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I > + 14 r I X 1 = c
v cf r itlr 7 tt 1 j
rr r V
i T I e e Tea t r
t 1t
is Uncolored and complies
with all Pure Food regulations
A teato be high quality must be first crop
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p mountain grown 01
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Beware of imitations
o o
O I won from Mr Jeffries be O
O cnuso I outclassed him In every O
O department of the fighting game O
0 Before I entered tho ring 1 was O
O certain I would be the victor I O
O never changed my mind at any O
O time O
0 Jeffries blows had no steam O
0 behind thorn HO how could he O
P hope to defeat me With the O
O exception of a alight cut on my O
O lower lip which was really O
O causod by an old wound being O
O struck 1 am unmarked I heard O
O people at tho ringside remark O
O about a body blow inflicted upon O
O inc I do not recall a single O
O punch in the body that caused O
O mo any discomfort I am In O
O shape to battle again tomorrow O
O If It were necessary O
O One thing I must give Jer O
O fries credit forthe game bat O
O tie he mado Ho came back at O
O me with the heart of a true fight O
O cr No man can say he did not O
O do his best O
D III believe we both fought fair O
O ly There was nothing said be O
D teen us which was rough He O
O Joked me and J joked him I O
D told him I knew he was a bear O
D but I was a gorilla and would O
0 defeat him O
D For tho next few weeks I O
D shall play vaudeville Then I O
0 shall go to me homo in Chicago O
O to rest I do not think I shall O
O fight for several months be O
O cause I do not know a man now O
O who could give me a good bat O
O tlc No attention will be paid to O
0 Sam Langforda challenge of mo O
O I dont consider ho could give me O
O a fight that would draw O
0 o
1 ooooooooooooooo
oo ooOOOO O oOO OC
r o o
O I lost my fight this afternoon O
O because I did not have tho snap O
O of youth I used to have I be O
O loved In my own heart that all O
O the old time dash was there but O
O when I started to execute tho O
0 speed and the youthful steam O
O were lacking The things I used O
O to do were Impossible For In O
O stance I used to shoot in a O
O right hand body punch a sort of O
O a short range blow that never O
O used to fail me When I tried O
O It today the snap was not there O
O and it was only a love tap O
I O I suppose most of my train O
O ers and helpers will say that J O
O did not box enough It would O
O nof havo made any difference If O
O I had sparred a dozen times or O
O moro than I did I simply was O
O not there aud thats all there Is O
Otoit O
O lor guess its all my own fault O
O I was getting along nicely and O
O living peacefully on my alfalfa O
O farm but when they started call O
O Ing for me and mentioning me as O
O the white mans hope hope I O
O guess my pride got the better of O
O my good Judgment At that I O
O worked long and hard to condl O
0 lion mjself and I was fit as far O
I 0 as strength goes but tho old O
0 necessary snap and dash the O
I 0 willingness to tear In and crush O
0 were not with me O
O Six years ago tho results O
O might have been different But O
O nowwell J guess tho public O
O will let me alone after this O
o o
o o
O Jack Johnson Is the most O
O wonderful fighter that over O
O pulled bri a glove He won as O
O he pleased from Jeff and was O
o never in danger I could not O
O help but feel sorry for the big O
O white man as he foil beneath O
O the champions blows It was O
O the most pitiable sight I ever O
O saw As a matter of fact I O
O thought away down In my O
O heart that Jeffries would be O
O the winner of the fight O
O The fight was won and lost O
O when Jeffries went through O
O ropes tho first time This Is O
O official Tho other knockdown O
O doesnt count It was this way O
O f Jeffries was brought to his O
O knees and ho arose dazed O
O Johnson met him with a sue O
O cession of lefts that sent him O
O through the ropes As he lay O
d there several of his seconds O
O caught hold of him and helped O
O him to his feet Under tho O
O rules of the game which I O
O havo read thoroughly while O
O certain people have said that O
O I could not referee a fight O
O this disqualified Jeffries and O
O Johnson was the winner J O
O thought the seconds wore go O
O ing to carry Jeffries to his cor O
O ncr Instead they shoved him O
O into the ring again to bo beat O
O en further while I was doing O
O all I could during the confu O
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lahed They thought that there wan r
smell and smoke from an oil stove and triA
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Stove I told them of my experience 1
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now not ono of them would give hers i
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Continental OH Company I
< r > H 1
ci7T l
M =
d p k 1 J L 4
Y O l lon to stop tltflg1it O
I 0 Jeff ricg oould not hit John 0
> 0 son and Johnson could ht 0
O Jeffries i tyhenuvcr ho plesed to
O Jeff swan not an good as tho 0
O last timehe fought O
0 O
RENO Nev July 1 Twenty thou
sand persons banked tier on tier
stared fpr a heart beats tirno ntn
heavy white figure prostrate on a
square of pink canvas this after
noon and tried to realize that what
may be the last chapter in American
prize ring annals had been written
before thorn Tho big man whose
bulk sagged low tho white rope over
which ho lay was Jlnj Jeffries And
I over him smiling alert his smooth
black body glistening in the brilliant
desert sunshine stood Jack John
son the now king of tho ring No
ring contest ever drew such an at
tendance and never before was so
many thousands dollars fought for
or paid bj the sportloving put to see
a fight
The mon and for that matter the
GOO or more women scattered through
the vast audience are tonight dis
persing cast and West and north and
south Many of them Journeyed thou
sands of miles to Reno many havo
gone hungry and many without beds
but the picture they saw this after
noon was worth It It was tho great
est collection of mon of the prize
ring and those associated with the
cportof sporting writers and wrltels
whoso names aro known In fiction I
politics and travel that has over been
drawn together in this country ex
copt at a national political conven
tion From noon until tho curtain
wont down on this battle of tho
Fourth of July thousands of persons
sweltered and baked under the direct
rays of a July sun to see tho trial
of skill strength and endurance
promised by this combat of the two
roc glllzcd peers of the prize ring
And after 49 minutes of concentratod
and Intense interest the thing they
had looked forward to for a year
was over something between a sigh
and a groan went up to the blue sky
but there was llttlo complaint
These keen sporting men from
every corner of the world realized
they had seen a groat and game man
die and that a past mastor of ring
science wore the championship belt
It was not a great fight as fights go
but they had had their moneys worth
All questions wore answered and
now for the quiet walks of the dally
life again
As hour by hour the thousands of
representative sporting mon filed
through tho gates and took thelr
seats In the heated pit there was ono
commonb thought In a few minutes
more and the fight of flghts prob
ably the last great fight In the coun
try would be won
After tho battle scarred veterans of
the ring three of whom had fallen
before Jeffries Sharkey FItzslmmons
and Corbottpassed again across tho
spot light again ono thought thrilled
the beating hearts r I
And the dream came true when
fat red faced Billy Jordan barred his I
bald head and cried
Leter go
Thoro was not a blur in tho ar
rangements Tho recording eyes of
the moving pictures took In a scene
unrivaled In ring history
All that the age has produced In the
way of human fighUng machinery was
seen here at its bestpast and pres
ent methods of the arena The eyo
of tho ordinary man grew weary at
sight of many faces that he had read
about for 20 years There was con
stant calling of bring on the r big
fight we have seen enough
Through the ID rounds there was
llttlo cheering And when tho end
came and Jeffries dropped dazed and
Inert a phurch lilco stillness fell over
tho multitude Men stood on their
hot pine benches their faces tense
and drawn waiting for tho fight to
bo resumed
Not oven when Sam Berger Jef
fries manager accompanied by the
big fellows seconds and a number of
vigilant newspaper mon jumpe
through the ropes and surrounded
the prostrate fighter did the watch
Ing crowd Indicate by word or ac
ion that the battle was over N D
h eed was paid the victor except by
his friends at the ringside the eyes
of the onlookers remained on Jeffries
Realization equally camo when
after a lengthy interval Jeffries was
fanned and rubbed into consciousness
and assisted to his feet and led
Fortyfive minutes later the first
special train pulled out westward
Then day coach specials were drawn
up at the plaTonn and as fast as the
seats were filled started east and
west and throughout the night at
whatever hours dispatchers
range others followed
RENO Nov July 4J9lin Arthur
Johnson a Texas negro the son of an
American slave tonight IB the first
and undiluted heavyweight cham
pion of the world James J Jeffries
of California winner of twentytwo
championship fights the man who
never before was brought to his knees
by a blow tonight passed Into his
tory as a broken idol He suffered
defeat at tho hands of the black
While Jeff was not actually count
ed out he was saved from the crown
ing shamo by his friends pleading
with Johnson not to hit the fallen
man attain and the towol was brought
into the ring from his corner At
the end of the fifteenth round Re
force Tex Richard raised the black
arm and the groat crowd llled out In
gloom and silence Jeffries was dragged
to his corner bleeding from the nose
and mouth and a dozen cuts on the
face Ho had a black closed eye and
swollen features and he held his head
In his hands dazed and incoherent
Johnson walked out of tho ling
without a mark on his body except
a slight cut on his lip whch was
the opening of a wound received hi
Ring experts say that It was not
even a champion hITl fight Joffrfr
had a chance In the second round
perhaps but after the sixth It was
plain that he was outclassed at every
point and after tho eleventh round
it was hopeless
It was tho greatest demonstration
over seen of the failure of a fighter
to come back nfter years of retire
ment Tho science of the black man
made Jefirles look like a green man
The big Jeffries was like a log The
reviled Johnson was like a black pan
ther beautiful In his aletrness and
defensive tactics Jeffries fought by
Instinct It seemed showing bin game
ness and his great fighting heart In
every round but ho was only a shell
of his old self The old ability to
take a terrible beating and bore In
until ho landed the knockout blow was
After tho third round Johnson
treated his opponent as a joke
Ho smiled and blocked playfully
t r 1
warding Off the bearlike rushes of
Jeffries with a marvelous science now
tucking a blow under hIs arm again
plucking It ont tof tho air as a man
stops a baseball
Out of the sea of opinions and ar
guments that bolstered up this Ugh
and made It the talk of the world
these pinnacles facthaye been cast
up The fight was nthe Square Of that
thor > wasf no doubt after the first
round 7
There wns no evidence of the fam
ous yellow streak on the part of
Johnson proved himself so abso
lutely Jeffries master that exports
such as w Corbett the Australian
writer and sporting expert declared
that Tommy Burns had put up a hot
ter fight against Johnson and that
tho black man was only playing with
the other one
The end was sudden and terrible
Determines Stop It Quick
It looked as bough Johnson had
been holding himself under cover all
the rest of the time and when he
had measured Jeffries In all his weak
ness he had determined to stop it
Jeffries had lost tho power of de
fense A series of right and lefa up
porcuts delivered at will sent him
staggering to tho ropes He turned
and fell back Instinctively and be
cause he was dylu hard With the
exception of a Len fast rounds tho
fight wns tamo Jeffries did not have
tho power In his punch to hurt John
son after ho had received blow after
blow on tho Jawand his vital power
was ebbing But even boforo this
stage came Jeffries could not reach
the black His blows nearly always
landed with nearly all the speed tal
on out of thorn It was like hitting
a punching bag
Tho Jeffries crouch wan in evidence
at times but during moat of the Ugh
Jeffries fought standing straight and
working with something of his old ag
End Wac Sudden
The fifteenth round started with a
clinch after Jeffries had failed to
land on the body Johnson then tore
loose and before the spectators were
prepared for the finish ho had sent
Jeffries down with lightning loft and
right blows to the Jaw Jeffries reeled
and fell half way through the ropes
on the west side of the ring Those
under him saw that he had lost his
sense of surroundings and that the
faces at tho ringside were a blur to
him His time had como He was
feeling what he had caused others to
feel in tho days of his youth and
Johnson came over to tho spot and
stood posed over his adversary his
body ready for a loft book If Jeffries
regained his foot
Corbett Pleads With Johnson
Jim Corbett who twlco had gone
down before Jeffries blows and who
had stood In Jeffries corner all during
this fight telling Johnson what a fool
he was that he was In for the beat
ing of his life nOW ran forward with
outstretched arms saying
iOh dont Jack dont hit him
Jeff painfully raised himself to his
feet Ills Jaw had dropped His eyes
wore nearly shut and his face was
covered with blood With trembling
legs and shielding arms he tried to
put up a defence but ho could not
stop a terrific right smash the Jaw
followed by two left hooks Ho went
down again Jeffries physician and
other friends Jumped Into the ring
Dont Put the Old Fellow Out
Stop It their cried Dont put
the old fellow e
Sam Bergor Jeffries manager ran
along tho ring calling to Bob Arm
strong i
Bring that towelyou know what
I mean dont lot him got hit
From Johnsons corner his seconds
were calling to him to quit Then
the seconds stopped the timekeeper
and It was nil over
Soothing liquids were applied to
the fallen champions bruised face
but Ills heart was something that could j
not be reached As soon as he re
gained his sonse of persons and of the
rapid fire events that had pushed him
into oblivion he took his head in his
hands and groaned
I was too old to como back he
Trying to Cheer
J Joe Choynski and Brother Jack and
others wore ready to cry but they
united In trying to cheer the defeated
Its all off with you Jim said
Corbett but you did the best you
Cheer up well go fishing tomor
row said Frank Gotch the wrestl
ing champ jn
In an Instant after the crowd
realized that the fight was over the
ring was stampeded by a wild throng
The short end betting men were hi
larious but In the groat mass of spec
tators there was a feeling of personal
Hope had lived In thousands of
breasts until the last minute and now
their Idol had crumbled and the black
man stood peerless They could not
help but admre him and there was
littlo animosity toward him For the
most part the people were sjlent Just
readjusting things In their minds
Hundreds swallowed tho bitter pill
of heavy financial loss
Old Tactics Were Useless
At the opening of the second round
Jeffries camo up with his old crouch
and his left arm stuck out like a
scantling This was the blow ear
tho attitude that carried him to glory
In the early days of his fighting
But there was a change In tho ne
gro He had found him pf This I
was no terror of the mountains to be
afraid of Hero was a simple boxer
and In his heart of hearts Jack John
son believed he was master Six
years ago when Johnson whipped
Jack JeffrlCK ho walked up to Jim
who was In his brother corner and
I can whip you too
And this conviction was uppermost
In him when the second round be
gun The slight Indecision and
trembling of Johnsons mouth and the
glint of trouble In his eye was gone
He forced the fighting and In a clinch
made his first attempt at his careful
ly developed uppercut Jeffries took
it without flinching Johnson watched
him carefully it was on this blow
that he depended He tried another
and another but missed The men
wrestled and Johnson showed that he
was as strong as Jeffries
All right Jim Ill l ° vo you it you
want mo to said Johnson as they
clinched Just before the gong rang
Delaney Advises Johnson
Between tho whisking towels and
the dashing of water aad hasty gurgl
ing Delaney poured into Johnsons
car his word of advice He know now
probably knew long before the bat
tle just how it would end Did he
not know every inch of Jim Jeffries
body and the limitations of his brain 1
Each blow taught him what happened
1 C 1 4 11
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od lo
0 < J
In five years of easy life and whether
tho cigarettes hnd sucked the power
from the once champion In tho sec
ond and third and fourth rounds Jet
Cries had his chance If ho ever had
one Tho fight showed that he could
not stay long His friends claim now
thato If hfc had started in with his en
tire force ho could have reached John
soil with the sleeping blow On the
other hand men whose opinions are
valued on those matters say tonight
that Johnson could have beaten Jet
fries at any time In Jeffries career
At any rate Jeffries passed by his
chance Jeffries kept walking In and
missing body blows and talcing faco
Up to this point however the fight
was little more than a wrestling bout
The men refused to break in clinches
and at times half a mlnuto passed
wlahout a blow being struck
At the beginning of the fourth round I
Richard became disgusted with the
way things were going when Corbett
told Jeff to take it easy as ho started
for tho center of the ring tho referee
RIclcard Wanted Action
Quit this motion work get bus
Jeff assumed his crouch and started
for Johnson as It he would mow him
down with one blow But the black
was not there His shadow fell
across the spot where Jeffries blow
was aimed They came together and
Johnson missed for the fourth tlmo
a damaging uppercut Here he be
gan to try out hlsoiew blowa left
uppercut testing It first Johnson
kept up a fire of jokes with Corbett
and with the sporting writers
Hell kill you Jack yelled a sport
Ing man who had bet 10000 on Jet
Thats what they all say retorted
Johnson and for answer he shot a
snapping left to Jeffs face and they
came to a clinch In this round Jeff
landed the only sow that came near
hurting Johnson It was a body
blow that made the black wince It
was tho end of the round and Jeffries
had an advantage and at the opening
of the fifth Johnson camo up as good
as new
That Left Wasnt a Joke
Tho pace up to and through this
round was slow Neither man was
badly hurt
That left was a Joke You big
stiff I always knew you were a
faker shouted Corbett as Johnson
stung Jeffries in tho face
Jeff brought cheers at this point
by a left to the head but a clinch
and the gong saved further damage
The tide of battle from this time
on flowed Into the Johnson corner and
Delaney was hopping In glee
Go in and finish him was the
advice whispered to Johnson
Its all over for you Jim saId
Johnson as he came up Jeff laughed
and chewed his gum In this round
Jeffries eye was closed and ho
started in to take a severe lacing In
order to land tho stomach punch I
which he and his backers depended
Jeff missed a right and took a left
and a right to the head His nose
was bleeding when the gong sounded
When they approached each other
It was plain that Jeffries was in dis
tress His face was puffed and bleed
lag from tho punishing lefts and
rights he had received and his
ments were languid He shambled
after tho eluslvo negro sometimes
crouching low with his left hnndi
stuck out In front and sometime 1
standing erect Stooping or erect he
was a mark for Johnsons accuratplvj
driven blows Johnson simply atj
ed for the big white man to come laf
andchopped his face to pieces Thejf
came to a clinch after a fooble alL
tempt by Jeffries to land a left In
blow on tho body and as they brnbej
away Johnson shot his left and rqbtj
I to tho Jaw In a flash Joff staggr l
back against the ropes His defen ve
power scorned to desert him In an lc
stant Johnson dashed at him Hko i
tiger A rain of rights and lefts dci
livered at close quarters sent Jc3
reeling blindly Another series ol
short snappy punches and then the
white giant went down for the first
time In his ring career He fell tin
der the top rope ovor the lower one
and down over the hanging platform
Resting on his haunches and right el
bow Jeffries looked around In a dozed
way and got up at the count of nine
While he was down Johnson stood al
most over him until Rickard waved
him back Ho stood ready to strike
and when Jeff rose from his knees he
I rushed In again Jeff reeled about
and tried to clinch but John oG
I eluded him and as tho other chain j
plan swung around to the south side i
of the ring he Jolted him twlco 1n1
tho Jaw Jeffries sank to his Jtaors
weak and tired but he got up at the
count of nine It was then that Jet I
fries friends began to call on Richard
to stop tho fight i
Stop it stop Ill they shouted
from all Bides i
Dont let him knock him out I
Richard gave no heed to these npr
peals Jeff wad helpless now and a S i
he staggered to a standing position
Continued on Page Five
Five Years Ago
We believed that the keeping qualities of beer sealed
with corks was superior to that sealed with crown caps
Today we positively know that
m I Budweiser I
retains its brilliancy effervescence and flavor
C better
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i cause we have tested thousands of bottles both ways
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