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t o 1
f j
Continued from pogo FIve
It you entcal at Livingstons
1 Cafeteria
One faro for round trip to any point
on the O S L Tickets on sale July
2nd 3rd and Hh good returning July
Traino to Reno From Saturday
rl morning unUl Sunday noon thoro will
IKJ no losa than fifteen special tralnn
pass through Ogdun en route to Reno
To this number Khould bw added the
number of special and private car
parties which will bo added to the
regular trains whlch willbe run In
two or three sections I
One fare for round trip to any point
oh the 0 S L Tickets on sale July
2nd 3rd and 4th good returning July
Cth I
Talco a rldo on the MerryGoRound
neXt Stturday afternoon and Monday I
July 4th all day
July 2nd and 14th Cal City Offlco I
2514 Washington Avo for particu
Isaac Rand all of Idaho Falls Idaho
and FraVzis Smyth of Boise Idaho
also William S Shelton and Ethel M
Rogers of Salt Lake 4have received
licenses to Mary i
H P Flour sack 13 < L Smith j
I Grocery I j
Foot Is Injured Charles Holmes
an employe of the Southern Pacific
company at Lakeside was brought to
t the Ogden general hospital this morn j
lag suffering of a broken loft foot I
which ho received by ties rolling on
It Holmes was flitting on a car on
which woro a number of lies and
when the engine backed up to the car
which WItS attached to a number of
other the Us were Jarred loose and
rolled upon his foot
COAL Call up Parker Co for
rites on lump nut and alack Parker
Coal Co
Kodak finishing Tripp 340 25th
Sarah E Blnford has commenced
suit In the Second district court
against David Eccloa to quiet title to
certain real estate In this city
For SaleOle mate Good to put
undor carpets Inquire Standard office
No Intoxicating liquor allowed at
the Fair Grounds on July 4lh next
Monday Bring the children early
I between 8 and 3 a m and see the
Lowest prices at removal sole Staf
ford Millinery Co 3rd floor Wrights
It Is worth while to call IS and get
our rateH on storage coal Shurtllff
Co phones 18
Special Tr llnA fight special will
leave Ogden at 230 Sunday after
noon carrying the Ogden contingent
It will be made up of six Pullmans
two dlnora and a baggage car and will
be one of the finest trains to Reno
We watch out for your Interesta In
producing B G Butter
Take your children to the Fair
Grounds next Monday morning July
Fourth and have a good time
A marriage license has been Issued
to Anthony F Carver of San Francis
II co and LillIe B Thompson of New
Black raspberries Smith Grocer
You can spent tho Fourth of July
nt the Fair Grounds for less money
14 than at any other place
Day light fireworks at Fair Grounds
noxt Monday morning July 4th Ad I
11 mission 10 cents for children I
Jefrl Johnson prIze fight returns
will be given at 130 oclock Monday
I afternoon at the Fair Grounds Get I
reserved seats at Homenwny I
Mosor Cigar ntoru Eccles
I building I
New Homes A A Kerr Is build
ing a residence on Monroe avenue
J betweon Twentythird and Twenty
fourth streets that will cost about I
t 1600 Thomas Lee has begun tho I
erection of a dwelling house on Thlr i
tieth street between Wall and Lin
coln avenues Tho cost will bo 51000
Buy your anthracite coal during
July 1050 delivered Phones 149
Eobl B howls
Tho grand stand Ic freo on the
morning of July 1th Everybody come
and see tho daylight fireworks
Dr Samuel L Brick has moved his
office to rooms 32 and 33 Lewis build
ing J I
Funeral for Mrs Bryan Tho func >
ral for Mrs Susan Bryan who died
at the Union depot of heart failure i
will be held at the HuatonKlrkcndall
funeral chapol tomorrow morning at
I 10 oclock tho Rev W W Fleotwood
conducting the service Burial will
be In tho city cemetery
I If i
r M ERCHAN I c I 1 I II I lr II I i
i T1L I
Consensus of Opinion is That Reductions Ordered by Interstate
I Commerce Commission Will Help the Intermountain
CountryPeople Will Receive the Benefits
I A representative of tho Standard
I called on tho different merchants and
business men of Ogden this morning
and secured Interviews with refer
ence to the reductions In the freight
rates made by tho Interstate Com
merce commission and found all of
the Interviewed of an optimistic
frame o mind on account of the re I
ductions They agree thntlt will I
bring many thousands more Into tho
Intermountain country each your and
the public will derive Innumerable
benefits therefrom
Will Wright of Wrights stated that
while their discounts offset their
freight charges to a certain extent It
would help them more around the
holiday season than at any other
time but notwithstanding this fact
It would moan a decided reduction In
tho annual expenses and would bo
taken Into consideration when they
marked their goods and the public
would derive tho benefit of thc reduc
Messrs Douglas and Plngree of the
Boyle Furniture company and Ogdbn
Furniture company respectively
spoke on the same lines each saying
that tho reductions meant a Raving
to tho people of this community and
tho surrounding country and wher
ever their territory extends Neither
attempted to say whether their ter
ritory would bo extended on account
of the reductions hut both said It
was a great move and will help every
No Further Concessions to bo Made and Beginning July 5 Milk
Dealers Found Disregarding the New Ordinance
Will Be Liable to Arrest
Since the new milk ordinance be
came a law last April various milk
men have asked for tlmo to get their
establishments In uhnpc so they could
put In proper steam apparatus to
clean their milk utensils and the
mayor has granted extensions several
times until the last extension to
June 25th and still the dairymen are
not ready
The mayor says he was led to be
lieve that the milkmen could not got
their proper machinery but the Brew
er Dairy Supply people advises tho
mayor that they have been prepared
Joseph Qulnney Jr manager for
the Amalgamated Sugar company at
Logan spent a part of the day In Og
den conferring with officers of the su
gar company here A trip was made
to the factory and some of tho beet
Holds were given consideration
Mr QuInney says that the crops of
Cache Valley this year are going to
bo short and that were It not for tho
fact that the sugar beet crop is pros
pectively good there would be reason
for pessimistic views regarding the
Tho alfalfa weevil ho says has not
rot mode Its appearance In Cache Val
ley and every effort IB being put forth
to check Its march southward from
Idaho A few alfalfa patches have
been entered by the bug but Its dep
redations are not yet or sufficient
gravity to cause alarm
Tho fight against the Insect Is on
in earnest In Idaho Whole fields of
alfalfa arc being burned to the ground
to get rid of the weevil and the state
authorities have taken the matter up
to the extent that the burning of wee
vlMnfefited fields In made mandatory
Tho crops are parched and wither
ing In many sections and the weevil
scorns to thrive best under those con I
Secretary Emil Rolapp and Manager
L R Eccles of the sugar company
here stato that while tho tonnage of
sugar beets this year will not be BO
great as last year the crop will bo I
man woman and child directly or In
When F J Kleocl was seen with
reference to the reduction ho did not
feel at liberty to say much about It
but thought It a very liberal cut and
one that would affect the consumer to
n great extent although It would not
bo felt for six months or more Fur
ther than this he did not wlhh to bo
James W Abbott of tho George A
Lowe company was attending court
and could not be seen as to what ho
thought of tho action of tho Interstate
commerce commission
J R Cooper speaking for tho
George A Lowe company stated that
Ogden and In fact all this Intcrmoun
taln country would enjoy the same
rates as those on tho COi tlmd that
they could now compote with the
hardware houses of the coast as far
west aa Reno and those of the north
west as far north an Boise Idaho
which would widen their territory
fully one hundred miles and will natu
rally mean a greater volume of busi
ness for them
Mr Cooper further said that It i
would effect the rates on hardware to
the extent of about 35 per cent It
moans greater prosperity throughout
this entire Intermountain country and
as the merchant charges tho public
the freight by adding It to the goods
this will be taken oft and the con
sumer will onoy the advantage of the
cut I
for a long time to furnish a la
required in the way of cleaning ma
chinery well as bottles etc
The mayor nays ho really had no
right to make these extensions as to i
when tho law should take effect but
that the city council advised him to
give tho dairymen a chance to get In
shape The mayor has decided how
ever that ho will Instruct the food
Inspector to arrest all milkmen on
July 5th who do not comply with
the law and that there will be no
change or extensions from thlts rule
so far as ho IB concerned
reasonably fair and that the results I
In the sugar productions will not fall
far short of previous years They
say though that the sugar beet crop I
Is faring much better than other crops
In Weber county this year tho drouth I
not affecting It as much as other farm
products I
The cause for tho short tonnage In J
beets Is due to the fact that a good
man of the farmers neglected to
plant the seed at the proper time and
the season coming on earlier than
usual there also being a scarcity of
rain fall stopped the early growth
and It has required an excessive
quantity of water to bring the crop
even to an approximate productive
ness of that of last jcar
The weevil has not yet attacked
tho alfalfa of Weber county but It
is coining toward the county from the
north and the south Thc pest Is be I
ing encountered In large numbers in
Sult Lake and Utah counties and It la
stated that the south end of Davis
county Is now being Infested
Weber county Is exceptionally free
from alarming situations regarding
drouth and vegetable devouring bugs
so far and It Is expected that the
farmers will see to It that there be I
no invasion of peRtH Tho dry wcath j
or cannot be chocked but those con
vcreant with such matters say it
will not bo difficult to check the march
of tho weevil and other destructive
Insects that prey upon the farms If
tho fight ID begun at an early period
O M Butler of the silviculture de
partment of thl district has been
given a position in tho silviculture
department at MIssoula Montana
which Is In district No 1 Ho lrtr
with his family this mornlncrfor WK
now field of labor Mr Bulled IcAveff
i Ogdeu with reluctancy but thepi I
1 Uou offered him In tho Montana of
I Ilces Is a promotion him nnd bo
says he has to look out for himself InI
I tho matter Ho has been In the Og
don office since the opening of the
forest service offices hers and has
proven himself an officiant officer
Forester Sherman suys that the oc
casional changes made are not for the
purpose of reducing the force of his
office but because the men he hag
hero are well prepared to handle de
partments and are consequently
I called to other fields of labor when
they are needed most Tho object of
i Mr Sherman Is to keep as many era
1 ploycs In the Ogden office as arc need
ed to do the worlc but he docs not
hesitate to permit tho head of the ser
vice to call help from his office when
It la required In other localities
ELItS Will tlAVE
The committee on the Elks Purple
day has been appointed and plans are
J now under way for a big tlmo at
Lagoon on July 27 The committee Is
composed of W D Zellor F A Burt
and Otto Mockes and this morning
I they closed a contract for the park oi
tho above dato
I Mr Zoller stated that a novel
scheme will be Introduced The Elks
will have tho tickets printed and to
each railroad ticket will be attached
entertainment coupons The adult
tickets will have four coupons at
I tached entitling the borer to a free
ride on the scenic railway chute the
I chutes miniature railway and merry
goround on the childrens tickets
there will be two coupons attached
which will give the child a free rldo
on the merrygoround and miniature
Mr Zollcr stated that the price of
these tickets will be the same ns the
usual round trip rate The Dike arc
doing this because of the fact that
the public has attended their numer
ous shows and they want to do some
thing to show their npprecitlon
The Smithsonian Business college
the Old Reliable I M B C has closed
all departments until September The
enviable reputation held by this
school was not built up on the sale oft
hot air but It continues to educate
and assist Into good positions more I
young men and young women than
any other commercial agency In tho
west the class graduated this year
being tho third largest In the history
of the Institution
From Washington M Smith
property agent of the forest service
offices has returned from Washing
ton D C where he has been for
tho past three weeks acting with j
other property agents as a board of
awards The fiscal year ends today
and the board of awards has made a
clearance In Its department Mr 1
Smtih states that things are rather
quiet In the national capital and will
be even more so at the adjournment
of congress
Gauging Rain Fall Rain gaugero
have been ordered by the forest ser
vice department from the United
States weather bureau for use In the
various canyons of Sanpete and Em
cry counties The floods In that sec
tion of country have been so extensive
and damaging In the past few years
that tho forest service has taken hold
with the determination of ascertain
ing tho cause The purposes of tho
rain gaugors will be to determine ex
actly In which canyons the most wa
ter falls
Cloudburst on U PA cloudburst
on tho Union Pacific at Bitter Creek
Wyoming 236 miles est of Ogden last
night caused a delay of trains for
about three hours today The water
rushed down the mountain side and
washed over and under tho track
softening the roadbed and carrying
away part of the ballast
Leave Union Depot at C20 a m
and every forty minutes until 140 r
p m then every twenty minutes un
til 940 p m Last car at 1100 p m
Leave Hermitage at G5G and 74 >
n m and every forty minutes until I
220 pm then every twenty minutes
until 1020 p m Last car at 1140
I r lH lI V L I
Tuesday two young men of Ogden
Axel Matron and Frank Harris took
a trp south over the Salt Lake and
Ogden railway According to the do
clslon of the municipal court thla
morning the trip cost thorn aside from
tholr fare and other Incidentals 25
The boys weni charged with dls
turblng the peace the complaint al
leglng that they abused the conduc
tor and other trainmen used bois
I terous and unbecoming language and
1 attempted to fight They pleaded
guilty to the charge but upon the re
quest of City Attorney DoVlno Judge
Murphy heard the facts In tho mat
tor before paeulng Judgment
I The trainmen stated that when they
undertook to take up fare from the
i boys at a point near Layton it was
I discovered they had lost their tickets
and they wero advised that they
would havo to pay their fare or leavo
the train At this tho boys became
abusive and created considerable dis
turbance on tho car A friend volun
teered to pay the fare and It was ai
ceptcd One of tho tickets was found
shortly after and the money for one
fare was refunded by tho conductor
This however did not seem to satis
fy the boys and they continued to
abuse and threaten to fight the train
men all the way to Ogden and when
Ogden was reached they jumped down
from the train and gathered up clubs
and locks threatening violence to the
men In charge of the train and great
ly annoying the passengers
City Attorney De Vino urged that
stringent action ho taken against the
young men
i In passing Kcntcnco Judge Murphy
i stated that tho rights of tho people
must be protected against young men
1 who seem bent upon having trouble
on excursion trips and that the men
conducting train service for the peo
ple must fool the protecting hand of
the law in the exercise of their duty
He sentenced the defendants to pay a
fine of 25 each or serve 25 days in
the city loll
All Veteran Firemen arc requested
to meet at the Veteran Firemens ball
to attend the funeral of our late chief
Joseph Clark Friday July 1 at 1
oclock sharp
I W H WRIGHT President
F A GALE Secretary
Tho Ogden City Band has secured
the dancing pavilion at tho Hermit
age for the Fourth of July and will
give dancing afternoon and evening
The entire band will furnish the mu
sic Free oncort afternoon and
All Union Barber Shops will renmlp
closed all day Monday July tho 1th
1910 by general agreement
WASHINGTON Juno 21Colles
of contracts of J F McMurray an
Oklahoma attorney with tho Choc
taw and Chlckauaw Indians are being
propared by the interior department
tor the select house committee
charged with making an Investigation
as to whether any member of tho
house was interested in these con
tracts or whether efforts wore made
to use Improper Influences to secure
the passage by congress of leglsla
tlon In the executive department to
approve the contracts Mr McMur
ray of McAlestor who was accused
by Senator Gore last week of Im
proper activities in connection with
Choctaw and ChIckasaw Indian land
contracts today sent to Senator Jones
and Representative Burke chairman
rospectlvolj of the senate and house
committees tho following telegram
111m desirous of early action by
your committee In the Investigating
of the charges made by Senator Gore
on the floor of the senate that Im
proper Influences have been used to I
effect congressional action In the
matter of contracts between Certain
members of the Choctaw and Chick
asaw nations and myself
McMurray Ready for Hearing
I am ready and anxious to assist
A STENOGRAPHER for office work
start at 50 per month Address
Stenographer caro Standard 630lwk
y I r i 11
f no = a n
t = From 800 o 1130 3 m Grand
J L dayugbt fireworks nll1 morning
r JEffRIESJOHNSON Pr e Fi1fl Retnrn From
f i I J I I 130 to iJOO p m
I l GAME CALLED AT 3 aol M lI Hli I
1M hi 1 > <
V Evening Fireworks 900 to 1000 09clock
See Program Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning
I d i 1 r JY
m1 0 > i4i6 QJH iHj Q
w 1 Jl F < 1 OO IN 1 AH
And 4109000 ShaIres 01 Stock Are to Be
Disiribuied AmD 1I RU yers FREE tD
The Lucky Man Mining Company has decided to use its allow e
e ance for selling commissions in a novel manner The usual ton per
o cent will be distributed among those who buy the stock instead of
I those who sell
iT hree Hundred Blocks of Lucky Man Mining Stock will be ri
plac on the market tomorrow Each Block will consist of Ones 1
Hundred Shares at ThirtyFive Cents a Share A Coupon is to be 0
given with cash block which entitles the purchaser to a chance in e
the drawing for One Thousand Dollars Cash and Forty Thousand o
Shares of Stock which has a value today of ThirtyFive Cents a
0 Share
f 8
It is customary to give agents who sell mining stock ton per Q
cent in stock this company has decided to sell its own stock and
give the selling reserve to the men who buy There will be just
Three Hundred Lots of One Hundred Shares eachOne Coupon in
a the Drawing with One Block or Four Coupons with Three Blocks of
I stock
1st Prize 10000 Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock
2nd Prizc5000 Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock
3rd Prize 3000 Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock
a 1 4th PrizelOOO Cash
i i I 5th Prize 2000 Shares Lucky Man Mining Stock I
> 4 y 10 Prizes 6th to 15th Each 1000 Shares Stock < 0
c < > 10 Prizes 16th to 25th Each 600 Shares Stock 0
10 Prizes 2Gth to 35th Each 200 Shares Stock
40 Prizes 36th to 75th Each 100 Shares Stock
i t 1 Each coupon entitles the holder to a chance on th > I 0
Each coupon entitles the holder to a chance on the soventyfiv
6D prizesso that each holder really has seventyfive o chances to win
The proceeds which arc sure to be quickly raised from this plan
will be used in installing the machinery which will immediately put I
1 the Lucky Man Mine among the big shippers of Nevada
o Subscriptions for these special blocks of stock will be re e
ceived by
Maiier of the Company at
e O e0 Q ee G8
your committee In every possible way
to secure and establish the real facts
In this matter I am prepared to dis I
prove all charges directly or Indi
rectly made by Senator Gore as far
as tho same In any manner reflects
on my honesty and good faith In en
deavoring to secure for the Choc
taw and Chickasaw citizens the set
tlement of their affairs and the best
possible disposition of their mineral
and surplus lands F am also pre
pared to disprove that any attempt
has been mado by myself or by any I
one acting for mo improperly to In
fluence congressional action
I respectfully aslc oir commit
tee that I be notified of any and all
hearings that may be decided upon I
and that 1 be permitted as the parly I
directly accused to be present nl all
such hearings and to participate in
the name
Lyon Not Interested
Regarding the assertion made In
the house of representatives that Na
tional Committeeman Cecil A Loll
of Texas also was interested In the
individual contracts attacked by Sen
ator Gore Mr ATcMurray added
Colonel Lyon has no Interest di
rect or Indirect in the contracts nor
has ho bean interested in securing
Our fish Department Is steadily in
creasing In popularity This weok the
quality is exceptionally nice Wo
have for Friday Smelts TomCod
King Fish PerchDaracuda Red Snap
per Sea Doss Soles Fresh and Salt
Mackerel Salmon and Hullbut None
of them expensive RussellJames
Co Boll SCG for Market 1C for office
Ind C21 185 21th SL
WASHINGTON June 29 Sweep
ing changes In the western freight
rates were made tpdny In a decision
handed down by the interstate com
merce commission
Passenger rates to California points
are also ordered reduced the now
rates to become effective when the
fright reductions will also become
operative October 1 1910 The maxi
mum passenger rates that may be
charged after that date arc as fol
Between Salt Lake City and Provo I
Utah and LOR Angles Cal 25 > Tit I
rate now in force between these pojnts I
Is 30 and the Commercial Club traf
fic bureau of Salt Lake asked thai
the rate be reduced to S1Q55 from I
Salt Lake City and to1851i from
Provo to Los Angeles I
Between Ogden and Los Angeles
2010 The rate now affective Is I
3110 and thojiratc askfld far was I
8204 G
Between Ogden and San Frnnclsco j
S235S The rato now effective la 30
and the rate asked for was 19GC
Between Salt Lake City and Son
Francisco 2469 The rate now In
force Is 3110 and the roLe asked for
was 2000 p 1
BetWeen Provo Utah and San Fran
I Cisco 2004 Till rat now In force
is S23 and the rate asked for was I
In its decision the commission held I
that the present passenger fares be
tween Utah common points on tho
one hand and Omaha and Portland
on the other are not unreasonable
Sweeping Frc ght Reductions
The present rates on deciduous
and citrus fruits from points of pro
duction In California to Utah and
common points are held by the com
mission to be unreasonable The
rates on these fruits are reduced to
H per 100 pounds The fate charged
is 1 15 per 100 pounds and the traf
fic bureau asked that a rate of 13
per cent of this charge or SCSl cents
be granted
It is ordered by the commission that
the defendant railroad companies shall
establish proportional import rates
upon certain named articles which do
not exceed those conternporaneouslj
in force to the Missouri river
The present rates upon sego tapi
oca tea and tea dust are found un
reasonable to the extent that they ex
ceed the rates now effective OM these
commodities now In effect to Missouri
rlvor points j
The present rate on sego and taul1
oca In packages minimum car lot j
weight 30000 pounds from ho Pacific j
coast to MissourI river points Is S123 i
per 100 pounds in less than car lots I
and SO cents in car lots The rate I
from San Francisco Jo Salt Lake City I
Provo and other Utah common poInU I
Is 131 In less than car lots and j
9fi cents In car lots The rates prayed
for were 125 In less than car lots
and SO cents In car lots or tile same
rate that is given by the roads on
these commodities to Missouri river I
points The rate cannot now be III
excess of those figures
Rate on Tea Leas
The rates on tla and tei dust aie
also reduced The rate from San
Francisco to the Missouri river com
mon points Is 12r per 100 pounds I i
in less than car lots and 1 In car
lots with minimum car lot shipment j
fixed at 24000 nounds The rate I
charged at this Him from San Fran
cisco to Ogden Salt Lake City Provo
and other Utah common points Is
1CO per 100 nounds In less than car
lots and 1 in car lots The rates
asked for by tho traffic bureau were
125 and 1 for ICPS than car lots
and car lots respectively or the ap
plication of the Missouri river point
rnia ivlilrli was Iranted
The reduction In the wool rates
will probably hf the most important
with the reductions on canned goods
In the case of wool shlpmonU the
rate charged by the railroads at this
time from California terminals to Mis
souri river common points Is 110 in
carload lots of not less than 30000
pounds This rate applies to wool In
machine compressed hales The rate
from Utah to MIssouri river common
points In car lots with a minimum
of 20000 pounds Is 135 Tho rate
prayed for was 73 cents per 100
The rate oil compressed wool from
I California terminals to i1Sz15slTi
river common points Is 110 wllli
minimum car lots fixed at 30000
pounds The rate from Utah com
mon points to Mississippi river com
mon points is 155 12 per 100
pounda with minimum car lot of
20000 pounds The rate prayed for
from Utah common points to Missis
sippi common points was S5 cents per
100 pounds In car lots ol 30000
The wool rate from Pacific coast
terminals to Chicago Is 110 to Cth
CIO common points in car lots ot
30000 pounds From Utah common
points to Chicago the rate is 165 12
In car lots of 20000 pounds The
rate asked for was 88 cents in car
lots of 30000 pounds
The commissioners decision tins
Given a reduction on wool rates na
well as on many other articles manu
factured or Iroduced In Utah
Rates on Cannery Products
The rate charged at this time on
canned fruit and vegetables In boxes
from California common points to
Mlssouil river common points is S5
cents The Utah common point rate
to Missouri rlvor common points Is
50 cents and no reduction was asked
The rate from California terminals
to Mississippi river common points la
So cents while from Utah common
points to Mississippi river common
points the rate Is 72 cents while a
request was made for the establish
ment of a fi8 ont rate The rate
from California terminals to Chicago
common points is S5 cents the Utah
common points rate Is 75 cents and
11 rate of GO cents was asked
Included in the same schedule Is
catsup in glass or earthenware boxed
The rate from California terminals to
Missouri river common points Is 85
cents the Utah rate Is 75 cents and
a f7cent rate was asked Reductions
wore also naked from Utah common
points to Mississippi river common
points nod to Chicago
Sheep pelts form an Important fac
tor In the business of the state and
also came In for reductions The
rate charged from California to the
Missouri river Is 130 The Utah
rate IB 1 28 The rate asked was SG
Tho exportation of alfalfa seed from
this state reaches a total of not loss
than 250000 a year Tho reduction
In freight on this commodity will
also be a big factor in the business 1
of tho state The rule now charged
from California terminals to Missouri
river common poInts 181 a hundred
pounds Jn car lots of 30000 pounds I
From Utah common points In car
lots of 24000 pounds 1 and the
rate asked for was GO cents por hun
dred pounds In car lots og 30000
The same reduction will apply tfl
clover seed canary flax grass
hemp mlUet and rapo seeds nnd gar <
den seeds In packages
Dance Saturday Night
uH i < 7 k i
r jfM t1i

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