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Ii I
The Evening Pap r Is the Paper WEATHER FORECAST
Paper of Yesterday WEDNESDAY FAIR
n FORTIETH YEAR NO J54PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH TUESDAY EVENING JUNE 28 J9JO Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
fllfiGT CITY
GovDickerson and Bat I
Nelson Are Latest
J Arrivals
1 Reno Nex June 2SThe honors
of popular attention among todays
arrivals were shared between Gover
nor Dickcrson and Battling Nelson
l former champion lightweight
Bat arrived on a morning train
from the const and was the center of
an Interested throng when ho went
J In the hotel to register One of the
first men he met wiis Tex Rlckard
whoso career as a light piomoter be
gan when he brought the Dane and
Joe Cans together in Gold field several
years ago for tho biggest purse over
I offered In the prize ring up to the
Limo Jeffries and Johnson were match
i ed
L Tex greeted Nelson cordially and
gazed after the lightweight admir
t ingly as the latter went down the
Dont think I over saw Bat look
ing any better said Richard Look
at him step along Seems lively
quick In his movements and all thaL I
Bat Is taking care of himself Hes I
Ii out for a conicbach at Wolgasl sur
est thing you know Believe me he
wont be such a shortender either
Rlcknrd was in an unusually cheer
ful mood today lie declared that
r his worries were over and that the I
I Jlqht was going to be staged on time I
and with everything in readiness
During the night he received many
messages from the coast which assur
ed him of good seat sales and similar
assurances came from quite a number
of unexpected quarters
Reno Nov June 8Rcno today Is I
awaiting the arrival of Governor Dick
erson who It is understood is return
ing to Carson City from Ely and In
tends to make a brief stop here en I
route Just what would be tho gov
ernorK purpose in coming to this city
4 has not been stated but in view of his t
1 numerous denials that ho would inter
fere In any wawllh the fighters
no ono concerned admits the belief
1 that It would bo connected with the
big contest
The news received here last night
F however of the circulation in Chi
cago o fanoher rumor that tho fight
would be called off lends added In j
terest to the expected visit of the
states chief executive Promoter
t Tex Rlckard IB keenly autoifs to see
f hlmand ho igiPlcparlr tp be at thfc
station to meet his train Rlcknrd
and Dickcrson are said to be old
friends and though the promoter only i
a day or two ago received a telegram I
directly from him at Ely giving posi
tive assurance that lie had no in
tention of trying to prevoilt the fight
and delegating authority to use tho
message as the recipient saw fit Rlqk
ard wants to hear from the govern
ors lips that the constantly revived
reports of intervention are without
I cant Imagine wuo Is doing all I
this no fight talk Rlckard said i
to a group of newspaper correspond I
cuts last night during a general dis
cussion of tho Chicago rumor If
there was the least hit of truth in It
I think it Is reasonable to suppose
that Nevada people would hear the
news before it leaked out In San 1
Francisco or Chicago T nm in close
touch with every part of tho statfj
and if any action against us waH I
taken I would certainly be one of i
the first to know Of course all
these rumors are nothing but wild
conversation but they do UB a lot of
harm in leading many folks back cast I
to think that maybe there Is somo
truth In them and that if they start I
out here to see tho fight hey would
have their trip for nothing Thats
what hurts and thats why Im so
anxious to have Governor DIckcrsoii I
come here and tell you newspapermen
what lies told me in his telegram
that there IB absolutely no intention
I on his part to attempt to call off tho j
t fight
1 Rapid headway Is being made on the
task of building the arena A force of
> 175 men are working ten hours a t
day to have It completed next Friday
and so marked was the progress yes
terday that the contractors said that
it would be quite possible to fin I
ish tho job by Thursday night Tho
plans call for a seating capacity of I
about 17000 but according to Rick
I ardhoavy orders for tickets receive 1
< f from the east yesterday point to the
I possibility of a much larger attend
ance than was at first expected and
ifc may be necessary to enlarge the
structure To bo forehanded In sucli
a contingency lumber for nn exten j
sion will bo added to the bile 1C
an extra tier Is not required a roomy I
platform will be placed behind tho
I rear top 8eats encircling tho entire
structure with capacity of providing
atandlng room for about 1000 people j
thus bringing the pAPcily of the I
I I arena up to 21000 I
It Is estimated that mon than 50
fiOO feet of lumber and five tons jf
nails must be put Into the building be
fore it Is ready for use The Wasune
county grand Jury which is supervise
Inr the work IB making frequent
trips to tho silo In order that no
precautions for tho safety of spec
tator Is overlooked
t One of the biggest orders for tickctJG
vet received was reported last nlpht
Residents of three towns in the north
caBternpart of the state and whose
combined population figures only
2000 mado Joint application It IK
i J said for 1708 Bents Thus far the J
greatest demand has been for the
higher priced reservations
Well known ring votaries continue
i to pour In dally and by the end of
the week probably ninetenths or
more of flatlanas leading celebrities
will bc on the scone One of ho
latest arrivals Is Edward McKeown
of Winnipeg who claims to have
hold the heavyweight champlonshlj
of Canada from 1S81 to J8SG Mo
Kcown pont most of his timeyes
I terdaj at Jack Johnsob camp and j
when John L Sullivan came In the
afternoon to sec tho champion work I
the Canadian Immediately sought out
the veteran and they passed a pleas
ant quarter of an hour together re I
calling old times It wd f stated by
Jcl eon that ho had been com
missioned by friends In Canada to bet
oOOO on the approaching fight No
instructions were given him he said
as to placing the money that being
luft to hlu own Judgment after a cart I
Till overlooking of the two principals
Jake Kilrain will arrive here from I
Boston next Friday uccordln
according to ad
vices received by Sullivan who is
Impatiently awaiting the coming of II
the man who th
gave the exchampion I
one of the hardest battles in tho
history of tho fight game
There probably will be no marked
acceleration of betting In Reno until I
the arrival of Tom Corbett from Son
The presence here of Promoter Jim
Coifroth IB understood to be for the
purpose of securing a convenient lo
cation In one of the prominent gambl
ing halls for the official betting com
missioners activities Corbett is
promised competition by Jlmmie Law
lor of Sausallto Cal who is now here
arranging for a poolroom
Jim Jeffiles hard workout yester
day was one of the principal topics
of conversation In the hotels and sa
loons last night and the opinion
seemed to be shared by all who had I
the good fortune of being present that
the big fellow was apparently In tho
finest possible trim and ready for
the greatest battle of his career
The utmost confidence In the out
come of the contest Is professed by
the friends and followers of both
fighters The Moanu Springs crew
say that Jeffries is absolutely certain
of his abllltj to maintain his title of
undefeated champion and that he is so
sanguine of his prospects of defeat
Ing Johnson that he Is giving far less
thought now to his own condition than
to that of his pet namesake terrier
which is suffering from an attack of
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San Francisco June SThe bet
ting on tho big fight opened this
morning at 10 to 7 Jeffries being the
favorite Many wagers are being I
placed and there Is much Johnson
money In sight
Boston June 8A slight improve
ment is noted In the local wool mar
ket but transfers are nearh aUnt
manufacturers prices Business
however is confined tofine and fine
medium scoured territory half and
quarter blood fleeces and a little un
washed delaine One quarter Ohio
sells at 25 cents and fine territory
62c to G4c cleaned
Advices from the west indicate that
the now clip Is moving slowly with
very lithe Inquiry on the part of local
Dealing In foreign wool is more
Chicago Livestock
Chicago June 28 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 2500 market slow I
Beeves n20 < g > 810 Texas steers
520ftiCSO western steers 525iJJ >
720 slockers and feeders n40ff
OJO cows and heifers 3GOi3 > G70
calves GOOS50
Flogs Receipts estimated at 1 7
000 market slow and lOc off Light
fl2094fi mixed 875rf910 heavy
S7nri30 rough S7G < gi895 good
to choice heavy 8D5 < 5 > 910 pig
910000 bulk of sales 925Oi5
Sheep Receipts estimated at 1 =
000 market steady to a shado up I
Native 27Gi95 western S300i
185 yorllngs S500025 lambs nn
the f75350 western 50057760
Omaha Livestock
1 Chicago June 28 Cattle Receipts
2300 market active steady Native
steerH J75a775 cows and heifers I
325nGOO western steers 230aG2o I
cows and heifers 273au 25 canner
L50a350 stockers and feeders SOOa I
575 calves 350a500 hulls stags
etc 350a560
0 Hogs Receipts 12300 market 10
to 20 cents lower Heavy SSOaOOo
mixed S90a900 900a93D
S90at00 light pigs
7 iOaS75 bulk of sales S90a950
Sheep Receipts G500 market
stronger Yearlings i 83a57G weth
ers J90aGi ewes 350a425 lambs
Chicago Produce
Chicago June 28Butter stead
creameries 21 l2a27 dairies 23a2G
Eggs Easy receipts 20993 at
murk cases Included lia1r 12 firsts
17 prime firsts IS 12 Cheese I
steady daisies 15 llal2 twins li
young Americas lu l2a34 long
horns J5 i2aGl
Sugar and Coffee
New York June 28SngarRaw
firm Muscovado 89 test 374 cen
trifugal 9G test 121 molasses su
gar 89 test 149 Refined steady
crushed 8585 granulated 515
nowd red S5 23
Coffee Spot quiet No 7 Rio S 14
585lfjc No I Santos 9 3Sc
Metal Market
New York June 28 Copper weak
standard spot and July 1190
Silver 5 3Sc
Lead firm 44C014oO
Now York June 2SThe will of
Stewart M Brice son of the late
nato William BrIce who tied at
Aehbury Park on June 9 has Just I
been ted for probate The value
of his estalo is not given but Is salt I
to amount to more than 100000
Denver Colo Juno 28 Lucius W
Hoyl president of the Colorado Bar
I association and dean of the law de
partment Denver died here today
r after a brief illness 1lu was a mem
ber ofJhe general council of the
I American Bar association
II One Man Killed and
Six Persons Are
Chicago June 280nc man was
pInned under an automobile and
drowned and five others and a younx
woman woru seriously Injured early
this morning a few miles from Ham
mond Ind when the car plunged Into
a creek
The Dead
mond Peter RIpley 30enrsold Ham
The Injured
Bernice Brackett 21 years old
Hegcwlsch cut about face by barb
ed wire
Frank Bakor 32 years old Ham
mond shoulder dIslocated and inter
nally injured
Frank BIck of Hammond three ribs
Georgo Holser 2 i years old of Ham
mond head cut and Internally in
Frank BetT Tr of Hammond 21
years old shoulder cut and arm
I Irving Bctz 23 years old of Ham
mond shouldor broken and Internally
Irving Bet with four male com
panions met Frank Beth and Miss
Brnckctt at Lake Front park and
after supper there started home They
were about half way between Roby
and Hammond when at a turn In the
road young Bctz lost control of the
car The big machine plunged from the
road crashed through a fence struck I
a telegraph pole and turned turtle in I
n creek containing five feet of water
Ripley was pinned beneath the ma
chine and drowned hut the others
managed to extricate themselves
The crow of an intcrurlmn car with
which the automobile IP mild to have
been racing at tho time heard the
crash and with a number of passen
gers hurried to the rescue They ex
trjcatcd Rlpleya Ijbdy and put it with
the injured persons on the car and
hurried to Hammond The Betz
brothers were taken to their home and
the others to a hospital
The Betz brothers are sons of
Frank Betz millionaire manufacturer
of Hammond
Now York Juno 28Col Theodore
Roosevtlt departed at 10 oclock this
morning for Boston where he will at
tend the Harvard commencement ox
Col Roosevelt came from Sagamore
11111 to Now York and kept secret the I
hour of departure to avoid the
He will preside at a meeting of Iho
Harvard alumni tomorrow and wi
make a short speech Outside of this
ho has refused to dlsclolchis plans
for the trip He expected to reurn
homo on Friday
I had been raining all night In
Oyster Bay but Col Roosvolt de
cided not t < give up the trip by automobile
O t thought T would roch my com
partment unseen ho qnid hut an
old letter carrier who first nominated
me for the assembly neal thirty
years ago rccogn ed me and came
up to shake hands Then the station
employes gathered around but I man
aged to reach my car Some persons
followed me In here but I was read
ing very studiously and they didnt
stopCol Roosevelt was alone in his
compartment when the train started
Omaha June 2SIJRst nights state
ment from San Francisco that K L
Lomax for the aat 25 years general
passenger agent of the Union Pacific
railway had arrangQd to leave that
service to beiomo passenger and traf I
fic manager of the Western Pacific I
with offices at San Francisco was
verified today by n telegram frrfm Mr I
Ivomax now in San Francisco lo his
offices here There Is no Intimation
of who hIs successor will be
Santa Barbara tal June KTwo
unln ked mon attempted to bold up
1C E Balllnger of Denver and a
party of friends Awhile they were I
motoring north through the Caeltas
Pass half way between this city and I
Ventura Themcn were armed with
rifles and at tHc command to stop I
the chauffeur spopdod up and made
a turn In the mountain roqd aq the
bandits flredmhpJQ shots which went
wild The Casjtas Pass la about
eight miles long jind the Beckon I
sparsely settled < I
Y q
GnrdtnCltt N Y June I 28Sur > I
vos for a two and a half mile avia
tion track for exhibition and prac
tice flights have been completed here
The high feqcxxwill enclose Jt and
a grandstand to seat five thousand
I persons wlll bQ J erected The track
l will be t hiyLlltoen foot stand
rdA from which brilliant colored
flags will bo flown
The track IB to bo used this sum
mer principally as 41 practice ground
for aviators who will enter the In
ternational meet In October The
International meet is to b held on 3
somewhat larger field a mile beyond
the practice grounds
A nominal ndmlnslon fee will be
charged spectators for admission to
grandstands the receipts to cover
tho cst of grandstand and policing
field Fences and grandstand will
be ready by the first of next week
Alnrge silver trophy has boon put
up for compctlllon among profession
als and amateurs for the longest 1
flight in the first 15 days of July
W K Vanderbilt Jr Colonel Asa
Bird Gardner George Tarboll and
other residents of the nol hborboo1
will provide for other competition with
similar donations
Martins Ferry Ohio June 2STho
Light Sheet mill employing 1200
mi 120 men
was closed today by n strike a large
majority of the men refusing to work
with others who refused to pay ton
I per cent assessment for strikers
The double house from which the
I mill strikers were evicted was dyna I
mitod today Xo ono was injured
Railroad Legislation Will
Have No Serious
Portland Ore June SJacoh
11 Schlff of the firm of Kuhn Loch
Co of New York
passed through
Portland last night on his way to
Seallle where he will take a steam
er for Alaska whlthor he Is going on
a vacation trip I
Mr Shciff was exceedingly optimf
istlc In hIs Views both of the finan
cial condition of the country and as
regards recent legislation by congress
affecting railroads DUcuaalng the
latter subject Mr Schlff said that ho
did not believe that the recent amend
ments to the interstate commerce act
will have any serious effect on the
railroads and that now congress has
adjourned things wJl be adjusted
to meet the new conditions He add
ed that ho thought that congress
would not for several years make any I
radical changes In the law as enact
ed at the session Just closed and also
that he believed that there would be
little further exchange of a radical
character on any subject during the
remainder of the present administra
tion DEATH Of
McEnery of Louisiana I
Passes Away Quite
Suddenly I I
New Orleans June 28United
States Senator Samuel Douglass Mc
Enery died at his home here this
morning I
Senalor McEnory arrived from
Wash ngton yesterday morning suf
fering from an attack of Indigestion I
He was taken to his home here
where physicians wore summoned I
The senator rallied somewhat after I
treatment but late last night his con
dlllon took I tuin for the worse and I
early this morning he lapsed into un
consciousness and died shortly before
10 oclock I
Senator McEnory was in his 74th
year and his health had not been good
for several years I
Seemed In Goed Health
Washington June 2S Senator Me
Encry left Washington Saturday even
ing only a few hours before congress I
closed He appeared to bo In the best
of health Senator McEnory started
for New Orleans last night on receipt
of a telegram I
HB present which was his third
term would not have expired until I
March 3 1916 During his service
ho was known as an Independent
Democrat who voted frequently with
the Republicans
This was true particularly In tariff
legislation Throughout the last two
revisions of the tariffs he contended
for the protection of cane sugar In
terests and was wllllnj to make con
cusslonn to the majority part in re
turn for favors shown to him
I At times his attitude provoked
some criticism from his party usHOCi
ate but this never swerved him from
his Independent course The fact
that Senator McEnory was afllcted
with almost total deafness prevented
him from lakiug an active part in de
Sergeant AtArms Ransdoll tele
graphed today to learn the wishes of
the family In relation to having nn
official funeral Until he gels a re
ply no committees will he named
San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua June
28Great Corn Island and tho whole
Atlantic coast of Nicaragua with the
exception of the town of Blucflclds
are In the hands of the government
I Acoyapa > has not been captured by
the revolutionistS as was reported
yesterday I
I Is also untrue that Estradas men
i have captured the port of San Ubal
da Nicaragua
I j
Bailiff Loses Twenty
Two Pounds During
Browne Case
Chicago Juno 2800e of the out
ward Indications of the strain under I
which everybody connected with the
Lfle ONell Brown bribery trial Is
laboring was shown In the appearance I
of Bailiff Whalen who has been in
personal charge of tho Jury ever since
It retired last Friday The bailiff who I
Isnot a corpulent man at best has
lost twontytwd pounds during his
eightythree hours of service With
this loss of flesh to tho bailiff who
Is experienced In criminal court moth
oils and Is acouBtomcd l long waits
it Is believed that member of the jury I
muut have fared much worse I
Dnrlng the evening nearly a dozen
pitchers of Ice water were taken Into
tho room whether for drinking pur
pososror to revive Jurors overcome un
d r the strain of tIme situation the
bailiffs could not say
During the day the food allowed
to time jurors was reduced to a mark
od degree This was not tho result
of an effort to starve them however
The change was made because of the
fact that many of tho jurors accus
tomed to active lives had continued
to eat their accustomed meals with
the rOtu1 that they have all but col
lapsed under tholr Imprisonment Lack
of exercise and fresh air Is supposed
to have bon the chief trouble with
the men who were sick
E hoof he Controversy
Discovery of
the North Pole
Berlin June 28Tue charges con
corning tho disposition of the Arctic
trophies left by blth at Etah which
D Frederick Cook made against
Commander Robert E Poar during
the height of the controversy over
their claims of discovery of the north
polo were aired In court today when
the suit Instituted against Peary by
Rudolph Francke was opened
Francke who was associated with
Cook in Polar exploration demand
510000 In satisfaction of prizes of the
hunt which ho alleges Peary required
him to surrender In consideration of
bringing himback to America
The defense sole up a general de
nial and further questions the juris
diction of the qourt on the grounds
that tho defendant Is an American
citizen having no domicile In this
country After horlng the opening ar
gumonts the court adourned to con
sider the point of Jurisdiction
Commander Peary was served with
papers In the suty when he came here
recently to fill a lelure engagement
At the time he said he would be un
able to remain hero for the trial and
that he had placed the matter In the
hands of American Ambassador Hill
Sahsoquentlj Commander Peary re
turned to the United States
Pearys interests were looked after
today by Attorney Jablonsmi a part
ner of Victor Schneider counBtl of
the American embassy while Herr
I Thlel represented Frnncke Tho hat
ter was prcricnt but was not called to
the witness stand
I fht proceedings were before three
I judges of Ute provincial court In
opening for the plaintiff Thiel spoke
for more than an hour going over the
whole story of the equipment of
Cooks expedition tho building of the
supply station at Etah on the north
I west coast Greenland the hunting
in that vicinity Cooks departure t
I ward the pOle Tranches Illness the
arrival of Peary and Franckas return
home in the Pary relief ship Erik
I The lawyer asaprted that Peary had
nnused tho nqlnliff to turn over to
himcertain blue fox skins furs and
narwhal tusk Zi8 the only condition
l on which ho wculd take him from the
I Arctic where i deserted he believed
he would die
The Jiltornev argued that the trans
action was illegal In that It was con
Humiliated under strcjs He said n
pair of narwhal tusks then given un
wcre later pje ontcd by Peary to Col
Rooseveltwhile sonic ot the blue fox
skins wore grvon to President and
Mrs Tuft bv Mrs Peary
Counsel claimed that tho Gorman
courts had Jurisdiction In the mater
bciause Francko a German vas un
ablo to obtain redress in the United
Replying for the defense HOlT Jab
lonsnil Insisted that the court had no
jurisdiction because P nry had
neither home hero We
telhcr prppertyjnor
consented eenid to appear at the
trial only Ijecaujjo our absence would
have been conutrued unfavorably In
tome iiuartenC j
Counsel denied the allegations ol
Francke fromoegpnlng to end and 1
said they had the samo foundation as
did Cook claim1 that huehad been at J
too north 1
4 <
Madison WiS June 2ItDlI3p
pointed becauscfthe board of regents
of the Unjvjer lty of Wisconsin re
fueed it permission to place Its free
fjpeaqh IQril on university hall
Qr ontho C campus the graduating
class of 1910 through a committee
has decided to buy a piece of private
ground near the university
unlorsll oampus
and erect the rejected tablet on IL
Tho fund to purchase the ground
will bo raised by subscription among
tho members of the class
Cambridge Mass June 28Tlmi3
Harvard law school set the com
mencement pace today although class
celebrations especially that of 1SSO
In which former President Roose
velt lion wns graduated also held ale
The law school alumni hud as orator
of the day Attorney General Wicker
The Roosevelt class of 80 journey
ed out to thl Hooslck Whlslck club
in the Blue Hills where all sorts of
sports were enjoyed by athletes of
thirty years ago As Col Roose
velt had already notified the secre
I tary he would not be at these sccrC1
ances the members were undilsurbett I
by a surlous throng
Seven classes lunched and dined at
the country club at Brookline while
later In the day many of tho officials
of the university wero busy welcom
ing candidates for honorary degrees
to be conferred at CommencomentMo
Oakland Cal June 2SDr W X
Boynton formerly a student at the
University of California star fullback
back on the Varsity football eleven
leaves today on the steamship SI
herla for the Philippines where he
will remain for two rears to make a
scientific study of rinderpest and
other animal diseases which from
time immemorial have decimated
cattle in the Islands The study will
be made with the hope of discovering
a remedy The work will be under
the combined agencies of the war and
agricultural departments Boynton
was a member of the class of 06 at
Berkeley but left In 1005 to enter
Ibo veterinary department at Cornel
He hold an Instructors chair In Cor
nell for two years and was appointed
New York State pathologist In charge
of all diagnostic work on rabies and
different animal diseases
Zeppelin Continues to
Carry Passengers in
the Deutschland
Dussoldorf June SCount Zeppel
in with a monitor airship the
Deutschland made his third ascension
with a full complement of passengers
and crow this morning When time
craft was launched a strong wind
wan blowing and the dirigible sailed
and Sol
over the towns of Klborfeld
iugen 15 miles from this city
engine cab and commanded me to 1
give up what I had which I did and
lost a purse with a few dollars In It
He then crossed over to Fireman HH
and asked him what he had and upon
His saying he had nothing said A
fireman never has anything anyway f
after which ho made us come down
on the ground and ho marched us
back to the chair car whore he tolrt
us to sit down He then proceeded
to tell the passengers to dig up and
emphasized the fat that he was In
earnest by driving the point of his
shotgun Into the ribs of Michael Pat
lin with gret loire and after thau
stuck him over the head a terrific
blow Parlin off at
We put o Brigham
In order that he might secure medical
aid I
Engineer Kirkwood and his liremnn
both declare this man was as cool
as If he had been performing some
I honorable task for which he was be
ing paid and was the heavier of the
Jr win In a student at Ynla are
Captain and r Lars Audersoa and
William L Oraaborry a student nt
Princeton who hails from Nashville
town of the Dlckin
Tcnn tho homo tw Dcktn
lon family Brigadier General EOt
wards and rr Edwarda who reach
ed her Sunday will also accompany
the Dickinsons on the Far Eastern
tripAt Honolulu SocroLary Dickinson
will Inspect the coast defenses being
built there and make an examination
In cnecto with tho proposed forti
fications at Pearl Harbor After a
thorough examination into affairs In
tho Philippines Secretary Dickinson
and his party will retur t the Unkc4
States via the Siberian railroad
New York June 2S College men
I from almost every corner of the Unit
ed States were in New York today to
tko In this afternoons baseball game
between Yalo and Harvard Tho riv
al teams after winning a gamo each
on their humo grounds came t New
York 10 for the third and decisive bat
Harvard and Yale have met annually
on the diamond since 1868 except in
the can 1891 and 3S9G In 1 113
games have been played of which
Yaw has won 58 and Harvard 5G
One contest resulted In a tie Lineup
Badger cf Carr
Logan 3b Lnnnlgau
Murphy Ib e McLaughlin
Phllbln c Younp
Mcintyre 2b Potter
Corrie rf Gardner
Stevens If Mlnot
Merrill ss Marshall
Murfey or Tommors p lllcka
Phoenix Ariz June 28 Through
the confession of two Jail prisoners
Jealous of the liberty granted to a
third deputy sheriffs last night locat
ed a remarkable cache of stolen goods
In an abandoned well The cache in
cluded everything from perfumery
and silk gowns to shingles and carpenter
penter tols
t r
Conference of Pinkerton Railroad and City Detectives Is Held After
Which a Posse Starts for SIatervilleMembers ofJrain Crew Give
0 Further Particulars of the HoldUp Search Being Made
1 i for the RubberTired Rig in Which
t Desperadoes Escaped C
I cocoocoooooooooo I
O f 0
O 0
O A posse consisting of Cap 0
O Lain of Police Brqwn Union 0
C Pacific Special Agent Georgo 0
O Lewis Detective Jones of tho 0
I 0 Short Line Detectives Ward 0
O law Cordon Knowl and Gap O
I 0 tain of Detectives Ponder left 0 I
O this afternoon at 120 for the O I
0 vteinlty of Slatervlljc to follow O
I O up clues which developed dur 0
O big the course of the confer O
O ence hold this morning at the 0
1 O city hall C
I O The posse used LImo big lour 0
I 0 Ing car of Denny Smith De 0
O tectlve Pendor said that they 0
c had hopes of running down 0
O important cues before night O
O f
I oooooooooooooooo
I The officers engaged In trailing iho
bandits who held up the second soc
I ton of Oregon Short Line train No 1
early Monday morning In the north
j ern suburbs of this city are directing
I their efforts toward locating the rub
I her tired buggy in which thc Obbcrs
rode to tho scene of the holdup and
I in which the deported
The rig was followed to the jungles I
twelve miles west of Ogden but there
I all trace was lost j I
I The rctret of the bandits was dfs
covered In the underbrush but the I
men had cither penetrated furthor
Into the dense growth or had escaped
over the railroad tracks ncarbjT
Railroad and PInKorton detectives
and the oflicrs of this city and Weber
and adjoining couutles have been In
conference all morning I
An noon an armed posse is to outer
the jungle for a thorqugh search of
the rendezvous of Ihp desperadoes
J tho outlaws arc not taken corn
plelely by surprise a bate Is ex I
pected as the men are heavily nnnnd
and thoh work Monday morning indi I
cates that the are a desperate gang I
Conference Held
At the conference held at the police
station this morning nothing w de
veloped other than tht fact that the J
entire crow on the train arc of time j
opinion that there wore but two ron
directly concerned In the hpldup of
Short Lino train Fh
the Oregon Ln at Flvp
Points early Monday morning
Conductor Ullllamq tnt Head
Brakeman Franklond while at fIrst
positIve there were three men wow
wllltng to agree with the slatcments I
of Rear Flagman Hathenbtwk Engi
neer Kirkwood and Fireman Hill that
they had seen but two men all during
the time of the holdup
Engineers Story
< Englnocf Kirkwood Raid
I was stopped by a fusee and n
torpedo Either ono would have been
signal enough to stop After whlsm
tling out the front and rear brakemen
1 saw a man arise out oj the grH
side the track He came up1nthie
f t i
San Francisco lune Srhat all
steamship lines will be given equal
rights at Panama was a statement
made by Secretary of War Jacob M
last Dickinson evening who arrived In this city
On his arrival from Seattle Mr
Dickinson received a let l from
Creabrough Bates requesting au
interview before his departure today
fon the Philippines regarding the
treatment their ships might expect I
at Panama The letter drew out the
following stalcment
The department will give equal
privileges at Panama lo all lines of
ships running regularly The Presi
dent would not for a moment permit
any favoritism At present we sell
coal to ships in trade at the same
rate as to the Isthmian canpl com
mission All lines of ships with reg
ular service can have free wharfage
In tho division of dock space and ac
commodations for freight all will be
treated fairly and without favor
fairl anl
Socretnr Dickinson will sail on the
steamship Siberia this afternoon
With Secretary Dickinson besides
his wife and son J 11 Dickinson
Experience of Brakeman J
Rear Flagman Hathcnbuck was as
fortunate as Franklund Inasmuch as
he was dulibeiatelv shot at by one of
the bandits twIce but escaped injury
Halhenbuck stated that he had gone
back about six or seven pole lengths
and hut > st stopped when the first
shot tired hit In fronl of him throw
ing the dirt In his face He placed
hit lantorn on the ground and Imme
diately upon doing so another shot
Uruck to the right of him Then ho
says I stood up straight and I could
sco a man about sixty feet from me
I who said I you move again Ill cut l
you In two The tail lights wore then
shot out and after the robbers had r
loft I went back Into the train
Train Auditor Illnz all during the
I time of the holdup was in the draw
Ing room of the Pullman and he had
consldcrabo money which was saved
by his staying In there as the rob
I bers missed him
Shot Through Car
After the bandit hud made his
search and was leaving the tourIst
car he turned and fired a shot down
tho aisle tearing holes In curtains of
the berths tearu shots passing through
the car door and lodging In the door
of the next car the diner v
Two men whom Olllcer Ciompton
arrested yesterday down at tho South
ern Pacific railroad bridge and who
gave Ihelr names aa Shay and Thomp
son were brought in t be identified
by the train and engine orews but
neither one was Identified by time
men Officer Compton said that when
he saw the men they did not appear
excited but after seeing his badge
Shay became extremely uervoua
whereupon Complon said he was sus
jilclous Ibrought them In to the
Neither the railroad police northe
city officers have anything positive
to give out but are working allg
lines they claim will bring results
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1 V I
I BrIgham City June 27 Reports
from different sources In this city aro
to the effect that three suspicious
looking men were In this city Sunday
afternoon and evening and the three
I are supposed to be the ones who held
up and robbed the second section of
I Orqgoii Short Line train No 1 near
Five Points early Monday morning
The men wero ordinarily well dress
I ed although they showed signs in tho
dusty condition of their clothes of
having traveled considerably
Sunday evening about S oclock the
three men entered the Eddy Drug
store and purchased n supply of clga
rott s The men acted peculiarly and
persons with whom they came in con
tact noticed their uneasiness and at
once cast suspicion upon them Two
of the mcn wore of tho same size
weighing In the neighborhood of 165
pounds each while the third of the
trio was heavier built but not so tall
as the others
Tho officers bore kept a close watch
on the men until after they were ut
tho drug store after which they dis
appeared eqtlrely and it is the opin
ion of the otllcers that they boarded
Oregon Short LIne train No 1 at
S16 oclock for the south
An inquiry at tho depot a to
whether any one had seen the men
come to town revealed that three suit
casos had been left there but no one
seemed to know how they go then
The officers decided to search the
auilcaaos lor any evidence they might
contain as to the character of tho
owners and found with other things
three empty Colts revolver scabbarSs
rho suitcases were placed where they
cduld bo watched
Tho officers of this city with Shori
Iff Joaophaon and Deputy Hyntm Jjiis
sen are aiding the Weber coiraty of
I OtmtoC
flclali In the
telala scorching country to
the south fo the holdirps
Among the victims that were on
tho train from this city were Walde
mar Call who lost 35 Leo Hoiner
3A T Forugren Ji and a gold
watch Albert Bailey 1325 J H >
SaniEdn 5 A young man named
Leadbeater employed aa a stenog
rapher for Leo Dunn real estate
men had a pockotbook
poclietbok In his hip
II Ila pock
et containing 52
cntl and a purse Innr
other pocket containing 4 Te drew
out tho pure with the Hand ns he
ws about to deposit j in the bag of
the robbor
another man made a de
poait whereby Lcadbeater withdrew
his purse inside his hand unnoticed
ana Ute robber wa imono the wiser I
Richard Berlin who was
Berln ilnck on
the head with the butt Wf jtnlcl
wih ot 1 revolver
awyrfcceiveiiennr ugly gush was tnke
off Iho train at this city and is ataf
lmoslmitui here for treatment but will I
reEume his Journey to Butte InadayJ
i r i

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