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Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
Those having in charge the opening of Hudson avenue state that
they will file the bonds required by the District court at a late hour
this afternoo and be prepared to commence the demolition of the
buildings within the lines of the avenue at an early hour next Mon
When the clerk of the court to whom has been delegated the
power to pass upon the sufficiency of the bonds shall have placed
his seal of approval on the documents the city will be in position to
raze the builditfgs and make possible the building up of a new and
p most important street in the heart of the business district
Hudson avenue if present plans are adhered to should be an
t added attraction to the business blocks of Ogden
Friday July 15 has been designated II AllUtah Products Day
when the people of the State of Utah will be called upon to buy
V as far as possible articles produced in this state
1 This is a good move and should be encouraged by the peppld
of every part of Utah
We as a people are not sufficiently selfish to do full justice
to our local industries Over in California the spirit of selfpreserva
tion is so rampant that all Californians are firmly of the belief thai
anything produced in their state is better than the outside article
When Utah becomes equally selfsatisfied then local industries will
prosper as never before and more industries will be established to
meet the growing homedemand
Commercialism means the survival of those who care for them
selves and it is about time that the people of Utah cultivated this
commercial selfpreservation spirit
VV The JeffriesJohnson fight has brought trouble to nations other
than the United States The British government is somewhat con
cerned over the probable effect the victory of the blackman over
the whiteman will have on its subjects in those colonies where the
blades arc largely in the majority but are held in restraint by that
feeling of inferiority which the whiteman has impressed on the
colored man by the whip hand
Down at Cape Town in Cape Colony and further north in
South Africa where the British flag commands allegiance there
are millions of blacks and they have been waiting for the returns
from Reno Nevada with an eagerness born of a hope that the negro
Jack Johnson would demonstrate that in physical prowess the man
of their race is the master of Jim Jeffries the representative of
white supremacy
When the news was flashed around the world that the colored
man had conquered Cape Towns colored pppulation became excited
and since then all that great empire over e which British troops
passed to meet the Boers including the Transvaal has become the
scene of a restless body of darkskinned humanity half inclined to
contest the right of the white race to longer hold them in sub
It was an unfortunate event for the peace of blacks and whites
that JeffriesJohnson fight
With the freight rates on the railroads entering Utah from the
East adjusted in conformity with the orders of the Interstate Com
merce commission of last week the state of Utah should be pros
perous even though other parts of the country be dull That is the
statement of an Ogden manufacturer
who has struggled for years
against what he has termed outrageous rate discrimination At
times he has been tempted to quit Utah and reestablish his industry
on the Pacific Coast where favored by the railroads he could manu
facture his goods and ship them back to Utah at less than the cost of
production in Ogden On one line of his goods the railroad has
charged 105 for the raw material which was a big part of the selling
price of his finished product The rate on the same goods from Chi
cago to San Francisco has been 85 cents
Now with the rate reduced to 85 cents to Ogden the manu
facturer feels encouraged to go on building up and branching out
With other manufacturers similarly situated
and equally en
couraged by the new order of things it may be that we are at the
i beginning of a most radical improvement in our industrial affairs
and that Utah is about to take
on a great activity in manufacturing
On next Saturday evening the water mains of the city are to be
closed and during Saturday night Ogden will be without water
while the new city reservoir concreted and made perfectly sanitary
receives a supply of water from the feed pipe leading back into the
The change comes none too soon The old reservoir with its
accumulations of years is unfit to be used as the source of water of a
city like Ogden which is entitled
by virtue of its location near great
springs to be furnished with an absolutely clean supply of water
f There will be some slight inconvenience
r nce to housewives who will
be called upon to fill their
and pots with water enough to
r meet their wants until Sunday but the benefits will be worth the
When the new reservoir is doing service there need be no fear
of a contaminated water supply and there will be no danger of
typhoid germs unless the Wheeler Canyon and Cold Water streams
are polluted by the criminal
carelessness of
trespassers in the form
of campers
With the old mud pond in disuse
and the new concrete storage
I 1 reservoir doing service Ogden should rejoice 0
A Family Convenience
Yes I think Ill tnke a chnnce and
marry Charlie Summers
But my dear that Isnt Lho way
I to onter Into matrimony Marriage
Is a very serious rite
Serious rite Not for the girl
1 1 whoso uncle Is the bent divorce law
yer hi Chicago bar nonoOlevc
y land Plain Dealer
Not a Hat I
A teacher in ono of the Newton I
lower grade schools was entertaining I
two visitors in the classroom Sev
eral days previously the teacher had
furnished amusement and at the same
time Increased tho childrens store oE
knowledge by a series of questions
of the following nature
What do we sit on that rhymed
with hair
Some child would answer Chair 1
I Today the visitors would be pleased
to obsorvo how readily the pupils j
could answer
What do I wear on mr head that
rhymes with cut asked the instruc
Up went the hand of a boy with
rod hair
Well Johnny said she you may
tell us
Johnny arose and appeared fright
ened Its a rat ho blurted
And then the tableau Boston Post
All Out
The Reporter Wheres the lady of
the house
The Maid Out
Reporter Well whores tho owner
Maid Out
I Roporter Any of tho family
I Maid Out
Reporter Well aawo have a re
I port that there was a fire here this
morning Is It
I il IdOuq Cleveland Leader
A Kneeling Proposition
Pony Moore the oico ramous mln
etrel is dead at the age of 80 He
was one of tho last of his kind
Moore said a veteran Chicago
I manager used to make up his own
jokes Once when he played hero h
Our Busy Store Proves Third Week Starts With
the Power of Us Attractions New Series of Offer
tions < E e < < < 242924312433 Washington Ave ings t < t
I l
Every Department of This Store
Offers extra big double vaT ues for the third week of the GREAT DOUBLEVALUE
SALES Entire readytoWear stock suits dresses eoa2s and skirts waists
kimonO 9 house dresses u llderslkirisai anmaZH1l1g reduciiion sale priees You may
selectil many YIQ k1C InceSy fir jusi hali price Wash gJJ1od siu S9 diress goods Awhile
good linens and domes ics priced aa New York cost Muslin underwear knit k
underwear corsets neckwear and gnoves o o v v I
All at Greatest Possible RedllCilonsi
vrr r
o < = < 1 = > I i
had his toes run over and limped ou
that night with a foot that resembled
a white pillow
Ahs ez tondah footed as Liza
Johnslng he Bald to the audlonco
with a ohucklo Yo know bout
Liza Young Calhouu White he sez
to her proposln
Whaffo yo make a face like
dat when I propose Miss Johnslng
Well Cal said Liza An
Iraint give yo offah propah consid
eration lessn yo takes yo knee ofln
man con New York Tribune
Matter of Choice
Barton Is it true that yau are en
d to Miss Rlchlolgh
Ardupp Yes and shes awfully ex
acting She says Ill have to give
up smoking and drinking when wo
are married
Barton Huh Why dont you
break off the engagement
Ardupp Cant afford to If 1 dont
marry her Ill have to give up oatlng
as well or go to work Chicago
My little boy said a matron of
Augusta used to bite his nails
Now see here his nurse said to
him one day Ilf you keep on biting
your nails like that do you know what I
will happen to you 7
No what 7
Youll swoll up like a balloon and I
My Httlo boy believed his riurso
lie stopped biting his nails at onco
That was about a month ago and the
other day we had the honor of Mr
Tafts presence at luncheon
Jimmy when Mr Taft entered the
room looked at him with stern dis
approval Then ho walked over to
You bite your nails he said
Washington Star
The Lay of the Listener
Money talks the sages say
But when 1 hear Its dulcet tone
It always seems so far away
I have to use the telephone
And as I wait its voice to hear
And care brings furrows on my
Fate answers in a tone severe
Ring off Tho line Is busy now
Detroit News
Too Good to Be True
Mrs Stubb John this morning a
man came around from the electric
company and said that for 2 a mouth j
hed supply enough electricity to light I I
the house run the dumb waiter propel j
an electric fan and run a patent lawn i
mower What do you think of that
Mr Stubb Well Maria Just toll I
him when we want any current fiction
well go to a book store Chicago
One on tho Hotel Man
There Is one thing about this
place boasted the hotel proprietor
nnd that is vo never make any false
claims Anything you see on the i
menu can be served at once
That BO chuckled the humorous
guest us he looked over lho much
used card Well bring mo some
thurnbprintfl Chicago News
Too Much Slang
Why have you broken your engage
ment to Billy Stllwcll
Oh I couldnt stand for his slang
I tried to put him wise that father
was sore on the phoney talk but ho
couldnt get hOI so I pushed the skids
under hlmChlcngo RecordHerald
One of the Konnol
The country la going to the dogs I
shouted tho agitator at a street meet
Ing 1
Quit your snarling then and wait
for your share said the auditor who
sized the speaker up Brownings
Walter Kerr Describes a Journey From El Paso Through Juarez
and South to the City of MexicoDeserts Where the
l Sun is Scorching Hot
By Walter A Korr of Ogden
Mexico City June Wlt was 035
when tho Mexican Central left the sta I
tion at El Paso and tOil minutes lat
er a halt was made on the brlugo i
spanning the RIoUrande river With
in ten minutes every grip and every
valise which the passengers had in
their possession were searched by
Mexican custom 61iiclals and stumped
revlsado inspected This being
done each person filled out a blank
gig ° tnb a complete description of him
boll and also stating his final destina
tion in Mexico Tae train moved on
but It was for just a few minutes I
for another stop was moue at Juarez
whoro all baggage had to be claimed
and passed on b > the Inspectors
Juarez Is known as Paso del
None Pass of tho North and Is
devoid of great lutoiest While Mex
ico was occupied by the Emperor
Maximilian President Benito Iutilo
Juarez had his seat Of government
at this place hence the name The
main thing however which attracts
the many tourists to this place Is tho
bull fight The lights only take place
on Sundays and holidays train Sep I
tember until April Many claim the
bull fights of Juarez surpass those I
of Mexico City
The country extending from Juarez I
to Chihuahua Is like the American i
desert a low scattered villages dot
ting the vast expanse I
Just a word aboat Chihuahua as it
was night when the train arrived
This City IB the first of any import
ance south of tho frontier and owes
its importance to the ores which I
abound in the surrounding hills It
is claimed that many people could be
come rich if they could demolish their
houses extract the ore and rebuild
I When the Spaniards came to ilex
ico they mar hod northward and
finding Chihuahua occupied by Indi
ans conquered this people and found
ed a Spanish town
People Seem to Be Slaves
rho train skips along passing
through Santa Rosalia a city of 8900 I
peoplea city celebrated for Its min
eral springs which are good for
rheumatic ailments At every sta
tion natives are anxious to sell their
fruits and hand mado articles
Ono wonders how so many people
i cnn live where the vegetation Is so I
scarce The suns heat Is terrific
and the white dust Is almost blinding
Their houses little and squatty are
made of adobe There are 110 win
dows tho door furnishing all tho
necessary light These poor country
people certainly seem slaves Many
a fellow may bo seen jogging along
some country road carrying a load of
wood that an American would bo
afraid to put in his wagon
Are Poorly Clad
Tho country people of Mexico are
poorly clad in fact many of the lit
tle boys are dressed just as nature
sent them < Women are generally
clad bettor than tho men although
none of thorn has on much and what
they do IB threadbare and torn
The Mexican farmer is primitive
Ho works as the Toltecs and the As
tees worked His team Is an ox team
Tho Moxlcau would be lost without
I his faithful burro for this animal la
the beast of burden The plow is
nothing more than a tree trunk to
which is fastened a small sharp stick
which turns over the sod If tho
farmer is fortunate enough to find a
small tree of tho desired shape his
plow is complete
Out on the Desert
I About twentyfour hours are passed
and Torrean comes In sight Torrcan
Is a thriving town having a population
of 26000 The surrounding country
Is fertile and productive and produces
n great amount of cotton Besides
the cotton mills there are flour mills
and Iron mills From Torrean to
Zacntccas one sees but the desert
with Its cacti and grease wood Tho
air Is still suffocating the land Is
swept by the whirlwinds and it Is
quite uncomfortable to be alive Night
only brings relief Morning comes
again What a change No more of
the scorching sands and hot winds
It Is now a flemltroplcnl country
Tropical fruits are plentiful Banan
as oranges limas limas can be pur
chased for a few centavos
The climb to Mexico City Is a
steady one Querataro with Its 37000
people comes Into view This city
was founded in J410 A D by the
Otornlle Indians This people was
conquered by the Astecs and these In
turn by the Spaniards in 1531 Quer
ataro was tho crudle of Mexican In
dependence It was here also that
Maximilian was executed
Passing through San Juan del Rio
we come to Cazadoro situated on tho
great M xlcun plateau Almost as
far as the eye can see arc grant
fields teaming with Indian corn
Those flame fields supplied the Aoteos
hundreds of years ago Undoubtedly
the green sprigs of these fields arc
the direct descendants of plants
which grew hundreds of years ago
when the swift runners of the Astecs
carried tho harvest to tho court of
Montezuma Now It Is tho train
which races over these ancient mllpoo
corn fields carrying thousands of
Wo pass Tula Zochorla and other
towns finally reaching that grand old
city the former abode of the Toltecs
and Astocs but now governed by
their more progressive descendants
Willard Ilanson state dairy and
food commissioner has issued the fol
lowing bulletin on the pure food reg
All regulations of this bulletin will
bo rigorously enforced on nnd after
July 1 1910
Section Flavoring extracts and
soda fountain syrups
Keeping for sale or offering for sale i
any Imitation extract without the sam
being plainly labeled us an Imitation
is prohibited by law
Soda fountain syrups flavored with
imitation flavoring extracts must bo
plainly and correctly tabled If tho j
containers of such syrups are not dis
played to the customer so that tho
label Is readily seolrr conspicuous
signs must be attached to the foun
tain where they can be readily seen
by customers stating that artificial
flavoring artificial coloring or both
as the case may be are used In
these syrups
Said signs must be printed with
letters not less than onehalf Inch
Benzoate of soda In quantities of
onetenth of one per cent may be
used in fruit syrups or crushed fruits
provided its presence and amount la
plainly and correctly stated on tho
label or by conspicuous signs at
tached to the fountain giving a list
of such fruit Juices or crushed fruits
containing tho preservative
Section 2 Coloring matter In food
The use of any dye harmless or
otherwise to color or slain a food In
any manner whereby damage or in
feriority Iti concealed is Specifically
prohibited by law Tho uso In food
for any purpose of any mineral do
or any coaltar dye except those coal
tar dyes hereinafter listed will bo
grounds for prosecution Pending fur
ther Investigations now under way
and the announcement thereof the
coaltar dyes hereinafter namod
made specifically for use in oo s
and which hear a guaranty from the
manufacturer that they arc froo from
subsidiary products and represent the
actual substance the nnnio of which
they bear may be used In foods In
every case a certificate that the dyo
in question has been tested by com I
petent experts and found to be free
from harmful constituents must be
filed with the secretary of agriculture
and approved by him
The following coaltar dyes which
may be used In this manner are giv
en numbers the numbers preceding
tho names referring to the number of
I the dyo In question as listed In A 0
Greens edition of the SchultzJullUR
j Systematic Survey of the Organic
Coloring Mutters published In 1904
Tho list Is ns follows
Rod Shnlee 107 Amaranth 50
Poucoiu 3 H 517 Erjthrosln
Yellow shade1 Naphthol yellow
Orange shade SG Orange I
Green shade 435 Light green S F
Blue shade G02 Indigo disulfo acid
Each of these colors shall bo free
from any coloring matter other than
the one specified and shall not con
tain any contamination due to Im
perfect or Incomplete manufacture
Things have begun to assume their
normal Condition at the Union depot
now that the Reno fight Is over and
all of the specials have returned from
tho west Although there was a gre l
amount of special trains and cars al
Reno which If placed In a train would
have been more than a mile in long h
the Salt Lake division ofllclals hvn
died the cars without the least con
fusion Within three hours after tin
fight was over the first special trait
for the east from Reno was on tb
road to Ogden
The other trains were leaving ai
rapidly as the fans were aboard li
Is estimated that the Southern Pacific
botwoon Ogden and Reno nandlci
about soon thousand to Reno
Tho finest train out of here was the
Salt Lake and Ogden special The 1
dining car accommodations on this
train wore unequaled Supt < Gentscli
supplied two diners and buffet and
had twentytwo men serving the hun
gry travelers
In Hie Dally Walk 1
What makes Plthertlng take such nI
mincing steps asks the man with
tile excess of side whiskers lie Inns
along with such short paces that he
look positively funny
Its just another of his theories
explains the man with tho glittering
eyes He cured himself of djspep
six by fletcherlzlng hlll food and
now lies trying to cure his rheuma
tism by flclchorizlng his steps
Then He Made a Homo Run
He What kind of stone would you
like in tho ring darling
SheOh Jack dear Ive heard cn
much about baseball diamonds D
rOll suppose they are very expensive
ro a 471Ki1L76SbyLL313Uf11iT r < Y
Illuminated Toy
f Street Cars
An Evening Pastime for Children t r
After Dark
These cats arc pulled with a string on the sidewalk The
illumination at night with the the light showing through the i
red transparent windows is beautiful and attractive
J It is a big toy the car ia 12 inches long G inches wide and t
S 12 inches high and means lots of enjoyment and pastime
for the youustcrs It takes thcj place of the homomade shoo
box lantern
f These Cars Will be Given
t t
Away Friday I
At Ogdens Most Popular Shoe Store with every pair of shoes
t costing 125 or more Children 1 bring your parents to Clarks f
and get the newesttoy out
a BtJJ
UA t a

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