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All men demand
reliability That I
is whythey
smoke Oba
Cigarettes They
know thatthe
blend suit their
tatethat it
ta tetat 1 I
never h v assies
i Then again the
I cooling mauth I
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their f approval
It is thec gar
ette that never I
fails to 1 afford
real enjoyment
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Chicago 0 Cincinnati 2
CHICAGO June iUurns hold
Chicago to one hit today while Cin
cinnati pounded Ruolhach for ton sale
drives Clmuco and Slclnfoldt have
boon suspended for three days for
tJxslr conduct at Pitijbiig Saturday
Chicago 0 I 5
Cincinnati 2 10 1 I
Batteries Ruolbach and Archer
Burncs and Clarke
Pittsburq 7 St Louis 3 rf
PITTSBURG June 27 Pittsburg
dofeted St Louis trfiiiy In an easy
fashion 7 lo 3 Wcbj the now left
1under was strong until the nlirb
when three hits and two runs wore
made off him Scorn
PUiilurg 7 10 I
St Lenfs < 3 1 5
Hattories Wobb an > Gibson Lush
and Breanauan
Brooklyn 3 Boston 2
BOSTON Juno 27 Scanlons good
rUcIrnp and errorless support cave
Brooklyn a 1 to 2 vciory ocr BOston
today Score c
Brooklyn 3 S 0
Boston 2 C 1
atterlcs Barger Ssonlan and Bar
gen Curtis Brown nndGraham
Philadelphia 2 New York 0
NEW YORK June 2ilIloor
pitched a grand game and Philadel
phia boat Now York today 2 to 0 He
held the locals down to three hits
Philadelphia 2 10 0
New York 0 3 I
Batteries Moore and Moranj
Ames Crandall and Meyer i
Boston 1 Philadelphia 3
delpbla defeated Boston In both
games of todays doubleheader The
First game
R It R
Philadelphia > < 10 0
Boston 2 11 2
Butteries Cicotte Hall and Kiel
DOW Krans and Thomas I
Second game
Boston 1 S 3
Philadelphia 3 7 0
BatteriesSmith and Kleinow
Bender and Lapp
Washington 2 New York 1 <
ington and New York broko oven fii
a double header here today Thd
first game went ten Innings Scores
First game
Washington 3 7
New Voriy I 5
Bat fcfr tcWalkor and Street
Quinn aJ Sweeney I
Second game
Washingtpn 2 r new
New Yofi l 5
Bat ries 77Groom and Street Man
ning and lltchell
lItc ell 1
fcano 2 Cleveland 7
CHICAGO June 27 Clovejaud de
feated Chicago 7 to 2 In the last
game played In tho old South SIde
park today The new grounds will
be ppened Frida Score t
Chicago 2 i 2
I Which Is It to Be a Home in
the City or Inthe Country
Eaters are increasing faster than reapcrc or In other words
we ao a nation must produce m ore and help reduce the cost of liv
Ing There Is hardly a small home In Ogden but what hao ground
enough for a poultry farm which will pay tUe grocery bill If edu
cated along the line of recent diccovery The
Gummer luxury of
ice can also he secured by anyone if you will
only dig a pit and
cover It with the dirt removed to keep out the
summer heat
Thin will be your Ice cellar Then ret out pans about 4 Inchec deep
by 24 Inches square filled with water every freezing night during
the winter With four of these pans you can save enough to last
all summer allowing 25 to 30 lbs per day Families average about
250 per month for Ice but could use more besides
plenty Ice OliVer
wilde in food The money saved In this way will allow you to cook
with gas and pay the gas bill
I am for the comfort and economes of home and without them
labor Is tiresome and life It but
ome bu t gilded sham In the
city you buy
everything you eat drink wear and want
except the air
breath and now they are DbGtra lng the
abstracting nitrogen from the air to
make fcrtllteere for the soil and when the
trust gets hold of this they
will put a meter on the air and you will have to go to the country
to breathe
If you must live In the city and sacrifice comforts
many that a
home along the line of the
oneacre street cars would bring
yourselves with gas elnce there Is no modern improvement co con
venlerrt to tho tired wife as coo kingwith gas
Say It is astonishing how much can be done with a ttle gas and
to the ladles of Ogden who ha ye graced their homes with
rangec we desire to say that since the new gas works have been
completed tho supply hue Increased the
pressure and It will not be
I necesearyto open the valve In the stove an much as formerly
You may U be using more thanyou realize unlesa you think of this
When anything reaches the boiling point turn down the gas
It only takes half as much to keep it boiling Alvayo turn off the
burners when the fire Is not no eded even If It Is only for a few mo
ments Matches are cheaper
If the flame ie smoky open the shutter near the valve to admit
more lfLthls will make the flamo cleor and smokeless Get a small
toa tcrarfd use on one of the top burners this will help keep down
YOtl b k j I
Torn offVour flghtfrand electric Jron when through and espec
ially the gos and you will be pleased with your billn f you do
Utah LightRailway Co
D DEOKER Local Manager
Cleveland 7 11 2
Battorlos Olmatcad White and
Payne Harknoss nndKantorly
At Minneapolis Toledo 3 Mlnno
ujiolle 0 I
At St PaiilColumtnis 9 St Paul
At Kansas City Indianapolis G
Kansas City 3
At M waulecLoulslIIe S Mil i
waukee 2
At Omaha Wichita 7 Omaho 0
At Sioux City Sioux City 13 To
nokn 4r <
At Des Molnes Denver 7 Des
Moines G
At Lincoln St Joseph 7 Llncolp
AL Vancouver Spoknno 0 Van
couver i
4ieTdffries 35 Johnson 12
Weight Jeffries 220 Johnson 2H
Height Jeffries G ft 1 14 Inch
Johnson G ft 1 Inch
Nock Jeffries IS 14 Johnson 13
Chest normal Jeffries 1C John
son 39
Chest expanded Jeffries 50 12
Johnson 42
Biceps Jeffries 15 Johnson 1C 14
Forearm Jeffries IT Johnson
11 li
Wrist Jeffries S Johnson 10 12
Reach Jeffries 7G Johnson 72
Waist Jeffries 36 Johnson St
Thigh Jeffries 25 12 Johnson 23 I
Calf Jeffries 17 14 Johnson 15
S Ankle Jeffries 10 Johnson 9 12
Fights Jeffries 20 Johnson Gl
TjOst Jeffries 1 Johnson 2
Purse 101000 Jeffries gets 75
750 win draw or lose Johnson 25
Moving pictures estimated 50000
to each j
Vhen James 1 Jeffries was born
thirtylive years ago April 15 last a
flral class fighting man was created
Ho was endowed with everything that I
SOCK to make up a fighter right from
the start He did not need to train
and school himself to any great tx I
lent He had both the brain and the
hrawn and all ho lacked was the am
bition to win fame as a fighter When
that ambition did come to him it re
quired but two years for him to van
quish every fighter worthy of con
sideration and make the champion
ship tltlo ono of his personal assets
One ho secured H the only way he
could find of ridding himself of the
burdens It Imposed was to give It
away That Is what Jeff did with It
He looked over the field of worthy
heavyweights with a view to adopt
ing one of them as his heir Eight
yearn after his first fight ho decided
that Man In Hart was the heirappar
ent and abdicated In Harts favor II
One of till striking things about
Joffrlos Is tho fact that It took a great
doal of argument to convince him that
he was a fighting man at all Despite
Natures generosity to him In the mat
tor of size and strength ho had a
strong suspicion all the time that ho
was Intended to be a farmer Through
his early life he displayed great fond
ness for getting close to nature via a
fishing rod or n gun und spent quite
n bit of time among the mountains
Ho developed a decided fondness for
country life and when he resigned his
high stale ns champion having an
nexed enough money through purses
moving pictures and singe appear
ances to do what ho pleased he has I
tened to a farm In Southern California
with the Intention of ending his daR
n a sort of country squire Had John
Arthur Johnson aud the color ques
tion not Interfered with his plans he
would In all probability have carried
out ill at determination
Jeffries was Ijorn In Carroll Ohio
In JS75 but his parents came to Cali
fornia so soon after his arrival that i
he Is looked upon almost as a native I
of that state Little Is recorded of
his doings prior to 1S97 beyond tho
fact that he was a mighty hunter a
good boilermaker and a rough and
tumble fighter with whom few cared
to mix He never was an amateur
fighter The first time he entered the
ring he did so on the spur of the
moment accepting the challenge of a I
colored fighter named Hank Griffin 1
because of the money he would got
by defeating the challenger Tho fight 1 I
occurred In Los Angeles Cal In 1803
and Jeff accomplished the defeat of I
the colored man in fourteen rounds
winding up with nn artistic knockout
While this victory did not seem to
mouse Jeff to nny ambition as a
flghtpr It attracted the attention of
fighters to him as a valuable training 1
partner He seconded a middleweight
named Billy Gallagher In San Fran
Cisco two years later and Gallagher
got him a match in 189G with Dan
Long of Denver There was a 1000
purse up and Long wcnl to sleep In
the second round when Jeffs left en
countered his nose
It was shortly after this that Jim
Corbetl began to prepare for his fight
with Bob FItzslmmons which gave
the latter the championship Harry j
Corbott Jims brother who was oh
the lookout for sparring partners I
fieni Jeff up to Carson City Nevada
to Join Jims training staff Corbott I
hammered the big fellow unmerci
fully but Jeff was absorbing knowl
edge of the fighting game through
every pore These wore his first real
boxing lessons and he took them from
a master of the craft Within throe
weeks after Corbetts defeat Jeff wn
in the ring again on his own hook
doing away w th the aspirations of
two promising heavyweights In quick
succession i
So much had Jeff benefited by Cor
bptts training that ho was marked as
a coming fighter nt once and a match
was arranged for him with Gus Run
Hn of Akron Ohio which was fought
In San Francisco In 1897 The fight
went twenty rounds to f dra
In the same year Jeffries fougiu Jie
Chovnskl a twontyround draw Ho
recalls this fight particularly ho says
1Pcause Choynskl landed on lila jaw
tim hardest blow he ever rocnd It
was a righthander and hall so nine
pood will behind It that Jcffni never
forgot IL That punch wan ono of ho
things that made Jeffries call hovji
ski to hltf aid when he decided to re
turn IQ the ring to fight Johnson
Durlpg the next year leffrios began
to find out how really strom lip ws
He Un9clced out Joe GoddarJ of AIS
tralla a hardy fighter with man vie
torkH lo Ills credit follow oI Hint up
by knocking out Old Peter facktm
In three rounds and making Moxiiin
Peto T5erett quit In less than three
A Iwontyround draw with noii Slmr
key came In the same eav and hen
Jeffries wont to New York whoro la
wns mulched to fight two mon In on >
ovonlng Tho Ural of these is Job
Armstrong colored and Jfff djm
aged hi hand against the big blnclc to
such ap extent that he could nut meet
Stovo ODonnell the other man much
to the delight of ODonnoU 4 iMoinlri
During thin time Bob FIt lmlln1oJ
was retaining the ch 11l11110nFh1p
ognln t all comers A mulch was
made between Jeff and Bob nc coney
Island in 1S99 It was looked upon as
a joke OB tho man who had sathred
Jim CorbettH scalp In decjsvo ttvlo
was thought lo be ablo 10 puny wth
the big green hand Jeffries Fltzslin
mona did play with him for nine
rounds If there was any part of
Jeffs head ho did not hit at will no
body at the ringside could oc ito the
place But In the tenth round Fir
tired and In the eleventh nrwr Kclng
down twice he was unable to ijct up
a third time and Jim Joffrlo was tho
I champion of the world
Five months later Jeffries met Tom
Sharkey again In a twentyflvfi round
fight at Conoy Island Jeff got ade
cision over the sailor but be cleclaics
that Sharkey is the gamest nnn who
ever entered tho ring
Corbott by this tlmo was eager lo
g t a match with his former sparring
partner The fight was arrange1 and
I for twenty rounds Jeff took a terrific
amount of punishment Ho utterly
I failed to reach Corbott with his
gloves although Corbott battered him
around so freely that the big fellow
looked foolish Jeffs seconds told him
I that he was an exchampion beyond
tlc bt unless ho did something and
Jeff wont out to do In the next round
He tore after Corbett minding the
Rtorrn of blows that mot him no moro
than he would mind so many rain
drops His left reached Corbolfs mid
section in the twentythird round and
a moment later his right ended the
tight with a shortarm Jolt to the Jaw
JofTs next fight of any importance
was with his old opponent Ruhlln
After five rounds Ruhlln quit Toff
had learned too much for Ruhlln be
tween their meetings
Probably tho greatest amount of
punishment Jeff eer tookanti he
took a lot of II first and lastwas In
his second light with FItzalminons
The fight took place In 1902 nnd Flu
throw nil his cleverness and itroii ti
Into the first three rounds Jeffs face
was badly cut by his blows nnd while
Flu was fresh the champion looked
like a novice beside him Bui ho
could not keep It up npd he cocld not
seem to worry Jeff to any extent In
tho eighth Jeffs right caught the old
champion III tho stomach his loft
went to the Jaw and Fitzflfmmonr
was classed among the hasbeens for
The second fight with Jim Corbett
was Jeffs last ImportAnt fight In
that fight Jeff showed that he had at
last learned the boxing game Ho
outfought Corbett the admitted ma
tor of glove work and footwork < it
evorj point of the game and In the
eleventh Corbett went down for the
last count Tills was Corbetts last
appearance In the ring
Just prior to his retirement Jeff
fought fourround draw with Jack
Mtinroc at Butte It was a stAyfour
round affair and Munroe stayed by
clinging to Jeff all the time llunroc
after the fight claimed he had
knocked Jeff down As a matter ot
fact the Wg man slipped and fell
but Monroe boasted of his alleged
triumph until Jolts anger was
aroused and another fight arranged
They mot In San Franolgco and Mun
I roe wont down and out In the second
I In his preparation for his tight with
Johnson Jeffrie has done tho hard
est training work ho was ever known
to undergo JJIs methods have been
peculiarly h9 own as a rule Ho
went In for tear Hhootlng Uhlng
mountain climbing nnd tho like nnd
his trainer had little to any about
I what ho did
In preparing for Johnson however
tho retired champion hng loft no part
of his training go uncarcd for Ho
would not agree to tho match until
assured by tfyout work and the opin
ion of physicians that ho was physic
ally able to got In good condition
Once aB2 red of thai he took up his
quarters In the Santa Cruz mountains
sixty miles pouth of San Francisco
and drilled as ho never drilled before
In his camp Jim Corbott volunteer
aid reigned supreme Tpff believed
Jim wag a wipe man on matters con
nected with the caro of the body and I
I ho heeded tho former champlonp
words Joe Choynskl was alpo there
I nnd Bob Armstrong All three of i
I thorn were victims of Jeffs handiwork
In times past but they worked hard
to prepare him for his last great but
LIe Among Joe ChoynskPs unrecord
ed battles Is tin defeat via a knockout
of Jack Johnson It wan during a
threeround fight at Galveston In 1892
Farmer Burns was another of the
training squad Ho la a wrestler of
considerable repute and not a day of
training passed hut Jeffries engaged
him In a struggling hauling hefting
I match
I Eight years ago when Johnson bo
I gan to loom on time pugilistic horizon
lie urged his nianuigers lo make ovcry
effort to arrange for n fight with Jef
fries Jeffries cant touch mo wan
his boast oven in those days and he
I fretted continually over the fact that
Slsfj mlll h SIJI NetIaro
Cut tbla adv out end mall with your
name and addrccs and 10 etnti to
1 < Clinton 8t UCSVfJIflJua A I
1 I
I unlili ho acquired a reputation hisl
prospects for a championship battle
voro hut as gauzy as tho tall of Hal
leys comet lIe says ho believed then
as confidently III his ability to ahclcvo
the title ns he did nix years Inter
when lit iant lila opportunity to battlu
for the supreme prlfe was realized
It was not my fights themselves
but mr fight to pet those fights that
1 irnvcd the hardest part of tho
I btrmujlo Johnson told Tho Asuocl
I UlClf Press In recounting his difficul
ties In reaching tho binnacle of his
ambition It was my color They
told me to got a rop but how was I
to got a reV without meeting fighters
pf class Hut I made them fight me
if pjuat kept plugging along snapping
up what chances to light I could grab
until byandby the topriotchers saw
that sooner or later thoyd have to
take me on As soon as I find shown
what I could do the fight public
most of the fans anyway tok sides
1 with me and that helped a whole lot
Johnson asserts that ho has never
I been apprehensive of possible defeat
In any contest he has engaged In
I None of them ho declares had any
terrors for him
lls four most Importan tbaltlcs
have been fought within the last year
I and a half dating from hIs defeat of
Tommy Burns In Australia December
20 1908 Having wrested the cham
pionship from Burnfl he determined
lo mert and defend his tltlo against
nil comers His fights with Philadel
phia Jack OBrlon Al Kaufman and
Stanley Kctchel followed In rapid suc
1 cession
On his fights two or three years be
1 fore that had brought him promi
nence and helped him along greatly
In his career his contests with Sam
Langford the Boston negro Joe
I Jeanetto Sam MvVoy Denver Ed
Martin Jim Flynn and others John
I son lays no particular stress except
to regard them as so man rungs of
his ladder of success
Im looking for a fight asserted
Johnson In which I really can lot
myself out and show the public just
what 1 con do Flints one reason
why Im so anxious to go up against
I Johnsons declaration sustains the
Judgment of numerous sporting writ
I ers who have maintained for years
I that the big negro seldom If over ex
I tended himself and was capable of
i striking harder blows than he has ev
1 er delivered In the ring It appears
to have been a general belief that
Johnson was holdlng back ThlB
was particularly noticeable In his re
cent fight with Stanley Kctchel lit
that bout Johnson toyed with his man
nil the way He seemed to think the
fight a joke until a flllp and a tlmcl >
punch brought him to his knees and
aroused his anger Just what hap
pened next has never been clearly
known II was too fast to watch
and in an Instants time Ketchel was
I on his back and being counted out
i He did not seem to realize what hal
I struck him and Johnson himself
I seemed astonished at the result of
his sudden exhibition of strength and
II speed
Johnson was born in Ralvcsteon in
ISiS his birthday being March 31 I
i and If ring experience goes for any
thing he has it In 1901 his first
year as a lighter he fought six fights
winning all but one which was a
draw The next year ho went Into the
ring sixteen times and from then on
was almost constantly engaged until
to date ho has to his credit over sixty
battlo While many of his opponents
have not been of tho style to test MB
mettle his frequent bouts have serv
ed nt least to keep him always In
training and this Is one of the strong
arguments of his partisan
Temporamontally Johnson Is an In
teresting study His chief character
istic is his unfailing good nature a
curiously constant sort of oven tem
per that nothing scorn to ruffle Ills
golden smile is seldom out of evi
dence nnd not even tho coarse and
Insulting jibes thnt frequently greet
him from fight spectators seem to
have the power to disturb him len
when ducking a storm of blows and
showing wonderful skill In evading
the onslaughts of his opponent John
I son never loses his poiao nor his
I power of observation Ills eyes take
III and appraise everything that trans
pires nt tho ringside He seems to
hoar every comment made by the on
lookers and even In the midst of a
clinch when every muscle is tense
will recognize a witty sally from tin
audience with a flash of his ready
smile and like as not nn equallr
witty rejolnor thrown at the audi
ence over tho reeking shoulder against
which he Is pressing
Why dont you fight you black
man yelled an enthusiast at the
JohnsonKaufman fight TIll men
were in a clinch at the time but
without an instants hesitation John
son Hhoutcd back Why should T
fight Ive got your ten dollars al
And this coolhoadcdnoBs under fire
Is another of the negros qualities
upon which his backers count believ
ing is Impossible to rattle him bj any
known ring tactics That his good
naturo dotS not Indicate a low order
of Intelligence however has been
clearly shown by his clover business
methods and his rather will done
ringside speeches Mon who have
watched him say ho elinply has no
nerves using tho word In the accepted
Johnson feels that he has been well
trained for this fight Ho regards
his present staff that has whipped
him Into shape In his windswept
camp on the beach as the best he
oer had and says no fighter waa over
given more loyal and efficient ser
vice than he has received All of
his training partners those who do
the real work with himarc young
Tom Flanagan the man who as
Biinud George Littles office and tho
nominal title of manager Is u well
known Canadian athlete and sports
man who has developed a number of
prominent longdistance runners
among them Longboat the Indian
Walter Burns in charge of tho rub
hliiK and massage squad Is a nogro
who baa boon with Johnson contin
ually for tho last eight years He Is
regarded as an expert In his line
Barnoy Kuroy a negro who had
charge of the roadwork department
bcCoro Flanagan came out has albo
boiii with Johnson for tho last eIght 1
rears and according to the chain
Ilon time camp IB never complete with I
nit him
The spnrrlng partners Mart Cutler
< ihltc and George Cotton and Dave
MI1IH colored are strapping young
bonvolghtH who In their capacity
if human punching bags have fjven
the champion admirable service
In addition to those mon Al Kant
man till giant joiing heavyweight
who has boon training at tho Johnson
i tamp prior to bin fight with Sam
1 Lungfonl froiiuonrli donned tho
gloves with lie champion and those
tilts never failed to furnish the real I
excitement at the camp l
Johnsons business affairs arc
looked after by Slg Hart who has
boon connected with the champion
only since last October but whoso
acquaintance with him dates back
twelve years Hart Is ont of John
Sons fnvorit and It la thought to
have been mainly on his account that
George Llttlo who was hostile to
Hart wan deponed Hart IB a votqr
an at tho ring game having boon ban
tom weight champion eleven years
ago frank Sutton a Plttcburg negro
who was formerly tho trnlnor and a
sparring pnrtnor of Bobby Dobbs the
colored light weight champion joined
Johnsons camp some time ago to look
after the big fellows cuisine He
has officiated as Johnsons cook bo
foio and the champion Is never en
tirely happy whflo training unless Sut
ton IB In the kltchon
Tho last but not tho least import
ant of tho big negros training staff
Is his huge 90horsepowor automo
bile a battleship gray torpedo bod
ied affair that Johnson handles with
cleverness and skill This motor car
has given Johnron moro fun nnd his
staff moro worry than any ono thing
in his weeks of training He loves
the big toy and driving It himself
tore ocr the roads nt a terrific pace
until Promoter Tex Richard felt con
strained to Interfere Tox did not
relish tho thought of a mishap to the
fighter and some three wooks prior
to tho fight persuaded Johnson to put
his machine Into tho repair and paint
shop thus keeping the negro out of
harms way until tho Important event
was over Johnson IB a chronic speed
fiend and while the car was at hand
ho novor whirled away from camp
but that his trainers expected a mes
sage telling of disaster
Weak and miserable If you have Kid
ne > or Bladder trouble Dull head
pains Dizziness Nervousness Pains
In the back and feel tlrod all over
got a imcKHgo or Mother Grays AUS
TRALIANLEAF the pleasant herb
IreIt never falls We have many
testimonials from grateful people who
have used this wonderful remedy As
a regulator Is has no equal Ask for
Mother Grays AustrallanLeaf at
Druggists or sent hy mall for 50 eta
Sample FREE Address The Mother
Gray Co LeRoy N N
Chicago Jane 2SA special meet
Ing ot the Central Passenger associa
tion will be held today to receive the
report of the rato clerks who wore
Instructed to work oat a uniform rate
ot2 12 cents a mile for Intercalate
traffic Some of the passenger men
believe that to establish a uniform
basis of 2 12 cents would effect more
reductions In Intoratafe rates than It
would Increase It this proves to bo
the case as shown by tho rato check
It Is said to be doubtful If the uni
form rata will be put Into effect
Chicago June SRClll political
campaign methods have been adopted
by Ohlcago school teachers In their
effort to make Mrs Ella Flagg Young
superlntendlnt of Chicago aclAOols
the next president of the National
Educational association at Boston
next week Realizing the value of
mualc In catching the attention of a
crowd they have prcpardrt two songs
which they will sine In chorus in the
convention hall One of them Is on
entitled Boston and In to be sung
to the melody of Dixie Rehear
sals will be held on the special train
which will loavo Chicago Thursday
Paterson N J luno 28Jlvo hun
dred thousand dollars worth of prop
erty In the business section of Pat
orson won destroyed in an early morn
Ing fire here today No lives were
lost but four firemen had narrow es
capes from death when a heavy wall
toppled over close by the spot where
they were stationed All of them es
caped two however with serious In
The fire started a few minutes after
midnight In the show window of a fur
nlturo store By the Limo It had boon
put under control three hours later
It had swept ono side of main street
for an entire block from Ward to Mar
hot streets Apparatus from six su
burban towns helped the local fire
department to subdue the blaze
For awhile It was feared that the
flames might cross tao stroetn and
result In a repetition of tho great
fire of 1902 when a large section of
tho city was dealroyod
Salt Lake Juno 2SR B Leach
special government mining census ag
ent from Washington D C who han
been collecting the data from the min
ing districts of Utah returned yes
tordny with the Information that hue
work In this stale Is now almdflt com
pleted and that the final returns will
he sent to Washington within the next
few days
The returns from the mining llis1
trlct said Mr Leach will be prac I
tlcally the same as they wero In HIOSI
As a rough estimate I would say that
tho output for the mines of the state
for the past year amounted to about
21900000 I lad that Were arc about
500 mines which are classed asop
crating mines This number only In
cludes those which arc doing actual
work In marketing their ores or are
doing development work Th ro are
many times this number of prospects
but they are not counted
Mr Leach with a corps of six men
has been working In Utah since Feb
ruary 1 As soon as tho work here
IB completed he will leave for Ne
Chicago June 2SPlnns for a
sweeping inquiry Into the alleged oleo
margarine and beef frauds were laid
at a conference yesterday between
Special District Attorney James H
Wllkeraon and W S Kenyon first as
sistant attorney general and the gov
crnmonls ofilclal trust buster
The venire for the special grand
Jury was drawn yesterday and deputy
marshals were busy serving notices
Mr Kenyon left for Washington
last night
I cant discuss the Investigation
at the present time Mr Kenyon said
as ho left the conference Until
Judge Landls delivers hlJnstructions
to the jury we will be somewhat at
sea as to what course to pursue
To encircle your
neck and hold in your
waist Ian colored ties
and belts in tan II
Also white shirts I II
with tan stripes 1
Tantamount to per
fect taste to go with
iIl1at gray suit
Belts 50 cents ties
50 centsshirts 150
Gray suits 20 I
Modern Clothes >
See The
Lumber Co
Before Buying
Either Phone 612
Or Call 237 24th St Ogden
c UREC Di Bit G for nooatanl
I 1 t S d7 dicchrcutn5ceuncttoos
Ouiuurt B irrlutlooi or ulctrtllsar
r MI u1iiir of maooai ntsibtact i
T rrttw CciUl Pilnlfil cod sot aub
fmttY SC > tVBUCt Cat or polionooi
ClttlUATIt uudbyDgists
by zprcn prepaid tit
01 JO or 3 boUts M71
CLtcaJkr scot on rsaea
e 8
i 1000 IN CASH i
And 40000 Shares of Stock Are to Be
I J Distributed Among Buyers FREE C
The Lucky Man Mining Company has decided to use its allow 0
0 ance for selling commissions in a novel manner The usual ten per
e cent will be distributed among those who buy the stock instead of 1
those who sell
Three Hundred Blocks of Lucky Man Mining Stock will be
placed on the market tomorrow Each Block will consist of One
Hundred Shares at ThirtyFive Cents a Share A Coupon is to bo 0
e given with each block which entitles the purchaser to a chance in 0
tho drawing for Ono Thousand Dollars Cash and Forty Thousand
Shares of Stock which has a value today of ThirtyFive Cents a
Share w
It is customary to give agents who sell mining stock ten per
cent in stock this company has decided to sell its own stock and
o give the selling reserve to the men who buy There will be just i
Three Hundred Lots of One Hundred Shares eachOne Coupon in
fiii the Drawing with One Block or Four Coupons with Three Blocks of
8 I
1st Prize 10000 Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock
2nd Prize 5000 Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock W
3rd Prize 3000 Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock e
e 4th PrizclOOO Cash
f 5th ize2OOO Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock j t
jJ 10 Prizes Hh to 15th Each 1000 Shams Stock
1 I
i T 10 Pl os16th to 25th Each 500 Shares Stock J
e J t 10 Prizes 26th to 35th Each 2fJO Shares Stock
40 Prizes 36th to 75th Each 100
La l Shares Stock
e i Each coupon entitles the holder to a chance on tho ti
e Each coupon entitles the holder toa chance on the seventyfiva a I
prizes so that each holder really has seventyfive chances to wia J
The proceeds which are sure to be quickly raised from this plan
will be used in installing the machinery which will immediately put J
i the Lucky Man Mine among the big shippers of Nevada To
8 Subscriptions for these special blocks of stock will be re S 11
ceived by
Manager o the COmnln1l1Y at
IHi l < tj 0 Ger

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