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l = Ti 1r IH1 IE Q CG II IE N 51r AN JD AIRJD f jj > I
Getting a BirdsEyc View of a Crowd 2I
riwlo IIJT rml rloQlUl i V Y i
Copjrleht uno by the lox YotL Herald Co All rizliJn rrterxcd
Xcw York Saturday
T B IJE new rponei tile innn w lio takes the m I
S pictures Inns become a vital nod interesting I + K
r pan of the dally life of the prominent person r 1t
jj whose goings and coming err recorded In Vi
the newspaper of the ngc
Like the policeman the photographer is often
I There he Isnt wanted and lile the poor he Is always i j
present In short the photographers hand Is raised y
against every man and only a few years ago every
mans hand was lifted against him But lime works
a change of front The philosophy of yesterdays
quack Is the college textbook of to days professor
and so It is with the man who takes tho pictures
The milled fist awaiting him yesterday opens Into
the friendly palm of today If he succeed In mak
ing u good likeness indeed who can withhold u sinllc
of satisfaction at his turning of tho trick
Mr John Jacob Astor declined to pose for n snap
hot on going abroad n few years ago and the pho
tographer got him only after climbing to lie top of a
pier ladder from which iwlnt of vantage he caught
Mr Astor and his son Vincent standing on the
tneamships bridge This picture later was old to
i newspaper and was such a good likeness that Mr
Astor ordered copies of what he thought the best
picture of Vincent ever inkin
Until n few swam ago there were no snapshots of
Mr John D H < vk > feller for Mr Rockefeller had
blocked nil attempts to get one Then he returned
from his widely advertised ICuropean trip The
camera squad stood waiting to shoot him In the dark
tecjssos of n llobokon pier whereupon observing
them I he heretofore protesting Mr Rockefeller
smiled and culled
Von cant make a picture here can you boys
I Not very well cried the squad
I Come out here then where theres better light
Mr Rockefeller stopped Into the sunlight but Ida
before the cameras could be focuabed an army of re
porters ruihod Into the breach
Reporters to right of him
Reporters to left of him
Itopoitors In front of him
Volleyed and tbiuidrrcdl
In this turmoil Dr Blcgnr the family physician
cnrim forwiud and conducted Mr Rockefeller away
from iH > lh iPpoitor and phoiogniphcr
On returning from Bermuda with life rrlcnd Mark
riSn Mr Henry IL Rogers said No to a group of
ilx photographers wlm steal on the pier ready to
iHlconie lain with opcu lenses They deslrod to get
bt financier and the author together
No repealed Mr Rogers starting to walk away
that Mnrk Twsiln said Yes
Henry come here he cried catching hold of his
Vjloied friends coat tail and holding tight Now
boys go ahead Ill hold him for you
They got him
1 Getting Dr Lowell
At the Inauguration of Dr Lowell piesldent of
Harvard last fall the exclusive rights for taking
plctme on the campus were awarded to a Boston
photographer I > r Lowell didnt wish any other
pictures taken but thl > didnt prevent a New York
tree lanee hand In hand with a Boston comrade from
pelting an excellent series of views
WorMng from tin lop of an Iron picket fence
then two teen were driven away by tho H > licf where
upon they retired to another section of the fence
guarded by other policemen Forced from their sec
ond poltion they postponed further work until ILr
Inauguration exercises were half over and then with
tin police intent upon the assembled crowd the two
men scaled the fence Hiding their cameras under
coat they entered an adjoining dormitory from the
top indow of which they snapped Just what they
mot desired a broad sweep of the platform mid the
Dectutors hotter view than any taken by the offi
cial photographer
Later HIP mingled with the crowd and made sev
eral individual shots In the course of which the
police again escorted them to the gate
At tin time Mr IS EL Ilurrlmau wns reported at
dentils door the newspapers were focussing their at
tention on his probable successor Judge Uobcrt Scott
Ixivelt of the Union Pacific Hoard There were no
pictures of him to be had except RII old studio
portrait Judge Lovett was approached but he de
clined to pose Ho Ignored all letters On the subject
Followed on the way down town Judge Iovetl
eluded an earnest photographer and on the two fol
lowing days prevented n snapshot by covering his
face with his lulU
By this time however the Increasing Importance
of the Judge as a figure in the liuuuclul world led
L one photographer to assign live men for the Job Hires
1 camera experts nUll two watcher The Tudgo lived
at tho Majestic Therefore brlsut and early ou tJw
i1r EING the True Account of the Means
UJEmpioed by Photographers to Snapshot
I Persons 4 Great or Near Great
od from the Photographer the Other Raised His J
Af Hand Far Above His Head and Flashed His Blinding
Y White Flame J
Getting Taft at G A R Parade N Y
lUi > lj Im TUmiviu N Y
and waited There were two avenues of escape
down town one by automobile the other by the sub
way after a walk from the hotel
Which way the Judge would venture forth no one
knew and It wasnt deemed advisable to consult any
hotel employes The watchers wailed one hour two
hours Thou an automobile drew up in front of the
main entrance close enough to brush the shoes of an
Innocent little man on the curb The little man
moved away and the chauffeur rearranged a blanket
on the rear sent Presently the hotel door swung
open and out mine an elderly man wearing a frork
coat and silk hat The little photographer dma l
the huller on him and walked away with Judge
Lovett In the box
Mr Kdwln Hawley known as the Litlie Harrl
umii lives In Sixtieth street Just off Fifth avenue
On his way down town Mr Hnwlcy usually walks to
Fifth avenue and thence to Forty second street whflo
he takes the subway a4 Madison avenue One niorn
Jng a photographer caught Mr Ilnwley at tin turning
of the first corner before that gentleman knew what
had happened Hut uiihipplly the light was poor and
HIP photographer desired to make another exposure
fie raided his camera a second time but uow the
Little llarrlmnn wiselv ralxcd an umbrella
Wont you let me try another asked the photog
1 I dont want my picture taken protested Mr
Hawley continuing his Journey down town
The photographer followed on his heels but frequent
glances buck by Mr llawley soon led the pursuer to
give up the chase In Fifth avenue Hut not uKogethcr
Hy no nieaiHl Turning the next corner the photogra
pher quickly ran to Madison avenue and speeding
southward soon was walking abreast of his much de
sired subject although a block away yet unseen At
every crosstown ttiect the pursuer kept his victim in
sight until they reached hury thllL1 streot when rung
fling ahead to Fortysecond and making his way
through the crowd the photographer taw Mr llawley
approaching from the corner of Fifth avenue
Ret ueing his steps to a point near the Manhattan
Hotel where there was better light the photographer
put his lens In focus and then Urla ware of what he
was doing the Little IlJirrlman stepped Into the
camera the newspapers and the magazines
Catching Mrs Hctty Green
The young man who caught Mrs Hotly Green a
year ago had luncheon wIth her in order to get Ida
snapshot He wanted her plcturo to illustrate nn
article on Americas wealthiest woman Mrs Green
was then residing at the Plaza where she was re
ported to be paying 100 a day for her suite of rooms
However this didnt exclude her from eating u noon
luncheon at Chllds
Her dally routine became known and a photogra
pher went on her trull Her morning hours she dc
oted to business at the Chemlcnl Hank from which
umbrella In hand she walked under a clear lilnc sky
to the nearest Chllds restaurant Immediately the
photographer followed her to the table where he
took a seat beside her Mrs Green glanced at the bill
of fare while the photographer helped himself to a
napkin from the pile stacked ou the nickel spindle
The young man then took up the framed bill of fare
Mrs Green gave her order which came to fifteen
cents and the photographer gave his which came to
twenty cents
The photographer fondled his thick water glass le
e ist his eye upon the tiled ceiling he took In the
row upon row of busy eater he followed the swiftly
moving white gowned waitresses he listened to the
rattle of the dishes and the silverware at length he
ute his luncheon and proceeded to the curb In front
On the exit of Mr Green the photographer snapped
her umbrella in hand and the picture was a success
Frequently for interior work the photographer ic
sorts to the tlusblight to which there Is objection first
because of the smoke and again because of the lire
danger The UD to dale photographer la now cuulDDcd
nc 7 1IJ rwrn ilFr11
Removing the Plate Then Nearest
the Lens the Young Man Tossed
It Into the Gutter Where It Broke
Imo Small Pieces
managers of some buildings still forbid tho use of
Hush powders as In the case of Mudifon Square Gar
den Flashlights an > permitted there only at the start
of the six day blcjelo race and then only under a
guarantee by the race promoteis covering any lies
slble loss by 11 ro
At the last dog show In the Garden when the light
didnt permit of time exposure a photographer re
quested Mr George Gould to pose In a tinshllght
picture of his dogs to which his kennel manager re
But you cant make llashllghLs here
We are making them today on the stairway
Hiiid tin photographer Two flights up away from
the crowd
The photographer led the way made his picture
aid after hiding a few moments In an adjoining box
resumed his picture taking uninterrupted until ho
was in the act of posing Mrs Harvey Ladcw and bur
A messenger then appeared
The superintendent wants you down stairs mid
T wonder what for Inquired the camera man
tils assistant suggested
Probably he wants you to make his picture
The photographer smiled on the messenger
Very well tell the sllJl rllJtel1clellt well come right
down as slam as we finish this one Then calmly
to Mrs Laduw If you please this way Yes that
is better thank you All r6adyl
At the olllco superintendent frowned severely
You know youre not allowed to make flashlight
Hut we always have in the six day races
Thats the only time Xo more now
But several had already hrcn tnkon
Smash the plmito and you forestall the picture
which explains why occasionally this paragraph js
Mr Van Audcr attacked the ohotosrauher and
eDll T7 r nlU j
Then there is the story of Mlsd Anne Morgan MUs
Morgan doesnt pose for the camera Nevertheless 1
at Intervals the photographers pursue her Once
while she was at the Colony Club In Madison avcnuo
nix men stood In walling on the walk three at one
door and three nt the other all working together with
tho understanding Unit If one got a good picture he
would share it with nil To nold this buttery of
liTisefi MNs Morgan telephoned to Pollee Headquar
ters for detectives nUll when they hind driven all six
a block away Miss Morgan escaped lthls lime
The Broken Plate
But to the story of the broken plate In the first
pined a photographer wis loitering nt the Colony
Club not for Miss Morgan but for Mrs O II P Hoi
inont IIo was talking with the Bclmont chauffeur
when a quietly dressed woman came from the club
house and stopped a few feet war to speak with a
man The man and the woman chatted and laughed
Theres a picture for you whispered the chauffeur
Vho Is It asked the camera man I sceptical
Miss Anne Morgan
The photographer quickly turned hU camera on Miss
Morgan and took her picture Immediately otter which
Miss Morgan bidding her companion goodby asked
the phologtnphcr
What did you do that fort
I was sent here to get you ho apologized
No you werent Insisted Miss Morgan after a
moment continuing Will you do me a favor
What Is it r
HreaK the pin
At first tho young innn demurred He knew tho
great value of his plate one that every photographer
III Now York would prize beyond words Hut she
pleaded strongly and after a while wavering between
her icquest and duly ho remarked
Very well If you Insist
Removing the plate then nearest the lens the joung
man tossed It Into the gutter wlure It broke Info
small pieces
Thank you very much said Miss Morgan
Youre quite welcome smiled the young man
Tho photographer was smiling with the satisfac
tion of having done his duty duty to his olllce It
seems In the course of his conversation lie had taken
the precaution of reversing his plate holder so that
when he finally removed the plate facing the lens and
cast It into the gutter ho was throwing away a
His picture of Miss Morgan is now doing active ser
+ f Gt txrrttmht lOll
bj Pul Tlwtnpvji
Miss Helen Gould on Right Leaving
Her House
vice throughout the ratted Stales
Year after year the life hope and inspiration of
philanthropic work year after year the despair of
every art director on the New York ueusuapors
that In brief Is the record of Miss Helen Gould
One man Is said to have devoted the Sunday morn
Ings of two years to pursuing Miss Gould taking up
his station In front of her lesldonce awaiting her
start for cliurrh In those two years Miss Gould
ofton went to church and always escaped him by hid
ing behind a veil a parasol a muff or whatever im
plement was at hand
After ten years of waiting another photographer
was about to give up his sentinel duty Unit Is for
the day It was Sunday in Fifth avenue at Forty
seventh street Fleecy white clouds as thin as chif
fon veiled a blue river of sky The light WUS splen
did Why didnt Miss Gould step out on tho side
walk Then the young man looked at his watch H >
had waited all but five minutes of four hours Uo
decided to wait the remaining five
Still ho gtrcd up at the ten story block on the south
west corner again he noted the inruphlng signs of
the business world from the south up to Miss Car
roll Gowns Now aa a novelty Jie looked through
the gully of West Fortyseventh street where he
watched thc elevated trains shooting across the nar
row strip of skyline Next ho turned his eyes upon
the tall brown stone church spire to the north Au
tomobiles buried on the asphalt like so many flies
and the patter of hoofs still echoed the reign of the
What a pity Miss Gould dldut appear Then his
wish was apparently coming true A carriage drew
up in front of the residence ou the northeast corner
Tlni photographer moved n few feet away The
coachman opened the door of tho carriage From In
side his coat the photographer produced a camera
and turnlug quickly snapped the shutter on the
woman about to enter the vehicle She was only fif
teen feet away and the view was unspoiled It was
Mlfis Helen Gould
The young man started off and Miss Gould sum
moned a bicycle policeman who caught up with the
phptographer and after escorting him around the
corner said
Good work my boy uow boat It
During the trial of Sam Parks confederate Wein
sclmer a photographer sought to get n snap shot of
tho prisoner but failed until one day he chanced to
catch Wclrisolmer and his attorney leaving the Crim
inal Courts Building ICven then the exposure was a
very poor ono But Welnscliuor and his attorney
who had been snapped together didnt understand
this They merely saw a camera pointing nt them
and after hearing the snap of the shutter they at
o1rteLcalled upon a policeman and set out for the
After a few steps Woln oluicr himself dropped out
leavint the chase to tho attorney and the policeman
iW 1
made him lliilr prisoner The trio Hum slnrtod bhU
toward the court building and Wclnselmer Win i
they wore within fiCluun foot of the labor mini tu
photographer saw himself facing an uplifted Ion
finger and heard WciuKelmir cry cut
1 want that man arrested
SHU botueen the attorney and tho polliemnn Hi
photographer quickly raided his camera and captured
Welnselnicr with uplifted forefinger pointed directly
Into the lens
Moro lucensnd than ever the attorney took the
photographer Inlo court before the Judge who was
hearing the WeliiHelmcr cast
II want this man arrested said Oic attorney
Whats the charge asked the Judge
IIo look a snap shot of me
Dont bother mite retorted the Judge Ive got
more Important business to attend to
The Case of Mr Schwab
If you think for a moment the day of tho photogra
pher Is uneventful read tho story of how two experts
escaped with u courtroom picture of Mr Charles M
Schwab when he was answering question on the
Shipbuilding Trust
Hut how 10 take the picture In tho darkened court
room was the problem It couldnt be dono with u
small camera and as the policeman guarding the door
hud orders not to allow any cameras Inside how could
they pans In a reflex box say nine Inches wide nine
Inches deep and fourteen Inches long Besides there
would have to be a flash powder explosion for the
light and after that how could they escape with the
The two men set out for the Mail and Express
Building when court was In session one with the
camera under nn overcoat the other with tho flash
pan and powder Walking close together and screen
Ing the camora with theIr two overcoats the men I
safely passed the outside guard The man with the
cuneia then took a scat iu the second row of specta
tors chairs toward which Mr Schwab on the stand
fifteen feet away was facing An explanation of
the situation to a man in the seat ahead enlisted his
aid and he promised to move aside at a signal The
second expert now stood nearer the door perhaps
twentyflve feet from the camera and from Mr
At n noel from the photographer tho other raised his
hand far above his head and Hashed his blinding
white flame from which shot up half a roomful of
j iizf1J J f j
a j rea4
Covering the Police Parade Photographing
the Mayor
riifrlo if 1anl l Q1q1l i1 y
Mr Schwab Jumped up iu his chair
The second export diushod for the door
Get that man shouted Mr Samuel Untenuyer
counsel In tho case
Uy this time however that man bad eluded the
outside guard and started down the stairway fol
lowed by n policeman anti five lawyer clerks On
the second floor tho runner mistook a balcony for the
sidewalk and ran outside Too late ho started to
climb the railing and drop below but before he
could got away his pursuers were upon him nud
presently had him back in an anteroom where a
search failed to uncover the camera
I have the picture all right said the prisoner
but where It was he declined to tell
Mr Schwab severely disapproved of this kind of
proceeding and likewise the commissioner in charge
condemned It as nn outrage against the court
A pretty good stunt after nJlt ventured a friend
ly reporter to Mr Schwab and what cnn you do
Theyvo got your picture Whereupon Mr Schwab
relaxed in a smile
Quite true they had his picture In the uproar of
the chase after the flashpan the man with the cam
era ami the valuable plate therein calmly walked
out of the courtroom unnoticed took tho elevator to
the top floor and thence to the street where he made
good his escape Leaving his box at a convenient
store he immediately returned to the court room this
lime In the mic of n reporter tent out to investigate
the cause of the disturbance
Upon bis departure for abroad lost winter Mr J
Plerpont Morgan blocked all attempts of photogra
phers at the pier to get him and was getting away
when one young man took advantage of the situation
and turned his lens upon Mr J Pierpont Morgan Jr
who was nn Interested witness to his fathers escape
The photographer got n good picture of young Mr
Morgan which as It turned out was a more valuable
print because of Its rarity
A Free Lance Victory
Lust winter when Iu view of the deep turmoil In
the republican camp President Taft announced his
Intention of jnceting New York party leaders on the
ground there promised to he an exceptional oppor
tunity for a group picture of distinguished leaders
New York newspapers sent their stall men to get time
pictuio but much to the surprise mind disgust of the
stuff men JL was a free dunce who walked out wath I
the one big group picture of the day
To Will this victory the managing director of this
free lance agency put three men on the job two pho
tographers find his agency otlleo mail All thice went 1
earlyIndeed very earlsand while the olllee niiin
and one photographer devoted themselves to making
a few preliminary pictures upstairs the other photog i
rapher camera in hand sat waiting below lu the re
ception hall waiting for the staff men of the lIuws
papers In time these start men arrived and wen
escorted to the reception hall where they were enter
tained by the young man from the free lance ugoiu I
lie did his utntost to make It pleasant for them Later
he tried to show them the uselessness of trying to get
such u distinguished group but there was one rival
who wouldnt be decoyed away and so all waited
At this monjcnt tle olllce man upstairs vas arrang
ing the loaders in a pleasant grouping and just before
four oclock the appointed hour of the conference his
photographer took the ono group picture of the day
Jt was all over then There wasnt time for other
sittings amid then the man with the valuable plate i
walked past the frowning stair men In the reception I
hall thereby scoring the picture boat of the day
His group Included Mr Lloyd Grlseom Governor
Hughes 1 Speaker ionic Wndsworth Mr Otto Ban
nard Senator Clmuncey M Depcw Mr Timothy L
Woodrutt and President Taft
In San Francisco amid around the tables of Park I
row Jf you niiMilloir the subject of risking life and
limb a photographer will tell you the story of a fellow
worker who desiied to get a panoramic view of the
city Iii flames and who got It only after climbing till
the tottering dome of City Hall iu the fuceof what
his comrades deemed certain death The young wan

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