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I g i < r
Fortieth YCilrNo 1G6 Price Five Cents OGDEN CITY UTAH TUESDAY EVENING JULY 12 J10 Entered as Second Clats Matter at the Postofflc Ogden Utah i
Chas Rolls Great En
C glish Aviator Meets
Shocking t
I f
Bouruemoutli England July 1L
first flying tournament of tho j ear
was brought to a tragic close thh
morning by the dramatic death of tho
most daring British aviator tho Hon
Charles S Rolls thfrdyson of Lord
I In the presence of n great company
Ii of spectators a majority of whom
I were women and children and many
personal friends of the young aviator
the Wright biplane on which he was
flying tell suddenly with terrific
speed from a height of 100 feet It
struck the ground close to the crowd
ed grand stnud smashed into
a tan
I gled mass and before the doctors and
k their assistants could reach the spot
Rolls was dead
The event In which Rolls was com I
peting was for a prize for tho aviator
alighting nearest a given mark The
goal was directly in front of tho
grandstand and whero the spectators
were massed He had risen to a good
height then shut off his motor and
was gliding in a broad circle toward I
the mark
Without warning the tall piece of S
the biplane cnappod off Tho machine
gave a sudden lurch and the frame
work crumpled UI in the air When
it struck the ground It was smashed
to splinters
The doctors found that Rolls had
suffered a fractured skull The wreck
of the machine and twisted stays sur
rounded the body so that there was
difficulty In extricating it
Immediately after the result of I
Rolls accident the an
nounced that flying would be suspend I
ed for the day
Lord and Lady Llangattock the
parents of Rojln did not witness the
catastrophe They were yachting
plong the coast and put In at Poole I
near Bournemouth this morning in
tending to go to the aviation meeting
but postponed going until nftornman II
Audemars tho Swiss aviator had
a clone shave while making a trial
flight over the Bournemouth His
monoplane overturned and descended
swiftly totho ground but he escappd
without injury J
Captain the Hon Charles Stewart
Rdlls was 3 years old and was one
of the most popular young allaround1
gpVtgmen in England At ballooning
at motoring and later In the field of
aviation he had distinguished himself
by his utter faarleKsncss
Undoubtedly his crowning feat was
his rond trip across the channel be
tween Doer and Calais in a Wright
biplane on June 2 last Two French
men Louis Blerlot and Count DeLes
seps already had crossed the chan
nel and Hubert Latham had almost
Channel flying was at a discount
in England because It was considered
au old story and also because Na
tional pride suffered from the monop
oly of it by Frenchmen when Rolls
t electrified the entire kingdom by
doubling the accomplishments Qf his
predecessors The distance between
D9rer and Calais is twentyone mile I
and when Rolls did the round trip of
fortytwo miles In ninety minutes I
without stopping his performance J
was a marvelous one both for dis
tance and time II
Rolls was as modest as he was
daring and received the congratula
tions which were showered on him al
most embarrassment
In his youth Rolls was one of the
pioneers of motoring in England He
drove a motor car while the ordinance
was still In force that even solfprq
polled vehicle on the public roads I
must be preceded by a man carrying
a red flag toward pedestrians In I
t ISOG he was one of the bent known I
motor experts TSuropo I
In 1900 he WOn the gold medal In i
V She thousand mile race He was tho j
t > loprcsentative of Great Britain in the j
Gordon Bennett race of 1905 and soy I
l eral tlm s made worlds records for
i speed I
i As a balloonist Rolls made moro
than 150 ascouslona crossed the ha
n I several times in balloons and in
rI IflOG by a journey from Paris to Slier J
Lourne and Norfolk gained tho
French Aoro clubs medal for the I
longest balloon journey
f Rolls was Intended for tho diplo I
matic service but he showed such en
I thuslaam for science and mechanics I
thrat his parents decided it was better J
tc let him become a good scientist I
than a poor diplomat I
HP was educated at Eton and Cam
bridge where he specialized In engi I
neering and electricity Ho was cap I
tain of the Cambridge university liIi I
L cycle team and gained his military
I title with the Eton volunteer battery 1
Rolls had written and lectured
t much on his hobby particularly on I
the future of motoring He also wall
f an expert musician He was the tech I
nlcal managing director of tho Bolls I
Royco Motor company and nlfio cap j
lain of the Lpndon section of the I
inn motor reserve corps
Washington July 12 Congress
Laving enacted a bill for postal 5aV
f 1igs banks system in the United
States Consul General John T Grif
S fiths of London hud submitted to
e tills government reports of the post
al savings operations In the Tjnltod
Kingdom whore the deposits amount
hi nearly u billion dollars
Deposited In postal savings In thp
nltcd Kingdom in 1DOS aggregated
ilTS77011 and the wltnurawals in
tnfe same year aggregated 220910
U lu 1007 when financial cond
lions were less stable the amount I
withdrawn exceeded the amount de j
posited by 10785838 Tho largest
number of withdrawals on any one I
day was 55185 and of tho entire
number of withdrawals in 19US 5
9J048G were made on demand
Tho total sum to the credit pf tho i
11018251 depositors in the postal
savings banks of the United Kingdom
on December 31 1908
was 781794
533 an Increase in the year of 15
Pueblo Colo July i2Mis Sam
uel Ynrberry Wife of a ranchman
living near Pueblo was struck by
lightning last night Her clothing
took fire and she was saved from bo I
Ing burned to death while unconscious
by her fiveyearold son who exting
uished the flames with a bucket of
water Mrs Yarberry probably will
As He Was in the Act
of Stabbing His
fonkers X Y j July 12115 Pet
er Tripoli owes the fact that she is
alive today to an attack of heart fail
ure which caused her huflband to fall
dead In the act ot trying to kill hor
The woman unnerved by her narrow
escape fainted over the dead mans
Tripoli who Is believed lo have be
come suddenly Insane because ot ex
cesBhc heat began to show signs of i
derangement yesterday morning He j
grew worse as the heat Increased and
eventually got into a quarrel with an I
iceman Oer a twocent piece of Ice i
Suddenly ho attacked the Iceman with
an axe His wife and a neighbor dis I
armed him and soon aiterwards Mrs I
Tripoli saw him take up a knife from i
the table She tried to disarm him
but he fought frenziedlY screaming
that he would kill her Finally thu
woman exhausted relaxed her hold
Tripoli raised the knife above his
bond then suddenly reeled and fell
I I f
SAt T tA E
Dr Calkins Deceives a
Broken Arm in Run
away Auto
Portland Ore July 12 Running
backwards down the steep Front I
street hill at lightning speed with I
Dr J W Calkins of Salt Lake City
as the sole occupant an automobile I
belonging to Dr J J Rosenberg
wpund up the wild dash In a collis
ion with a telegraph pole The car
was knocked to pieces and Dr Cal
kinfi was pulled from beneath the
dobris with his right arm broken and 1
the muscles and flesh torn from the
right leg He Is apparently not in
jured Internally and Will live
Dr Calle Ins had accompanied Di
Rosenberg on a call and had been
loft alone In the car in front of the
house when tho brakesgave way
Providence R L July 12 Philan
der Knox Jr and his 18yearold
bride have gone to live in his fathers
country home near Philadelphia The
parental forglvenness withheld fol
lowing his elopement and marriage to
Miss May Bowlor finally has been
granted owing to the Intervention of
his mother and brothers
Young Knox has resigned his posi
tion as soiling agent for an automo
bile company His mothcrlnlaw Is
said to have assured him her cottage
always would be open lo him
Huntington Pa July 12A three
foot copperhead snake sprang at Miss
Amelia Ergler from the lop of a
stonewall yesterday as she was re
turning from work in a hook bindery
and trutk at her arm it fastened
its fangs bi the sleeve of her dress
the weight of tile reptile pulling tha
I fabric away from the flesh and pie
venting inoculation by the poison Be
fore the snake could recover for an
I other attack it was killed by mon at
tracted by the gins Screams
Cincinnati July 12 Perhaps Jim
biggest t ado of the year In baseball
Is to bo announced hero on Wednes
day when the Boston National league
team conjcs to play Cincinnati a sc
rips of four gullieS It will take fiom
Cincinnati Third Baseman Lobcrt
who IK considered by many as one of
tbo bestJnilcldera of the league and
will faring to Cincinnati PltchQr Cliff
Curtis and Shortstop Swecnoy of Bos
ton This plan has received the offi
cial commendation of President Her
mann who is now at Detroit
Chairman of Conven
tion DenQuncss All
Milwaukee July 12 Wisconsin
Democrats prepared to gcthor in stale
convention today at noon to form a
platform The work will occupy two I
daysWhile I
While nothing as to the nomination
of a state ticket was contained In the
ocll it Is said a majority of thj 800
delegates present will favor naming a
list of candidates Some piefor but
ono ticket while others are said to
favor at least two candidates for each
place on the ticket
Adolph J Schmidt of Milwaukee is
mentioned as likely to head tho ticket
If one is placed In nomination at the
ratification of tho primary election in
Burr W Jones of Madison also has
been talked of but Mr Jones said he
was not a candidate
Tho platform according to the load
ing delegates will he along socalled
progressive lines Considerable space
It Is said will ho devoted to a criti
cism of the present tariff law
Michael K Rellley of Fond du Lac
will be Introduced by State Chairman
Joseph E Davies to preside over the
convention temporarily and at tho
conclusion of his address a recess is
planned until evening
Milwaukee Wls Julj1 12 Michael
K Reilly chairman or tao Democratic
state convention In his address aald i
While it will be mps readily ad
mitted that the Democratic party has i
been most signally unsuccessful In
the securing of the spoils of office I
for its followers it cannot be denied
lhat the party of Jefferson and Jack
son has been most I
mos triumphantly
cesBful after almost a quarter of a
century of warfare in ficcurlpc the
n opUon of He principles and the
ratification of Its economic theory by
its conquering political opponents
At the last notional election al
though defeated In the nation the
Democratic party achieved important
victories in six of the northern states I
And today six Dljmocr tlc governors
are serving tho people In tho former
strongholds of Republicanism
And Democratic ideas and Demo
cratic theories once denounced by
our political opponents rer now
claimed as their own
While the Democratic party has
continually suffered defeat und her
champions many of them hrllllant pa
triotic men who have embellished
the history of their country hqvc fal
len righting glorlouulyunder her flag
the principles for which the party
has stood still Jlvq and will continue
lj live for they are an eternal as jus
tice Itself
1 Upon tho right olf the government
to levy tribute upon one party for the
benefit of another the Democratic
party takes decisive issue with the
Republican party t
The taxing power ot tic govern
ment Is being employed today anu
has been employed for tie last thirty
years or more through laws enacted
bv the Republican party for thp bene
fit of a favored ow
Through its tariff legislation the I
Republican party has enabloci cer
tain producers to eliminate cpmpetl
lion to form gigantic monopolies to
control markets arbitrarily to fix
prices defiance of the law of supply I
and demand so tocompel every fire j
side every shop ovary factory and I
every profession to pay tr1t > ute to I
the favored few
We have reached such a stage in I
our industrial and commercial de
velopments as ai result of special I
privileges that tho question is no
longer Will the govqrnmont ho able I
to control the corporation but in I
stead we have Will the corporatiouc i
be able to own and control the gov
ernment I
Seeing political destruction ahead I
a supreme effort Is being raade to I
make the country believe tljat the I
letirement of AldyJch and Halo and
the removing of Cannon from the I
spealtershlp will enable the Republi I
can party to become a servant or
the people Why condemn Cannon
I Why condemn AldrIch What about
the congressmen who aided Mr Can
I non In his efforts to serve the In
I terests What about tho Republican
majority in the United States that
I backed up Aldrich in his efforf to in
crease the tax prvjlgti anal what
about Mr Taft elootcd upon a plat I
form pledged to a reduction of the
tariff when he declared that the tariff
bill now condemned and denounced
universal us a fraud on the people
was the best tariff bill ever framed
by any party In this country
This is a remarkable day and age
Remarkable for many things and most
remarkable of all for tho kinds and
varieties of Republicans that we have
We have Stalwart Republicans and
IlalfBreed RepublIcans Taft Repub
licans and Rooauvelt Republicans
I Standpat Republicans and Insurgent
Republicans i CoiiBorvativo Republi
cans and Liberal Rupuhllcpns LaFol
lette and DolUvor Republicans and
then w haVa pRVoridgo Republicans
The qupfitjon te not liked who aud
what is a Democrat but rathor who
and what Is ft Republican The signs
I of the tlmoff point unm8takably to a
Democratic victory Qur port must
take up the fight Tom more govern
I ment for tho people and py tho people
and less goernnVQiit by class and for
privilege tOur
I Our plalfprnj ijllIItd bu progressive
and not reactionary Tliorc h3U great
content Jn our land tqday between
I the forces or reaction and thrj forces
of progress andpur croed should un
mistakably plaep our parly with the
I forces of procrona T
While th vnrlouu oI ni nth of the
Republican parly aro attempting to
read each oilier IJ of that party lot
It bo our aim to hoen oqr dQorsteps
1 swept clean and to wojcome into the
home of our party the disSatisfied in
the army of Republicans I
o 1 0
o t °
O Cripple Creek Colo July 12 0
O Two Univcrpllr Wf Illinois 0
0 atudcnu Robert Chambers of 0
O Oklahoma City and JPSBU 0
O Treakee of PeorIa III were O
O killed by lightning on the sum 0
O mil of Mount Pisgah last night 0
O The two young men started C
O to ascend the mountain yester O
O day morning When they did O
O not return last night a search 0
O party was organized Their 0 f
O bodies were found unrtor a big 0 r
O plnu tree that had been shah 0
O tored by the bolt O
O 0
Messages Sentfrom Eu
rope Ordering Pur I
chase of Sr cks
Ness York July 12A fraud on
stock exchange houcs through the
medium of falte cable orders from
Amsterdam has been discovered here
The extent of the fraud and details
concerning it have not been fully
cleared uu vet for tho reason that
the houses which received the orders I
havo not received replies to cable in
quiries which they sent after they
held up tho execution pf tho orders
Tho fake cable orders were all for the
purchase of certain stock which is
listed on the exchange here
The first oC series of efforts to get
NQW York houses to buy this stock on
fake cable orders was made about
two months ago A banking houso
here then received a cahle from Am
sterdam instructing it to by KOO
shares of tbp stock In question The
stock was nurchased ou the stock ex
change between20 nnd 21nnd the
house cabled bock to Amsterdam that
the order had been executed The or
der had come ostensibly from tho Dls
conto and Effecton bank of Amster
dam but upon tile recelplof thecnble
containing the report of the purchase I
of the stuck tho Amsterdam bank ca i
bled back that it had never sent any I
such order nnd thuVPhe original cable I
must have been a forgery I
A few days later cables purporting I
to come from Oycns Co bankers
of Amsterdam were received here by
other stock exchange houses than the
one which had been induced to pur
chase the SOOshare lot The second
batch pf cables however did not ap I
pear regular and no purchases of the
stock were made
Meanwhile the houso which had
bought the 800 shares started an In
vestigation and sent a representative
to Amsterdam to trace the sender of
the cablegram In thoso offorts it was
helped by a representative of the
Dutch government charged with the
supervision of the state telegraph
A halfdozen houses received cable
orders yesterday to buy this stock
This latest effort to get buying orders
executed was on a broader scale than
any of the two or three previous occa
sions during the last two months in
which this fraud was attempted
The purpose so far as the bankers
have been able to determine was to
bring about a simultaneous execution
of a number of buying orders in this
stock the effect of which was expect
ed to be a sharp advance on which
the Individual who was causing the
cables to be sent over to this side
could sell some of his own
The house which bought the 800
shares Buffered a loss of about 2uQO
for the stock immediately declined a
I number of points
S Newark N J July 12John Pe
kaiek has been notified that the au
I thorities have overruled the immigra
tion officials at Ellis island and that
I he will be allowed to bring his 12
yearold daughter Into this country
I Pokarck who IB a naturalized citizen
of this country went to Hungary
about two months ago to settle up the
I estate of his mother who had just
I died When he returned he brought
back his daughter Bessie who had
icmalned with her grandmother when
I the other members of the family came
I to the United States several years
ago The child had been mentally
I and physically weak and the long voy
I age from Hungary made her coalition
worse At Ellis Island the officials re
fused to allow tho child to enter this
Holland Mich July 12A move
ment has been started prominent
divines i layman In the Christian
Reformed dctiomlnaticin to establish
a chtirch Insane asylum wncce LIO
church will bo able to take care of
Its insane as It does the poor Tho
project which is enthusiastically
backed here came up at the recent
meeting of the general synod in I
I Muskegon This will Include tho pur
farm and this city
chase of a large us
and Grand Rapids nro the center of
I the denomination In America the
plan la to establish tho asylum be
tween the two cities I
His Complete Collapse I
Before the Fight
Xew York July 12lim Corbett
threw some Interesting sidelights to
y on the JeffriesJohnson fight de
claring that Jeffries could have beaten
n dozen Johnsons before July I but
that worry over several things caused
his defeat
Corbett said Jeffries worried over
tho criticism of the fight by Governor
Gillett that ho fretted constantly
over the news that his friends were
bettIng all their money on him and
also the fact that Billy Delaney his
old manager was going to aid John I
Corbett speaking of the final rub
down before the fight said
Ive seen many a fellow who was
all In before fight but never one to
compare with Jotries Wo found our
room all right and tho big fellow
Ftrlpped for a nib down Roger Cor
nell tho greatest rubber In the world
and one of the best Judgos of condi
tion started to work over Jeffries as
the lay on the table Jim was lying I
on his stomach
Suddenly I heard a low sob from
where I stood at one side It was Cor I
nell He really d that Jeffries was I
all in and it broke his heart I tapped
and bo looked 1
him pn the shoulder as
up I shook my head and frowned at i
him Tho tears were streming down I
hi cheeks and the muscles of his
face wore working convulsively But i
Jim did not heed anything and I I
doubt greatly that he would have re
alized oven If ho had looked around
at the rubber
I Of a Foreigner Who
Lost His Legs on the
Panama Canal
Now York July 12 AlcssantJro
Combu throe yqars ago a capable
worker but now a helpless cripple
Is ndw on his way back to Naples
deporteddVSpitctlie fact that he lost
both his legs while foreman of a Pan
ama canal gang at Gatun helping
Uncle Sam dig the big ditch Comba
who came to this country about three
years ago went to the canal zone as
n laborer He proved so capable that
wlthjn a year he was made foreman
and ho was lu line for promotion
when ho fell under a train
After his recovery he was sent to
this city and taken to Ellis Island
where he was detained in the hos
pital for eight months He was or
dered deported but through the help
of the Italian1 Immigration society he
got a stay and an effort was mode
10 keep him from deportation The ef
fort failed
A plan was also under way to ask
congress to give him 500 because of
the circumstances Iii which he receiv
ed his injuries but the appropriation
was not allowed
Washington July 12Details of a
plan of the Japahene government for
conducing a colonial department at
Tpklo embracing jurisdiction over
formosa Sagbajlen and Korea pat
terned after the insular affairs bu
reau of this government have reach
ed the state department
The unofficialreporta Indicate that
Viscount TerauchI will continue to
djsolmrgo Uie dIllies of Korean resi
dontgencrul at Tolclo with Yamagato
lyaburo asf vice Resident general Tho
latter is the Ron ll law of Prince Yam
agate and was formerly minister of
conmnmicatlonb at Toldo
Newspaper reports also predicted
a few weeks ago the appointment of
Kato Masao as manager of tho gen
I eral business bureau in connection
with the Seoul government Masao
I represented Japan In Seoul many
I yoars ago The reports indicated that
Korea under tho colonial Government
hOliome is tob regarded and treat
1 ed as ji Japanese colony General
TerauchI planning ono visit to Seoul
1 to mnko arrangements connected with
the news scheme
I Washington July 12A now policy
had been pdppted in Japan In con
nociopwlth the multitude of conccs
plouH iqr hydroelectric plants For
EOJive years there hud been a mania
Jdrcpbyilnlog these franchises and ap
plicationswore Granted for almost
ry Japanosn jiVer on which a town
pf 50000 wa situated
I Man of epncesaionalres proveu
to be fipnculnlori without any idea of
carrylnylniT the work The To
klo ovornraent now has Instructed lo
cal nftlctala that a time must be fixed
within which Jhese concessionaires
nnjBt gef to work or forfeit their
rfsnts >
i a
search for the murderer of his eon
Orrnndo P Dexter A reward of 10
000 offered by Mr Dexter for tho ap
prehension of the murderer Is said to
bo continued In a codicil lo the
nonegonttrlans will
Orrando P Dexter was shot In the
back In September 1903 while driv I
ing along a road on his estate in the
Adirondack mountains rho bullet
that killed him passed entirely through
his body and killed the horse he was
driving It was believed that Dexter
was murdered by some one who had
a grudge against him because he had
bought about 10000 acres of land In
the best game section of the Adiron
Henry Dexter always believed that I
his sons murderer was being shield
ed by prominent persons He said to
have expended at least 5000 in his
efforts to clear up the mystery As a
memorial to his son he erected the
new building of the New York His
torical society in Central Park West
at a cost of 350000
Causes Census Enumer
ator to Write to
Nyack N Y July 12CenBus en
umerators all over tho country still
wilting for Uncle Sam to compenSate
them for their services will be able
to sympathize deeply with William G
Grant of Rockland county who has
written to Census Supervisor James
Kilby of this district complaining of
I the delay The letter which reach
i ed Mr Kilby today say
Now that all the danger front Hal
leys comet has passed and Theodore
is home again I would most respect
fully inquire if the government can
spare the small amount due me for
my services as an interrogation point
during March and April
If they really need It I can wait
a little longer but my wife is ar
ranging for the celebratIon of our sil
ver wedding in the full and we will
need it by then She believes now
that I have received It and have blown
it In and nothing but the sight of
the check will convlncp her
e bad figured on using the mon
ey for a trip to the eoauldo this sum
p mer but the figures worewrongrand
now we expect to get It in time to buy
furnace coal next winter
For the love of GO call an extra
session ofcongress something and
got it throitglt1 If they cant spare
tho cash tell them to send two cent
I stamps for I would like tohavo some
i good of it before the family > h4B to
use It for a white tombstone to put
over my gravq
Labor Unions Restrained
from Interfering With
a Company
New York July 12h preliminary
injunction secured by a firm of East
Cambridge lass woodworkers whp
have the contract for tho interior
work In the Cathedral of St John the
Divine on Mornlngsidp Heights re
I straining the oint district council of
I New York of the United Brotherhood
I of Carpenters and Joiners of America
nnd tho Amalgamated Society of Car
penters and Toinojs of America and
tho Individual officers from Interfer
I ing with the plaintiff companys work
I on the cathedral has been made per
manent by Judge Want of the United
I States circuit court
The Judges decision declares that
the right of worklugmen to unlto for
their own protection Is undoubted
and also their right tqslrlko peace
ably because grievances
j But says tho court this r ght to
combine to call out tte workmen of
I other employers who have no grin
I auces or to threaten owners builders
and architects that their contractors
will be held up if any of their sub
i contractors use the complaluanta ma
terial Is quite another affair t
To take the converse of the propo
sition will the defendants admit that
i employers may comblpe to prevent
any employer from using union labor
i May the employers agree not to sell
who deals
to or contract with anyone
with an employer who mines rcniou la
bor t
I Either of these propositions > de
structive to the right ofv free men to
labor for or to employ the labor pf
one the laborer or employer
I any I
If the struggle is PQl8ISUd in be
tween labor and capital to establish a
I contrary view ultimately either the
workmen or the employers will be re
duced to a condition pf Involuntary
I servitude
New YorK July 1Henrl Dexter
the millionaire president of the An
erican News company yuo flled nt bja
I homo 0 here lst night In jlvtB igth yefli
spent the greater porifan of the ipst
seven years of his lifodln unavailing
After Conference With
Teddy He Announce I f
His Insurgency
New York July 12Glfford Pin I
chot announced today that he would 1
leave for California tomorrow to take
the stump In behalf of Hiram John I
son who IB seeking the Gubernatorial i
nomination and is endorsed for that J
honor by tho IInculnRoosevolt league
of California n
Mr PInchots announcement was <
made shortly after a conference with
Col Roosevelt in which Marshal Stlm t
on of Loa Angeles Calif also toolt
part > I
Mr Pinchot said he would mako j
several speeches In behalf of Mr f
Johnsons candidacy which he indl 1
oited was being strongly opposed 1
the oldlino Republican organization 1s
of that state
Neither Mr Pinchot nor Marshal j
Stlmson would say that Gel Roosevelt I
has given his assurances of support
to Mr Johnsons gubernatorial aspir
ations but the fact that Mr Pin j I
chots j
announcement came within a
few minutes after leaving Col Rooae I
velts office caused the general be
lief among politicians that Mr Roose
velt endorsed Mr Johnson
Marshal Stimson said Coy Gillett 1
would rot seek another nomination I
and that the oldline Republican or
ganizalion was backing the candidac
ies of Charles F Curry and Aldon J
Anderson He declared the Lincoln 1
Roosevelt league was seeking for a
more representative party govern i
ment wt i
After making his announcement MJj
Pinchot said 4 I
iI shall make four speeches in GfIj
itornia In behalf William 1Cent4
Insurgent candidate for the nomin
Hon to congress xMr Kent is opp a f
ing Congrossmaii McKinley who soeki
ienomi nation I
Mr Pinchot said he had already
made arrangements to make one
speech for Mr Johnson in California I
but did not know how many more ho
might make He said he would stop
at Kansas City and address tho
Knifo Fork club on consenation
I on July 15 It was before this club l
that Speaker Cannon made hlsat4cK
on the insurgents < j
Besides Mr Pinchot and Marsh a j
Stlineon Col Roosevelt who cainoto I
the city from Oystor Bar had several
other visitors during the dayJIic
callers Included Herbert Knox Smith
commissioner of corporations Prof 1
11 Bailey of Cornell jchainnanof the
Roosevelt countrylife commission
Representative S Bennett ofNew
York and Charles X Fowler of New
A delegation from Macon Ga com
posed of E W Stetson W S Dun
woody a cousin of Col Rooeovelt and
Postmaster Harry Stlllvrell Edwards
called on Col Roosevelt to request
1 him to make a speech at Macon I
CoL Roosevelt during the forenoon
held a conference with James W
Wadsworth Jr speaker of the as
sembly of New York Mr Wadsworth
was the first of the Republican state
leaders who have opposed the Hughes
primary measure to call on Col Roose
Men of All ClaS eJ jl
Will Listen to tJ
Roosevelt 1 zi tfj
Pittsburg Pa July 12 American
workmen Germans Welsh Italians 1
Poles Hungarians Croatians negroes i <
all will sit side by Bide with cap r
tains of industry and representatives t
of the chamber of commerce and I
I Other civic organizations to hear J
jneodore Roosevelt when he speaks I
I here on September 9 on Civic Ad j A
vance Labor will rub elbows with f
Wealth and brains while listening to I
the exponent of the square deal
This was decided by the Plttsburg
Civic commission last night when J
they planned to extend Invitations to
I the various organizations of men oC i
foreign birth Only those who havo
I sworn allegiance to the United States
will he eligible as guests
The Roosevelt audience therefore
l will bo representative of more than i
I the wealth of Plttsburg and will be
an assembly unique in tho history of
public gatherings
I Washington July 12pA now policy
of the American government wjjl
be put Into operation today
James E Dunning American consul
at Havre France Svill open headquarters
Chicago to meet
quarters at a hotel in n17o
manufacturers nud busldossincnj
of interesting
Jhat city with a view
them in foreign trade
This move Is a part of general
of Secretary Knofc vto make ih
consular service a more pracbjcl
In the development of 1
foreign trade of America by
efficient members into direct
jts most
contact with American manufactur
aVs interested In sullingthelr products
Jrs jn foreign markets Later Mr pun
plug will visit other cities

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