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The EveningPaper Is the Paper t Tli FORECAST
of Today The Morning tbn tanbarb THE INDICATIONS ABB THAT THE WEATHER
I CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING p JUNE 291910 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
Sweeping Changes in the Freight Rates of
t the Entire West Are Ordered = a = Nevada
Granted Feducions = = Spokane Wins Its
Case = = = Back = flaul Charges Cut Down
j 1 I
Washington Juno Decisions
were handed down today bj the In
torslalc Commerce commission
I countrywide in importance They af
eel freight raloH both class and
t commodity on all transcontinental
Jlnes operating between the Atlantic
5 nnd Pacific oceans Extensive reduc
r ions were ordered
r In what Is known as the Reno case
tho class and commodity rates from
I Sacramento CaL by the Southern Pa
1 cltlc botween Reno Nov and Cecil
I Junction Utah were declared exces
sive and reasonable rates wore
I pre
In what was known as the Portland
1 backhaul case tho commission do
elded that the freight rates from Se
0 attle Tacoma and Portland to points
j In Washington Oregon Idaho and
F Montana were unreasonable and a re
t duction of 20 per cent was proposed
In the Spokane case the commis
sion decided that the present freight
I rates were excessive and Just and
reasonable ratos on both class antI
t commodity freight were established
for the future
Present class rates between Utah
v common points and Mississippi and
Missouri raver transfer points were
t also found to be excessive and they
were ordered to be reduced about 18
r per cent
In a case involving freight rats
t from eastern territory to Phoenix
I Ariz the commission ordered reduc
tions of approximate thirty per
I enl Important Decisions
I On complaint of the railroad com
illusion of Nevada the Interstate
ommercc commission held that class
I rates from eastern defined territory
r lo points In Nevada wore unreasonnble
ind ordered Jhat ralea erlally
ir lower be put into effectby the car I
I lore
1 The decisions are In what aie pop
l i ularly known as the Pacific coast
1 eases The cascB WGEOvheajd last au
1 > lump b Fiue commfeslonbnltsslx
j weeks trip to the Pacific coast and
ft intermountain territory and have
l bepu under consideration ever since
11 The commission realized the 1m
l munBc Importance of tho caseS not
I only to the railroads but to tho ship
ping public and It prepared its opin
ions with the greatest care
In every instance reductions In the
I rates complained of were made and In
sonic instances they amounted to
r nearly fifty per cent
l The commission found n remark
able rale existing on the Pacific
j coast aud an even more remarkable
ono In the Interinountaln territory
This Is notably true of tho rates to
i r nn dfrom Spokane and Reno
fi Spokane Rate
The Spokano ratecase had been be
iP fore the commission In one form or
another for several years The ship
11 pers of that city complained insist
r ently of the rates they were charged
on freight classes and
from eastern points of origin be
cause they were required to pay the
Pacific coast terminal rates plus the
local rates back to Spokano from
I I those terminals although the freight
I was discharged at Spokane by the
railroads on the western trip
Substantially the same state of af
t fairs existed at Reno and other points
I which had to pay the rates to San
f Francisco and the backhaul local
rates from San Francisco or Sacra
h mento to the point of ultimate desti
nation These local rates In moat
i Instances amounted to twofifths or
more of the rate from eastern points
Ir of origin Pacific coast terminals
j As noted above the decisions qf tho
rommitteo In these cases affect all
class and commodity rates between
eastern points and the far west
No complaint was made In any of
the cases of the rates of tho eastern
1 lines between Atlantic points and Mi
filfifllppi river transfers and all ot the
i reductions ordered by tbo conimle
fiion affected the rates from Missis
sippi river and Missouri river trans
fer points to Pacific coast terminals
and Intermountain territory points
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Valdez Alaska June 20While I
prospecting seven miles from Voider
last evening Charles A Osland fell
500 feet to death k T
With a companion ho had been
prospecting along the cdgtf of a high
cliff The companion declined to I
make the direct descent down the hll
as proposed by Osland aud returned
to camp by a circuitous rOute
Several hours later searching for
Osland ho descended to the bottom
of There he found the
of the gulch
San Francisco Juno 29JIrn lee
Trips remains a 10 to 7 favorite In thp
lotting on the Fourth of July contest
Is hong
Ht Reno Much money
I Placed daily
Ynncoavcr B C Juno 2913r a
majority ote Qf four to 1J the Great
Northern railways False creek recla
matlon bylaw was passed by Vancou
ver citizens yesterday The railway
gets a grant of 61 acres of Fnlse creek
for shore land on which to erect a
million dollar depot and Install freight
terminals and yards
By Tugging at the
Night Gown of
a Child
Now York June 29Ne1lle a wa
ter spaniel was the hero of a fire
which burned a store and residence
building Jn east Now York today the
dog urouslgg n family of nine in time
to save them from being burned to
death I
When fire broke out In a paint sho1
on the first floor and explosions o
curnjd among the Inflammable ma
terials the dog ran Into the room
where Virginia Ralph eight years old J
one of tho six children Mrs Caro
line Ralph was sleeping and aroused
the child bj tugging at her night
gown Tho girl quickly awoke the
others Mrs Rain hurried her small
er children to the fire escape and the
rest with two boarders fled tojie
roof All wore rescued by nrcmeir
wllhout Injury to any one but iliA 1
mother of the family who was picked
up unconscious arid htfrtfrom jninp
to the ground oft the fldst floor file
escape 4
New York June 1A sustaining I
influence was noticed In the opening
of the block market today Reading
Atchison Chesapeake Ohio and
I Utah Copper rose 34 The dealings I
were In small volume Prices took a
sharp dip with the grain carriers tho I
I weak features After some severe
losses had been established tho mar I
ket received support and the losses
wero largely made up St Paul and
New York Central lost 1 Great North I
ern preferred 1 14 Northern Pacific
1 3S and American Llsecd preferred
Thp feature of the stock market was
the languid delay on any recovery of
prices which yielded easily on light
offerings Spring whet crop damage
reports kept sentiment disturbed
Alchlson Dig Four and American
Agricultural Chemical lost 1 Union II
Pacific 113 and Southern Pacific
I 138Bonus were Irregular
Chicago Livestock
Chicago June 29Catlle Receipts
estimated at 13000 market steady
Beovos 526i845 Texas steers
52 ul85 western steers J530
735 stockers and feeders 350
550 cows and heifers 2708 > G60
calves 37u < 586
Hogfi Receipts estimated at 23
QOO market a shade lower Light
9168 > 9 40 mixed 900935 heavy
870 < g > 975 rough S 70 < S890 good
to choice bevy S90925 pigs 5910
59CO bulk of sales 91092u
Sheep Receipts estimated at 1G
cool market steady Native 2 70
480 western 300 < gl 85 ycrllngs
5005C2P lambs native 4 75
S25 western 5Uu7G5
Omaha Livestock
Omaha lune 29 Cattle Receipts
2400 market lOigloc higher Native
Bteerp 475ji72C cows and heifers
300 < 5 > > 00 western steers 350
600 cows and heifers 275 < p325
canners 2509325 stockors and
feeders 300o7C calves 325g >
0 25 bulls stags etc 360fi BO
6Recellts SOOO market shade
stronger Heavy SSO < fT9GO mixed
SS5g > 900 light 90091o pigs
775p875 bulk 850910
Sheej > Receipts 4600 market
atuady Yearlings 300575 weth
ewes S3GOig43o
crs1 390460 I
Iambs 0265775
Sugar and Coffee
New York June 29SugllrRav
firm Muecovado 80 test 380 cen
trifugal OCteat 1130 molasses su
gar 355
Coffee Spot Bloody No 7 Rio S ItS
< gS 516c No 4 Santos 38c
Chicago Produce I
Chicago June 29 Butler firm 1
creameries 24 12n27 12 dairies 23a
26 I
EgggSteady receipts 1749C cas
es at mark cases Included 16alC 12
llnf JTl Prnio firsts 18 12 tl j
Chebne Firm daisies 13 l2all
YoUhIg AmerIcas Hi 1a12 l ng horns I
16 1a3t
New York Money
New York June 29 Money on call
Stead 2 12a3 per
per cent ruling rate
2 7S per cent closing bid 2 14 per
cent and offered at 2 12 por cent
Time loans strong for GO days 2a
T 11 per cent 90
days 3 I4a3 12
per cent for six months 4 12
cent r
I centPrime
Prime mercantlie paper 4 34a5 Per
cent Sterling exchange weaker
bankers bills 4S43Ca48J45 for 60
Jay bills and at 48610 for demand
Commercial bills l4a4S4 38 Bar
sliver 63 12
Chicago Close y
ChIcago Jure 29Wh atJuly
99 i 90
12 SopL 199 18 Dec 103 18 I
CornJuh 5S 31 Sory iO 12 I
Dee 59
Ont8JIII 39 12 Sept 38 34
Dee 39 31 J I
Pork July 23i SepL 2250
LnrdJulr 1232 l2z35 Sept 13
37 12
Ribs July 1290 Sept 1240
JOB Angeles Cal jno 29A
scone of melodramatic Intensity wan
enacted In the superior court yester
day when Owen Barrett
a young
medical student nrocurert n writ nr
habeas corpus for tho release of his
sweetheart Vera Schaupp from a
sanitarium where ho alleged she was
being held against her will I
It required the combined strength
of three court bailiffs to prevent the
girls father a wealthy former resi
dent of Omaha Nebraska from leap I
Ing upon the young lover
Let me at him Schaupp shouted I
he ought to be killed
Hang him1 chimed in the girls
mother i
It transpired during the hearing I
that Barrett had met Miss Schaupp I
who Is 22 only three weeks ago She
was then In a sanitarium where Bar
rett was pursuing his studies A few
days later be alleged her father
forced her to go to another institu
than The court granted the writ and
young Barrett at once became a storm
center but escaping from the wrath
ful father he triumphantly waved the
document sljsned by the judge and
sped away in an automobile to obtain
the release of his swcethcarL
O With less than half a mlnuto to 0
O spare Arthur Rose was saved 0
O from the electric chair tonight 0
O by a stay signed by Judge Mln 0
O turn on a moving train and 0
0 thrown through the window to 0
0 the condemned mans lawyer 0
O Rose was strapped In the chair 0
0 and the electrician was waiting 0
O his hand on the switch for the 0
0 second signal to send 2100 volts 0
O through the body of the wife 0
0 murderer when the frantic cry 0
O stop slop 1 A stay rang 0
O through the death chamber 0
O 0
Now York June 291Jajor Gaynor
Is opposed to tag days In vetoing a
resolution passed by tho board of al
dermen for a tag day In a suburban
borough the mayor save
Such a resolution authorizing the
I accosting of people In the street for
the purpose of extracting money is of
doubtful legality and more than doubt
ful propriety The collection of mon
ey on tag days Is made a success
usually by the aid of small children v
I a nractlce that should not bo permit
J ted
I DETROIT June 28A passenger
giving the name of F Goldtbrito of
Ottawa OnL Is believed to have com
Cfnittcd suicide by leaping from tho
I steamer Eastern States as the vessel
was coming up the Detroit river to
day on her trip from Buffalo
Cloudburst in Kentucky j
Sweeps Away Many
Saylesvllle K > June 238 bod I
ies were recovered from the Licking I
river today following a cloudburst I
along Its headwaters It lo reported
that many other lives have been lost
Twentysix houses wore washed
away ThO Licking Is above flood
I since I
New York June 9Tbe Baron Do
lllrscn school which has been edncat
ing the children of Immigrants bur
for twenty years Issued dlpomas to
Its last graduating class yesterday
The trustees have decided that th
public schools ot New Yortc are now
doing the work for whlcbf wan is
tablishtH and will turn Iboir actli >
HOB to other charities
Baron DC Hirsch left aluml nf 12
000000 the Interest of which wah to
be used for tho purpose tf educating
immigrants The fund is under the
contiol of the Education alliance of
New York
Washington June 9At the in
stance of tho war department Post
master General Hitchcock has al
dressed a letter to a poslmustor who
has been charged with discriminating
against tbo National Guard by refus
ing employee to ittonJ thcr mllltla
duties warning him against tile prac I
tice and calling his atlantlon to a tog
vlntlon that authorlxes leave of h
sence without pa to postal emploves
who arc members of the National
Guard when called upon to do mill
tan duty
Count Is Disappointed
But Not Discouraged
Over the Wreck
Osnabeck German June 20 I
Count Zeppelin disappointed but not
discouraged hurried here today to
superintend the salvage of his latest
aerial model the big airship Deutsch
land which came to grief in less ex I
perienced hands yesterday
Tho count who will be 72 years old I
on Friday of next week has an en
gagement for the near future to fly
from Frlederichshafcn to Vienna and
exhibit his Invention to Emperor
Francis Joseph nnd he proposes to
make good his promise
The prospects for the early resump
tion of the passenger service how
ever are not bright
The airship company announces
lhat the accident will necessitate a
suspension for several months of the
advertised excursions >
After hours of perilous flight dur
ing which it was driven hither a
thither at tho caprice of a gale thin
Doutschland found desperate refuge
In the trees of Teuloburglan Wald
forest Its framework was wrenched
and the grot envelope badly torn The
thirtytwo passengers including twen
ty newspaper men had narrow es
I It was found today that It would bo
necessary to dismantle the airship
I and this was begun
Throughout the night 200 soldiers
I stoodguard about the clump of trees
In the branches of which the airship
was lodged
Today the soldiers were occupied
with restraining the thousands of per
sons who flocked from miles around
The next voyage of the Detitsch
land will be made with Count Zeppe
I lin at the helm
Following Announce
ment of Reductions
in Freight Rates
New York June 29The stock
market was seized with another
spasm of wekncHs during the noon
hour today followingk the announce
ment from Washington of the Inter
state Commerce commission declar
ing certain rulhoad and freight rates
on the Hill and Harriman lines to b
unfair and unconstitutional
In some Instances prices sagged
lower than in Isoit Liquidation was
urgent and heavy with little support
Now York May 29Mayor Gaynor
ban been appealed to as n last resort
In an effort to bring peace to New
Yorks Chinatown mid wipe out the
frequently recurring tong wars
Father Diamond of the Catholic
Church of the Transfiguration which
Is located In the heart of Chinatown
presented the case to the mayor on
b < > half of the residents of tho quarter
explaining that to the reputable
claSses living there the situation had
become unbearable and that some
thing ought to bo done
The shootings there have become
so frequent that the lives of Innocent
and reputable citizens arc endan
gered was Father Diamonds plea
I have come to you Mr Mayor be
cause I know that you arc a nton who
can do things I would suggest better
police protection and a continual
vigilance on the part of the authori I
ties as the first step
A more drastic remedy Is ntisssfllcd I
to the mayor by a downtown aaiocln I
lion of ProtPBlant cleigyuion They
urge that all the dives In the Chinese
district bo wiped out and that tho
tenement law bo rigidly enforced
with a view to scattering the Coar
lids to other ports of the city and
thereby ultimately wiping out China
ShcWill Accompanied
by Young Son and I
a Sister
Chicago June 21MrR John P
Henderson of Passaic N J does not
believe In rearing mollycoddles She I
wants men In her family who do not
faint when they see a bit of blood I
spattered nbout
Mrs Henderson came to Chicago I
last night on lior way to Reno bring
ing Eddie Henderson her son 15
years old with her
After Mrs Henderson had register
ed at a downtown hotel she confid
ed to the night clerk
See she said displaying three 50
tlckota to the ringside Im going to
take Eddie to see that fight I dont
bollerc In bringing up mollycoddles
AtDl ncr my sister will Join me
and well take tho boy
ChfcaKo Juno 29 Betting on the
JeffriesJohnson fight has become
brisk here
Yesterday one bookmaker accepted
51SOOO the prevailing odds being S
to 5 with Jeffries on the long end
One Now Yorker placed a bet of
GOOO on Jeffries at 3 to 6 Numerous
other wagers that reach Imo the thou
sands were made
Was the Most Flagrant
Case of Jury Fixing
Ever Known
Chicago June 29The jury in I
Judge w H McSurebs division of j
the criminal court that heard the
ca against Leo ONell Brownethe I
Illinois IfgYflluUvc minority loader I
charged with bribing Representative
Charles A Vhllo to ote for Senator
Larimer for United States senator
disagreed and voted no verdict today
The jury took 24 ballots slandlng
S to 4 for conviction througbqut
States Attorney Wayinnn declared
lo reporlcrs that the Browne case of
fered the most flagrant case of Jury
fixing he had ever known
TACOMA Wash June 28 A fire
that has already destroyed the plants
of tho Qnh aid Reliance Lumber
companies the Slrub Lad Launch
works now Ihr catens the Great
Northern freight yards here
rhe plant of the Onu Lumber and
Shingle company and the planing
mill office and storage shed of the
WheelorOsgood company I were en
tirely destroyed Tho total loss will
not exceed 85000
Victoria B C June 29 Arrivals
from Australia an the steamship Mar
ama lost night bring news that Jack >
Johnson Is the favorite among the
Australian fight followers They say I
I that the betting odds are G to 5 In
the black champions favor
Mrs Robert FltzslmmonB who is
accompanying her husband the ex
champion to Reno to see the big fight
is a Jeffries supporter and accounts
for Johnsons following In Australia
by thl ole with which he handled I
Its all Johnson there she re I
marked The odds are 6 to 5 In his j
favor But they have a poor Idea of i
fighting and fighters As n boxer
their Ideal is Bill Squires and slm I
ply because Johnson handled Tommy
Bums easily they arc convinced that
ho cannot ho beaten
Frank Slavln an exheavy weight I
champion of long ago met Fltzsim I
mons who knew him In his primo i
and who fought with him and they I
engaged in a heated argu I
mont over thq outcome of the Reno I
battle Fltzslinmons selecting Jof I
fries 1 theJ winner while Slavln
couldnt understand how the black I
champion could lose <
You mus remember Johnsons j
I youth his elasticity and his strength I
expostulated Slnvin In tho midst of a
sharp exchange of verbal fireworks
I I Ah but you forgot Jeffries endur
ance his persistency and his oggrcs
i HlvonesB ropllptj the man who took I
the championship away from Corbott I
A BTU8BO a brother of Tommy
Burns jvas ttippnp the passenger on
tho Marama bound for Reno Ho de I
claros It his opinion and that of his I
brother that pjuion will be shorn of J
his honors If Jeffries Js In the condi I
tion his trOT 1 ay he Is e
I Tommy Duni8BIl Lang and Jfcln e
tosh lungs nuujnger left tho Mar e
ama at llon < jjHlij going direct from t
there to Sm3pJJrl5IscO Brusso an C
nounces thp Intoptlon of his brother 1
Tommy Burnat0 return to the ring
and looks for his first match t he e
with Snuaugbrd r e
fr t <
j ftf r 1 <
Valdez Alaftk9 June 29The TOY 1 C
enfie CtjtterRtjh with lnlted Stales I <
Edward E Cuehnmns
District JutEdward <
c il
traveling court arrived from Junea
today to pick up tho officials of tho
court Besides United States Marshal
P II Sullivan and United States Dis
trict Attorney C D Murnamo the
members of the grand and petit Juries
l boarded the cuter The travoling
court will bo gone until August 17
and will touch at isolated stallona to
the westward as far as Dutch harbor
Twelve cases are to bo tried along thu
New York June 2i1Jociccy Eddie
Dugans career ns a rider has received
a check at the hand of the stewarda
of the Sheopshead nfl race track i
Charged with flagrant rough riding
on August BelmontB Footprint in
the Surf Slakes yesterday the stew
ards have ordered his suspension for
the balance of the Shecpshca moot
I ng and have referred his case to the I
locke Club stewards for fm tboi con
The specific offense charr was
committed at the post when Dugan
cut across several horses lu a desper
ate effort to secure the rail
Famous Musician and
Woman Companion
Found Dead
I Stuttgart Germany June 29Dr
Aloysus Oberst the famous musical
conductor and Anna Suiter a court
singer were found dead togethe to
day Doth had been shot Appeari
ancea Indicated that one hut naen
murdered and that the other had com
mitted suicide Dr Oberst was born
a San Remo Italy in 1SG7
The discovery of the bodies of the
musician and his woman companion
was a shock not only to Dr Obersls
Intimates in musical circles but to
the public at large In which he was a
notable figure Considerable mystery
surrounds the affair but the Impres
sion Is strong that the same hand
killed both
Dr Oberst was of Swiss Scotch de
scent His mother came from the
north of Scotland while his fathers
family have been engaged either in
I the government service or in agricul
lure in the vicinity of Zurich for COO
r years He was a director of the
r Liszt museum and was appointed
royal conductor by the vlng of Yud
tcinburg Ho was the author of sev
eral contributions to musical lltcra
ture on the subject of which he was
regarded as an authority
They Are to Meet in
Massachusetts for
a I
Beverly Mass June 29 Prculdcnt
Taft and Cot Roosevelt will meet at
Burgess Point tomorrow Whether
Governor Hughes who IP at Cam
bridge today for the commencement
exercises at Harvard university wi
participate Is not certain
I Is understood Senator Iodgo rs to
orjtortaln Col Roosevelt at his home
Seattle Wash June 2U After a
beven hour struggle the combined
crews of the 30 horsepower gasoline
fishing boats GoodPartner and Pio
neer 1 captured a maneating shark
30 feet long weighing about 15 tons
In tho Straits of San Juan Do1 Puci
between Port Crescent and Port An
geles The capture was made Sun
In tbe fight with tIm shark Olaf
Larsen tho youngest member of the
crew of the Good Partner suffered a
broken arm and Captain Dragch was
cut In the head and chest by glass
which flow when the monster struck
thu bout with Its tall
In the shark belly after he had
been towed to shoal waler his cap
torn report tboy found what appear
peaied to he pieces of bones and u
piece of an oJumlnum kodak film
bnarlng No i folding kodak Model
A patented
o 0 0 0 000 00 f 0 C 0000 j
0 0
O Washington Juno 20Ed 0
3 ward S Holmes Jr former as O
t soclalo statistician of the de 0
C parunont of agriculture Indict 0
0 cd In 1905 for misconduct In 0
O office In connection with the 0
6 cotton statistics leak pleaded 0 I
3 guilty today In criminal court 0
2 No1 He was fined 5000 O
3 which hcpnld 0
0 0
3 0
3 New York Juno 9Tbc 0
> prize fight at Reno is Hcbell 0
3 tiled to begin at 130 p nt 0
> Pacific coast standard time 0
3 0
a 1
I I Ij
W ll fiGT
Championship Battle Is
Not to Be an Un
limited One
Rono Nev June 20 Promoter Tex
Richard is not greatly concerned over
the momentous lolo hr Is to play on
the afternoon of the Fourth and he
asserts with convincing earneatnesj
that ho has no misgivings whatever
regarding his ability to referee the
big fight
Why I havent given the subject
a single thought he told a group of
newspapermen last night The job
wll be a snap With seasoned fight
ers like Jeffries and Johnson to deal
with it will be the easiest thing In
the world to take care of the referees
end I have been assured by both
men that they are entirely satisfied
t have me In the ring and lat they
will do everything they can to smooth
mv way
Some one asked him If be bad ever
presided over a big ring event before
Nothing very big the promoter
answered but dont think for a min
I ute that Im not wIse to every angle
of prize fighting Ie followed It
practically I my life and if Iher is
anybody that knows any morn than I
do about the ins and outs of the am
Id like to have him named People
come to me and say Im foolish lo
take on th8 Job because Ive not bad
enough practice Well they dont
know what theyre talking about If a
man knows fighting ns well l I know
It theres no reason why he cIt
I jump in and take charge of a big tight
I even If be hasnt had much act ml
training As far as I am personally
concerned I dont believe In working
up as a referee through little fights
to big ones Id rather begin a the
And then work down was inc
Jesting amendment of a bystander
but Tex though he laughed with the
crowddid not seem to catch the point
of the joke and be nodded assent
There are man however who de
clare that the appoIntment of Rick
avd was a mistake owiiiR to his ad
mitted Inexperience n an arbiter ot
important contests Even his critics
I though they appear to be satisfied that
when ho enters the ring anti assumes
I supreme charge pf the battle the pro
motoV Will do the right thins as he
SMS it and will ondeaxrr to give each
tift1iI contestants the squarest of
square deals
Gradually preparations for tbe fight
are ncailiiK completion and by the
end of the week probably nothing es
sential will remain to be done Re
senlal wi
mai liable progress made on the con
struction ot the arena bas silenced
the doleful predictions pessimistic
fans who wore fearful lthat the fiuso
structure would not be finished on
time and It has banished all doubt of
there not being an ample number of
scats for the crowds expected to pour
into Reno between now and the day
of the fight
Great care is being exercised by
the contractors against the danger 01 f
fire and three night watchmen were
appointed at the commencement of Iho
work principally lot the purpose of
guaiding against tramps whose care
lessness with matches might prove
disastrous This fear of a conflagra
tion has weighed heavIly on Rtckard
and last night he made 1 trip to thu
site to assure himself that the neces
sary precautions were being taken
On enterIng the enclosure be was
disconcerted by the fact that no sign
of a patrol was vsible For five min
utes or more he stumbled about tho
plankstiewn arena and almost fell
over a watchman peacefully slum
bering on a bed of boards Search
disclosed the other two likewise en
Joying calm repose RIckard promptly
discharged all three and with much
energy hunted aioaud until he found
another trio to take their places
The gloves to be worn by the fight
ers aro expected to arrive on the
ovonlng train from San Francisco
Two pairs have been made especially
to the order of erich contestant care
ful nsnrrMiinnts of the hands and
I po
wrists o the men havoifj been taken
There was much rejoicing it Jack
Johnsons camp lust night as a result
of the champion splendid wmkout In
the afternoon The iiresonce of Gov
ernor Dlckerson Is believed to bavu
i li n liro of considerable Inspira
tion to the big negro a Id his splrjlcd
liuiiormancc wan hugely enjoyed by
UK largo crowd that gathered about
the boxing platform I
Contrary to the usual sparring 9 > s
tern employed during the past sovcial
weeks tbe champion did not place
himself wholly on the defensive yes I
lorday but forced the work himself I
much to the discomfiture of his opponents
poncnts At the conclusion of the I
twelve fast rounds that constituted
the workout the negro was still
breathing lightly and though he was
perspiring freely there was no Indi
cation of fatigue and he was In tho
best of burner
Johnson showed vast appreciation of
lbu governors favorable comments on
his condition and was plainly highly
flattered when the states chief execu
tire visited him in hit room
Manager Tom Flanagan wfio par
ticipated Inthe chat that ensued at
tempted to draw from tIny governor
hs opinion of the outcome oftlG
rutUch but the Idiot In the parlance
of the rlujr cleverly sidestepped R di
rect expression aud dismissed tlio
question with the assertion that If Ibo
icqulrpmeuls of the laws were lived
up to Johnson would be given a fair
opportunity to defend hiS tile
I had been thought that the got
ornor Intended to stay pniy i few
hour bore but be made no attempt
lo qatch his scheduled tram for Car
son City and probably will nol leave
until this afternoon
I was gossIped about town last j
night that ho would nuiKc another trip
lo Moana Springs early today In the j
hope of seeing Jeffries in action Tlio I
cool iiiaunof ii which Jeffries tunned
down a request for 1 loxiiiR exhibition l
while the governor was in the camp
led to harsh criticism Jeffries in
difference to the dlsanpolntmentjs ox
perlonccd by so man who have made
futile trips to his training quarters to
e him at work was thought t have
passed the limit when the official
whose good will ban been regarded aa f
so essential to the holing of the
contest out of which Jeffries will
make I fortune was rouse an oppor
tunity to see him box
A rumor that has boon afloat bore
for several Uays was given a quietus
by RIckard today when bo asserted
with much vigor that the plan of tak
ing on the round limit of the contest
and making It a fight to n finish hat
never entered the heads of anyoiiu
What good would It do tbo promoter
moter queried Its practically I light
to a finish as It Is for few expect
it to go the full 45 rounds already
allowed for it And In view of ail thii
trouble weve had in staging the fight
wed certainly bo very foolish to fly
In tho faces of those who aro oppos
ing us by taking off the limit and ad
vertising the match as an outandout
prise fight No well bo careful to
pour no unnecessary oil on the fro
Tom Jones manager of Ad WolgHSt
who Is planninga n return match between
tween Wolgast and Battling Nelson
here on Labor Day is reported to he
placing large bets on JcffrJQS Over
l30o was put up by him yesterday
it is said the wagers being as fol
lows 2250 at odds of 2 to 1 1700
at 10 to 7 K0 at 10 lo C and 100
I at 1 to 5 that Johnson wont last five
I An announcement that Richard
I wouldretire from the fight game after
the JeffrlosJtjbnson battle proves to
have been erroneous Rickard gave
it out last night that he had secured tl
lease 0 the arena here for Labor
Day and was planning to have JL big
double bill Wolgast versus Nelson
and Tommy Burns versus Sam Lang
j ford
i fortBODftS ARE
Two Naval Cadets and
a Woman Are
Drowned >
Washington June 20 Nerwn of Ihe
I recover of lie bodies ofMidshipmen
S M Nnson arid G E Thomas ant
I Mrs dos Bowyer who flUe to re
turn to the Naval ncedomyat nnap
oils yesterday afer loa nj for dsall
was reported to ActingSecaetaTy of
the Navy Wlnthrop over the telephone
from Annapolis
The bodies were recovered near
the place where the sail boat had been
anchored No explanation was ad
vanced as to the mannbr In which
the throe mot their death but It is
supposed the party were bathing Mrs
Bowyer bolnp dressed In > n bathing
suit and a long cloak
The bodies were laken aboard the
Hartford t
Hartord t
It was said at the navy department
I that Mrs Bowyer could swim but a
few strokes Nnson was a poor sIm
mer but Thomas could swim well S
I it is presumed that the latter met his
death trying to save the other two
I Nason was a native of Newport R
1 I while Thomas home was at Uu
lonlown Ga
r Bowyers husband was Julius
Bowyer a son of the commandant of
the academy who died In Washington
about two years ago
San Francisco June 29 rTommy
Burns from whom Jack Johnson won
the heavyweight championship and
twho arrived here yesterday on the
steamship Wllhclmina from Australia
declares that Johnson is going to got
the boating of his life when he faces
Jeffries In the arena at Reno on July
1 BurnB alE brought over the news
that Johnson is a strong favorite in
the belting in Sydney and other sport
centers Australia
J Duns did not mince his words when
speaking of what be termed Johnsons
Johnson may be game against lit
I tie men leo Kelchol and myself said
i Burns bu he will show tho str ak
of yollow when Jeffries lauds a > few
I bard punches to the stomach Jef
fries will only have to be half as Rood
as heformerly was to win and I look
r for the fight to end about the twen
tiethround I Johnson should Hap
L pen to win I will challenge him at
the ringside but 1 would not think 0C
going against a man like Jim Jeffries i
Aftor the light between Johnson and
myself 1n Australia Johnfron went
next tiny to a doctor who told him that
my punches had broken two ribs Now
It stands to reason that I Joffrlcs
over wallops him he will cave in all
of his ribs
Although the betting was 10 lo Sin
favor of Johnson when Burns left
Australia he hot 600 on shipboard
with Hugh Mclntoah the big fight pro
moter ofAustralia that Jeffries would
win Thinking at Iho time ho
LllnkIDS tme was got
ting the wOnt of the odds Macintosh
believes Jqffrles cannot come back
and that Johnson will win Jnsldo of
twenty rounds H
twonb I J
Heavywelpbt Champion 13iLang
of AustralIa Is also a pronounced 1 I
Johnson advocate
Seattle Wash June 27LWhjle jL
nearly a score bathers wero swim i
mlug arouifd him unconscious of his
predicament Geoig D Rowe aged i
twcntytwo a law graduate of the
University Washington class of fr 7
1010 snnt In the swimming
pool nl
9whnmlnr nl
tboLuna Park ploasurn resort here
yesterday and was drowned
l t

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