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t ppp2deH
Ind Phone two ringsNo 56
Bell Phone No 322
Ind Phone one ringNo 56
Bell Phone one ringNo 56
Artvnrtlsera mast ttcve their copy lor
tbo Evening Standard tho evening be
fore tho day on which tho adrortlno
mont Is to appear In order to inauro
Railroad Officers ReturnGeneral
Manager Bancroft and General Super
intendent Manson of tho Oregon Short
Line returned last night from a trip i
to Yellowstone park
Coal can rip Paifcor Co for
rules on lump nut and slack
Specdera Arrested Three violators
of the bicycle ordinance were arroat
ed yesterday by Speed Officer Rcnst
They gave tho nnmes ot Earl Paine
Peter Flehor und John Rltson They
will be arraigned In police court to
Call Allen pnonen 22 for cnrrlacoa
for funerals and operas Private calls
t specialty Also prompt delivery of
baggago U2 25th
Drunkenness Sharged T P Land
and William 1 Gavins railroad men
were arrested yesterday by Patrol
men Mohlman and Crompton on n
charge of drunkcunesB
Get your Union Pacific and Oregon
Short Line ticket at the office In tho
Opera House Block Dont force your
self to stand In lino at the Depot
Woman VagA woman givIng tho
name of Mrs Winter was arrested
yesterday by Detective Wardlaw and
Patrolman Marlin on the charge of
vagrancy She will appear In police
court thIs morning
All klndo of coal 5 60 cash deliv
ered M L Jones Coal Co
Cafe Fixtures SoldThe fixtures
nnd stock of the Ellto restaurant have
been Bold to Thomas Foley for 250
to satisfy a claim for rent duo by
Armand H Page formerly manager
of the cafe pursuant to an order IB
sued by the district court two weeks
ago A report of tho sale was filed
with tho county clerk yesterday by
Sheriff Barlow Wilson
WANTED Clean white rags at the
Continued on Paso Seven
A beautiful church wedding was
solemnized at St Josephs church this
morning tho Rev Father M Sheehan
of Ely assisted by Rev Father P M
Cushnahnn of Ogden performing tho
ceremony uniting Miss Sophia A
Jlunro and John E Callahan during
the nuptial mass at 10 oclock
The church was beautifully decorat
ed for the occasion with pink brides
roses Bermuda lilies and ferns by the
loving hands of the sisters of Sacred
Heart academy i of which Institution
Miss Munro was a former pupil
The bride attired In a beautiful
creation of white satin and lace with
a beautiful bridal veil carrying a
shower bouquet of white roses and
attended by Miss Hattie Oldfleld of
Ely wearing a lovely pale blue gown
with hat to match and carrying white
roses and the groom In conventional
black accompanied by Charles Ma
guire of Ogden entered the church to
the strains of Mendelssohns wedding
march Miss Lorotta Malone presid
ing at the organ and Miss Genevieve
Malone playing tho violin During
the nuptial mass hymns appropriate
for the occasion were sung by former
schoolmates of the bride
After the ceremony Rov Father
Cushnahun addressed tho young
couple at the altar tendering tho
congratulations and beat wishes for
their future happiness and prosper
ity In behalf of their friends and him
self and offering a few words of ad
vice In tho beautiful and appropriate
words which ho always has at his
command following which the wed
ding breakfast was had at tho Vir
ginia An elaborate menu perfect
In detail and delightfully served was
enjoyed by tho bride and groom and
about twenty guests
Tho brldo has a host of loving
friends at Sacred Heart and through
out the city beside her many Ely
frlpnda nnd tho groom Is a promin
cutyoung business man of Eli
One of tho prettiest and most en
joyable dancing parties of the season
was given last evening at the Her
milage under the auspices of the La
1 i
AS ° J ° ErFRle
4 dies Literary club of Ogden The
spacious Hermitage dining room was
ttfTectlvely arranged and thojbcautl
fully gowned ladles and gentlemen In
lull Qonlnbdrcss made a pretty
scene The splendid dancing program
was thoroughly enjoyed by tho to
hundred guests of the club until the
arrival of tho special car at 1210
Many of tho guests motored to the
Hermitage In their own cars nnd
round the return trip down the can
yon In the cool evening breeze un ad
ditional plesant feature of the occa
Dr C F OBgood with his sister
MIso Gladys Osgood of Qulncy Illi
nois were guests of the Ladles Liter
ary club last
evening d
Mrs Moses Reese of Logon was the
guest of Mrs Will Wright at tho La
dies Literary club ball at tho Her
mitage last nlghL
Miss Mildred Hlsncr gnve a dancing
party at the Hermitage yesterday af
tornoon which proved a decided suc
cess and was much enjoyed by all in
attendance Refreshments were serv
ed I
Mr and Mrs John Culley with Mrs
Culleys sister Mrs C A McCoy of
Lake Charles Louisiana wore at the
club dance at the Hermitage last
evening Mrs McCoy IB visiting her
mother Mrs E H McKinley who
recently made her residence in this
city after living twenty years In Ilex
ico City und Is en route to tho moun I
tains in Kentucky whore she will
upend tho balance of the warm sea
son before returning to her homo at
Lake Charles
The wedding ceremony uniting Miss
Goldie Fell daughter of Mr and Mrs
A G Fell of 575 Twentyfifth street
and B E Nlelmus of Berkeley Cal
ifornia will take place this evening
Mr William OBrien of Salt Lake
was a guest of P T Wright last
evening at the Ladles Literary club
dance at the Hermitage
Fight upoclnls are the order of bun
ness In tho railroad circles during
the next few days The slogan among
the traveling public nowadays is Im
on the road to Reno 4
Dally advices are being received
by the Southern Pacific officials of
specIals and private car parties en
routo to tho big fight al Reno Among
the latest recruits to the special
trains is one from Salt Lake City
which will leave thero Saturday even
Ing and carrying about ono hundred
nns of SnIt Lake Ogden and other
Utah cities
P J Moran tho contractor baa
chartered a private Pullman car to
take a party from Salt Lake to Reno
A car containing about thirty of
the Southern Pacific shop employes
In this city will leave Saturday aft
ernoon It Is stated that Ogdons quo
to to the fight will be about 75
In order to assist In guaranteeing
comfort to the patrons of the orad
who go to the fight In private cars
the railroad company here has or
dered that one of the gas tank cars
bo filled at Ogden and sent through to
Sparks That will Insure the card
that are placed on a sidetrack and
In which the fight fans will live pen
t y of light
A number of extra switchmen havo
been sent from Ogden during the past
few days to assist the switchmen in
the Reno and Sparks yards In handl
ing tho great number of special
trains and private cars
BALTIMORE Mi June l8Mfrs
Nellie E Bowyer widow of Jos Bow
yor and daughterInluw of John M
Bowyer superintendent of the naval
academy midshipmen Brible Thomas
of Union Point Ga and Sherman M
Nason of Newport R I left the
academy about 11 oclock this morn
Ing In a sail boat which was found
drifting on thO Severn river this
afternoon In It were portions of the
clothing that had been worn by the
members of the parly It Is believed
that the midshipmen took Mrs Bow
el to tho bathing shore used by the
naval academy and attempted to
teach her to swIn and that all three
were drowned
MILLER S D June 280n the
evo of the establishment of three
saloons after a dry periold of threo
years residents of this section who
have been looking forward to j
quenching their thirst with a cool
glass of beer are doomed to disap
pointment They will either have to
take their boor warm or not at all
W T Fnftory a staunch prohibi
tionist nnd candidate for tho state
senate on tho prohibition ticket has
a monopoly on the Ice business here
and he announced today lIe will not
sell ice directly or Ind fleetly to sa
loonkeepers which will open their
plucos July L
OMAHA Juno 8Two Parry cars
were disqualified last evening follow
ing ft committee meeting of directors
In chargo of tho Glidden tour The
of the trout
Parry cars were the cause
Wo at Kansas City One car was In
the competition race for the GJIdden
trophy and tho other In tho contest
for tho Chicago trophy
The cars wore disqualified on the I
ground that tho rules had not been
observed by tho drivers and that
they carried their grievances to tht
public through tho press rather than
submit themto the contest hoard
Metal Market
NeW York June 29Lead quiet
I16a46 Now York copper dull I
standard spot and July 1190al2
15 allvcr m 1 °
This Country Unprepar
ed to Go to War With
That Nation
Now York Juno 29 Brigadier
General Jacob H Smith retiredper
haps bettor known as Hull Hearing
Jllkowho recently returned from
a tour of tho
world sprung an un
pleasant surprise 0l1hl9 old associ
ates In the army and navy today In
n long interview in which he declared
that the United States is wholly un
prepared for war lie was discussing
the possibility of war with Japan
nnd the probable outcome of such a
I think there Is little probability of
trouble ho said but If It cornea
our rnny IB wholly unprepared nnd
our navy Is by no means ready I
hope to heaven such n war never
comes I am one of those soldiers
who do not want war
But I believe the best way to pre
vent war Is to bo prepared Now
how about our army The people
wont let us have enough soldiers to
be of nny use If war comes with Ja
pan tho Japanese would grab tIll
Philippines and Sandwich islands be
fore wo could sny Jack Robinson We
havent enough of an army to hold tho
fslands and we have to send our
troops 11000 miles to get them there
Once wo lose our Pacific Islands wo
could never got thorn back
As for the navy our ships are all
right but our Idea of battle Is very
different from the Japanese Idea
They are ao fanatical as Moslems and
believe that every soldier killed In
battlo goes otralght to heaven They
think nothing of sinking a ship Tho
men would go to tho bottom singing
Hosanna Why If an American gen
eral sacrificed his men as tho Jap
anese commanders slaughtered theirs
at Port Arthur hi would not bo n gen
eral fifteen minutes
SALT LAKE Juno 8Tlred of
life Miss Dagny Ingebrotsen a
trained nurse who for the lost week
has been In charge of the case of L
R Blake at the University apart
ments committed suicide by taking
five grains of sulphate of morphine
late last night
Miss Ingehretsen was of mercurial I
temperament and was given to peri
ods of high spirits followed by mood I
mess It Is believed by her friends
that during one of these frequent
spells of depression she despaired and
determined to end her lIfo
Familiar as she was with the actlrn
of drugs Miss Ingebrotson took the
drug that would cause the desired end
with the least pain Tho doso of poi
son was carefully gauged thnt there
should not be tho possibility of an
overdose nnd the end desired might I
not be defeated by her system throw I
Ing off the poison before its loclrod
result could be accomplished I
Miss Ingobretson took the case on I
which she was working one week ago
today Sho was sent to Dr A N I
MJenr who was treating Mr Blake
by Mrs N A Ernpoy 180 East South
Temple street Mrs Etnpoy has
chargo of the booking of graduate
nurses and supplies nurses to physi
cians In need of their services
Wroto Note to Mrs Ernpoy
Immediately prior to ending her
life Miss IngebrotHen wrote a note to
Irs Empey In tbls she said abo wus
tlrod of life
Tho note was a private ono said
Mrs Bmpey and I am not at liberty
to make its contents public Miss In
gobretson Intended the note for me
and for myself alone What It con
tained I shall not discuss
Mrs Empoy Bald that Miss Inge
bretecn was ft native of Norway and
had been in the United States for six
or seven years and had lived In Salt
Lake for tho last five years She had
no relatives In thin country
Miss Ingobretscn was n woman of
fine character said Mrs Empoy
She was a splendidly trained nurse
nnd was thoroughly qualified In every
way to handle tho most obstinate and
complicated cases Her services were
In constant demand and abo was
never out of employment
Was Not in Love
Miss Ingobretseu took her last
placo a week ago yesterday when
the special nurse who came hero with
the patient L R Blako was relieved
and returned to her homo
Mr Blake who Is a resident of Del
ta Colo suffered a fracture of the
vertebrae and received treatment In
New York City afterwards coming to
Salt Luke City
I saw Mis Ingobretscn yesterday
afternoon and visited with her nt
that time She waa apparently In
high spirits She was of mercurial
temperament and at times had
melancholy spells without apparent
cause Miss Ingobrotson had suffered
no disappointment was not in love
so far as I know aud I believe I
would know nnd had no causo for her
rash act
As quickly as it wall discovered
that Miss Ingobretsen had taken poi
son Drs W R Tyndalc J O Evans
and C C Snyder woro summoned lo
her assistance They worked for sev
eral hours but death resulted In spite
of their efforts Tho body was mk n
to the undertaking parlors of S M
Taylor where Ilwnc prepared for
burial Tho funeral will beheld on
Thursday probably at 10 o lock in
the morning according to Mrs Bin
poyMiss Ingebroleonn friends say tout
she was a woman of remarkably fine
character and uplondld personality
o 0
O 0
O ST PAUL Minn June 28 0
O The machinists employed on 0
O the Groat Northern and North 0
O ern Pacific railways after no 0
O gotlatlng for several weeks to 0
O day succeeded securing an In 0
O crease of pay of 2 cents an hour 0
O dating from June 15 There ate 0
O 1400 men Involved 0
rnrnOCanncanor rrlOn
f J f
In olisemmce of Independence Day both dh Hundreds of customers are arranging
stores will he cloned nil day Moudny Tt is c9 their work BO ns to shop early early In the
for Ins reason that we offer the following week and early In the day We do not advise
inducements for early shopping A GOO A TO TRADE this from a selfish motive The mornings are
really the busiest part of tho dRY
r of juiY Sale
2nd Floor
> 7 b LaW
wore 25c
I c and 35c
to finish
tho lot
s to clena
1 them out
loos quick
you nifty
have these nt 10 cents caoh If
bought before 12 oclock Sat
TWO days and a half these prices are
in effectOur stores are to b open
until seven oclock Saturday night but
owing to closing on Monday we anticipate a rush of
business Saturday afternoon To induce shoppers to
the store before noon Saturday we offer these remarkable prices
They are remarkable pricesread every one and remember they arc
in effect until noon Saturday
Boys Wash Suits
For less than the ma
terials would costto
say nothing of
the expense of
e making and
then they have
a more style than
tho homemade
garment and
nre rondo near
ly ns well
Jaunty little
twoplace suits
Y lIko tho cut
In the colored
snits the prices
11 range from 48c
to 200
175 Long 95 C Two ShOt Waists i r NECKWEAR DEPT j
Kimonos WOh aflS 0 ne These items are on sale until
for the Price of e noon Saturday
Long crepe kimonos
r f Pleated Dutch Collars
monos made of I
l W Dainty little collars
for hot weather
goo d crepe rJ B
a t 60cent
cloth the 11 values 2ge
r o for
nave yoke ef JIff1
> > Closing out a lino of
feet is formed of p r d JY jl1j I bat drapes values
rows of shirring ot which
the body of the garment I were up 39c
to 1 60 1
ment is a solid white z v i t ir1 1
l pink blue lavender ri e t + Istft J y t I < Taffeta Ribbons which
6 o b 4 r iJt were up to 50c ann
black r
navy or 1 yard
the sleeves arc trim u W Sale Gt fhn
med with contrast Price j < U > C
ing colors of print t
ed Persian bands c
a 7
To those who shop I r 1
before noon Satur ti e t I Elegant
day the price will be b 1 2
95c the regular The very cream of the stock waists to put on1ot Wash Suits
price is X175 mussed not soiled crisp from the boxes If you shop
before noon Saturday the price will be just half for any Until Saturday noon we
Stylish 7 3 98 of the following Lingerie or tailored styles offer the following wash
Dress Skirts CD 300 Waists 1118 200 Waists 98c 550 Waists S6 7 suits at just one half of
Xl r taken Sale Price 01 Salo Prlco Sale Price i tJ o
Weve ta en
100 Waists 6 fh 517G Waists the
2 On 600 Waists t c regular
11 50 skirts from Sale Price It a IJ Sale Price 2028 Sale Price o Pf A
I our best stock 450 Waists 6 2f 500 Waists 6 Sale Price price These
L Salo PrIce klo d1 Salo Prlco P 0 eo 700 WnlBts e5
all of this
skirts worth are
to7 Stylish yt seasons styles
Dress Skirts Materials r
and are ready
1 N Vt terials are pan The OxfordS ale to wear If
ii ama and navy alterations
II II It ici wool mixtures inn
II ll141T1m are needed
new patterns
This is intended we will make
to stimulate sell f them for One
i ing on the second J r tti 1 r t Dollar or less
floor before noon I r if the altera
II I Saturday The tion is small
sale begins tomorrow No alteration
III I Choose any oxford in the house at a cheaper I will exceed
morrow morning
i II g price These items are on sale until noon t r one dollar
and continues
y Saturday t 1
until the stroke I 1000
Ladles shoes gun Ladles Oxfords Ladles Oxfords Wash
of twelve Satur metal short vamp Tan Bhieher turn WalkOver black 1 Suits ff 5 O U
decidedly stylish or welt sole lace or patent
7 day noon 7 300 j 350 leather I 1200
off values values fi Sat 100 a Wash 60
265 2045 245
values at r1o at 4 o values Suits <
3 9 8
for 1P 1500
Ph Wash 7 50
Ice Suits
Cream c SALE OF j j
ream I t l 3100
A few Items for the Sale which ends at noon Saturday I l J Wash 1 0 50
Pure rich cream Skirts Cambric a deep lawn Corset Cover of white bar Suits
in wholesome flounce trimmed with tiny Cambric skirt with lawn flounce red material very dainty and 4r t 2500
homemade cones tucks and three rows of real tiny tuck and three rows of sheer trimmed with embroidery rr Wash 12 50
at the Candy linen torchon edge with a dust wide torchon lace Insertion edge and Insertion and bead r k Suits
Conntergcncr ruffle of lawn fl i 6ertlon1 Ing Ribbon drawn
Counterfill edg woO value S J 5 9 9c S100 value 3000
X ously filled for OJ value for 75c A Suits Wash 15 00
7 Chleld Dresses Ready to wear
Cheaper prices
For girls of any age from 6 to 14 years
Really cheaper than making them in fact
we doubt if the materials by the yard can
be bought as cheap We offer five styles
two of which arc while
lingeries and three eol
orsthe materials have
1 r been selected with a
t l > s view to withstanding
frequent washings they
4 must have and the sew
svt ° ° u ing is all so much
stronger than we usual
4 yr ly expect In garments
J 1 ready to wear For tliosu
r N who shop before noon
Saturday wo have ar
I ranged a lot In which
° values up to 3150 will bo
n ° found Ihe sale price will
1eScOml Floor
0 L t d2T
Cool Knit Underwear Cheaper Prices
Ladles Vests no ladles 50c suits low Misses Silk Lisle
sleeve low nock no sleeve lace or pants or vesta 23
10 42c C
neck C tight knee 35c values
Ladles 35c vests low Ladles 2plccc lulls MjesoH Snft low nock
neck no sleeve low neck vostpnnts 95c no sleeve bleached 52c
fancy trimmed 2Q C trimmed or light suitd cotton ago 9 to H C
Ladies Union Suits low Ladles fancy flue Boys suit 2pIocc
neck no sleeve vestn with pants to 00 knee length pants 35
2Q e
taco bottoms oC match3 pluccu 70o value
Sale of Kaysers Silk Gloves
Kayscrs long gloves 16 gnyavrs 1hutton length Knrllcrs Short Silks
hutton length200 I all sizes black nnrl 79c black whIte vnlucs49c
valuesnil sizes C White 150 value C brown 125 values C
white lace to close
Bronco Bustors for boy or 1 ndcs elo5aS5c
girls 121 out 2 pairs Exceptional valuestrong silk
Ladles fancy boot pattern Childrens S5o black Silk 25c invisiblelarge
contrasting top 4Sc Lisle sizenIt
Childrens ISe black ribbed shades C
Ladles n Toe lisle very flue 50c hose 111 Oc
Cut Prices Prices on Toilet Requisites
50c Egyptian face 43c Gpc Java Rico face 2 Cn Madam Yale face IQr1 Jap Rose Soap fou 250
powder DPwdor ti powder I bars for
SOc Sanllol face Castile
powder powder < 7 Soap reg 25c bar three bars 2
r i

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