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ypeG dC rS
o N
md Phone two rings Ni 56
Bell Phone Nca322
Ind Phone one ringNo 56
Bell Phone one rfngNo 56 I
We are offering prlco Inducements
that aro turning many towards this
store FflED M NYE CO
Word was yesterday received at the
ofllco of General Scperlntcnilent E C
Manson of the Oregon Short Line nt
Salt Luke of the arrest at Mobrldgc
South Dakota of a man believed to be
Implicated In the Ogden train robbery
The suspect IB described In a mes
sage from 0 C Linden agent of the
C Af P S railway at Mobridge as
being a recent arrival at Mobrldge
accompanied by two other men who
ho told tho officers of the South Da
kota town while under the Influence
of liquor that he came there from
Ogden The man Is said to be six
feet tall with dark drooping fore
head head drooping forward small
beady eyes square shouldered and
stout and he wears a black hat with
a greasy band
Advortlecrs must bave their copy tor
tro Evening Standard tho evening be
fore the day on which the advertloo
ment is to appear In order to Insure
Mr Vera Bullough and his sister
Mrs OUvo Gregory left for Califor
nia for a three months visit
Coal can dp Porter Co for
rates on lump nut and alack
Call Allen pnonea 22 for carriages
for funerals and operas Private calls
c specialty Also prompt delivery of
taggago 412 26tb
Suspect Held In Seattle Detective
Fender received word from Seattle
last evening to the effect that Earl
C Mitchell a brother of J C Mitch
oil now under arrest for burglariz
ing a boarding house on Twenty
fifth street last week has been ar
rested in that city and Is being held
for the Ogden officers
Get your Union Pacific and Oregon
Short Line tickets at the office In the
Opora House Block Dont force your
self to stand in line at the Depot
For Saleoh1 mats Good to put
under carpets Inquire Standard office
BornTo Mr and Mrs John Gib
son Lane a girl nine and onehalf
WANTED Clean white raga at tho
Continued on Page Seven
The big Mooso roundup which will
bo pulled off July 16 promises to bo
one of the most enthuslaotic lodgo In
stallations which has occurred in Og
den More than 200 charter members will
he taken Into the new lodge and a
large delegation of boosters from the
recently organized lodgo at Salt Lake
will be here to participate In the ox
Prospective members and those In
terested in tho Moose and all that
pertains to tho organization are urged
to call on or communicate with the
secretary at Moose headquarters 277
Twentyfourth streeL
A BLL 4 ro J I bilf
Fifteen Thousand People Witness a Tragedy in the Arena in the City
of Mexico Six Bulls and Four Horses Slaughtered and Three
Horses Terribly Gored Bull Fighter Mortally Wounded
By Walter A Kerr
Mexico City Mexico July 5 1910
Before describing a bull fight 1 feel
that a few words about too bullring
may be Interesting This building was
erected in 1907 at a cost of 700000
and has a seating capacity of 20000 I
or 7010 more than tho largest buld I
Ing In Madrid The gate receipts in
a good day often reach 10000 lo per
cent of which the government re I
ceives This huge amphitheater con
sists of an arena 45 feet in diame
ter from which rise cement tiers of
seats These are separated from the
ring by a wooden barrier about five
feel high behind which runs a nar
row passage A fighter when too hot
ly pursued by a bull springs over the
harrIer Tho toro bull often fol
lows as was the case twice when I
made my vlait There aro small sheds
here and there open on two sides in
which a bull fighter or servant may
take refuge if necessary Prices vary
according to whether a person desires
to sit In the shade or the sun The
lower rows of seats near the arena
aro occupied by those who nro real
lovers of the sport and if at any Line
they can hold the bull fighters cloak
or cape or even throw a hat when
they think it might save a torero
bull fighter from a gore of a bull
they feel highly honored
Few clouds hover overhead a thing
not at all unusual at this time of tho
year giving promise of a splendid day
It Is about 220 in the afternoon
as 1 still drive the Pasco de la Re
forma on my way to tho Plaza de
los Toros place of the bulls Al
though the hour for beginning is 330
the streets and avenues are alive with
people of all classes who arc mov
ing along quickly In a few moments
I obtain my ticket and ascend one of
the many steel stairways and as I
behold the Interior of the great colis
eum I am filled with wonder and awe
People are pouring in from all sides
and yet there are fortyfive minutes
to watt I push my way through tho
crowd and finally succeed In getting
a comfortable seat In tho shade Tho
crowds continue to stream in motley
Indeed representing classes from tho
millionaire to the poorest Indian
It la 320 p in and tho band mem
bers appear There is yelling and
shouting there Is waving of hats and
handkerchiefs In a moment the band
is playing a national air and the crowd
Is frenzied The manager or presi
dent of the bull fights appears and
takes his seat The applause increases
people stand up perhaps 15000 and
shput The bulls the bulls Once
more the band Is heard and twO large
doors fly open and in march tho bril
liantly clad bull fighters the gaily
garnished horses and the peculiarly
dressed servants in fact all who take
part be it over so little during the
day Tho sound oa cornet Is heard
a signal to begin Servants and oth
ers not now taking part find their
places All eyes aro turned towards a
high gate In tho wesL A burly fel
low Is leaning over the railing with a
thin dagger CpuntSlla in his hand
from which flutter ribbons of various
colors ready to plant it In the beasts
neck as It rushes past A fow sec
onds of Bunponse In plunges the
boast Six toreros and two pica
dorcn bull fighters mounted on
horses arc ready Tho first part of
the fight really bogins now
The bull looks wildly about and
then makes a mad plunge but the
skillful torero steps asde and tho
mantle receives the blow It raises
Its head and snorts and sniffs and
makes another charge The boast is
now angry and the work of the pica
dores begins Each picador has a
long lance with steel Up As tho lance
Is raised by one of those fighters
and pointed at the toro as a means
0 0
t 0 After the Finish of a 4 0 v
v NerveRacking Race
Nothing is more quieting and soothing than a
cool bottle of
t S
r 0 Budweisery
Because of the nourishing qualities of tho y r
with the tonic
very best Barley combined
r properties of the finest Saazer Bohemian
Its universal popularity eloquently testifies
to its Excellence Quality and Purity
Bottled only by the
r AnheuserBusch Brewery
Becker Brewing dt Milttaff Co Distributors
Ogdon + Utah
I 0
of enticing It OH It charges at the
horse The lance skillfully used
wards It off Other toreros ctuico
the beast to the oppoeUu side of tho I
arena Another horse blindfolded and
mad with hunger Is spurred on by
Its rider and whipped by a servant
The bull charges and sores the horse
Rider and horse fall The rider Is
soon on Ins foot but In spite of heavy
blows the hcrSo is unable to rise
It Is dead Another horse Is furnish
ed tho rider and In a moment another
horse Is gored to death Wlthall tho
bull has been pierced repeatedly by
tho lances and is bleeding profusely
The cornet is heard and the pica
dores leave the arena The first
scene Is overand we are ready for
the second
Two banilorllleros now appear in
the arena Tho banderlllos carry
two banderlllaa apiece The
banderillas are mado of ash
and are 2 12 feet long the
greater part of which is covered with
colored paper The tip of a bandor
llla Is a solid barb which whon
planted In the neck of a bull goner
ally stays The bull being angered
continually Is pacing the ground and
bellowing Now It charges and tho
skillful bandorlllero plants his two
banderlllas In tho animals neck a
abort distance behnd the horns It
IB skillfully done The crowd rages
The bull Is almost wild Another
banclerillero raises his two ban
derillas In the air shouts at the
beast which Immediately charges
His banderillas are skillfully han
dle and the bull rushes away After
each bandorlllero has firmly fixed
two moro banderlllaa in the animals
neck tho cornet sounds and tho ban
dorllloros leave the arena
The matador one who kills with
sword in hand enters Tile crowd
becomes mad as Senor Tello acknowl
edges the applause In bis right hand
he carries his sword In his loft a red
mantle Tho bull charges time after
time but misses his victim some
times the matador being so daring
as to kneel The matador is In
the center of the arena tho hero of
tho day He raises his sword as tho
toro charges pastThe hilt only Id
visible The bull Is becoming weak
The sword has been planted in tho
fatal spot The beast sluggers and
falls Tho stab of a small dagger In
flicted Just behind the horns ends of
life of tho toro Tho noise Is deaf
ening From tho great audience ci
gars cigarettes and hats pour down
upon tho gallant matador Another
gate swings open and six horses with
yellow trappings aro driven fn They
drag off tho bull and the other three
the dead horse Servants rush about
and cover up the blood with sand
The first act I might say is over
Tho sound of the cornet is heard
again and the gate lending to the bull
pen opens Another toro Is there
for slaughter The same proceeding
is gono through as with the former
one The fourth bull kills two horses
and jumps tho fence adding much to
tho excitement The sixth is too tamo
so it is returned to tho pen
All eyes are turned toward the west I
gate as the last bull rushes into tho I
arena a ferooio one indeed The I
plcadores do tholr work as do also
tho baudorllloroB Tho matador
now enters The bull shows unusual I
strength and endurance It plunges
at Senor Mercod Como who dexter
Iou sly evades the long horns The
excitement increases The crowd does
not want tho bull killed yet and as
tho young bull fighter raises his sword
shouts of no no nol yet arc heard
The bull charges again but In vain
Gomez rests a few moments and tho
other toreros continue their teas
ing The beast makes another charge
a fatal one Sonor Gomez Is pierc
ed by one of the horns The bull
I raises Its head tho young matador
being lifted and shaken terribly
1 Gomez falls to tho ground atid the
boast charges again Six toreros
aro at hand and the toro is enticed
I away People are horrorstricken
Women sob and cry American wom
I on men can hardly speak The ser
i rants rush in lift up the wounded
1 hero and carry liana out and as ho
I passes by he raises himself up waves
his hand and then beccmea uncon
scious He is hurried to tho hospital
where an operation IB performed in
the hope of saving his life The bull
1 Is still full of life and now Tello must
take his partners place and finish
the work which he docs after a hard
I fight The suspense Is over
I push my way through the crowd
I and roach tho stairway and as I
I stand there look upon the beef clean
ed and ready for sale
I There are many things about bull
flchts that are interesting and fasci
nating The Spanish and Mexican
I people craVe for them but for one un
I accustomed to see six bulls and four
horses slaughtered the horaes ter
I Ably gored and a bull fighter mortal
I ly wounded an accident of course
and something that seldom happens
i there is no particular pleasure
Declaring that tho high rate of
speed of the Salt Lake Ogden rail
way trains through Lincoln avonuo Is
a menace to tho lives of people who
frequent the thoroughfare and that
tho practice of leaving cars standing
in the street tends to block traffic
and is of great Inconvenience to those
who use tho atreot a petition signed
by a majority of tho residents along
the street was presented to the city
council last night asking for redress
The property owners say thut the
trains of the railroad company some
times reach a high rate of speed
while passing through tho street en
dangering the lives of mon women
nnd children Tho petition was re
ferred to tho mayor and the city at
torney for an Investigation
> < lpi id i t l n I 1 up t Millinery
ra f c11r i OC I Y Ist Be Sold
We have purchased the Bankrupt Millinery Stock of the Blair Millinery Store We paid
very little for the stockmuch less than the same goods would cost at regular wholesale I
The selling began today with most remarkable prices Ogden has ever known in the millinery j
businss All trimmed hats all trimmings and all shapes untrimmed will be offered at
prices which will doubtless take the entire stock out in a little time
Untrimmed Hats You can get a good trimmed Unreserved assortment of the
including values up Hat for Ladies Misses or 00 better grade of trimmed hats
2 I 1
to 200 5 1
now e for Children i than at a reduction of less 2
Formerly 3d Floor Wrights Store 1
l f r C tJn t 4 4 ItI I c Wtll
f n t1 10c t tt1f t t jt 7
Fred Meisner formerly a member
of the Ogden police force who has
returned with his family from a six
teen months visit In Germany and
other parts of Europe was present
at the destruction of the great Zop
pclln air ship at Wollburg about two
mouths ago when the monster diri
gible 120 feet In length and the pride
of all Germany was driven by the
wind Svith terrific force against a
cliff near town and completely
Following several days of success
ful maneuvering in company with two
other big dirigibles of the German air
fleets tho Zeppelin was brought to
earth at Llmburg for the purpose of
replenishing the supply of gas m the
The vessel was moored by means
of two steel cables placed fore and aft
and anchored securely to army wag
ons filled with earth and partially
burled in tho ground I
An additional cable with numerous
hand ropes was being manipulated
by members of the aerial corps when
suddenly the wind fronshcned Into
a galo and before any additional pre
cautions could bo taken by those In
charge the great nlr ship leaped up
ward tugging at Its cables until the
forward eye was pulled from its
socket allowing the forward part of
the vessel to rise until its nose point
ed nearly heavenward
The after cable held for a moment
and then gavo way the crew of help
ers appearing panicstricken in tho
emergency and several of them hay
ing narrow escapes in disengaging
themselves from the ropes as the
aerostat bounded upward like a giant
bubble mounting n tremendous al
titude and disappearing beyond the
distant horizon In the teeth of an
SOmile gale
The vessel was carried 48 miles to
Wellbung In eleven minutes ap
proaching the earth only once en
route A farmer driving his team of
cows along a highway narrowly es
caped bolng struck by the aerial
monster and observing the long ropes
trailing for a moment over the sur
face tho man was tempted as he aft
erward stated to seize them and
bring tho ship to anchor by tlolng the
ropes to his wagon little dreaming
I that his entire outfit would have
boon lifted the next moment a thou
sand feet In tho air and probably
dashed to earth with tho next gust of
Reaching Wollburg tho air ship
again approached the earth owing to I
its diminished gas supply and was
dashed with great force against a
cliff in tho outskirts of town The
gondolas or cabins containing this
motors wero found to bo Intact but
tho 420foot aluminum frame work
containing tho gas bags was entire
ly demolished being crushed and
bent into an unrecognizable mass of
twisted metal
Mr Moisner was at Veilburg to
attend the annual maneuvers of the
IStb army corps and later at Melutx
when the Kaisers parade of 25000
regular soldiers took place
The Ogden man was interested at
tbo place last mentioned to hear his
brothers own account of the hlstor
Ic race between Buffalo Bills rough
riders of America against the 13th
Hussars of tho German army Col
Cody was then at Mclntz with his I
Wild West show and becoming in j
volved in a friendly discussion as to
tho comparative merits of American
mid German horsemen he challenged
the 13th HiiRflara to a nice
The event took place on tho Melntz
sand the great sand plains at Mclntz
which are used for army maneuvers
Tho Germans won but it was due
to the ditches which run paraMed I
across tho plain The horses of the
Gorman cavalry were familiar with
theso ditches and whenever ono was
approached tho officer in advance
raised his hand in warning a signal
which was as well understock by the
horses as by tholr riders
With Buffalo Bills riders It was
different and although tho ditches
weN easily taken by tho mounts
there was a momentary hesitation
lit each duo to their unfumlllarlty
with the ground and tho fact that
they could not comprehend the warn
ing signal given by tho Gorman offi >
cur The American horues showed
superior speed throughout tho race
and tho abandoned skill in horse
manship exhibited by the yelling
Westerners la still the subject of
conversation at Meintz
Mr Melsner IB much interested
in German politics and has many
views regarding tho present situation
in bin native land He tells of pollt
ical affairs In Prussia where the se
ctct ballot as used In America is notJ
allowed Voters are also divided
Into three classes according to the
taxes each pays fifteen votes of the
first class equalling perhaps 75 votes
of the second class or as many aa
GOO of tho third class Socialism Is I
rapidly gaining ground In Germany
and there is apprehension in many
circles that the movement will In
time permeato the army and result
in an enforced disarmament of tho on
tire nation
Mr Maisner intends engaging In
the bakery business in Ogden and la
now negotiating for a location His I
daughter Miss Ellen ilelsner attend
ed tho Lim burg conservatory of mu
sic while in Germany and his sons
George and Harmon received Instruc
tion at Wellburg from the military
band master
Unless an aerial ladder can be pur I
hosed for 3500 the amount of the
appropriation mado by the cty council
for that purpose several weeks ago
tho plans to add this equipment to
the fire fighting apparatus may be
At last nights session of tho city
I council the fire committee reported
I that an aerial ladder will cost 4900
and asked for an additional appropria
tion of 1400 the amount of tho defi
ciency A majority of the members of
the council thought that 3500 should
be amply sufficient to purchase a lad
der nnd voted against making an ad
ditional appropriation Councilmen
Browning Humphris Larson Peery
and Wilson voted against the addition
al anroprlation It Is now up to the
fire committee to eIther purchase a
ladder for the amount already ap
propriated or give up the project
Salt Lake July 12Firo destroyed
tho rock crushing plant of P J Mor
an located boyond Ninth North and
Second West streets Monday night
The plant pas adjacent to the lime
and stone quarry of tho Bamberger
Quarry company and had been leased
to Mr Moran Tho damage is esti
mated at 2000 Duo to the distance
from any available water supply the
fire department was unablo to exting
uish tho flames
When tho alarm reached the depart
ment Chief Glore with No 2 hose
and truck responded to the call Upon
arriving at the scene and discovering I
that the plant was too far away from
tho available water supply to enable
the firemen to reach the fire with the
I hone Chief Qloro sent for additional
hose and the steamer from No 1 sta
By the time tho steamer had arriv
ed tho rock crusher plant the rock
bins and the various sheds and out
buildings wero on fire and owing to
the extreme dry weather burned like
tinder Regardless of tho efforts of
tho department tho tramway loading
to the Bamberger limo kiln caught
fire and was damaged to tho extent
of 60
Inasmuch as the plant was not In
operation at tho time of the fire no
possible cause could bo ascertained
for the flames which spread rapidly
It is supposed that the buildings ad
jacent to the lime kiln caught fire
from the fire started Monday after
noon under the limo kiln which had
Just been fired up
Salt Lake July 12A letter was re
solved Monday by Daniel Dunn of this
city from Dr Henry S Winans a
former Salt Laker who is now tour
Ing the world and who was In Johan
nesburg South Africa whon he wrote
His letter was dated June 12 Dr
Winans says
The climate here IB flue Wo are
I now in winter and the papers here
spoko of Its being bitterly cold So I
got a thermometer to see how it was
and It registered 49 degrees above
zero But it is cold for this country
where they mire not used to it They
had a fall of snow about eighteen
Inches deep and it was the first In
twenty years It frightened the Kaf
firs who thought the end of the world
had come and called it hot when they I
walked in it As they are barefoot all
the time I imagine It felt hot
The doctor reports that he Is In
good health and is having a fine time
and a delightful trip
William K Mason Meets Instant Death
I Under a PileDriver
Salt Lake July 12Tho remains
of William K Mason who was acci
dentally killed near Callentc Nov
Sunday morning by an overturning
piledriver were shipped Paris Ill
from Evans undertaking parlors Sat
urday afternoon
Mr Mason who was about 34 years
of age had been employed as a loco
motive engineer on the Salt Lake
Route for the past eight years and
stood very high In the estimation of
the company and his fellowworkmen
Since the washouts In January he had
boon employed at Callente Nev as a
plo riving engineer in the recon
struction of the companys lines
Mr Macon owned about JSOOO worth i
of property In Salt Lake which ho
had bought from his earnings He
was a single man and the only rela
tives of which anything Is known mire
his mother and one brother who live
in Paris 111
Mr Mason was a member of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
haYing Joined this order at Callente
and one of the brotherhood brought
the body here to embalmed and ac
companied it to Paris lit
I carry on hand at Salt Lake a full
line of cash register supplies tapes
ribbons check paper etc and alt or
ders for those should bo sent tome
Drop me a card when needing any
thing Oscar Groshell No 249 Sta e
Chicago July 12 Adopting a new
policy tho Central Y M C A will
hereafter take no part In outside ath
letic competition of any sort It calls
I for a curtailment In all branches of
sport and members will no longer
be allowed to compete under the col
I ors of the Central association
I The stop proved unpopular with al
I most the entire athletic crow for with
few exceptions thoy have sought new
homes while others will compete un
The policy does not mean that ath
letics will bo abandoned entirely but
I hereafter efforts will bo confined to
boom rivalry to the different classes
of the organization
Snit Lake July 12Govornor Wil
liam Spry addressed the students ot
the university summer school Mon
day School was dismissed for the
12 oclock hour nnd the thousand en
rolled students in tho institution gath
ered in the assembly hall to bear the
governor A splendid musical pro
gram was given which Included num
bers by Miss Ireno Kelly and Fred C
Graham Governor Spry then deliv
ered a most entertaining and instruo
tlve address upon the duties dovoiv
ling upon teachers
It Is wise to lay aside something
for a rainy day And also to remem
ber that nothing is stolen quicker
than an umbrella
I Things Look Bright For
Stockholders H
i The resent sale of stock in the Lucky tarn Mine has produced
sufficient menus to send the work forward Those v ho are just from I
the district in which this mine is located are filled with enthusiasm
over the prospects Some miners who have been ou the property 1
Intel are very desirous of going to work on the Lucky Man Mme and
are willing to take stock for their wagesnot only arc these men
willing but eager to do this knowing the property as they do 1
Thero is hardly a shadow of doubt that the mine will be among t
the big shippers by the first of December some of the experts who
have seen tho property recently and who know what the proposed o
work consists of say that very profitable shipments wall begin before
4 that time
FarraH the manager will be in Ogden for a few more days and
will then go to supervise the work of sinking the main shaft into tho
bodyowners of stock may be justified in looking for rapid in rA
oro crease in value just as soon as the proposed work w completed 1 I
Lucky Man Mining
i Company r 4 1 I
F MFarrclI Manager y f
y Address 2265 Lincoln Avenue r

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