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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
Somo people are so anxious to show how little they know that
r they rush into print and censure ten members of the City Council
the Mayor and City Attorney who have been elected by the people
to look after the peoples interests and when it is pointed out that
these overeager and selfappointed guardians are wrong they rush
pack into the papers to say The Mayors reply was not dignified
he hurt our feelings and did not bring more water to the new reser
As the Mayors communication was not written to bring water
to the reservoir he probably will agree to that proposition
0 A Kennedy secretary of and in behalf of the Chamber of
Commerce asked the city to collect 1 rental from T W Horn and
the Strongs Canyon Water company for the use of the citys water
Of course the collecting of such rental would be impossible
simply because the agreement entered into between Ogden City and
the irrigation company and Mr Horn does not provide for such pay
ment but it does require that such parties shall use the water for
Ogden City keep and maintain it until Ogden City wants it and said
Mr Horn and Strong Canyon Irrigation company pledge themselves
within five days on demand of Ogden City to surrender said water
In case said parties refuse to surrender the judgment record in
book 5 page 321 says
IIIn case said parties shall fail or refuse to surrender said
water to said Ogden City then this decree shall operate as a deed of
conveyance and the City of Ogden may enter upon said premises and
take such water at pleasure after five days notice
How any man with ordinary horse sense can state that Ogden
City has lost its water rights notwithstanding an agreement was
entered into when Judge Rolapp was District Judge with Strong
Water company and T W Horn to use said water for and in consid
eration of 250 paid by Ogden City to said parties until the city
wants it is beyond our understanding
For a thousand years the common law has been that a tenant
can never supersede his landlord while holding any right3 or prop
erty by agreement
Again the state law which is very plain on this matter reads
as follows
Section 1238 X23 specifically provides That here can be no
abandonment of water rights unless the owner or his successors shall
fail to use the water for seven years
In this case the owners Ogden City and its successors have
used the water every year and hence there can be no possible aban
donment by Ogden City of its rights
Again if Ogden City had lost its rights Mr Horn and the irri
gation company would not be the owners of it because they are act
ing as agents for the city and are simply keeping the citys title
The note to the section of the State law above quoted says
To constitute an abandonment of water rights there must be
an intent to abandon coupled with some act of relinquishment by
which the intent is carried out1
It will be seen that Ogden City has made no act of relinquish
ment in fact to the contrary it entered into an agreement and paid
the Strong Canyon Water company 25000 to take care of the water
for the city until the city demands it on five days notice
Now the Mayor does not care a rap what the Chamber of Com
merce or the Improvement League or other selfappointed censur
ers and congratulators say or do He docs however state that
if any of these selfappointed lians should find something that is f
1tot citys interest to know such as a water right about to expire
he will esteem it a special favor if they communicate to him in a
confidential way and promises after having had an opportunity
I to correct the matter and save the city from harm to make the
J matter public nnd give full credit
The Mayor maintains that if any of the citys water rights
named by the Chamber Commerce are in danger that the rushing
into print by the secretary would be sufficient notice to the people
generally that there might be something wrong and be an invitation
I for some one to step in and take away the rights of the city
If these unofficial organizations really have the citys interests
I at heart and desire to do good they will not rush into print with
1 their stories but will give the Mayor or the committee having i
charge an opportunity to safeguard the city before publicity
If the city lost its water rights by virtue of seven years non
I use of water as claimed by the Chamber of Commerce such water
j right was lost on September 23 1909 and now it would be too late
to do anything But just to make it interesting for the Chamber of
Commerce the Mayor authorizes us to state that he will deposit
25000 in the First National Bank if the Chamber of Commerce
will do likewise and the attorney of the Chamber of Commerce and
the attorney for the city can prepare the legal documents and insti
j tute a friendly suit simply to test the question as to whether the city
has lost its rights the parties who appear to be right to take the 500
the losing party to pay the attorneys fees on both sides and all costs
of court giving a bond to that effect
The decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission handed
down today are the most important ever rendered by that body and
promise a widespread readjustment of the jobbing or wholesale busi
I ness of the intermountain region and Pacific Coast
Utah rates from Missouri river points are reduced 18 per cent
I and equal or greater reduction is granted to Nevada and the interior
points in the Northwest
I What effect this scaling down of freight rates will have is at
present problematic but a local wholesaler says Ogden jobbers will
gain no advantages and may have their field of activity considerably
restricted by reason of other cities within the Utah zone enjoying
better and more equalized rates than prevail at present
The rates from water points in the Northwest to interior points
I in Oregon Idaho and Montana are ordered reduced which may give
jobbing centers in those states an advantage which will exclude
Utah wholesalers from much of that territory now covered by our
commercial men
But as we have said it is too early to determine the full force of
the decisions i in fact it will be necessary to await the full text be =
fore attempting to measure the effect of the action of the Inter
state Commerce Commission
But one thing seems certain and that is a material reduction in
the price of goods throughout the intermountain country With low
er freight rates the wholesalers must make reductions on the prices
of goods and the retailers in turn will be forced to give the public the
benefit of the change in transportation charges so that while the
wholesalers of jobbing centers such as Ogden may lose instead of
gain the people as a whole will be made the beneficiaries of the new
order of things
Ogden has become a point of supreme importance in the tele
graphic service of the Western Union company Beginning Satur
day all wires from the Pacific coast which at present have connec
tion east with the trunk lines crossing the state of Nevada will be
switched to the north and south of San Francisco and brought in to
Ogden on the north over the Oregon Short Line and on the south
over the San Pedro wires
7 Qh ozrOIIILi O L
= The =
Fred Je Iiesel Coo
The Pioneer Wholesale
Grocers >
and Whiskey Merchants r
I General Agents for < j
I and for the I
r d
Bottled at Soda Springs
r q j
1 I J
H Idaho I I II tJ 1 >
Washington Juue 2JA striking
review of the manner In which the
Bank of Franco has attained tho dom
inating position which It occupies
In French finance nnd Us relation to
the Jolntfitock banks has Just been
made public by the National Mone
tary commission Tho monograph on
the subject is entitled Evolution of
credit and banks In France andIs
written by Andre Llesse professor
i at the National Conservatory of Arts
and Trades nnd at the School of Po
litical Sciences Professor LIosso
lakes up the evolution of banking In
Franco in three periods Jrom 1800 to
1848 when the business of the Dank
of France was restricted to Paris tho
period from 1848 to 1876 whon the
bank became truly a national Institu
tion by the absorption of tho depart
mental banks of Issue by Itn aid In
thu exteuRlon of the railway network
and by its masterly conduct of tho
negotiations for the payment of tho
great war Indemnity to Germany and
from 1875 to the present time
The narrative IB very far from be
ing a mere historical summary of the I
development of the Bank of Franco
I Itself but traces tho mannor In which I
the big credit companies grow up
with the growth of French capital and
its distribution at home and abroad
and tho manner In which thoy have
leaned In emergencies upon tho cen
tral bank Tho Bank of France ap
pears as tho friendly guardian of the
market In tiding over the period of
stress caused by tho failure of the
Union Gcnorale In 1882 the collapse
of tho copper corner and the liquida
tion of the Comptor DEscompte In
1889 tho reaction of the Baring fail
ure In England in 1890 and the crisis
of 1907 In the crisis of 1890 tho
Bank of England borrowed of tho
Bank of France 76000000 francs
15000000 In gold with which to
relieve tho stress in the English mar
ket The Bank of France It Is de
This will leave the wires leading from Ogden to Reno unencum
bered and at the disposal of the army of newspaper correspondents
and others who are to report tho big fight
Yesterday two Western Pacific wires were cut in at Elko and
I brought in to Ogden from the east end over the lines from Salt Lake
I here Four wires from Salt Lake to
Ogden will be rushed to com
I pletion today in order to be serviceable immediately in handling the
overflow which will be routed from Rono south to Los Vegas on
the Clark road and north to Ogden
By Saturday the local Western Union office under W J Der
mody will be operating two wheatstone three quadruplex and five
duplex instruments in addition to the heavy equipment always avail
able and it is estimated that the Ogden office will be capable of
transmitting 50000 to 60000 words an hour
Superintendent S E Leonard of Denver and General Electrician
MoKisick of Chicago have been here arranging the new circuits
which give to Ogden an unequaled ganglia of wires
No telegraphic event in the history of the United States will ap
proach this undertaking in volume not even the great flood of words
during past national elections equaling this in magnitude
Roland Took Precautions
Roland is a little boy who learns
things quickly Not long ago ho
heard some one swear and he imme
diately appropriated the word for his
own use Tho next time he got mad
at his nurse ho used tho word which
begins with D In addressing her She
I told his grandfather Tho grand
father wrote Roland a letter In which
he said It was terribly bad to usp the
word Ho also stated that a little bird I
had told him that Roland had used
It Tho letter when read jo the boy
made a deep Impression on him A I
few days later ho and his nuke were
out In tho yard when Roland became
provoked at her
Say nurse he said is thoy any I
little birds around hero I
No replied tho nurse not just
Well then said Roland youre
a foot Donver Post
Two weeks ago Bunker who was
accused of having tried to bribe a I
member of the legislature was com
plaining that the public wouldnt glvo
him justice
Whats ho doing now
Trying to discover a technicality
through which he may escape the Jua
tlco that the public wishes to baud
hlmChicngo Herald J
I A Sure Hit at Livers J
I hear doctor that my friend
Brown whom you have been treating
KO long for liver trouble has died of
stomach trouble said one of the fP hy
siclang patients 1
Dont you believe youetfeur
replied the doctor Whon I treat a
I man for liver trouble ho dies oflivor
liouble Everybodys <
If Too Presumptuous
Head waiter dignified and pomp
ousHave you ordered sir1 J
I PatronYo I oilJ
Despairing Patron ordered a
portorhouso steak half an hour ago
I clared by M Lleese was not affected
at all by this exportation of coin
The average reserve In fact In the
year 1890 was about 500000000
composed almost equally of gold and
silver If the Bank of England had
beon able to issue notes for 75000
000 francs In order to meet the dif
ficulties of the crisis there would
not have been Mr Lelase declares i
tho slightest need of an appeal to I
the credit of the Bank of Franco
and since the latter was willing to
give credit to the Bank of England
the citizens of England would have
done so equally by accepting its
The pressure In the money market
In tho fall of 1906 was mot by tho
Bank of France by tho liberal dis
counting of English paper This
policy it Is declared was much more
economic In the high sense of the
word than tho rather archaic one
practiced formerly of making discreet
loans of gold to the Bank of England
In the following year 1907 the crisis
grew worse Discount at the Bank
of Franco wont up again to 3 12 per
cent and then to 4 per cent The
Bank of Franco Intervened a second
time discounting English paper Tho
report of tho operations of the bank
for 1907 states that in this way a
ready capital of more than 80000000
francs In American gold was famished
to the London market In another di
rection the Bank of Franco opposed
no obstacle to the shipments of
French gold to New York which were
and 1 wish to apologize for my rude
ness With your permission I will
withdraw It as an order and renew
it as a suggestion Chicago Tribune
Good Reason for It
He Joined the church a week ago
twas with repentant face
Today his heart Is filled with woe
today ho fell from grace
Ho fell from grace alnal for bit
ter la the cup
He fell from grace while trying hard
to put the stovepipe tip
Los Angeles Express
A Suggestion
If a woman has a right to accum
ulate property said tho suffragette
she also has a right to go Into poli
Perhaps answered Senator Sor
gum But have you observed how
hard It is for the average person In
politics to accumulate property If
I wore you Id hold on to the prop
erty Washington Star
To Stay With the Old Man
Come indoors Immediately called
a nurse to a small boy whose father
was going out You wont go to
heaven if youre so naughty
I dont want to go to heaven
was tho aggrieved reply I want to
go with father Philadelphia In
Mrs BangsDo you know Im af
raid my husband is given to saying
things behind my back
Miss Bright Woll dear perhaps
tho poor follow cannot get the hooks
and eyes to match properlyBoston
A Sign
When a man Is referred to ae being
a diamond In the rough It Is gone
rally u sign that ho wouldnt ho tol
orated In decent society If he didnt
have a lot of mono > Chicago Record
WAVAVAVAVAV VAVN n n nnUnn n n nununununvn n iVAVAVN WmA t G J I
I j f k I I 0 I
ii i R l J ill I n 1
q 41Z
HP Ends Tomorrow i
I1 Everything cheaper Only one moro day Every dollar paid us on account or for goods pur
I1P chased you got a chance on this Brass Bed Springs and Mattress Drawing takes place to g
P morrow afternoon at 530 p m s
ia If you are in need of house furnishings it will pay you to take advantage of this oppor t
g tunity
iaP m
I P Ogden Furniture Carpet Co 1
furthered by the bank making its nor
mal commercial discounts
Ogden Canyon Weekday Sched
ule Effective June 15th
First car leaves Union Depot at
620 a m and every forty minutes
thereafter until 1100 p m
First car loaves Hermitage at 655
and 740 a m and every forty min
utes thereafter until 1140 p m
Tho 655 a m car leaving the Her
mitage connects with the 730 a m
Bamberger train for Salt Lake
Last week the Goldfield Consolidat
ed Mines company shares were admit
ted to tho Now York stock exchange
board At that time somo Interest
ing figures were given by the com
pany showing its valuable assets
This statement showed the combined
earnings of the Goldfield Consolidated
Mines company and the Goldfield Mill
ing and Transportation company tor
the year ending October 31 1909
Since that dato the earnings have
been materially Increased and the de
velopment work at the mine has re
sulted In the uncovering of somo of
the richest ore bodies ever found
The statement as follows
Total earnings 6598871
Mining milling transporta
tion general oxp taxes
etc 1572251
Profit 5020620
Dividends 3201235
Surplus 1825381
Previous surplus 2142016
Total surplus 4267397
Depreciation and accounts
charged off this Item cov
ers a period of three
years 3 3512
Profit and loss surplus 3893854
The general balance sheet of the
Goldfield Consolidated Mines company
only as of October 31 1909 shows as
sets as follows
Mine properties 35353277 mine
buildings machinery and equipment
192096 mine development 596748
office building and furniture 28867
compressor plant 60460 power sta
tion and pole line 17965 miscel
laneous real estate buildings and
equipment 17451 stocks ownod
1445083 unexpired Insurance 655
supplies on hand 92144 ore settle
ments outstanding 176983 accounts
receivable 113150 cash in bank and
on hand 657281 total 38060164
Liabilities Capital stock Issued
35588480 accounts payable 94914
accrued bullion tax 34472 undivid
ed profits 2888228 total 38606
furry Juno 2SThere will bo bif
doings here Wednesday whon the ar
nual carnival of the Murray volunteer I
fire department Is held Everything
Is in readiness for the big event all
arrangements having beon completed
by Con Gallagher some limo ago The
occasion is the third annual carnival
of the firemen both paid and volun
teer and representatives from twen
tjeight or twentynine departments I
in different cities and towns of tho I
state will be present
The days festivities will begin at I
1030 in tho morning when Mayor
Phil Bentz will deliver an address of
welcome Following this a big parade
will Lake placo and in line will be th
members of many firefighting st
tlons throughout the state In tho af
ternoon thero will be a redhot ball
game between the Murray and Morcur
teams Then will come the hose cart
race between the Murray and Sandy
teams for a purse of 100 Later a
competitive hosecart race against
time will bo pulled off Many other
features are slated to take placo In
the day To appropriately wind up
tho doings of tho day a grand ba
will he given In Trocadero hall in the
evening I
All stores here will be closed to
morrow and many visitors aro ex
Washington Juno 29 There1 no
class of men In the world monl gen I
orous than Uncle Sams bluejackets
The sailors of the battleship Louis
lana recently gave an entertainment
for tho benefit of the widows non n
phans of the men who wore lost by
the foundering of the Nina and oic
of their small earnings contributed
165925 which will be promptly dG
Salt Lake June 29 Wllliol Part
ridge the 16yearold burglar arrested
by Deputy Sheriff Samuel Nowoh on
Monday was given a hearing be
fore Judge McMaator of the juvenile
court Tuesday and was committed to
the State Indusrlal school at Ogden
Partridge started out OT a criminal
course which had it not been for his
capture Monday might have led Into
very serious trouble on he confessed
that ho intended holding up and kill
ing the first person he found alone l
Partridge confessed to burglarizing t
a house on Thirteenth East street and
stealing a Winchester rifle and some
blankets and also to burgUHzln a
house at the Pioneer rosort In Emi
gration canyon from which he stole
a gold watch The rifle and watch
were In his possession when captured
in tho canyon by the doputy sheriff
Henry Jacob a lad about the samo
a e was with Partridge In his adven
tures but was not captured A thor
ough search Is now being made for
him nnd If captured he no doubt will
bo sent to tho industrial Hchool o
The mother of a ward of the ju
venile court came near being fined jr
contempt by Judge McMaster Tues
day Her son was up for petit lar
ceny and tho woman thought tho
court and proceedings wore a joko
and laughed at the judgo several
times She was warned against such
conduct and Informed that If she re i
p4ated It sho would bo fined for con
tempt and excluded from tho court j
room The boy was placed under cus i
p nded sentence to the detention j 1
r i T MAKS l
When you come in from fishingif
the bag is full of trout and heavywhen you
are warm all over and awfully dryopen a
cool bottle of Beckers it will make the
pleasure complete
When you come in from fishing if
the bag is dry and light and youre mad
w all over and feel quittingopen a cool
l a bottle of Beckersthe fatigue will disappear A
the anger flys away and ou find yourself QI
tei0 reuqg a t saying Well they might bite better in the
a6AC i
L morning
1 r Any dealer in Ogden will deliver a
I case to any address in towngive the order llA

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