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Fortieth Year No 161Prlce Five Cents
6 J9JO
a Entered ac Second Clac Matter at the Pootofflce Ooden Utah
Face Is Still Badly Mar
red and He Walks
Oakland Cal July GJames J
Jeffries arrived In Oakland at S30
oclock this morning in a private car
Ho Wu accompanied by his wife
brother and a number of intimate
friends He was takon in an automo
bile to a hotel and immediately se
cluded himself He refused to see
any visitors even declining to see
old personal friends who arrhed to
extend their condolences
Jeffries will go at once to hh ranch
The big prize fighter bears the scars
of his encounter with Johnson His
face is still badly marred his lips and
checks swollen and cut and his oyc
almost closed even yet Patches of
piaster adorn his features and he
walks with his head low Indicating
In every Hue of his big body a feeling
of sadness
Jeffries refused to answer the as
sertions of Muldoon and others that
he was all in before ho ever en
tered the ring
Surly and taciturn the big fight
er maintains an absolute silence
which his brother Jack and his wife
arc unable to break
It is what we have expected de
clared Mrs Jeffries In response lo ri
request for some statement on the
criticism meted out to her husband
She apparently feels the former
champions position keenly and
though she refuses to discuss tho In
terviews printed in the morning pa
pers In which Jeffries trainers and
friends declared that lie was to all
reoming a nervous wreck before ha
entered his dressing room it is evi
dent flho had read them all
Jeffries on the other hand re
fuses to look at a paper it Is said
and snaps angrily at any one who
offers a word of criticism of hltf tac
tics during the fight
My steam was gone I know it
In the fourth round I tried to fight
but I couldnt he has said once or
twice Hlnce his defeat but of thp rea
sons which led to this condition ho
refuses to talk
New York July GJolin W Alex
jjndcr president of the NationalAcad
efny of Design announces that mon
than a dozen prominent Wealthy men
Ifavo shown a practical Interest in tho
academys plans to erect a great fine
arts building and have joined with tho
round In forming a building commit
Mr Alexander says that whatever
amount of money will be required to
It erect tho fine arts building say from
p 500000 to 1300000 will unquestion
ably be given as Boon as the proper
file has been obtained and money
also will be promptly forthcoming for
too maintenance of the building It
has been decided to ask the city for
a site Mr Alexander says =
S New York ought to be the art cen
ter of Ihe country and It Is In spite
of tho fact that we have no adequate
gallenos for the exhibition of current
work Every city In the United Stnto
of any size and many very smalf cities
already have beautiful fine arts build
ings or are building them With an
adequate gallery we could have each
yflar an exhibition to which painters I
from all parts of the country would
Send their works It could bo madp I
the real American salon Then tho I
pictures after being exhibited here I
could ho sent to other large cities I
and later divided Into smaller cxhj I
ItHlons for smaller cities The art pa
tons who aro Interested and the ofQ I
cjjrfi and tho council of tho ncadomy
i wjp meet In Ortober and a stronoua I
campaign will her begun t I
I Honolulu July GTI release of K II
Maklno and three other leaders oftho I
recent sugar plantation strike caus
f ed great rejoicing among the lucal I
Japanese The sentences of lhrt four
utrlky leaders wore commuted I
j r
Omaha Livestock I
Omaha July C Cntllo Receipts I
700 market atondy to strongerNa j
tive Steers 50nS25 cows and holf
k r era 5OaGl5 western steers 400a i
GOO stackers and feeders 3101
376 calvei 300aG25 = bulls slngn i
etc 322oa525 I t
Hops Receipts 4POO market 5a
loc higher Bulk of sale S9flapOO
I Sheep Receipts onOO rtuirkot
T 1ow Yearlings OOaZO wetheis
4iHallO owes 376a425 lambs
I t Chicago Close J I I
Chicago July GWbeat July 105
7s Sept 102 5Sn3l Dec 1oG IEmL
C rnJuh 5S 7SuoQ Sept G1r i4 r 1
PQC 59 7SnCO May G2 < f
Oat 7J1IY 40 M S eJlt i9 58DecJ I
3I l2aS Muv 43 7Sa43 rt < c1 r 1 I
Pork Iuly 2455 SepL 2220itLtnf I
ISM Sept 1202 12
1itbJuly lAO SepL 1CO 1
r i
O1l YorU July aTho Abomnlhy1
boys who rode hare on horseback I
from Oklahoma to greet Thoodor I
lioD1eqiL on blK return from abroad
rlll start back for home this woukf
vnejr are not going ou ImrstyicK I
14 Kevftr but In automobile Idnlft I
Ite ldcr oMhe two boys spent much
T lame reatyrday drlvnR a mnohlnp I
H Andy rKn Broadway to liP thai ha i
er biT3 1M It from buckln
the 1ioy will aion at Niagara Falls
I opjr enough vo lake In the jRlgh
laore Marshall Jack AVornathy the
h i
boys father will Start with them
hut will have to leave them soon as
he must be > back Oklahoma next
New York July GThe public ad
ministrator of the city of Xow York
has Uikeji possession of the effects of
Leon Gqlpon the artst Illustrator
who committed suicide In hIM studio
here last month and has stopped pay
ment on a check for 7312 sent by
the artist shortly before his death to
I his fiancee Miss Agnes Foster of fox
I bury Mass The fact that Guipon
had no next of kin would naturally
make tho money ho left revert to tho
state there being no will However
I it IB believed that Miss Foster whose
father Albert J Foster Is president
of the Peoples National bank of Rox
bury will dispute the stales claim
to the money Inasmuch as the check
was sent to her by her fiance before
l ho ended his life
I In a letter to his friend Hiram A
Merrill an engraver the artist ask
I ed Merrill and Miss Foster to share
the articles left In his studio Among
these Is sad to be some of the best
I work ever done by the dead artist I
I CifiLD s
Insane Mother Puts Six
YearOId Daughter
to Death
Durango Colo July GCrazed by
the fear that her slx earold daugh
ter would be kidnaped Mrs W R
iMixtou wlfu of a welltodo ranch
I man living ten miles from Cortcz
drowned the child In a washtub to
I save It from what her unbalanced
mind considered a worse fate
Mrs Luxton was found tonight by
Sherlff Gawith seated on the door
stop of the sheriffs home here Silo
told an Incoherent story of u con
Kpfraoy to kidnap her daughter and
declared she had thwarted the plot
ters by holding the childs head in a
tup of water until she was dead
The little girls body was found in
time tub at the Luxton ranch
New York July GViolent declines
marked the opening dealings in stocks
today and some heavy blocks of the
prominent speculative Issues chang
ed hands opening sales of U S Steel
bolng 10000 shares Declines in prac
tically nil of the actlvo Issues reached
as much as 1 to 1 12 and in Union
Pacific Rock Island Wabash pfd
and American Sugar the loss was 2
points Persistent selling kept the
market weak and unsettled and the
Cow rallies that occurred seemed to
result mostly from ouying by the
Atlantic coast line lost 4 12 Rock
Island pfd 3 12 Reading and Kan
sas Texas 3 Chesapeake Ohio
Louisville find Nashville and Ameri
can Car 2 12 Rock Island 2 3S and
tho rest of the list from 1 to 2
points Buying orjders stopped the
break Inter and there was a general
rally from half to a point
The further outpouring of stocks
was shown to be due to dissatisfac
tion wjth the general outlook bank
ing political agricultural and com
mercial The movement towards re
covery before noon was accompanied
by a break In the price of wheat and
corn and by the discussion of Gold Im
ports Tho demand from shorts to
cover also made an effective influ
ence In the rally The midday pricEa
showed much of the earlier declines
I recovered and net gains ruling In
some ioi tho most active speculative
I stocks St Paul rose a point
13jrmtIswore weak A
a I I
I T I New York Money
New York July GMonor on call
steady 2 lla2 78 per cent ruling
rate 2 34 per cenl closing bid 2 31
pur cent offered at 2 31 per cent
Time loans GO days 2 lla3 12
r por cent 00 days 3 l2a3 34 per
cent C months 4 34aG per cent
Prime mercantile paper 1 34a5 per
cont sterling exchange steady ac
tual business in Bankers bills at
4S3CO 4S3SO for sixty day bills
and at 48500 for demand
Couuyercial bills IS3aS7
Chicago Livestock
ChloiitJO July GCnttJoHccelpts
estimated at 15000 = market strong
beevee o40aSGCi Texas steers 125 I
nSGO western steers S52f a7 2V
Htoclcorfe and feeders 375aSSO COWB
and heifers 2901500 calves JCOOa
L JlOKB Receipts estimated at 10000
kMrtrkQt 10c higher light SOaOrfJ
I mixed P15af iJO heavy SSS5a940
I rough Sija9I5 good to choice I
heavy 913a940 pigs J925n9GO
bulk of Bales 920n910
Shf on Receipts climated at 20
000 market lOc lit loc lower native
II 8001471 = wo torn 315a4CO yoar
lings JPOOa5S5 iamb native 4
Ji iiQwo8tort 5623aS15
Chicago Produce
Chicago July GBulter steady
Oronmerlos 24 12827 t2 dairies 23a
It 20 Eggs steady receipts 2402S
daaei at mark cases Included Hall
I 12 first 16 prime firsts 17 12
I Gliaoac tjrra dairies 15 l2n4 twins
I lma12 younc Amorlcns 15 34alC
logftrnc 16 34alC
Sugar and Coffee
Xdw York July CRaw Biisnr
F firm moficovndo SO test tsa oem
I trHuJml blt osr S45 Memoes sn
I gnr 59 tot 358
I COII a BsSpot quiet No 7 Rio
j S ilC No 4 Santos 9 8S
< I
i 1 w
Jeffries Was Disqualified
by His Seconds Help
ing Him
Reno July CWas Jeffries disquali
fied or was he knocked out Is the
point Tex Richard Is being asked to
nettle by eastern cities RIckard
I finds It difficult to make a ruling on
the points Involved but is disposed
to rule that thc interference of Jef
fries seconds in helping him to get
up after the second knockdown con
stitutes a disqualification He had
this to say on tile subject today = I
Jeffries was not counted out al
though I am satisfied ho could never i
I have gotten up within the ten sec
onds when he went down the second
time if his seconds had not put their
hands on him and pushed him up
This assistance disqualified Jeffries
and I was trying to between tho
fighters to stop the fight on that ac
count when Johnson sent him down
tIme third time with D left and right to
the jaw The pictures will show that
I got between them when this third
knockdown came and gaVo the fight
to Johnson before the timekeeper I
could count ten Therefore F believe i
it should stand as a disqualification I
although as I havo said Jeffries
would have beeu counted out had the I
disqualification not occurred I
RIckards attention was called to the
widespread agitation against the pic
tures of the fight being shown par
ticularly In the Southern states
I still hold a sixth Interest iu the
pictures and am naturally Interested
but I dont think this agitation will
amount tJ anything except to adver
tise the pictures The feeling will
die out in a few days
Reno Is like a deserted village to
HasCaused Comment f
by Politicians in State I
of Washington
Portland Oro July GFolmer
United States Senator John L AVI1
son who is a Candidate for the Unit
ed States senatorshlp from Washing
ton was at Cealralla Wash last
night To The Associated Press Mr
Wilson said over the longdstance
telephone I
There Is so much error of fact con
tained in the dispatch from Oyster
Bay concerning the RooseveltPoln
dexter interview thatIt Is hard for
mo to form a statement
The Associated Press is doubtless
ly recounting accuratoly informa
I tion furnished at Oyster Bay As
suming that this Is true Colonel
Roosevelt appears either to have been
misled or Is not familiar with poilU
cal conditIons in this state <
In the first place Senator Piles Is
not a candidate succeed himself
In the second pjaco Jndgo Ballln
ger is not taking any part In the sen
atorial contest whatever Balllpser Is
not the head of the Republican party
in this state nor Iho head of any
wing of any party
I Of the six candidates for United
States senator Judge Thomas Burke
I Judge John E Humphreys J M Ash
t ton and myself are personal friends
ofJudge Ballinger but Mr Ballinger
Is not politically friendly to any one
1 of us
BOSTON July C Officials of the
Chrlrfllau Endeavor society were j
much pleased today over the result
of their movement started here yea I
terday against tho exhibition of the
pictures of tho JoffrloaJohnson fight j
Urgent telegrams have been sent to I
all the branch societies throughout
the world to continue the agitation
against the pictures I
Mayor FltzGorad who has the
granting of all licenses for exhibi
tions here of this nature said today
that Boston ought to take the lead In
banishing the pictures of such Con
I tests and that he did not think that
the pictures of the fight would bo
I exhibited in this city
SL Louis Jub Arbitration
under the Brdnjan net hogan bore
today Ijetvrcen Ja Missouri Pacific I
i Iron Mountain ayaiouiB and their tel
I egruphora Tho1 tolograpucrs vant a I
ten per contpcreasein wage I
Hamilton 0 July 6 Furthpr In
vastlgatlon bt Coronur Bumolt ot
Uuilor countuU of the disaetroug
wreck ut MldqlqUt Monday has been
doferrod untiL thp formal Inquost is I
beguti which i probably will be called
New YorkvjJHly ODr Jnco Nine
a wealthy phr lalftn of Chicago Is AL
tho Hudson ttlQt Uoapllal here sufI
I forlriK from tin orswilt trouble He
I ns confined io his bed horo on Sun
1 I
L1J ai
day and last night the physician of
the hotel where tio Wag staying ad
vised his removal to the hospital
Provo July 5Aflur running over
I llazen Thomas last evening E C
Burkey driving P NiNunns automo
mile took a party of joung people for
I a ride to Spanish Fork and on their
return when between Sprlngvllle and
Provo ran the muchluo off from a
dugway In the smashup which fol
lowed Miss Lois Halladay one of the
occupants sustained a broken arm
and was otherwise bruised The oth
er members of the party escaped with
only a bad shaking up Tho machine
is a total wreck Miss Halladay was
I taken to the general hospital where
the fracture was reduced and after
wards she was taken to her home
Provo July GThe French Clean
Ing companys shop opposite the La
mar hotel was burglarized last night
and six pairs of trousers three coats
and one suit of clothing were carried
away by the intruders Entrance was
I sancd through a back wlndowThcrc
Is no clue to the perpetrators
Women Should Not
Enter Into Politics
Says Arthbishop
Milwaukee WIt Jui GThc
theory that demands equul rights be
tween the two sexes must be denied
absolutely said Most Rev S G
Messmer archbishop of tms Milwaukee
diocese in his address on Womans
Rights at the Opening of the West
ern Catholic Chnutauqvia at Spring
Bank yesterday
It is a mistake to say equal rights
instead of similar rights for women
have certain rights i that men have
not and men havc certain rights that
have not
women r
In regard to the question of poli
tics why should womeji claim equal
rights What does politics mean
Politics mean the rjillng of nations
and no one who Understands this
Wc uT < f demand equal rights
It would interfere with womans
calling which mak aJacr the quoej
of tho household Equal rights would
destroy her einajp charactpr and de
stroy her inllueuce on mankind
The true solution of the woman
question may be found In religion In
the sacred scriptures there is tho
law that woman Is subject to man
aud therefore men must take tho
principal place As man Is the head
of the family he must take the lead
Ing part
Pew Postoffices Have So
ar Applied For
Washington July GSInce the
passage of the new postal savings
bank law bankers and postmasters
throughout the country have been I
slow to demonstrate interest In It
So far only fifty banks have made I
application for designation as de
positories of postal funds and only
fifty postmasters have ashed that
they he authorized to accept postal
The Indications are that the board
of trustees consisting of the post
master general the attorney general
and the secretary of tho treasury
will be unable to designate tho post I
offices that are to receive postal sav i
ings for many mouths to come
It is known to be the purpose of I
the trustees to limit designations at
the beginning to offices of tho first I
class such as New York Philadelphia
Boston Chicago St Louis St Paul I
Indianapolis and a few cities iu the
intermountaIn region and on the Pa
cific coasL
Jt is predicted that when postmas
ters and clerks In offices to be des
ignated as postal savings offices
learn that they will get no additional
compensation for tho work Incident
to handling postal savings there will
be considerable complaint
Atlantic City NjJ July GFrlon I
of Charles K Hanilllon the aeronaut
are talking todsiy t u now role which
Hamilton osayadiMoaterday that ofi
a volunteer flra Khtor He saved I
a house too by hl ip odate methods I
Hamilton wns ping along the road i
near FarmingtldljgfX J in his auto
mobile when haertonk a volunteer
fire company tollgJg along the road
drawing their fire engine toward a
burning house H opnpd bin mtf
chine hooked thofenclno on and tow1
ed it to the fir a Then It was dis
covered Unit timer < 5wa no water near j
enough to thSnoaae ro make the i
atl1nu Of tnc7 jfi
So HBinllurfitfoaded his machine
with milk cnhSi2rov to the nearest
water filled the 5 ns and drove back
oiF16UT i
Many Cities to Exclude
Them Natives of
Africa Excited I
Cape Town July GThere is a I
widespread demand hero for the pro
I hibition In South Africa of the pic I
I tures of the JeffriesJohnson fight
I owing to the effect on the natives
Signs already are evident among
them of excitement on account of
the victory of the negro i
Kansas CityJuiy G Governor
Hadley said today that If the exhi
bition of the JeffriesJohnson fight
pictures started riots or produced pub
lic disturbances in the streets ho
would prevent their display as public i
nuisances I
Norfolk July 6Mayor Reed of
Portsmouth Va announced today
that he would not permit the exhibi
tion of pictures of time JeffriesJohnson
Portland Me July GTho exhibi
tion of prize fight pictures in Maine
hi prohibited by a law passed by the
legislature In 1807 The law reads
Whoever publicly exhibits any
j photographic or oher reproduction of
j a prize fight shall be punished by a I
fine not exceeding 5500
I Fort Worth Texas July GIn re i
spouse to the request of Mayor Davis
j the city commitBlon has prepared an
I ordinance prohibiting the exhibition I
of pictures of the JeffriesJohnson
fight In this city
PoOceman Captures One
Safecracker After I
> RunningBa tLe T 1
New York July GActor a run
I ning fight between safecrackers and
police In Harlem today Iu which
thirty shots were exchanged the po
lice ran one fugitive up an elevated
railroad talrway and captured him
The second man ran into a tenement
house and disappeared
I The burglars showed fight when
found by Zerando di Angeles pro
prietor of a First avenue cafe drilling
holes In a safo in which Dl Angeles
for the last month has kept from
GOOO to 7000 belonging to Italian
societies As they dashed out of tho
place they opened fire Di Angeles
was not Injured and yelled for the
police Policeman Alblngcr finally
cornered a man on the L stairway
who gave his name as Frank Plccl
He denied being a professional burg
lar and said he did not know the I
name of tho man who escaped
I j
San Francisco July GAt a meet
ing In this cllyJnst night of the Kor
ean association resolutions denounc
ing the annexation of Korea by Ja
pan were TaU cl1 and money was rais
ed to send a cable protest to the em
perors of Jjipnn and Korea The as
sociation which has its headquarters
in this city has been very active in
the revolutionary propaganda which
seeks to free Korea from Japanese
influence i
The following cable was sent to
the emperor of Japan II
To the illustrious emperor of Ja
pan We natives of Korea In the I
name ot humanity and liberty beg I
your majesty not to annex our belov
ed country to Japan It means the
degradation of our people and will be
followed by haired and vengeance I
Wo implore your majesty to remember
the solemn pledge given by Japan to
respect the Independence of Korea
This pledge wrta glveu to the world I
and the grenc nations have a right to
expect that it shall bo kept In good j
Signed Korea National associa
tion president and all members I
The cable to the emperor of Korea
was as fellows
To thijt Illustrious emperor of Ko
rea It fs reported that there has I
been made stepS further to annex
In terror most
Koran to Japan We I
humbly implore your majesty not to
concede P > too proposed annexation
far It wJL bctlaiperous to the pres
ent dynasty anti bring slavery and
njlserj upon the ubjfcLI It Is up to
our nnJeslr to mediate for the out
conje of affairs I
fSlgned Korean National Asso
ciation president and all members i
Washington JuK O latest figures
available at the trcosurj show that
tho total amount paid on account of
thti corporation ta Is 21711805
This does not include payments made
to collectors ot Internal revenue
vhlqh have not ypt bccn received at I
thu department I I
4 I
cattd WaUrJily 8 Adolph HeII
Jcr agod Off arotlrcd packerand I
forttior diemfieVOI the Chlcacjo board 4
of trade died yesterday In a hospital 1
0 u
jjj t
after au operation on his ear Ho
was cm his way homo from an ex
tended trip In California when strick
en lIe reUred from active business
several years ago
Superior Wis July GA message
from Cornucopls this morning says
It rained hard for two hours In that
region last night and the fires are
I out A number of settlers lout their
buildings and much timber Is des
Sioux City Iowa July 6 Drought
was broken In this section last night
by a heavy rain
Chicago July GThree thousand
carpenters employed in store office
and bar fixture factories throughout
Chicago were called out on strike
yesterday in an effort to enforce a de
mand for higher wages
As a result of the strike Chicago
may experience an Ice box famine
as several of the effected shops pro
duce this hot weather household ar
He Says Roosevelt Must
Be the Victim of
His Friends
I Washington July Secretary Bal
linger of the Interior department re
turned to Washington from Beverly
today Referring to the report from
Oyster Bay that former President
Roosevelt had espoused the cause of
Representative Miles Polndexter as
a candidate for tho senate to succeed
Senator Piles of Washington the sec
rotary said
If the published report Is true Mr
Roosevelt has been led astray by tho
deception of people who claim to bo
his friends
He added that he had taken no ac
tive part in the politics of Washing
ton for a long time and denied that ho
headed the part In that stale or any
wing of IL
I do not consider Mr Poindexler
a Republican ho continueU fi but a
rank Socialist or rathor if he Is not
one he will be one soon
The secretary declined to i cu s
tile reorganization of the reclamation
service In so far as It related to Di
rector Frederick H Newell whose
fate has long been a matter of lon
jecturo except to say that he con
sidered Mr Newells relations to the
service as its head a misfortune
Who gave out that newp Poindex
That Is what Joseph G Cannon
speaker of the house asked a newspa
per reporter late last night on his
return to Washington after a trip
to a neighboring sea shore resort
Informed that the intimation Ihht i
Representative Polndoxter of Wash I
ington would have the sympathy of
former President Roosevelt in his
candidacy for senator from that state
had come from both Mr Polndever
and Colonel Roosevelt Mr Cannon
declined to comment further on the
situation until he know more of itO
1 I
C Chicago July GJohn L 0
O Pratt real estate and tax ng 0
O cut of tho Chicago GreatWest G
C ern railway was injured son O
O misTy last night when the au 0
O tomoblle in which he was 0
O riding was struck by a Cot 0
O tage Grove avenue car 0
O The machine was wrecked 0
O and Mr Pratt was hurled over O
O the steering wheel and rolled 0
O against the curbing His skull 0
C was fractured and he is 0
O thought to ho Internally hurt 0
G Mr Pratt resides in St Paul 0
Minnesota and South
Dakota Visited by Wind
and Eiectric Forces
St Paul July GA special from
Watertown S D says
One dead and a score more or less
Injured the main tent and menagerie
tent of a big circus In ruins and two
horses killed is tho result of a cyclo
nic storm here and near here last
night The dead Is an employe of Ibo
circus and HIP Injured ore farmers
The storm seems to have followed a
well defined path from Benson and
Madison lInn DeUills arc meager
Wires are down weal from these
polnts and telephone and telegraph
messages could not be sent Ihrougji
points on Great Northern railroad
wires 4
Reports received from Bracken I
ridge lInn Grand Perks N 0
Sioux City and Brooklns S D loll Of I
bad storms and much dnrnagQ In the 4
storm belt but details aro lacking
SL Paul July 6 Western Minne 4
sota and eastern South Dakota were 4
visited last Averting by Severe wind
ind electrical storms which may have 4
auscd loss of life and groat damage 4
lo cities andfarming communities 4
iM Ji f
They Will Have a Great
Time on Johnsons
Arrival I
Chicago July GUtUc Africa
which was so boisterous Monday night
aftqr news of Jack Johnsons vie
t ton over Jeffries became known that
twentysix arrests were made set
I tIed down yesterday an dattentlou was
given to plans to receive tho black fJ
I champion when he arrives here l
Thousands of negroes are oxpoct
cd to Join In the reception party
The Eighth Infantry band and a squall
of the negro national guardsmen and
the negro Elks band will give an
Official tone to the reception
A special touring car will be on
hand for Inck and his pur j and
twentysix automobiles will carry per
sonal friends in a parade from the
station to Johnsons homo whero
mother will have ready a chicken
feast i
Mother Tiny Johiiton deplored
all tho riots that havo resultPd from
her sons victory but saul it was all
due to an unwillingness on th
of many white persons to let a negro
express himself
The whiles dont like for a black
man to be on top sho said but
Jacks there and bs victory will help
the entire negro raco
I Crash in the Opening
of the Stock
New York July GTbole was a
crash in the prices of stocks at the
I opening of tho stock market again lo
rd ax Jjhj jaralyalB of demand and
I the free offerings were similar to yeA
lerday and produced like results In
the rapid crumbling of prices
Tho tone of tho comment reported
I from Interior bankers and the situa
tion presented by the speculation In
farm lands were not liked The slump
made low prices lot the year in a
few prominent stocks including Uni
on Pacific Reading and U S Steel
Prices rebounded in the course of the
I first half hour This was after Read
I ing Union Pacific Kansas it Texas
I Wabash preferred Rock Island
I Chesapeake Ohio American Car
end some others had shown losses of
1 12 to C points and the general ac
tive list 1 to 2 points
Proof That the Browne j
Jury Was Tampered
With Evident J
Chicago July GA fresh sensation
In connection with the executive brib f
ery scandal arose today when States
Attorney Wayman announced that in
Indictment had been voted charging
John A Malory a grocer with at
tempting to cojrmpt Oscar T Morford
a Juror In the recent trial of Leo
ONell Browne
Morford his wife and his father
through Morford testified beforo the
grand Jury Mrs Morford testified
that shortly after tho Browne Jury
had been sworn she wont to Malorys
grocery which la In tho neighborhood i
In which the Morfords JIve MaJery
she said gave her two cigars which I
he asked hor to give to her husband
who had been accepted by tho Jury
Mrs Morford testified that Mnlcry i
asked her to use her Influence to por
Buado her husband to vote for tho ac
quittal of Browne holding out as a
reward for so voting that Morford
would not havo to work for a railroad
any more as ho would got a lump
of money
Morford is a switchman and his
father a railroad gatamnn Ho voted
consistently for tho conviction of the l
defendant Though Morfords father
Is said to have testified that tho groc
er made n similar proposition to him
urging him to influence the Juror to
hold out for Browne Die offer wa
not communicated to tha Juror and
he heard of it first after the Jury
had been discharged
o oooooooo oooooo
o Son Antonio Tex July G 0
o As the result of an auto 0
D plunging fifty feet from n 0
D bridge Into Sal Pedro creek 0
D early today one perSOn Is 0
> dead and four arw Injured 0 I
fatally 0
D two probably
1Ie1J Dot Miller was killed 0
> and Dorothy Miller and Mettle P I I
Lchurt wore probably fatally tg
> hurt p
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