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i r
1 NEW YORK July 111 won
said Jahn Johnson this afternoon ay
he paused to show tho famous gom
reef whjlo thq crowd that tilled tho I
vaudeville theater whero ho made
his first public appearance since the
fight at Reno cheered and stamped r
I won and all I can say in that it IB I
my purpose to defend iny title against
all corners and I thank you rot this
reception j
AB I told this audience before tho I
fight I believed I was the better man
I made up my mina to fight a fair
honest fight aqd I believe tho pic
tures will show that I did If Mr
ct Jeffries had been tho best man and
whipped me I would jiavo gone to his
corner and tipped my bat to him and
0 fla red him my hand As It wan I
I wooBefore Johnson went on the stage
ho rocclvod a delegation of newapo
per men in hi dressing room They
asked him why he had sold out his I
i f share In the moving pictures of the i
I fight i
Well1 fiRM Johnson you see Its
L like this You always tee mo man I
who has the patont looses his money
If I had kept my interest 1 would
have had to employ a large number
ot men to look after my interests
As It was I got 60000 and a little
bonus of ten or twelve thousand for
my interest
t rO Now If I had kept my share of the
r pictures by the tlmo the other twcn J
tyflve or thirty of ua had got through
t cheating one another I doubt If tjioro
would have been that much money i
1 loft for me So long as they were I
willing to manage It and plvo me the
money I was willing to accept It
S An fas as I am concerned I hope they I
will make a million out of It I
Somebody aaked Johnson what
blow he thoueht won him tho tight
I think he answered lilt wts the I
blow that closed Jeffries right eye
There were no riots during the day I
I either In tho streets or at the thq
ater where Johnson appeared al
though vast quatltles of Johnsons
winnings went up In champagne bub
bles at tho hotql where Johnson
makes his headquarters
The only serious disorder of the
day pcourrad In o small Broadway
theater whero a crqwd gathered tq
I BCO tho pictures taken at tho ring
aldelI under the Impression that they
were moving pictures Disappointed
I the spectators demanded their money I
j baok and when this was refused they j
I wrecked the lobby and rolled the tlok
I I et booth with a young woman Inside
Into tho street
Johnson appeared on tho vaudeville
i stage again tonight
1 SAIp LAKE OITY July llThreo
J favorites and throe outsiders split tho
I card at Buena Vista todaj Stewart
snld to bo the Boldest Jockey on tho
American turf was ruled ore the
track for life for his rld on lAdy
McDowell tho fourth race Tho
pudges pay ho pulled th < mare and
ruined all chancb she bad
First race six furlongs TItun P to 1
1 won Smiley Mot ricr 12 to 1 BQC
ond Rather Royal 9 to 2 third
Time 116 25
I Second raco fiv6 furlongs selling
r Bill Eaton C to Irwon Tramator G
to 2 second Susie Gregg 12 to 1
I third Time 101 1B
Third race five furlongs Del Friar
13 to 5 won Beatrice Soule 5 to 1
fiocond Edmond Adams 4 to 5 third
Time 102 15
I Fourth moa mile and a sixteenth
Rqund and Round 3 to 1 won I
Gretcheu G 3 to 1 second Silver
Grain 8 to 1 third Time 14 35
Fifth race six furlongs Marian
Casa a to 10 won Harlem Maid 9
to 5 second Albion Hf 10 to 1 thira
Time 114 25
Sixth race live and a half furlonefi
I Sliver Stocking 9 to 5 won Sew
ell 4 to 1 second Arouotto 3 to 1
third TIme JQ7
EMPIRE CITY July 11 Results
First raco five and a half furlongs
Dartmouth 8 to 1 won Thrifty 6
to 1 second Stare 16 to 1 third
Time 109
Second race six furlongs Juanno
D Area 5 to 2 won Sir Alvescot 8
to 1 second Tlpslmelr 6 to i third
Time 113
Third race mile and twentyyards
Noon S to 1 yon Harvey F 6 to
1 second i Ba4ng 7 to 1 third Time
Fourth race the Glencove handicap
1500 six furlongsBen Loyal 4 to
lit won F Fauntleroy 18 to 5 second
Barley Thorpe 11 to 6 third Time
113 15
Fifth race five and a half furlongs
Mr Gollghtly 13 to 10 w ln Rogon
1G to 5 second Aninlfl 7 to 1 third
Time 107
Sixth race selling mile and a qunr
t Montgomery 7 to 10 won Per
ry JohnBon 7 tq 2 second Bad
News 30 to 1 third Time 207 35
Well my predictions wore a thous
and miles out pf tho wnY and I aui
BQrry that I havy to apologize for Jef
fries perforrnapce on July 4
Before 1 make any excuses and
give tlo reaeona why Jef was so
thoroughly defeated I want to state
right noy that Jack Johnson Is the
beet heavyweight we havQ at the
present thne Ho only threw off my
predictions In opo way and if you
will notice tdday ray last Sunday let I
tor tho only thing that I went wrong
on In Johnsons performance was that
ho cau hit harder with his left hand
than I anticipated
Jeff did nqt get licked becaune ho
was not physically right There
aro a groat many reasons that led up
to his downfall In tho first place
he wouldnt listen to me nor to any
one else among his trainers Ho
nevar boxed enough to keep himself
vann and vcr lJme you would
ask him to ho he would talus Ills
lishingpolcaqnl go llshlng And if
i Cheerfulness and a bright disposition during the months before baby comes
atc among tho greatest blessings a mother can bestow upon tho little life about
to bogln Her happiness and physical comfort will largely govern tho proper
development of tho health and naturo of tho child Mothers Friend contributes
much to tho mothers happiness and health by the relief and mental comfort it
affords It Is a liniment composed of penetrating oils and medicines which
lubricate tho muscles and tendons of tho body sootho the swollen mammary
glands causo a gradual expansion of tho akin and tissues and aid in the relief
of nausea Tho regular usa of Mothers Friend greatly lessens tho pain and
danger when baby comes and assures a quick and natural recovery for the
mother Mothers Friend is sold at drug stores Write for our free book con I
Uining Valuablo information for expectant Mothers
I ri itj
I of the Hot Point Electric Iron in tho window of the Utah
Light Railway Company beginning July 13th nnd thou on
Saturday July 10th and thereafter on Wednesday and Satur
I day afternoons until further notice The lady will show the
public how onsy it is with this now iron
This is what the Hot Point Electric Iron does Turn on
I tho ourront and its ready to iron No reaching across the
board to place it on tho stand
jut tip it back right where you
1 are using it Ko holder needed the handle is always cool
110 waiting no hot kitchen no scorched clothes no tired back
no grease or soot or smoke
I We sell them on trial and if they arc not satisfactory you
can return them They use 550 watts per hour which costs a
fraction less than 512 cents per hour to iron with this perfect
ironing device
Dontforget the Electric Wafch in Machine uudGns Stove
for your wife They are successful and make home work
H pleasant
1 I utah LightRailway Co
I 1 D DEOKER Local Manager
L 1
r you would ask him to go out ont
road he would sit down and play cards
all day J
Feared HittIng in Clinches
I thought several tlmoa of throwing
np tho whole thing and going homo
bitIf I had dono umt the public
would have looked Upon me as a tral
torr About a year ago when ho
signed tho final articles for this fight
iu Hoboken I wig In Glancow Scot
land andI sqnt him a cable saying
Dont agreelo hit In clinches until
you see me
Jeff never answered my cablegram
All the tfine I was with him In the
last six vooks 1 have been begging
him not to agree to hit In clinches I
pointed out to him that In his two
fights with me he could pot do a
thing with me in tho clinches and
I was much lighter man he
With all that there still wagu
chance for him to win this fight be
cause he did u lot of road work and
physically was all rIght Bqt as I
said In my previous letters Johnson
certainly mado a fool out of him In
the boding 1 looked or him to at
least have a punch that would break
an egg anyhow
Jeff In a Daze
But the last three days before this
fight the man was In a sort of a dazo
and the only way that I can possibly
figure out his miserable showing was
the fact that ho had been worrying
for the last three days not so much
about getting a licking because In
my opinion a gamer fellow nevor
lived but because his whole norvous
system went back on him
Jeffries had been thinking to him
self of the Importance of this great
contest and that the public looked
upon him as the only man who could
bring tho championship baok to tho
White race He thought to himself
What on awful thing It will bo If I
am licked by a nigger
All theo things preyed on this
mans mind so that while ho was
physically right three days before the
fight yet his long absence from the
ring and the excitement that comes a
day or two before a fight made him a
nervous wreck when ho entered the
Big Fellow Appears Deaf
You cant Imagine my surprise
when tho first round was over Jeff
had that peculiar look In his face that
Is Impossible describe and when
I talked to Him he acted like a man
who didnt hear what I was saying
Before Johnson put on his gloves 1
went over and examined Johnsonu
bandages on his hands I wanted to
talk to Johnson to see If he had any
confidence I could tell at once that
ho was awfully nervous I put John
sons gloves on his hands Then
went over to Jeff botoio the gong
Bounded and I said Jeff this fel
low Is scared to death and F think
you can got him while he is nervous
Instead of Jeff saying all right or
showing me some signs of aggressive
ness and life he had that dazed loqk
and didnt answer mo I tried to
make myself think that ho was Juat
nervous for tho first round and that
ho would get over It But In the first
round he showed not one spark of thq
Joffofold He didnt even have a 1
punch Lard enough to hurt a baby
six months old
Tries to Pull Wits Together
I was still trylngfl to make myself
think that he would get over It and
at the beginning of tho second round
as he stepped out at the sound of the
gong I said Jeff now just pull your
self together and see If you cant hit
this fqllow just one good left hand
punch as he Is coming to you
Jeffrle3 tried to do It hut it was
the saddest attempt that I ever uv
made In my lIfo I began to thi It
was all over So T started casing
Johnson everything and doing every
thing I could do to disconcert him
nut ho know Just as well as I did
ho could not hclp but know Itthat
Joff was all In ana helpless as a
Johnson did most of his effective
work lu the clinches Although 1 dont
think Johnson Is a great man because
hp whipped Jeff that day Johnson
convinced mo however as well as
everybody clue Of all the things 1
sold against him and 1 was preju
diced I will admit he convinced me
that there is no other heavyweight
that I can see anyway near his equal
Jeff Shows Stubbornness
The public forced Jeff Into this
match The poor fellow did everything
ho thought Was right Tho fact that
he would hot listen to anybody shows
his stubborn nature Ho didnt tulCd
Into consideration that he had not
had a boxing glove on in six years
But I am going to do my utmost to
find some white man thut can be de
veloped and I wont rest till I dig up
some ono to win hack tho champion
Won Lost PC
Chicago 44 26 02P
Nw York 42 27 G9
Plttsburg Hi 32 622
Cincinnati 37 35 511
Philadelphia 33 3G Aiti
Brooklyn 32 38 467
St Louis t ii J31
Boston S 17 373
Won Lpst PC
Philadelphia or 48 23 cia
NOW YOrk 42 23 592
Boston or 40 32 55G
Detroit 41 31 547
Cleveland 31 35 470
Chicago 31 3 143
Washlnlton 29 H 397
St LouIs 22 48 a1
Boston 9 St Louis 6
ST LOUIS July 11 Boston won
todays game from St Louis 9 to C
Bresnahnn used nearly all of the
pitchers on his staff Score
Boston v 9 1C 2
St Louis 4 G 5 3
Batteries Curtis Burke Frock
Brown and Graham Corrldon Cham
bers Raleigh Backmau and Broena
Brooklyn Cincinnati 1
CINCINNATI July 11 Brooklyn
defeated Cincinnati 2 to 1 today Tho
visitors runs were scored In the first
inning when Mitchell muffed a fly
while men woreon second and third
Score t r <
Brooklyn 0 2 8 1
Cincinnati 1 s 1
Baiterietr Scnnlon I and Bergon
Burns Be < 3be McLeannnij Clarke
PWaburg 0 Philadelphia 18
Pitteburfr July 11 Pltteburg was
today shut out by Philadelphia by the
onesided score of IS to 0 McQuillan
was so offcQtlvct thatnot a Plttsburc 1
player reached third < bat > o Tha local
learn had five pltchoru QP the rubber
and Philadelphia hit each with the
greatest freedom Branqffcjl was the
tar JHo made five hUs including
two triples batted in tight runs and
scored three himself Score
lItt1irg t 0 3 3
PhIiaIcll1hia H lt7t 8 20 2
iJattolesiJJofi 1d Jdanui Powell
JyeJ iihijtj ttiiIi f cidi v n
and DP91 c
I f
I Chicago 4 New Vork 2
CHICAGO July 11 Jlichlo checked
New Yorkla whining utreak today and
Chicago by pounding Orandall st op
portune moments won 4 to 2 keeping
New York from going Into first place
In tho ponnant race Score
Chicago 4 6 2
New York 2 S 2
uer1051Uclt and Archer
Crandall and Muflrq
Detroit 8 Philadelphia 9
delphia and Detroit played a regular
tow lot came today tho former win
ning ft to Saroroa
Detroit OJ 8 10 3
Philadelphia 9 11 8
Batteries 5Kl1lnn Stroud Sum
mers YvMlletts Schmidt and Stanaga i
Morgan Atkins Dygort Coombs and
Chicago 4 New York 8
NEW YORK July HTho New
York Americans had on their batting
clothes today and easily defeated Chi
cago 8 to t knocking Olmstead oft
the rubber hlslx Innings Captain
Chaae again pla ed with the locale
R II fc
Chicago 4 C 1
Now York 8 17 1
BatteriesSmith and Payne QuInn
and Sweeney
Cleveland Boston 1
BOSTON July 11 Bostons errors
allowed Cleveland to win a double
contest today the first game by a 5 to
1 score and the e oiid 3 to 1 After
he had figured In losing the second
contest Pitcher Arellanos was sus
pended Indefinitely by President Tay
lor of tho Boston clut Score
First game
Cleveland f > 8 2
Boston A t 4 0 3
Batteries Jqss Bemjs and Easter
ly Karger CHit Klelnow
Second game
v t R U E
Cleveland S 9 1
Boston J 1 S 3
Batteries Harknosa and Easterly
Arellanos and Carrlgan
agncon 6 St Louie 2
WASHINGTON July 11 Washing
ton drove Spade from the box In the
first Inning today scoring enough
runs tQ win easily from St Louis
Washington 6 7 2
St Lous 2 B i
Batteries Groom nnd Beckondorf
Spade Ray and Kllllfer
Cftszens of Ogden
Boost fOTour oily by using OO
J bN MADE FpPRlt coats you no
uiore and eypry sack you use la a
boost for your town
In that way you piako a Chicago
of Ogden Ogden Milling Ele
vator Co
After a rqst of two weeks the city
council mot ina long session last
night and transacted a voluminous
budget of routine business
The special committee appointed u
month ago to look into the mattor of
opening Lincoln oventio north to tho
Ogdeu river recommended that a date
be fixed st which the officials of tho
Rio Grande Railroad company bo re I
quested to meet with the council to
discuss tho matter President Brown
ing set Friday afternoon at 4 oclock
for tho meeting and tho recorder was
Instructed to notify the railroad olll
chile to be present
Rackhnm Allowed Damages
Upon tho recommendation of tho
law committee S Rackham was al
lowed 125 damages as a result of
u collusion with one of tho hoso wag
onp of the fire department while the
latter was responding to a fire several
wedks ago Rackham asked for 250
damages claiming that his wagon was
badly smashed and that he received
injuries as a result of tho collision
A communication was received from
County Clerk Samuel Dye with a state
ment showing the assessed valuation
of property in Ogden city and re
questing that the city fix the tax levy
as soon as possible The matter was
referred to the tax committee
Wheelwrights Lowest Bidders
Bids for tho construction of culverts
on Twenty fiClh street between Quincy
and Jackson avenues and Thirtythird
street and Adams avenue were opened
Tho Wheelwright Construction com
pany was found to bo the lowest bid
der at 1630 but the contract was
not awarded The bids were referred
to the street committee and tho street
Upon tho recommendation of the
city treasurer city bonds Nos Wand
Sillify y arulfjy dl Ntvjtra
Cut tblll adv out and mall with your
mime and ndllre and 10 cents to
30 Clinton Mt NrwirV ff J U S A j
i Whf1 Y9U come in from fishing if
the bag is full of trout and avY7vhep you
are warm all over and awfully dry open a
copl bottle of Beckerisit will make the
e 6
pleasure complete
l LWhen you eome in from fishing if aA
l I the bag is dry and lig tang youre maci
St P all over and feel like quitting open a cool
AiJ3M bottle Qf EteQkersthe fatigye will disappear
1e sPvL4csuLt IY g the anger flys away and you find yourself IiffA
saying Well they might bite better in the
I morning
I Any dealer in Ogden will deliver a j
case to any address in town give the order
ITS HERE today
1 J
50 In the possession of D Joseph
wero ordered taken up and 3000
drawn from the sinking and general
funds for that purpose
Sewer District North of Bridge
Tho alLy engneer submitted an es
timate showing that the coat of the
sewer extension north of tho Ogden
river brltiKC would cost approximately
10000 Thq communication was re
ferred to the sewer committee The 0
endneer also submitted plans far the
conduit on Twentysecond street and
Wall avenue with the statement that
the railroad company would share half
qf the expense pt construction leaving
tho necessty of an appropriation of
only 100 from the city to do the work
The plats and duplicates of the South
Washington addition to the city pre
sented by the engineer wore approved
Estimate to Moran
ypon the recommendation of the
city engineer Moran Company was
allowed 110925 as the first partial
estimate due on the paving of Canal
alley The Whoclwrcbt Construction
company was allowed 92310 as the
llnnl estimate due for work In sewer
district 10S Th < company was not rj
leased from the bond until the streets
are graded and placed in proper con
Wants to Know Where He Is At
W L Russell senior of weights and
measures wants to know where he is
at He says that ho haH been busy
with his duties for nearly a month
but has received no notification of
what his salary iq to be The commu
nication was referred to the mayor
city attorney aud the finance commit
tee to fix his salary
Retail liquor licenses were ordered
tiansferred from I II Davenport to
Fred Anderpon and Fred Garner from
the Falstnfc to Feoney Co from
the Elite to John I Blopsor and Gco
Foley and from Geo TImmorman of
tho Senate saloon to L B Best
Bide on Sewer District 106
McKay Reed wero found to bo
the lowest bidders on work In sewer
district 100 when bids wore opened
last night but the b da were referred I
I to the sewor committee and the city i
engineer for computation beforo an I
award Is made The ONeill Construe
lion company was the lowest bidder
at SC 420 for work In sidewalk dis
trict 109 but the sidewalk committee
and the engineer will make tho neces
sary computation before the contract
Is awarded
Protosts against the paving of
Washington avenue north from Twen
tysecond street to the river bridge
worp received from J M Browning
andM S Browning but the city hav
ing already gained jurisdiction for tho
improvement work tho protests were
ordered filed
Billposters Protest Against License
A petition from the blllpostora of
Ogden headed by J D French pro
testing against the special licenses
imposed on that class of business un
der the Merchants license ordinance
was referred to tho license commit
toe Property owners on Adams ave
nue between Thirtysecond street and I
Thhtythlrd street petitioned for lar I
gor water mains The matter wan re
ferred to the mayor and tho water
works committee The coal dealers
of the city proto Jod against the 5
fee required of them to bo paid for
tenting their scales by tho Inspector
of weights and measures Tho protest
was referred to the license commit
Ogden Is to have a new theater
Next Sundays evening performance
will mark the close of tho season at
lIme Lyceum theater and the follow
ng Monday work will be started In
caring down the stnictiuo to make
oom for a now theater of modern
Manager C W Llpplncott stated
lilt evening that tho theater would
Ct built for J R Nuchlee present
irpprlctor of the Lyceum by the
orge Maulo estate and that the
tructure will be of brick and will
bo modern in every particular
The seating capacity of the new
theater will be 750 of which 500 will
represent the ground floor and 250
the balcony thoroughly tiptodate
stage will be Installed with scenery
and equipment staGe 5w vaude
ville act on tlic circuit A ladies
jtJ 1
1 parlor a4 retiring room will oc I
oupy oqo side of the entrance ani the
managers office and ticket booth the I
other Admission will range from
10 cents In the balcony to 16 and 20
I cents for seats on the ground flqor
all of which will be reserved
j The removal of the old Lyceum will
I mark tho disappearance of one of the
I oldest landmarks of a public naturo
In the city The building wits erected
for a Normal school house and the
oldest Inhabitants of Ogden have at
tended school there
The building was next used for n
blacksmith shop and later by the Sal I
vation Army Sawyer Young then
Installed their bill posting establish
ment In tho structure and remained
there until It was reconstructed Into
a thofttor
It has been ysed as a theater fpr
10 years and since being taken pver
by the present managers Llpplncatt
and Nucklcs has proved a veritable
mint na a moneymaker Notwith
standing the numerous prophesies
that the several new picture houses
together with Ogdens new theaters t
would soon put them out of bunl
ness the proprietors of this little
house have filled their place to triO
door almost nightly giving a varied
program of polite vaudeville and mo
tion pictures I
Merchants who do business pn low
er Twentyfifth street and for that I
I matter in any other part of the city
must close their places of business
on tho Sabbath day Following tho
crusade by members of tho Retail
Clerks association to compel certain
merchants to close their doors on Sum
day which resulted in several arrests
and lines Imposed on the guilty par
ties in the police court a petition
was formulated by some of the mer
chants and railway mall clerks who
are out of the city except on Sun
days asking the city council to allow
the stores to remain open I
This petition was presented to tho
council last night but upon the rec
ommendation of the city attorney
and the law committee no action was
taken antI the petition filed Tho city
attorney reported that there Is an
ordinance which requires all business
houses to close their doors on this
Sabbath and that tho city council
cpuld take no action HO long ns thy
ordinance remains unrepealed and ef i
Work cm the extansjon of Hudson
avenue through the bock bound
ed by Twontyflfth and Twentyfourth
BtreotB and Washington and Grant
avenues will begin in o few day
under the direction of city engineer
W M Bostaph and the Bireet depart
City Recorder Carl Allison reported
to the city council lost night that no
bids for tearing doim the buildings
which will have to be moved to make
way for the extension had been re
ceived at his office and tho city en
gineer and city attorney were given
power to act
The city recorder alco reported that
no protests had been received from
property owners along the thorough
for j against creating a paving dis
trict for the extension The city en
gineer was Instrugtcd jo prepare plans
and specifications for the pavlnc of
the new street after which bids on
the work will be advertised for by
tile city
The appointment of William Duffle
ae a member of the fire department
In place of Vm Goodole resigned
gent to the city council last night by
Chief A B Canfleld was confirmed
The chief also sent In the icsjgnatlon
of Fred Paine who has had charge
Of the alarm system at station No 1
JI B Brown was suggested ai a suit
able man to nil the vacancy The
fro committee was Instructed to make
a report on tho appointment at the
next mooting of the city council I
1 r i
Tree Tea i
is Uncolored and complies
with all Pure Food regulations
A tea to be high quality must be first crop L
must be mountain grown must be uniform
Tree Tea is
first crop <
mountain grown j
always uniform
Beware of imitations
e Kf r h I ff II
1 Interest paid on Savinps Accounts and Time Certificates
of Deposit
CAPITAL 10000000
SURPLUS 11600000
H C Bigelow President A P Bigelow Cashier
fii J M Browning Vic Prost J E Halvorscm Asst Oaahr
GL Becker E L Van Meter John K Spiers
0 A Parmley L F Bigelow J N Spargo w
00 i
I Cm S 1M l J q1 f V r

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