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I r ii
h t
DAY 1fi 5i47 r btii tanbarb
f Fortieth Year No 1 7Price Five Cmic
They Have a Conference
ference but Give
Out Nothing
Oyster Bay X Y July JC Theo
dore Hoosevelt and Governor Hughes
spent last evening at Sagamore Hill i
Jn conference on state politics They I
talked In secret and 110 word of the
result was allowed to become known
beyond the fact that the entire politi I
cal situation In this atate was taken
Colonel Roosevelt will have more
politicians at Sagamore 11111 today
perhaps the most conspicuous of whom
will bo Timothy L Woodruff chair
man of the Republican state commit
Warmly Welcomed
Governor Hughes received an en
thusiastic welcome from Colonel
Roosevelt Tho governor came down
In the car of William R Wilcox chair
man of the public service commission
of the First district Mr Wilcox left
almost Immediately for his summer
homo in Gleucove near Oyster Bay I
Colonel Roosevelt after a hard day j
in New York motored home reaching
Sagamore Hill only a short time be j
fere the governor
After dinner the colonel and the
governor withdrew to the formers II
brary where they talked far into tho
night The colonel sent out word that
neither he nor the governor would be j
Interviewed Colonel Roosevelt has
made it clear that ho will fight for the
direct nominations bill and James
Wadsworth speaker of the state as
sembly said with equal frankness to I
day when he called on Colonel Roose
velt In New York that this bill was
the one thing that loomed up as a
rock in the smooth seas ahead
The speakers chat with the colonel
wan very brief but apparently much
to the point and gave Colonel ROOBC
veil In advance of his talk with the
governor a clear view of the attj
vnjde of the Republican organization j
The speaker said with a broad smile
afterward that his position was un
changed and that as far as he was
concerned there would bo no sacri
fice of principles 1 i
Very Brief Statement
I t When Colonel RooaevjeJt cajuc out
of his office a little later he said
I talked politics with the speaker
Ve discussed direct nominations
That Is all I cansay
iThe funeral opinion that the first I
nJllilt result of tonights conforencp i
IUI iot be known until the Initial
steps In the program outlined by tho i
colonel nml Governor Hughes af tak
I en On tho other hand it Is possible I
that the full plan will not be dlsclos
ed until the Saratoga convention has I
been called to order
Nothln was learned here tonight
as to when the governor and colonel
vll meet again Mr Woodruffs visit I
tomorrow Is awaited with Interest for
he Is one of the men with whom the
colonel must reckon if he is to win his
fiphl for a direct nominations bill
Representative Fowler of Now Ter
se who Is an ardent insurgent will
be at Sagamore Hill today The con
Tcssman had a long talk with Mr
Roosevelt in New York
Japan Loses Heavily in
rt Battles with the >
f <
1 I
1 Victoria D C July J3TIIe Japan
esa campaign against the Forrilbsan I
natives Is continuing with lucienacu
igor according to advices brought
b > the steamer Oceano last nfgnt t
The Formosans lie concealed by day
mid begin operations at night Twq I
JijpantBe lieutenants were killed
when going to assist wounded and a
twenty soldiers were lost Japanese
losses to June 23 total 7100 killed
Owing to the difficulty of organiz
ing a field hospital n the district I
vounded have been sent to Taipoh fo
treatment A r
General Viscount Snkuma govern
Qi of Formosa Interviewed afcMoJi7
fiajl Mi Japanese force engaged in
sweeping operations against the
I natives covers a tract of seven miles
The natives are fighting desperately
Following the pacification of the ua
fives in thlb the Gllan district larg
Of operations will be necessary In i
subduing the 60000 natives of the
Tarulco district more than ten times I
illio number engaged in Gilan district1
J The rebels are being supplied with
arms by Chinese who send junks to
ciiast points running the blockade of
elective vessels > I
1 I
H Hamlllou Bermuda July 13Thc
Vagrant won the Athletic Yacht club
Mnce from New York to Bermuda croa
Sing the finish line at 11 oclock thl 1
jaornlnpr c i
The Shlycssa which had a time at I
It lowance of one hour and thirty miii
pules finished at 1 oclock 1
l l
f Washington JulvjiThe United
Kingdom sobered up 3loOOOOO wort
thl the year 1DOU according to figuroji
furnished this government by Consul
General John L CrlllUhs of London
who icported a marked falling oft In
the consumplion of intoxicating lln
MOW in thq British realm during 1909
in that year the
expended for
lIquors J 8780000000 a decrease of
u4000000 from 1HOS
Oyster Bay N vT7 y 13No dolt
into word was received from Saira
moio Hill this morning as to the re
suit oC Governor Hughes conference
with 1hoo
Theodore Roosevelt
Governor Hughes conferred with
Co Roosevelt last night at Sagamore
IIill and spent the night at the Coli
onels house Col Roosevelt intimat
cd that ho
might have something to
Bay Inter In the day
Governor Hughes loft Sagamore
Hill early today by automobile for I
New York whore he Is expected to
take a train for Washington
chairman of the
Repub n state committee Rcpre
tentative Charles R Fowler of Now
Jersey and Jacob Riis of New York
I were cxnected at Sagamore Hill for
luncheon today
Thorodx Has Property I
of Alleviating
Pasadena Cal July lGrcal In
terest was manifested nt the session
of the American Institute of Homeo I
poLity yesterday afternoon In the an
nouncemont made by Dr E Jtlllman I
Bailey that a substitute for radium
had been discovered It Is a composl j
tion of thorium and what is practical I
ly uranium a product of pitchblende
It has been named thorodx
Dr Bailey formerly dean of the
Hahnamann Medkal college of Chi
cago has been working for two
with Dr Frank H Blackmar also of
Chicago They claim for thorodx that
It multiplies the use to which radium
may be pjt and eliminates Its dan
gers One of its most impctant
properties is thai of alienating pain
Now York July 13Aigorous ad
I vance In the opening of stoclcs today
was disproof of the sensational utterances
ances attributed yesterday to the Ger
man foreign office Gains in all the
principal stocks ran from a fraction
to a point and In Union Pacific
reclied 2 Northern Pacific 1 34 Rock
Island preferred 112 and St Paul
1 11 Small declines In Amalgamated
Copper and American Smelting made
tho only exceptions to the prevailing
Prices rose vigorously until a re
newal of the weakness of Amalgam
ated Copper started realizing In all
quarters Canadian Pacific had been
carried up 131 Southern Pacific and
Lojlsvllle and Nashville 111 and a
grot many others a point When the
reaction set in Amalgamated Copper
settled down to 5n 1S a new low rec
ord price for the year and tho ad
vances in other important stocks were
wiped out 01 largely reduced A rally
of a point in Amalgamated Copper
steadied prices The market showed
a good 1iidertone In the resistance to
tbo prollttaklng sales after the open
ing bulge
Bonds were irregular
es 1r
chicago July 13Clnite T I
WheatJuly 103 12 Sept 1021S
Dec 103 12 May lOG 3S
Corn Jrly 53 58 Sepl f 9 7SQJJ
CO Doc 57 38l2 May39 88 I
OatsJul 40 7S Sept 38 3S
Dfjc J19 3S May Jl 5S
PorkJuly 2512 12 Sept 2200
LardJuly 11 SO Sept 1190
Ribs July 1232 12 Sept 1182 12
Chicago Livestock I
Chicago July 33 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 1C 0 market lOc low
crt Boevos 520 < f840 Texas steers
gIIOtO western steers Sf 00ThI
TDQj atockers and feeders 3005 I
570 cows and heifers 2COCGO i
calves 250rcis25
Hoge Receipts estimated at IS
000 market steady Light SJ5
fi1t mIxed S8fiOCfiiD10 heavy 820
tjS80 rough S20tfi > S 40 good to
clirlco heavy SIOS80lllgs890
0930 bulk of sales OSH5
Sheep Receipts estimated at IS
000 market mi5c lower Native
2t 5 < cjJL40 wcfitern 250 < i > 450
yearJlnRS 4JOP i2G lambs native
4nOtfj > 71fi western 450710 I
Omaha Livestock j
Qmalia July 13 Cattle Receipts
3000 market steady Native steers
i 50a050 stockers and feeders 350a
575 calves 4 nOn7 00
gsflecolpl C700 market HJc
lower l eavy 800a835 mixed 820a
830 tight SaOaSCO pigs 750a800 I
Sheep Receipts 8100 market
teady to easier Yearlings l25aD10
wrsttiers 340a3SO ewes 250a3CO
s laiAbg GlOaTlO
Chicago Produce
Chicago July 13 Butter Steary
creameries 21a2S dairies 23a2C i
EggK Steady at mark cases in j
cluded OaJ4c Receipts 15191
pJidts 15 prime first 17 12
Clieeno Firm daisies in 34alG
twins 15 12a16 young Americas 15
l2nl6 long horns Ifi 14
< Metal Market 1
New York Jily 13LcaJ dull spot
4 tai 15 Copper dull standard
ijot nd September ll liOll12 00
Sliver 54
I Terrible Disaster in Germany Proves a Shock
to All Interested in A vial ion = = = Benzine
Tank Explodes When Airship is High
in the Air = = = Famous German Bal =
loonist is Among the Dead
I Leichlingen Rhenish Piunsia JuIy I
lmrlgibIO balloon Erbsoloh re I
cently fitted for passengers was de
stioyed In midair today through the
explosion of a benzine tank and her
inventor Oscar Erbsoleh and his crew
oi four men dropped to their death
The bodies of the aviators were
rightfully mangled The gondola was
torn to bits and the motor burled It
self iu the ground I
The victims were men well known
to all Germans Interested In aerial
feats and Erbsoleh gained an Intel
national reputation whoa In 1907 at
Sl Louis he Won the International
Clip In the distancerace for balloons
His companions were Herr Toolle
u manufacturer of Barmen two en
gineers Herr Kranz and Horr Hopue
and the motorman Herr Sipcko
The Erbsloeh was constructed last
year and had had a dubious career
The first time It descended It crash I
Roosevelt Intends to
p Havea Voice in
His Selection I
Oyster Bay X Y July 13Th01
Roosevelt today cave the first Indica
I tion of his position jn rQ3pect to tho
I nomination of a Republican candidate
for goyernor of New York tIlls fall
I In an interview he sad
1llr position irt regard to the gov
ernorship is this I want to flnd the
I best man for the office the man who
is most acceptable to tho rank and
file of the Republican party and the
independent voterS I intend to do
everything In uiy power to see that
such a man Is elected
Col Roosevelts indication of his
position made less than an hour after
the departure for New York of Gov
ernor Hughes IK taken as a signifi
cant sidelight on the conference be
tween the Governor and the Colonel
While both men refused this morning
to disclose the precise matter pf their
talk Itls believed it wag decided that
Mr Roosevelt will take an active per
sonal part in regard to the nomination
of a candidate for governor
Governor Hughes left nt 10 oclock I
for New York in the automobile of
William Wilcox Ho said he would
meet his military secretary Frederick I
M Crossett at the Ifotol Astor and
that they would leave this afternoon
for Washington That Is all he would I
I say
sayCol Roosevelt was smiling content f
edly when he was sqon shortly after
I had a delightful visit wi h Gov I
ernor Hughes aad he We had a
most interesting talk
Did you talk politics with him
he was iskcd
The question seemed to amuse him
Of course we talked of political
conditions he replied What else
could we talk about Wo discussed
things which we have been anxious
for a long time to talk of
He was asked If lip thought har
mony In the party of the state was to
be expected during ho campaign and
replied that he thought there would be
no difficulty on that score
Then the colonel stated hi > views
as to the candidate for governor He
refused to talk of various men who
have been mentioned ns candidates
The colonel said that his guests last
night In addition to Governor Hughes
Includod Judse Rose of Baltimore
whom he described afl an old friend I
Captain W Robert Fnran formerly a
British offlcor and guard who pame to
Sagamore Hill to talk aboutthe hunt
ing in Africa
Concrensmnn Charles N Fowler of
New Jersey arrived on the noon
train He said he hnd come to take
luncheon with Col Rounovelt and to
continue the discussion of political
conditions which wan begun yesterday
in New York
Hong Kong July 13rA Portugese
gunboat operating with tro9ps to
day bombarded the pirate settlement
on the islaijd of Colowan destroying
the houses pnd killing many natives
Portugese rulnfoonientt > wqre sent
to the scene from Maqao
The Island of Colo > yan Is near Ma
ao an dlls ownornhlp le a matter of
aisputtt bctwcjefu the Clhic8o iud thel
Portugese 1A part of Chinese stu
louts hud boon captured by tho pi 1
tr 4
ed Into a clump of trjjee3 and it oc
cupants narrowly escapbd Injury A 1
fV days ago during atrial flight a
propeller was broken Trhe balloon i
which was of the rigid type had I
just been made over preparatory to
the establishment of aJJ Bsenger ser 1
vice between Norby Erfell Today
it was in for a final test I
There wore few eyewitnesses of
the accident AccordlngVto these tho I
start was made well The Erdsloch
rcse gradually pushing Its way
through the fog to a freight estimated
at several hundred yards At this
altitude a series of evolutions were
To the onlookers thei airship ap
peared to obey her helm perfectly
Suddenly there Tas a loud report
and at the moment the forepart of
the vessel crumbled up and the gon
dola was twisted about until it ap
peared as if standing one end At
the gaa escaped from the forward
compartment the prow swayed down
ward For a dash the airship nut j
rates and the governp of Macao sent
an expedition to effect their rescue
The pirates resisted and were rein
forced br Chinese from the interior
The latter were armed with modern
capons and smokeless powder
In all 2000 persons were engag d
in the fighting Many of the Chi
nese were killed while the Portugese
lost a corporal killed and a large num
ber wounded r
Subsequently the P rtugeBe gun
boats anda forceof arjlloxyf was sent
to bombard the Island
Hear Shots andFind a
Woman in Bed
New York July IaTwo patrol
men called to the fourth floor of a
tenement on East 15th street by the
sound of a revolver shot early this
morning found Mrs Antonio Skura
a comely young woman In bed fully
conscious with a bullet wound In the
right side of her head another in the
right shoulder and another in the right
hand Her night gown was smoulder I
lag A baby beside her was crying
from fright hut was uninjured
The police have not decided wheth
er the case is one of attempted mur
der or attempted suicide The wom
an was asked who shot her
I dont know she replied
Did you do It yourself
I dont know
The srtrae answer was Ieturned to
all questions put to the young worn
ftn A peculiar address on the back I
of one of three letters found on a
table In the bedroom is taken as some
evidence that the case is one of at
tempted suicide On the back of this
letter were the words
Return in the other world
But two men told the police that
while they were passing the house on
the other side of the street they
heard a revolver shOt and that Im
mediately following it a mans straw
hat floated through an open window
of the Skura home
The woman Is in a hospital in a
serious condition
OCO 0 00000 0 000 COO
o 0
G 0
O Fort Dodge la July 13 0 I
C Frank Gotch in an Interview O
C today emphatically declared G
0 he would not fight Jack John 0
C son I am well satisfied with 0
O the mat honors I have won 0
C declared the champion 0
O Gotch refused to say wheth 0
fj er he would retire from the 0
G mat
O 0
0 0
O 0
O Washington July UjrSus O
O lOn lon of recant general ad Ov
0 vances lii frclent rates 1ms G
0 been determined on by the In 0 I
O terstate Commerce commis O Ii
O sion Those tariffs were to O I
O become effective August L 0
O Bv jf vote of the comtnjs 0
O sion theproposed rates will 0
O be suopended untl n formal 0
C Inquiry Into their reasonable O
O ness can be bad O
G 0
j tercd like a wounded bird and then I
foil swiftly to earth
Erbalooh and his companions were
killed tho second they struck the I
ground Their heads were battered in
and every limb Was broken I
An examination of tho wreckage
showod that the ben lnu tank had I
hurst tearing to shreds the rubber
envelope directly above It
The destruction of this envelope
caused the bow to collapse The
stern compartment was still filled
with gas when It struck the ground
The death of Erbsloeh and his com
innlonsvlth the destruction of the
bnllobn of whlcji much had been
I hoped following closely upon tho
loss of Count Zeppelins DeutBchlaud
has caused gloom In aviation circles
The publb had scarcely recovered
I froth tho ahock caused by the acci
dental thath of Charles Stewart
Rollg the English aviator whon it
I learned that Erbsloeh had been added
to the long lltit of Germans who had
I lost thoir lives while ballooning
I Oscar Erbaloeh had made many
I daring and successful balloon flights
in the St Loiiloaerial race when ho
w > n the International cup which had
boon taken the year before by Lieut
Frank P Lahm at Paris He cov
ered a distance of 876 miles Start
Ing at St Louis he landed at Ash
bury Park N J two miles further
from the point of ascent than his near I
est competitor M Le Blanc of
France Erbsloeh on that occasion
piloted the balloon Pommcrn
Jflt February 1909 Erbsloeh made a
remarkable balloon trip across the
Alps His baljoon the Berlin re
mained Intho air for 30 hours show
ing a maximum altitude of about 18
000 foot An averago temperature of
fbojit 11 dcgreeJ below zero was ex
Attempted to Make too
Rapid a Glide
to Earth
New York Jvily 13 Captain Chas
Stewart Rolls who was killed In an
accident at the aviation meet at
Bournemouth England yesterday was
to have come to tho United States
this fall to give exhibitions of flying
and to enjor any competition which
might be held The Aero Club of the
Unjted Kingdom had selected him as
one of the three aviators to represent
the kingdom the International meet
Garden City L I in the autumn
Cable messages from Bournemouth
I say that the aviators there agree that
Captain Rolls logt his life by his own
error of Judgment on descending at a
too acute angle Armstrong Drexel
the American who Is competing in
the meet said
lI was watching Captain Rolls as
he decende He came down with
his engine facing and so put too gront
a strain on the machine when he tried
to check his descent Tho Wright
aeroplane Is a very quick acting ma
chine Rolls brought up his aero
plane very quickly the strain on it
was too great and the wires broke
Mr MacArdle Mr Droxcls part
ner sqid
Rollp tried to do the impossible
with his machine and so caused his
death He descended at too acute an
angle and whoa lie discovered his er
Vor ho tried to bring his machine to
an 605161 ahalor His descent was too I
rapid to do this Tho machine could I
not stand the strain
John Dunvllle a noted balloonist
said tllafRollR Just before he ascend
od said to him
II think this competition is a dan
g rous one
Chicken thieves have been active
I for the pnsj few nights and a number
of poultry fanciers are mourning the
loss of vuluecl gpeclmens
Mrs Hoist J1C9 Washington ave
nue reported to the police yesterday
that her hen hoiise had been entered
Monday night and ten chickens stolen
among which were four valued blue
Andaiisians Mrs Hoist will offer a
reward of20 for their safe return I
Neighbors heard the thieves mak
ing tho raid oh the Hoist hen roost
aud two Chinese gardeners who were I
Irrigating in their lot near by state I
that they obsqrved two big boys
Iotcr the hen hpuso and leave abort I
JV rcarrylnjr60nething The same
Vooflt amj 1 sevenl in the same neigh
borifoou Won robbedilast fall but the
thieves were CQj captured
> J +
N r YqrkJnly 13Tl was announc
ed today by lie strike committee of I
IJOQOO stllkln cloakmakers that there
Was possibility of a general strike
of clokmalers throughout the coun
try jRopreHPUtntlve8 of tile union m
many cltle oro In New York to cou I
for wljhi h6 strike leaders A mass I
mooting will bo held in Fancuil Hall I
In Boston Friday night to determine
c p
r I
Entered as Second Ca8a Matter
at thc Postoffoe > Ogden > Utah
the position of tho cloak makers in
that city In regard to a strike
A committee of union officials has
gone to Worcester Mass to arrange
for a mass meeting of cloakmakora
Washington July 13 Alligators In
Washington eat ice They do not as
far as known care for it In their na
tive habitat but that may because
they seldom If ever see it there
Their fellow sufferers of tho lout Caw
days however adhere to the belief
that the saurians indulgence has been
due to their arrival in the torrid east
Fresh from Florida tho young alli
gators have been regaled In the Na
tional Press club with lumps of Ice
that despoiled of their surrounding
beverages have been left in the bot
tom of glasses The first chunk or
two filled the gaitors stomach with
a sense of delightful coolness and
their eyes with a look of surprise but
ever since they have been putting
Oliver Twist to shame with their
dumb appeals for more
100 I
In the municipal court this morn
ing a young bartender under the
pseudonym of Fred Wilson forfeit
ed bail In the sum of 100 for fail
ure to appear and answer the charge
of furnishing wine fo women in a
certain place of business where In
toxicating liquors are sold
The two women in the case were ar
rested at tho time and each forfeit
ed ball of 10 this morning for their
failure to appear and answer the
charge The arrests were made early
Monday morning and the girls were
immediately booked on the charge
of visiting a wine room but the young
man was simply placed on the black
book for investigation his bond be
ing fixed at 100 Late In the after
noon of that day his name wag trans
ferred from the black book to tho
regular book In tho desk sergeants
office under the charge as above giv
en tho man remaining In jail in tho
Monday evening the proprietor of
the saloon came to the rescue and fur
nished tho 100 bail and the man was
released <
It Is said by the officers that the
young blood was out for a good time
Pioneer Day July 24 will bo col
obrated at North Ogden In grand st lo
on Monday July 25 under the direc
tion of the baseball association An
old time program IK being arranged
The days program will consist of
a meeting of the people at the town
hall In the forenoon and the after
noon will bo given to athletic sports
plcniclng and dancing In the eVen
ing A crack baseball team will be
down from Cache valjey to meet the
North Ogden team on the diamond
during the afternoon and it Is said
that the boys from the north will
have to do professional ball if thQY
capture honors from the North Ogden
New Orleans July 13 Joseph Man
zella proprietor of a galcon and gro
cery at St Phillip and Decatur streets
fell a victim to the socalled Black
Hand society here today but his
death was avenged a tow seconds lat
er when his 17yearold daughter shot
and killed the assassin as ho was at
tempting to escape
Manzella had recently received
many letters signed Rlack Hand so
ciety demanding mqney Shortly
before noon an Italian called at the
store and asked if any money was
When ordered out he shot Man
zella in the breast AS Manzolla fell
he drew his revolver and fired at the
assassin Josephine Manzcllu rushed
Into the store and gave chase to the
assassin tirIng at hin sshe ran
Whon the police arrived the girl
was bending over tho body of lice
father weeping The body of his
slayer was In the gutter outside with
three bullet wounds near the heart
The assassin was identified as Guts
eppe Spennazaio who 18 uald to have
come from Sicily recently
o COO 0 00 0 C 0 COO 00
o 1Ji 0
o i
Q Munich BavarIa July 13 9
o A sharp earthquake was felt p i
O hele nt945 oclooctllla morn o
o lag The walls Of seeral 0
o buildIngs were cracJted Phe C
o wavelike moemept cOIIUouE 0 I
Q for three selOuds thOIOlgblo 0
o terrifyIng the peoplo who fled 0
o from their homes apt1 iittitied 9
o lu the streQt long qrtel the dls 0
o tnrbanco had subsided 0
o The sboeht was also tllt in Q
o surroundIng villages InQ1dlng 0
g GarmI8cb 0
OBerlin Jlllr 13DIpatcbes gl
o from the Trol Ifk ustrlaO
o IIungar report tjitt one 1ter 0
o son was klllerl tjid twenty O
o others lujureii by J an oartl1 t
o nunko at the lUlIeor ULtlna 1
o helm tothiy
ca 0
He Will Not Resign
to Gratify His
Seattle Wash July 13 Secretar
r of the Interior Richard A Dalllngo
urnved home from Washington to
night to spend the summer vacation
fho first thing the secretary said
upon his arrival was that ho has
no Intention of resignation
Secretary Bnlllngor declared he had
no intention of taking
any active part
in politics in this state during the
I piCBcnt campaign
It has been frequently stated
sold the secretary that I intend to
resign and that I have moved my
holsehold furniture away from VQsh
ington There is absolutely no foun
dation for any such statement I am
not made of the resigning material
and do not propose to gratify those
persons who want me to resign Thai
is not my object in being In office
Io I expect to administer the interior
department In a legal manner which
I believe will untimntely receive the
approbation of everyone
I am greatly pleased with the leg
islation enacted by congress affect
log the Interior department and which
for the most part has been the enact
ment of the policies of the adminis
tration in giving legal authority to
withdraw public lands for the purjiosu
of classification and to enable
gress to enact legislation for the prop
er disposition of tho public domain
The 20000000 reclamation bond
issue was an administration melts
lire as was tin largely increased ap
propriation for the survey of publlrj
lands not only in the United States
hut the 100000 appropriation for sur
veys In Alaska
The interior department secured
through congress more substantial
legislation at the lout session than
for several years previous A very
flue measure passed was that which
enables entry in lands containing coal
and the disposition of the coal under
appropriate laws
I take great satisfaction not only
In the results affecting the Interior
department bnt tho other depart
ments as well I feel particularly
glad that President TaCt has secured
the fulfillment of substantially the
party pledges
The Ogden Trades Labor assent
buy held a rousing meeting on Mon
day light in Labor hall The or
ganizations delegates turned out cu
masse fo rthe semiannual election
and installation of officers The fol
lowing officers were elected
President Josepr Oliver vicepresi
dent S A Lindh secretarytreasur
er H A White Jr trustees Miss
Maud West H A Stakor John Eber
I hardt Labor day committee Theo
Gierse chairman F A Hansen W
H Staker IL White Jr John Ebcr
W Sexton general and internatiun
al organizer addressed the assembly
nnd outlined the work ho Intends do
ing in the state and city He proved
himself an able speaker and waf
warmly received
The Labor day committee held i
meeting on the same evening to ap i
range for a celebration on Labor daj I
and will announce the result of saint i
and further progress in due time f
A runaway on the North Ogden 1
road last evening caused serious in
juries to Samuel Hadley Mr Hartley i
was driving a horse and buggy along
the road at about G oclock in tho
evening when the horse fcecam
frightened He lost control of the
frightened horse the result being
that the rIg was thrown against tho
railway track with such violence that
It was tipped over Mr Hndlcy was
thrown to tho ground and suffered a
bu l bruised and sprained leg anti
other Injuries W j
J It is expected that the preliminary
hearing of Charles Bauer charged I
with salting the Golden Rule mIne J
at the mouth of Ogden canyon will II
be taken up in the municipal court
this afternoon beginning at 3 oclock I
San Francisco July 13The Sou f
thern Pacific Railroad company 1
through Its attorney today paid Into
the United States district court a
fine of 18000 recently Imposed oy
I Judge Van Fleet after the corporation
I pleaded guilty to the Indictment
charging violation of the Interstate
Commerce act prohibiting tho gra t
In of rebates >
On tho payment of the Hue tdnillar
indictmentfi embracing 150 count
were ordered dismissed
4 Sugar and Cofee
New York July 13SugarRaW
firm MuscovaOorSDtest 3SS cen
trifugal 90 > test i3it molasses su
gar 89 test J5S Rfiflned auleU
Coffee Spot quIet No j HU
8 12c No 4 Santos 9 lc

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