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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasraann
1 The indications are the Ogdon Rapid Transit will secure a right
I ofway through Ogden Canyon from The Hermitage to Huntsvillc
I S without opposition except at one point The Utah Light Railway
j company the principal land holder in the canyon is favorable to
the extension of the electric line and will offer no obstruction to the
f electrification through to the valley
With the rightofway secured the Eccles people will commence
construction work this fall and l ng before this time next year that
beautiful town nestling1 in Ogden Valley will be brought within 30
minutes of this city
Just west of the Eccles building on Twentyfourth street is an
i anatomical exhibit at the the entrance to which is the sign Men
Only The exhibit is part of a museum such as may be seen in
all the larger cities It is an impressive lesson in the wages of sin
and should be seen by men and even by the younger generation In
figures of wax it tells of the pitfalls which parents do not point out
to their boys but which should be made known
In addition to the vivid illustration of disease is an exhibition
of the heads of famous murderers and other criminals The Caesar
ean pperation also is shown
The exhibit from an educational standpoint is most impressive
Governor Gillett of California in his public utterances on the
JeffriesJohnson prize fight has been as shifty as a spring zephyr
On his trip across the continent he was interviewed repeatedly and
as often maintained the position that the laws of California did not
forbid a boxing contest such as the JeffriesJohnson affair On his
0 return to the capitol at Sacramento he reversed himself and issued
instructions to the attorney general of California commanding the
legal department of the state to do all possible to prohibit the prize
fight quoting from two state supreme courts to sustain him in his
which the contestants may
judgment that any contest for a prize in
do each other bodily harm is a prize fight
The governor had led the promoters of the fight to believe they
could go ahead without risk arranging for the fistic event and then
lack t f
blow His
at the last moment he inflicted on them a financial
firmness has made Governor Gilett appear weak and vacillating
The people of a New York town called on Governor Hughes yes
terday to stop baseball within their town limits We are wondering
what Governor Gillett would do if the citizens of Yuba Dam should
petition him to stop baseball and that petition were to be backed by
a strong delegation of sentimentalists and extremists
A principal of one of our city schools after investigating the
opportunities for land investment in Idaho has returned to Ogden
with this advice to his friends
of the valleys of
Land is as cheap around Ogden as any
favorable in this sec
far more
Idaho and climatic conditions are by
the Snake
from Pocatello through
tion I studied the situation
River valley to GoodYin Nampa and Boise and found land prices
high Disagreeable wind storms prevail three days in seven
The Ogdcnite found money tight in all the towns and many set
anxious to get away but are tied
tlers from the middle states are
down by inability to sell Some of the discontent is due to over
of farmers
is the result
booming but much of the discouragement
y from Iowa Indiana and other middle states inexperienced in irriga
tion undertaking to redeem the desert Much land has been ruined
by the excessive use of water bringing the alkali to the surface
The Boise valley produces a fine apple but in all other fruits
Ogden excels the products of the Idaho orchards
will increase ones
I A visit to Idaho said the school teacher
love for the valleys of Utah Here the soil yields in abundance and
under the most favorable conditions of climate the life of the farmer
with all that great country to the north
is made easy as compared
to which thousands of farmers have rushed within the past few
I years
The electric line under construction between Ogden and Brig
ham City will be opened to traffic by August 1 if the present fore
cast of Chief Engineer West is realized The cars and electric
motor are on the way from St Louis and should arrive long before
the road is completed
On Monday the steel gang will resume the laying of rails the
work but from now
delayed their
failure of tics to arrive having
on there will be an abundance of ties
which is only
The grade is a short distance beyond Willard
pvpn miles south of Bri ham
The distance from Ogden to Brigham by this new route will be
the in 30
make trip
expected to
22 miles and the electric cars are
t to 45 minutes but to do so it will be necessary for the Rapid Transit
here the Hot Springs Instead of
to change a part of the line from to
running to North Ogden and then over the hill by way of Pleasant
at Five Points over the Plain
View as now the road will diverge
of track will be constructed
S City line to Harrisville from where a new piece
structed to the Hot Springs
With almost a level roadway from Ogden to Brigham the inter
and character of ser
in speed
urban will prove a strong competitor
vice with the Oregon Short Line for the traffic north of this city
With the completion of this line there will be a continuous trol
ley service from Salt Lake to Brigham City a distance of nearly 60
electric is developed in southern
miles and eventually as power
Idahoat Shoshone Falls and elsewherethe electric cars will push
their way north into the Snake River valley
The Threat That Told
Tils mother was rocking the infant
Hercules to sleep but the young giant
i refused to go Ill cfill the bogey
man she threatened
l Huh saId Hercules I could
clioko him with one hand
Ill call the police she added
Huh again ejaculated Hercules
Im goln to cleau tho Augean atables
and they cant even clean up the Il
legal oters
Ill call tho President she sis
I 1 gested
Huh the ono who could put mo to
I sleep Is In Kuropc laughed the bad
1 boy and l owlcd anew
I j But his mother had icsorved the
i greatest threat for tho last
Ill calf a suffragette she tri
uinphautly promised
With a cry ot Infantile distress Her
t I
cules turned over and fell asleep
Getting at the Facto
A nurse had been called as a wit
ness to prove the correctness of tho
bill ot a physician
Lot us get at the facts In the case
said the lawyer who was doing a
crossexamination stunt Dldut the
doctor make several visits after tho
patient was out of danger
No sir answered the nurse I
considered the patient In danger as
long as the doctor continued his vis
its Chicago News
The Viewpoint
How would you classify that ard
ent agitator
You cant classify an ardent agi
tator replied Senator Sorghum If
h lj IK on your Bide ot a question hed
an Intrepid reformer and if be5 on
the other sldu hes a mucknikeril
Washington Star
Tho Count For five long hours 1
have stood under 7e window of your
boudoir and pleaded my love In ze
burning sun Have you no morcy I
shall bo reduced to a grease spot in
another ton minutes
Miss KIddwood Dont lot that wor
ryyou count IMsend the maid out
uh akpreparatlon to reinon the
greAse H0oL ChIcngo Now 1 >
2 1
How It Was Paid a
Hectcomb Im glad the mortgage
on your house Is paid
Gleeson am too but my wife
deserves the credit for paying it i
Hectcomb Hows that I
GJec onWhy sho raado our lions
lay when eggs were soiling for SO I
cents a lnChlcago News
Shifted Responsibility
Why do you never go fishing with
anybody except Blinks
Well his conscience lint as sensi
tive as mine I like to have him along
so that ho can do the talking about
tho days sport Washington Star
Hes a confirmed peEslmlst I
Well you cant blame him The
ipplnes within tho operation of the I
general land laws of those Islands
There was no loll call on the final
passage of the bill
Thirty Million for Irrigation
Tho bill was taken up soon after
tho senate convened and a voto wall
ordered on tho Carter amendment
authorizing the Issuance of 30000000
worth of certificates of indebtedness
for irrigation There was no debate
and tho amendment was accepted
with practical unanimity Senators
Burton Galllnger and Kcan casting
the only negative votes out of a total
of sixty Mr DIxon presented an
amendment authorizing the appoint
ment of a conservation commission
of fifteen and spoko in support of It
Ir Hcyburn sought to have the
amondmont so changed as to provide
that all members of tho commission
be selected from weal of tho one hun
dredth meridian He said thoeasj
was not Interested in conservation
and eastern men wore not familiar
with the situation
In my prophetic mind I ace Mr
family that has moved Into the flat
on the floor below has a pianola
while nil he can afford Is a cheap
phonograph Chicago RecordHer
In the Grandstand
ct iJ Stolla Do you understand base
Bella Perfectly hut why does that
man run so hard with nobody after
blm7New York Sun
Farr Too True
Heavy dabs of powder
Ample wads of hair
Serve to sot off beauty I
When It Isnt there g
I Judge
Fellow Peering
Wife And will you promise to wat
er the flowers regularly while I am
Husband Dont you worry about
that r know what thirst IsFlle
gendo Blattor
Uncle Eben Says
WIf some folks optimism is do
day bofo pay day an pessimism Is
do day after
ar > > 1
Three Samples From Ogden Condemned by the State Chemist and
State Board of Health Has Been Called to Make Further
Investigation and Take Final Action
The board of health of Ogden City
consisting of Dr Dickson chairman
of tho city council sanitary commit
tee Dr Tiles city physician and May
or William Glasmann held a special
meeting yesterday at 2 oclock to con
sider the garbage Question cleaning
of back yards and hearing of tho re
port of the state chemist In reference I
to the Ico which was taken from the
various Ico houses In the city and sub
mitted for analysis to tho state chom
Thero were five samples of ice sent
to tho state chemltt numbered from
one to flvo and the numbers and the
name of the ponds from which same
woro taken were scaled In an envelope
and placed In a safe and loft there
until the board of health shall official
ly call for the same Therefore no
one nt present can say from which
ponds came samples Nos 2 and 3
which wore passed by tho state board
of health Neither can anyone say
from which ice house samples No 1
No1 and No 5 came which tho state
hoard condemns The analyses are
as follows
No lnFree ammonia 18 part
per million b albuminoid ammonia
14 part per million total 320 part
per million c oxygen consumed
290 parts per million
No 2aFree ammonia 12 part
per million b albuminoid ammon
ia 03 12 part per million total
If 12 part per million c oxygen
consumed 220 parts per million
No 3aFreo ammonia 15 part
per million b albuminoid ammonia
07 part per million totiil 22 part per I
million c oxygen consumed 1C5
parts per million
No 1 00 Free ammonia 18 part
per million b albuminoid auiinou
la 12 part per million total 30 parts
30000000 provided for the comple
tion of Irrigation projects and various
other amendments the house bill au
thorizing the withdrawal Of public
lands by tho president passed the
senate today
A number of other amendments
were presented but none of Impor
tance wan adopted Among the more
important provisions rejected wore an
amendment by Bovorldge specifically
withdrawing from entry tho conl
lands of Alaska and ono by Gore
bringing the friar lands of the Phil
per million i c oxygen consumed
300 parts per million
No 5aFree ammonia 28 part
per million b albuminoid ammonia
22 part per million j total 60 part per
million c oxygen consumed 170
parts per million
The law does not permit any Ice to
e used that contains more than six
teen onehundredths part of free am
monia or more than nine onebun
I drcdths of albuminoid ammonia From
this it will be seen that Nos 2 and
3 passed the tent while No 1 No 4
and No 5 did not
The state chemist further reports
in his analyses that the residue or
that which was loft when the water
had been evaporated was of a grey
ish flocculent nature and gave out a
pronounced odor When the same
was consumed by flame the residue
chars and cinders but does not black
en Tho whole analyses are entirely
too long to print In the paper and
much of it Is of no Information except
ing to a chemist
The state chemjst certifies that he
does not know where the samples
came from nor hy whom collected but
certifies that all the bottles were
sealed with sealing wax and In good
The Ogdon bOArd of health how
over did not caro to take any action
on condemning any ice house without
I further investigation and passed a
resolution Inviting the state board of
health to como to Ogden nnd visit the
I Ico ponds and source of supply and
take additional samples If desired
After the visit of the state board of
health the sealed bottles will be open
ed and official action taken towards
condemning tho ice houses from which
samples No 1 No 4 and No 5 were
taken unless further Investigation
should show different results
Gifford Pinchot at the head of the 11
commission he said
IIWe want no such commission no
such masters
He said ho was opposed to the
commission on general principles and
said it made places for some people
and gao the commission an air of
exclusion and Imperial power
Mr Galllnger agreed with Mr Hey
burn and said
If the misfortune overtakes us of
having at tho head of the commission
the gentleman mentioned I can see
nothing but trouble will como of It
Senators Overman Clarke of Wyo
ming and Lodge and Galllnger op
posed tho Heyburn amendment as sec
tional and it wan withdrawn
Alter further discussion the Dixon
amendment was laid on the table An
amendment by Gore extending tho
public land laws of tho Philippines to
the friar lands wan voted down 20
to 33
Gore Criticises Attorney General
While speaking In support of his
amendment Mr Gore criticised a de
cision of the attorney general author
izing the acquisition of more of the
Philippine lands saying that no
Mrstclasa lawyer other than tho at
torney general would have rendered
such a decision
Ho declared the tendency seems to
be to give tho sugar interests a mo
nopol of the sugar lauds in the Phil
ippines Mr Burton presented an
amendment the effect of which would
have been to restrict mining and
prospecting rights on withdrawn
lands but it wont down In the face
of a protest from Senator Snoot
Mr Burton was unsuccesHful in an
effort to strike out the word tern
porary as denning the proposed
Presenting nn amendment author
izing the withdrawal of coal lands In
Alaska and providing for their leases
Senator Bovcrldge said that If tho
principle contained In the amend
ment had boon adopted fifty years
ago enough would have been realized
to pay off the national debL
In the course of a colloquy with
Mr Beveridgc Mr Borah charged
the policy was to close up western
coal mines In the interests of eastern
miners He said tho leasing system
would place the control of the mln > s
in the bands of a row men Mr Car
ter declared coal now Is being shipped
from West Virginia to Valdez Alaska
when just as good coal could be had
within gunshot
This ho exclaimed Is not con
servation It la waste criminal
Forcsto Ruthlessly Slaughtered
Mr Beveridgo declared the forests
of Michigan had been ruthlessly
slaughtered to put more money Into
the already bulging pockets of prl
vato owners
He contended the general publlo
should have had some of the benefits
of these returns from their own prop
ertyIt Is a matter of deep regret that
the senator did not appear before the
public lands committee and tell it
what to do said Mr Wilson
Apparently that Is what I should
have done retorted the Indiana sen
Replying to Mr Bevorldge Mr Nel
son declared the leasing provision had
been withdrawn hy some one utterly
Ignorant of conditions In Alaska
Mr Beverldge replied that the bill
was a more abbreviation of an earlier
bill Introduced by Nelson hlmsolf
Tho amendment was voted down
Tho bill was then passed
Information of Priceless Value to Ev
ery Ogden Citizen
How to act In an emergency Is
knowledge of inestimable worth and
this Is particularly truo of the dis
eases and ills of the human body If
you suffer with backache urinary dis
orders or any form of kidney trouble
the advice contained In the following
statement will add a valuable asset
I to your store of knowledge What
could be more convincing proof of the
efficiency of Doans Kidney Pills than
the statement of Ogden citizens who
have been permanently cured 1
Mrs Betsey Shipley 272 22nd St
Ogden Utah says I do not think
there is any need for people to suffer
from kidney complain when Doans
Kidney Pills can bo had I doubt If
anyone has suffered more severely
from this disease than I The worst
symptom of my caso was a too fre
quent desire to void lie kidney se
cretions I also had backache and ono
doctor who treated mo said I had a
Moating kidney Doans Kidney Pills
which I procured from BADCONS
PHARMACY gave mo immediate re
lief This preparation IB so effective
that I only wish every kidney sufferer
would know of it
Mrs Shipley gave the abovo testi
monial in July 190C and when Inter
viewed In July 1909 she said I
still take pleasure in recommending
Doans Kidney Pills for the cure they
effected has been permanent Tho
statement I gave for publication In
their favor three years ago still holds
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents Foster > lIIburn Co Buffalo
Now York sole agents for tho United
Ogden musicians will appear In
Salt Lake this evening the occasion
being a piano recital of the advanced
pupils of Squire Coop with tho con
cours of Miss Edith Klngsbury so
prano soloist The recital will bo
given In the Salt Lake theater and
tho following program of wellknown
young artists of this city has been
Ballade Op 47 Chopin
Miss Rachel Farley
Gnomenrclgen Liszt
Miss Alberta Wright
Carnaval Op 9 Schumann
Preamble Plerrot Arlcmiln Valso
Noble Eusebius Florestan Co
quette Replique Papillons
Miss Ruth Webster
March Mllitalio SchubcrtTauslg
Mr Lester Hlnchcllffe
Scherzo B lint minor Chopin
Miss Maude Zclmor
Soprano solo Parla Arldtl
Mies Edith Klngsbury
I Rhapsody No I Liszt
Mrs J A Fcrraro
Tarantella Liszt
Miss Lillian Wright
Pasquinade GottschnlkJosoffy
Miss Carrie Browning
Hours for sprinkling lawns will be
strictly enforced from Juno 1 1910
as follows
East of Adams Avenue 000 to 800
n in 500 to 630 p m
West of Adams Avenue S00 to
1000 a in G30 to 800 p m
Inspectors are Instructed to ace that
sprinkling Is confined to the abovo
hours and when water IB found run
ning to turn oft without further no
Superintendent Waterworks depart
Boost for Ogden in 1911 is tho
slogan with which tho Utah contingent
of traveling men invaded the annual
convention of tho United Commercial
Travelers at Helena Mont this week
and by their enthusiastic persistence
carried the day for Ogden aa the next
meeting place of the convention
Delegates Well Entertained
Boise with a host of supporters
made a strong bid for the honors of
1911 but before the Irreslstable on
slaught of tho Utah boosters they
wore carried down to defeat with lit
tle more to their account than the
credit of having also ran
The delegates to the convention
wcro elaborately entertained at He
lena Ball games plunges parties
sightseeing trips by trolley dances
wrestling boxing matches and various
other amusements being furnished by
the home organization At the closo
of tho convention a grand banquet
was given at the Helena Auditorium
II G Pickett president of thcCom
merclal club acted as toastmaster
Governor Edwin L NorrIs was intro
duced and ho heartily welcomed the
visitors to Montana fho traveling I
man he declared was tho exponent
of optimism nnd that to meet him
wag always a pleasure Ho looked
at life squarely and met It with u
smile In the absence of Mayor Ed
wardB City Attorney Horsky wol
corned tho visitant to tho city
A pleasing and witty response wan
made by Charles M McMahon grand
councillor of Salt Lake
After the banquet those present re
paired to Harmon hall where a
dance was held and so pleasantly did
tho time flee that not until tho small
hours of the morning did the dance I
end Officers for the ensuing year were I
elected as follows
Tht New Officers
Grand councillor Harry K Fvitch
man Boise grand Junior councillor
J B Lewis Salt Lake grand treas
urer R P Casey Butte grand sec
retary Fred W Hillls Helena grand
conductor J E Yates Provo grand
page A E Carlson Boise grand
sentinel C E Becbe Butto execu
tive committee F R Ball Salt Lake
L B Larson Billings
Wo desire to thank our many
American friends for thoir kindness
courtesy and sympathy during tho
sad hours we have experienced since
tho death of our husband and brother
Saburo Ichimura and especially do
we Wish to thank those who attended
the funeral
Tho selection of Harry M Adams at
present traffic chief of the North
Bank railroad Washington as suc
cessor to T M Schumacher In charge
of traffic on tho Western Pacific rail
way is the latest report to reach rail
road row says the Dcscret News
And while nothing is known of the ap
pointment in local railroad circles and
no ofllclal circular has been received
In the matter up to date It Is an
nounced with more or less confidence
from tho northwest that the offer ot
the position has been tendered to Mr
Adams by the Goud interests Mr
Adams Is a young man but IB consid
ered a capable railroad official He
began railroading In 1SSO ns messen
ger boy in the service of the St Louis
and San Francisco railroad at Cherry
vale Kan and has steadily mounted
the ladder of promotion ever since
Ho has held various positions of re
sponsibility with tho Union PacIfic nnll
Oregon Railroad Navigation com
pany being up till he was placed in
charge of traffic with tho Hill line on
I gaged for many yearo ns general agent
of tho O R N at Spokane Wash
Ho has teen located In Portland since
his connection with the Hill Interests
and is highly thought of In railroad
and business circles of the Oregon
TC o are paying for fat hogs at fol
io wu
Hogo from 200 Ibs and up por
1CO Ibs 875
Hogs from 160 to 200 Ibs per
100 Ibo 850
Hoes from 125 to 160 Ibs per
100 lbs 775
We receive hogs dally
Anybody who prefers dressed
eight on hogs may bring them In on
Tuesdays or Fridays between 730
nnd 10 a m Wo will then slaughter
them while you wait and pay 1175
p = r 100 Ibo dressed At either of
these days you may choose whether
you want the live weight price or
1175 dressed
We pay for fat vcah from 70 to 125
Ibs dressed weight 11 cents per lb
and receive them dally iou may
bring them In either live or dressed
Access to our plant is now con
vpnicnt slnco tho construction of tbo
NEW YORK June 1rhe Out
look of June IS 1910 will contain
the messages of welcome to Mr
Roosevelt which are printed below
From the President
The return of Mr Roosevelt from
Africa and Europe ought to arouse
and will arouse as great a demon
stration of welcome from his country
men as any American ever received
After the heavy cares of tho presi
dential office for nearly eight stren
uous years he sought rest by con
trast in the depths of the African
forests and in great physical oxor
ion In the hunting of largo game
and the procuring of valuable speci
mens of the fauna
of the dark con
No one who knows Mr Roosevelt
and no one who understands the
character of the African climate and
the kind of hunting In which he wai
engaged can minimize tho dangers
I from disease and actual combat with
wild beasts to which he was exposed
It goes without saying that wherever
there was danger he wolcomoH Its
octenient and delighted to observe
and record Its effect upon his own
emotions Ills trip to Africa wad
planned with the
thoroughness of a
military campaign and his plans were
executed with the vim and energy
that might ho expected
Was Royally Received
In view of what happened when he
reached civilization however those
of ug who had the provilcgo of talk
lag with him before hp went can af
ford to have some fun at his expense
In his frequently avowed determina
ion to avoid all public functions and
entertainments Ho expected to call
on the persons In authority In each
place which he visited to have half
an hours conversation with the ruler
If he would receive him and then go
on his way llko a private citizen see
lag tho things of Interest nnd hurry
Ins home Instead of < lhat his path
from the time hu landed In Europe
until ho sailed has
been u luyal
progress and the courtesy nnd atten
lion and profound respect shown
him not only by kings and the load
ing men of every country but also
by the people have not been equaled
nmtu uj411 iwv i VI u nroiina
the world This IB the more remark
ohio because Grant had the deserved
reputation of being a great inllltarj
leader who had commanded a mil
lion men and won a war of gigantic
extent whIle Mr Roosevelts achieve
ments which have lYn him UIQ
standing before tho world have bon
almost wholly In peaceful times and
in a war against civil wrong and cor
ruption which ordinarily Is not spec
tacular and docs not command world
wldo attention The remarkable char
acter of the reception that ho has
had In Europe shows the deep i m
press that his personality his char
actor his alms and his methods nn a
civil and social reformer have made
upon tho world at large UP was al
ways of course ft man of great
breadth of vision and catholicity of
view but when ho comes back to
us now with his experience enriched
by observatIon of each country of Eu
rope from a point somewhat behind
the scenes With his notable power
of quick acquisition of tho circum
stances of a situation his close and
more or leas Intimate association with
the rulers of the leading countries of
Europe and with their prominent
statesmen has hlbon him an Insight
Into world politics that will make
him still more valuable to his coun
try as a statesman
Thu people of this country will give
him a welcome from their hearts
first because of their affection for
him and the fact that ho has returned
to them safe and sound from a peril
ous expedition second because since
he left them they have seen the poo
plo and tho great men and the mono
nrchs of other countries tender their
profound respect to the sumo quail
ties in the man that hln own people
had previounly noted nnd loved and
third because of his personal touch
the sincerity and strength of his de
llverances he has increased tno pros
tlgo of Americana throughout the
From the Governor of New York
My Dear Colonel Roosevelt On
my own behalf and on behalf of your
fellowcitizens of the state of New
York whocc cordial sentiment It
gives mo pleasure to express I ex
tend to you a most hearty welcome
upon your return home
The people of your native state
which nourished your strength and
gave you to tho nation for servlcoj
of worldwide Influence take pride In
I the distinguished honors which you
hare received abroad as a fitting trib
ute to your representative and per
I sonal character and join in wishing
you the most abundant happln s
and a long life enriched by continued
usefulness and by the love and es
teem which know no division with
respect to party creed or racc
With assurance of mj hlgji regard
I am faithfully yours j1
From the Mayor of New Ywrk City
The Honorable Theodorxiposevelt
Tho people of tho city C jjow York
do well to welcome Mr lAooaovclt
home Ho is of them bcWo of their
bone flesh of their fle1lhand they
have a soft sldo for him Through
a long ancestry he Js native and to
tho manor born here And the people
of the whole country will Join In the
welcome They havo witnessed with
pleasure tho honor done to Mr
Roosevelt In Europe Twice within
two generations have they now seen
the like In tho case of two of their
former presidents General Grant had
not only been president twice like
Mr Roosovelt but had one of tho
great military careers of the world
back of him No doubt some of the
extraordinary curiosity displayed la
Europe to see him and do him honor
arose from this latter fact But the
chief reason was the same as In the
case of Mr Roosevolt namely that
having been twice president of the
United States nnd become again a
private citizen docile to Just author
ity ho personified In the European
mind the idea of a government of
laws as distinguished as a govern
ment of men It IB that Idea first
vitalized on this continent and after
wards followed as an example In Eu
rope by slow degrees and by one na
tion after another which shall al
ways make one who has been in chief
rulcrshlp over the country an object
of profound Interest and reverence to
the rest of tho world In ono form
and another we expressed It In tho
beginning In Its threefold division of
power In all of our fundamental In
struments of government lie lofti
ness of the conception being some
times expressed In equally lofty and
felicitous language as for instance
In the Massachusetts bill of rights
In the government of this common
wealth tho legislative department
shall never exerclso tho executive
arid judicial powers or either of
them the executive shall never cxer
clso the legislative and judicial pow
tirs or either of them the judicial
shall never exercise tho legislative
and executive powers or either of
them to the end It may bo a govern
ment of laws and not of men
Great problems now confront us for
solution the accumulation of more
than two generations of men more
bont on their individual success If
not greed than on the public weaL
No few hut all of us are to blame
for it either by actual commission or
b Indifference and neglect With
nu era now drawing toward Its close
let us got our standpoint anew In this
great conception of government to
the end that wo may loau all fear as
we most certaInly shall of a resort
to force to right whatever has grown
up among us that Aultolh nol a com
monwealth and hag In It the canker
of death to government of equal op
portunity to all and favoritism or
privilege to none W J GAYNOR
Successor to Allen Transfer Co
825thSt Both Phones 321

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