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F I irr
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1 i m ORTS p
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o 0
0 0
0 SACRAMENTO Calif June 0
l O 15 I have no statement or 0
O explanation to malco othor 0
O than that contained In my let QJ
o tor to the attorney general 0
0 said Governor GJllett this 0
1 0 evening 0
I 0 1 am simply doing my duty 0
o as I Bee It I only acted after 0
I I o tho district attorney ot San 0
t 0 Francisco reported to me that 0
1 0 he would not try to prevent 0
J 0 what I deom to bo a crime 0
0 against the state of California 0
0 the lawS of which I am sworn 0
t o to protect from violation I 0
o have been deliberating on this 0
o inuttor for abou ton days and 0
0 have gone over the whole 0
o thing ery carefully 0
1 o I have received hundreds 0
4 o of letters he added but 0 I
o these have had no bearing 0
0 upon my action I ropo8t to 0
o do my duty as I see It no 0
o matter what people may Buy 0 I
o or do and no matter whom It O
t o hurts That is all there Is 0
o Loll 0
o 0
SAN FRANCISCO Juno 15 Stirred
to actionby Insistent protests from
all parts ot tho state Governor ins I
X GiUcti took steps today to prevent
the fight between James J Jeffries
and Jack Johnson scheduled to ln
J hold In this city on July f In a let I
ter of Instruction to Attorney General
U S Webb the governor expressed
his disapproval of prize fighting hi I
unmeasured term directs that tho
aid of tho courts he invoked to pre
i vent tho match and concludes with a
positive order that in case the plea
for a restraining order Is not granted
and tho fight la carried out the attor
ney general proceed to gather evi
i dence and prosecute the principals
and ihose Interested In the fight for
violation of the pen1l code of the
5 state
Supreme Court Must Define a Fight
S Tho letter declares that the sit
S pronto court of California has never
defined a prize fight and suggests an I
opportunity be given It to do so This
Is talcco to Indicate the governors in
Mention to press hrs opposition to the
end wbjle the status of the Jeffries
Johnson fight Is in an unsettled con
dition tonight the sporting fraternity
IB much cast down artd It is gener
ally bdlltned that the death knell of
prlzo lighting In California the nice I
ca of prize fighters according to the
governors loiter has been sounded
This Is Kirne out by tho fact that tho
governor telegraphed to Attorney Gen
eral Webb later In the day to take
Minllar action In the matter of tho
fight between Sam Langford and Al
Kaufmanj which wfut to have been
fought hew next Saturday
r Promoter Surprised
Promoters Tllckard and Gleason of
the big Ajjht were completely taken
by surprise They had heard no whis
per of tho gOVOrnOrR Intended action
When tho news reached him Rlcknrd
rushed to tho office of General Webb
and asked what that ofllclal proposed
to do After conference with Webb
Richard said that he believed tho
fight would be held in San Francisco
nnd on tho advertised date despite
tho governors orders Ho said that
he could not say positively what ho
would do until Webb handed down an
opinion Yot Illckard has no Intention
S of abandoning the effort to hold the
fight here Both he and Gleason de
voted much time today to confer en cca
with thojr attorney Herbert Clvoyn
fikl Whatever the courfio6f logamle
tense d ° cldcd lip ffiH will probably
not Uo given out unUllWebll haxrmadc
u statement < 4fJ tJ <
Opinion Without Delay
lUckard said Quit Webb had prom
Isoil him because of the groat ox
ponse under which the promoters have
boon In erecting the arena and olhex
matters connected with the fight that
his opinion would be forthcoming
without delay Rickard expects It
within two days In the meantime
ho said he would make ready to takes
S the fight to Nevada or Utah If com
p ppllftd to do so
I Just what will be the nature of tho
logal proceedings Instituted bv the at1
torncy general In not known The gov I
neroru lettor Is positive In directing
that the courts be asked to Intervene I
and urges a definition of prlzo fighting
by tho Buproruo court Because of
this It Is believed that Webb will I
apply for a writ of mandamus beforo
the states highest tribunal thus
bringing all parties before that body
for a hearing and securing a tem
porary writ of Injunction pending a
decision By this stop he would avoid
delay since tho promoters would have
no appeal f Judgment was rendered
against thOm
The Governors Letter to Webb
The governor In his lottor doclaros
tho toleration of prize fighting In Cali
fornia to bo a disgrace to tho stato
Tho letter follows
r I deslro to call your attention to
a socalled prize light to take place
on the Fourth offtily next In the city
of San Francisco between Jim Jeffries
I and Jack Job USD n Many complaints
are received at bin office from promi
nent citizens of the stato protesting
against this socalled fight and re
ciucntlng that sonio action bo uilon
by tho proper authorities to stop the r
Tlxj district attorne or 2at > Fran
cisco has Informed lf5 that ho does J
I not propose to itt rore In the mat
I ter Tho first session of the legis
I lature held In this sote In Ute year
i iSuO enacted a law mnklng It a fcjony
for two persons to fight cnch other
j upon a previous agreement upon a
i wager for money or any oihor reward
1 This has boon amended from into
to time hut never so na to make prize
i fighting lawful In 1903 the Icglsln
lure again amended the law relating
to prize fighting While1 the law as
amended permitted sparring oxhihl
1 tioiiB for a limited number of rounds
i with glovs to he held by a domestic
i Incorporated club It did not remove
the ban which rite laws of this state
has always placed upon prize fights
I and while 11 sparring exhibition
Prize Fight a Felony
Under certain conditions and re
I strictions Is pormfssable under this
act a prize fight still remains a fcl
I I ony Therefore ito question arises
I what Is a prlzo fight and what Is a
I sparring exhibition 7 The former Is
j a crimo the latter Is lawful Jt Is
I claimed by many that the contest
I soon to take phico between Jeffries
arid Johnbui Is lo be a prize fight 1
I as that term understood In the
law and therefore a crime Under our
J statutes Ir this Is true it shouldbe I
prevented but If carried oul the In
terested parties should bo punished
an provld by law
I believe that you should hues i
tlpato the matter Al once and tako
such legal steps as may be proper in
I your Judgment It Warranted by the
facts In presenting the case to the
court for Its decision and ask to have
all Interested jKirflcs enjoined pend
I ing tho hearing S I
Mecca for Prize Fighting
Since tho amendment of the law
I in 1809 permitting sparring exhibi
tions prizefighting under the guise
of this amendment has greatly in
cieased and has been tolerated In
California until today our state Isa
mccca for prize fighteis much to our
discredit Our people have tho right
to demand prize lighting shall cease
In this state and It will if our pre
cut laws arc enforced especially if
our courts follow the decisions of the
supreme courts of our sister states In
I defining a prize fight In Michigan a
prize fight exists when there is an
pectatlon of reward to be gained by
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ottfmvhje jxwrtrded cpuplod with anv
I iutnt to Inflict uon such conttstauCv
gonv5 degree of bodily harm
yiion word of tho governors order 1
reached Ken Lomond Jim Jeffries
refused to believe II The camp wa
thrown Into an Tiproar by the mps
sage and there was exciting conver
sajlon on nil shIes
Jeffries however after Jnclnrlng hid
disbelief retired to his cottage and
was foundthefor later sound asleep
Salt Lake May Get Fight
Rlckard estimates that he will lose
30000 if ha IR forcdd to take the fight
elsewhere Ho stated ho would con
sider Reno fly and Salt Lake and
seemed to favor tho lait named place
Work on tho arena has been pro
gressing rapidly allies It was started
about two weeks ago and It Is well
under way Work wns ordered BUB
ponded temporarily when the action
of the governor became known but
the promoters did not say whether
they would extend this order pending
a court decision or not
The legal proceeding It IB bellowed
will make no difference at tho fight
ers camps It Is thought probablo
that they will go on with their train
ing as though nothing had happened
But the whole matter Is In such a dis
turbed and unsettled state tonight
that It IB hard to predict what the
next moves of any of the interested
parties will bo
District Attorney Displays Bitterness
District Attorney Flckerl mention
of whom is nindu by the governor
displayed some bitterness when asked
for a statomont Ho said that tho
stale o ecutlvo had hooded the clam
or of tho mob anl made satirical ref
erences to political capital
However ho concluded I still
hollovo that tho light will be hold
here as thecourts are more powerful
than the sovernor
Socking a reason for the action of
Governor Glllott following an It does
Ills own repeated declaration that he
did not believe the light could be pre
vented and did not propose to begin
p useless opposition many think that
pressure was brought to bear upon
him from Washington that tho
stales representatives at the national
capital have Informed him that the
holding of the fight was standing in
the way of San Franciscos effort to
secure national legislation In favor of
the Panama Pacific exposition This
belief was strengthened a message
received from Washington by Presi
dent Wheolor of the San Francisco
Traffic association In which such a
condition Is said to exist at the capi
tol was sent by Representative Pen
net of Now York ton days ago but
was not nmdc public until fOlIar
Think Days of Fights Are Over
As a conclusion arrived at today
after much discussion the sporting
fraternity In general seems to feel
that the halcyon days of tho pugilistic
game In California are over and that
5 overt though tho JeffriesJohnson
fight may he carried through here
the next session of the legislature will
he forced to go on record as prohibit
Ing liouta of irforo than a few rounds
Jeffries Refuses to Believe the Story
at All
BBN LOMOND Calif June 13
The jQffrles camp was In an uproar
this afternoon as a result of Gov
ernor QHlctts orders to stop the big
fight When Jeffries was Informed
that the governor had Instructed the
nltornoy general to take steps to pro
vent the fight ho froze up and re
fused to discuss the matter but later
he made the following statement
J positively refuse to believe tho
story I do not care what Is said or
who talked to tho governor over the
telephone I simply will not believe
that Is true I do not know much
about law but my understanding Is
11l10t we are within the law and pro
tected by it All the articles of agree
ment signed by Johnson and no self
were the same as have been signed
for every fight fought In California
Glllett once said that he could not
stop the fight so how Is ho going
to do It I will continue with mv
training Until I am Informed by the
promoters that the affair cannot come
This was the extent of the former
champions discussion ot tho news
Ho became so taciturn that It was
Impossible to got another word out
of him
Jim Corbett Thunderstruck
Jim Corbett was thunderstruck but
when he heard that the governor had
personally vouched for the story over
tho longdistance phone he said
I guess it is true all right but Il
ls mighty hard to believe You must
admit that Glllett does not seem to
be tho sort of man who would lot
the promoters go to all the expense
they have and then throw them down
Look at us fellows who traveled all
the may across tho continent spend
ing our Unto and money It seems
more lute cruelty to me than Injus
tice It Is safe to say that Jeffries Is
the lOast porturbed man In tho camp
as tho result of tho latest crash In
ho plans for the fight The entire
camp Including friends and trainers
Stood around In little groups discuss
ing vhat thc considered u calamity I
of tho first magnitude None of thorn
could understand why time governor
took steps towards tho suppression
of this light after permitting the ar
rangements for it to proceed so far
While tho camp was still boiling
with Indignation over the governors
Instructions to his attorney general
a newspaper man seeking Jeffries to
ask him in regard to the reported
movement to Salt Lake City found
him blissfully slumbering lu n tent
cot on tho porch of his little cottage
Jeffries refused to state whether he
would take tho j > romotors 10000 for
forfeit In the event of their being un
able to pull off the big contest
In Favor or Salt Lake
A considerable element of the pop
ulation would welcome tho Jeffries
Johnson fight to this city butthe ob
stacles are believed to be insuper
able Governor Spry declared repeat
cdl > when Promoter Rickard was
seeking to stage the contest In Utah
that the laws of tho state distinctly
prohibited such a meeting as that
proposed and that ho would uae his
authority to enforce the lawb County
Attorney Lyon of Salt Lake county
made the statement that the statute
wag unequivocal and that his office
would takt whatever legal stcpp were
necessary to stop the light here nick
ard was finally convinced that nego
tlntlons wore useless and explained
that the transfer to San Francisco
was made because no guarantee could
S be obtained ngalnfit legal Interference
In Utah 1
Reno Bids for Fight
IlBNO Nov Juno 15 ttenornadc
the first bid for ho flpnt thlsVaftcr
uoon 03 soon as the Associated
5 5
r bulletins announcing the action taken
Vj Governor Dlckerson anti Attorney
pnncral Webbs were made public
Vlox Rlckard was font mi telegram
signed by 7 1sWorth manager of
n local thc 1t r tind representing
prominent business men stating that
this city would creel a suitable arena
and furnish1 the 41000 license re
rjufred b > the ptiCeJaw In case the
promoters wlU9rinS the contest
here TJicilAi9fnc lF nWn assocIatlon
will liold a Wcetlng and decide on the
advlsabllltyof snaking an effort to
bring tho fight here
Can Fight In Nevada
That the law of Nevada vould per
mil the Tt ftr1 > Johnson fight In that
slate was the statement made tonight
by Justice Sweeney of the supreme
court when the question was put to
him In tho mtbficY of Governor Dick
raon With only the formality of
obtaining n license for which 1000
must be deposited he said that the
fight could be held In any county In
the state without fear of Interference
The law permitting contests of un
Ifmitod rounds in Nevada was passed
for the CoTheltKHzsIininons fight and
lias not been amended or repealed
Jack JOhnso Will Fight Anywhere
dont care whore the fight takes
place declared Jack Johnson this
evening i
Of course I would rather havo It
come off In San Francisco as I am
training hefc but If wo cannot fight
here J am willing to go any place
Rlcknrd and GIoaHon agree upon
Llko Jeffries jfdhnson said he could
not understand why Governor Glllett
had decided to step In and prevent
the fight At this late singe In tho
game Tho colored champion put In
n busy day < > n tho beach today He
ran twelve miles punched tho bag
and wont through various other
tiaining stunts before a largo crowd
that had assembled to watch him
After punching the bag viciously for
fifteen minutes so viciously hi fact
that tho bag broke from Its moor
Ings and sailed over the heads of
the audience the big black then took
on Al Kaufman for four rounds
Neither extended themselves to any
great extent although In the last
frame Jack cut loose and hit the local
boy at will bringing the blood from
Kaufmans mouth Throughout tho
bout Johnson lift Kaufman as many
times as ho wished to and after their
little setto the champion showed no
effects of his roxorclso Kid Cotton
then donned the gloves with him and
the two went at It hammer and
tongs Johnson hit Cotton a nasty
blow In coming obi of a clinch In
the first round bringing blood from
his month Throughout tho short
fight tho champion used his Uppercut
to good advantage sending Cottons
head back on several occasions
tUtor the bout with Cotton John
soil proceeded 16 his room and
jumped on the scales The beam
tipped exactly 213 pounds
Never felt better In my life he
> When I enter tho ring for Jeff rica
I expect to weigh in the neighborhood
of 209 pounds possibly 211 Actor
today there will be uo more road
work Indulged fii that Is to say no
long runs Possibly I will devote
the road work to one 220yard dash
Most of mj vJork will bo in the gym
nasium Tomorrow I will box with
Kaufman ugalrr and do a few train
Ing sCunts Siimlny will be a big
day for I will cut loose and show
the public my great condition On
that day Intend to box about eleven
rounds and then some
El Paso Wants the Fight
EL PASO Texas June 15A tel
egiani was sent tonight to Tex Rlck
aril and Jadk Gleason by prominent
business men hero proposing that the
big fight be hold In the bull ring at
Jimrer which ftill seat 30000 It fs
believed by prominent mon of this
city and Chihuahua that President
Diaz would not oppose the contest
and since Governor Creel of Chihua
hua Is fond of sports It Is believed
he would favor the arrangement
New Yorkers Worried
NEW YORK Juno 15Broadway
was startled by tho news from San
Francisco but tho assumption that
the fight probably would be held else
where If the California ban Is not
raised cased the first fears of the
sporting element So far as could bo
learned none of tho special trains
from Now York to San Francisco has
been canceled and tho assumption is
that the routes merely will be trans
ferred from California to Nevada or
Tom Sharkoy who had arranged to
conduct an expedition to California
voiced tho general view of fight fol
lowers here
Governor GUletts action will not
prevent the fight being held said
Slmrkey If the men cant meet
there the fight will be shlftod to Car
son City or Homo other point
Wherever tho battle takes place I
will run a special train to the scone
If necessary wo will go to the north
havo nothing to add to my loiter to
Attorney General Webb My position
is fully set forth therein Governor
I shall file a petition with the su
perior court within two or throo days
asking for a temporary restraining
order against the JohnsonJeffries
fight principals and promoters At
torney General Webb
We will not contest tho action of
the court if the first ruling goes
against us It will then he Nevada
or Salt LakcTex Richard
I will fight wherever they get us
together I will fight Jobpson tomor
row down here on the river bank
James J Jeff rics
I am ready to go any place to
fight It makesno difference to me
Jack Johnson
It looks like the gamo Is off here
but we may hold the LangfordKauf
man light next Saturday for all that
Promoter Louis Blot
It looKa likethe finish I can see
no way to contest It The governor
lepresonts both the civil and military
authority of the state They have put
crimp In thi game inj California
Jimmy CoffroHif promoter Kotchel
Lanffford ffgTitJuly 2
Its all offnow The some MB a
dead 6ne In i lllurntaStnn1
I Theu utterances epitomize oDlb t
It h preH8on < Ir what Sporting cir
cles beilove Is av final farewell to pugi
lism In California They are hope
I less since Gillett directed the attorney
general to proceed Hjaluat the John
sonJ cUries match and are figuring
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Wyeth Chernca1 ompany liow York City NY iff
out transportation to Reno Ely or
Salt Lake Tho fight will bo held In
one of these three places It certainly
will not be hold In California If the
governor can prevent It and sportdom
believes ho can
The governors action struck the
fight jiromotei1 like a blown knock
out at that Seat sales for the fight
now total KJO 000 In cash Expenses
already Incurred according to RIck
I ard reach nearly 30000
fields were the features of todays rac
ing at Buena Vista In the twoyear
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rodo Deride homo winner at 20 1 > 1
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lowered by fourfifths of a aocoud nt
I First race four furlongK purse
florida 20 to 1 won Milt Jones 15
I Continued on Page Eight
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