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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1902-1910, June 25, 1910, Part Two, Image 16

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l i il Y
t I
c t I
i or e i c T IUl IE n ir fn IE M If A y ffl A 1D rn Ll f < c
I 9 Jr II 11 Jl JJ1 lUr A 1 f A 1fllf II 4 jti
r ct L
ITH nit tbo hats alreadv includ
ctl in the summer outfit mm
II more man is surprised and per
haps n bit depressed at the in
torest and enthusiasm displaced
by his womankind In the sub
ject oC summer millinery but women un
deistnnd and appreciate to the fullest cx
Uilt the fascination nnd delimit in buy
lug new hats lute in the seiison and ap
pearing in nn absolutely new creation
when ones friend are wearing bats pur
chased at long ago us last month
More and more Is it becoming known
that the bat is one of lie most if not be I
most important adjuncts to nn effective I
appearance niifl while the ptupondous
prices asked for hilts is unwniranted by
even the molt costly mate ruts there me
many women who prefer to pay fur more
In proportion for their hits than thor
gowns contending that a amort licjominer
bat will often redeem a shabby gown
while an unbecoming cheap hat will ruin
the effect of the most elaborate c isiuiic
Fire dollars saved on the pnec of the hut
is often twenty dollnid thrown away for
there arc few women who are willing lo
wear what proves unbecoming at the too
cheap hat as a rule is
As the season advances thcrf ib often a
marked change in styles Ip fact a
woman whosi taste in dresbis far famed
declares that the nfTort toknow just what
is the latest fashion is fiuiUejcnt to break
the strongest none At the inonjcnt Iho
hats are much softer in outline and in
consequence mire more generally becoming
Tboy still are worn far down on ivhchcad
so that little or no hair is to b0 saga and
are decidedlv odd if not cccpnlric butj
theyare very smart + i i
The toque is worn bj jouilg girls and
older women and the nawest shapes I in
straw are just becoming to the youth
ful faces as were the tulle turbans of Ih c
spnng Colored Btravs arc in great de
wand one charming lint is pf relit blue
color with taffeta and lace trimming
wound around it in most graceful lines i
the mime fclmpc in rose pink and in j clloxv
0MF dvcsrnaJring at this time of
HOME is not eo dullest a task as
earlier in the season in the fnct that
there are so many marked down unttri
ala that can be found 11I311 the sbopss
in equally attractive but in black is too
I hcnr a failing that Ins I to be guarded l
agunist in 1 black toque ut all limes i
Another Ciisclrating shape in colored
I straw is almost Hut with drooping hriin I
so wide that it almost rests on the
shoulders This shape also Is In blur I
straw but of a lighter shade and trimmed
with a wealth of roses and loops of nf
fete ribbon On the jiiclurcsquG outer
I nrt those wide fiat hnls with their droop 1
ink brims nndiureatiF and pluinro hut f
nothing looks so well will he dainty
summer gowns light in color nnd freight I
I Lace and Lingerie Hats I
I And there are otbor hats to be worn
f with the thin summer owns inrtdu of lace
or embroidered net or muslin nil white
or nil block 01 white with colored tnf
feta and pick rod white or yellow roses
nli tIle case may be In white lace with
pink tnffoli diaMi down
I wn oor tho crown
land brim and with a wrench of junk roses
f is ono of the < smartest hits of the reason
Thecrown is high ho brim is wide but
being transparent the effect m so light and
uir tine in J
airy t in itself it suggests summer
weather rose gardens and incidentilljv
snideji parties Not
so ontpnil but
Jae just
aa becoming is the Charlotte Cordnj
model which is made in either black or
i whit bee and trimmed
a twist of
I clvet ribbon around the crown and xc I
lel how directly front Tins style of
hat is made much larger this summer the n
itbiial and comjilctelv covers the head and c
hair but like the hat just de scrii > rd it is II
irnnspircnt and there i1no ugly too
henry look while the irregular brim doc
jabovv here and there glimpses ot the halt 1
I This beason it Is fashionable combine
color with black or White and the bow
laud twist of relict around the crown is
iof color in preference to its being all black
Odd hhUdes of color are popular but the
more o clean tints of blue or I
I conie are pn feirctl This ant is worn
iwith all s rts of gowns and is suitable for
Flbaih afternoon and evening I
I One of the wont actructirc details of
I this care fnslrtonais hu mnrked con
Silk and satin and tnmmiiigfl of all Linda
are in many Instances fur below the orig
I inal prices asked and it is well worth the
time and trouble to take advantage of ihe
opportunities now presented Liberty
White Crin Hat with White Wings i
Photo by IVIis
tclUllhQ Coprrlclit 1010 New York
Herald > <
1 s f
t > M o >
fJo f I Ib rl
I r
itrasl in the styles jima lare and lingerie
hats arc soft and drooping surd the triui
iiung corn piiiiilif in ifue and effect while
just as fnshionablo is the hat with slurp
I almost hard ojitline4 that bus thc stiff
est uf trimming and which seems to
fruno the hcaif tniicli ns the conventional
gilt picture frame This effect is to he
noticed in one of the smnrlost and most
popular shapes of the siiinnitn the large
white cnn htlf iilh uieJlun low crown
and wide brim Just a narrow line ot
velvet hinds the brim and around the
crown is a fold of the same rolor while
shaded white wing c stand quilt high a I
liltlc toono sido of tho trout Carried out
in Mack nud jihv this i1 a most chnim
hug arid becoming model but it ill also
attractive in all black and all white 11
is trade of the utmost mo t transparent
jof rein and IK delightfully light
White with Black Velvet
Deeidrdlx orjgmol in hhqpu npd trim
using js n large limit white straw faced
with black relret and trimmed with black
rclrot ribbon 1111I1 unlimited supjilj of
aigretta tbai land t pin n high spread
fan effect It Is too Irjriugn sliapo to be
generally rfconimeiiUod but is sus costly
there is small alniiger it will become too
Ipopalnr The same style ia also carried
out in Hll black or with colored ieJet on I
blue Jt 5s huiatiest though in the
S 0 F IN T E
satin and toile de soie nnd only short
lengths arc needed coinbino well and it
n moro olnhoiit effect is desired then
with n length of embroidery on chiffon or
not a most ittnicthc gown can be
Blue Straw Hat with Wreath of Roses 4
Photo Opmsln lOlo br HCllllmlt WlII J
i3cluslc Copjnslil WlU Sew York + 11 rJ Ah
llcnH i ri j t Ells
I J tywJ o
Charlotte Corday Hat pi Black Lace 3rr
I Photo Copjrlkiit IJJV by Itcnllinsor
Excluivo CUJlfliht 1JIV Xess York
I black and whito of thee original tuodol
Aigrettes arid ostrich feathui were at
one liiiic1 considered more suitable fur
w mtnr than for summer millinei > but
now feathery are popular all the year
and spring amid summer lutumii nail i
winter the theatre hit tmuiuod with
either is ill styli It is an expensive
All linn amid pongee costumes are
I niurlco clown and it im often wise to bur
n model gown 01 costumo even while it
may be too large for bv careful icbttiug
a gon is obtained fQrlc tbanjt would
Bluet Straw Toque
1lioto Copyrlslit WIll by HII1iur
j iUusirc Copjrlslil lt10 1 evv TOre
L 1 herald
fashion that flutist be ll1lltcJbnt
feathers andiirettes mnc1 ue capable
of being doiio overtisittisfmtcturily in my
times NO that the lirst cost i > the prin
cipal piillnj aud rhen even In feathers
imitation is rcsortiiMo with the delight I
ful result of reducing the cost two tlmirds j
The long plutuo encircling the entire
cost to male it und it nlll be fur lined
onicr In every Way Auother practicil I
plan is to buy a plain costume coat and
skirt or n uric piece gown and bj putting
on lack or cmbrolderv transform it into
< toe
< i t l
Shirred Lace and Taffeta Ht 1
t 1
riiftm iiy rcijt
IsclosMo Copjnsht 1010 New York I
1 s Straw Hat with Ostrich Feather
Flower Toque with Velvet Bow Photo Copyrlcht 1010 hy Rciithncrr
I i nxclusivc Copyrlslit 1010 New York
ill Photo by Felix dU1tNew
1 V lixclumltr Coiorlslit 1U1U Ncn lurk
li t1 e 1 IlorolI J r
I P < I of l 17rtlnt I +
White Straw Hat with Aigrettes and
Black Velvet Crin Hat with Fancy Aigrette
Vlroto Copjnplit 1010 try Ittmlms Photo by Fdlx
iciiuitc Coi nlit HIll New lurk
> cw Esdiulve Copyright IDlO
1 If rule COl New York
crown of the hut is always becoting and
is just in popular today as It ever a <
nn the bluck hut with white gray or
I light colored farther is worn with any I
I nod every claboiute afternoonor even
i ing gown The larger the hat lha larger
the feather and iJcillcnt l1 i tbo moro
I expensive is apparently the title other
wise thire is no strict law laid down for
this style of hat The bmn is tweed with
I tulle or velvet 01 if of fine crm unllned I
and the shape lilting perfectly the head
I size nnd whh good lines itMDOy have n
I brim that tin us up m dovvii as is the
I moro bicoining with howevor ijrefor
jcnee in favor of he turned down brim
I Hats of Mammoth Size
j The carl wheel hat as the wide brim I
I absolutely round shape has been termed
its extremely popular anti is mae in black
iur while crini or colored stnivv It isI
ma most clabpraje costume Often merely
gadding handsome lace collar meters and
cuffs w hll work vvondcra vhile n band of
lace or braiding around time hem of time I
skirt will mikcj suliable for wort thcj
I poised ou the Hide of the humid in such
usliion that almost all the brim shows
IThe uninitiated in ho m steifcs of mil
I liner and hnirdressing mnnel nt how
i the hat is kept on the head Aigrettes
galore arc the only trimming nnd they
jure so placed as to show every httlo spear
to the best adxautage It is too costly
and elaborate a bat to be worn with any
gown that is not ou the elaborate order
tiiid inroiiHnil for jiffftrrmnri IIP pi uiiiL
Ilt Sterns strange that there IB not more
attention paid to wdanug the suitable
lint however md uell dressed wolncu
I Wear with the plainest tinlor costume n
hut only suitable with u most elaborate
rtcptjon or rcstaurant gown while on
thi other hind it is OJ ao means unusual
to see quite lam simple a left worn with on
elaborate silk or lace croin
The bct dressed woman is not the one
vim spends the most money on her
clothes but she who tnkci the trouble
to plan and choose what is appropriate
anti culfnlil
entertainments where the too plain cos
tume would have been inappropriate And
the folded silk or satin girdles add greatly
to thee smart and attractive aipearnncu of
tan inexpensive gowu and silk remnants
ne really and truly birgaius

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