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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1902-1910, June 11, 1910, Part Two, Image 10

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I 1
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IW r 1
lilt 1Sses
1rJj i Q + I
i i
Card Case and Bags Arc
Modelled A ccordtng to One s r
n rz s
Own Design
NCI the fashion ling been to I
by lL lIumber of girls of royal
2 gnJlish fambncr for len ther deco
ration the art leis tnlcn on n
flew imtlettts and lilcwl81 come
what of n nett turn nnefle r
book nnlt mlInltc coven + limn pillow
and the like are lUll as popular ns ever
the former particularly ao fllncc Ihix
nnmor nearly every one is eontJnplnt
lug a pilgrimage 10 OhlrnmmfrCnl1 but
tlw nest rhatelaknn bags with hand
wrought nJttn mountings have quite
taken the youthful flllle and some iwr
fatly stunning llOllie6 are being mnlle
Iings of nIl iorls nre to he worn on
the belt this season not only those In
Elira ethan tlllln lint the new lncl I
velvet elm lulu ims wit Iilnr and gold
1II01l1ltiDliI and rho less complex snedc
leather hal elo ely rscmbJinl sonic of
Ow Indian Jntldiworl Taken then III
to other however none can surpass tIlose
of tooled modelled or illuminated Ilnther
in tho point of rarity Iud intrinsic heauly
PrrhnpS ate flf the most exquisite just
frtiished Is done on a 11Ic111 hlllT smooth
finished lenlhcr and mounted in copper
which io 10 treated nJol to give tint green
ish tinge indirnlive of age such ns h seen I
III the ancient metal dug IIJ nmopg the
ruillJ of omrwi or found in the tombs
of the ancient grptiuu
In this particular Ini trance the copper
blend admirably with the dein partly I
I rora phil and whlh by the way Is
most nlllHmnl since it Was copied from
tllo coverlet anal In tile coffin ot tlle
patron Faint of DnmJr whlell was
WOln by the Snmcln WIIIlr of tIle
elfnth century nut which 15 now in thc
HIYJ 3tuFCUuin Copcnhngrn Ilinmi
liat1 In gold with the design worked out
in brown and green to match the metal
il k mast intricate and inclllc1ea UUlUerOI1 i
IIH1tifl common to the ancient foes of
tIll early hrisliulI Quilt curious is
the style in WhiCh this bag is 1II0untt
tiucl it hJ concave instead of convex ItS
usunlly ii the cane hill this Jifferellce is
of immense valoewhen the ling IF opened 1
as it gives freer necest 10 tile contents 4
For the girl who scorns for acetify i
the fielll is III ntlmiralJle OIW since so
many possibilities art opened tip III I
leather decoration It ahvays DllpenlH to
woven ghee it 111 so closely IIJliyd to Ihc I
di eoratiou of the home It wars n woman
tho lrincCl Louise Marchioness of
Logue Inter the Dudes of trryll who I
rrvIved the work ib EnJI1II11 some Ytlll
age offer she hurl seen wblt women I
weer loinS ill this contry Slim visited I
n1l1jld pieces for table and bureau
rovers t111 he Nought If n girl find the
designing more llilliellt than the CWill
It is also iossible to purchlllU strilll
4hosvhug Uw exact colors to fist i a
sliatoil 01 Persian effect IJe e61rNI
Ihe lIlilf advnntnge ill canvas over
chintz fir any kiwI of sill ii that It iii If
nnrlhiJl ihtptoved with every gashing
Jhr nil white corerthnt Is white cans
Ions or heavy linen or duckembroidered
ill white Hoot Hn cxrelllnt while for II
rOUll 11Jorntc1 ill the ftlilliolJuble oft
brown or fawn color natural colored linen
tnubrohlered ill whltl is sure to look WIII
SOIllC girls arc IIOW busily eugnged iu
lIIukin long strips of Irish lace anti dlf
crept kinds of thread lace tunnH
which cOIuhlllell with canvas make uch
mart bureau and Inblo Clel1l Filet
lain ift still used for this purpose but
t Iun IS 101ll1IID l more In lemUJld just
now while the costliness of Irish net
beeps it front too cIIIrI IIISC Imitllion
IrisiL 1m inntter how gond Is less to be
oijirCfl than ally other kiud of uJaebtuc
olllife lace
All excellent sutuncr occupation would
he the ntnlill or a set of bureau table
Dull clIhioll corers for the city bedroom
whkh is perhaps to he dODC over for the
roaiug winter If the lace it tft lIc Lund
flirt or nil nud then wodod into its tilt
fNln pirct2 there i14 good fOUl months
wrh ill nHltlJJlIItI i
l 1 11111111101ll lHIJNtHJ ill JuIJlhlr ob i
K1 U D y IlN I l t A 1 f H 8t i > L J j T HE pj r r =
4 r I IIJ DI C Q TQA 1 u R O 1 k I iLJ f J
Santa Barbara aI here the Mexican
ltooled leather 15 5lL11 ill slIeh perfection
IvM it IIS away lurch in Spain hat mell
I were rc II1nlhlo for its origin
It tens between the fourteenth and Hf
teentlr o nlllrieH that leather work first
became known and it hell constituted
OJ1 of the chief IInlllgtrics ill Cordova
Bnrclllllla anti Seville It wns Iwlll ill
melt high repute that any mllll clllurinl
tlw proffision wns first obliged 10 11111
nil ftuuinnlillu as 10 his ability hefure
fll could get a license to work Novices
In fnrl were required 10 have n three
years apprentieesbip before they could I
enter the fell
From Spain thc art spread to Italy I
thence to 1 rnnce nud the Xetherlllnllfl
and 1111 nil the arts and crafts hne found
n fertile lield In Norway Sweden nllll
Denrnntl it was taken 111 there and pur
sued to the point of great lllrfectlon I
11 will be interesting to girls who have
taken up the work to know thlll there
arc some rare specimens of old Cordovan
leather in the Cluny 1luseunt ill unit
md when they are on till Continent hiM +
summer they can cxnmillt the method
itnll style and ret points to adapt to their
own hllmhler trorts
111 till curly dads most of the leather
decoration was painted and related to
wall hangings tutu uphoLstery Today
while some very handsome screens and
quite COJJJfllicat but if you will seek
to otalyze the requirements for any sort I
of effort most of these IlIulities will be I
found essential 00110 can 110 any rood
work without concentrating his whole
mind ou it i
I think U steady hued is cue of the
primal rlluilitcli In heather modelling for
the reason that x Guise stroke Cnl1J1ot Lei
corrected IIR it can ill PUillUlIl but Ihist
Canvas Bureau and Table Covers
I gkV1 canvas nl1turnl color white
I 1 or in n tone 10 correspond with the
furni hint of II room is jllll now
much ill rogue for use n8 tnile ocr
IlIIrnli coyer oral bedspread
Ihe plain color bordered with n deep
white fringe are extremely pretty hilt
tine white 01 tint utral colored Sllllnrp land
clllhroilere in Millie simple eIn with
1111111 scnIlullcl1 borders is nlso extremely
III euutroulcry iterI iR llOlhiu easier
than working IIIon eamlIiI with its eJI
crosybnr5 10 JO by 1 girl call readily
urn 5S het OWII design and work It out
This kunl of cmhroiJlr is also nice work
fur 1IU1l11lr a1 il is the least nervous of
nil sewiiI IInll gnus very rapidly wllno
the worker whiles awayy the but hours in
chairs are covered with the illuminated
decorative leather yet it II mainly In tile
smaller articles of homcbod decoration
that womeu arc now vitally Interested
However if ono desires to go furlller there
Ire always the examples of the fine old
Cordovan heather n6 011 incentive to moro
ambitious effort
An expert in hnnd mod jewelry nil
metal work hand u 1caln nN well as thin
heathen decorating and many wore of the
arts and crafts declares that to make the
chntelniue bags or indeed nllS of thc
other nrtlces morlellrd in leather is not
dillienIt to dtl
Ou the contrary scys she eJJcolr
nxingly it is quite illlple hut like nil
the arts and emits the work requires ac
curacy confidence a steady bund and
JlcrHislDCl All thin 1 kllow sounds
1 jeet very much worth while for the smn t
mol sewing J11l1llsoJUe embroidered
linen Irilllmccl with n neatly goed quad
tty lOule n spread whidl will be nn Ol
jttnrneut hl any room but will be too COitl
I a possession for almost any girl ulIlf i
she can nllllo the spread entirely lrenclf
If the lace he bonht there is great room
I for IlIlllIullr ill tlJc nfJtlylu oC n pat
torn till design of couru having 10 be
I worked one iu reference tl tIll amount of
lace Often n illllle wreath of hUIII 1111
I hrolder con III undo to take the place of1
u lace medallion
Peon though U hnndgomo bclIliprcl
may take years In thc nmlduJ it is U
thiJlJ which every stet should want lu
IloJoel Every stitch will shuts the tillle
and Ollll it is finished Ii 11Iilllllrla1 can
lie used year in year out for perlln1 a
lifetime It will never go out If fashion I
arlll can be used appropriately with any
style of furniture
J Convenience for Ocean Travel
X crossing tIle UCCUII It is desirable to
1 hare aU the little things in daily use
ilK eon enienthy placed its possible for
Iwhcn the boat is
i unsteady cues loud lf
rapt to te the same and it dues not iru
proro mutters to lIe obliged tn fumble
0111 the cOlltcmt of u lIuJIIJlJll or till
tray of a tlleuuwr trunk 10 lied the j
uiceded articles no jf it possible 10 lay I
them out oli oar can 011 lnhd for 1 slight
storm wnulll cause them 10 scatter 10
jWe four corncMI of ale stuleronna A
I IWIo little case for tlllsc thins CUll bo
iiirade or lillenwhito or coloredor of
tlowerusd chintz i
i Illcce iH eat out iu square shape tlll1
K strip iN lnlll over thc middle rcetioul
Ilud divided illlo IIIIecul1 spaces to fil the
brush comb loath brush whisk broom
and any otlwr little things lhut mil be
l found ncecesury to the traveller The
C11J11f ran be bound with colored ribbon
lor wIth white linen tupe the letter ue
log more practical 1111 it crashes well The
I ribbon or tope HllOUId be tillhed across
till lower tilde of tIll middle PClinll thin
i compact utorats of which are divided Lv
rows or plain or feather tltitclllllJ i
i 1ihcn ill uw it CUll 1tO boat 011 tlwnU
I bCrtW eyes by the think hllttonlloe8
which arc worked 011 the upper edge
I Suspended ill this way by the side of the
wnHh6tllU it will only sway bad find
I fortIl iu rough wltllllr and will Dot scat
ur the articles ubolll
I When not in use hc upper and lower
sports hutton tosclll and tlc lllIle yon
cihe rolled UII 31111 n lilllOU compass and I
tiell with rib ouo that me attached 10
I the buck or the case It iK by baring
thou little matters arranged in a IIrnl i
Ucal and JUTnlut fashion that much I
ot the discomfort ot ocean travel Is
Inoillcd j
A Baedeker Cover in Hand Tooled Leather I
applies ns welt tn wood 1II11IlIIn al
though in that case there is always the
h05sibility of chumming the design sonic
what 10 corer UII ones usistukes I ho
lIet itat this nerd for Ihollll accuracy
hits a moral effect on the worker for it
UIIllis to all till uctg of ones life lit
tubes Cllnllot IIq rectified 1 Iont mean
10 IIllIrnli7 but 1 cOIIIIIt help lira win
tIll comparison
Ittght ill lilll with tlii idea I ntight
sny that lhytilellII htrvo discovered tlllll
a therapeutic ulue exists in this craft
anti trey ore therefrc recolllllwnllill i t
to nrrUlix girls and nuuty of uuy privat e
pupils ore under the doctors erne stiffer
I ill from flint IJopulnr malady neural
tliloniu It is NJid that IliIllll u ening
j lint u similar effcct but that is laid to
the soft whirr oC the loom which IIIIJ II
soothing effect in this work It must be
the shuttle fact of getting the patient com
I pletel absorbed In a Illillile occupation
fur assuredly Ulerc is plenty of eXCIIIO
for complete concentration ill decorating
i heather
I Tn III it cJommt rellllire a Inmendous
outlay for II dozen tool will Ill all Ihat
are required and night lessons will start
any girl on the road to IIIIJllclllu ilhmli
nntkng nud coloring tIll leather by her
self and there Is always the Itisfactiou
lira I flit result CIIII never ht satisfactorily I
ill a IIlIwllllle 1IIlle article
jhu trunk dotty by hand always hats II
crispness and 11I artistic lllIe which
thin Mont by Ulnellin CIIII never Ios < e s
I It is n sltuple process tits first trick
being tfo moisten the lea Ur well until
it ill llinblt This is stretched over t
board the letter laid on n low cubic S
warble stab ill substituted for 111I1II11ill
I he unihuesed lea thur Kill impression
pnpurtncked over the naalerlul tile de
sign is drawn using the pointed cud IIC
In modellill tool II
1n outlining tool hullmer and three
round 1111I1L1U are the tools most lIeCIS
N11 of the favorite old fairy tate s
0 commCIlClf with the stun of lit sc
christening of a little princess and
tells how till the fnlrles cluster round the
cradle to hsiow thick various gifts ot
chnrm tact deorno goodness beauty
helllth wealth tCc upon the baby
Good look and os ery form of hrilllalJct
are showered upon the royal infnnt but
10 their list should luc been added n
keen Bower or osenton Iftis Illstl
qualify lIr1I1S with It Inlinite pleasure to I
its tOSCHIIOr lnd rightly user call make 1
wore for poplllnrlt than any other trait i
I Almost every characteristic hinges to I
11 certain degree upon a power of obsuerya
ion 4 t sense oC humor nlllullnbi to lit
lIe lu nu uuobscrrnnt person while lie I
girl who COIl never remember a deer face
for moro than a few moment would bet I
ter never IIlIlll a 11110011I
i II HlllrfYin coucentratiotr and ohierm I
I tiuu go haud In bond La IrllllIiuJ a
IIerson who has not either a natural or Iso
a well miuetl power of Ob61iu must I
forfeit hull at leant oi the benefit oC the
lgnin n girl who cannot buy rcelessly
jar hare as much expcuded as she srutdd
like ill the rllutlinl of her hOllle call
achieve wonderful lSIIItK nt astonishing
ly slIIlIlI Cost tiS observing crcfulby all i
the nest little accessories Oil her frients
gowns and cOJ1yin thllII herealf or trait
ling her maid rcCnlly jll tIll way of tLo
ruetbods uf the wall trrtlJlid IIt1 naturally 1
r superior type of maid in her friends ell
If 0 girt rinds herself absolutely InckiJJ
ill power of OLClatiou it iil gedcrtll y
because sIll In so absorbed within her
self that she forgets even to lie interetc
I ill whlt is goiu Oil IIbolil her Silo wHl
walk down townmatte n purchase in a
I store and Jot be able to tllI of ont thillg
slim has Been Oil thin way there or back
I Wornc yet this girl nay sit nil titrouI i
a lllllller talking all the time to her part
nee nud out recognize him the follow in
Fortunately IIn immeut amount callLe
acquired 10 the stay of obwrllI and re
uemberfnl I1urons nail occurrences It
Isrell ay imlllimntr objects although 11
strong will hewer 19 nccessluJ to accom
push thIs end
It iH a good IllulI to begin by titinr
down ill note hook kept for
a the purse
everything lint one can tClnelllIJcr to have
seen on a walk and every person Olll has
spoken to curill the duty Ie this ho done
faithfully it will ho ntnusiug to watch the
lists gradually rowin > auger as the
memory Impron 10 stand in front of
n shop wJudo for n few moments and
hell at home write crerylhiim seen iu
that window returning the next day whit
the list In iillrit1 is 1n interesting test of
how much ono run look al without air
I11T1lItb hlcinJ or hiaybng any Imprl 5siun I
al nil ma 4J1 1
Cirtnrii thCSIICOIWtUhIICf however j
jof not notieltia the hiuppeuiiige going tat
f I
LIY T1Jra 1 1
The Leather Handicrafter 1 l hf it i W 4 x
Takes This Position with t 1 4f J
Toots Close f J
I at Range t J 4 J 1
1 H I t A
constantly all about Olil this is nnUlin
in Cl11IIIJarisoil with the emlmrruismcnt
and lIiICcolllfor arising ruin not rlfIltD1
Bering the persons one IIICILq III the doily
round of study and pleasure The habit
of furgcttiur IICriOIlS is far moro difficult
II to JCl Ocr than flit other but it ii UCII
i inure necessary to COllllucr No one living
girl or boy man or WOIIUIrJ will over Quit e
forgivo being for otter It wounds the
j vanity oC this mast huusble us well U6 the
must cuncdtcd Vanity is lIeer 10 he
gitruatcd lightly 011 this other ban the
possibilities of making n good ImpressIon
through Hintllir befog IIlJlc to cull hy name
Inn ncqunhtancu who perhaps has not
been seen for a long time are l ouudlc4
There Is ollly one say to learn 10 110
lieu and reweutbcr pcrliOns and that IS
to eoucenttatc hard on what lImy ore
saying 60 that soon an interest will
come ot itself A tCIfCODSd us girl Is I
invariably n poor oho rrer simply because
her thoughts are so ct1UtnCl upon herself
that there hi uo room or tlw left for the
mental impression of some one else To
heconts accustomed tll uuticing the faces
of people uud their exprerslons It II nut
n bad plllu to start iD llternlly lludin
the ClInlCnHIICC oi all the II1rlonli fu a
street car or the faces lu the passing slow
In the street
instead oi sitting in II Car idly thinking
of 118 nearly Jlothln at all as that word
can mean It if a good Illall to malt the
effort of wnthitt all the persons aUOII
perhaps trying to form UII bleu of their
character nn1 wluittbeir daily rOIlHlf of
duty n1 1I10nsur consists III fUIJ yule
nll interest in p uple us real indtvldunls
will be aroused o
Ei I l D r y V Iflo
fW 1Y l1 l F v p o
a Jk A j
I iv < 1
J sIt t r
trfr 1t
l i r b 37VJ
1 4ffi = IJ
rr tt5t r tr7
Desk Pad Table MaL Portfolio
and Bag of Hand Wrought
sary but n lit of twelve will supply all
that arc rCllulred pace the design is
wmll IIUtlillClI thou other tools arc used
III girt expression and rt crisp effect 10
lilt work though there is always the
danger of creating n lard l3Jre lon
Fur this reason many leather workers
prefer not 10 till in
the parts ill relief 1m
the under side with a composition I1X
ns is frequently done It tends to takeaway
away tIll effect of the hnllil work
If gold 110 wed it is applied in the
shape of cull leaf Irving worked into the
design with a 1JJ011ellinr tool Frequently
the entire piece of leather fl covered with
the gold leaf after the JOur1llIillt is Jill
iched thou a transparent yelhow lIrniih
is 311J1lild which gives that ancllou1l
golden glint and richness of color which
is commoll ill tile old Cordovan pieces
Silver leaf is meinlts substituted for
old and the effect is quite liS brilliant
again if thin desire be 10 lustre n tinted
nthcr thou oil color thinned with tutu
Ientine ks applied alll the varnish is laid
Ocr lhnL
Many combinations Inn he worked nut
in this stay tutu rngrnphy is Ilellllilll
uJlIlie1 in connection with the gohl as in
the case of tile arac11 design on the hag
Tn lie early days tIll drone effect stns ob
tnilled by the we of synod blocks tbe idea
being the lIIe 01 with block printing
and In entire wall covering was overlaid
with It design printed by thc aid of
woodeu blocks With this was tied thin i
gold tracery
hlUll1 of the beauty of lie old Spanish
leather resulted front the sort of 11IlIilh
used which was supposed 10 he II secret
which wa kllOWII only to Iii lIlcicutl
0 take not everything that might pet
To be nrllll but only what surely
will lJe necessary is the ouly IJIillciJlle
to work UlOJl when packing the trunks
for III ocean trill If il has been pos
Isihlt to pruritic 1111 ollUil eUlIJlllete with
reference 10 1111 ocean voyage rued a con
S4IIell lour of gllTOJIC the question or
IIIJckinl will be considerably lillllHlie
hat nut every girl is iO fortunate us to be
able 10 han 11I entirely new wardrobe
and a trip 11 Europe at the HalllO time
In trnCllin mon than under any other
cirellm1l11lllCCR it is unnecessary and III
fact uudesirnbleto have n great JIIIIII
bust of dresses end the more accessories
that cult be lJleIl5Cd with thl better
lu 11urehasin nu ollllit for traellill
each il1II must be selected syitlt I viots
to htther or not il can lJe mule to
answer 11111 > v 11itrJc purposes n1l1 j it
call be easily packed without injury
For the steel on the ocean il is espc
chilly necessary not 10 be bothered iu the
narrow quarters IOf il stateroom with too
many mickInacks allll more gowns thou
could possibly be worm in n week At the
sane tine the one tine lhcorJ that any old
IJres and hilt is hood ellollh to wear ou al
stcallwr h1 lung since eXllld Now a
girl must take ns IIllleh care and interest
ill her clothes that she ho tlwlIs neatly
and even smartly gowned as if she were
stopping nt a large hotel
If the trip is to be niacin 10 midsummer
when some hot clays are almost sure to
ho tncoulltcrld there must lJe one or
two white 6lthts and Illnln Inilor wnist
uelr ot liana lor nil mutt gin Il plain
1 lillen tout lllld skirt with which is worn
n pretty plain sbrtwaiutt nlwuS Ilk
smart White linen does of course loll
cosily but it will not fade nail it can bCi
washed directly upon landing anti on rho
sees hot days when the son tear down
Upllll 11 millpond sea nOllllll is so com
fortable or looks so well as n suit of white
duck or linen For older girls coat and I
skirt costumes of white homespun OJ
serge are also most useful lhese llIit9
can hI worn lu the evening with pretty
white waists instead ot n more elaborate
style or dress which is almost sure to tin
injured on thus deck A separate skirt of
white wool or serge worn with one ot tlle
smart jacket sweaters also looks extremely
well 011 board ship
To go with tho dark cheviot or serge
tlllit n silk or 1011 channel waist ofthe
same shade will he found most useful to
suvu the white 1Io1licCli
A last winters suit can Jeucnlll sere
to wear on the boot for unless moneyit
no consideration wlllllutr It is n mistake
to war U lIew spring dress for lhJhfpur i
11050 till datupness rind salt ttkr will be
sure to take out tIle plaits and after a
rlIJk of lying about on the decks which
oWW to UI soft coal smoke from thin
I m
f < to
I 0 f IC t
1 f1 7t
i sJ J
j i 1 tm i
I 1 t Yij f 19 Ij
P Ii
i Chatelaine Bag with
saree Design
j 1 1
H > Y i
b U
l Z I
I i o
Seiilinll workers However here 11 ono
that has hen hooded lotto from genera
lions of heather workers and COIJJllllrs n3
favorably with the old time recipE llS any
thlog could 110 r got it from a Dane
who ill turn lenrncd tIll combination
from his father nnll raarlfnlheC before
Iilll It gives the Saran wonderful heen
seen ill tln tint old Cordovan leather
WIIl1 laid 011 over gold or silver leaf the
effect is surprisingly benutifll Take two
parts of linseed oil 10 one part of resin
nnrl a half part of does nail Loll it oil
together until it becomes the color of bold
111 result it iil magical and I am very
glad to gise it for the benefit of those
who IIro 11rotflS of this splendid craft
There leave been many deter workers
in leather in this country Evelyn > orll
hoff who eltlllllhhell the bkhinllerJ by
her 1I1I1n WII one of the first to experl
men in the art of boolbindill in connec
lion with lenther work in this country and
JaIIINI considerable renown nol only by
reason of lie originality ot n woman en
encinr ill 811h an oCCuIlatioll but hernnsn
I of her intensely clever work
I Miss I lizabllh and Miss Edith Nixon
were thc IliolllCr of San Francisco and
Mrs Tuna Lewis HillIer md her sister
were among the first to take tip the work
hen in N + nv York Mrs Charlotte Bueck
I is nnotllCr womnn whose none is insep
urably Onolt11 with the history or the
craft work in tile Bust Lt fact thro
are today iu New Turk many Wowell
whose nnme are known the country olr
for their nebicewIJs fu this line and
who bare turned out plenty of original
11If quite sulllcient 10 iuiel1lc the foossi
hllity of further accomplishment ill the
art by New York girls wIlli are thinking
Hof becoming hen then bsundicrafters
The Secret of Packing the Trunk
eUflles an nccr nor too dean 110 doth
suit will be fit 10 bo seen instil Cleaned
and pressed lth a dark skirt n silk
I IIltticout of thin saner shade 6hould IUJ
worn ratter than svlsilc for the steamer
trunk will nut hare room for uuy great
supply oC white thins
One simple dress 10 wear in the evening
should lJe packed ill tho tenmer trunk
but this drc
dress should ba of some JD1Ieritf
which will witJlJtntll l damp salt air It
it the geueral nail netopted custom today
to dress simply in the everting on board
ship but ns the evuulng hours are the
IIIOst beaut fill oi all in t1 summer erosslll
the dress must hot be so handsome liS to
forbid going lip on deck after ciuller
Only 011 the largest steamers Iii there
elaborate dressing in the evening nut ally nt r I
COlin WI young IHOJ1it always heath It
fc uUll simple life
11 011 board ship uuy I
A hlalllN or polo
100 coat IIIltlws the most
lomfortll steamer cloak hilt any ulster
or rough tweed coot will answer thu
For good weather n stiff brimmed sailor
lint il
preferred by IIIOlt girls since it
elltiie4t to keep
011 with un elastic
slipped under tIle hair ill hitch and it
also sbudes tIle eyes from lllre 111
tlllsC IlnJ8 however when one lIDs little
desire 10 leuc ones steamer chair
oft brirnIDN lint it essential 80 that
10 be prepared for all cmrJIJleics It is
well to lake along n lnnullla or Mexican
Irtt whIch until lie rolled into It IIIluute
bundle and will take lip no appreciable
space iii It corner of the trunk dorlllI
will It pretty ilk or batJsle scarf a
Mexican hut which iN very inexpcnsirc
i14 sure to look well rued be ns eOlllfortu
bin ItR any hilt could on those torrid days
when omits s only desire is the sight or
111 lid
T1hien whit cloths are worn the aliens
too should be white Canvas and bud
skin nrl both good for shipboard as they
arc CIlOjJ kept white nud they do not ltd
como scratched and soiled UII 10 tilt
leather shoes atminst a stealllel chair
or when sitting on the lJoallls on the
sun deck Nowhere Icrhal is IiIllUIt
OOtWCIII so 1Illc3ry its on board ship
for CllrllliJlI tlJero is lionhero else that
tile shoe are so cODlipielJOIiS ati 011 deck
Ingenious Coat Hangers
1t COAT or jacket oi any description
M should he helt oft Il coat llUlIJer
when not lining worn If1 regular
hanger does not ellllncc he
to on lJalll IL
good substitute can be evolved by lUuk
lug II tight roll or w mJlllinJ uamer or
UCWSIlIllf and tying about thu centre a
string with loops left to hatt4 it on thus
rite paper roll If IIl1llicientlr thick will
keep a coat III shRIll nicely Most waists
LIC also IIctttr bung up than aid in a
drawer In travelling it is sCciulIr
cOIICllicnt to 00 abu to fashion goal
hungers with OlllJ a few old papers a bit
of string and just U JIIomeuts time und I
For trntllhu the small cares of ox I
cution halltI urn delightfully com
pact and a great cOIIluflJee These
Iralllrll can also he bought separately
allll II bag of silk or dimity made fur
them to bl carrIod iu

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