaborately realistic but Christ and
tho apostles arc figures of n different
age tho universal age created by the
great religious painters of the past
Tho control stage shows the traders
with their merchandise In tho temple
Christ rebukes them overthrows tho
tables of the moneychangers frees
time dovoH which fly Into the open air I
and drives the traders away with a
scourge of cords Tho angry traders I
complain to one of the priests of the
temple and the hatred and envy that I
are to culminate In tho scene of the
crucifixion aro set In motion
The Crucifixion I
Tho first half of the play which
l lasts for four hours ends with the I
OhoerfulnoBs and a bright disposition during tho months before baby comes
aro among the greatest blessings a mother can bostow upon the little life about
to begin Her happiness and physical comfort vrtll largely govern tho proper
development of tho health and uatnro of the child Mothers Friend contributes
much to tho mothers happiness and health by tho relief and mental comfort it
oils and medicines which
affords It is a liniment composed of penetrating
lubricate the muEclcs and tendons of tho body sootho tho swollen mammary
Hands cause A gradual expansion of tho skin and tissues and aid in tho roUot
lessens tho pain and
of nausea Tho regnlar use of Mothers greatly
danger when baby comes and assures a quick and natural recovery for tho
mother Mothers Friend IB sold at drug stores Write for our freo book con
taming valuable Information for expectant Mothers
arrest of Jesus in the Garden of
GetUBernane We have had long tlcon < s
In the Snnhedrlu we have soon the
anointing by Mary Magdalene at tho
supper in the house of Simon and the
moving forward of the mother of
Jesus at Bethany wo have had the
solemn jjcene of the last supper which
reproduces marvelously the picture by
Leonardo da Vinci and the agony
on the Mount of Olives With the
second part bcglnn the lone series of
trials In which Christ Is brought llrst
before Annas then Culaphas then the
Sanhedrln Pilate and Herod and PI
lato again when he Is at last con
demned Wo see the buffeting the de
riding the scourging the way of the
Cross with Simon of Gyrene and St
Veronica and finally the terrible scene
of tho crucifixion which so slow In
tho action does not come until three
hours after the commencement of the
second part
This wonderful scone lasts for twen
ty minutes The deep silence that falls
over the massed audience and
thy sobs that can be heard continually
speak for UK soulsearching realism
The figure nailed to tho cross with
the crown of thorns on the bleeding
brow the pierced side the wordn of
tenderness and forgiveness the cry
of agony and the stillness of death
arc poignant almost beyond bcarlnp
and tho slow descent from tho cross
reproducing with the long swathes of
linen the picture of Ituhons and the
laying of the body of Christ on the
knees of his sorrowing mother can
not he described In words
It Is tho acting of these villagers
that in most remarkable They seem
one and all to hare been born to It
In the scenes whoro the hulk of thorn
arc on the stage n wonderfully nat
ural effect Is gained by the way In
which they move and talk to one an
other and are never still or stiff Of
the chief characters Anton Lang feels
hlB great part so deeply that ho Is be
yond ordinary criticism Johann
wink who takes the part of Judas
for the third time having played the
Apostle John in his youth makes his
thankless part ono of tho most re
markable In the play No ono who has
seen hit suspicious aloofness his
traitors kiss his dawning remorse and
final despair can ocr forget them
It Is no wonder that the Passion
ploy draws crowds to OborAmmorgau
from all over the world There Is
nothing to ho seen like it anywhere
else and so say all who move out Into
the evening sunlight when It Is over I
Thoy have sat through Its scenes for
over eight hours and there are few
who would not ho willing to see It nil
over again
Late estimates of the percentage of
recoveries under the new emollient
treatment for Brlghts Disease arc as
Where patient Is much Wenkened
and crises may bo expected In from
five to ten days probably not moro
than 10 per cent to 20 nor Clot re
cover Whero physicians aid with
efforts to restrain fatal symptoms this
percentage Is Increased In case
where patients have from thirty to
Bjxty days of life tho efficiency Is
very much higher
Where patients do not wait until
bedridden probably three fourths
And in cases that take the new
emollient treatment on tho appear
ance of tho disease nearly nine out
of ten respond
Albumen Casts and dropsy do not
prevent recovery Tho point Is that
the Renal Inflammation should be at
tacked before the heart and physical
system are broken down
The now emollient treatment is
known as Fultons Renal Compound
It can be had In Ogden at Wm Driver
C Son Drug Co
We desire every patient to write
UB who Is not noting the usual Im
provement by the third week Liter
ature mailed free Jno J Fulton Co
CI5 Battery St San Francisco Cal
Wo invite correspondence with phy
sicians who have obstinate cases
Trunk Lines to Withdraw
All Present Rate
plete agreement between the govern
ment and the recently enjoined rail
roads of the Western Trunk Line as
sociation was reached at a White
House conference which lasted more
than four hours thin afternoon The
railroads agree to withdraw all ralo
Increases filed to be effective on or
after June 1 and agreed to file
no more Increases until tho bill
In congress that gives the Interstato
commerce commission power to In I
vestigate and ouHpend Increases be
comes a law and Is In operation
President Taft thereon stated that I
the administrations purpose In bring
ing the injunction suit had been ac
complished and that the suit would he
discontinued Tho discontinuance will
not be entered however until after
the new railroad law Is signed
The belief was expressed tonight
that all the other railroads of thin
country that have filed Incrcanud
rates will have had such a plan under
consideration will abide by tho agree
ment reached today with the twenty
four railroads named ns defendants In
the Hannibal suit
At a conference at the Whlto House
tomorrow President Brown of the Now
York Central President McCrea of the I
Pennsylvania and other officials rehire
sontlng roads In the eastern and emir
tral territory will participate That
they will hold up the proposed In
creases until after the now law be
comes effective Is taken for granted
here tonight
Every one connected with todays
conference seemed gratified over the
All that President Taft has desired
Is that tho Interstate commerce com
mission have authority to Investigate
time Increases In rates to determine
whether they are Justified by condi
tions and aro just to tho shippers
This power IB to ho conferred under
the new law
Tho railroads on tbq other hand It
U pointed out are to bo rollevpd of
embarrassing litigation are assured of
n square deal when tholr case Is
presented to the Interstate commerce
commission and are free lo resume
tho contracts for uu rovomentu and
extensions which they threatened to
cancel hnd the court proceedings con
The new railroad bill contains a
clause that gives It effect sixty days
after being signed by the president
It will be necessary to make the pro
vision as to the supervision of rates
by the Interstate commerce commis
sion Immediately effective and for this
reason the president Indicated tonight
It would be necessary to semi the bill
hack to conference
President Taft summoned throe
members of the cabinet to sit with
him In conference with the four rail
road officials who reached the While
House at 3 p m Attorney General
Wlckeraham hail all along been in
There was some surprise however
whfn the president sent for Secretary
Knox and Secretary Nagel Later
Chairman Knapp and Mr Lane of the
Interstate commerce commission were
summoned It was 705 p in when
the conference adjourned Then the
following statement was prepared and
given out
E P Rlploy president of the At
chison Topeka and Santa Fe railroad
Walter D Hines acting chairman of
the executive committee Atchison To
pokn and Santa Fo railroad company
Frederick A Delano president of tlir
Wabash Railroad company and S M
Follou president of tho Chicago
Great Western Railroad company a
committee representing the twenty
four railroad companion defendant In
a suit brought by the government In
Missouri In which Judge Dyer granted
an Injunction restraining Increases In I
roles mot the president and the at
torney gcnornl today pursuant to a
request sent to tho prsldent a few
days ago I
Tho president stated to theso son
tlemen at the oittsct that the purpose
of the suit was to prevent the propos
ed rate Increases which under the I
existing law could not hn investigated II
at all until after they hnd become ef
fective so as to preserve the statue
until tho now statute could bo passed I
and the commission could have the
power to Investigate rate advances as
soon as announced and before becom I
ing effective
He stated further that ho thought I
the railroad companies must with
draw the tariffs enjoined and all other
tariffs filed by them effective on or
after Juno 1 1910 and that none of
them ought to file new tariffs Invoh
leg rate advances until the new law
should he passed assuming that It
would be passed at the present ses
sion of congress
After conferences the railroad com
panies announced that they would
adopt the views expressed by the
president and thereon the president
stated that If they did so his purpose
In bringing the suit would be accom
plished and such result being ac
complished ho saw ni occasion for
pressing tho suit and the same would
he withdrawn
The rato Increases specified In the
Injunction suit against the railroads
In the western association did not coy
mission The railroads today how
ever agreed to withdraw all he in
creases planned for Juno 1 or after
A number of Increases put Into effort
during the last tow months will not
come under the agreement For In
stance the increased rato on live
stock effective last March will not
be affected The Important increases
however and the ones of which the
shippers chiefly complained worn
those scheduled for June 1 and after
The railroad presidents In confer
ence with Mr Taft put up a lengthy
argument They claimed thoy had
been misrepresented as to their hav
ing been anything clandestine about
their agreeing upon or filing the new
rates Tney claimed they had sent
written notices to the shippers and 1
even had tho receipts of certain of the
shippers who had denied over having j
received such notices Finally they
declared that the < Increased rates had
been flied in the same manner as the 1
interstate commerce had approved of
the lust ten years
The presidents told President Taft I
incidentally that they had been ad i j
vised by counsel that the govern
monts Injunction suits could not he
sustained The president replied ho I
was willing to chance that and that
ho thought the best way for the rail i
roads was to withdraw their In
crease It was then that the settle
ment was reached
The highest prices paid for live
or dressed poultry Ogden Fish 1r 1
Poultry company 2G2G Washington
CHICAGO June Charging It
has boon defrauded out of about 2
000000 on repair work in four years
the Illinois Central Railroad com
pany filed suit for an accounting
against four of Its former officials in
the circuit court here today The
railroad companys bill which alleges
conspiracy to defraud names the fol
lowing men I
Orlando S Keith former superin
tendent of transportation
Joseph B Bucker former assistant j
superintendent of tho car machinery <
William HonHliaw former superin
tendent of machinery
John M Taylor former general
In connection with these charges
against Its former officials the Illi
Ii i f
> Temperance Is the Principal < z r
and Practice of Moderation
P 1
The Germans have drank beer for two thousand years
4H and have promoted health and temperance by habitual moder fi
ation Beer is universally recognized as the most wholesome r
fr and refreshing table beverage Physicians are daily proving
a this by recommending
I BEER r a
The Beer With Rich Creamy Taste
12 Let us emphasize again the bencfiis of having this beer
just as it comes from the even temperature of the Brewery
I > ve deliver it to your dealer just as it should be to retain the rich >
creamy consistancy that the brewing gave it and he delivers j t l
vec to you in that condition e shipped in beers cannot have 6 >
the same delicate aroma
Keep a Bottle Near the Ice C
For a Few Days Only Your Choice of the Cream
of the Lots in Beautiful I
c Lots on Washington Ogden and Adams Ave = F
nues between 37th and 38th streets Sightly
location rapidly building up Close to car line r
and city water No city taxes I
Prepare to own a home Buy the floes now while they are cheap
and build when you are able
Call Upon or Phone
t > J1 l tj7 ai = r > r > diII
nols Central Railroad declares In its
bill that these concerns profited In
alleged overcharges on car repair
work In the following amounts
Tho Blue Island Equipment com
pany 400000
The American Car and Equipment
company 100000
Osterman Manufacturing cmpany
Thu Memphis Car company 300
The International Car company
The railroad also filed suits for an
accounting against the West Pullman
Car company and against the Ameri
can Car and Equlpmont company
The action follows months of Inves
tigation by the railroad company and
numerous rumors of aQ alleged graft
ring in the Illinois Central Rail
road The bill against the four for
mer department heads allege that the
men entered Into a conspiracy in June
of woe and that from that date until
April 1910 the railroad company was
defrauded out of nearly 2000000 The
defendants arc alleged to have repre
sented to tho corporation that the
companys repair work could be done
more cheaply by Independent concerns
than at the railroads own shops I
When contracts were given curtain I
Independent concerns tho bill charges i
the railroad company began paying a
long series of large overcharges from I
which certain superintendents are
declared to have secured thousands of
The bill against the four former
officials says that the four defendants
caused cars to be sent for repairs to
repair concerns controlled in whole
or In part by Keith Bukor Reushaw
and Taylor
SEATTLE Wash Juno hPriyato
Nathaniel Bledsor of company D
Twent fifth Infantry was positively
Tree Tea
is Uncolored and complies
with all Pure Food regulations
A tea to be high quality must be first crop
must be mountain growir mustbe uniform j
Tree Tea is i
J first crop
s Vov mountain grown = ri
5J always uniform rIP > I i
Be won of imitations f J
TY r WY 1
Many omen
s 4 wino are
I Splendid Cooks
I dread having to prepare an elab
1 orate dinner because they are
vi not sufficiently strong to stand
over an intensely hot coal
q range This is especially true
in summer Every woman
1 takes pride in the table she sets
i r but often it is done at tremen
dous cost to her own vitality
through the weakening effect of
cooking on a coal range in a
hot kitchen
Rele Bcsurc
CaaUoniry It is no longer necessary to wear
you get thU stove se
that tho name ploti yourself out preparing a fine dinner
cadsNOW Perfection Even in the heat of summer you can
cool a large dinner without being
worn out
Ne i7 PeFt tiQn
iLICc tLY J lS r ti W J
Oil CQgkstove
Gives no outside heat no smell no smoke It will cook the biggest dinner
without hearing the kitchen or the cook It is immediately lighted and Immedi
ately extinguished It can be changed from u slow to a quick fire by turning a
handle Theres no drudgery connected with it no coal to carry no wood to chop
You dont have to wait fifteen or twenty minutes till its fire gets going Apply a
light and itc ready By simply turning the wick up or down you get a slow or an
Intense heM on the bottom of the pot pan kettle or oven and nowhere else It
has a Cabinet Top with shelf for keeping plates and food hot drop shelves for
coffee teapot or saucepan and even a rack for towels It caves time worry
health and temper It does all a woman needs and more than she expects Made
with 12 and S burners the 2 and 3burner sixes can be had with or without
Cabinet I
Eittj UciJ tr CTtrjnhert U net at yours tralte for I > a ct1pUTi Circular ho r earcrt aJ r ae j of tbl I
ConOnesaia Oil Company
c u
Identified today us tin man who at
tacked Mrs J W Redding nt her
homo mme it Fort Lawton Saturday
night Thi final Identification was
inane uv Airs Redding s l1Ine ynar old
daughter Eva who witnessed the at
tack and whose screams frightened
the man away niedacr is the soldier
who was ordered 4arrestesi yefitorday
by Lieutenant Colonel Mlllur com
manding the regiment when evidence
began to accumulate that ho was con
noctcd with the assault
BledHer was taken before Mrs Red
ding three times ostcrdny and was
pointed out ig resembling the man I
who made the attack upon her To
day he was again brought put and
was taken before the child who Van
positive that he was tho ncgrp soldier
who visited the Redding homo
BledHor who was placed In the
guard house Sunday afternoon Is now
being hold In solitary confinement He
protests Innocence lie Is Mn his
fourth year of service in the army
Colonel MJIlor Informed The Associ
ated Preset tonight that Blrdsar will
be dealt wlth strictly According to the
law He said ho had not Investigated I
the Wahln ton statutes yet and un
til bo boil limo lo imio nn invoitlRn
I lion of the legal stops to be token hr
could not say whether the soldier
would be turned over to the civil an
thorltles for punishment or would lc
dealt with first by a military court
At a mass meeting held b > the ro
dents of the Ititerbay district lo
night resolutions oro adopted df
manding tho Immidlato removal ut
the twentyfifth Infantry from For i
Copies of thin resolutions will lv >
sent to each of the Ronaiors and rep I
resentatives from this state with a
request that they take tho matter up
with the war department at once
Mr A T AVood proprietor of tic
Oxford Cafe has purrhiibod the con
fectionery and bakery hiiplnesK of n
I Krlckson illl 2Uh St Mr Wood
will conduct the business on the sumo
lines aa formerly run and In connr
tlon will have furnished rooms up
Ho will also continue to eerce his
many friendsat tho Oxford Cafe
How big lo Ogden Just guess You
mAY win a cash prize

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