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i1 i1rtttng tatthark
Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
Whatever effect the ordered freight rate reductions may have
rion the wholosalo interests of Ogden there isJitt1e doubt Mjur that1
U goodwill resuft loathe manufMlunng trtrls oMw nd other1
cities of the intermountain country Since the first rate card was
dVitICthe completion of the first transcontinental railroad
the interior points have discriminated against to the advantage
rtl Twrge manufacturing centers such as San Francisco on the
With a just application of freight rates Ogden might become a
larger manufacturing place In the past local manufactories have
been forced to struggle against freight rates which made it quite
impossible to compete with the outside Raw materials imported
from the East were given almost prohibitive rates and the finishedi
products have been held within a closely circumscribed market The I
promise is that this extreme discrimination has been eliminated and
that from now ondating October ithe industries of Ogden and
other cities similarly situated will be allowed to develop without
the inflicting of arbitrary and unjustifiable restraints in the form
T of unfair freight rates
The Ogden Baseball assocation has leased the Fair Grounds foI
the Fourth of July and has turned over the morning of the Fourth of
July to the Fourth of July committee to pull off a morning program
for tho children
The Fourth of July committee has arranged for daylight fire
works during the morning of the Fourth and summer refreshments
to be on the grounds with the inside of the race track to be used T
the shooting of firecrackers by young America A large merrygo
round has been installed for the children
In the afternoon promptly at 130 the Baseball association
has arranged to give the returns of the JeffriesJohnson boxing con
test which occura at Reno Nevada
At 330 oclock the baseball game between Salt Lake and Ogden
will be played In the evening at 9 oclock three hundred and
thirtyfour pieces of fireworks will be discharged It is said that
four pieces a minute will bo discharged by the fire expert This
geems impossible but if it takes longer the public will make no com
It will be seen that a program has been made for the entire day
We are pleased to know that the baseball club and the Fourth of
July committee have made special arrangements to provide against
exorbitant charges for refreshments If there is any one thing thai
angers a person when he takes his family out for a little recreation
and calls for a soda for the family it is to find he has to pay double
Within the next few days the skilled workmen of the Minne
apolis Steel Machinery company will commence the construction of
a modern grain elevator on Wall avenue between Twentysecond and
Twentythird streets for the 0 A Smurthwaite Grain Elevator
company There will be erected four steel tanks 17 feet in diam
eter and 40 feet high of a combined capacity of 40000 bushels of
grain with a storage capacity of 20000 bushels more planned
When completed this elevator will greatly facilitate the handling
of grain from and to the cars on the adjacent sidetracks And we
understand this equipment is but the beginning of a transformation
in the grain business which may ultimately bring to this city mam
moth flour mills
There is said to be ample capital back of this enterprise assur
ing the success of any campaign for better conditions which the
l promoters may undertake in the grain and flour business
t r The Ogden elevator is only one of a chain of elevators extending
from the northern part of Cache and Malad counties through the
heart of the graingrowing valleys of Utah Elevators are to be
erected at three other points in northern Utah and all of them will
be made tributary to Ogden as a general distributive point
In addition grain warehouses are to be built in many of the
small farming districts of southern Idaho and northern Utah
Having railroad privileges such as Denver enjoys Ogden with
these elevators and a modern flouring mill of great capacity could
be made the most important grain and flour market in this region
The head of one of the largest wholesale houses in Ogden says
collections are better than last y ear notwithstanding the rumors of
a stringency in financial circles The wholesaler has grown optimis
tic He says the ability of the smaller merchants to meet their obli
gations proves that the people generally are in a more prosperous
condition than ever and capable of paying their bills
Tho farmers are well supplied with money and the great ma
Jority are in a position to withstand
a period of depression were
such to come by virtue of any unforeseen national disarrangement
of our monetary affairs
A few years ago whenever the banks commenced a retrench
ment policy the country immediately felt a money stringency but i
as we have seen in the business experience of our local wholesaler I
today money continues to circulate freely regardless of the action
of the banks and this can be accounted for only by recognizing the
fact that there has come about a great change for the better in the
condition of the people generally and the farmers in particular in
the last ten years
The great middle class is out of debt and has millions on credit
in the banks which can be drawn on in case of emergency and this
surplus will prove a sustaining and even an uplifting force in the
event of a financial crisis coming down from that upper stratum which
t the financial magnates sometimes imagine to be the whole world of
f commercial importance
CHICAGO Ill Juno 29 Western
J and i CnIcaB Investors In railroad
fitocke as well aa those In tho east
are finally to be given a chanco to
purchase part of the recently author
ized 15000000 IBSUO of G per cent
w Controvertible Canadian debenture stock of the
Northern railroad Mackon
ilu Mann
the railroad and financial
genius of Canada are to apply to
I 12 Jhe New York Stock Exchange to
I havo
c navn the Stocl of tho Canadian North
prn listed
r4 there The stock hM just
k twen listed on tho
Toronto exchange
I fJJ und hh action is looked
tho upon ae be
i Q
ty Jng quite
significant ulnco it is tho
ilr3i time tho roads
securities havo
vcr bccrn c
cu a i Jt ochauge
l9 1
J 8Ia J
on this continent Most of the Block
of the road Is held by Mackenzie
Mann who have held onto it because
of their firm faith In Its future vain
as a dividend proposition If the be
curltles are listed In New York the
will also bo listed In Chicago
Tho Htock Hint has boon listed in
Toronto is onethird of a total Issue
of 16000000 of C per cent Income
charge controvertible debenture stock
most of which has been taken up b
London houses Tho 5000000 issue
In Canada has been underwritten by
Toronto houses
It Is to Boll this issue particularly
that the application will bo made to
American stock exchanges The stock
la redeemable at par during thref
years Beginning January 1910 It II
convertible at the holders option
into the common stock of equal par
value of the Canadian Northern Tho
interest Is payable semiannually ant
Is a charge upon the assets of th
railroad except fond and nuuuwr sub
A VJWjM j 1 4i
sidles from tho Canadian government
f and the provincial governments com 1
Ing next after the operating expenses
and fixed charges arc met
Thin railroad buIlt with sheer
nerve and a few thousand dollars ot
original capital Is showing great
gains in earnings Every year of Its
short history It has earned surpluses
over traffic earnings and tho accumu
ated surplus on June 30 1900 ex
clusive of land surplus amounted to
394 8517
The 1tlJhthl rSttxrns rOf uio earn
1w1 fdt1aitth t the curtCrit
I isc1I ei thv gi s 1 anilllgs QG
10367700 and expenses of 7i403200
The netearningsamonntln Lo2
965500 exceed thane for tho same
period last year by 685600
After a few days sojourn In No
ada on mining business Judge Mur
phy was on the bench In the muni
cipal court this morning The Judge
looks as though ho had been In tho
sun while away as his face is tan
nod to a ruddy color
Ed Kelley was arraigned on tim
chargo of vagrancy and the witnesses
for tho city not being on hand the
trial of the case was sot for tomor
row morning In the meantime Kel
ley will be under a bond of 10
George Glldenbreck also pleaded not
guilty to vagrancy saying that he id
a man of family and a hard work
er This case also was set for hear
log tomorrow morning The bouil
was fixed at 10
Harry Thompson told the court he
would have to plead guilty to the
charge of being unlawfully drunk
he offense being alleged to have been
committed yesterday The court or
dered Thompson to pay a fine of 5
or serve five days in the city jail
A D Cooper was drunk June 26th
and lie was arrested on that day he
furnishing bull in tho sum of 6 for
his appearance In court When tho
case was called this morning Cooper
was not present and his ball was de
ilaied forfeited
Flora Wilson a colored woman was
charged with vagrancy June 25th at
which time she deposited 20 with the
desk sergeant for her appearance in
court The case was called this
morning but the woman was not on
hand to answer Her ball was for
Fannie Winter pleaded not guilty
to the charge of vagrancy yesterday
and her case was set for hearing this
morning When Fannie appeared in
court this morning however she ex
hibited a change of heart and said
he would like to change her plea of
not guilty to that of guilty This
vas permitted and the court told her
hat If she would promise to get out
of the city she would be released
from Jail Fnnnie said she would
tart out of tho city the moment she
was given the opportunity and that
she would be very glad to go Tho
judge sentenced her to serve 99 day
In the city Jail or leave town She
was given a floater
Thomas Mellows a Greek was ar
ralgned for disturbing the peace but
as the man could not understand Eag
Ish the taking of the ploa was post
poned until such time as an inter
preter who can explain the nature of
the offense to the man can bo called
In Mellows did not have much I
trouble In understanding a conversa
tion In English until the complaint
charging him with disturbing the
peace was read Ho then turned
lank and could not savcyv
Worse Still
At the last election two laboring
men were discussing politics and
fourale > lu the public bar of the Red
Lion Jones was a trueblue Tory
while Smith was a Radical of the
deepest dye The argument was
Ah well remarked Jones al
l yor cant get away from
the fact that Mr Robinsons a put ficic
gentleman A reel tort e Is Only
tho other day o sent me a rabbit for I
my dinner
Oh e did did e snapped Smith
I Well thats wot we calls bribery
Jones began to get alarmed
Well tho rabbit was a trifle Igh
he replied depreciating
Wuss still thundered Smith
wiles stilI Thats bribery and cor
ruption TitBits
Love Letters
lie wrote a letter every day
He called her Darling Precious
The lady filed tho mall away
Her gentle breast was filled with
Ho wrote that if her love should
4 The sun and moon and stars would i
She tied them up and held her peavo
And kept them Indexed one and all
Now she Is asking him to pay
Shes brought his letters all to
The moral Is as plain as day
Love 1C ou will but do not write
Chicago RecordHerald
A Coming Statesman
Teacher Bobby you were not ut
school yesterday
Bobby Nope I was paired with
Skinny Joueb Chicago Tribune
Special prices in lots Send in
your orders
352 24th Si
ig A t 1J l tk AVA1
rcJoclE i
Miss Klttio Fitzgerald was hostess
at a delightful dancing part at the
Hermitage on Monday evening given
In honor of Miss Grace Sullivanvof
nltLpkp Thl ffiJlr wa onepftlio
Ilrem lUje ftvopts given by tlICr
1 igttf t o ti set al Og P1 aq li sJI
t thoipughlycnjoy by the JIty JPISSiid
jiresent A fine dancing program was
given followed by the serving Lrc
freshmonta 1anllAho pleasant return I
trip down the canyon
Tho beautiful home of Mr and Mrs
A G Fell was richly and tastily dec
orated last evening for the marriage
of their daughter Miss Goldic Fell tel
Mr Edward E Nlohaus of Berkeley
California The hall and parlor were I
festooned with white roses lilies car I
nations and ferns The library was I
decorated with pink roses carnations
and ferns and the dining room was I
arranged In red and green roses and
carnations being used lavlshlv and I
In the center of Uie table a large bou
quet of red American beauty roses
was prettily arranged with stream
ers of broad red ribbon upon a largo
cluny laco ccntorplece
At seven oclock the bridal party
entered to the strains of tho march
from Lohengrin played by Misses
Loretta Malone pianist and Miss
Genevlove Malone violinist The bride
owned In a beautiful morlc chif
fon cloth creation trimmed with
prlnceBB and duchess lace was at
tended by her sister Miss E Wini
fred Fell who wore a dress of French
white embroidery The bride car
ried a largo shower bouquet of white
roses and lilies of tho valley and
wore a wreath of lilies of the val
ley Tho groom In evening dross
was attended by Mr Arthur G Fell
brother of the bride The bride was
given In marriage by her father aCt
or which tho ring ceremony was spok
en bj Rev John Edward Carver
During the ceremony the Misses Ma
lone played softly tho Flower Song
by Lange
After the congratulations were re
ceived a dainty wedding supper was
Mr and Mrs NIehaus departed last
evening for a tour which will extend
to the eastern coast cities and will
bo at homo at 21 Plaza Drive Bcr
fceloy California after August 15
Among tho outoftown guests wore
Mrs Nlchaus and Mrs Lilley of
Berkeley The wedding Is the happy
culmination of a pretty romance
which commenced on an Alaskan trip
three years ago
The young couple were tho recipi I
ents of many beautiful and expensive
remembrances About fifty guests
were present
Miss Lucy Io entertained a par f
ty of young people last evening at I
her home Thirtysecond and Wall
avenue an enjoyable feature of the
evening being the candy pull which
was productive of the usual merrY
laughter and amusing incidents I An
orchestra composed of the Misses
Hattie Niles Susie SSmlster Hortonse
Slmlstcr and Arthur Bushnell and
vocal numbers by Miss Eva Rose and
Robert Paine furnished much appro
elated music and games and social
recreation rounded out the evenings
pleasure Those present wero
Misses Susie and Hortenso Simlstor
Hattlo Niles Eva Rose Alico Fran
cis Lucy Moyep Viola GledhlH A
McGregor Messrs D MInnoch Har
rison Niles WIlliam JIampton Ar
thur Bushnell Robert Paine
Miss Loretta Whalcn entertained a
party of twenty young ladles on
Thursday evening for Miss Grace
Sullivan A trolley ride to Ogden
canyon was enjoyed In the early oven
Ing after which the party returned
to the home of Miss Whulen where
music vocal and instrumental the
serving of refreshments and a pleas
ant social hour rounded out the pleas
ant evening
Dr and Mrs Edward Rich will en
tertain at a dinner part at Lewis
camp in Ogden canyon this evening
I The affair will be given In honor of
the d octors friends In tho medical
Mr Franklin Beck and Miss Emily
A Rice were Quietly married at the
homo of Rev Carver S46 Twenty
fifth street yesterday afternoon The
young people have many friends who
wish them much happiness
Dr Wentworth F Stewart who was
scheduled to deliver his lecture
Hitched to a Star at the Baptist
church this morning Is delayed by a
late train and the lecture Is again
postponed to be held at the church to
morrow evening at S oclock sharp
Miss Grace Sullivan who has b en
the guest of Miss Kittle Fitzgerald
during the past week returned yes
terday to her home in Salt Lake
At the stato bankers convention
held In Ogden a few days ago Lewis
S Hills president of tho organiza
tion In his absence was voted a
beautiful gavel as a token of esteem
and In appreciation of tho efforts he
had put forth In the interests tho
association In response 10 the pres
entation Mr Hills has written the
following letter to A R Ileywood
president of the Ogden Clearing
House association
Dear Mr Hoywood On my re
turn from San Francisco f find that
tho Ogden Clearing House assoqla
tlon has sent me a beautiful gavel
which as my daughter stated as she
handed it to me I haidly deserved
on account of my not being able to
attond the convention In Ogden x
1 Will you kindly thank the mom
bers of the Ogden Clearing Ilouseas
eoclniloii for the valuublo pronent
which I appreciate more than I havo
words to express
r shall leave It to my children as
a most treasured memento of my con
nection with the orgnnlratlon of the
Stale Bankers association of Utah
With kind personal regards fnm
Very truly yours Signed Lewis S
Hills J I
Dated Salt Lake June 20
t tIJV 4u4A1t
fnl 17
J t chi eW 1pn Qs 1i H D piT tJd f th 1 h Oi Y Vfl
tor 1Ho1dups IN OW ° ti j
II J II w Aggregate2750BugS1 Ihn tJ
J 1 < 1Vf iMystery Not Yet OleardTp 110 e
r 1111 IJ CiiMystery pIJ jTr l i 1
Ci I I Jr
I tJis
< t j
I < 1
I biI ml 4 r
1k J
1 4lh
I Judging by appearances at the
police station and what can bo
learned from those still on the hod
up case the Plnkcrtons and railroad
officers are the main ones on the
case at present All the details of
the case and all the help that could
possibly be given to these mon was
given by tho local force and while
the local men are lceping their eyes
open for any possible clue hero In
town It seems as If the case has
passed out of local control and Into
the hands of detocllvos employed by
the ralhond
After sifting all > Lo > clues and all
the Information at band the police
and detectives have como to the defi
nite conclusion that there was only
two men connected with the robbery
It was learned this morning that
several detectives Ml for the west
Just how far west they are going
could not be learned but It Is
thought they are headed for Reno
Important developments are looked
for upon their arrival in the fight
It la now believed by the officer1
working on tho case that tho men wh
hold up the Oregon Short Line trnl
last Monday morning are the sain
ones who held up the China oxpres
in the Sacramento valley about tw
months ago
The tactics employed In both rob
ouiii A
Children Will Have the Grounds
ment Daylight Fireworks
Prize Fight Returns Even
The baseball fans will be happy dur
ing this coming week The two lead
Ing league teams in the state of Utah
will play three of their championship
games at Ogden on July 2nd 3rd and
Jth The old enemy of Ogden base
ball fane tho Salt Lake league team
will be seen at the Fair grounds Sat
urday and Sunday at 3 p m and
Monday on July 4th at 330 p m
The hour of placing on tho last day
has been postponed thirty minutes on
account of the baseball association of
Ogden giving the JeffriesJohnson
fight returns In front of the grand
stand The baseball management has
made arrangements to give the fight
returns at least one hour earlier than
any other person will give the same
In Ogden and as neither tho Western
Union nor the Postal Telegraph com
pany will have a wire at the ring at
Reno It Is doubtful If anyone can fur
nish the returns of the fight In the
city of Ogden earlier than C oclock
at night and give the returns ac
curately For some reason the two
b tclegrajh companies have de
clined to furnish bulletins on the big
fight Being a holiday the newspa
pers wljl celebrate thc day and hence
tho sports will have to go to the Fair
grounds to get the returns direct from
the prize ring
The baseball management say thor
will charge CO cents general admis
Ion fee until 3 oclock and from 3
oclock on the usual baseball prices
will prevail namely 25 cents ad
mission so that those who want to
hear fight returns and see the base
ball game also will pay 50 cents ad
mission at the gates white those who
want to see tho baseball game only
can come after 3 oclock and the
general admission fee will be only 25
The baseball club has leased the
Fair grounds for the Fourth of July
and will endeavor to satisfy all class
es The people generally are Invited
to come The morning has been set
aside for the Children and daylight
fhoworks will bo given the first ever
soOn In Ogden Tho big center field
almost one half mllo square will be
sot aside for those children who want
to shoot firecrackers
During the morning tho grandstand
will be free and will be the coolest
spot in Ogden At 1130 a m how
ever childrens day will close and
the Fair grounds will be cleared for
the afternoon sports A large merry
goround will he installed and will
bo open to the public for the first
lime The big machine was tested
last evening and found to be In per
fect order
In the evening at 0 oclock sharp
the big night fireworks program will
take place Three hundred and thirty
four pieces of select fireworks will be
discharged The export in charge of
tho fireworks says he can shoot off
four pieces every minute and there
will bo a solId hour of fireworks It
Is promised that the fireworks will
not begin until 9 oclock sharp and
will last until 10 oclock The admis
sion fee for children under 12 years
will be only 5 cents and for adults
only 10 cents
Nearly 2000 Knights of Columbus
from Park City Eureka Ogden and
Salt Lake City with their wives and
families enjoyed their annual outing
at Lagoon yesterday afternoon and
evening The feature of the day was
the ball game between Salt Lake and
O dou for possession of the Doyle tro
phy Salt Lako will hare the pos
session of the cup for the coming
year winning by a score of S to 7 In
a stubbornly fought game According
to the terms of the offer of the tro
phy tho team must win three success
berles were identically the same
The officers have furthered their con
victions by questioning n woman of
the underworld with whom the men
had associated whllo In Ogden
Governor William Spry issued i
proclamation jostcrday offering a re
ward of 250 eaoh for the arrest and
conviction of the three men who held
up and robbed the Oregon Short Line
passenger train north of Ogden last
Monday morning
The American Express company
yesterday Issued the following jiotice
of reward
liTho American Express company
will pay the sum of 500 as a reward
for the apprehension arrest and con
viction of the three train robbers who
held up Oregon Short Line train sec
ond section No1 at 135 a m Juno
27 1010 near Five Points Utah a
station approximately three miles
north of Ogden Utah on which oc
casion they robbed tho passengers of
money nnd jewelry and relieved the
I Joint baggageman and express mes
senger of his revolver and watch or
will pay the proportionate amount of
tho reward of 500 for tho apprehen
Ion arrest and conviction of ono or
norc of tIme robbers
Salt Lake City Utah June 29
1910 I
T iii
in the Morning For Their Amuse
fternoon Baseball Game and
ling Fireworks Great Day
lye games to gain a complete title to
the cup Ogden bad won two games
In succosslon and had the game yes
terday won up to the eighth inning
whon the Salt Lake team rallied and
won the game
In addition to the luncheons be
neath the trees and the various at
tractions of the resort there were
sports for those so inclined In tho
evening a prize waltz and a prize
twostep wero arranged for which tho
winners were each awarded an ama
trice gem In both of the contests
Tho prize waltz was won by D J
Galllvan and Miss May ICane of Salt
Lake and the twostep contest was
won br M J McLaughlin of Ogden
nnd Mrs C J Kellscher of Poca
In the field events tho results were
as follows lloys > 50ynrd dash won
by George Tall of Salt Lako prize
5 savings account Girls 50jard
dash Beatrice Tippets of Farmlngton
price 5 savings account Boys
threelegged race Otto Llndeke Farm
Ingtori nod Will Rllluy Salt Lake
1 two pair moccablns Girls egg race
Rose Spid6l Ogden amatrlce gem
Boys sack race Bart Dean OgJen
I fountain pen Boys broad jump An
thony Becker Ogden baseball and
bat Boys backward race Charles
Hunt Salt Lake penknife Ladles
flftyyaid dash Beatrice Tipplts Far
mington picture Gills rope jump
lng Marian Nollson Salt Lake postal
card case Boys potato race Dart
Dean Ogden ono years subscription
to magazine Bojfc hop skip and
Jump Bart Doan Ogden leather belt
Mens fifty yard dash D Moran Og
den silverheaded cane Mens run
ning bronrt Jump D Moran Ogden
box of cigars
fldns w Sectio1 I
My On the Balcony where you will find it easier and cheaper
F l to buy ihan make thb garn lents IXOpiall Pudaring pie 1
A owirm wfifttbor ll0 > f a oM sr 1 > vi 5flQ q ln 1
J j c I H rJ f iliE
Ml I l vt g
IJ = = < I 4 1 It
1 I 1 oJ I
k I l Infants Dsses1O lgT r 1 s Bootees artd Nightin I tt
Pr i I 35cj 50c 65c and 360 I galeV J Jackets Vest A
I Short Dresses go 76c Bands Hosiery and Head
90c up to 260 wear
J t
1 Will be busy days in the Suit Department We offer the en tt
i tire line of linen suits at reduced prices Its n good selec i 4
I 1 tion from which to choose your suit for the Fourth If you
will walk into the department the ground floorwe
1fr1 will positively save you money on your suit anywhere from
I ir 4 95 to 1050 A chance to show you is all we ask If you i
V 4 dont or wont look there is nothing to it The forenoon
I N 4 is really the best time I f
II P tf
II A Bfig Line of Dresses at 495
and here are others here for you
l I I
50cand60c ff Cl Zf oJ Dandy t
Womens cT J Dresden
Drawers Y Ribbons
at 39 M TIltiRI at 19 f
v i
I l Jl ff i1JI
c w m ti5i fl
Springfield Ohio June 30 Rep
resentative Leo ONeill Browne and
Robert E Wilson Indicted by tho
Sangamon county grand Jury for con
spiracy to bribe In the legislative
Jack pot Investigation appeared In
court this morning and furnished
bond in tho sum of 10000 each Wil
liam RIdgoley president of the Rldgo
hey National Dank of Springfield and
Frank Weldlecher a business man of
this city were the sureties
Browne and Wilson were accom
panied by their attorneys former
State Senator Thomas D Wilson of
Chicago and former Judge Thomas N
Forns of this city
They had a conference with Stato
Secretary Burke after giving bond
The atatos attorney assured them ho
would not have the trial of the case
In this county Interfere with their
casos In Chicago
TFe Common Typo
I I suppose said the fair Rummer
I girl to the Itinerant photographer
f who was plying his trade at the sea
I Bide resort you arc a good Judge of
I human nature
I Well lie replied cautiously II
I haO many opportunities for observ
I ing itWould
Would you mind telling mo she
continued what you consider the
most common type of women
The tlntvpo maam he answered
unhesitatingly Four for a quarter
Chicago News
Time to Jump I
Look hero It demanded tho Irate
purchaser What did you mean by I
bunkoing me Into buying this horse I
Whats the trouble with him sir
I asked the dealer quietly j
Wh he runs every time he gets I
I ftvl miz f31 OiBBl U Cornnnafir r
u I u 14o Yjt rflicbtrgiilnBtnmsttiii
Oiuuui IsrlUlloat or qloentiou
tt i ttrtattrc vt BindOQf KitmbrsL >
tomb r Uft PI1ISLI sad not urns
I IraEEYUSCUWCtlCl gi or Kliinoof
I k CtKailUTl0 BST UoId by DmtnrliU
II 0 > 9i vwl Jn iHtln wr j > T
I u1iQab1CI15 b czfriff ror
Cte1x cam on ngs
L6diel JkiouiJr Pio
4 Cbcbterli D2J lira k
Illli la Ilcol lad UJu Rmil
boi tetliJ with moo Rltt a
Tak other Dr ol onr J
IILUi cc 231 r
Qe nkgOWAu lUtl9llalAlOO2W rtub
t51l4Ad in4 thcuM k
F h N ilt about tio wcndeitol
I iMABVELWhlrllngSpray J
k tr Tfco nrtr Vocl I Hjrlmcr Jt
JD t t it ctt com t n
Icat Il clcuucs
Ait year drncrrtrtforlt I
I If toe oinnot eaprir the
1AJtf a ceT > L no
I cOjtr bat fnd lump far q i
I lUtulrtM txvot KaUrt Tl RiTM f 11
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I near an automobile You said he hrJ
i almost human InteJllgcnce sir
I HmIi he runs every time ho
I gets near an automobllo I am sure oi
it slrCltlcago News
I Now Hell Be Good
I Mr Stubb In pctTho trouble
I with you Maria is that you dont I
I appreciate a good husband When you
I thought about entering matrimony you
should have selected the biggest
blockhead In the country
Mrs Stubb sweetlY tried aw
fully hard Johu Exchange
What Is love
Love he answered is a brand
of Insanity that makes a man call j I
200 pound woman his little tootsy
wootsy Exchange
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ir a
I 10 ti I f 1
J CJ i r I r
t1 o Th Y i
r4 9 Here a Boost
y c
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rI gen eer
w =
A Salt ralw business man writing from that city
jJ to the Becker Brewing Malting Co makes tho I
following inquiry > J
Will you please tell mo where in Salt I
A 1 I Bakers Beer I have
can buy s rhave been look t
o ing for it iu a number of places without j
f c There is a peculiar wholosomcncss in t I
the taste of Bed ors that I have nol found I
r in any other bcelI prefer it to any of
the eastern makes J I
iy I
4 Compliments of this kind are not rare nearly I
every day some one tells how good the beer is wo
arc making And should be goodwe have added
> every factor for the producing good beer that time
s on id olTcrs wo could not buy better materials at c
ti4f nn price than thosu we l1Rcin the world there is
I not better water than that which we get from the
Utah mountains
ITS IIEPF Be convinced order a case today 4
b I

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